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Thirty-First Contact
Thursday, July 17, 1975, 10:14 AM

1. Today is your big day.

After everything you’ve said to me, I’ve also already thought that.

2. You had to have contemplated this; it was to be expected.
3. But now, I must tell you also this time that you have to remain silent about certain things.
4. At a later point in time, however, I will be allowed to give you permission to write about everything you’ve seen and experienced.
5. So with the transmission of the report, I will then leave out everything that may not be spoken of yet.
6. But now come 鈥� first, we’ll make another journey through your solar system.

(We go to the ship and let ourselves be lifted into it by the transport beam. Just a few seconds later, the ship hovers up, and from about 50 meters of altitude, I snap some slide pictures of the surroundings of the launch site. I take some of the pictures vertically from above and some slightly at an angle. I can take these pictures through the still open transport beam hatch, while we are rising higher quite slowly. After taking the pictures, Semjase closes the hatch, and in a matter of seconds, the ship shoots up several kilometers, without my being able to notice any pressure or any other changes. Everything is just as if I were simply standing on Earth somewhere on solid ground. Also, various sudden course changes cause no impact whatsoever, even though I can see through the windows on board that we are repeatedly shooting around like a large pendulum in the craziest of movements.)

7. We are now leaving Earth’s domain of attraction.

Where should we go now?

8. First to Venus, where you can already use your camera.

So how about the Venus human beings 鈥� can one photograph those?

9. You’re joking, because I’ve told you explicitly that this planet doesn’t carry any human life forms.

I know. I just wanted to see what you would say.

10. I understand; you’re referring to certain claims of alleged contactees.


11. Your thought processes are often very hard to recognize.
12. But now, look at this apparatus here, which we’ve made to give you better photographing possibilities.
13. You can quite simply hold your camera in front of this viewing screen and photograph the outside.
14. As you can see, you can also see out through this transparent material, as if it were a simple glass pane.
15. The device next to it, however, generates various radiations, making the existing colors and so forth of the objects to be photographed visible or simply preserved, so they can be captured by the film.
16. Because of this, you’ll be able to take rather good color shots 鈥� so we hope.
17. From our side, we’ve procured another photo camera, which is very similar to yours.
18. So if you give me some film, I can help you with this second camera.

Of course 鈥� I’m surprised, because as you once told me, you have a completely different technology for taking photo-like pictures. But now, you suddenly come with a suitable camera.

Semjase: (laughs softly)
19. The camera is a product of your technology, which someone of our own has procured.

You surprise me, because for that, you had to have gone to our villages or towns.

20. Is that so strange?

I always only see you in your suit, and with this clothing, neither you nor others from yourselves would be able to come before the eyes of the dear Earth human beings.

21. Sure, but we also have clothes of your kind.
22. We need these because we move here and there in your circles, of course shielded from swinging waves, so that we are not harmed by the swinging waves of the Earth human beings.
23. But we can only do this in each case for a short time.

That actually doesn’t surprise me, but why, then, don’t you go out with me sometime?

24. We can come to an agreement on that sometime.

That was fast, but with us, we have the so-called police, who sometimes check various people on a whim. What if someone demanded identification papers from you?

25. You sure have questions sometimes, but don’t worry about it.
26. We don’t have identification papers of your kind, because we don’t need such things in this form.
27. Should it happen, however, that we are asked for such papers, then we are able to arrange this by influencing thoughts.
28. This arrangement consists in the fact that through the power of our thoughts, we produce pseudo-images for the questioners concerned and feign in these data and so forth of people really existing in your world.
29. As a result, a possible police officer and so on would really think that he would have whatever identification and such in his hands and would be checking this.

That is indeed deception, Semjase.

30. No, it’s just the production of a hallucination, if you want to call it that.

I understand already, so let’s leave it.

