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Contact Report 724/第724次接觸報告





  • 這是一篇正式且經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
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資料來源:Contact Reports Volume / Issue:17

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block 17




英版譯者:DeepL Online Translator, Stephen Lane (UK)


校對改進:Stephen Lane

英版連結:「Futureofmankind. James Moore Contact Report 724

中版譯者:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象第724次接觸報告(痞客邦部落格)





Billy and Ptaah answer various questions submitted by a reader.



… … I also want to talk about this letter today from a man who searches our FIGU publications on the Internet and therefore asks various questions, as you see here. He has somehow and somewhere read, heard or otherwise experienced various things, to which I should give answers in a bulletin, but not openly mention his name, which I will of course take into account in an answer, but to which I must explain that I do not want to answer all of the questions and that I am not allowed to explain some of them. What he asks about private matters, namely why my ex-wife is slandering me, I don’t really want to talk about that too much, because for me the matter is closed, so I let others talk about it, who already clarified everything about two decades ago. On the one hand there was Michael Hesemann and on the other hand Guido Moosbrugger. Guido wrote something in 2007, but I didn’t publish it because I just wanted to let everything rest, but now I think I’ll do that anyway, after which I’ll never go back to questions like these again, even if I’m still being treated like this, whether by letter, phone, fax or internet. Basically, I really must not answer all his questions about what needs to be explained. And the reason I have to remain silent is because I promised your father Sfath already in the 1940s that I would keep quiet about very specific things under all circumstances and therefore never talk about them in such a way and let things be said which on the one hand must not be allowed to become public, but on the other hand could cause a political catastrophe and another world war. And I cannot and will not be held responsible for that.

… … 今天我也想談一談來自一位讀者的信件,這是他在網路上瀏覽過我們FIGU的出版物因而提出了一些問題,也就是你在這裡看到的這些資料。他不知由何處讀到、聽到或以某種方式經歷了一些事情而提到這些問題,我應該在公告中答覆他,但不會在這裡公開提到他的名字,我當然要考慮到這一點。但我必須解釋,我不想回答他所有的問題,而其中一些我也不能作出說明。他問到我私人的問題,也就是為什麼我的前妻在誹謗我,但我真的不想談論太多這方面的事,因為對我來說,事情已經過去了,所以我讓別人去談論,他們已經在20年前就澄清了有關的一切事情。那些一方面是Michael Hesemann,而另一方面是Guido Moosbrugger談論過的事。Guido在2007年寫了一些東西,不過我沒有出版,因為我只是想讓一切都先平息下來,但現在我想我無論如何都會面對這件事。而在此之後,即使我還是會被問到這方面的事,無論是通過信件、電話、傳真或在網路上,我都永遠不會再回答這些問題了。基本上,他問到一些需要說明的問題,有些我真的不能回答。我不得不保持沉默的原因,是因為我在1940年代曾向你父親Sfath承諾過,在任何情況下,我都會對某些事情保持沉默,因此,我絕不會在這裡談論它們,而讓那些事情被公眾拿出來討論。這一方面是不能公開談,但另一方面,(如果處理不慎)這也可能會導致一場政治災難,甚至另一次世界大戰,我不想也不能為這些事情負責。

Sfath only allowed me to secretly confide certain information to a very special friend, whom he named by name and function, because he would carry out a task of clarification regarding my contacts with you Plejaren. This information, together with exact predictions, which he would then be allowed to name openly after their arrival, would serve him on the one hand as proof of my honesty and as proof of my contacts with you Plejaren, but he would never be allowed to betray the secret information or to talk about it with anyone. And this then actually also happened in such a way, which I have never doubted from the very beginning. So until today I have kept silent about all this certain and very serious information entrusted to me by your father, and so I will also do it in the future and up to the last days of my life. Furthermore, Sfath also explained that my silence did not only apply to all the things he had entrusted to me and which we both saw together through real looking into the future, because my promise of silence also applied to special information of an Earthly-military, secret service and political nature, which would be given to me by Asket and later from all of you, i.e. your daughter Semjase, as well as you and Quetzal and others. In any case, I am only allowed to speak openly and broadcast information to the world that the people are already talking about speculatively anyway, and will remain so for the time being, although I must decide for myself how much I will say about it. So I can answer two or three questions in part, but nothing more.



Perhaps I can give some answers to some of the questions, if that is permissible. But please read out what questions the man has put to you.



That you can give answers is probably not possible, because the questions asked here in this letter you are not allowed to answer either, as you will hear in a moment. Sir… … you can read his address here, and how and what he writes now, I will read it to you as it is written, if you want to hear it?


… … … Questions to you personally Billy Meier (original copy; without correction). Allow me to ask a few questions about what I am seriously concerned about and want to know what is behind it all. I have heard various stories from people, watched some programmes on television and received all kinds of and also contradictory explanations from acquaintances and friends, but all of this does not satisfy me, which is why I am writing to you and hope that you can give me an answer to everything. That is why I am writing to you and hope that you will be able to give me an answer to everything. I will therefore also telephone you, but I would like you to answer my questions in one of your bulletins, which you publish on the Internet and which I always read with great interest. My questions are now the following, which I would like you to answer and explain to me what is behind all this and what I have to think about it.

… … …親自向比利.邁爾提問(原件;無更改)。請允許我問幾個關於我嚴重關切的問題,並想知道這一切的背後的原因。我聽過很多人講的各種故事,看過電視上的一些節目,也從熟人和朋友那裡得到各種相互矛盾的解釋,但這一切都不能讓我滿意,這就是為什麼我寫信給你,希望你能給我你的答案。因此,我也會打電話給你,但我希望你在你們的公告中回答我的問題,你在網路上發佈的訊息,我總是津津有味地閱讀。我的問題如下,我希望你能回答,向我解釋這一切的背後是什麼,以及我必須怎麼去思考。

  1. What is to be understood and what is behind the object called TR-3B? 2. What is behind the secret project called Solar Warden or similar, which the American president Donald Reagan is supposed to have had his fingers in? 3. What has emerged from Reagan’s secret project until today and does it still exist? 4. Do the Americans have a space weapons program and space weapons, and how do they do it if they do? 5. What really happened to your friend Wendelle Stevens that got him sent to prison? …

1. 什麼是「TR-3B」背後的真相,而且有什麼是要理解的?
2. 被稱為「太陽護衛隊」(Solar Warden)或類似的秘密計畫背後隱藏著什麼?而這是美國總統隆納德.雷根(Donald Reagan)曾介入過的計畫。
3. 「雷根秘密專案」(Reagan’s secret project)出現過什麼,至今它仍然存在嗎?
4. 美國人是否有太空武器計畫太空武器,如果他們有,是怎麼辦到的?
5. 到底發生了什麼事,導致你的朋友Wendelle Stevens(曾譯為溫得利.史蒂芬)被送進了監獄?…

中譯者註:以上1個問題中所提的「TR-3B」,就是所謂的反重力飛行器(Anti-Gravity Spacecrafts),目前在網路上的資料很有限,僅限很表面的報導,列舉一二如下:
一、TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecrafts(英文)


BUSTED! TR-3B Secret Space Program EXPOSED!
We Told You It Existed! 2017

Reconnaissance aircraftTR-3B Astra(自動英文字幕)

TR-3B Black Triangle | Code Name: ASTRA(自動英文字幕)






至於2個問題中所提的「太陽護衛隊」(Solar Warden),請參閱《宇宙揭密系列第五季 第九集週年特輯 – 彙整與分析中相關話題第5項]

  1. Why are you being slandered by your divorced wife, and why is she lying about making UFO models with drum covers and photographing them, and then claiming that they are real spaceships, when two experts, Rhal Zahi and Christopher Lock Hon, have checked everything and found that everything is true and that you are not a fraud. They also wrote the book about this “Research of a real UFO" that I bought from the FIGU association. And just as your divorced wife slanders you, so your younger son does it in another way, but I learned that he was charged against you by her. And that must be true, because I was in Schmidrüti and in her centre several times, inquired about you in the village and with the members of your association, because they do not appear in public and do not receive visitors. However, in the village and in the centre as well as in other places I received completely different statements and assessments about you than your son and your divorcee lie on the Internet. Honestly, after all, how you have been described to me as a person, personality and according to your behaviour, I would not only be pleased, but I would feel very honoured, if I could make your personal acquaintance.

6. 你為什麼被會被已離婚的妻子誹謗,為什麼她會謊稱你用塑膠桶蓋製作UFO模型,並且在拍攝它們後聲稱它們是真正的太空飛船,儘管有Rhal Zahi和Christopher Lock Hon兩位專家檢查過一切後,發現一切都是真的,而你並不是一個騙子。我還從FIGU協會買到他們寫的一本關於《真正不明飛行物研究》(Research of a real UFO)的書。就像你離婚的妻子誹謗你一樣,你的小兒子也以另一種方式誹謗你,但我知道他是被她指使的。這一定是真的,因為我去過Schmidrüti和「中心」好幾次,詢問過在這個村莊的人和你小組的成員有關你的事,因為他們不願出現在公眾面前,也不接待訪客。然而在這些過程中,除了你兒子和你離婚的妻子在網路上那些謊言外,在村莊裡、「中心」以及其他地方,我都接收到了關於你完全不同的陳述和評估。坦白說,在我根據你的行為而把你描述成一個人、一種人格,我不僅感到高興,而且我會很榮幸認識你。

  1. What is true about all those very many who call themselves contactees with extraterrestrials and tell stories that are more than just ridiculous and obviously only confused imaginations and fantasies, but which Michael Hesemann in one of his books lifts up into the sky and claims to be true. Then it really wonders whether this man still has all his senses together, because obviously this is not the case, because if he had even a small piece of knowledge of human nature and was not religious and naive, then he would not cheer up liars and cheats as UFO contactees, who are only addicted to egotism and want to play up their sick ego with their ridiculous claims as alleged contactors with extraterrestrials and also want to satisfy their egotism. Also all the ridiculous assertions of this Hesemann are stupid and simple-minded, that these alleged contactors brought potatoes, soil samples, crystals and gems etc. from other worlds, which of course are chemically and biologically etc. the same as the same things on Earth, because on all worlds these are the same as on our world. The fact that he also puts you, Billy Meier, in the same fraudulent bunch of contact persons, I find it quite impertinent and stupid, because since he has also written good articles about you and knows that the things you brought with you and which were also scientifically examined and analyzed very carefully, could not have come from our Earth, I find it outrageous and slanderous that Hesemann connects you with fraudsters regarding alleged contact persons with extraterrestrials. This especially also because – in contrast to the fraudsters – you were – logically – not the case with the fraudsters, because no such contacts took place. You, Billy Meier, have a demonstrable number of witnesses who were able to observe and witness many things in their contacts, which logically was not the case with the fraudsters, because such contacts never took place with them. Also these swindlers did not have and still do not have any evidence with clear photos, films or with any material that they could provide or could provide today. All what these swindlers, liars and cheats could and can bring until today, were ridiculous-dumb fantasy stories, things piled up on Earth, made fantasy drawings of alleged extraterrestrials as well as diffuse photos of made models, which are not identifiable. This was already the case with Adamski, who deceived innumerable believers with his self-built models, fake photos and with his lie stories of alleged contacts with people from Venus etc., although it was actually already clear at that time that Venus is a planet hostile to life and cannot have any higher life. But still today there are still many stupid Adamski believers who believe and defend his lies and deceptions, just as stupid believers do, who do not think for themselves and are therefore also incapable of distinguishing between truth and lie, as is also the case with the believers who, as the obedient, revere a dear God in heaven.

7. 那些自稱為外星人的接觸者,所講的故事不僅荒謬可笑,而且顯然只是混淆的想像和幻想,但Michael Hesemann在他的一本書中提到了天堂,並聲稱這些都是真的。那麼,真正的問題是這個人是否仍然擁有所有的感官,因為顯然事實並非如此,因為如果他有一點人類的知識,而不是信仰和天真,那麼他就不會讓那些騙子和假的UFO接觸者高興起來,而他們只是沉迷於自我滿足,想用他們所謂的與外星人接觸的荒謬說法來渲染他們的病態自我,同時也滿足他們狂熱的妄想。此外,這個Hesemann所說的那些荒謬的話都是愚蠢和天真的,這些所謂的接觸者從其他世界所帶回來了洋芋、土壤樣品、晶體和寶石等,這當然是在化學和生物等性質上與地球的相同,因為走遍全世界,這些東西都是和我們世界上的並無二致。事實上,他還把你(比利.邁爾)和那些欺詐性的接觸者放在一起,我覺得他真是相當的無禮和愚蠢,因為他也寫了一些稱讚你的文章,知道你帶回來的東西是經過科學非常仔細地檢查和分析過,不可能是來自我們的地球,我覺得Hesemann將你與那些涉嫌與外星人接觸的詐騙犯聯繫在一起,這簡直是離譜和荒唐。這尤其是因為你與那些欺詐者完全不同,在邏輯上,那些欺詐者就從來沒有發生過這樣的接觸。但是你顯然有相當多的證人,他們在接觸的過程中觀察和經歷過很多事情,而那些欺詐者卻不是這樣,因為他們從來沒有這樣的接觸。即使在今天,那些欺詐者仍然沒有清晰的照片、影片或任何他們能够提供證據的資料。所有這些騙子和郎中至今所能帶來的,只是些荒謬愚蠢的幻想故事,還有堆放在地球上各處,那些虛構的所謂外星人圖像和朦朧的模型照片,而那些都是無法辨認的東西。亞當斯基(Adamski)就是這種情況,他用自建的模型、假照片和謊稱與金星人接觸的故事等等欺騙了無數的信徒,儘管當時已經很清楚,金星是一個威脅生命的行星,不能有更高層次的生命。但今天仍然有許多愚蠢的亞當斯基信徒,他們相信他的謊言和欺騙,就像愚蠢的信徒一樣,他們不會獨立思考,因此也無法區分真理和謊言,就像一般信徒一樣,跟隨著一個在天堂的親愛「上帝」。

  1. What about the three films FLIR1, GIMBAL and GoFast? 9. Do the Americans have a secret government, also called shadow government? 10. There was a man in America named James Forrester who knew something about UFOs, but he killed himself, but why, I don’t know, so I want to know why? 11. What is true about the Roswell UFO case? 12. Why do so many stupid people still believe in the lie stories of Adamski and other cheaters and swindlers? 13. What is the Pentagon’s secret program? 14. Why, Billy Meier, are you withholding information from the public? 15. What’s the Blue Book really about? 16. What about those people who are said to have been abducted by aliens, and what about the Gizeh intelligences, Astar Sheran, Men in Black, and underwater UFO stations, and what about countless UFO sightings and UFO interferences in the last World War by foo-fighters, as well as in the Korean War and Vietnam War, etc. ?
    You see, Ptaah, these are the 16 questions that Mr… … here in this letter, but I am only allowed to answer some of them, which refer to things that do not have to be kept secret.

