Contact Report 782第782次接觸報告





  • 這是一篇非正式但經授權的FIGU出版物的摘要內容。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇摘要內容的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」→「英」→「中」 譯製。





資料來源:Future Of Mankind





英版譯者:DeepL Translator, Joseph Darmanin


校對改進:Christian Frehner, Joseph Darmanin



中版譯者:DeepL Translator, James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象《第782次接觸報告》(痞客邦部落格)







This is the entire contact report. It is an authorised but unofficial DeepL preliminary English translation and most probably contains errors. Please note that all errors and mistakes etc. will continuously be corrected, depending on the available time of the involved persons (as contracted with Billy/FIGU). Therefore, do not copy-paste and publish this version elsewhere, because any improvement and correction will occur HERE in this version!



Hello, my friend, Eduard – are you here?

你好,我的朋友,愛德華 —— 你在這裡嗎?


Yes, I am back here. Just a moment, I will be right up front. – Here I am already. Greetings, Ptaah, my friend. We finished everything early today, besides, not all of us are here today, because some are ill, others are absent because they had to do other things.

是的,我回到這裡了。請稍等,我馬上就到。—— 我已經到了。你好,Ptaah,我的朋友。我們今天很早就完成了所有的工作,此外,今天不是所有的人都在這裡,因為有些人生病了,而另一些人因為不得不做其他事情而缺席。


Which is also why I am coming here now. It is cold outside, so I was still in my flying apparatus, waiting and listening to you, because I assumed you would not be long.



Then you were listening to us, good, because there were questions that I have to pass on to you. It’s about the fact that apparently someone wants to become a member of the group of … but was refused. The reason given for this is that it is not possible to become a member because … cannot attend the meetings in person or directly because he has to work at the time of the meeting. I think that work should not be a reason why someone cannot be a member of the group.

那麼你在聽我們說話,很好,因為有一些問題我必須轉達給你。那是關於很明顯有人想成為… 的成員,但被拒絕了。拒絕的理由是,因為… 不能親自或直接參加會議,因為他在開會時必須工作,所以不可能成為成員。我認為工作不應該成為某人不能成為小組成員的理由。


I already know that, because I was listening to what you were saying. I also see the matter in the same way as you said, but I want to ask what our committee says about it, which deals with the problems that you are dealing with. If you have a …



Excuse me, if you are going to ask, I would also like a definitive answer to my last question, which was about whether it was feasible to still attend the national group meeting or study group meeting if the whole thing was being listened to electronically in the moving car and participating in the form of a telephonic or indeed electronic connection.



I gave you an answer to that at the time, but I can ask again, because the committee wanted to look into it again in more detail. With your new question, however, I want to go straight to the panel and also ask again for the older matter. If you want to be patient. Please. …



I did not understand anything you said to the people, but I think you asked and said the right thing. It is kind of quite patent that you can consult the committee so easily through the airwaves.



That is so, but I have reached the persons of the committee; they have a meeting at present in regard to another matter for which they are responsible in a different way. However, they will rule in an advisory capacity in a short time and send me an answer.



Well, I am wondering if what I said at the meeting was correct. But something else, because recently we were talking about something and the word ‘digital’ was used. This is not known or used here on Earth in connection with what was said, so I was asked about it. Usually this Latin word – ‘finger’ or so it is actually called – is used elsewhere, such as for the electronic etc. At Sfath we used the word ‘digital’. At Sfath, however, we used the word otherwise, so I tried to explain this, doing so as follows:

好吧,我想知道我在會議上所說的話是否正確。但還有別的原因,因為最近我們在談論一些事情,使用了“數位”(digital)這個用詞。這在地球上,我們所談的內容這方面並不為人所知,也沒有人這樣用,所以有人問我這個問題。通常這個拉丁詞 —— “手指”(finger)或它的實際名稱 —— 是在其他地方使用的,比如說電子等。在Sfath那個時候,我們用的是“數位”這個用詞。然而,對於Sfath,我們使用了這個詞在其他地方,所以我試圖解釋這個概念如下:

Digitally applied to thought and its connections, etc., means:


Digitally related to our field: For us, digital stands for the comprehensive interconnection of all areas of subjects with the teaching of the Creation as well as the ability to gain relevant information and store it in memory, but also to analyse it and implement it in thinking, as well as in life, through correct decisions and a correct way of acting. The resulting changes are supposed to bring opportunities and advantages for living life, but also create completely new challenges that can be overcome.

數位化與我們的領域相關:對我們來說,數位化代表了所有領域的學科與造化之教導」(teaching of the Creation)的全面互聯,以及獲得相關資訊並將其儲存在記憶體中的能力,同時也代表了通過正確的決定和正確的行動方式,將其分析並落實到思維以及生活中。由此產生的變化理應為生活帶來機會和優勢,但也會帶來全新的挑戰,不過這方面是可以克服的。

Unfortunately, in my haste I did not form the whole thing correctly in 1 or 2 places, so it was not quite correct, but that should not really matter that it would be wrong. What do you think about this?



I do not find anything objectionable about that.



It’s good then. But what I want to say is: Michael is still travelling in central Switzerland and can come later. Then we will have to interrupt our conversation and resume it later when he has retired and is in his room.



We will arrange it so that everything turns out in good order.



While we are at it: Last night I saw a foreign figure on the surveillance monitor and immediately looked to see who it could be, but I found no one. When Michael and I searched the footage, we did not find anything either. But it is impossible that I was mistaken. My eyes still see well despite my macula, so I certainly was not mistaken.