(The flight to Venus doesn’t take very long, and I have just enough time to take a closer look at the device for taking photographs: The viewing pane looks to me like clear glass, through which everything outside can be observed. I just notice that this whole viewing screen is very finely rastered, similar to the appearance of a photographically rastered image. The size of the screen is about 50 x 50 cm, while the color-beaming device next to it is recessed and sunk, thus allowing no insight into its interior. Together with this device, an oscillographic as well as many other various apparatuses are embedded in a round table and in the walls of the cockpit room. These apparatuses, which to a large extent seem somewhat strange to me and which I could already observe on my first flight, quite obviously serve to guide and steer the beamship, with also detection devices, devices displaying distance and radiation, etc. playing a very important role. Nevertheless, all viewing screens and image screens other than the oscillographic one are radically different from all the apparatuses of the same or similar kinds of earthly origin that are known to me, and all the appearing forms, signs, and figures on the screens are expressed in beautiful and often fantastic colors and also extremely vividly. In contrast to the earthly viewing screens or image screens known to me, which are able to show manifestations of signs and images practically only on their surfaces, these screens make everything appear with such a three-dimensional effect, as if everything were materially present and not just technically and visually generated. When we come into the vicinity of Venus, I have to tear myself away from my reflections, for Semjase speaks up.)

31. You can now take some pictures of Venus’ shroud.
32. After that, I’ll show you the surface of the planet itself.
33. But unfortunately, I can do this only via the viewing screens and through the windows.
34. For this, I will unfortunately have to close the viewing screen of the device for taking photos because the planet’s temperatures are too high.
35. The screen is able to withstand quite tremendous cold, but not great heat.
36. Nevertheless, don’t be disappointed about the appearance of this world.
37. The planet is only in the stage of the initial development of primitive, very low life.

You’ve already talked about that, so I won’t be disappointed.

38. Sure, but there are some things, about which you must remain silent.

Of course.

(I quickly take the permitted photos, then the beamship soon dives from its position and zooms towards Venus very fast. Tremendously dense masses of clouds in various colors suddenly surround us. This cloud layer is incredibly many kilometers thick, and it doesn’t seem to want to end as we sink down through it, in order to reach the surface of the planet. But then the time comes, and the clouds thin out. It is at 40 kilometers of altitude, when we leave the last cloud accumulations behind us, and on two different image screens, I see the surface of Venus, which is supposed to be extremely rich in volcanoes, as is always claimed. It is indeed wild, but littered with craters, the landscape is not. It is no doubt of a volcanic nature, but it is only partially covered by semi-high, wrinkled, as well as other kinds of mountains and plains and so on. On one side, I see a huge area without mountains, but this is also not full of craters, as is accepted by human beings on Earth. It’s a polar plain, as Semjase tells me, and mountains don’t reach into these areas.)

Almost everything is barren and lifeless, Semjase. Nevertheless, it doesn’t appear to me as a second Moon, as is always claimed by many Earth human beings, that it is that way.

39. Sure, but I did explain that to you.

But, what is that down there 鈥� there next to the little meteor crater?

40. A research probe from your earth.

Aha, and how about a quick cruise around the planet two or three times, so I can see other areas and the night side as well?

41. Sure, that’s also what I wanted to do.


(And Semjase soon sets the ship into fast travel, and we go around Venus several times. Unfortunately, certain observations made during this are not allowed to be explained, but it must be stated with absolute clarity that no human life forms at all are resident on Venus.)

42. The next destination is Mercury, and then we’ll go to the larger planets, which you’ve already seen once.
43. But various of the coming things that you will see, you must not mention to other people.

All right, you do know that I comply with your wishes.