8. 《FLIR1》、《Gimbal》和《GoFast》這三部影片呢譯註
9. 美國人有一個秘密政府;也稱為影子政府嗎?
10. 在美國有個叫詹姆斯.福里斯特爾(James Forrester)的人,他瞭解不明飛行物,但他自殺了,至於原因我不知道,所以我想知道為什麼?
11. 羅斯威爾事件(Roswell UFO case)到底是個什麼樣的故事?
12. 為什麼這麼多愚蠢的人仍然相信亞當斯基(Adamski)和其他騙子的謊言故事?
13. 五角大廈(Pentagon)的秘密計畫是什麼?
14. 為什麼你(比利.邁爾)要隱身在公眾後面?
15. 藍皮書(Blue Book)到底是怎麼回事?
16. 那些據說被外星人綁架的人,還有吉薩精靈(Gizeh intelligences)、阿斯塔.謝蘭(Astar Sheran)、黑衣人(Men in Black)、水下UFO基地(underwater UFO stations)是怎麼回事?以及在上一次世界大戰、韓戰和越戰中,有無數的飛碟目擊和飛碟干擾事件等,這又是怎麼回事?


中譯者註:以上8個問題中所提的《FLIR1》、《Gimbal》和《Go Fast》這三部影片,指的是在2017 年 12 月及 2018 年 3 月,《紐約時報》陸續刊登 3 部獲解密的軍方機密影片(一開始由專門提供美國官方證據的 UFO 研究機構 TTSA 發表)。
其中《FLIR1》這支影片(見下方)要追溯到 2004 年,一個黑黑的物體突然出現在離地 80,000 英尺處,接著向海面俯衝,最後在離地 20,000 英尺處停留徘徊。

FLIR1: Official UAP Footage from the USG for Public Release

Gimbal》影片(見下方)則是 2015 年時,美國海軍飛行員駕駛 F/A-18 大黃蜂戰機拍下的畫面,可看到一個不明物體以接近極音速(hypersonic)的速度出現在戰鬥機下方,離地數萬英尺高,沒有明顯的機翼、引擎和推進現象(比如飛機雲),甚至還忽然旋轉。

Gimbal: The First Official UAP Footage from the USG for Public Release

Go Fast》影片(見下方)是 2018 年時,同樣由美國海軍飛行員駕駛 F/A-18 大黃蜂戰機拍下的畫面。

Go Fast: Official USG Footage of UAP for Public Release

2019年9月間,一個專門曝光美國政府機密檔案的部落格《The Black Vault》,披露 3 支影片完全真實,消息來源為美國海軍發言人 Joseph Gradisher。只不過要特別注意,雖然影片未造假,但不代表這些不明物體就是外星飛碟,美國軍方將這些物體稱為「未解的空中現象」(unexplained aerial phenomena,UAP),而不是不明飛行物(UFO)。


Various questions really must not be answered, as I know from my father’s annals. because they fall under your duty of confidentiality, as he ordered. However, there are other questions I can answer if you wish. As for the question concerning the slander against you, it must be and is certainly inevitable that you explain something about it even after such a long time, whereby I consider it good if you let other people say something about it.


… … …


I’m interested, so I’ll read it then. But first I will come to the point that I am very surprised how much more you know in connection with the strangers on Earth and elsewhere than I and all of us Plejaren have known so far. This can be seen from further annals of my father, which we have found in the meantime in his legacy, which was closed to us until now, and whose closure opened independently after your last appearance with us, which we cannot explain. But by opening the lock we now got to new and extremely amazing information and now we know that after my father’s departure we neglected various things, which would have been important to do, because we did not know what task he really had to fulfil, how extensive this and his whole knowledge was regarding various things he also taught you. And the main neglect, which affects us Plejaren as a whole as a planet-wide population, included our lack of efforts in relation to a more intensive learning, following and keeping of the <teaching of truth, teaching of creation energy, teaching of life>. It was only through your efforts, by bringing the teaching back to our minds in an understandable way, that we were awakened again and actively encouraged to learn and obey all the necessary values, which were slowly and over the course of time followed more and more carelessly, without energy, indifferently and apathetically. Through your efforts, however, through your tireless work of rewriting the Teaching that we spread and taught in all our peoples, everything changed very quickly, so that in only about 45 years a state was reached which again corresponds to that when the Teaching was in full bloom. Apart from all the positive things that have resulted from the efforts of your new constitution of teaching among all our peoples, our knowledge will now also be expanded in many ways through the opening of the secret legacy of my father, because all the knowledge that we have gained through the secret annals of my father in the last few weeks already results in extremely important insights for us, such as, for example, regarding the existence of the many kinds of strangers who have been working on Earth since time immemorial, about which you also have much better knowledge than we do. This precisely because my father Sfath also taught you about this, which you not only had to keep silent about to us, but in this way the Earth people were also involved and must remain so. However, according to his notes you are instructed by him to initiate us into this knowledge when the time is ripe, but this is to be determined by you.

我很感興趣,所以我稍後會再看一看。但首先我要指出,我感到非常驚訝的是,迄今為止,對地球上的陌生人(strangers)譯註以及其他方面的瞭解,你比我和我們全體Plejaren都要知道的多。這可以從我父親更多的紀載資料中看出,我們這段期間在他的遺產中發現了這些資料,直到現在它才又對我們關閉。而在你最終出現在我們面前之後,它才由關閉狀態自動開啟,我們無法解釋這種現象。但在開啟時,我們才得知了嶄新且極其驚人的資訊,現在知道在我父親離開後,我們忽略了很多事情,這本來很重要,因為我們不知道他真正要完成什麼任務,這個任務範圍有多廣,而這和他教過你的各種事情與他全部的知識相關。主要的忽視在於,它影響了我們Plejaren作為整個行星的人民,包括我們在「真理的教導造化能量的教導生命的教導」(teaching of truth, teaching of creation energy, teaching of life)方面更密集的學習、遵循和保持,缺乏努力。只有通過你的努力,透過以一種可以理解的方式將教導帶回我們的心中,我們才能再次被喚醒,並積極鼓勵我們學習和服從所有必要的價值觀,這些價值觀隨著時間的推移,我們逐漸越來越漫不經心、沒有動力、漠不關心而無動於衷。然而,經由你的努力,通過你不懈地改寫我們傳播和教授的「教導」(Teaching),一切都變化的很快,因此僅僅在大約45年的時間裡,一種狀態就達到了;這一次又達到了「教導」盛行的狀態。除了你在我們的人民之間努力重建新的「教導」所產生的一切正面成果外,現在我們的知識也經由開啟我父親的秘密遺產,將在許多方面得到擴展,因為在過去的幾週裡,我們透過我父親秘密紀載資料所獲得的知識,已經為我們帶來了非常重要的見解,例如,關於自遠古以來一直在地球上工作的許多類陌生人的存在,你也比我們更瞭解。這是因為我的父親Sfath也告訴過你這方面的事,你不僅要對我們保持沉默,而且對地球人的參與其中,也必須要保持沉默。然而,根據他的記載資料,他指示你在時機成熟時,將我們導入這些知識,但這將是由你來決定。



Yes, I know, and this time refers to the fact that I am to explain to you yourself, and thus to all of you, all that Sfath, as a trusted confidante, has instructed me to tell you in order to maintain your peaceableness, and the time is to be when you will return to following the teaching fully. And that has actually happened.



Then may I perhaps now also ask how this is laid down in my father’s annals, that you will enlighten us to what extent, for us Plejaren, our security with regard to our peace and personal peaceableness, and all related behaviour, would be endangered if we were to make ourselves recognisable to the strangers who have always been on Earth and who are not necessarily of a peaceful and humane nature?



There is nothing to oppose that, and besides, it is my duty, as Sfath has instructed me, to do this at the right time, which has now come. I must, however, make a few explanatory remarks, including the 16th question from Mr … … with regard to the Giza intelligences and Ashtar Sheran, because they have behaved in the same way as you have behaved towards the strangers here on Earth, namely in such a way that they have kept away from the strangers and have done everything so that they could never grasp even one iota of their presence. Ashtar Sheran, if I talk about him first, was a criminal, I would even say a thug, who then lost his life in the DAL-universe and whose real name was Ashtashran, but I don’t know the meaning. Ashtashran, like the Giza intelligences, belonged to the old split-off Old Plejaran splinter group, which had already settled in our DERN universe more than 22 million years ago and was up to no good in it. In particular, the Giza-Intelligences were in some respects malicious elements in this respect, while Ashtashran was also evil in other ways and, in addition, spread an impulse-driven mad delusion about his person among the Earthlings. Now, just as you of today’s Plejaren exercise caution and secrecy towards the strangers on Earth, so also these two groups were careful never to make themselves noticeable towards the strangers, which they succeeded in doing comprehensively and without problems also throughout all times, according to which the strangers still today do not know about their former existence, as well as not about yours. And the highlight of the two groups, the Ashtashran alias Ashtar Sheran and the Giza intelligences, was that they only stayed in our presence when they caused mischief, while they were located in a different space-time plane and only came into our presence temporarily and unnoticed by the strangers. So that is one thing, while on the other hand your Plejaren existence still has to be addressed, for which some things have to be explained. First of all, to my knowledge the strangers on Earth have never been able to establish the existence of the Giza-intelligences themselves, but have at most heard of them and consequently even assumed, because they themselves could not perceive them – because the Giza-people, according to their old Plejaren technique, could shield themselves against any kind of localization etc., as you Plejaren also do today – that the speeches would only correspond to suppositions or a fib. And as far as Ashtashran alias Ashtar Sheran is concerned, to my knowledge he was never in our presence anyway, but worked from another space-time level of his confused believers on Earth.

沒有什麼可以反對的,此外這也是我的責任,正如Sfath指示我在時機已經到來的時候這樣做。不過,我得作一些解釋,包括這位先生所提的第16個問題,也就是關於吉薩精靈阿斯塔.謝蘭等的問題,因為他們的行為和你們對待地球上陌生人的行為一樣,也就是說,他們遠離陌生人,並用盡其方法使自己永遠不會被逮到他們存在的一點點蛛絲馬跡。我先說說阿斯塔.謝蘭,他是一個罪犯甚至可以說是一個暴徒,不過後來已經在DAL宇宙中喪生了,他的真名是Ashtashran,但我不知道其含意。Ashtashran,就像吉薩精靈一樣,是屬於老Plejaran的分裂集團,他們早在2200萬年前就已經定居在我們的DERN宇宙,並在其中為非作歹。特別是吉薩精靈在這方面是某種程度的惡毒份子,而Ashtashran在其他方面也表現出其邪惡本質,此外,他還在分布於地球上的信徒間散佈了一種脈衝驅動(impulse-driven)的瘋狂妄想。現在,就像你們對地球上的陌生人保持謹慎和隱密一樣,這兩個集團也小心翼翼從不讓自己對陌生人產生明顯的影響,而他們完全成功地做到了。一直以來,地球上的陌生人仍然不知道他們之前的存在,同樣也不知道你們的存在。這兩個集團,也就是別名阿斯塔.謝蘭Ashtashran吉薩精靈厲害的是,他們只會在造成災難時才出現在我們的面前,而他們是位於不同的時空層面(space-time plane)中,只是暫時進入我們的時空,沒有引起地球上陌生人的注意。因此,這是一回事,而另一方面,你們Plejaren的存在仍然需要解決,有些事情必須解釋。首先,據我所知,地球上的陌生人從來沒有能夠意識到吉薩精靈的存在,最多也只是聽說過他們,因此甚至只是假設他們的存在,因為他們自己無法感知道他們,這是由於吉薩精靈可以運用古老的Plejaren技術,可以隱蔽自己免受任何形式的當地設備偵測出來,就像你們Plejaren今天這樣做的一樣,使得我們這些對話只會被認為是假想或是謊言。就別名阿斯塔.謝蘭Ashtashran而言,據我所知,他從未出現在我們面前,而是從他在另一個時空層面中,向地球上那些困惑的信徒發送訊息。

Now as for you, the Plejaren, with regard to a possible danger for you, your peace and tranquility, etc., I can only say what your father Sfath has explained to me and suggested that you pass on to others. His explanations were that several million years ago, the Plejaran ancestors were already much more advanced in technical and developmental terms, and that they advanced these techniques even further than the various strangers on Earth. So this means that you Plejaren are very far superior to the strangers in terms of your technical achievements, as we Earthlings say. This means that even if the strangers have a highly developed technology that seems extremely futuristic to Earthlings, they are still far behind your Plejaren technology and cannot harm you in any way if you continue to behave as you have done up to now, if you hold back from them, if you do not let them recognize you and if you do not let them locate you. This in the same way as the Giza misfits did, whose existence the strangers never became aware of. Further it must now be explained that you Plejaren in your ANKAR universe in the SIRAN dimension will remain absolutely safe from the strangers on Earth if you continue to adhere to your directives, which prescribe that you do not make any contact with foreign peoples and inhabitants of other planets etc. In this way, and you know this very well, dear friend, as all Plejaren know, you are also protecting yourselves from falling back into the old barbaric behaviours, as they still existed with you more than 52,000 years ago and were marked by strife and war. And it should also be mentioned that if the strangers who function around the Earth were to be able to invade other universes of our creation, they would first have to find out which of the 6 other universes outside of ours it is in which you Plejaren exist. And if they would find that out, then the even bigger problem would be to find in the SIRAN dimension that dimension or space-time structure that is shifted a fraction of a second to our DERN dimension-space-time structure. But this corresponds to an immense number of possibilities as well as to an immense number of possibilities to find the dimension gate, which you use every time anew to beam back and forth between Erra and Earth. That, Ptaah, dear friend, is probably enough first information for now, which Sfath has instructed me to give you at the right time. And I think that this information given by him should be the only one that should be mentioned openly in conversation reports. At least that is how I assess what your father has instructed me to pass on to you, because everything else is only meant for you Plejaren, but not for others, therefore also not for the people of the Earth.