That will be so, but if you do not find anything on the monitors, then that is normal and everything is probably working correctly. Indeed, there may be persons who belong to us – also federates who belong to our federation from federated worlds. They may very well be perceived by one of the cameras, but not recorded. Yanarara and Zafenatpaneach have arranged this so that persons of non-terrestrial origin are not ‘captured’ on the monitors.

事情是這樣的,如果你在顯示器上沒有發現任何東西,這是正常的,而且一切可能都在正常工作。事實上,這有可能是屬於我們的人 —— 也有可能是來自屬於我們聯邦的人。他們很可能被其中一台攝像機感知到,但沒有被記錄下來。Yanarara和Zafenatpaneach已經作了這樣的安排,所以非地球人不會被監視器“捕捉”到


Then that is clear, and the figure from that time may also have been from your federal compound that I saw outside my office and then again behind the house.



That was a Federationist. I know that now because Quetzal, according to your information, was able to clarify your observation.



Strange, what are these people doing here?



To learn the terrain and to recreate in it, for we are educating all of our peoples and also our Federated peoples that we are in contact with you in this universe and where you bring the teaching that we do not withhold from our peoples and all peoples of the Federation.



… I did not know that. … I actually did not know that.

… 我不知道… 我其實並不知道這些。


Well, you do not ask a lot of questions.



… That is just the way it is. It is known to me that you teach the doctrine among your peoples, but that also those of the Federation are involved in such a way, as well as that you teach our Centre to them … … Well, then, that is the way it is. … But what do you think about the question that I was asked on the phone the other day and which is apparently circulating as an opinion among certain people, namely that certain people think – which I find erroneous – that we of the FIGU have the task of saving the Earth human beings?

… 事情就是這樣的。我知道你們在你們的人民中傳授教導,但聯邦的人民也以這種方式參與其中,同時你們也告訴他們有關我們的中心… 好吧,那麼,這就是事實。… 但是,對於前幾天我在電話中被問到的問題,你有什麼看法,這個問題顯然在某些人中間流傳開的,那就是,某些人認為 —— 我認為這是錯誤的 —— 我們FIGU的人員有拯救地球人類的任務


Such an assertion is nonsensical, because you yourself know very well what the task of the FIGU association and the teaching is, which has nothing to do with such an idea. That you fulfil your task and mission with the human beings on Earth, that has a completely different meaning.



Of course, because we of the FIGU are not here to save the world, but to address individual human beings who are not stupid and therefore capable of thinking and are devoted to the effective truth and are willing to learn more independently for the sake of their intellect and reason and also to do something to spread the truth to their own kind. In this way, through the work of the FIGU and the teachings, only a small community should arise worldwide, which can gradually help this and that human being to find and learn the truth of independent thinking. In the process, stupidity or non-thinking should be discarded in order to walk through the world with a clear mind. The purpose of all this is that in time – which will take a very long time, thousands of years – humanity on Earth will truly begin to think for itself and thus move away from its religious and other beliefs in order to finally become peaceful. This is to be done by the time of the year 3999, after which … well, yes, you know. Everything does not have to be said publicly, because it is enough that I have agreed to retrieve and write down the contact reports or the conversations that have taken place, in order to then disseminate them. This at least those that you find important.

當然,因為我們FIGU不是來拯救世界的,而是針對個別人類的啟發,他們並不愚蠢而有能力思考,他們願意以他們的智力和理性而獨立學習,也願意做一些事情把真相傳播給他們自己的同胞。這樣,通過FIGU的工作和教導,只需在全世界內出現一個小組織,就能逐漸幫助其他人類學習獨立思考並發掘事情的真相。在這個過程中,應該摒棄愚蠢或不假思索的行為,以便在世界中以清晰的頭腦前行。這一切的目的是,隨著時間的推進 —— 這將需要很長的時間,需要幾千年 —— 地球上的人類將真正開始為自己思考,從而擺脫其宗教和其他信仰,最終變得愛好和平這將在公元3999年的時候才能完成,在此之後… 嗯,是的,你知道。一切都不必公開說,因為我已經同意接收並寫下接觸報告或已經發生的對話,以便隨後傳播它們就足夠了。這至少是那些你認為重要的。


Yes, the whole thing will really take a long time, because that – which has already been done for thousands of years by Earth human beings for deities that do not exist, and that such are believed in and are truthfully nothing but confused products of fantasy – cannot be changed overnight to truth, to sensible and independent thinking. The fact that Earth human beings worship the imaginary gods that have been fantasised is due to false interpretations of natural phenomena that arose thousands of years ago as a result of false assumptions and have been preserved ever since. These, however, changed their form again and again and have also changed again and again in the new time of the 21st century after Jmmanuel, when new sects with new beliefs have appeared. This also happens many times today, but they quickly disappear again just as they emerge. A phenomenon of belief in higher powers, which arises almost daily, but dissolves again as quickly as it has formed, has become such in the civilised world as does not even occur among the so-called primitives who live far from any civilisation in the dense jungle. The whole belief in a god or in a higher might, which is supposed to determine the fate of Earth human beings and which they are supposedly unable to avoid, cannot be changed and normalised as quickly as it has arisen. The belief and thus the stupidity, that is, the non-thinking and the resulting belief in every respect, cannot be dissolved again as quickly as everything came into being. And to let independent thinking, decision-making and action become the order of Earth human beings again, as well as to eradicate all the nonsense of the general faith in daily life, but especially of the religious faith in a God, God Creator, God Father, God All-Director and God All-Determiner, requires a lot of patience on the part of those who are active in spreading the truth. And above all, the whole process of enlightenment requires a great deal of time, for the truth does not want to be heard by Earth human beings, for only rarely does anyone really want to turn to thinking and use it to think about what is really truth and what is imagination and misleading belief and therefore untruth. For the majority of Earth human beings, since the advent of faith, it has become a habit to wallow in stupidity or in non-thinking and thus in faith of every kind and just especially in religious faith in a God.

