News about the coronavirus
and what is rationally to be considered


資訊來源:’Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

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資訊發布:2020年4月7日由Michale Horn發布


中譯發佈:「浩瀚萬象之Billy Meier現象



According to the information and recommendations of the Plejare Ptaah

根據來自Plejaren Ptaah的訊息和建議

For your information



In September 2002, in the south Chinese province of Guangdong, the rampantly spreading disease/epidemic SARS, which was not known until then, appeared for the first time.

在 2002 年 09 月間,中國南方的廣東省,首次出現了在那之前尚不為人知但卻大肆傳播的SARS 疾病。

The pathogen of this rampantly spreading disease/epidemic, however, did not exhibit any parasites that can multiply in host cells, such as mycoplasma, that is to say, the tiniest bacteria of the class of mollicutes, which live aerobically, right up to facultative anaerobically, neither did it exhibit any tiny chlamydiaceae, that is to say gram-negative bacteria, wherethrough no bacterial infection arose, but a virus infection.

然而,這種肆意傳播疾病的病原體,卻沒有展現出任何能夠在宿主細胞;例如:支原體(mycoplasma)中繁殖的寄生蟲,也就是說,軟體動物層級最細小的細菌,從需氧的一直到兼具厭氧的特性,沒有一種展現出任何細小的披衣菌科(chlamydiaceae),也就是革蘭氏陰性菌(gram-negative bacteria),經此,並沒有發生細菌感染,但是發生了病毒感染。

Therefore, those were not pathogens that cause an atypical lung infection or pneumonia, but a virus.


Consequently, antibiotics were not effective for those who were sick with it, which led to many deaths within two years, which officially was declared as being a little over 1000, which in reality however were many more.

所以,抗生素對那些得這種病的患者來說是無效的,而這件事也在接下來的兩年內導致了許多人死亡,官方宣佈的死亡人數略多於1,000 人,但實際上要多得多。

The unknown virus was then defined as coronavirus of the genus of coronaviridae, which – in a secret laboratory – mutated from a pathogen of an avian mammal, that is to say horse-shoe-nose bat (rhinolophidae), even though it is claimed that the origin of the pathogen is unknown and perhaps could have been transmitted by bats.

當時,該未知病毒被定義為冠狀病毒屬,該冠狀病毒是在一個秘密實驗室裡,從一種禽類哺乳動物,也就是:菊頭蝠(horse-shoe-nose bat;rhinolophidae)身上的病原體突變而來的,儘管官方聲稱:該病原體的來源未知,且有可能是經由蝙蝠傳播的。


This virus then was described as the SARS associated coronavirus, SARS-CoV , but abbreviated as SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

隨後,該病毒被描述為與SARS 相關的冠狀病毒,也就是 SARS-CoV,但縮寫為 SARS,或者重症急性呼吸綜合征。

Effectively it was not a simple disease, but a rampantly spreading disease/epidemic, which was then also called SARS pandemic.


The transmission of the pathogens happened mainly through direct or indirect droplet infection, namely through breath-droplets/air borne droplets.


  1. Firstly:


While speaking, the breath is exhaled as a very fine wisp of droplets.


However, during this process the breath becomes visible only on cold days and not on warm days.


However, this wisp of breathdroplets, as a rule, has the characteristic that it spreads by about half a metre when it is cold and therefore is inhaled by conversation partners that are close to the person speaking, which in this form leads to an airborne droplet infection.


  1. Secondly:


On cold days the breath condenses out of the mouth and thus the wisp of breath-droplets becomes visible and appears as small wafts of mist from the mouth.


  1. Thirdly:


Condensing breath-droplets do not only arise from human beings but also from animals and certain creatures.


  1. Fourthly:


However, with the process of the breath-droplets, which, as explained, is only visible on cold days but not on warm days, it is to be considered that it is also exhaled from the mouth while speaking when it is warm and consequently is inhaled by persons standing nearby.


  1. Fifthly:


The breath-droplets of the human being, which must be mentioned again, always become visible when the moist-warm exhalation from the mouth meets the cold and moist ambient air.


The reason for this is based on the physical characteristic of air, because it can only absorb a certain amount of water vapour and allow it to become visible.


Warm air also absorbs moisture, indeed more than cool air, in which case the warm air exhaled from the mouth during warmer temperatures, in contrast to when it is colder temperature, spreads further and at the same time invisibly, namely up to about one (1) metre, which corresponds to about the outer limit of the exhalation.


  1. Sixthly:


the breath-droplets of the human being also have a weight, namely at zero degrees [Celsius] – depending on the person and the cubic metre – it is about 4.5 – 4.8 grams, which means about 30 grams at 30 degrees [Celsius].