現在,對於你們Plejaren,關於你們可能面臨的危險、你們的和平與平靜等等,我只能說你父親Sfath向我解釋並建議你傳給別人的部分。他的解釋是,幾百萬年前,Plejaren的祖先在技術和發展方面已經有很大的進步,他們比地球上各種陌生人更先進。因此這意味著,正如我們地球人所說,你們Plejaren的技術成就遠遠優於那些陌生人。也就是說,如果你們繼續像迄今為止這樣的作法,如果你們繼續克制自己,如果你們不讓他們認出來,如果不讓他們找到你們;就像吉薩精靈的方式一樣,陌生人從未意識到他們存在。那麼即使地球上的陌生人在地球人看來似乎有一種極度先進的技術,但他們仍然遠遠落後於你們Plejaren的技術,而不能以任何方式傷害你們。現在必須進一步解釋的是,如果你們繼續遵守你們的指令,也就是規定你們不與陌生人和其他行星的居民等有任何接觸,那麼你們Plejaren在SIRAN維度中的ANKAR宇宙中,將與地球上的陌生人間保持絕對的安全。按照這種方式,你很清楚,親愛的朋友,正如所有Plejaren都知道的,你們也在保護自己,防止自己回到舊時的野蠻行為中,因為這些行為在5萬2,000多年前仍然盛行於你們的世界,那象徵著衝突與戰爭。還應該提到的是,如果圍繞在地球工作的陌生人能夠入侵到我們造物(creation)的其他宇宙他們首先必須找出我們之外的6個其他宇宙,其中之一就是你們Plejaren存在的地方。如果他們發現了這些,那麼更大的問題就是找出SIRAN維度,這個維度或時空結構是與我們的DERN維度時空結構偏移了幾分之一秒。但這存在巨大的可能性,也就是尋找「維度門」(dimension gate)的巨大可能性,而你們每次都使用這個門在Erra和地球之間來回穿梭。我親愛的朋友,Ptaah,現在可能是Sfath指示我在正確的時間給你第一個充分的資訊。同時我認為,他提供的這一資訊,應該是接觸報告中唯一應該公開提及的資訊。至少這就是我如何評估你父親指示我傳遞給你的訊息,因為其他一切都只代表你們Plejaren,而不是為別人,因此也不是為地球人民。


Thank you, Eduard, dear friend. What you have explained, that is enough for today, and I now have to think about it thoroughly before I can deal with it further. Then I will now read what you have written as answers to the questions of …



Good, sit down here on my chair, then you have the screen right in front of you and can read better. … …

好吧,坐在我的椅子上,螢幕就在你面前,可以好好看一下… …

Reader questions and answers:


I’m afraid I’m not allowed, sir… to answer all your questions, but I will comment on all those I am allowed to address and explain. Your questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 12 and 14 are covered by my secrecy obligation.

某某先生,恐怕我不允許回答你所有的問題,但我會談論所有那些我可以回答的問題。你的問題 1、2、3、4、8、9、12 和 14 都屬於我的保密範圍。

  1. What really happened with your friend Wendelle Stevens, etc?

你的朋友Wendelle Stevens(或譯為溫得利.史蒂芬到底發生了什麼?

Answer: Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens (USAF, ret.) was not only a very good, honorable, honest and worthy friend, but also a venerable and extremely trustworthy person, on whose word and promise I could rely 100 percent. But exactly this was his downfall, namely because he was truly trustworthy and kept his given word of a given promise, namely with regard to information which I was allowed to give him in the confidence of absolute silence and secrecy, as I had already been instructed to do by the Plejaren Sfath in the 1940s. At that time, I did not know Wendelle Stevens, but learned for the first time that he would contact me one day in the future, which was indeed the case. What led to Wendelle Stevens being maliciously discredited was the fact that my information made him a keeper of secrets, who steadfastly refused to divulge this information to certain people who wanted to force him to talk. His steadfastness of silence, however, brought him harm and disaster, but this did not prevent him from keeping his promise of silence. So he accepted the fact that – as a result of keeping his promise and silence – he had to suffer injustice by filthy lies and maliciously controlled slander of those authorities who wanted to force him to speak and betray his given promise. There is probably nothing more to be said.

答:Wendelle Stevens中校(美國空軍退役)不僅是一位善良、可敬、誠實、值得欽佩的朋友,而且是一位德高望重、極其值得信賴的人,他的言辭和承諾我可以百分之百的信任。但也正是這個原因壓垮了他,因為他是真正值得信賴並保持他作出的承諾,也就是在絕對保持沉默和守密的信心下,我被允許給他的資訊,這是關於1940年代由Sfath給我的指示。當時我還不認識Wendelle Stevens,但第一次得知他將來有一天會打電話給我,而情況也確實如此。導致Wendelle Stevens被惡意詆毀的原因是,我的資訊使他成為秘密的守護者,他堅決拒絕將這些訊息洩露給某些想強迫他說出的人。然而,他堅定不移的沉默給他帶來了傷害和災難,但這並沒有阻止他遵守承諾。因此,他接受了這樣一個事實,也就是由於信守諾言,他不得不遭受那些當局人員想強迫他說話和背叛他承諾的骯髒謊言和惡意誹謗。這可能再沒有什麼可說的了。

[中譯者註:有關Wendelle Stevens被美國情報人員冠以「性侵」而遭拘押乙事,請參閱:《Billy Meier 中文翻譯報告》FB轉載Sa文章「Wendelle Stevens 收到一封神秘信件」內容。]

  1. Why are you slandered by your divorced wife, etc?


Answer: I won’t comment on this, because for me these things of the past are closed and forgotten, so I will allow myself to let two other people have their say, who had a very good insight into everything and who have written and partly also published some things themselves, in order to clarify what was effectively fact. What I must mention, however, is that stupid people, without any understanding or reason, usually journalists, who considered themselves enemies and other antagonists of me, and who thought they were great and superior to me – as many still do today – insulted me with dirty articles of lies and slander, which led to malicious attacks on me, even in the presence of FIGU members. The American Kal K. Korff, for example, as well as the chief editor and publisher of the magazine “mysteries", but also the scribbler “hwp" of the JUFOF = ‘Journal for UFO Research’ were responsible for various articles of lies and slander. While KKK from the USA invented lies and slander and spread them worldwide, the editor-in-chief and publisher L.B. of the magazine “mysteries" as well as the writer “hwp" of the JUFOF operated an unparalleled smear-journalism, which was based on malicious lies and slander. There is nothing more to say from my side, so I only want to list some statements of Michael Hesemann, which he wrote to Professor Jim Deardorff as editor-in-chief of the ‘Magazin 2000plus’ and which probably say much more than I have to justify myself:

答:我不會對此發表評論,因為對我來說,這些過去的事情已經是塵封而遺忘的事了,所以我想請另外兩個人就這個問題發表意見,他們對每件事都有很好的見解,他們自己寫了一些東西,也發表過一些東西,用以澄清什麼是實際的事實。但我必須指出的是,那些愚蠢、沒有任何同理心或理性的人,通常是記者,他們把我當作敵人和其他對手,認為他們是偉大、崇高的,就像今天的許多人一樣,用骯髒的謊言和誹謗的文章來侮辱我,這也導致了包括在FIGU的成員面前對我的惡意攻擊。例如,美國人Kal K. Korff,以及《神秘》(mysteries)雜誌的主編和出版商,還有《不明飛行物研究雜誌》(JUFOF;Journal for UFO Research)的三流作者“hwp”,該雜誌專門刊登各種謊言和誹謗性的文章。就在來自美國的KKK(Kal K. Korff)編造謊言、誹謗並在全世界傳播的同時,《神秘》雜誌的主編和出版商L.B.以及JUFOF的作家"hwp"也著手進行了一件基於惡意謊言的誹謗性報導。我這邊是沒什麼可說的,所以我只想引用Michael Hesemann的一些陳述,那是他寫信給《2000plus 雜誌》的主編Jim Deardorff教授的信件,可能說的比我不得不為自己辯護的話還要多得多:

Editor-in-Chief of ‘Magazin 2000plus’, Germany By: Michael Hesemann, Germany To: Jim Deardorff Here is my answer to the statements of KKK (= Kal K. Korff). A case of the format of the Billy Meier case can only be researched through an interdisciplinary approach in which each expert has his own role. It does not help the case if, for example, 10 researchers travel to Switzerland several times to interview the same witnesses 10 times, and they repeat themselves ad nauseam. It helps the case if each team member is active in his or her field and if the team members share the results of their disciplines. Therefore, it was more than enough when Lieutenant Colonel W. C. Stevens, Brit and Lee Elders and Tom Welch went to Switzerland in 1978-80 to conduct a field investigation, which was repeated in 1998 by Jaime Maussan – a professional TV journalist from TELEVISA, the largest private TV station in Mexico, and myself, a cultural anthropologist and historian – and confirmed the results of the first investigation.

發件人:德國《2000plus雜誌》主編,Michael Hesemann,收件人:Jim Deardorff這是我對KKK(= Kal K. Korff)陳述的答覆。比利.邁爾案例的形式只能通過跨學科的方法進行研究,其中每個專家都有他們自己的角色。如果10名研究人員多次前往瑞士採訪同一證人10次,他們會重複到令自己厭煩,這對案件沒有幫助。如果每個團隊成員都專注在他們的專業領域中,並且相互交換其專業的成果,則將有助於解決這種情況。因此,1978至80年間,W. C. Stevens中校、Brit、Lee Elders和Tom Welch前往瑞士進行實地調查,這一切已經足夠了。1988年,墨西哥最大的私營電視台TELEVISA的專業電視記者Jaime Maussan,以及我本人是一個文化人類學家和歷史學家,再次證實了第一次調查的結果。

In the course of our investigation, which included four visits to Switzerland from my side and two visits from Jaime’s side, we were able to interview 24 eyewitnesses – 21 of them FIGU members, two normal inhabitants of the village of Schmidrüti, and a UN diplomat -, film Billy’s collection of pictures and films as well as metal samples, and measure four of his contact or picture-taking sites. In analyzing his 8mm films, we were able to locate a first-generation copy from 1976 and first-generation prints of his pictures, far better material than any of the critics ever dealt with.


In the years before, I visited Billy’s home half a dozen times and had two very intense conversations with Kalliope Meier, Billy’s ex-wife; one in 1988, the other in 1990, at which time she testified as a witness to Billy’s contacts and confirmed in an affidavit (1991) that she herself was a witness to Billy’s contacts and that she never found any evidence to suggest that Billy was manipulating or falsifying any evidence. So let me ask the question: Was she lying then, or is she lying now? Or are we simply being confronted with a War of the Roses? Is Kiviat’s ‘journalism’ as serious as that of someone trying to get to the truth about Woody Allen by simply interviewing Mia Farrow?

在幾年前,我去過比利的家六次,並與比利的前妻Kalliope Meier進行了兩次非常深入的交談;一次是在1988年,另一次是在1990年,當時她是作為比利接觸人的證人出面作證,並在一份宣誓書(1991年)中證實,她自己親眼目睹了比利的接觸人,她從未發現任何證據顯示比利在操縱或偽造任何證物。所以,讓我問一個問題:她當時是在撒謊,還是她現在在撒謊?還是我們只是在面對一場玫瑰戰爭(War of the Roses;一個同床異夢夫妻的故事)Kiviat的「新聞」是否像有人試圖通過採訪米亞.法羅(Mia Farrow)來瞭解伍迪.艾倫(Woody Allen)的真相一樣嚴肅?

It is a documented and testified fact that Kiviat contacted Billy in March 1998 and promised him a fair presentation of his case. In fact, he told Billy that he believed in his case and for years tried to present it to the American audience in an open, positive way. He told me the same thing. That’s why Billy gave him permission to use his film. Bob Kiviat lied to us and abused our trust in the worst possible way. His FOX-SWINDEL is far from a fair journalistic treatment of the case, but nothing more than a public conviction without the slightest possibility of defense. On the other hand, he merely proved how unscrupulous and manipulative Hollywood producers can be when they smell fast money.

有據可查的事實是,Kiviat於1998年3月聯絡了比利,並答應他會公正陳述他的案件。事實上,他告訴比利,他相信他的案件,多年來,他一直試圖以開放與正面的方式展示給美國觀眾。他告訴我同樣的事情。這就是為什麼比利允許他使用他的影片。但Bob Kiviat對我們說了謊,他以最壞的方式濫用我們的信任。他的FOX-SWINDEL遠遠不是對此案公正的新聞處理,而只不過是一個沒有絲毫辯護機會的公開定罪。另一方面,他只是證明了那些好萊塢的製片人,在嗅到快錢的氣味時,會是多麼的不擇手段和肆意操作。

  1. Poppys (= Kalliope; d.Ü.) Trash can lid garbage is pure nonsense. Yes, there is a distant resemblance between these trashcan lids and part of the “cake ship". But what does this tell us about a case that was closed in its ‘photo phase’ as early as 1976, after half a dozen UFO types were photographed in authentic surroundings, objects of which we have comparative snapshots of identical aircraft from different countries? I admit that the ‘cake-ships’ were taken at a rather difficult stage, after Semjase’s contacts had ended and just before Billy, after the stress of various attacks, suffered a breakdown from which he is still recovering. Therefore, there is a possibility that these images, like others, were used to contaminate the case. On the other hand, we have carefully examined the pictures and the film of the aircraft. The trash can lids are made of plastic, the ship of highly reflective metal. The ship was filmed as it floated in front of a tall tree – we compared it with various miniature trees and the large Swiss weather pines and found that its structure corresponded to a large weather pine – with the colours of the tree being reflected by its mirror-like surface. When Billy zooms in and out of the scene in the original film, you can clearly see the meadow he is standing on, the distance of well over a hundred meters between him, the tree, and the aircraft, and you can see that the object is far away and not in the foreground or even close to the camera lens.

1. Poppys(= Kalliope; d.Ü.)垃圾桶蓋純屬無稽之談。是的,這些垃圾桶蓋和“蛋糕飛船”(cake ship)的一部分有著不太清晰的(distant)相似之處。但是,這又能告訴我們什麼呢?早在1976年,在真實環境中拍攝了六種UFO類型之後,一個“照片階段”就結束了。我們比較不同國家的相同飛機的照片?我承認,“蛋糕飛船”是在一個相當困難的階段,在Semjase的接觸結束之後,比利就遭受各種攻擊的壓力,之後他崩潰了,自此他仍在恢復之中。因此,這些圖像有可能像其他圖像一樣,被用來污衊這個案子。另一方面,我們仔細研究了飛船的圖片和影片。垃圾桶蓋由塑膠製成,而飛船是高反射性的金屬的材料。這艘飛船在一棵高大的樹前漂浮時被拍到 — 我們把它與各種微型樹和瑞士的大氣候松樹(weather pine)進行了比較,發現它的結構與一棵大氣候松樹相符 — 樹的顏色被鏡面般的表面所反射。當比利在原片中放大和縮小場景時,你可以清楚地看到他站在草地上,他與樹和飛船之間的距離超過一百公尺以上,你可以看到,物體是很遠的,不在前景,或者甚至靠近相機鏡頭。

  1. Anyone who has ever met Billy Meier in person can confirm that his personality is neither that of a cult leader, nor that his position in the FIGU is that of an authoritarian leader. KKK never met Billy, which is why he cannot say anything about him. The structure of the FIGU is purely democratic; every single item on the agenda is voted on. A cult has a totalitarian ideology: FAITH, and you will find salvation. Billy teaches: Do not believe, find the truth yourself. In his philosophy, man can only evolve through self-knowledge. He does not appear in public; he does not want to become a public person because he does not want people who follow him or for people to consider him special. Instead, he wants people to learn and find the truth for themselves, because that is the only way they can grow and evolve. Therefore, what is claimed to the contrary is equivalent to lies and slander, no matter who puts it forward. Michael Hesemann, Editor-in-Chief of Magazin 2000plus, Germany
  2. 任何親自見過比利.邁爾的人都可以證實,他的個性既不是一個教派領袖,他在FIGU的地位也不是一個獨裁領袖。KKK從來沒有見過比利,這就是為什麼他不能對他說三道四。FIGU的結構純粹是民主的;每一個待辦的專案都要投票表決。教派有一個極權主義的意識形態就是:相信我!你就會得到救贖。但比利的教誨卻是:不要相信,自己去發掘真相!在他的哲學中,人只能透過自我認識才能進化。他不公開露面;他不想成為一個公眾人物,因為他不想讓人追隨他或把他視為特殊人物。相反的,他希望人們自己去學習和尋找真相,因為這是他們成長和發展的唯一途徑。因此,與這些相反的說法,無論是誰提出的,都是謊言和誹謗。Michael Hesemann,《2000plus雜誌》主編,來自德國。

Further published comments by Michael Hesemann

Michael Hesemann進一步發表的評論

So I went back at the end of 1988, received the counter-opinions from Jim D. & Co. in 1990, as I said, and finally decided to publish Guido’s book so that he could present the case from his point of view. The newly received material (from which Gary Kinder also made a book, ‘Light Years’) I ‘processed’ in ‘Secret UFO’. Due to the many attacks and criticisms I decided to ‘reopen the Meier case’ in the mid-1990s, i.e. to conduct a thorough new, unprejudiced investigation. Together with Jaime Maussan I interviewed about 40 eyewitnesses, Billy himself of course, followed up the witness reports from India, obtained expert opinions – and documented everything on video. My report was published in ‘MAGAZIN 2000’ at the time, it is available to you. Since then I have not changed my mind. Billy HAS real contacts, there are dozens of eyewitnesses, he has taken some of the best UFO photos and films in the world, even though his material has been manipulated and contaminated from the outside, as I wrote in ‘Secret UFO Classified Information’. Billy himself doesn’t make a secret of that.

