Contact Report 759第759次接觸報告

接觸時間:2020 年 11 月 6 日,星期五,21 時 20 分




  • 這是一篇非正式但經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」→「英」→「中」 譯製。





資料來源:Future Of Mankind

報告卷屬:Contact Reports Volume / Issue: (Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte Block )

頁碼範圍:第 7 頁

接觸使者:Bermunda, Ptaah


英版譯者:DeepL Translator, Sefulla Emini





中版譯者:DeepL Translator, James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象《第759次接觸報告》(痞客邦部落格)



其中最震撼的預測是:如果在接下來的這個月(自接觸日 11 月 6 日算起)之後,沒有及時補救,那麼這場新冠疫情最終將成為總共奪取全球高達 5 億人性命的大災難


This is the entire contact report. This is an excerpt of the contact. It is an authorised but unofficial DeepL preliminary English translation and most probably contains errors. Please note that all errors and mistakes etc. will continuously be corrected, depending on the available time of the involved persons (as contracted with Billy/FIGU). Therefore, do not copy-paste and publish this version elsewhere, because any improvement and correction will occur HERE in this version!

這是一篇完整的接觸報告。這是一個經授權但非官方的 DeepL 初步英文翻譯,很可能包含錯誤。請注意,所有錯誤和失誤等將持續修正,這將取決於有關人員的可用時間(依照與比利/FIGU 的合約所訂)。因此,不要複製粘貼和發佈此版本在其他地方,因為任何改進和修正將會在這個版本中發生!


Welcome and greetings, Bermunda. You’re here early today.



Yes, I feel a need to see you, but I cannot stay long, for I still have some duties to attend to again. In order to come here, however, I have taken an hour’s time off, but I must leave again in an hour at the latest. Besides, you know that Ptaah will also be coming here, which is why my private concern cannot take up much time.

是的,我覺得有必要見你,但我不能久留,因為我還有一些事情要忙。不過,為了來這裡,我已經請了一個小時的假,但最遲一個小時後我又必須離開。此外,你知道 Ptaah 也會來這裡,所以我的私人事務不能佔用你太多時間。


Yes, of course. Florena said that Ptaah will be here at 11pm. And if you’re in a hurry, then we should see about getting to what’s on your mind.

好的,沒錯 Florena 是說過 Ptaah 會在晚上 11 點來這裡。如果你趕時間的話,我們應該直接來談談你的想法了。


Well, then … … …

好吧,那麼… … …

… … …

… … …


… … How time flies, it is already after 10.10 pm. But I must say, Bermunda, that all your questions, as well as your motives and explanations, show me that these problems will always exist among people and will never end. So the same or similar problems exist among you Pleiars as they do among the people of Earth in general, and therefore I think that … … but the whole thing does not have to be written when I call up our conversation. After all, it’s nobody’s business.

… … 時間過得真快,已經過了晚上 10 點 10 分了。但我必須說,Bermunda,你所有的問題,以及你的動機和說明都告訴我,這些問題將永遠存在於人們之間,而且永遠不會結束。所以,在你們 Plejaren 之間也存在著同樣或類似的問題,就像在一般地球人之間一樣,因此我認為… … 不過,當我說到我們之間的談話時,不必把整個事情寫出來。畢竟,這不關其他任何人的事。


Thank you. Then I will go now and say goodbye… …

謝謝你了。那我就走了,再見… …


Then , ok, goodbye.


22 時 32 分


Hello, Ptaah, dear friend, there you are. You told me that you wanted to talk about the Corona plague again today, because you still have a few things to say about it. Actually, we wanted to refrain from doing so some time ago, but the whole thing brought about the need to say more about it, because those in power are neither clever enough nor capable of doing everything that is necessary and right to get to the bottom of the epidemic and put an end to it.



That is correct, but I still want to say something again, according to which we really should not mention this matter any more, as we have already said once. But now I have found a record in my father’s annals, in which he wrote the following under the date of Sunday, 4 April 1948, on the one hand, which he explained to you:

沒錯,但我還是想再說明幾件事,根據這些事,我們真的不應該再提它,因為我們已經說過一次了。然而,現在我在我父親的《紀載事項》(annals)中發現了一項記錄,那是他在 1948 年 4 月 4 日星期日所寫下的,而一方面他也曾向你解釋過以下的內容:

[中譯者註:1948 年間,愛德華(比利年幼時的稱呼)那時才是個十歲出頭的孩子。]

“Eduard, in the future you will continue to compose your own prophecies and predictions about all the events and happenings that we have fathomed together far into the future and send them to the public media all over the world, as before with the help of your teachers, the priest and the professor. But this will change, as you have seen and know, in the next millennium. Everything will begin to change in just three decades because, as you have seen in the future, a digital and electronic technology will emerge and open up to you the possibility of using this new technology and through it spreading all your knowledge in a worldwide way.”


It is then recorded that my father Sfath instructed you to write a letter to all governments and public media in Europe, which you did on Saturday 7 July 1949. After that, however, you explored with my father the next 6 decades from 1970 to 2030 and learned how, why and by what means the viral corona plague will arise and then evolve over the next decades to become the plague. This, my father wrote, would first emerge in mild forms to mutate itself over time, as well as by researchers who were deliberately commissioned by Mao Zedong in agreement with the vengeful American … under threat of death, to begin their evil work, which is how it all came about. However, I cannot understand why you want to keep the name of this man secret from the public, because he died, just like Mao Zedong, before the plan of revenge that the two of them had devised together could be implemented, but is now being fulfilled for them posthumously, so to speak, but not only in the USA as planned, but worldwide. What is written further in my father’s notes, however, is that in China, in a secret laboratory in the city of Guangzhou, a virus will be created that will escape from a laboratory for the first time in 1976 as a result of carelessness. This virus would mutate several times until the new millennium and remain undetected by all research, only to cause the first recognisable outbreak of the disease in the first three years of the new century. This, however, would again undergo a division in a secret laboratory in a Chinese city called Wuhan through further mutation in the laboratory, from which a new type of virus would be formed. This new virus, my father noted, would then be extremely contagious and would attack the cell system of humans, as well as certain mammals and animals, as soon as it was released. And, he noted, there would also be another mutation at the beginning of 2019, through a laboratory accident, whereby the new dangerous virus would affect all laboratory workers, who would gradually die through this infection and the resulting epidemic, but would still carry the epidemic out. This would then last from the month of January until December, before the deadly virus was detected by chance in December 2019, but it would then still take around two months before the relevant information was published and the public informed.