是的,整個事情確實需要花很長的時間,因為地球人類已經為那些不存在的神靈」(deities;中文裡也稱爲神祇、神仙、神明、天神等)做了幾千年的事情而這些被相信的神靈,實際上只不過是混亂的幻想的產物,不可能在一夜之間改變為理性和獨立的思考。地球上的人類崇拜那些被幻想出來的神靈,是由於對自然現象的錯誤認知,這些認知是幾千年前由於錯誤的假設而產生的,並且一直保存到現在。然而,這些東西一次又一次地改變了它們的形式,而且在以馬內利(Jmmanuel)之後的21世紀的新時代,新的教派出現了,新的信仰出現了,這也是一次又一次的改變。今天,這種情況也發生了很多次,但它們剛一出現,就很快又消失了。一種相信更高力量的現象,幾乎每天都會出現,但在形成的同時又迅速消失,這種狀況在文明世界已經成為一種現象,甚至在遠離任何文明而生活在茂密叢林的所謂原始人中也沒有出現過。整個對神明(god)或更高力量的信仰,被認為決定了地球人類的命運,而且被認為是無法避免的,不可能像它出現時那樣迅速改變和正常化。信仰和由此產生的愚蠢,也就是不加思考的信仰,以及由此產生的對每一方面的信念,都不可能像一切產生時那樣迅速地再次消除。而要讓獨立思考、決策和行動重新成為地球人類的秩序,以及根除日常生活中一般信仰的所有荒謬念頭,但特別是對一個上帝(God)、造物主(God Creator;又稱創世神、創造神)、上帝父親(God Father)、全能的上帝(God All-Director)和決定一切的上帝(God All-Determiner)這些宗教信仰,都需要那些積極傳播真相的人有很大的耐心。而最重要的是,整個啟蒙過程需要非常久的時間,因為真相並不容易被地球人類知道,因為只有很少的人真正願意思考,思考什麼是真正的真相,什麼是想像和誤導性的信念。對大多數地球人來說,自從有了信仰,沉溺於愚蠢或不加思考從而投入於各種信仰之中,尤其是對上帝(God)的宗教信仰,已經成為一種習慣


Which, unfortunately, has been lost for millennia and so the faith factor of all kinds has eaten into it not only religiously in a ‘dear God’ but generally and habitually. So it will also take millennia – unfortunately – until faith, mainly religious, but also in daily life in general, disappears again through the use of understanding and reason. Until then, however, much disaster will befall humanity, and there will be wars and destruction such as never before. First and foremost, faith must disappear and be dissolved through our very own conscious and clear thinking, so that human beings no longer go along stupidly and stupidly believing in a God, but go along thinking for themselves, making their own decisions and therefore also acting in accordance with their understanding and reason in such a way that they act correctly and justly in accordance with the truth. Actually, it is none of the Plejaren’s and Nokodemion’s successors’ business, but when about 25 million years ago or so the old Plejaren discovered the energy gate to our space-time structure and penetrated through it into this DERN universe, the explorers then also finally reached Earth, and so it happened that millions of years later a Nokodemion successor also came to Earth and settled there.

遺憾的是,這已經過去了幾千年,所以各種信仰因素不僅是在宗教上的“親愛的上帝”(dear God)之中,而且已經是在普遍而習慣性的吞噬著它。因此,不幸也需要幾千年的時間,直到信仰,主要是宗教信仰,但也包括日常生活中的信仰,需要透過運用理解和理性而再次消除。然而,在此之前,許多災難將降臨到人類身上,並將出現前所未有的戰爭和破壞。首先,信仰必須通過我們自己的意識和清晰的思維來消解,這樣,人類就不再愚蠢而糊里糊塗地去相信上帝,而是自己去思考,做出自己的決定,因此也按照自己的理解和理性來行事,從而按照真相去正確而公正地行事。其實,這不關Plejaren和Nokodemion的繼承人的事,但大約2500萬年前左右,Plejaren發現了我們時空結構的能量門」(energy gate),並通過它滲透到這個DERN宇宙,然後探險者也終於到達了地球,於是,數百萬年後,Nokodemion的後代也來到了地球並在這裡定居

Furthermore, when the actual ancestors of the first human beings developed 12 million years ago – contrary to the confused assertions of earthly science and the falsifications of Darwin that the human being of the Earth only developed 3 million years ago – then millions of years later a descendant or a rebirth of the Nokodemion found it necessary – when he saw all the misery that had arisen as a result of the religious and other beliefs of the Earthlings – to take care of the well-being of the Earthlings. Therefore, it is necessary today to bring the ‘Teaching of the Truth, Teaching of the Creation-energy, Teaching of Life’ to the earthlings. In doing so, it is necessary to find and address the few human beings who are still capable of a sound mind and clear reason – and unfortunately there are only a few of them, and moreover they are scattered all over the world – in order to bring them the truth through the teaching and gradually lead them through it to conscious self-thinking, self-deciding and self-acting. For this I have – hopefully – chosen the correct way, via the ‘Spiritual Teaching’ resp. the Teaching of the Creation, which I have also worked out for you with more than 12,000 typewritten pages.