我在1988年底回國,正如我說的,在1990年,我收到了Jim D. & Co.的反面意見,於是最後決定出版Guido的書,以便能從他的角度來陳述這個案子。而新收到的資料(Gary Kinder也出版了《光年;Light Years》一書)我也“附加”在《秘密的UFO》(Secret UFO)的書中。由於受到許多攻擊和批評,我決定在1990年中期“重啟邁爾案”,也就是重新進行一場徹底而毫無偏見的調查。我和Jaime Maussan一起採訪了大約40名目擊者,當然比利本人也隨後證實了印度目擊證人的報導,並徵詢了專家方面的意見;所有的過程都有錄影存證。我的報告發表在當時的《2000雜誌》(MAGAZIN 2000)上,可供大眾查閱。從那以後,我一直沒有改變主意。就像我在《秘密的UFO機密資訊》(Secret UFO Classified Information)一書中所寫的:Billy確實有真正接觸過一些外星人,這有幾十個目擊證人可以作證,他也拍攝了一些世界上最好的 UFO 照片和影片,即使他的材料後來被外界竄改和污染。比利自己對這些事也毫不隱瞞。

What I wrote and believed sometime in the early 1980s, as a teenager, is no longer relevant to me today. I wasn’t even professionally qualified to investigate a case back then, because I was just a student. My mistake at that time (and many people in UFO research made the same mistake) was to believe the Korff Report. Today we all know that Korff is a fibber – if you want to convince yourself of that, you can have a good laugh at http://www.kalkorff.comhttp://www.kal-korff.com&#8217;. Meanwhile he calls himself a colonel of a ‘private Israeli Special Secret Service’ and now claims to be a Jew – after he had claimed in an interview a few years ago that he was an evangelical Christian, had found the true route of the exodus and now wants to examine the Shroud of Turin. On his website he uses photos of Czech models to ‘interview’ him, although it is striking that all these models ‘imitate’ his language style. Of course nobody in the fashion world knows the ‘Czech supermodel, the second most beautiful woman in Europe’, a Martina Tycova, who is supposed to be his assistant …

我在1980年代初還是十幾歲的時候所寫過和所相信的東西,如今都與我無關。那時我甚至沒有資格調查一個案件,因為我只是一個學生。我當時的錯誤(也是UFO研究中許多人犯的同樣錯誤)是相信了Korff的報告。今天我們都知道,Korff是個騙子,如果你想確認這點,你可以在www.kalkorff.com;“http://www.kalkorff.com/”網站中看他的笑話。與此同時,他自稱是“以色列私人特勤局”(private Israeli Special Secret Service)的上校,現在自稱是猶太人。就在幾年前,他在一次採訪中聲稱自己是福音派基督徒(evangelical Christian)之後,已經找到了《出埃及記》(The Exodus)的真正路線,現在想去檢查杜林裹屍布(Shroud of Turin)。在他的網站上,他用捷克(Czech)模特兒的照片來“採訪”他,儘管令人驚訝的是,所有這些模特兒都“模仿”了他的說話風格。當然,時尚界沒有人知道這位“捷克超級名模,歐洲第二漂亮的女人”,這位Martina Tycova,應該是他的助手…

The fact that my investigation, which I conducted in the 1990s, came to a different (positive) result than I would have believed in the 1980s only shows that I was really prepared to approach the matter openly and, if the facts demand it, to revise my opinion. When Werner Walter claims that commercial interests guided me, it is simply ridiculous. I never ‘marketed’ the case, not even finished the video, even though the cost of my investigation (due to the high travel expenses) was much higher than anything ever raised by the sale of Guido’s book (and the pre-financing by FIGU was only used to cover the travel expenses for Phobol & Co. to India!) Of course I am still being attacked by Walter & Co. because of this, but I don’t care about that either. For me, simply the truth alone counts. Very warm greetings to you and all other FIGUans Yours Michael Hesemann

我在1990年代進行的調查結果與1980年代我所認為的(正面)結果不同,這只表明我確實準備公開處理這件事,如果事實需要,我準備修改我的意見。當Werner Walter聲稱是商業利益在誘導我時,那簡直太荒謬了。我從來沒有“推銷”這件案子,甚至沒有完成影片,即使我的調查成本(由於高昂的差旅費)遠遠高於任何從出售Guido的書(此外FIGU的預先融資僅夠支付Phobol & Co.飛往印度的差旅費用!)當然,我仍然因此受到Walter公司的攻擊,但我也不在乎。對我來說,真相才是最重要的!向你們和所有其他FIGU成員致上最溫暖的問候。你們的Michael Hesemann

Supplement by Guido Mossbrugger

Guido Mossbrugger的補充

Saturday, 16. September 2006


With regard to the statement of Michael Hesemann, which he wrote to Jim Deardorff years ago, I would like to say that everything that is claimed to be contrary to what Hesemann explains is nothing but mean and particularly malicious lies and slander, no matter who is bringing them up. This refers specifically to anything that is being denounced to Billy out of hatred, as I have experienced myself since I met him in Hinwil in 1972 and he has since been terrorised in a wicked way to hinder his activities and mission, with his pictures being stolen and forged by a man who lived in the canton of Ticino, as well as by a man from the Swiss Rhine Valley, in order to harm Billy. This kind of evil doing has been maintained all these years to this day, even after the move to the Hinterschmidrüti Centre, secretly not even shying away from evil cabals, and even today outrageous lies are still being spread about Billy in order to make him a bad name for himself by blasphemous slander all over the world. This is done especially via newspapers, television, magazines and journalists who are stupid enough to believe outrageous lies, like among others an apparently not very intelligent H.W. Peiniger, who publishes blasphemous interviews in JUFOF magazines, which are peppered with true lie arias of Billy’s ex, like the following, which corresponds to nothing else but outrageous lies and slander and I have to say that I cannot understand that a woman can lie and slander so brazenly and unscrupulously, whose husband did everything for her to be well, which I can testify to as well as Bernadette, Jacobus, Engelbert, Maria, Madeleine, and all the others, which we all together appreciate Billy in his whole kind of friendship and humanity as much as in his readiness to help, kindness and work, which he has done with hard craftsmanship and besides writing books through all the years, during all the days of the week and often up to 18 or more hours per day. Without the addition of his own financial resources and his knowledge of a wide range of craftsmanship, which he carried out himself, starting with carpentry and joinery work, the entire house electrics, bricklaying, concrete and slab work, snow removal with the tractor, gardening, farming, forestry and digging work, which he carried out by himself and with only one arm with a pitchfork, pickaxe and shovel etc., and together with our members, our centre would never have come about.

關於Michael Hesemann幾年前寫給Jim Deardorff的聲明,我想說的是,所有聲稱與Hesemann所解釋的有相牴觸的說法,都無非是卑鄙的、尤其是惡意的謊言和誹謗,無論是誰提出來的。這明確是指任何出於仇恨而譴責比利的一切事情,因為我自1972年在欣維爾(Hinwil)遇見他以來,我親自經歷了一切,從那時起,他就受到了惡毒的恐嚇,並試圖阻礙他的活動和使命。為了傷害比利,一個住在提契諾州(Ticino)的人,以及一個來自瑞士萊茵峽谷(Rhine Valley)的人,偷走並偽造了他的照片。這種邪惡的的行為一直持續發生,直到今天,即使在搬到Hinterschmidréti的「中心」之後,那些秘密而毫不掩飾邪惡的陰謀集團,甚至到現在,還仍然在散佈比利的荒唐謊言,以褻瀆神明的誹謗,使他在世界各地聲名狼藉。特別是通過報紙、電視、雜誌和新聞記者的傳播,而他們竟愚蠢到去相信那些離譜的謊言,其中就像一個顯然不太聰明的H.W. Peiniger,他在JUFOF雜誌上發表了一些褻瀆性的採訪,其中充斥著比利前妻的真正謊言,就像下面那些對話,這其中除了離譜的謊言和誹謗,根本不能代表什麼。我不得不說,我不能理解一個女人可以說謊和誹謗到如此無恥和無情的程度。她的丈夫做了一切都是為了她好,這點我可以證明,還有Bernadette、Jacobus、Engelbert、Maria、Madeleine和所有其他人都可以證明。我們都非常珍惜比利的友誼和仁慈,還有他隨時樂於助人,以及他的體貼和工作精神,他用精湛的手藝,除了經年持續寫很多的書,他在一星期的所有日子裡,每天往往工作高達18小時以上。在沒有增加自己的財務資源和他對各種工藝知識的狀況下,他親自著手工作,從木工和木作、整個房子電氣、磚砌、混凝土和夾板的工作,此外除雪與駕駛拖拉機、園藝、農務、林務和挖掘工作,全部他親自動手。雖然只有一隻手臂,他與我們的成員一起拿著乾草推叉、鐵鎚和鏟子等工作。如果沒有他,我們的「中心」永遠不會出現。

Smear ARTICLE (original reproduction; without correction, including errors)


by Hans-Werner Peiniger – April 14, 2006 – Comments disabled for interview with Kalliope Meier – Renewed doubts about Billy Meyer. About the JUFOF. Interview with Kalliope Meier – Renewed doubts about Billy Meyer, by Hans-Werner Peiniger in an interview with Billy Meier’s wife Kalliope.

Hans-Werner Peiniger — 2006年4月14日 — 對採訪Kalliope Meier禁用評論 — 重新懷疑比利.邁爾。關於JUFOF。採訪Kalliope Meier — 重新懷疑比利.邁爾,Hans-Werner Peiniger採訪比利.邁爾的妻子Kalliope。

You all know the Swiss contact person Eduard “Billy" Meier, who claims to be in contact with extraterrestrial intelligences whose origin lies in the area of the Pleiades (Seven Sisters). To confirm this, he has submitted hundreds of UFO photos over the years which show Pleiadian spaceships. In the past we have raised the case several times and in JUFOF No. 79, 1’92:17ff a detailed review of the book “Guido Moosbrugger: Und sie fliegen doch…" (Guido Moosbrugger: And yet they do fly…) was published, in which I again presented our sceptical attitude towards Meier’s fantastic claims. “Sceptical attitude" is actually an understatement. In our opinion, which is shared by all serious researchers, Meier’s contacts are deliberate “inventions", the UFO photos are fakes, and the core group that lives permanently around Meier is a sectlike community.

你們都知道瑞士接觸者愛德華“比利”邁爾,他聲稱與來自昴宿星團(Pleiades;又稱七姐妹星團)的外星人接觸。為了證實這一點,他多年來提出了數百張的UFO照片,這些照片顯示了昴宿星人(Pleiadian)的宇宙飛船。在過去,我們多次提出這個案子,在JUFOF第79號,1’92:17ff中詳細回顧了“Guido Moosbrugger:Und sie fliegen doch… ”(Guido Moosbrugger:And yet they do fly…)出版書籍,其中我再次提出了我們對邁爾的奇幻說法的懷疑態度。“懷疑態度”實際上是輕描淡寫。在我們看來,所有認真的研究人員都認同,邁爾的接觸事件是刻意的“發明”,UFO照片是假的,而永久生活在邁爾周圍的核心成員是一個教派般的團體。

While in the German-speaking world only a few good believers are taken in by Meier’s claims, Meier’s stories find widespread circulation in Japan and the USA. Numerous forgeries have already been proven against Meier and his credibility is at the lowest end of the possible scale. It is therefore all the more incomprehensible when Magazine 2000 editor-in-chief Michael Hesemann considers Billy Meier to be “one of the most fascinating people of our days". But maybe he means ‘one of the most cunning people of our days’, who can live quite well on the money of his patrons. And when Mr. Hesemann then also writes that “some photos were found that appeared rather dubious" and tries to justify this by a contamination by Meier’s opponents, by the aliens or by Meier himself, in order to protect himself and his family (preface to Meier’s book “The Truth about the Pleiades, Neuwied, 1996), then a quite proper portion of naivety belongs to it. While one can perhaps not expect publishers, who publish predominantly esoteric literature and also open the stage to the bona fide public again by publishing Meier’s new book, to be able to analyze critical connections, one should expect this from Germany’s UFO experts (according to foreign countries) and connoisseurs of the subject matter. Here Hesemann must finally take a clear position and not help undecided people over the threshold to sectarianism by apparently confirming statements. A new development in the ‘Meier case’ is on the horizon, which Michael Hesemann cannot escape if he does not want to become a pioneer of Meier himself.