(According to my wristwatch’s time, we fly to different planets of the SOL system until about 4:30 pm, during which I can take several more photos, but unfortunately only from greater distances. Close-ups or shots of details are not permitted by Semjase. She doesn’t give more detailed reasons for this. During the whole time, various very important things are discussed, of which unfortunately only this much may be said, that possibilities of other human life forms on SOL system planets were taken into consideration. This occurred particularly because it has often been told and written in books that such life forms would have been in contact or stood in connection with us Earth human beings, or with some of us. Such claims exist primarily about life forms of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, as well as Mars. So I’m mainly interested in these planets and ask Semjase about the possibility of visiting and searching these planets. She kindly agrees and lets me very closely observe, examine, and inspect these planets and also their moons from just a few kilometers of altitude. But even with the extraordinary enlargements of the scenes on the screens and also in real life, not the slightest traces of those alleged life forms can be discovered, which are said to be resident on these planets and maintain contacts with us Earth human beings. On all of these planets – which may only be designated as planets in part, for not all are actual planets – there exist no such life forms to account for supposed inspirations, telepathic emissions, etc. to Earth human beings. The existing life forms are of a completely different kind than human and, in their low existence, are also completely disinterested in Earth human beings. Valid as exceptions are various existing stations of extraterrestrial intelligences that have human forms. However, these intelligences or life forms are not resident on these planets but are only stationed there for certain tasks. So-called human races or civilizations in the usual human sense or in spiritual form do not exist!
When we are back above Earth at about 4:30 pm, I see different flying objects in free space. In addition to two satellites of earthly origin, I am also able to see five objects that are certainly spaceships of extraterrestrial forms. Upon a corresponding question, Semjase confirms this. But only one of the five ships belongs to her race, while the other four are spaceships of other races, who are here to observe the Apollo-Soyuz coupling. But strangely, I cannot see the objects through the on-board windows or by the viewing screen of the photographing equipment, but only on the image screens of the beamship. Semjase explains to me that all the ships are shielded from sight and can only be seen on her special “Zero Visibility Image Screens.” The zero visibility screen is explained as being a special viewing device capable of capturing and reproducing as an image everything that cannot be seen or located with the naked eye or with primitive surveillance devices such as radar. I content myself with this explanation because Semjase doesn’t want to go into greater detail, and so I now turn to a newly emergent object that appears high above the earth on the horizon. Invisible to all human eyes and beyond all possibilities of detection by earthly technical apparatuses, we approach the new object very fast and fly at only a small distance next to it. It is the Soyuz space capsule, which is to be coupled with the Apollo capsule. Quite clearly and plainly, I see at the rear the letters CCCP, which are painted large there. I know that there are two Russian human beings living in this capsule, and strangely touched, I therefore turn to Semjase.)

[Insert Vol1Pg232Pic]

The whole undertaking seems crazy to me, Semjase. Two human beings live in this small rig.

44. It’s true, the capsules are very small and really offer no living space.
45. I know you’re frightened, when you think that you could be in there.
46. You also have every reason for it.

You’re speaking in riddles, Semjase.

47. At the given time, you’ll understand my words 鈥� but do you want to look into the capsule?

How should that be possible? The crazy thing is closed all around and made airtight.

48. You don’t know the possibilities of our technology, which allow us to distort all the matter by radiations in such a way that it becomes invisible to the eye.
49. We are able to do this in a very controlled manner, and this allows us to direct the effect very precisely.

Then please let me see your miracle work.

(Semjase works with some apparatuses, while I look spellbound upon the Soyuz capsule via the photographing viewing screen specially built for me. All of a sudden, a part of the capsule simply disappears, and I look down in shock at two human beings, who are lying in basins, which are probably supposed to be lounge chairs or something similar. Because of all this, I inadvertently speak to Semjase.)

Semjase, there…

50. Don’t be afraid for them, because nothing will happen to them.
51. For them, the capsule’s matter is still as before, because only for us has it become visibly transparent.

But this is nothing more than a metal, flying coffin, Semjase. The men are really squeezed inside this box. And how can this thing be launched up here, because everything is downright primitive. Just look at this interior and all the equipment – really primitive.

52. Don’t excite yourself, because really nothing will happen to these human beings.
53. They will also get back to Earth very safe and sound.
54. That everything is primitive, you express the right word for it, but keep in mind that you Earth human beings are only at the beginning of space travel, that you are, so to speak, still in your infancy in this regard.
55. Thus, your technology cannot be very high or well developed yet.