此外,當第一批人類的實際祖先在1200萬年前發展起來時 —— 與地球科學的錯誤說法和達爾文(Darwin)關於地球人僅在300萬年前才發展起來的謬論相反 —— 那麼在數百萬年後,一位Nokodemion的後裔或轉世者(rebirth)發現有必要 —— 當他看到由於地球人的宗教和其他信仰而產生的所有痛苦時 —— 照顧地球人的福祉。因此,今天有必要將真相的教導,造物能量的教導,生命的教導(teaching of truth, teaching of the energy of creation, teaching of life)帶給地球人。在這樣做的時候,有必要找到並解決少數仍然能夠有健全頭腦和清晰理性的人類 —— 不幸的是,他們中只是少數人,而且他們分散在世界各地 —— 以便通過教導給他們帶來真相,並逐漸引導他們自覺地自我思考、自我決定和自我行動。為此,我 —— 希望 —— 選擇了正確的方式,透過靈識教導(Spiritual Teaching),也就是造化之教導(Teaching of the Creation),我也為你們闡述了超過12000頁的打字稿

中譯者註:譯到這裡,對「真相的教導,造物能量的教導,生命的教導」(teaching of truth, teaching of the energy of creation, teaching of life)有這樣的心得:這些猶如Plejaren聯邦他們的“物理學、天文學、生物學或生命科學”之類的知識性真相,實在不需要上綱到一種神聖的領域(過去數千甚至數萬年前的地球人類不就是這種心態才視他們為神靈而有宗教的發展嗎?)。不過由於我們天生就對未知的領域心懷一種敬畏之心,想想,在他們視為正常的生命轉世或都知道自己眾多前世的情況下,而我們就連個生死門都無法參透… 這真不是普通人可以理解的領域(包括譯者本身),那麼,對這一切的“敬畏”就不難理解… 以至於,對所謂的“靈識”與“造化”等的真正含意,也就難免會從景仰與敬畏的方向去想像和解讀…



I do not understand this comprehensively, precisely about Nokodemion and his rebirths, for I am not versed in history, just as I am not versed in when and why the ancient Plejaren first came into this universe. But what you have worked for us, what we have been able to pass on to all peoples, also to our federates, that …



It’s okay, you do not have to say it, because I already know what you are going to say again. However, that is not necessary, because it is my work, and there is no need to talk about it. The only thing that is important is that the duty is done and bears fruit, even if it is only a few at first. Unfortunately, it is so on Earth that many human beings are interested in the new and take hold of it, but then jump off again, because on the one hand learning, and on the other hand putting what has been learned into practice in life, is very laborious and, moreover, can only be realised with difficulty in this world. Therefore, many also lose courage over time or they acquire ambitions that they want to assert and do not want to fit into the modesty that is needed in order to be able to confront one’s fellow human beings in modesty and thus in no way in an arrogant manner. Being self-important and arrogant and imagining oneself to be more, better and cleverer than one’s fellow human beings – which unfortunately is just another form of belief – brings nothing of value, but only failure and anger, and moreover untruth and enmity, as well as failure and disappointment. Unfortunately, this is not understood, which is why many a human being of the Earth exalts himself and in time wants to direct himself over his fellow human beings, which usually leads to the bondage of others or to enmity. Making up wild fantasies, these are believed as reality by those who have got stuck in them, with which hatred is built up over time and lies are invented in such a way that the beams bend with shame. This inevitably leads to the fact that the truth is no longer seen and the ‘finch line’ is drawn, which, however, also has the consequence that the human beings of Earth then work unconsciously and full of hatred against the truth and imagine the lies and fantasies as reality and defend them mendaciously. And he does this without even knowing that he is living in a fantasy-rich web of lies that he has somehow bent into shape for himself, for which the personal fantasies can be manifold and so imaginary that it is no longer possible to distinguish between the fantasy and reality. The end of the song is then that he separates himself and leaves the path of righteousness and turns away from and abandons what has been laboriously worked out by reason and understanding. The fact that he then still complains and passes on his wild fantasies as reality to his listeners etc., inevitably creates discord and even hatred. Thereby the human being of the Earth gives himself again to that which is also hammered into him elsewhere by his own faith mill, namely that which he believes anchored in himself.

沒關係,你不用說了,因為我已經知道你要說什麼了。然而,這沒有必要,因為這是我的工作,沒有必要談論它。唯一重要的是,這項職責已經完成並結出碩果,哪怕一開始只有少數幾個人重視。可惜在地球上就是這樣,許多人對新事物感興趣,並關注了它,但隨後又離開了,因為學習是一回事,但是要把學到的東西實踐在生活中那又是另外一回事,這是非常費力的,而且,尤其在這個世界上,很難才能夠實現。因此,許多人也會隨著時間的流逝而失去勇氣,或者他們已獲得了想達到宣揚的野心,但不想符合謙虛的要求,而謙虛的要求,只是為了絕不以傲慢的方式面對自己的同胞。那些自視甚高而傲慢的人,總是想像自己比同胞更優秀、更聰明,可惜這只是另一種形式的信仰,沒有任何價值,而只會帶來失敗和憤怒,更會帶來謊言和敵意,還有就是失敗和失望。遺憾的是,這一點沒有被他們所理解,這就是為什麼地球上有這麼多人傲慢自大,總是想讓自己淩駕於其他同胞之上,這通常就會導致對他人的約束或敵意。他們還編造瘋狂的幻想,這些幻想被那些陷入其中的人相信為現實,隨著時間的推進,仇恨被建立起來,謊言被編造出來,以至於光束都因羞愧而彎曲。這不可避免地導致了這樣一個事實:真相不再被看到,“迷霧區”(finch line)被劃定,然而,這也造成了這樣一個後果:地球上的人類在不知不覺中充滿了對真相的排斥,把謊言和幻想想像成了現實,並肆無忌憚地為之辯護。而他這樣做的時候,根本不知道自己正生活在一個充滿幻想的謊言之網中,他不知不覺中為自己扭曲了各種謊言,為此,個人的幻想可以是多方面的,而且是可以想像到不再能區分幻想和現實。然後,這首歌的結尾是他分離了自己,離開了正義之路,並背離且放棄了由理性和理解而苦心經營的東西。然後他還在抱怨,並把他的狂野幻想作為現實傳遞給他的聽眾等等,這不可避免地造成了不和,甚至仇恨。因此,地球上的人類再一次將自己奉獻給那些也被他自己的信仰磨坊打到他身上的東西,也就是那些他自己深信不疑的東西。