根據記載,我父親 Sfath 後來指示你給歐洲所有的政府和公共媒體寫一封信,於是你在 1949 年 7 月 7 日星期六照做了。不過在那之後,你和我父親一起探索了從 1970 年到 2030 年間的未來 60 年,瞭解了冠狀病毒疫情將如何出現,又為什麼會出現以及經由什麼方式出現,然後在未來幾十年內演化成一場瘟疫。我父親寫道,這首先會以溫和的形式出現,但隨著時間的推進而自我變異,而受毛澤東特別委任的一些研究人員與一個滿腦子只想復仇的美國人 XXX 達成協議,在死亡的威脅下開始他們的邪惡工作,這一切也導致了後來的結果。但為什麼你要向公眾隱瞞這個美國人的名字,我不明白,因為他和毛澤東一樣,在兩人共同策劃的復仇計畫被改絃易策之前就死了,不過現在可以說復仇計畫在他們死後還是實現了,只不過不是按原計劃針對美國,而是影響了全世界。不過根據我父親筆記中所記載,其中還指出,在中國廣州市的一個秘密實驗室裡,由於實驗室的一個疏失而創造了一種病毒,它將在 1976 年第一次洩漏。這種病毒會多次變異,直到公元兩千年前都沒有被所有的研究單位發現,但在 2003 年之前,它將導致第一次可被識別的疾病爆發。然而,這將在中國一個名為武漢的秘密實驗室再次由實驗室的一個部門操作而經歷進一步的變異,從中形成一個新的病毒種類。我父親指出,這種新病毒屆時將具有極強的傳染性,一旦釋放出來就會攻擊人類以及某些哺乳動物的細胞系統。而且他指出,在 2019 年年初,會通過實驗室的事故,出現另一個變異序列,新的危險病毒會影響到所有的實驗室工作人員,他們會通過這種感染和由此產生的疫情而逐漸死亡,但仍會將疫情帶出去。這種情況會從 1 月一直持續到 12 月,然後在 2019 年 12 月的時候,機緣巧合的發現了這種致命的病毒,但那時仍然需要兩個月左右的時間,才會公佈相關的資訊並告知公眾。

Furthermore, my father noted in his annals that when the new virus becomes openly recognisable and this proves to be an extremely dangerous, deadly, rampant epidemic, it can no longer be contained. He also noted that before the outbreak of the first recognisable epidemic shortly after the turn of the millennium – by which SARS was probably meant – the virus was not recognised as a special virus for more than two decades. This was despite the fact that this virus, which was the first to escape unnoticed from the secret laboratory as early as 1976, mixed undetected with the original so-called porcine influenza subtype H1N1 virus and was highly contagious.

此外,我父親在他的紀載事項中指出,如果新的病毒變得可以公開識別,而且這被證明是一種極其危險而致命的大流行病,那麼它就已經無法再被控制了。他還指出,在世紀之交後不久爆發的第一次可識別的疫情之前 —— 可能指的是 SARS  —— 這種病毒在二十多年的時間裡不會被確認為一種特殊的病毒。這種病毒,雖然已經在 1976 年從秘密實驗室洩漏出來但未被注意到,這種第一代病毒與原始的所謂豬流感亞型(porcine influenza subtype)H1N1 病毒混合而未被發現,卻具有高度的傳染性。

The first appearance of this new virus, which integrated itself into the influenza virus, mutated from then on together with influenza viruses without being noticed by the earthly specialists and thus not recognised, probably because such processes were unknown to them, which according to our findings is still the case today. As a result of the non-recognition of this mutative type of virus, all the years during which the virus underwent further mutations, only the correspondingly occurring type of flu was treated, as we were able to find out according to our research.


On the one hand, my father Sfath described this in his notes, while on the other hand, he also stated that the disease itself mutated over the next two decades from the time it was first released, so that the first open epidemic emerged shortly after the turn of the millennium. This, he noted, would then change through further mutations and cause the beginning of a major epidemic from the beginning of 2019, which would, however, only become recognisable in December 2019, and then from 2020 would begin to spread very rapidly throughout the world, mutate further and become even more dangerous, causing many deaths over a long period of time. So much for what is listed in my father’s annals, but what you are…

一方面,我的父親 Sfath 在他的筆記中描述到了這一點,而另一方面,他也表示,從它的第一次洩漏出來,這種疾病本身在接下來的二十年中進一步發生變異,在世紀之交後不久,出現了第一次公開的流行病。他指出,這種情況隨後將通過進一步的變異而發生變化,並從 2019 年年初開始引起一場主要的流行病,然而,這個情況要到年底才會被大眾所認知。2019 年 12 月將成為可識別的病毒,然後從 2020 年開始將非常迅速地向全世界傳播,且將進一步變異而更加危險,從而在很長一段時間內將導致許多死亡。到目前為止,這些在我父親的紀載事項中都列出來了,然而你卻…


It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything else.



But …



No, really. On the one hand, the whole of what you have mentioned from the annals of Sfath does not go into the heads of the entire earthly ‘elite’ of physicians, virologists, epidemiologists, other scientific experts and greats, because they have no knowledge whatsoever of such mutation occurrences, consequently they will reject everything outright and present it as fantasy from the outset. In particular, it will be the virologists, epidemiologists and other related ‘experts’ who will oppose all that Sfath has written and you have now openly mentioned. And they will do this because, as a result of their scientific training, they consider themselves to be omniscient and gods and cannot imagine, accept or allow anything other than what is known, proven and what they have learned and hypothesised so far. On the other hand, they will not only reject Sfath’s statements and thus also everything you have revealed, but will also call you and me liars, falsifiers of the truth and slanderers of the truth, as all our traditional antagonists will do, as well as all the stupidly stupid know-it-alls, troublemakers, lateral thinkers or non-thinkers, conspiracy theorists, all slanderers and other stupid and crazy people who are inaccessible to reason.

不用,真的不用。一方面,你從 Sfath 的紀載事項中提到的全部內容,對於整個地球上的醫生、病毒學家、流行病學家、其他科學專家和偉大人物而言,根本就沒有進入他們那些“精英”傲慢而頑固的頭腦中,因為他們對這種突變的發生一無所知,因此,他們會從一開始就不假思索地拒絕周圍的一切跡象,並將其視為幻覺。尤其是病毒學家、流行病學家和其他相關的“專家”,他們會反對 Sfath 所寫的和你現在公開提到的一切。他們會這樣做,是因為他們認為自己是全知全能的,也幾乎就是神明(gods),因為他們接受了相應的科學教育,他們不能想像、不能接受、也不允許任何與已知的、已被證明的、迄今所學的以及與他們的假設不相符合的事物。另一方面,他們不僅會排斥 Sfath 的說法,也會拒絕你所揭露的一切,而且還會像我們所有以往的反對者一樣,說你和我是騙子,是真理的篡改者,是真理的誹謗者,以及所有愚蠢弱智的萬事通(know-it-alls)、愛抱怨者、橫向思維者(lateral thinkers;也就是不會思考者)、陰謀論者、所有誹謗者以及其他沒有理性的愚蠢和瘋狂之人一樣,他們都會這樣做。

And all this also rubs off on the politicians, who faithfully hang on the lips of virologists and epidemiologists etc., let themselves be guided by them and even support them in their delusion of self-divinity. Unfortunately, this is also the case in Switzerland, where the majority of those in power are particularly conspicuous, namely the National Council and the Council of States and, in the highest position, the Federal Council, and especially those women and men who stand out as stupid, clumsy and pompous when they have to or should have informed the population about all the necessities concerning the Corona epidemic. As a rule, however, nothing clever comes out of this, but only inadequate and meaningless sham information, through which nothing concrete is explained, but only the population is irritated with big and stupid speeches, while these would-be representatives of the people try to make themselves look ridiculous.