That’s right, but if I look at your ship, then…

56. You can’t make any comparisons with this, because with our technology, we are ahead of yours by about 3,500 years of development.
57. But according to your technological level, this primitive capsule and its equipment and so forth is a very great and highly developed technology.
58. So you must not be unfair, because the development time between you and us is too great.

Yes, all right 鈥� but this flying metal coffin…

59. Don’t think about it, because you still won’t solve the riddle of your thoughts, which traces far back into the past of a past life.

You’re making me crazy, because you bring me to a very specific thought. Should that really be so, Semjase?

60. You’ve grasped the first thought; you must think for and find the solution yourself.
61. We, too, had to do this, in order to uncover some little details of your secret.

That’s why I’ll strive – I mean for reflection.

62. Surely you will, but look there; that’s the second capsule, and three human beings are in it.

Aha 鈥� the Amis. 鈥� When should the magic take place, then?

63. In a few minutes, the final maneuver will be initiated.
64. Now begin taking photos, and I will also help you.
65. After the merging of the two capsules, which by the way will go very quickly, you’ll still be able to photograph several different satellites of terrestrial and extraterrestrial origin.
66. After that, we’ll fly away and let ourselves be taken in by our Great Spacer stationed in this system, with which we will then take off to various other systems, galaxies, and a universe barrier, where I then have to fulfill a task.
67. It should still be kept as a surprise for you.
68. But now dedicate yourself to your task.

(I now closely observe the two space capsules of earthly origin, which slowly move towards each other. I notice that the Apollo capsule is quite definitely larger than the Soyuz capsule. Semjase explains this by saying that the Americans’ Apollo capsule is larger because it has the actual coupling connecting piece attached to it, which, after coupling, serves as a through-channel, so to speak, from one capsule to the other. But this coupling piece should then be detached and “let go” by the Apollo capsule at a later point in time, after the completion of all maneuvers and operations. I now operate my camera and snap several films together with Semjase, who now takes various pictures next to me with her second camera also on the rasterized image screens.

[Insert Vol1Pg234Pic1]

[Insert Vol1Pg234Pic2]

[Insert Vol1Pg234Pic3]

[Insert Vol1Pg234Pic4]

[Insert Vol1Pg234Pic5]

[Insert Vol1Pg234Pic6]

As predicted by Semjase, the coupling maneuver proceeds very quickly and with very great precision. After finishing shooting, Semjase works with her apparatuses again, and this time I can see both capsules and also the connecting piece and, of course, again all the human beings in the capsules. In the Apollo capsule, I notice that it is not much larger spatially relative to the Soyuz capsule and likewise seems rather primitive to me and like a flying metal coffin. In terms of interior equipment, however, I find that this capsule of the Americans is quite definitely more richly instrumented than that of the Russians. Despite my frightened feeling over the coffin-like narrowness in these space capsules, I now have to laugh, because I just watched as one of the Americans banged his head while floating and put his hand to his head. This is probably attributable to lack of experience in weightlessness. Unfortunately, I cannot tell which man it was, because I don’t know these capsule dwellers either by name or by photo. Semjase now switches her apparatuses back off, and the capsules now coupled together are normally visible again.)

69. It’s now time to proceed to meet with our Great Spacer.

(Without another word, she sets the beamship in motion again, and within a few minutes, Earth has shrunk to a large light object, which shimmers bluish through space. Having already observed this now several times, I’m not particularly interested anymore, and so I turn to Semjase, who sits on her soft and smooth, oddly shaped armchair and pilots the beamship into dark space, in which billions of variously glittering and variously sized stars flash, a thousand times clearer than they can be observed from Earth. A truly fantastic scene that I will never forget. This is heaven, as it lives and breathes. Between the big and small stars, there are often whole heaps of stars to be seen: star clusters, spiral nebulae, the huge band of the Milky Way in immeasurable beauty and size, and a thousand other things more. Everything is quite simply fantastic, and only now do I have an impression of the immeasurable size and splendor of the universe. With the first flight, and also the preceding hours, I hadn’t observed all this enough, because I was captivated and restrained by many other things. But now, I look at everything calmly and with clear eyes 鈥� and I cannot describe the unending breadth and size and splendor and beauty of this universe that is spread out before me. I lack the words for it. One can only see and understand it for oneself, and I suddenly feel free and light and very elevated above the struggles of everyday life on Earth, where I always feel so strange and out of place. Here, this feeling is simply gone, and everything in me is very different – I feel really comfortable here and at home. I don’t know why, but it is actually so. I am detached from all earthly concerns, worries, and problems – I feel free. Then Semjase interrupts me in my reflections and thoughts.)