在德語世界裡,只有少數善良的信徒接受邁爾的說法,而邁爾的故事在日本和美國廣為流傳。許多偽造品已經證明了對邁爾不利,他的信譽處於可能尺度的最低端。因此,當《2000 Magazine》主編Michael Hesemann認為比利.邁爾是“我們時代最迷人的人之一”時,這更加令人費解。但也許他指的是“我們時代最狡猾的人之一”,他可以靠贊助人的錢生活的很好。當Hesemann先生還寫道,“一些照片被發現,似乎相當可疑”,並試圖證明這些是由邁爾的對手、外星人或邁爾本人所污染,以保護自己和他的家人(邁爾的書籍《關於昴宿星團的真相》前言,Neuwied,1996年),那麼它屬於一個有相當比例的天真。雖然人們也許不能指望出版商能夠分析關鍵關係,這些出版商主要是出版一些深奧的文學作品,並靠著出版邁爾的新書再次向真正的公眾開放舞台,但人們應該期望德國的UFO專家(根據外國的說法)和這方面主題的行家能夠如此。在這裡,Hesemann最終必須採取一個明確的立場,而不是通過明顯確定的聲明來幫助尚未決定的人越過宗派主義的門檻。“邁爾案”即將出現新的發展,如果Michael Hesemann不想成為邁爾本人的先驅,他就無法逃脫。

It is hardly known that Meier’s wife has meanwhile separated from her husband and is living in divorce. For the first time she broke her silence towards her Swiss colleague Luc Bürgin, who spoke with Mrs. Meier and had the interview published in the UFO-KURIER (NR. 30, 4’97:14ff). From this we can already deduce that, according to Mrs. Meier, “his contact experiences were all lies and deceit. For example, there was an explanation for the photograph of an alien with a ray gun or for Meier’s “cake ship" photo, for which he had apparently used a simple barrel lid. Since Mrs. Meier now obviously opened up to critical UFO researchers, I (in the following called ‘hwp’) also took the opportunity at the beginning of May for a half-hour conversation with Mrs. Kalliope Meier (‘KM’). Even if some things could not be discussed in as much detail or became clear as might have been necessary, Mrs. Meier gives us a small insight into her husband’s life and work.

鮮為人知的是,邁爾的妻子從此與丈夫分居,並生活在離婚狀態中。她第一次打破沉默,接受她瑞士同事Luc Bürgin的採訪,而採訪記錄已在UFO-KURIER(NR.30,4’97:14ff)上發表。由此,我們已經可以推斷出,根據邁爾夫人的說法,“他的接觸經歷都是謊言和欺騙”。例如,對於一個外星人拿著雷射槍或邁爾的“蛋糕飛船”照片有所解釋,後者他顯然是使用了一個簡單的桶蓋。由於邁爾夫人現在顯然向關鍵的UFO研究人員開放,於是我(Hans-Werner Peiniger;以下稱為“hwp”)也藉此機會,在五月初與邁爾夫人(Kalliope Meier;以下稱為“KM”)進行了半小時的對話。即使有些事情不能詳細討論,或者變得清晰,但邁爾夫人讓我們對她丈夫的生活和工作有了一點瞭解。

hwp: How did it actually come to the divorce and did you have a permanent job on your husband’s farm?


KM: From 1994 I have not been on the farm any more. Last year in June I left the farm. It’s quite clear. … (Note Billy: This part of the sentence will be deleted because it is defamatory and violates the privacy of another person and maliciously harms their reputation). My permanent task was of course the whole household. I cooked for the crew, with children about 16 people, and received visitors. In addition I looked after the library and processed the mail of the about 100 to 120 passive members.


hwp: Your husband is accused of having formed and to be leading a more or less sect-like community. How do you view this accusation?


KM: To be able to say anything about this, you have to be able to work on the farm for a longer period of time, to have a say, to discuss, to observe the whole thing and then to conclude whether or not it is a sectarian community. But it looks that way. There are many paragraphs and laws within the group – one may not smoke, one may not do this and that, one may not go outside, one may not do that and and and – one law after another. Criticism is not tolerated and not expressed.

KM為了能夠對此說點什麼,你必須在農場工作很長的時間,要有發言權、參與討論並觀察整個情況,然後才能對它是否是一個教派團體得出結論。但看起來像是這樣。團體內有許多段落(paragraphs)和法規,你不能吸煙,你不能做這個不能做那個,成員不能出去,成員不能這樣做,還有等等… 一個又一個法規。批評是不能容忍的,也不表達意見。

hwp: Is this core group living on your husband’s farm actually a ‘blindly following group’?


KM: In a sense, yes. People have to believe that, otherwise they wouldn’t have chosen to live on the farm. If my husband says it’s true, then it’s true! There is no criticism. If my husband now says that my wife stole this and that, then that’s how it is, there are no discussions – all people have to believe that – there is no criticism. One doesn’t believe it: if one doesn’t keep to it, one is suddenly an outsider.

KM從某種意義上說,是的。人們必須相信這些事,否則他們不會選擇住在農場。如果我丈夫說這是真的,那就是真的!沒有批評。如果我丈夫現在說我妻子偷了這個和那個,那麼這就是這樣,沒有討論 — 所有人都必須相信 — 沒有批評。有人不相信:如果一個人不守規矩,他立刻就成了局外人。

hwp: Does your husband deal with the group in an authoritarian manner?


KM: If he agrees with something, then the group agrees with it. After all, you can’t say no. It’s quite authoritarian, dictatorial and hierarchical.


hwp: Now you had made many friends within the core group over the last few years. How did they react to your husband’s accusations that you had stolen certain things? Did they stand behind you or did they drop them immediately’?


KM: The group members were all my friends. Because of these false accusations that my husband is making against me, everyone is now against me. I have indeed been ‘dropped’. It is sad because the truth is not as he describes it. People have to listen to me and hear what I have experienced. The group members don’t know a lot of things – I have covered for my husband, so to speak. For example, if the group members weren’t on the farm because they were working during the day, they didn’t experience everything as I did. They know nothing about many things. These are things that I don’t want to bring outside. It’s not my character. It is also far from me to finish my husband like he says, because there were also beautiful moments and times that I don’t want to dirty with ‘dirt’.

KM小組成員都是我的朋友。由於我丈夫對我提出這些不實的指控,現在每個人都反對我。我確實被“拋棄了”。這是可悲的,因為事實不是他所描述的那樣。人們必須傾聽我的聲音,聽聽我所經歷的一切。小組成員不知道很多事情 — 我必須替我丈夫掩飾一些事,可以這麼說。例如,如果小組成員由於白天工作而不在農場中,則他們並沒有像我那樣體驗一切。他們對很多事情一無所知。這些是我不想帶出去的東西。這不是我的性格。就像我的丈夫說的一樣,我離結束我丈夫的關係還很遠,因為還是曾經有過美好的時光和年代,我不想用“污垢”弄髒自己。

hwp: Your husband is accused by the serious UFO research of falsifying photos and the like…


KM: It’s really tragic and mean, what my husband does. I can tell you that these are all fakes my husband made. To prove this, you just have to draw comparisons of the photos and the material with that time*.


*translators opinion: time period.


hwp: Have you ever seen your husband fake photographs?


KM: You just can’t see how he takes the pictures. I’ve only seen something here once – as a model. That’s all I saw. However, I was taken aback when my husband published a contact report last year, in which he showed his last photos. They only showed a lid. And the nasty thing about it is that Guido (Moosbrugger) even lectures in America with these photos. You have to do something about that!

KM你只是看不出他是如何拍出那些照片的。而我只在這裡見過某些東西一次 — 像是一個模型。這就是我所看到的。然而,去年我丈夫發表了一份接觸報告,其中他展示了他最後的照片,我卻很驚訝。他們只顯示出一個蓋子。令人討厭的是,Guido(Moosbrugger)甚至帶著這些照片在美國講課。你必須對此做點什麼!

hwp: Did your husband ever have the opportunity to fake the photos without being noticed?


KM: Sure, he’s a free man. He went and came as he pleased. He didn’t ask or think of the fact that I had a family or children. And the group members don’t see those things. My husband has been away for days, nights, away from home. We didn’t know where he had gone. Days or weeks later he presented us with new photos or similar. After his return there was always something there.


hwp: Given the fact that the photos are only fakes, what do you think about the photo analyses of the American scientists?


KM: I have the feeling that there are basically a lot of fraudsters in America. If I now speak of what Mr. Korff said in his book (Spaceships of the Plejades – The Billy Meier Story. Prometheus, Loughton, 1995 – review in JUFOF No. 110, 2’97:61), then what my husband always said about these scientists cannot be true.

KM我覺得在美國基本上有很多騙子。如果我現在談到Korff先生在他的書(《昴宿星人的太空船 — 比利.邁爾的故事》Prometheus, Loughton,1995年,在JUFOF第110號,2’97:61的評論)中所說的話,那麼我丈夫總是說這些科學家的話不可能是真的。

hwp: What do you know about the metal samples that were allegedly tested?


KM: In the meantime I have read several chemistry books and I think that these metals are composed of different chemicals/alloys. I do not believe that they are extraterrestrial metals.


hwp: You are currently being vehemently attacked by your husband in contact reports or on the Internet (via http://www.alien.de/figu/FIGUHP50.HTM). What exactly is he accusing you of?


KM: Mainly that I stole a lot of things, or that I was against him before, in Hinterschmittrüti, that I somehow influenced the passive members, etc. All these things that are not true at all.


hwp: What does your husband actually think about his group members? Are they just ‘fools’ who finance a nice life for him?


KM: Yeah, sure. Besides, he lives up there on the farm for free. Any man would be happy to have a life like that. Each member has to give up a certain portion of his income. Everything has to be financed, mortgages, electricity, etc. He can’t carry that himself.


hwp: Does your husband actually believe in his contacts with the Plejaren himself?


KM: Yes, yes, he believes in it himself. He’s convinced that it’s true. And to prove these contacts, he’s falsifying the photos. Also so that he can tell the people in the core group again and again, look here, that was so and so. He needs the people, he can’t stand on his own feet alone. He does not want to get out of his psychic labyrinth. Because if he wanted to get out of it, he would have to live very poorly afterwards. The real contact people, they don’t go among the people or to the masses, they remain hidden like that – for a lifetime. And those who only want to make money, they go out, they must have people like my husband does. He must have people who will lift him up to heaven.

KM是的,是的,他自己相信。他確信這是真的。為了證明這些接觸事件,他偽造了這些照片。同時為了他可以一遍遍告訴核心小組的成員,看看這裡,那就是什麼和什麼。他需要人群,他不能獨立行事。他不想離開他的精神迷宮(psychic labyrinth)。因為如果他想擺脫它,他以後將不得不過著非常窮困的生活。真正的接觸者,他們不會走向人群中或走向大眾,他們仍然那樣隱藏著 — 過一輩子。而那些只想賺錢的人,他們會走出去,一定有像我丈夫那樣的人。必須要有人把他抬上天堂。

hwp: Where do we go from here?


KM: My husband continues as before. I am currently very satisfied and I have realized what I have been wishing for years, namely to enter the nursing profession. It is very nice to see how satisfied people are when you help them a little. I attach great importance to the human aspect and not to that kind of power – honestly. So it was always a torture for me that people were deceived by my husband and that I also covered for him.

KM我丈夫會繼續和以前一樣。而我現在非常滿意,我已經意識到我多年來的願望,也就是進入護理行業。當你幫助別人時,看到他們是多麼的滿意,真是太好了。我非常重視人類,而不是那種力量 — 老實說。因此,人們被我丈夫欺騙,我也為他掩飾,這對我一直是一種折磨。

hwp: I thank you for the information and wish you all the best for your new phase of life.


Late comment


by Bernadette Brand, Schweiz

由Bernadette Brand撰寫於瑞士

Only now (November 8, 2019) have I learned of the interview that Hans-Werner Peiniger conducted with Kalliope Meier in April 2006 and which he, like many other people who are talking to her for the first time, fell for. This was also the case with many members of the core group, who initially reacted very positively to Kalliope Meier – naturally also because she was the wife of Billy, who for his part is extremely honest, with integrity and openness – but then, after getting to know her better, they discovered to their deep regret how scheming, mendacious and power-hungry the ex-wife of ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier really is. Not a single word of her entire interview with Mr Peiniger is true, and Mr Peiniger, unfortunately, in his bias against Billy Meier, was unable to see through the scheming manoeuvres and the deep lying of his interview partner, who, in her malice and proverbial jealousy, was only too happy to provide him with ammunition against Billy. In addition to all her other negative traits, she has a deep-seated desire for revenge and prestige, which leads her to twist the facts in her favour and to always put herself in the best light and pass the buck to others. As an example of this, I take her statement “I also looked after the library (at that time, FIGU did not have a library) and handled the mail of about 100 to 120 passive members". It is only necessary to mention that FIGU did not yet have a library at that time, and that Kalliope had an extremely poor command of the German language at the time of which she speaks – let alone a written knowledge of the language which would have enabled her to process the extensive correspondence. (Billy usually only spoke Greek with her.) It was therefore absolutely impossible for her to put any text down on paper without mistakes and in an understandable way, because for all her texts she needed a ‘ghostwriter’ who was willing to sit down with her and write down her spoken words in an understandable way. How could she have handled the mail with these requirements?

直到現在(2019年11月8日),我才得知Hans-Werner Peiniger在2006年4月對Kalliope Meier進行的採訪,就和很多第一次和她交談的人一樣,他深信不疑。核心小組的許多成員也是這樣,他們最初對Kalliope Meier反應都非常正面 — 自然也是因為她是比利的妻子,認為她是非常誠實,正直和坦誠 — 但後來,在瞭解她之後,他們深感遺憾地發現,“比利”愛德華.阿爾伯特.邁爾的前妻是多麼的陰謀、虛假且渴望權力。在與Kalliope的整個採訪中,沒有一個字是真的,不幸的是,Peiniger先生對比利.邁爾的偏見,無法看穿他採訪夥伴的陰謀伎倆和深沉的謊言,她以她的害人之心和眾所周知的嫉妒,真是暗自竊喜他為她提供了對付比利的彈藥。除了所有其他的負面特質外,她對復仇和聲望有著根深蒂固的渴望,這導致她扭曲事實以利自己,也總是把自己放在最好的角度,把責任推給別人。舉個例子,我以她的陳述“我還要照顧圖書館(當時,FIGU沒有圖書館),並處理了大約100至120個被動成員的郵件”。這裡只需要提一下,FIGU當時還沒有圖書館,而Kalliope在講德語時,對德語的掌握很差 — 更不用說以書面來掌握這種語言了,這樣當然不會去讓她處理那些大量的郵件。(比利通常只跟她講希臘語)因此,她絕對不可能在沒有錯誤而可理解的方式下把任何文字寫在紙上,因為她所有的文稿,都需要一個“捉刀人”(ghostwriter)願意與她坐下來,以一種可以理解的方式,寫下她的口語。她怎麼能按照這樣的條件去處理那些郵件呢?

Another lie is that you are not allowed to smoke in the center – Billy was a heavy smoker himself – and that you are not allowed to ‘get out’ etc. I myself met Billy during 1976 and moved to the center in January 1978, where I still live today (2019). So I can say that I know Kalliope and the conditions in and around the center very well. The fact that smoking is forbidden is laughable for all those members who still like to reach for a cigarette – Billy was a heavy smoker himself – and the fact that one is supposedly not allowed to ‘get out’ is just as ridiculous, because all core group members, whether they live in the centre or elsewhere, lead their own private lives and personal friendships, about which they are not accountable to anyone, because FIGU is organised as an association and not as a sect that blindly follows its ‘guru’. Billy is also nothing more than a member of the association with the same voice as everyone else, and it is not that he should not be contradicted, because this happens quite often.