這整件事也影響到了那些政客,他們忠實相信那些病毒學家和流行病學家等人的話,聽任他們的指導,並仍然支持他們自我神化的狂熱妄想。不幸的是,瑞士的情況也是如此,在這方面,尤其是大多數當權者,也就是「國民院」(National Council)和「聯邦院」(Council of States),以及最高的「聯邦委員會」(Federal Council),尤其是當他們必須或應該向民眾通報有關冠狀病毒疫情的所有必要資訊時,那些愚蠢、笨拙而傲慢地站出來的男男女女。然而在通常情況下,他們並沒有提出什麼高明的意見,而只是提供了不充分而毫無意義的虛假資訊,因此沒有什麼具體的說明,只會作誇大而愚蠢的演講而激怒民眾,而這些應該是人民的代表,則是試圖透過使自己變得可笑的方式來讓自己更加搶眼。

As far as the majority of the Federal Council, the National Council and the Council of States are concerned, as one has been able to ascertain all these last months through their constant television appearances, they are believing in the virological and epidemiological super-gods, who, as far as the Corona epidemic is concerned, are the actual advisors to the rulers, who effectively govern, because the rulers do exactly what the ‘gods’ chew them up to do. And the majority of the government has a special flair for this, namely because, due to their own incompetence, they surround themselves with government advisors, according to whose advice they then govern – whereby it is not the governors who govern, but clearly the advisors- who are paid extraordinarily expensively with tax money. All this precisely because the rulers are also in bondage to these advisors and have no governance skills of their own. If we take a closer look at the intellect and reasoning of the minority and the majority of the ruling class, it becomes clear that the minority has no chance whatsoever to bring its considerations, advice, insights, evaluations, ideas, views, opinions and knowledge as well as its experience, its perspective and its intelligentum to bear. If the minority wants to stand up and put forward its rational and rational considerations etc., it is simply completely disregarded, considered moronic or simply shouted down and put out of action.

就聯邦委員會、國民院和聯邦院的大多數人而言,正如人們在過去的幾個月裡通過他們在電視上的露面所看到的那樣,他們相信病毒學和流行病學上的“超級神明”(super-gods),而這些超級神明實際上是統治者在冠狀病毒疫情方面的顧問,但他們實際上是在進行統治,因為統治者只是在做那些“神明”所考慮而建議的事情。而政府中的大多數人在這方面都有一種特殊的天賦,那就是由於他們自己的無能,使得他們身邊都有許多政府的顧問,可以根據他們的建議進行治理 —— 因此,治理的不是統治者,而顯然是那些顧問 —— 他們的工資是用稅金支付的,非常昂貴。這一切正是因為統治者也是受這些顧問的制約,他們自己的能力並不足以領導整個國家。這便是問題所在,如果把少數人的全部理解和理性,與大多數統治階層的所有辦法仔細去作考量,便會發現少數人根本沒有機會發揮他們的考量、推論、見解、評價、想法、看法、意見、知識,以及其經驗、觀點和智慧。如果少數人想站出來,提出自己理性、合理的考慮等等,那麼就會被完全忽視,而被認為是低能,或者直接封口而不被採行。

Not only the virologists and epidemiologists are the great new gods, saints, stars and the government leaders or the actual rulers of the rulers in connection with and as a result of the Corona epidemic. The belief in God and thus the false doctrines of the religions also play a major role, because the majority of the Federal Council and the National Council as well as the Council of States blindly believe: <God will probably fix it, that the epidemic will end again and everything will be fine, because God loves people.> As a result, the god barns, houses of worship, prayer temples and Ascension launch pads can, should and must be kept open so that they can be filled with believers for sermons and prayers and they can be infected en masse with the Corona virus, fall ill from it and possibly die.

不僅那些病毒學家和流行病學家是偉大的新神(new gods)、聖人、明星們,以及那些政府領導人,也就是與導致冠狀病毒疫情有關的實際掌權者。他們對上帝的信仰以及宗教的錯誤教義也扮演了重要的角色,因為在聯邦委員會、國民院和聯邦院的大多數人都盲目相信著:「上帝可能會前來解決,疫情終會結束,而且一切都會逐漸好起來,因為神愛世人。」因此,「上帝糧倉」(God barns)、「禮拜之家」(houses of worship;教堂)、「祈禱神殿」和「揚升出發台」(Ascension launch pads)可以、應該也必須保持開放,以便信徒可以聚集進行佈道並祈禱,但他們可能因此而集體感染冠狀病毒,並因此生病甚至可能死亡。

Every religion, every sect and every belief in an imaginary and thus non-existent God, or otherwise in an alleged higher power that rules and directs everything, lives and exists on the one hand solely on the stupidity–    which corresponds to nothing other than a non-thinking – of believing people. On the other hand, every religion, every sect and every belief in an imaginary and therefore non-existent God lives on the promise of lies given by the religion that God, the Lord, will in any case reward the good behaviour of people if they pray to him diligently or if he himself prays to them–or, in Christianity, his alleged son – is worshipped and idolised. This, as God will also show mercy if the place of worship is diligently visited, the pew is begged or the face is pressed into the dirt, depending on the faith, and ‘juicy’ large sums are ‘donated’ as a mite as often as possible, so that the religious leaders of every kind can ‘knock themselves healthy’ at the expense of the faithful and lead a good life.