It must be learned to be able to explain this. Experience, experience and learning are required to understand this and also to be able to formulate it in an explanatory way. But if I may say that I do not know the story of Nokodemion as well as you do, then I must confess that I shame myself with it – after all, in my task I am supposed to assist you and be helpful to you. To do this, I should actually know what has happened with Nokodemion and his direct successors. Exactly that, however, I do not know.

必須經過學習才能解釋這些。要能夠以說明的方式來表達這一切,也需要經驗、經歷和學習來理解這些。但是,如果我說我沒有像你那樣瞭解Nokodemion的故事,那麼我必須承認,我為此感到羞愧 —— 畢竟在我的任務中,我應該協助你,對你有所幫助。要做到這一點,我實際上應該知道Nokodemion和他的直接繼承者發生了什麼。然而,老實說,我不知道。


You don’t? – Then let it be explained that precisely what happened was determined by Nokodemion and thus the following resulted: It happened in such a way that later – but it was many millions of years – a successor or a rebirth of Nokodemion became interested in this planet Earth, namely as human life emerged on it, from which then in the course of development and the wrong interpretation a belief in deities developed. When Nokodemion’s successor came to Earth and found that the Earthlings had become believers in deities – which even then had produced terrible blossoms – the belief in deities was already so deeply anchored in the Earthlings that it was recognisable that in later times it would give rise to tremendous mischief. This has indeed been the case throughout the ages since then, and it is still the case today, because everything of faith has been preserved in religious terms and in general, and human beings have lost their conscious thinking. He is therefore addicted to stupidity, which is non-thinking and not a damage of consciousness or otherwise a defect of an organic nature in the brain. A fact which even today, in the so-called enlightened age, could neither be recognised by neuroscience nor explained to earthlings as a result of ignorance.

你不知道嗎?—— 那就讓我們解釋一下,確切地說,發生的事情是由Nokodemion決定的,因此導致了以下結果:它以這樣一種方式發生,後來 —— 但那是幾百萬年前 —— Nokodemion的一個繼承者或轉世者對這個地球產生了興趣,也就是成為人類的生命體在地球上出現,然後在發展過程中和錯誤的解釋中形成了對「神靈」的信仰。當Nokodemion的繼任者來到地球,發現地球人已經成為神靈的信徒 —— 甚至在那時就已經達到了極度盛行的程度 —— 對神靈的信仰已經深深地紮根於地球人之中,可以體認到在以後的時代,它會引發巨大的傷害。從那時起,整個時代確實如此,今天仍然如此,因為信仰的一切都在宗教方面和一般情況下被保留下來,人類已經失去了有意識的思考。因此,他們落入了愚昧的境地,而愚昧是不思考的,並不是意識的損害,也不是大腦中其他有機性能的缺陷。這一事實,即使在今天,在所謂的開明時代,既不能被神經科學認識到,也因為無知而無法向地球人類解釋這一事實。

The delusion of faith led to human beings being cruelly murdered and offered as human sacrifices to imaginary gods in order to appease them, to expect good harvests or to wage wars victoriously, and so on. This gave rise to various religions with cruel rites and murderous customs, such as the murderous Kali sect in India, then also the Assassins as an Islamic sect, as well as others who are up to their murderous mischief today, such as the IS or the Islamist State, and then also the Taliban and others who belong to Christianity and carry out murders that are never solved, as is the case, for example, with a well-known American sect.


And more and more everything developed into religions, which quickly gave rise to a hatred of faith directed against those of other faiths and against human beings who were inconvenient for others and who were innocently accused of all evil and even of being in league with the devil. In this way, religious belief of all kinds was mercilessly pursued through murder and manslaughter, as was expressed in the Middle Ages especially through the murder of witches, but as is still the case at all times to this day, about which public silence is maintained. War, hatred, stabbing, persecution and murder of many people of other faiths, however, is still today the consequence of – mainly – religious faith, which is practised – just as mainly – by fanatics who believe in Islam. And this was not enough, because through the whole of faith, the most diverse gods and finally the many gods of Hinduism, such as mainly Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Ganapati and many others, as well as the divine principle Brahman, came into being. Then there were the ancient Greeks with their gods, the chief god they called Zeus, then Athena, Poseidon, Eris, Aphrodite, Helen and Apollo, but there were also Demeter, Artemis, Ares and Hermes as well as Hestia and Hephaistos. With the Jews, YAHWE functions as God, with the Christians it is God and his allegedly flesh-ordained son Jesus, the Saviour – who was actually called Jmmanuel and had nothing to do with an imaginary God, but only brought the ‘teaching of truth, teaching of the energy of creation, teaching of life’ -, with Islam then Allah. There are other female and male deities existing today in faith and fantasy en masse, depending on religion and sect, which are simply impossible to list, because the whole religious nonsense of such imaginary religious fantasy figures is far too extensive and changes practically from day to day. Today this and that religious sect exists, tomorrow it is already gone, while already a new one is causing the believers to go crazy again.