另一個謊言是,你不允許在「中心」吸煙 — 比利自己就是一個重度的吸煙者 — 還有你不允許“外出”等等。我在1976年認識比利,在1978年1月搬入中心,到今天(2019年)我仍然住在那裡。所以我可以說我非常了解Kalliope以及「中心」周圍的情況。禁止吸煙這件事,對於所有仍然喜歡抽煙的成員來說,這太可笑了 — 比利本人也是個重度吸煙者 — 而據說人員不能“外出”,這同樣荒謬,因為所有的核心小組成員,無論他們住在中心還是其他地方,都過著自己的私生活並擁有個人的友誼圈,他們不對任何人負責,因為FIGU是一個以社團方式組成的,並不是一個盲目追隨其“大師”(guru)的教派。比利也只不過是一個與其他人音量相同的社團成員,並不是說他不應該被反駁,因為這種情況也經常發生。

Kalliope’s answer to the question of whether Billy had the opportunity to fake the photos is absurd. For hardly any other man was so meticulously monitored and suspiciously eyed by his wife as Billy was by Kalliope. In her jealousy, she was always tempted to construct an affair out of almost every conversation he had with another woman – especially when it took a little longer at times – and therefore sometimes made scenes for weeks. From this premise alone, it would have been impossible for him to leave the center for a long time in order to fake pictures or film footage, for which he would have needed an outside studio or laboratory at the time, which would certainly not have gone unnoticed. Quite apart from the fact that, on the one hand, he would not have been able to afford the necessary equipment for such forgeries financially, and on the other hand, the technical possibilities for such forgeries were not even available at that time, which Mr. Peiniger for his part should actually have known if he had really dealt with the matter in a truly unbiased and objective manner and had acquired the necessary expertise. In contrast, however, MUFON has done so and has judged Billy’s pictures to be genuine for several years.

Kalliope在回答比利是否有機會偽造照片的問題上是荒謬的。因為幾乎沒有任何其他男人像比利這樣,被他的妻子Kalliope以懷疑的眼光如此精心地監視著。在她的嫉妒心態下,她總是想用他與另一個女人幾乎每一次的會談來製造婚外情 — 特別是當會面時間稍長的時候 — 而有時候,他還要花幾個星期去拍一些鏡頭。單從這個前提來說,他不可能離開中心很長一段時間去偽造圖片或影片,因為那樣他需要一個外部工作室或實驗室,而這肯定不會不被注意。除了一方面,他不可能在財務上為這種偽造行為提供必要的設備,另一方面,這種偽造技術的可能性在當時甚至都不具備,就Peiniger先生而言,如果他確實以一種真正公正和客觀的方式處理這件事,並獲得必要的專門知識,實際上他應該知道這些狀況。然而,UFO互動網路(MUFON;Mutual UFO Network是美國規模最大的民間UFO研究機構)反倒是已經這樣做了,他們多年前就斷定比利的照片是真的。

The fact that Kalliope claims to have read and understood various chemistry books and – if she has actually done so – has used them to gain the necessary expertise to assess the metal samples only shows to what extent she overestimates herself and how great her craving for recognition is, with which she even defies the judgment of such a luminary as Dr. Marcel Vogel. All other statements made by Kalliope are not to be taken seriously either and represent the exact opposite of what reality and facts are. However, all those who know Kalliope personally are clearly aware of her extremely ambivalent relationship to given facts, for often enough she herself has made it clear in what fantasy world she lives. There are no ‘idiots’, as Mr. Peiniger and Kalliope like to portray it in a slanderous manner, neither at the FIGU Centre nor at the FIGU Associations, but rather well-educated, independent, self-reliant and able-bodied people who put their husbands or wives in every situation and who do not believe that they themselves should be regarded as something better, as is the case with Kalliope, who even before her divorce from Billy tried to push herself to the fore at the expense of the truth. But that she cowardly conceals the fact that she herself encountered an extra terrestrial, namely Ptaah, and that she was able to see the Plejaren ships in daylight several times, apart from the fact that she also had other experiences that should have made her think if she were honest, this fits her very well and her lying, scheming and malicious defamatory behaviour.

Kalliope聲稱讀過並理解各種化學書籍 — 如果她確實讀過這些書 — 那麼她利用這些書的專業知識來評估那些金屬樣本,這只能說明她高估了自己的程度,以及她多麼渴望得到他人的認同。在這件事上,她甚至否定了像Marcel Vogel博士這樣一位傑出人物的判斷。Kalliope的所有其他發言也不應被認真看待,它們與現實和事實完全相反。然而,所有認識Kalliope的人都清楚意識到她與現實之間極度矛盾的關係,因為她自己常常清楚表示她生活在幻想世界中。這裡沒有“白癡”會像Peiniger先生和Kalliope喜歡以誹謗的方式去描繪事情,無論是在FIGU中心,或是在FIGU社團都沒有,而都是受過良好教育、獨立、自力更生且富有活力的人,他們在每一種情況中,都不會把丈夫或妻子擺到一邊,而相信自己應該被視為更好的人,就像Kalliope的情況那樣,甚至在她與比利離婚之前,就試圖以犧牲真相為代價,讓自己脫穎而出。但是,她懦弱地隱瞞了她自己曾遇到過一位外星人(也就是Ptaah)的事實,而她也能夠在白天看到Plejaren飛船好幾次,除了事實,她還有其他的經驗,這些都應該讓她認為,如果她很誠實,這非常適合她和她的撒謊、陰謀和惡意誹謗的行為。

  1. What is true about all the very many claims made by people, etc. …?


Answer: In response to your question and to what you have said, I would first like to say something in relation to Michael Hesemann, because I think it is necessary for me to explain something about him. First of all, Michael Hesemann is not the man you consider him to be. It is true that he has evidently turned away from the matter of UFOs etc. and has, as it seems and is to be assumed – although it remains an assumption until clarity comes to light – turned to faith in the Catholicism, because on the one hand he has not let me hear anything from him for years now, and on the other hand it emerges when information about him is broadcast on television that he has found a field of activity in the Christian faith and the Vatican. This, however, is only a presumption and, moreover, it is his very personal matter, in which no one has to interfere.

答:在回答你的問題和你所說的那些話時,我首先想談談Michael Hesemann這個人,因為我認為我有必要解釋一下有關他的事情。首先,Michael Hesemann不是你想像中的那個人。的確,他顯然已經離開了不明飛行物等的事務,而且,似乎正如假設的那樣 — 儘管直到真相明朗之前,仍然只是一個假設 — 他轉向了對天主教的信仰,因為一方面他也已經多年沒有讓我從他身上聽到任何消息了,另一方面,當在電視上播出有關他的消息時,他在基督教信仰和梵蒂岡方面找到了活動的領域。然而,這只是一種假設,而且,這是他的私事,沒有人可以干涉。

What to say about your questions and attacks concerning Michael Hesemann, I think that attacks of any kind against him are your personal opinion, which I cannot share with you. For my part, I have known Michael as a person of integrity, decency, righteousness and truth and have worked with him for a long time, so I cannot accuse him of any unfairness.

關於你對Michael Hesemann的質疑和攻擊,我認為對他進行任何形式的攻擊都是你個人的意見,恕我不能和你分享。就我而言,我認識Michael是一個正直、正派、正義和真實的人,我與他共事了很長的時間,所以我不能因為任何不公平而責怪他。

Michael Hesemann is a person who has not only dealt with UFOs, but is also very educated and is also a historian, author, documentary filmmaker and specialized journalist for contemporary and church history topics. Although Michael first became known in the late 1980s and early 1990s through his research and publications on UFOs and extraterrestrials, he turned to other fields of study in 1997 and has since been engaged in writing and publishing Christian theme books as an author.

Michael Hesemann 不僅處理過不明飛行物,而且受過良好教育,同時也是歷史學家、作家、紀錄片製作人和當代和教會歷史專題的專業記者。雖然Michael在1980年代末和1990年代初經由對不明飛行物和外星人的研究與出版物首次出名,但他於1997年轉向其他領域而成為作家,一直從事於基督教主題書籍的撰寫和出版工作。

But what about it, when Michael – whom I appreciate very much as a human being and also regarding his work and all the hostilities he took on for me – in his UFO books etc. names many alleged contact persons as “real" contact persons with extraterrestrials, then this is effectively his own business. Maybe the whole thing is due to the fact that he had no possibility to get to know all the persons concerned and to clarify with them in detail what was truth and what was lie or pure imagination. Perhaps he may also be, as you say, a little naive, whereby I mean that he may have proceeded a little “naively" in his assessment of the so-called contactees according to your naive understanding, but whoever somehow has not done this himself in his life may throw the first stone at Michael Hesemann. But I think that no honest person on Earth can throw a stone, because every single person inevitably makes mistakes, misunderstands something or acts wrongly, whereby exactly such mistakes are undoubtedly made out of a certain naivety, which cannot be recognized as naivety. For naivety is not simply to be judged according to what the vernacular tends to call naivety, childlike, original, simple, harmless or foolish, etc., because the word “naivety" comes from the Latin term “nativus"‘ which has been defined completely wrong by know-it-alls and falsification of the term and means something completely different than just naivety, childlike, original, simple, harmless or foolish, etc. The term naive, coming from the Latin “naivus", means that a certain behaviour of a human being is “born, “natural" and therefore “native". Consequently, a “naivus" of a human being stands for e.g. making mistakes, being careless or believing, etc., but in any case this is connected with a natural innate evolutionary process, which normally consists of man learning from his naivety.

但有關Michael — 作為一個人,還有關於他的工作和他為我承擔了所有的敵意,我非常感激他 — 在他的一些UFO書籍與其他等等之中,也就是將許多所謂的接觸者認為是“真正”與外星人接觸的人,那麼這完全是他自己的事情。也許整個事情是由於他不可能瞭解所有有關的人,也沒有機會對他們仔細釐清什麼是真相,而什麼是謊言,又或者只是純粹的幻想而已。也許他也可能是,如你所說的,有點天真,我的意思是,根據你對天真的理解,在他評估所謂的接觸者這件事上,他可能處理的有一點點的“天真”,但無論是誰向Michael Hesemann扔出第一塊石頭,他難免一生中也會犯同樣的錯。但我認為,地球上沒有一個誠實的人可以扔石頭,因為每個人都不可避免會犯些錯、誤判一些事或作出錯誤的動作,因此,正是這樣的錯誤毫無疑問是出自某種天真,但這不能被認為天真。因為天真不是簡單地根據白話常說的天真、單純、初心、淳樸、無害或愚昧等來判斷的,因為“天真”(naivety)一詞來自拉丁語詞“nativus”,這個語詞被完全錯誤的定義成萬事通(know-it-alls)和弄虚作假(falsification)的字義,意味著完全不同的東西,而不僅僅是天真、單純、初心、淳樸、無害或愚昧等等。“天真的”(naive)一詞來自拉丁語詞“naivus”,意思是一個人的某些行為是“天生的”、“自然的”,因此是“與生俱來的”。所以,一個人的“天真”代表錯誤、粗心或相信等,但無論如何,這與自然與生俱來的進化過程有關,這個過程通常包括人類從天真中學習。

So when a mistake is made, the result is that the cause of the mistake is sought, it is corrected and from then on no longer committed. In the same way the same principle applies to a belief that basically also corresponds to an error, misconception and misconduct and possibly wrongdoing, which has to be thought about and the effective truth has to be found. And this is also a thing that is innate to man, namely that he believes something or falls into a belief if he is inattentive and does not think everything over thoroughly and necessarily according to reality and therefore does not find the truth.


That which is generally called “naivety" thus corresponds to something completely different from what is actually meant, because this refers to the fact that a person behaves “unbiased", “uncritical", “armlessly", and that is what the terms “unbiased" and “neutral behaviour" stand for. So it turns out that if Michael Hesemann has confronted any kind of stories, tales, facts, lies or slander in an unbiased and neutral way, then he has simply reproduced what he has heard, what has been said or what he has seen, experienced and learned, and this has nothing to do with naivety in any way.

因此,通常稱為“天真”與實際含義完全不同,因為這意味著一個人“無偏見”、“不挑剔”、“無成見”,這一語詞就是代表“無偏見”和“中立行事”。因此,事實證明,如果Michael Hesemann以公正和中立的方式面對任何故事、傳說、事實、謊言或誹謗,那麼他只是複述了他所聽到的、已經說過的話,或者他所看到的、經歷和學習的,這無論如何與天真沒有任何關係。

Unfortunately, it has been the case since time immemorial that some “wise" and “cunning" contemporaries assess themselves incredibly cleverly and derive new terms, designations and words from any particular terms they do not understand correctly and introduce them into languages which are then completely wrong and mean something completely different from what must be understood by them. In this way the whole thing is then handed down and used for centuries without anyone being disturbed by it or finding out that the term is wrong. But if one day someone appears who understands certain words, terms and designations correctly and is therefore capable of interpreting and explaining them correctly, precisely what they actually mean effectively, then all the know-it-alls in linguistics will make the enlightening ridiculous. And this has always been the case because the “students and scholars" with their doctorates and professorships as “experts" want or need to know everything better. As a result, it is almost impossible to correct and replace really completely wrong terms with effectively factual correct words, designations and concepts.


But now what concerns all the alleged contact persons with just as alleged extraterrestrials as well as again alleged materials like Earth, precious metals, crystals, potatoes and flights into world space or to other worlds, channeling with extraterrestrials and other other nonsense, so I know through Plejaren clarifications and through my own experiences with such persons who tell such nonsense, that such lying and cheating Earthlings of both sexes walk around the Earth almost en masse, spread fantasy stories and deceive their believers.


Who and how many of all those Earthlings are conscious liars and cheats or jokers, phantoms or imaginative contactors as well as delusional people or those who arouse public interest, want to make themselves important, hope for a partnership, try to get a title or Nobel Prize or whatever, I don’t know and don’t want to judge, because that doesn’t interest me at all. For me, only reality and truth are of profound meaning and importance.


But what I can now explain with certainty is that every female or male Earthling is a liar and cheat if he or she claims to be in contact and connection with any person of the Plejaren in personal or telepathic form, through channeling or otherwise.


  1. There was a man in America called James Forrester, etc. …?

在美國有個叫詹姆斯.福里斯特爾(James Forrester)的人,等等

Answer: And now for the tenth question: “There was a man in America named James Forrester who knew something about UFOs, but then he killed himself, but why don’t I know, so I want to know why?"


It should be said that this man did not commit suicide – and I know this very well, because at that time the whole incident was observed by Sfath, for which he explained all the circumstances to me and obliged me to keep silent in such a way that I never publicly disclose the effective and true background and machinations of the far-reaching incidents, but only to that man** who would then be the very person who would take up my contacts with the Plejaren and make them known worldwide, but then persistently keep silent about all the special things I would entrust to him. Now the fact is that on the one hand the name of the man was not James Forrester but James Vincent Forrestal, the first Secretary of Defense of the United States of America, and he had such a comprehensive knowledge about UFOs and US defence plans as well as about secret service actions etc. that a certain grouping and their forces etc. feared a great danger in it with regard to the uncovering of their underhand machinations. This was because Forrestal did not agree with these activities and was therefore a danger to the group, and it was therefore decided to liquidate him, which was done by murdering him on the morning of 22 May 1949 at 1.47 a.m., first by strangling him unconscious in Bethesda Naval Hospital, then by throwing him out of a window on the 16th floor and smashing him to the ground.