每一個宗教、每一個教派和每一個對虛構而不存在之「上帝」(God)的信仰,或對所謂更高而淩駕於一切之上的統治和指導力量的信仰,一方面這只不過是存在於那些不去思考的愚昧信徒心中。另一方面,每一個宗教、每一個教派和每一個對虛構而不存在之上帝的信仰,都生活在宗教所賦予的謊言承諾之中,也就是「上帝」、「主」(the Lord)會在任何情況下獎勵那些行為良好的人,只要堅持不懈向祂祈禱,或那尊被崇拜的偶像 —— 在基督教中所謂祂的兒子。這方面,因為上帝也會大發慈悲,如果信徒能夠勤赴教堂,在座位上衷心乞求懺悔或將臉貼在地上以示虔誠,並盡可能多作小額“捐贈”,以積少成多而聚沙成塔,如此這般,各類宗教的那些教主就可以吸取信徒的資金而“滋養自己”(knock themselves healthy),過著美好的生活。

If we now look at all the goings-on since the outbreak of the Corona plague from a normal, rational point of view and not from the point of view of delusions of faith, and if we eliminate all religious and sectarian compulsions of faith, then we can see the reality of reality and its truth, which prove frighteningly and clearly that all religious and sectarian delusions of faith and their promises are based on lies, false promises and slander. And this is particularly clear from the beginning of the Corona plague to the present day, because since the beginning of the plague an eclipse of life has spread to all people, contrary to the lie of faith that Jmmanuel aka ‘Jesus’ is supposed to have said: “I am the light of life”, which he never said, but: “Truth alone is the light of life.”

如果我們現在從一個正常、理性的思維,而不是從一個“信仰幻念”(delusions of faith)的角度來審視自冠狀病毒疫情爆發以來所發生的一切事情,如果我們消除每一個宗教和教派信仰的強迫思維,那麼我們就可以看到真正的現實及其真相,這就令人震驚而清晰地證明,每一個宗教和教派的信仰幻念及其承諾,都是建立在謊言、不實承諾和誹謗的基礎上。而這方面從冠狀病毒疫情開始到今天,表現得尤為明顯,因為自疫情開始後,一種生命的黯淡就蔓延到所有的人身上,這與以馬內利(Jmmanuel;又稱「耶穌」)所說:“我是生命之光”的信仰謊言相反,而他從未這樣說過,而是說:“只有真理是生命之光”。

If in any religion or sect that necessarily believes in a God, Son of God, in other deities and celestial rulers etc., their promises of salvation are considered, then since the outbreak of the Corona plague the whole God-belief delusion can be seen particularly clearly. This is that the earthlings’ delusion of faith in God and their faith-conforming behaviour has so far brought no protection against the Corona plague, offers no protection and will never offer any protection. This, just as there has never been any protection against disease by a delusional fantasy figure, a God, God the Father, Creator and similar rational imaginary creatures in any religion or sect since time immemorial. On the contrary, since time immemorial, all God- believers have been particularly guilty of allowing deadly epidemics to spread and become rampant and millions of people to die as a result. This was especially because they indulged in their delusional belief in God and thus provoked and spread the epidemics themselves, which they were not aware of in their stupidity. What the God-believers did in this respect was that they gathered in the Ascension launching pads and thereby infected each other with epidemic viruses. So they gathered in their so-called places of worship such as churches, temples, chapels, synagogues and mosques, etc., where, since time immemorial, as a result of the gathering together of God-believers, deadly viruses can spread particularly well and quickly, cause epidemics and thereby trigger epidemics as well as pandemics that bring death, misery, suffering, sorrow and ruin.

在任何宗教或教派中,必定相信有上帝(God)、上帝之子(Son of God),相信有其他的神明(deities;如「佛主」、「阿拉」)和上天統治者(celestial rulers;如「宙斯天神」、「玉皇大帝」)等,如果考量到祂們對救贖的承諾,那麼自冠狀病毒疫情爆發以來,整個神明的信仰幻念就可以認識得特別清楚。也就是地球人對「上帝」(泛指任何「神明」,以下皆同)的信仰幻念及其信奉行為,至今沒有為冠狀病毒疫情帶來任何保護,也永遠不會提供任何保護。這正如自古以來,在每一個宗教或教派中,從來沒有出現過一個虛妄幻想的人物,也就是:上帝、天父(God the Father)、造物主(Creator)等之類那些理性退化的虛構幻想人物,對疾病提供保護。恰好相反的是,自古以來,所有信仰上帝的人都有很大的罪惡感,這是因為致命的傳染病會因此蔓延和肆虐,甚至造成數百萬人的死亡。這尤其是因為他們沉溺於他們的上帝信仰幻念,並由此引發和傳播了流行病,然而在他們的愚蠢信仰中卻沒有意識到此事。在這方面,上帝信徒所做的是,他們聚集在揚升出發台,從而互相感染流行病病毒。他們通常聚集在所謂的禮拜場所,如教堂、寺廟、禮拜堂、猶太教堂和清真寺等。而自古以來,由於上帝信徒聚集在一起,致命的病毒可以特別迅速地傳播,造成流行病,從而帶來死亡、苦難、痛苦、悲傷和毀滅的流行病以及大瘟疫。

The principles of the delusion of God have not changed since ancient times until today and will continue to exist for a long time and bring a lot of harm to the world of God believers, whereby all those who are committed to the real reality, truth as well as reason and reasonableness will also be involved and will equally come to harm. So it will be through the stupidity of various irresponsible and incompetent directors – especially the God-believers – that in the new upcoming lockdowns, which will come next month and continue into next year, as I have seen together with Sfath, the God barns will not be blocked in the long run to eliminate these epidemic spreading centres. But it will unfortunately be as it has always been, because the God delusionists, and these are the giant gras of earth humanity, will not understand that there is no God, God the Father, and no Creator to protect or protect it from the Corona plague. Therefore, people have always been helpless in relying on a non-existent God. And so helpless they are today and will be in the future. Thus, in the future, believers in God will always be the people who will be most affected and suffer the most harm. This is especially because they, as believers in God, are alienated from reality and truth and do not recognise the truth and do not acknowledge that no God will ever bring help, because they cannot understand that a God will never stand by their side and will not help them, but that they themselves must be given this help. That is why the Corona plague hits the delusional believers much harder than other people who are turned towards reality and truth and are free from belief in God. The fact is, however, that unavoidably, especially due to the delusion of God of the majority of humanity, by the end of this year only officially worldwide about 2 million people will die from the Corona plague and almost 80 million will fall ill and suffer late damages, but this will not be the end of the whole thing. The emergence and living through of fear of the future, insecurity in life, suicide and anger etc. will not help to put an end to the Corona epidemic, because only reason and the right action can help to control the epidemic so that it subsides and dissolves so that it is no longer a daily danger. The virus will never be eradicated, however, because it will remain underground like any other virus, and only as long as humanity itself is concerned about keeping it in exile. It is still raging, however, and will be even more so in the time to come, because the stupidity of the incompetent rulers has made them act in an absolutely reckless manner and will continue to do so. This is in addition to the fact that ¼ of the so-called civilised – in reality uncivilised – world population, stupidly and stupidly cross-questioning, is making the whole thing worse and will continue to do so, as well as denying the epidemic. Already some time ago a complete loss of control has emerged from the stupidity of the governing and the querulous masses, as a result of which the corona plague crisis is now building up to a height that only prudent tough measures must be taken to prevent it from spreading further and becoming more rampant. If this is not done in the coming month and beyond, the Corona death toll would become a final catastrophe and rise to 500 million.