而越來越多的東西都發展成了宗教,這很快就導致了一種仇恨,這種仇恨是針對其他信仰的人和那些讓他人感到不安的人,他們被無辜地指責為一切邪惡之源,甚至與魔鬼為伍。這樣一來,各種宗教信仰都被無情地透過謀殺和誤殺的途徑來追求,這在中世紀,特別是透過殺害女巫來展現,但至今仍是如此,大眾對此默不作聲。然而,戰爭、仇恨、刺殺、迫害和謀殺許多其他信仰的人,今天仍然是 —— 主要是 —— 宗教信仰的後果,而宗教信仰 —— 同樣主要是 —— 由信仰伊斯蘭教的狂熱分子實施的。而這還不夠,因為通過整個信仰,最多樣化的神,並最終形成了印度教的許多神,如主要是梵天(Brahma)、毗濕奴(Vishnu)、濕婆(Shiva)、象頭神(Ganapati)和許多其他的神,以及神聖的宗教概念「」(Brahman)出現了。然後是古希臘人和他們的神,他們稱之為宙斯(Zeus),然後是雅典娜(Athena)、波賽頓(Poseidon)、厄里斯(Eris)、阿佛洛狄忒(Aphrodite)、海倫(Helen)和阿波羅(Apollo),但也有德墨忒爾(Demeter;又譯得墨忒耳、狄蜜特)、阿耳忒彌斯(Artemis;又譯作阿提密斯)、阿瑞斯(Ares)和赫耳墨斯(Hermes;又譯赫密士或荷米斯),以及赫斯提亞(Hestia)和赫菲斯托斯(Hephaistos)。對猶太人來說,YAHWE是上帝,對基督徒來說,是上帝和他所謂的肉身之子耶穌(Jesus),即救世主 —— 他實際上被稱為以馬內利(Jmmanuel),與想像中的上帝無關,只是帶來了「真相的教導,造化能量的教導,生命的教導」,對伊斯蘭教來說,則是真主(Allah;又稱阿拉)。今天還有其他女性和男性的神靈在信仰和幻想中大量存在,這取決於宗教和教派,根本不可能列出,因為這些虛構的宗教幻想人物的胡說八道太廣泛了,幾乎每天都在變化。今天這個和那個宗教教派存在,明天就消失了,而接著又有一個新的教派讓信徒們再次瘋狂起來。

This religious nonsense of the earthlings or the human beings of the Earth led to the fact that quarrels arose between the different believers, consequently there were arguments about the religions and their deities and hatred arose against the neighbour who worshipped another deity and consequently had another faith, which led to murder and manslaughter and finally to war and destruction. So, because of religions and different beliefs, religious wars have arisen again and again since time immemorial, claiming millions and millions of human lives. And these still rage on underground today, and will continue to do so for a long time – mainly between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Again and again there are murders and assassinations because religious fanatics strike and blow human beings of other faiths to shreds or shoot them, stab them, beat them to death or massacre them. It is …

地球人的這種宗教胡說八道導致了不同信徒之間的爭吵,因此出現了關於宗教及其「神靈」的爭論,並對崇拜另一個神靈的人產生了仇恨,從而導致了謀殺和誤殺,最後導致戰爭和毀滅。因此,由於宗教和不同的信仰,自古以來,宗教戰爭一再發生,奪去了數百萬人的生命。今天,這些戰爭仍然在地下肆虐,並將在很長一段時間內繼續如此 —— 主要是在伊斯蘭教、猶太教和基督教之間。謀殺和暗殺事件一再發生,因為宗教狂熱分子將其他信仰的人痛打一頓,或者槍擊他們、刺傷他們、毆打他們或屠殺他們。這就是…

Man, how time flies, here comes Michael home. We have to interrupt our conversation for about half an hour, because I still have to talk to him and do some things. It might also take a bit longer than 30 minutes.



Well, I can wait here then.



Unfortunately that’s not possible, because I still have something to do with Michael on the computer. But there is still a bird feeder from Karin in Munich that needs a place, which you can still determine – maybe somewhere in the Hausbungert.

恐怕這樣不行,因為我和Michael在電腦上還有一些事情要做。不過,在慕尼黑(Munich)的Karin還有一個喂鳥器(bird feeder)需要找一個地方,這你可以作決定 —— 也許在Hausbungert的某個地方。


Then I will wait in my flying apparatus or walk around a bit more and look because of the bird feeder Karin brought.



You want to go out in the cold – but you must know that. Anyway, I have to go because I am sure Michael does not have a house key with him. So see you later …

你想在寒冷中出去 —— 但你一定知道的。總之,我得走了,因為我確信Michael沒有帶房門的鑰匙。所以回頭見…

… I will be back. You wait. It took a few minutes longer, I am afraid.

… 我會回來的。你等著。恐怕要多花幾分鐘時間。


It’s okay, I saw you coming back to the workroom, so I am already waiting for you here. Besides, I think that by the big fir tree in the Hausbungert, the squirrel feeder would be well placed.

沒關係,我看到你回到了工作室,所以我已經在這裡等你了。另外,我覺得在Hausbungert的那棵大冷杉(fir)樹旁,松鼠餵食器(squirrel feeder)的位置很好。


Good, that’s how it should be done, so Barbara can put it there. It is not a big fir tree, but I know which tree you mean. By the way, what do you say to the fact that everywhere, practically in all countries, the Corona epidemic is striking again? Yesterday, in Germany alone, there were over 37,000 new infected people and about 170 dead within 24 hours.