人類的呼氣飛沫也有重量,也就是在攝氏零度時,這取決於個人和立方米(計算基點),大約是4.5 至4.8 克,這意味著在攝氏30 度時,大約是30 克。

The breath-droplets, however, also saturate the air,consequently it can in this regard also only absorb limited moisture.


  1. Seventhly:


When the breath-droplets cool down further, the breath-water-vapour changes such that tiny water droplets arise from the breath, which then float in the air and spread.


  1. Eighthly:


The breath becoming visible as breath-droplets during cool temperatures depends, on one hand, on the ambient temperature, but on the other hand, on the atmospheric humidity.


Visible breath-droplets can thus only be produced and made visible at a lower temperature and this also only when the water vapour molecules contained in the exhaled breath condense so quickly that they immediately crystallise as tiny nebulas.


  1. Ninethly:


An infectious contact can also occur via infected persons that are coughing and sneezing, or by dogs and cats, because also pets can be carriers of the coronavirus.


Also, the indirect way of contact infection or smear infection with the virus from items, body surfaces or food on which the infectious air borne droplets have settled, leads to contamination if they subsequently get into the body via the mucous membranes, for example, the mouth, nose or eyes.


A transmission via the faecal-oral way and other body excretions is also possible, as is a transmission via infected animals, creatures and house beetles, such as cockroaches and so forth.


All this is also the case with the new rampantly spreading disease/epidemic that corresponds to a further development and mutation of the SARS-epidemic and which is now, as a pandemic, quickly spreading across the globe.

所有這一切,也都符合該新型肆意傳播的疾病的情況,後者對應於SARS 疫病的進一步發展和突變,當前,該疾病作為一場疫情大流行,正在全球範圍內快速蔓延。

However, the fact was first trivialised by irresponsible ones, the ones from the health organisations that are incapable of their office, and governments of all states, consequently the tragedy will not be recognised until it will be too late and many deaths will have to be mourned.


Rules that must be observed


(FIGU in cooperation with Ptaah)

FIGU Ptaah 合作)

Every risk of infection must still be avoided consistently, which means that the entire unnecessary travelling for the purpose of holidaying, enjoyment and so forth, must be refrained from and therefore airplanes, ships, means of mass transport and human gatherings of any kind must be avoided wherever possible.


The motto for health and security is:


it is better to stay home and avoid contacts to the outside world and not to conduct family gatherings, such as birthday parties and so forth, rather than risking infection, or in the case of already being infected, spreading it, that is to say the virus, all over the place and therewith infect other human beings indiscriminately.


How an infection with the coronavirus is expressed or which symptoms, for example, appear when Covid-19 has become acute.

感染冠狀病毒會是怎樣的狀況?又或者,舉例來說,Covid-19 急性發作時,會出現哪些症狀?

An infection with the coronavirus cannot immediately be ascertained for the infected ones since the incubation period until the outbreak of the disease – in contrast to the wrong explanations by terrestrial medical officers – is not 2 weeks, but is between 2 and 4 weeks and can take up to 3 months according to the Plejaren, depending on the strength of the immune system and other factors of the infected person.

對感染者來說,感染冠狀病毒並不能被立即探知,因為該疾病在爆發前的潛伏期,與地球醫學官員給出的錯誤解釋截然不同,並不是 2 週,而是介於 2 週至 4 週,根據 Plejaren 的說法,甚至能夠長達 3個月,具體取決於被感染者免疫系統的抵抗力和其它因素。

Once the disease Covid-19 breaks out, the first symptoms are usually a mild scratchiness in the throat, which initially causes a mild irritation of the throat, which leads to slight cough and then later to a cough.

一旦該Covid-19 疾病爆發,最初的症狀通常是喉嚨的輕微沙癢,這最初會造成喉嚨的輕微刺激,導致輕度咳嗽,再然後是引發咳嗽。

Then also a fluctuating fever occurs – which means that the fever is sometimes higher and at other times lower – as well as a general malaise, and as soon as the symptoms become stronger also a shortness of breath and other symptoms can appear that are similar to influenza for example.


However, Covid-19 is not equal to influenza and does not cause influenza symptoms such as aching limbs etc, and also has nothing to do with a common cold with a runny or blocked nose or head cold.

但是,Covid-19 並不等同於流感,不會引發流感症狀(比如:四肢酸痛等),也與帶有(流鼻涕,又或鼻塞,再或傷風)症狀的普通感冒無關。

Why also Europeans and members of the white races increasingly fall ill with Covid-19, and not only the Asians.