自古到今,對上帝妄想(delusion of God)的本質一直都沒變,而且還會存在很長一段時間,並仍會給上帝信徒的世界帶來很多傷害,但所有致力於真正現實、真相以及通情達理和理性的人也會牽扯其中,同樣會受到傷害。因此,由於各領域中失職且無能的主管 —— 首先是那些上帝信徒 —— 他們的愚蠢,就像我和 Sfath 一起看到的那樣,隨著即將在下個月又再次到來並將持續到明年的封鎖,上帝糧倉將不會因為要消除這些疫情傳播中心而被長期封鎖。但不幸的是,它將一如既往,因為這些上帝妄想者(God delusionists),都是地球人類的多數派(giant gras),他們不會明白,沒有上帝,沒有天父,也沒有造物主的保護,也無法防止他們不受冠狀病毒疫情的影響。所以,人們總是無奈地依賴一個不存在的上帝。他們今天是如此無奈,將來也會如此無奈。所以,信仰上帝的人也永遠是受影響最大、受傷害最多的人。尤其是他們一心信仰著上帝,因而脫離了現實和真相,不承認真相,不承認從來就沒有上帝會帶來幫助,因為他們無法理解,上帝永遠不會站在他們的身邊,不會幫助他們,而是要他們自己幫助自己。這就是為什麼冠狀病毒疫情對上帝信徒的打擊,要遠比其他面對現實和真理、擺脫對上帝信仰的人要大得多。但事實上,不可避免的是,尤其是由於人類大多數人的上帝妄想症,直到今年年底,全世界僅官方就有約 200 萬人死於冠狀病毒疫情,近 8000 萬人受到感染並遭受後期的傷害,但這並不是整個事件的終點。對未來生活的恐懼、對生命的不安全感,以及自殺和憤怒等的出現,都不會有助於冠狀病毒疫情的結束,因為只有理性和正確的行動才能幫助控制疫情,使其消退和化解到不再是日常的危險。然而,病毒永遠不可能根除,因為它將會像其他病毒一樣潛伏於地下,而只有人類自己時時關心並將其保持流亡狀態。然而,它仍然會伺機肆虐,而且會在未來的時間裡變本加利,因為那些無能統治者的愚蠢,絕對會大意行事,並將進一步以這種方式重韜覆轍。此外,所謂文明的 —— 實際上是不文明的 —— 世界中有四分之一的人民會愚蠢到不遵守規範,使得整個事情變得更加糟糕,並且他們將繼續否認疫情的危險。一段時間前,由於執政者的愚蠢和群眾的抱怨,已經出現了完全失控的狀況,因此,現在冠狀病毒疫情的危機已經上升到了一個高度,必須採取謹慎的強硬措施,才能防止更大範圍的蔓延和進一步的肆虐(Grassieren)。如果在未來一個月及以後不這樣做,冠狀病毒的死亡人數將上升到 5 億人,終將成為一場大災難

中譯者註:死亡人數 5 億人是什麼概念?!目前(2020 年 12 月 31 日)正式統計,全球因新冠病毒死亡的人數約180 也就是僅僅是 5 億的千分四不到(0.0036)。換句話說,疫情的發展還長的很,情況還遠遠沒達到“大災難”的級別… 但如果真如預測的結果,那麼這場世紀大瘟疫必將載入人類歷史「主要流行病死亡人數紀錄」之中!
而以現今全球人口約近 80 億(正式統計約 78 億)計,5 億人約是全球的百分之六(0.0625);這個比例較諸上世紀兩次世界大戰死傷人數的總和還要高。(請參閱維基百科「第一次世界大戰各國傷亡統計」與「第二次世界大戰各國傷亡統計」資料)]。

Well, I have not forgotten to mention the so-called medical experts, because at the time of the Corona epidemic, they also have a great influence on those in power around the world, including here in Switzerland on the Council of States, the National Council and the Federal Council. In addition, the majority of these people have their heads filled with the knowledge or ignorance of other scientists, as well as with the dubious theories of strange researchers who act as economic representatives, some of whom criticise everything stupidly and ignorantly, but nevertheless various national and state councillors as well as federal councillors blindly follow the recommendations of these so-called researchers, which has serious, malicious consequences.



What you say corresponds to everything that cannot be disputed, but which will be disputed by all opponents of truth, know-it-alls and the irrational, as well as by the stupid and the weak of intelligence, for whom the cultivation of healthy and logical thoughts is impossible because of their belief in a deity.



Unfortunately, this will not change until the distant future. What we should talk about now, however, is the origin of the corona plague, because the experts are spouting all kinds of nonsense about it. It seems to me that this is like prehistory and palaeontology, where certain hypotheses are downright ridiculous, because the facts of reality are quite different from the ideas.



But we don’t need to talk about that. From our point of view, and according to our research, the first corona epidemic arose and was released as a result of carelessness as the first virus preform as early as the 1970s, but was then released again in 1981 from a laboratory in Guangzhou and began to spread. Since then, according to our very precise counts, this form of the epidemic has claimed around 14.71 million lives all over the world, although the entire science of medicine, virology and epidemiology, etc. has never been able to identify the cause of the deaths of countless people. This old resp. first virus mutated further in the course of 2019 and turned into the well-known Covid19 resp. ‘Coronavirus Disease-2019’, which was previously assessed and treated over 4 decades as flu effect and other diseases, and from which nearly 15 million people have died so far, whose disease was not recognised as a corona disease. And what I have to say about that, that relates to the fact that this death toll also includes the so-called dark figure of Corona disease deaths that have occurred since the officially recognised outbreak of Corona disease last year, just in December 2019, up to 6 days ago on 31 October. And that this epidemic will slowly spread into a pandemic and will be rampant worldwide and will now claim millions of victims, you 2, my father Sfath and you, have already experienced this in 1949. And after your letter of 7 July 1949, only a few days later, on Sunday 12 July 1949, you wrote another letter about this, which was then sent by Father Zimmermann in 1463 copies all over the world to all governments, radio stations and many authorities and organisations.