This was to be expected, and only the leaders and the so-called experts in epidemiology and pandemics are to blame for this, although it should be explained that the difference between a pandemic, such as is currently rampant, and an epidemic is that the pandemic as an infectious disease spreads in many countries or continents and endangers the health and life of Earth human beings practically worldwide.


… … …


… … …


I see. – But something – I hope something clever – just occurred to me that I want to say quickly before it disappears again:

我明白了。—— 但有些事情 —— 我希望是明智的事情 —— 剛剛發生在我身上,我想在它再次消失之前趕緊說出來。

There is no need for religious faith in
a God to be a true human being.


SSSC, 1:55 hrs, 6.11.2021, Billy


Interpreted it might be said thus: Stupidity, i.e. non-thinking, must be discarded, for indeed only the clear thinking of the human being is needed, and thus no religious belief in a God, God-Creator, in angels or in saints, etc., in order to be – or to become – a true human being, but understanding and reason are sufficient, a clear and really conscious thinking, which makes the human being knowing and wise and lets him realise that he alone is himself the Lord and Master and therefore absolutely determining in every fibre concerning all things of his life.

SSSC, 2:05 hrs, 6.11.2021, Billy




That is good, but that is where I am called – the panel …

這很好,但這裡有呼叫我的訊息 —— 那是委員會小組…

You heard everything but you couldn’t understand anything because we are having our conversation in our language. So I want to explain to you what advisory resolution our committee has worked out. Unfortunately, the whole thing took so long because other facts had to be discussed first, which have nothing to do with the affairs of the FIGU.


The advice of the panel is as follows, which I will give as points as they are now told to me, and which I will put into your mother tongue as I go along. When the speaker of the panel now tells me the advice, I will immediately translate it so that you understand what it is about. So listen to my words when I now implement what is said and explained to me. First comes the explanation of what you have asked me before, but which will only be finally answered today.


  1. The new Earthly electronic epoch opens up new possibilities on Earth, which should also open up full paths for the FIGU association with regard to electronic administration and general dealings with members. However, these values, which were not feasible until recently, have been developed in such an advanced way and have changed in a useful way that now the whole thing is to be taken up and made usable in a new form by the FIGU Association. The result of all this for the FIGU in all conceivable necessities of the use of electronics is that everything is switched to the state of the progressing development of electronics and is thus adapted to the unstoppably developing technology in this respect. However, it is to be taken into account that everything and anything is stored and kept internally at the FIGU, so that any information and data etc. is not and never stored externally, because this external storage will lead in the future to an outbreak of criminal nature, over which the FIGU could very quickly no longer exercise any control. What is also to be said in particular is that it should be privately refrained from storing any data and information etc. in external storage, because a look into the future shows that in the future everything will be criminally abused and will more or less lead to damage for the individual persons. This will be the case with newly emerging companies of the same kind that specialise in storing foreign data and information, etc., as is already happening with so-called ‘security service platforms’ that pretend to be very reputable and deal with automatically propagating the recognition and protection of data to private individuals, companies and corporations. Combinations of protection functions on networks and workloads are to come into play, which serve to protect expansion processes and corporate migration and are to be associated with a certain degree of flexibility. The whole thing is supposed to bring more transparency into the allegedly existing security and to expand its high value of diversity with valuable security controls the development mode, consequently everyone could develop his own defence concept from it, by which the personal data and information could be correctly protected.

新的電子時代在地球上開闢了新的可能性,這也應該為FIGU組織在電子管理和與會員間處理一般事務方面開闢了充分的途徑。然而,這些功能,直到最近才以先進的方式發展,並朝向有用的方式改變,現在整個情況,將可以被FIGU組織以新的形式接受並加以運用。這一切對FIGU來說,在使用電子技術的所有可想像的必要條件下,其結果是一切都轉向了電子技術不斷發展的狀態,從而適應這方面不可阻擋的技術發展。但是必須考慮到,所有的資訊和資料都必須存儲和保存在FIGU組織內部的設備中,因此,任何資訊和資料等都永遠不會存儲在外部,因為這種外部存儲設備在未來將可能導致引發犯罪性的事件,而FIGU很快就無法對其進行任何控制。還需要特別指出的是,應該私下避免將任何資料和資訊等存儲在外部記憶體中,因為展望未來,一切都會被犯罪分子濫用,或多或少會導致對個人的損害。這將是新興類似公司的情況,它們專門存儲外國資料和資訊等,正如那些所謂的“安全服務平台”(security service platforms),它們表面看似信譽卓著,專門自動處理對於私人、公司和企業資料的識別和保護。這在網路和工作負載的保護功能的組合方面將發揮作用,有助於保護擴展過程和企業遷移,並保有某種程度的靈活性。整個事情應該給所謂的現有安全帶來更多的透明度,並以有價值的安全控制發展模式擴大其高價值的多樣性,因此,每個人都可以從中發展自己的防禦概念,通過它可以正確保護個人資料和資訊。

It is recommended that such offers be rejected and that deposits of personal data and information, etc. – as well as mainly from the FIGU association – be made in self-administration. This is because it has become clear with certain foresight that in the future an external storage of data and information etc. will be very precarious and lead to criminal purposes.

建議拒絕使用這種方案,並建議個人資料和資訊等的儲存 —— 主要來自FIGU組織的個人資料和資訊,應以自我管理的方式進行。這是因為人們已經清楚察覺到,在未來,資料和資訊等的外部存儲將非常不穩定,並會導致犯罪行為的發生。

  1. It is perfectly permissible according to the latest state of the art in earthly electronic technology that factors or agenda items at regular and irregular meetings for consultation and decision-making of any FIGU grouping can be sent electronically and listened to by members belonging to the group concerned, regardless of which stationary or mobile location is chosen for listening in or co-determination.