Since the coronavirus’semergence in the city ofWuhan/China – as a continuation of the SARS-epidemic, so to speak – it has changed very much in its mode of behaviour and effect.


It has become significantly more aggressive and therefore is also spreading much more quickly and more severely in Europe among human beings with a stronger immune system.


Obviously at least the immune system of the North Italians or Italians in general is such that it is more susceptible to the virus and therefore can more easily be attacked by the acutely mutating coronavirus than the immune systems of other peoples in Europe.


How much longer will the corona virus continue to rage and can one hope that it retreats as soon as the temperatures rise?


How long the corona virus will remain active is not foreseeable at the present time.


However, it can already be established that it will probably not diminish with the rising temperatures.


Influenza and some other viruses react sensitively to warmer external temperatures and therefore usually diminish in spring and during the summer months, which means they become inactive.


Observations in regard to the coronavirus speak against this dependence on the ambient temperature, because it does not only appear aggressively in the colder regions of our planet, but also in Southeast Asia and, for example, in Australia and other warmer countries, where it is spreading just as quickly as here.


Therefore, it is to be noticed that this virus is not subject to any climate dependence and that the risk of infection is also independent of the climate.


How is the virus transmitted and how high is its survival time outside ofthe human body?


In contrast to other viruses, the survival time of the corona virus is very, very, very high!


Outside of the human body it can remain active not only for a few hours, as is the case with other viruses, but simply for very, very many hours and at least up to 24 hours or more, if not even – with favourable conditions – up to days.


Infected persons transmit it via droplets when they are expelled from the person’s mouths as breathdroplets by means of coughing, exhalation and speaking.


Via the air they then settle on the clothing of the infected ones, as well as on food and any random surface, where it remains active for a very, very long time as mentioned earlier, before it finally dies.


Therefore it is quite possible that one can become infected by brushing past the clothing or body of an infected person and thus the virus is transmitted to one’s own clothing, or, for example, by eating a piece of fruit or something else which has been contaminated through droplet exhalation of an infected person.


If clothes are contaminated it is not enough to hang them in the fresh air over night, because the virus remains active for a long time.


Therefore the clothes must be washed at 60º Celsius so that the virus is killed safely.

因此,必須在攝氏 60度下洗淨衣服,只有這樣,才能將病毒安全地殺滅。

Therefore, one must pay attention to keeping a distance from other human beings of at least one metre.


As already being publicised, it is also sensible not to shake hands with anyone and to disinfect one’s hands regularly if touching another human being cannot be avoided, or if, for example, door knobs or hand holds etc. in public places must be touched.


Instead of using public transport it is advisable, wherever possible, to drive with one’s own car and also regularly wipe its door handles and steering wheel for example.


How can one’s own immune system best be supported?


The intake of vitamin C supplements alone is not enough to keep one’s own immune system sufficiently active.

單純的攝入維生素 C補充劑,並不足以保持一個人自身免疫系統的充分活躍。

To strengthen and support the immune system still further, other vitamins and trace elements as well as vital substances are indispensable for example, zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin E, etc.

為了進一步增強和支援免疫系統,其它維生素和微量元素,以及維持生命所必需的物質(舉例來說:鋅,維生素B12,維生素 E等),都是不可或缺的。

Therefore, it is advisable – on top of a healthy and thoughtful diet – to take a good multivitamin preparation regularly; indeed in double the dosage than is recommended by the manufacturers.


Unfortunately, all supplements available on the free market are badly underdosed, which is also known to many of our doctors, wherefore, as a rule, it is not only harmless, but recommended to double the dosage of a multivitamin preparation.


However, it is not possible to prevent an infection from the virus by taking vitamin C and multivitamin preparations, even though through such preparations the immune system and various organs and physical functions can be strengthened.

然而,通過攝入維生素 C和複合維生素製劑,是不可能防止病毒感染的,即便通過攝入這種維生素製劑,確實能夠增強人體的免疫系統與各種器官和身體機能。

Source: “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier, FIGU, Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, 8495 Schmidrüti, Switzerland.

來源:’Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier,FIGU,Semjase 銀星中心,Schmidrüti-8495,瑞士。

Translation: Vibka Wallder

英譯:Vibka Wallder。



  1. 我是一位中国读者,我很想知道有关中国历史和著名人物(比如三皇五帝,秦始皇)的一些信息,在我读到过的接触报告也几乎很少涉及到中国,所以能帮我转告一下比利老师吗?非常感谢!thank you!

    1. 我们一直在搜集整理这方面的信息,请持续关注Saalome.org的动态…saalome


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