但我們沒有必要談論這個問題。從我們的觀點來看,根據我們的研究,第一次冠狀病毒疫情的出現和洩漏是由於不小心,而在 1970 年代就已經有了第一個病毒的前期形態,但是後來在 1981 年又從廣州的一個實驗室洩漏出來,並開始蔓延。從那時起,根據我們非常精確的統計,直到今天,這種疫情的形式已經在全世界奪去了大約 1471 萬人的生命。然而,整個醫學、病毒學和流行病學等科學從來沒有認識到無數人到底死於什麼病因。這個古老也就是第一代的病毒在 2019 年間有了進一步的變異,變成了眾所周知的 Covid-19,也就是“2019 冠狀病毒”,之前四十多年來,人們把它當成流感和其他一般疾病,作了錯誤的評估和治療,至今有近 1500 萬人死於這種疾病,而其病症卻並沒有被認定為冠狀病毒疾病。我要說的是,關於這個死亡人數還包括了從去年官方承認的冠狀病毒疫情爆發後,也就在 2019 12 月,直到 6 天前的 10 31 日,發生的所謂冠狀病毒疫情死亡的所謂黑暗數字”(非官方統計的實際數字)。而且這種瘟疫會慢慢蔓延到大流行,會在全球範圍肆虐,現在會奪走數百萬的受害者,你們兩位,我父親 Sfath 和你,已經在 1949 年經歷過了這一切。關於這方面,在你 1949 年 7 月 7 日寫的信之後,僅僅幾天之後,也就是 1949 年 7 月 12 日星期日,你又寫了一封信,當時 Zimmermann 神父將這封信分 1463 份寄給了全世界各地的政府、廣播電台和許多當局和組織。

中譯者註:如前所註,至今(2020 年 12 月 31 日)的官方統計,全球因新冠病毒死亡的人數約 180 ,這與上述的 1500 萬人死於這種疾病,相差近八倍之多!就算將前述的 5 億人,以八分之一估算,也達到 6,250 萬之多(較目前官方統計的約 180 萬,約是其 35 倍),切不可掉以輕心啊!


Now that you mention it, I remember. The Horatins and the Methodist sect also picked up on that and always scolded me for it when I passed the sect’s premises on my way to the Soli. But what I can say about what you have just mentioned is that, unfortunately, also today, with all our information that we publish on the Internet – concerning the Corona plague and the ‘Teaching of Truth, Teaching of Creation Energy, Teaching of Life’ – it will be the case, as usual with the earthlings, that only a few will turn to it. There will only be very few people who are devoted to the truth as well as to understanding and reason, who have been able to free themselves from the delusion of an imaginary God and will pay attention to everything, while the majority, who are addicted to the belief in God, prefer to hope that they will be helped by their diligent prayers and supplications to their non-existent God.

現在經你這麼一說,我想起來了。Horatins 和衛理教派(Methodist sect)也明白這一點,當我在去 Soli 的路上經過該教派的場所時,他們總是因此而責罵我。但關於你剛才提到的部分,我可以說的是,很遺憾今天我們在互聯網上發佈的所有資訊 —— 關於冠狀病毒疫情和「真相的教導、造化能量的教導、生命的教導」(Teaching of Truth, Teaching of Creation Energy, Teaching of Life) —— 通常只有少數的地球人會關切這些。只有極少數人肯致力於真相、理解和理性,而他們可以擺脫一個虛構「上帝」(God)的信仰,並關注所有事物,但大多數人只是沉迷於對上帝的信仰,寧願將希望寄託在經由他們勤奮的祈禱和懇求而前來幫助他們的上帝,然而祂實際上並不存在。


What you say – as you always say – has a lot of substance. But what you and my father Sfath have experienced together has shown you how inept, irresponsible and incompetent all state leaders worldwide will effectively be in the present time, and not only with regard to the raging corona plague crisis. That is one thing, and the other is that everything that has been discussed between us so far and also published on the Internet corresponds exactly to what you wrote at that time and what was sent out into the world, but even then brought no response whatsoever, as is officially not the case today. We have noticed for quite some time that certain persons of different organisations and offices etc. – if I may say it in this way – take up these and those important things from your and my statements, explanations and information and use them for their purposes, their office and for their personal advantage etc., but as a rule they are so immersed in craters of disenchantment that they cannot stand by it and pass off everything they say, order or do as their personal intelligence.

你所說的 —— 就像你經常的說法 —— 都非常重要。但現在你和我父親 Sfath 共同經歷的事情,已經讓你看到了在目前這個時代全世界所有的國家領導人是多麼的笨拙、不負責任和不稱職,而不僅僅是關於正在肆虐的冠狀病毒疫情危機方面。這是一件事,另外是迄今為止我們之間所討論的一切,也公佈在互聯網上,與你當時所寫的內容完全相符,並已向全世界發出,但在當時並沒有引起任何共鳴,就像今天官方也沒有反應的情況一樣。某些不同組織和官方等等的人員 —— 如果我可以這樣說 —— 從你和我的說明、解釋和資訊中取用這些那些的重要內容,並將其用於他們自己的目的、他們的辦公室與他們的私人利益等,但他們通常都因為這樣做而深陷不能克制的沮喪,以至於把他們所說的話、所命令或要做的一切都假裝是他們的個人心得智慧。


That is unfortunately the case, on the one hand, but on the other hand – and this is also possible – their uncouraged behaviour may also be due to pathological inhibitions.

很遺憾一方面是這樣,而另一方面 —— 這也是可能的 —— 無論如何,他們的不受鼓勵的行為也可能是病態的壓抑。


That can be, of course, but as you always say, it is good if the important information that is given brings benefit and success. This is exactly when it comes to leading peoples, because especially in this regard it would have been the duty of the leaders of all states in principle to take the right steps already at the beginning of the Corona epidemic in order to prevent an epidemic and the following pandemic. However, in this matter, all the leaders of all the states on earth, as a result of their inability to lead, have allowed the whole of the epidemic to become a crisis. All of them have not fulfilled the necessity of their duty and will not do so in the near future. The disease will cause many more infected people and deaths worldwide, especially in the coming weeks. And this will be the case in the United States of America, in Brazil and in South America, as well as in Europe, where the epidemic will claim a particularly large number of victims as a result of the irresponsibility, incompetence and lack of prudence of the state leaders and the querulous part of the population, as you wrote in the aforementioned letter of 1949, which my father enclosed as a typewritten original in his annals, so that I do not have to translate it. I would like to mention in passing that I did not know that you already had a typewriter for writing at that time, but you needed one, because if you did all your work on prophecies and predictions….