  1. Electronic communications relating to regular and irregular meetings and eavesdropping for FIGU members belonging to the FIGU grouping in question are all permitted without any restriction, but such eavesdropping must be conducted outside any eavesdropper who is not entitled to eavesdrop, or persons who are not members of the FIGU grouping in question are excluded from eavesdropping of any kind.


  1. At electronically conducted meetings, which deal with special topics etc., which are solely related to the weal and woe of a member in his presence, only the appropriately designated members of the Executive Committee are entitled to participate, consult and make decisions electronically.


  1. Any electronic or written participation of any kind in FIGU meetings for consultation, deliberation and decision-making by FIGU delegates in relation to a FIGU member is permitted, also taking into account postponements so that all designated members can participate in an involved or deliberative matter.


  1. Any person, female or male, who is in rights and honours – or who was legally fallible, but who demonstrably strives with dignity to find and walk the correct path of life of independent thought and to free himself from faith of any kind – may become or be a member of FIGU.

任何享有權利和榮譽的人,無論男女, —— 或在法律上有缺陷,但已明顯努力尋找且獨立思考正確生活之道,並從任何形式的信仰中解放出來的人,都可以成為或成為FIGU的成員。

  1. Any person who is in any way connected with the FIGU Association may become a member of the FIGU Association at their own discretion, whether as a passive member, patron member or core group member, although the special FIGU regulations apply and must be taken into account.


  1. Patron members may also become/be patron passive members at the same time, but may fulfil their self-imposed obligations in the form of their patronage at their own discretion.


  1. Any innovations resulting from necessities of any kind as well as from any innovations and from the progress of electronics, which are subsequently found to be good and correct by the core-group of the SSSC, shall become equally valid for all other groupings of any kind.


  1. The FIGU regulations of any kind must be prescribed in accordance with the statutes and must be recorded in writing(handwritten, typed, computerised, electronic) and may be consulted at any time by FIGU members, offices or interested parties.


  1. The FIGU Statutes and special temporary regulations are valid for the SSSC core-group as well as for any other upcoming core-groups in other countries, for the Passive Group, National Groups, Study Groups (Note Bernadette: Interest Groups) and Benefactor Groups and consequently all the articles of the Statutes are fully valid and uniformly determinative for each grouping.


  1. As of the 5th of November 2021, the passive grouping will be managed and led worldwide by the core-group of the SSSC. Consequently, the core-groups in countries other than Switzerland have no authority to form and lead their own passive groups. In this regard, henceforth:


  1. The National Group in a foreign country shall, in special cases, organise a national passive group meeting as instructed by the SSSC Core-group-Switzerland and conduct it in a regulated manner.


  1. The secondary core-group in a foreign country shall, in special cases, organise and conduct a national passive group meeting in accordance with the instructions of the SSSC core-group-Switzerland.


  1. The national group in a foreign country shall organise a national group meeting at its own discretion and conduct it in its own regulated form.


  1. The national group in a foreign country organises a study group meeting in special cases as required and conducts it in its own regulated form.


With this, I have translated into your mother tongue everything that the body has decided in council, which you are now to present to the core-group in the Centre and which they are to decide on as a new directive in accordance with the necessary innovations. The committee – as it was explained to me – already made an effort a long time ago in the matter of the FIGU, whereby it was considered what would arise in the future and what would have to be taken into account. As a result of this, the whole thing was worked out, which I implemented. When I called the committee, everything had already been worked out, consequently only your questions were added, for which reason the decision and the worked out was passed on to me, which I have now implemented for you. You can then retrieve this and write it down and present it to the core-group in the Centre at the next opportunity so that they can see the whole thing. It is also to be said that as a result of the foresight, the panel perceived that the innovations now listed by them would be necessary in the future time, which is why everything had already been worked out in advance by the panel, consequently it was brought to a conclusion when I contacted them and presented your questions.

我已將該機構在理事會上決定的所有內容翻譯成你們的母語,你們現在要將這些內容提交給中心的核心小組,他們將根據必要的創新,決定將其作為一項新的指令。委員會 —— 正如有人向我解釋的那樣 —— 很久以前就已經在FIGU的問題上做出了努力,據此考慮了未來會出現什麼以及必須考慮到什麼。這樣做的結果是,整個事情被制定出來了,我也執行了。當我呼叫委員會時,一切都已經制定好了,因此只增加了你的問題,為此,決定和制定的方案都轉交了給我,現在我已經為你們執行了。然後你可以把它接收下來,並且寫下來,在下一次機會提交給中心的核心小組,讓他們看到整個事情。還要說的是,由於已有先見之明,委員會小組認為現在由他們列出的創新,在未來的時間裡是需要的,這就是為什麼一切都已經由委員會小組事先制定好了,因此,當我與他們聯繫並提出你的問題時,它就得出了結論。


That was good, you can give everyone my thanks then. What you explained to me at the beginning of your translation of what was said by the panel and that relates to what was mentioned as the first point regarding the storage system, I guess that relates to what my question was regarding the ‘Cloud’?






I understand that, but I do not understand much about the whole thing, because I do not understand much about computers and all that stuff. I also have no interest in learning it.



I will be happy to do that. The fact that you do not know anything about computers and are not interested in them is nothing new to me, and it is also not important for you, because there are enough experts around you who will be happy to help you if you need help, as I know. But now I will say goodbye, because you look quite tired in the world. So farewell, and goodbye, Eduard.



Well, take care, my friend. And anyway, thank you for all your translation of what the panel has explained, whom I also thank for their efforts.



I will do that. Goodbye, my friend.



Thank you. Goodbye, Ptaah.





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