應該說,這個人並不是自殺 — 我很清楚這一點,因為當時整個事件都被Sfath觀察到,而他向我解釋了所有的情況,並要求我保持沉默,所以我從不公開透露這影響深遠的實際真實背景和陰謀事件,但只有那個人,也就是他後來引導我與Plejaren接觸,並使他們廣為人知的那個人,但隨後對我託付給他的所有特殊的事情,他則堅持保持沉默。現在事實是,一方面,這個人的名字不是詹姆斯.福里斯特爾,而是美國第一任國防部長詹姆斯.文森特.福里斯特爾(James Vincent Forrestal),由於他對不明飛行物和美國國防計畫以及情報事務有如此全面的瞭解,以致某組織及其部隊等因擔心他會揭露他們的不法陰謀而面臨極大的危險。這是因為福里斯特爾不同意這些陰謀活動,因此對該組織構成了危險,於是他們決定清除他,接著就在1949年5月22日淩晨1時47分動手謀殺他,他在皮斯達海軍醫院(Bethesda Naval Hospital)先被勒到昏迷,然後再被從16樓的窗戶扔出而摔死在地上。

  1. What is true about the Roswell UFO case? Etc…?

羅斯威爾事件(Roswell UFO case)等案到底是怎麼回事?

Answer: The crash of a UFO was and is reality and had no relation to a weather balloon and Project Mogul. All military and scientific as well as secret service representations and claims that it was a weather balloon research company and the crashed object was just a balloon are nothing more than a theatre of lies and deception to cover up something that must not be allowed to come to public attention for a very long time. And I am not allowed to talk about it either, so I must maintain silence.

答:不明飛行物的墜毀,過去是現在也是事實,與氣象氣球和莫卧兒專案Project Mogul)毫無關係。所有軍事、科學以及情報單位的陳述和聲稱:這是一個氣象氣球研究公司的事件而墜毀的物體只是一個氣球。那只不過是一個謊言和欺騙的劇本,是用來長時間掩蓋某些絕不允許引起公眾注意的事件。而我也不允許談論這件事,所以我必須保持沉默。

  1. Why do so many fools still believe the tall tales and so on…?


Answer: The unknown, the fantastic, the inexplicable, the novel and the futuristic has always been a magnet for people, and it has remained so until today. This phenomenon will also remain so for a long time to come, because as long as people are seduced by indoctrination to a belief and believing bondage, as long as they do not think for themselves, do not decide for themselves, do not make their own truthful decisions without external influence, everything will remain as it has always been. If people continue to make no effort to create their own opinions and do not develop their own reasoning, if they do not adopt their own righteous behavior, they will continue to rot in their own stupidity. And this will remain as it has always been through both religious and other beliefs. And this is so because every faith leads to blind bondage, far from any reality and truth, because every faith of any kind is built on lies and deceit, with religious faith as an almost hopeless delusion at the head of the front of all evil.


But what now has to be said about Adamski himself can be explained briefly and concisely: Adamski was an unparalleled swindler, whom many followers who were unaccustomed to intellect and rationality thoughtlessly believed, and still do so today, because they are incapable in their faith, which is in bondage to him, of getting to the bottom of reality and truth themselves. The fact is: I know Adamski personally from before, when he was in the Volkshaus Zurich in May 1959. I had not exactly got the best impression of him at that time, although I had to talk to him with an interpreter because I did not yet know the English language at that time. But I noticed that the man was dominated by a tremendous stubbornness and by a great egoism that seemed to me to be unusual, but which was to be hidden by an almost perfectly played friendliness and charity. I found that the man had an extraordinary gift for persuasion and suggestion and always knew how to take the conversation to himself. It was clearly evident that he had fallen for an ideal and was exploiting it to his own advantage by playing help for the oppressed. So it also seemed to me that fighting injustice was only an act by him and all this only to put himself in the centre. It seemed to me that in the first and last place for him only his own needs were always predominant, from the big toe up to the last tip of his hair. I had the impression at that time that he was in every respect only ever concerned about his own ego and his own well-being, which he guided into the highest paths through an enormous imagination and suggestive power. He also seemed to me to be dominated by the will to be in the first place in every respect and to want to take the lead in every respect.


Furthermore, I can say today what I was unfortunately not allowed to say in public before for certain reasons, that Asket from the DAL universe, on behalf of the Plejaren Sfath, was my next contact person for a full 11 years from 1953, and then also until 1975. Asket arranged that the two of us beamed into the room reserved for Adamski and suddenly stood before him. He collapsed from shock and could barely sit down on a chair. Asket talked to him and translated everything I asked him and said that he was telling lies because he knew very well that his fantasy stories were nothing but fantasies. Slowly, he then regained his composure and then admitted his lying and cheating, formulating his motive in such a way that he felt a great need to be known, as actors do. He thought that he could use the story of Kenneth Arnold as a basis for this and expand it in the way he did. Our meeting with him, however, didn’t help in the way that he would have stopped his lies and cheating, because he continued in the same style, because he was probably too cowardly to admit publicly his rotten machinations.

此外,我今天可以說說,由於某些原因我以前從未在公開場合說過的某件事,那就是來自DAL宇宙的Asket,她代表Plejaren Sfath,是我從1953年到1975年整整11年的下一個接觸人。Asket安排了我們兩人光化進入(beamed into)了為亞當斯基準備的房間,就這樣突然出現在他面前他因驚嚇而崩潰了,幾乎在椅子上快坐不住。Asket和他交談,並且翻譯了我所問他的所有問題,說他在說謊,因為他很清楚,他那些虛幻的故事都只不過是些幻想的產物。慢慢地,他恢復了鎮靜,然後承認了自己的謊言和欺詐手法,他這樣做是為了滿足他的動機,也就是他覺得他極需要被大眾認識,就像那些演員一樣。他認為他可以利用肯尼士.阿諾德(Kenneth Arnold)的故事作為基礎,並以他的所作所為擴大效果。然而,我們和他的會面,並沒有協助他停止謊言和欺騙,因為他繼續以同樣的風格行事,可能因為他太懦弱,不敢公開承認自己的惡劣陰謀。

  1. Why, Billy Meier, are you keeping your distance from the public?


Answer: This question has already been answered by Michael Hesemann in the last century or millennium under point 2 of his letter to Prof. Jim Deardorff in the USA, whereby he has already answered your question and probably better than I could do it, which is why his answer is listed again in the following:

答:根據Michael Hesemann在上個世紀寫給美國Jim Deardorff教授的信,其中的第2點,已經回答了你的問題,也許比我能做的更好,這就是為什麼他的回答在以下再次列出:

“Everyone who has ever met Billy Meier in person can confirm that his personality is neither that of a cult leader, nor that his position in the FIGU is that of an authoritarian leader. KKK never met Billy, so he cannot say anything about him. The structure of the FIGU is purely democratic; every single item on the agenda is voted on. A cult has a totalitarian ideology: FAITH, and you will find salvation. Billy teaches: Do not believe, find the truth yourself. In his philosophy, man can only evolve through self-knowledge. He does not appear in public; he does not want to become a public person because he does not want people who follow him or to consider him special. Instead, he wants people to learn and find the truth for themselves, because that is the only way they can grow and evolve."
Michael Hesemann, 28, December 1998.

Michael Hesemann, 1998年12月28日

  1. What’s really going on with the Blue Book?

藍皮書(Blue Book)到底是怎麼回事?

Answer: Concerning the Blue Book mentioned above, it should be said that it is the US legal citation manual, but there are other Blue Books as well, such as the following in Wikipedia


  • Blue Books, books on diplomatic negotiations presented to the British Parliament see Blue Book (England)


  • the specification of the CD-Extra (hybrid CD with audio and data session), see Rainbow Books

CD-Extra(帶音訊和資料的混合 CD)的規格,請參閱《彩虹圖書》

  • #Blue Book


  • Blue Book (magazine), US-American magazine (1905-1975)


  • a paperback series founded in 1919 in the USA, see Little Blue Books


  • Project Blue Book, a US government project to study UFOs


Concerning the Blue Book you asked about, I have to say that it is a Project Blue Book, a US government project to investigate UFOs, and I found the following in Wikipedia, which finally leads to the conclusion that according to the alleged Blue Book clarifications concerning UFOs, there should not be any. Basically, these “clarifications" were nothing more than a well-considered deception of certain US military, political and secret service circles – and much more – for the purpose of misleading the US people.

關於你問的藍皮書,可以說這是一個藍皮書計畫Project Blue Book),是一個美國政府為了調查不明飛行物的計畫,而我在「維基百科」發現以下內容,根據所謂的藍皮書關於不明飛行物的澄清事項,這最終導致的結論是:應該沒有任何的(UFOs)。基本上,這些“澄清”只不過是某些美國軍事、政治和情報機構經過深思熟慮後的欺騙說法,而且更是為了誤導美國人民。

[中譯者註:有關藍皮書計畫(Project Blue Book),英文版Wikipedia的資料要詳細得多,另外電視劇藍皮書計畫》第一季,已於2019年1月在歷史頻道上播放。]

724-00-Project Blue Book-TV

This, while in the Soviet Union, too, the UFO phenomenon was largely hushed up by the KGB etc., although the UFOs also caused concern in government and KGB circles in the USSR. It is also a fact that during the Cold War between the USA and the USSR, these objects repeatedly evoked the danger of another world war, partly even technically controlled by certain UFOs themselves, but then neutralized by them. But what is now explained in Wikipedia in relation to the Project Blue Book, which ultimately served to deceive and fool the American people, to mislead them about the effective truth of the UFO phenomenon and to leave them completely ignorant of it through lies and deception, is the following: The Project Blue Book was one of several systematic studies conducted by the US Air Force Intelligence Service to collect and evaluate sightings of UFOs by Air Force pilots, Air Force radar stations, other Air Force personnel, and for field investigations. The study began in 1952 and was the third of its kind after Sign (1947) and Grudge (1949). The end of the project was ordered in December 1969 and all activities were suspended until the end of January 1970.

儘管不明飛行物也引起了蘇聯政府和國家安全委員會(KGB;通稱「克格勃」)圈子的關注,但UFO現象大多被蘇聯的克格勃等所掩蓋。另一個事實是,在美國和蘇聯之間的冷戰期間,這些物體曾多次引發另一次世界大戰的危險,部分甚至技術上受到某些不明飛行物本身的控制,但隨後又被它們所取消。但現在於「維基百科」中關於藍皮書計畫的解釋,最終有助於欺騙和愚弄美國人民,誤導他們關於UFO現象實際真相的認知,通過謊言和欺騙讓他們完全不知道狀況,內容如下:藍皮書計畫是美國空軍情報局(US Air Force Intelligence Service)指揮,為收集和評估以及實地調查由空軍飛行員、空軍雷達站與其他空軍人員所目擊的不明飛行物情況而進行的多項有系統的研究之一。這項研究始於1952年,是繼符號(Sign;1947年)和怨恨(Grudge;1949年)計畫之後的第三次研究。計畫於1969年12月被下令結束,所有活動至1970年1月底暫停。



Project Sign, Project Grudge In 1947, Project Sign was established and reported for most of 1948, and some of the staff, including Project Director Robert Sneider, preferred the extraterrestrial hypothesis as the best explanation for some UFO reports. High-ranking superiors then dissolved the project and the final report stated that while some UFOs corresponded to real aircraft, there was not enough data to determine their origin. Project Grudge followed in February 1949 and everything was evaluated under the premise that UFOs did not exist. Mockery spread throughout the Pentagon and many treated the subject as a ridiculous joke. The staff did little or no investigation, but at the same time stated the opposite. Some military personnel spread so much malice and ridicule that generals had to demand respect for the reports and their observers. The public was deliberately disinformed with false reports. Pilots were portrayed as incompetent and hallucinatory and generals lied to each other. The final report of August 1949 cited explanations for UFOs as the misinterpretation of conventional objects, mass hysteria, lies of psychopathological persons with a need for recognition.

符號計畫Project Sign)、怨恨計畫Project Grudge符號計畫在1947年建立而在1948年作出大部分的報告,一些工作人員,包括專案主任Robert Sneider,更喜歡以外星假說作為一些UFO報告的最佳解釋。高層上級隨後解散了這項計畫,而最後的報告指出,雖然一些不明飛行物相當於真實的飛機,但沒有足夠的資料來確定其來源。1949年2月怨恨計畫隨著展開,在UFO不存在的前提下,對一切都進行了評估。在五角大廈,嘲諷整個蔓延開來,許多人把這個問題當作一個荒謬的笑話。工作人員很少或者根本沒有去進行調查,但同時卻又說了相反的情況。一些軍事人員散佈了如此多的誹謗和嘲笑,以至於將軍們不得不要求尊重那些報告及他們的觀察員。公眾被虛假的報導故意誤導。飛行員被描述為無能和有幻覺的,將軍們互相說謊。1949年8月的最後報告引述了對不明飛行物的解釋,認為是對普通物體的曲解、大規模的歇斯底里(hysteria)現象,以及是一些需要被認可的心理病理學家他們的謊言。

Project Blue Book


In 1951 the new Project Blue Book was founded under the direction of Edward J. Ruppelt. He tried to make the research more systematic and scientific. In particular, he promoted a standardization of the questionnaires that were used to confront staff who had made sightings.

1951年,新的藍皮書計畫愛德華.魯佩爾特(Edward J. Ruppelt)的指導下成立。他試圖使研究更加系統化和科學化。特別是,他促使調查問卷標準化,這些調查問卷被工作人員用來與目擊者面對面作問答之用。

In 1954, Project Blue Book presented Project Blue Book – Special Report No. 14, which contained sighting reports and tables. In total, some 3200 sightings were documented by the Project Blue Book. The sightings were categorized as known, unknown and insufficient information, and the quality of the reports was rated on a scale of one to four.

1954年,藍皮書計畫工作人員提交了「藍皮書計畫 – 第14號特別報告」,其中包含了一些目擊報告和表格。藍皮書計畫總共記錄了約3200次目擊事件。目擊事件被歸類為已知、未知和資訊不足,報告的品質被劃分為1至4等級。

About 69% of the cases were categorized as known, 9% lacked further information, 22% were rated as unknown. 33% of all excellent cases were unknown compared to only 17% of the worst cases. Cases were rated as excellent if they were observed in a particularly reliable manner, for example by several trustworthy and experienced persons. Furthermore, the known and unknown sightings differed significantly in the observed characteristics. Despite these statistically conspicuous circumstances, the Air Force claimed that the report would confirm that none of the sightings could be linked to extraterrestrial vehicles. Edward J. Ruppelt criticized this evaluation of the report in his 1956 book ‘Report On Unidentified Flying Objects’. He was of the opinion that the report had been misused for political purposes without discussing its contents.