當然這是可能的,但正如你經常說的,如果提供的重要資訊能帶來益處和成功,那也是好事一樁。這正是引導人民的時候,因為特別是在這方面,原則上所有國家的領導人都有責任在冠狀病毒疫情開始時就採取正確的步驟,以防止疫情隨後的蔓延。然而,在這個問題上,地球上所有國家的領導人,由於他們領導無方,使整個疫情變成了一場危機。他們所有人都沒有履行他們必要的職責,而在不久的將來依舊如此。特別是在未來的幾個星期,世界各地將導致更多人的感染和死亡而這個情況將在美國、巴西和南美洲,以及歐洲出現,由於這些國家領導人的失職、無能和不夠謹慎,以及部分民眾的抱怨,這種流行病將造成特別多的受害者,正如你在 1949 年的上述信件中所寫的那樣,我父親在他的紀載事項中附上了一封打字原件,因此我不需要翻譯它。此外,我想順便提一下,我不知道你當時已經有了一種用於寫作的機器設備,不過你需要這種設備,因為如果你所有關於預言和預測的作品…


Sorry, you really couldn’t have known that. Thanks to Father Zimmermann, I was able to learn how to use a typewriter. When I moved away from Büüli, I gave this machine to my old friend Ernst Meierhofer for safekeeping. He probably still has it today. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from him for a long time. But while I’m listening, what can you let me hear about the epidemic in Europe?

抱歉,你真的不可能知道。多虧了 Zimmermann 神父,我才學會使用打字機。當我搬離比拉赫(Bülach;又名 Büüli)的時候,我把這台機器送給了我的老朋友 Ernst Meierhofer 保管。他可能至今還保留著它。可惜我已經很久沒有他的消息了。但我在聽你說的時候,你能讓我多知道些關於歐洲新冠疫情的狀況嗎?


The populations of Spain, Germany, Italy and Switzerland will be the main victims of the incompetent state leaders and the fallible part of the populace’s troublemakers, who will become culpable for this. At present, there are only a few intelligent and rational leaders who are aware of the danger and the growth of the Corona epidemic and are therefore trying to do what is right and necessary, but they have to fight against the unreasonableness of many of their unreasonable employees and against the querulous part of the population. In Germany, only the man Söder stands out in this respect in Bavaria, and the man Kurz in Austria, while in your homeland, Switzerland, as in other European states, there are absolutely no state leaders who would be capable of doing their duty and taking the necessary measures against the epidemic and enforcing this in the willing as well as in the querulous parts of the populations. As we can see, the Swiss leadership in particular stands out in a negative way, if I may say so with your way of speaking, because none of the men and women who have the duty of fighting the epidemic in this leadership are capable of their office, so they are neither able to recognise the necessary measures against the epidemic, to work them out, to take them, to order them nor to have them carried out.

西班牙、德國、義大利和瑞士的民眾將成為無能的領導人和部分易受影響的民眾鬧事者的主要受害者,而那些人將成為罪魁禍首。目前,只有少數聰明而理智的領導人意識到冠狀病毒疫情的危害和發展,並努力去做正確的、必要的事情,但他們必須與許多不講理的同事的無理取鬧和與部分民眾的質疑作鬥爭。在這方面,只有德國巴伐利亞州(Bavaria)的州長索德Söder),和奧地利(Austria)的總理庫爾茨(Kurz)表現較為突出,而在你們的祖國瑞士,以及歐洲其他國家,絕對沒有國家領導人能夠履行自己的職責,採取必要的措施來防治疫情,並在願意以及疑惑的部分民眾中實施。我們可以看到,瑞士的領導層是消極的夠搶眼 —— 如果我可以用你的方式來表達的話,因為在這個領導層中,沒有一位負責防治這場疫情的男女領導人能夠勝任其職務,因此他們既不能認識到防治疫情的必要措施,也不能制定、採取、命令,更不能執行這些措施。


The whole nonsense of ordering short-term and only partial lockdowns for 1, 2 or 3 weeks in each case, in order to then loosen everything again or lift it completely, is already enough for a state of idiocy, because in this way, after a lockdown has been lifted, everything continues in the old style and consequently the whole mess gets even worse. If, however, those in power lack the necessary intelligence, which is still erroneously called ‘intelligence’ today, then those in front of the populations and peoples who are incapable cannot get to the crux of the matter, because they are neither accessible to logical trains of thought nor can they foresee what will inevitably emerge and result from certain actions and behaviour. And since these rulers are incapable in this way, they squander taxpayers’ money on ‘advisors’ who are supposed to give them advice, but who in reality also suffer from a horrendous lack of intelligence and consequently are also neither able to think logically, nor are they foresighted or even forward-thinking.

為了再次放鬆或完全解除封鎖,除了只進行一至三週的部分封鎖外,在每一種情況下都只是在短時間內執行禁令,這簡直就是一種愚蠢的作法,因為這樣一來,在解除封鎖後,一切都會以舊的方式繼續下去,結果整個事態仍然在惡化。但是,如果執政者缺乏必要的智慧 —— 如今仍然誤以為是“智慧”—— 那麼那些無能的人在人民面前也就不能抓到重點,因為他們既不能運用邏輯的思維,也就不能預先判斷某些行為必然會產生什麼樣的後果。既然這些統治者沒有這種能力,他們就只會把納稅人的錢浪費在那些“顧問”身上,而他們本應該提供一些有效的建議,但事實上他們也同樣智能嚴重不足,因此他們既沒有邏輯思維能力,也沒有卓越遠見,甚至不能超前思考。

But once again to the epidemic: If all the governmental bubbleheads around the world, all the governmental ‘council’ airheads and boneheads had done the right thing from the very beginning, when the epidemic broke out and grew into an epidemic, then no pandemic would have arisen, but the whole thing could have run its course within a short time of 2 to 3 months. This way, countless people would not have been infected by the epidemic and would not have died from it, and then the epidemic would not have begun to spread and claim many thousands of lives, as will now be the case from this month onwards. Many people have become depressed because of the epidemic, and suicides have also increased greatly, although this is officially denied. In addition, it is claimed that the spread of the epidemic will not increase any further, but this will be exactly the opposite, especially here in Europe, as I have observed together with Sfath. In the future, the whole thing will increase enormously, and now even more so with mass infections and fatalities, which will drive the whole thing up into the millions. As I have seen with Sfath in the future, since the effective first emergence of the precursor of the plague some 40 years ago, it has continued to mutate and evolve, as it did in laboratories, to break out last December as the Corona plague.

但再次回到疫情:如果全世界所有政府的楞頭首長、所有政府“委員會”的那些呆瓜和蠢蛋,在疫情爆發一開始並從逐漸蔓延的時候就正確處置,那麼就不會出現這樣大規模的疫情,而可以在短短的兩三個月的時間內就將其阻絕。這樣一來,無數的人就不會受其感染,也不會因疫情而死亡,那麼整個疫情就不會像現在這樣,從這個月開始大蔓延,再度奪走成千上萬人的生命。至今很多人也因為疫情而變得憂鬱,同時自殺的人數也大大增加,但官方對此均予以否認。此外,有消息稱疾病的傳播不會再進一步的增加,但這將恰恰相反,正如我和 Sfath 一起觀察到的,特別是在歐洲這裡。在未來,整個疫情將會繼續大幅擴散,而現在更是出現大規模的感染和死亡,這將會達到數百萬人。就像我和 Sfath 當時在未來中一起看到的那樣,自從大約四十年前瘟疫的前身第一次出現之後,它就不斷的變異並進一步的發展,就如它也是在實驗室裡進一步的發展,然後在去年的 12 月份爆發了冠狀病毒疫情。

If it had not been for all this and if it had not finally come about as a Corona plague, it would never have come about that the stupid rulers would have come up with the crazy idea of irresponsibly incurring enormous national debts in order to provide emergency aid to companies, corporations, sports, entertainment and all kinds of other enterprises and organisations, etc. emergency aid money. This, as otherwise no debts would have come about in the populations and businesses, enterprises etc. and would not continue to accumulate from now on. Due to the incompetence of the government, however, I know from the time with Sfath when we worked together well, you know, so I don’t have to say anything more about it. This fact, however, cannot be simply erased from the world, because the whole thing in this respect will increase this month until December to such an extent that it will effectively crack in the woodwork of various banks themselves, because the tax authorities will have to pay the taxes. The taxpayers will have to pay for these debts again, which is not enough, because the descendants of today’s taxpayers will also have to pay. And the taxpayers will have to pay for these debts, which is not enough, because the descendants of today’s taxpayers will also have to pay, and after them their descendants, and after them their descendants, and so on. If, however, there are imbeciles in the governments who have no idea of how to govern, then it is not surprising that the nonsensical national debt creation by the incompetent rulers is driving up the mountains of national debt to such an extent that one day there will be a collapse, that one day a collapse will occur, as can happen, let’s say, to Earth mankind when it copies itself into its own demise and thereby exterminates itself, as it has done many times since time immemorial. This is unfortunately the case with the earthlings, because from time immemorial they have not become wiser or more modest, despite enormous self-generated and natural catastrophes, which is still the case today. Even if it is said that ‘harm makes you wise’, this does not apply to humanity, especially not to the giant grosse that has fallen prey to a delusion of God. This ‘through harm one becomes wise’ can effectively only be understood and thus implemented by a few people in whom the intellect necessarily functions correctly and well, but unfortunately this is obviously not the case with the majority of earthlings.

如果這一切並沒有在最後出現冠狀病毒疫情的話,那麼愚蠢的統治者絕不會想出將導致產生巨額國債這種失職而瘋狂的主意,為了替公司、企業、體育、娛樂等各種公司和組織等提供緊急援助資金;也只有緊急援助資金才能負擔得起這種債務。這樣處裡,才使得民眾、商店和企業等不會出現債務,而從現在起也不會繼續積累債務。但是,由於政府的無能,我從和 Sfath 在一起的時候就知道了,當時我們一起… 好吧,你是知道的,所以我也不用多說什麼了。但是這些債務不會簡簡單單的從這個世界上就這麼消失了,因為整個事情在這個(11)月到 12 月,就是以這樣的方式增加,它實際上將破壞各個銀行本身脆弱的結構,因為稅款將被揮霍在政府的貸款上,而政府貸款將使各國欠下巨額的債務。而這些國家的債務又必須由納稅人來支付,這還不夠,因為今天納稅人的後代也要繼續支付,在他們之後是他們的後代,再之後是他們後代的後代等等。如果那些蠢蛋繼續蹲在政府裡,而對治理國家只會嘟嘟嚷嚷而毫無概念,那麼無能的執政者以這樣的方式使沒必要的國債堆積如山,終至於有一天發生崩潰,也就不足為奇了。讓我們再提醒一次,就像地球的人類一樣,如果老是重複自己的衰落過程,並因此而消滅自己,就如同自古以來,人類就經常在重複歷史。遺憾的是,地球人就是如此,因為從遠古時代起,他們就沒有變得更明智,也沒有變得更謙虛,儘管曾遭逢重大的人為災害和自然災難,但現在也仍然是如此。另外,如果說“不經一事不長一智”(harm makes you wise),那麼這並不適用於人類,特別是不適用於那些被上帝的信仰幻念所迷惑的巨無霸(giant grosse)。這個“不經一事不長一智”只有少數人能夠有效地理解和體現,因為他們的智力必然是正確和良好的運作,但不幸的是,大多數地球人顯然不是這樣。


You’re not exactly making friends with this, even if it is as you say.



I don’t want to either, because I only want to tell the truth. And if a person recognises it as such, then he knows that it is effectively as I say, because then his intelligence is so far developed that he also uses it. So I don’t have to make an effort to be hypocritical and make friends when I tell the truth. If, however, some intend to hate me or do, then that is their beer, which they must drink themselves or let go to waste, for I cannot drink it for them.



You always find a word to explain something in a way, well ….



That’s good for me, because I’m well, I’m glad if we don’t have to talk about it any more, because the whole thing wouldn’t do any good anyway. This applies equally to the epidemic, because talking about it further will not bring it to a halt, but only by doing the right thing. You and I know what must be done, but no one will listen to us, that is certain. What needs to be done falls on the deaf ears and dulled senses of those in power, just as it does on that stupid ¼ of the population that prefers to pray to a non-existent God and plead pointlessly for help rather than take matters into its own hands, to think for themselves and to act correctly, whereby they also demonstrate stupidly, emulate inciting anarchy, as well as lateral thinkers, conspiracy theorists and know-it-alls and idiots, as well as others who are alienated from the truth and the world.

這對我來說很好,因為我… 好吧,如果我們不必再繼續討論這個話題我會很高興,因為這對整個事情無論如何都不會有任何好處。疫情也是如此,因為再談下去也不會讓它停止,但只有做正確的事情才有用。你我都知道必須做什麼,但肯定沒有人會聽我們的。那些必須要做的事,對執政者以及那四分之一愚蠢的民眾而言,他們只會充耳不聞,麻木不仁,寧願向一個不存在的上帝祈禱,徒勞地請求幫助,也不願把功夫用在自己身上,去為自己思考並採取正確的行動,同時他們還愚蠢到出面示威,跟隨著那些煽動無政府主義的烏合之眾,以及橫向思維者、陰謀論者和萬事通、白癡,以及其他那些與真相和世界格格不入的人。


Yes, you are also saying what I think. But now, Edward, there is this matter … that we must discuss. …

是的,即使是這樣,你也說出了我的想法。但現在,愛德華,這有件事… 我們必須討論一下。…

However, silence must now be maintained about this.



Yes, now that you mention it, but I simply forgot that completely when I was a boy, because silence became a secular act for me at an early age, or rather a uniqueness of something very extraordinary, which became a way of life of honour and dignity for me, in relation to myself, as well as in relation to every human being, all living things, the laws of nature, all ecosystems, nature and its fauna and flora, the universe, as well as in relation to everything that is creative. There is no more to be said about this.



Good, then I now have the following, which is also confidential, after which I have to go …





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