大約69%的案例被歸類為已知,9%的案例缺乏進一步資訊,22%的案例被評為未知。33%的優秀案例是未知的,而最差的案例只有17%。如果案例是以特別可靠的方式來觀察,例如由一些值得信任和有經驗的人所觀察,則被評定為優秀案例。此外,已知和未知的目擊事件在觀察特徵上有顯著的差異。儘管這些情況在統計上很明顯,但美國空軍卻聲稱,這份報告將證實,所有目擊事件都不可能與外星載具有關。愛德華.魯佩爾特在1956年出版的《不明飛行物報告》(Report On Unidentified Flying Objects)一書中批評了對這份報告的評價。他認為,該報告沒有討論其內容就被濫用於政治目的。

Project Blue Book’s astronomical advisor was J. Allen Hynek, director of the McMillin Observatory at Ohio State University. He also described the project from his perspective (New York 1972, ‘The UFO Experience – A Scientific Inquiry’, Munich 1978 ‘UFO Report – A Research Report’). In 1973 he founded CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies).

藍皮書計畫的天文顧問是俄亥俄州立大學McMillin天文台的台長約瑟夫.艾倫.海尼克(J. Allen Hynek)。他還從他的角度描述了這個計畫(紐約1972年,“UFO經驗 – 科學調查”,慕尼黑1978年“UFO報告 – 研究報告”)。1973年,他創立了不明飛行物研究中心(Center for UFO Studies;CUFOS)。

Condon Committee and termination of Project Blue Book

康登委員會(Condon Committee)與藍皮書計畫的終止

The Condon Committee was a commission of inquiry announced by the USAF as independent and objective, under the leadership of Edward Condon of the University of Colorado. It was to evaluate all collected documents about UFO incidents until then. The Project Blue Book was terminated in 1969. After serious internal disagreements, the Condon Committee came to the conclusion, published in January 1969, that the UFO sightings were irrelevant to science and that further investigations were unnecessary. The USAF oriented itself to this in its justification for the termination of Project Blue Book.

康登委員會是一個由美國空軍宣佈的獨立和客觀之調查委員會,由科羅拉多大學的愛德華.康登(Edward Condon)領導。它要去評估在此之前所有收集到關於UFO事件的檔案。藍皮書計畫於1969年終止。在嚴重的內部分歧之後,康登委員會得出結論並於19691月發表,結論是UFO目擊事件與科學無關,沒有必要進行進一步的調查。美國空軍以此結論為正當理由,終止了藍皮書計畫。

The final report contains statistics on 12,618 reported incidents from 1947 to 1969, most of which could be attributed to natural phenomena or conventional flying objects. According to Condon, some reports were deliberate forgeries. 701 incidents (about 6%) were classified as ‘unidentified’.


Critique of Project Blue Book


David R. Saunders allegedly received a memo from the Commission’s project manager, Robert Low, which was written shortly before the Commission’s activities began and which is said to have set out clearly what the Commission’s findings would have been and how the public would have been deceived. After the public learned of this fact, Saunders was fired [no source]; another member of staff wrote a detailed memo on blatant irregularities at Condon and resigned her cooperation. Other UFO experts who had been invited to cooperate – for example, Donald E. Keyhoe (NICAP) – also resigned.

據稱David R. Saunders收到了委員會專案經理Robert Low的一份備忘錄,該備忘錄是在委員會活動開始前不久寫的,據說該備忘錄清楚地闡述了委員會的調查結果,以及大眾會如何被欺騙。當大眾得知這一事實後,Saunders被解僱[沒有資料來源];另一名工作人員寫了一份關於康登公然違規行為的詳細備忘錄,並辭去了她的合作。其他應邀合作的UFO專家 — 例如美國國家航空現象調查委員會(NICAP;National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena)的Donald E. Keyhoe — 也辭職了。

After the discontinuation of ‘Blue Book’ in 1969, J. Allen Hynek published a book entitled ‘The UFO Experience’ in 1972, in which he gives facts and figures from his point of view and, above all, reports on his experiences in Project Sign/Grudge/Blue Book. According to him, the USAF was constantly trying to deceive the public about the reality and extent of the UFO problem, and he himself was not uninvolved in this. However, Hynek focused primarily on the scientific side of the problem and strongly criticized the inadequacy of the equipment and the unscientific nature of Project Blue Book. In the meantime, however, more recent studies have been published on the American fascination with UFOs and the state’s interest in them.

1969年“藍皮書”停止運作後,約瑟夫.艾倫.海尼克於1972年出版了一本名為《UFO經驗》(The UFO Experience)的書,書中他從他的角度提出了事實和數字,最重要的是,他報導了他在符號/怨恨/藍皮書計畫中的經歷。據他所述,美國空軍一直試圖欺騙大眾去瞭解UFO問題的現實和程度,他本人對此並沒有參與。然而,海尼克主要關注問題的科學方面,並強烈批評了藍皮書計畫的設備不足以及缺乏科學性。然而,在此同時,最近的研究已經發表了關於美國人對不明飛行物的著迷和對其感興趣的狀況。

Managers of Project Blue Book


List of managers of Project Blue Book





March 1952

February 1953

Capt. E.J. Ruppelt

February 1953

July 1953

1st Lt. Bob Olsson

July 1953

May 1954

Capt. E.J. Ruppelt

March 1954

April 1956

Capt. Charles Hardin

April 1956

October 1958

Capt. George T. Gregory

October 1958

January 1963

Maj. (later Lt. Col.) Robert Friend

January 1963

December 1969

Maj. (later Lt. Col.) Hector Quintanilla



The files of the Project Blue Book are stored in the National Archives under the Freedom of Information Act and are open to the public. The microfilm archive can also be fully accessed and searched on the Internet. However, names of eyewitnesses have been deleted from the documents. The document also contains references to two investigations by the University of Colorado and a public statement (UFO Fact Sheet) which clarifies that in none of the cases investigated could evidence of extra terrestrial vehicles be found.

藍皮書計畫檔案根據《資訊自由法》(Freedom of Information Act)存放在國家檔案和記錄管理局(National Archives and Records Administration),並向大眾開放。微型膠片檔案也完全可以在網路上存取和搜索。但是,證人的姓名已從檔中刪除。該檔還提及了科羅拉多大學的兩項調查和一份公開聲明(UFO概況介紹),其中澄清說,在所調查的案件中,都找不到外星載具的證據。

  1. What about those people who were abducted by aliens, etc?


Answer: Concerning abductions of Earthlings by extraterrestrials I have neither any exact knowledge nor do I know people who had such experiences and made corresponding experiences. But in addition the Plejaren explain that such events would have probably occurred, by the strangers, who operate around the Earth, which they do not concern themselves with at all.


Basically such abduction machinations, if such actually take place, can be traced back to other intelligences, whereby the Plejaren have nothing to do with such abductions. The Plejaren themselves do not want to have anything to do with the strangers on Earth, as they call these other intelligences, consequently they protect themselves against any sighting and locating of the strangers, because they also do not want to enter into any contact with them under any circumstances, as well as with Earthlings.


Concerning the “Men in Black" and “underwater UFO stations" I am not allowed to give any information about them, UFO sightings have been recorded innumerable times around the world since time immemorial, whereby such observations are mostly effectively attributed to flying objects, which are due to the various groups of strangers that are on Earth. Otherwise, many observations are due to some Earthly-natural phenomena, which can be extremely diverse and which are also called UFO sightings. Furthermore, sightings can also be purely Earthly-manufactured futuristic flying objects, which are called UFOs because of their modern or unusually alien forms, simply as unknown flying objects.


As far as foo-fighters and interference of UFOs by strangers are concerned, which very often appear on Earth, intervene in acts of war or can cause a danger of war or a gigantic catastrophe, I don’t know anything to explain. This also does not apply to UFO events during the last world war of 1939-1945 as well as during the Korean War and Vietnam War etc. Everything is as strange as when people walking or riding in cars or trains or flying in airplanes are chased, frightened or kidnapped by UFOs etc. What sense is hidden behind all such machinations, I don’t know, but the whole thing proves that neither peacefulness nor humanity is behind it.



All this, Eduard, my friend, is well written and, in my opinion, right and justified to publish it. The fact that you are now using the clarifications of Guido Moosbrugger to do so, although you vehemently refused to do so back in 2006, is probably right to do so now, together with the statements of Michael Hesemann.

所有這一切,愛德華,我的朋友,寫得很好,在我認為發布出來是正確且合理的。你現在使用Guido Moosbrugger的事實來澄清,儘管你在2006年強烈拒絕這樣做,但現在這樣做可能是正確的,同時還有Michael Hesemann的聲明也是一樣。


Exactly, I have thought the whole thing over thoroughly and thought that I will publish his statement after all, after I have read the letter from Mr. … .



I would like to take the original letter with me and file it with us. You could be responsible for making a copy.



You can – you can have it, but I don’t need a copy because I have everything already written down.

你可以… 你可以保存它,但我不需要複印一份,因為我已經將所有內容都記錄下來了。


The fact that you again go into all the suffering of the earlier years in this way, I find that good, but it will probably be that it will not be completely accepted, if it is not thought about thoroughly. You yourself abstain from any answer and thus also from any attack and justification, which is very good. – And I abstain from mentioning the name of the person*** of whom I now speak. – Besides, you do not need them anyway, because all the accusations made against you are in no way true, but are contrary to malicious and irresponsible insults, which are pathological. What I consider to be particularly serious, however, is the fact that the hate behaviour against you was created at a very early stage, for which I have not been able to find any justification to this day, although I have dealt with this matter time and again. The fact is, however, that the unjust and defamatory behaviour against you is based on a pathological malignancy, the origin of which cannot be found. What I am explaining now corresponds to my medical and psychological as well as psychiatric education, in terms of my observations since 1975 until today, because I am still dealing with it. It also corresponds to what I have recognised and diagnosed in the person concerned over the same period. The diagnosis clearly shows that this person is suffering from abnormal pathological processes and states of consciousness, the causes of which, as I have already explained, I have not yet been able to identify, but which are the subject of my ongoing research. Both the phenomenon itself and the symptoms of the pathological behaviour point to a specific feature that shows a malformation of the nature of the being, which corresponds to a disposition of the entire character traits and thus to a pathologically damaged personality individuality structure. As a result, the very person to whom this abnormality is attached and who is psychologically assessed by me is not only emotionally immature, but this immaturity is also related to his personality.

你以這種方式再次提及早些年所有的那些苦難,我認為事件好事,但如果沒有經過徹底的考慮,那麼就可能不會完全被接受。你自己不直接回答任何問題,因此也避開任何回擊和辯解,這是非常好的。 — 而我也沒有提到我現在談到那個人的名字。 — 此外,你無論如何也不需要那樣做,因為對你的所有指控絕不是事實,反而都是惡意且不負責任的侮辱,這些都是病態的。然而,我認為特別嚴重的是,針對你的仇恨行為是在非常早的階段就產生的,但我當時未能找到任何正當的理由,儘管我一直在處理這個問題。然而,事實是,針對你的不公正與誹謗行為,是基於病態的惡意,其根源是找不到的。就我從1975年至今的觀察來看,我現在的解釋與我的醫療和心理以及精神方面的教育相符合,因為我仍在處理這方面的問題。這一切也都與我在同一時期內對有關人士的識別與診斷內容相符。診斷清楚地表明,這個人患有異常的病理過程和意識狀態,正如我已經解釋過的,其原因我尚未發現,但這是我正在進行研究的主題。無論是現象本身,還是病理行為的,都指向一個特殊性,表明存在系統的畸形,對應於整個性格特徵的傾向,從而形成病理上受損的人格個性結構。其結果是,這種依戀異常的人,我對他進行了心理評估,他不僅在情感上不成熟,而且這種不成熟也與他的個性有關。

From a psychiatric point of view this results in a conspicuous behaviour of a selfish delusional behaviour, as well as an insufficient insight and perception of a real experience of reality. This results in a confusing confusion of thoughts, which in turn leads to a lack of experience and an illusion of perception of real reality. The experience and the resulting deficient experiences are strongly influenced by self-deception, as well as by acoustic and visual perception deceptions, whereby she is dominated by her uncontrollably changing emotional impulses, which have always prevented her normal development throughout her life. Therefore, she has been exposed to unrealistic behaviour throughout her life, which will continue to exist, and therefore will remain so, and she will continue to be dominated by her inner and outer causes and conditions. This phenomenon develops strong confusing influences on the psyche and brings with it that the discrimination ability of the person concerned is also disturbed temporarily or completely in such a way that reality and unreality can no longer be distinguished from each other. This then manifests itself in delusions which cause such disturbances in the perception of reality that the delusional structure manifests itself in the consciousness of the person as truth and reality. From this a pathological self-deception and a self-constrained love as well as false self-conviction are formed, which lead to an excessive self-esteem and self-aggrandizement, but ultimately to an abnormal pathological delusion of a truthful reality and truthfulness of the all-dominant delusions.



If I understand your remarks correctly, then you mean that a person who is afflicted with delusions, resp. delusional imaginations takes these as reality and truth and believes that it is really so. If I understand everything correctly, it does not matter whether the delusion corresponds to a phantasmagoria or an assembly, a perception illusion, which manifests itself as an illusion, imagination or delusion, or a fake, dream vision, wishful dream, a mental delivery, vision, deception or a fantasy, an effective hallucination, other unreality and unrealism, or possibly proves to be an effective truth.



That’s the point of my explanation. But now, Edward, I must finish our conversation for today.



That’s already the case, but unfortunately it is not always possible to calculate the time in advance when a topic is raised which then has to be discussed in depth and in detail. But now I would like to ask you how you see my idea, which is that I want to ask someone if anyone from our old guard has a few words to say about the smear article of the JUFOF interview, which I could then add to this interview?



Of course you can do that, because it might be good if another member, who was there from the beginning, would contribute a short correction to what Guido also wrote about 13 years ago.



I thought that perhaps Bernadette would be the right person for this, because apart from Jacobus, who was there from the beginning but who declares himself to be no good as a writer, only Bernadette is present today, because all the others have died, except Olgi, although she is already over 93 years old, can hardly walk anymore and also can’t deal well with writing. The … … are still alive, but it would be a nasty imposition on them.

我想也許Bernadette會是適合的人,因為除了Jacobus從一開始就在那裡,但他說自己不是一個好作家,如今只有Bernadette還在場,因為所有其他的人,除了Olgi之外都已經過世了,但她已經超過93歲,幾乎不能走路了,也無法處理寫作的事。還有…… 活著,但要求他們去做這個,將是一件不愉快的事。


I think so too, which is why Bernadette remains the only choice, although she is also the right person for a proper brief presentation of the facts. …



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