[Insert Vol1Pg235Pic]

70. You’re rushing to solve your riddle, much faster than I had calculated.
71. I’ve overheard your thoughts because you sent them out so strongly.
72. You’re beginning to understand a lot, and that’s a good thing.
73. But now, look there in front; there is our Great Spacer, which will take us in.

[Insert Vol1Pg236Pic]
Image section of the dome of Ptaah’s Great Spacer.

(In the distance, which is hard for me to estimate, a huge metal sphere is suspended in dark space and reflects only extremely weakly in the light of the Sun. Very slowly, the speed of our ship now decreases. Semjase sits very attentively in front of her apparatuses and devices, etc. and skillfully pilots towards the enormous sphere, which seems like a small planet to me. I can see that in the lower third, slightly to the left, there is a big hole on the side, which I soon recognize as a hatch – undoubtedly a hangar, into which we slowly fly. Countless beamships of the same type as our ship sit here orderly in rank and file, and only an approximately 100 x 100 meter wide square at the hangar’s entrance is free. I look back at the hangar’s entrance and watch as a wall slides up from below and the entrance closes. Everything all around is brightly lit, and the light, which looks slightly bluish, seems to come directly out of the walls. The whole hangar is very big, and the spherical ship itself must be very gigantic in accordance with this magnitude. So I ask Semjase about the size.)

How big is this spaceship, Semjase?

74. It’s big, very big even, and it’s the biggest of this class.
75. It’s a very special beamship, which contains all technologies known to us.
76. On the whole, it is its own perfect world, a world that can fly.
77. It contains a complete and inhabited city with 141,000 inhabitants.
78. Everything that is needed for life can be produced in the ship itself, and it is absolutely independent of any things of any kind or form from outside its hull.
79. This great-space ship represents our latest development, and it’s been in operation with various others of its class for only 4 years of earthly time reckoning.
80. They find useful application as self-sustaining expeditionary and intergalactic regulatory ships.
81. Capable of moving into all times and spaces, even a leap through a universe barrier is no longer an obstacle for them, whereby an all-universal community of countless life forms can be created.
82. Only mighty in this very high technology for four years, we are unfortunately just at the beginning of this great task.

That’s fantastic! If I understand you correctly, then you just explained to me that with this ship, and also with all others of its kind, you are able to move from one universe to another?

83. Sure, you’ve understood me correctly.
84. However, this only applies to equally directed universes.

Then tell me something: You recently told me that you know Asket very well?

85. Sure.

Please don’t hold back any answer. How do you know Asket? And what do you know about her and her race? And what do you know about me in connection with this?

86. There are no secrets.
87. Asket has explained everything to me, and so I know that you were in contact together until about a decade ago.
88. All the details are known to me 鈥� including your time travel into the past, by which you have been thoroughly cured of all the irrational teachings of the religions existing among you.

You are frighteningly open, Semjase, when I consider that at that time, Asket strictly forbade us to talk about it, unless she would allow it sometime by a sign.

89. You’ve just received this sign.

You mean that your just stated knowledge about this matter is supposed to be the sign?

90. Sure, but for the next thirty days, you still have a restriction on speaking, in the sense that you still have to remain silent about the journey through time and your findings.
91. However, you may now distribute the reports written by you in 1964 about contact with Asket.
92. You’ve surely kept them well?

Of course, I’ve just been waiting for the permission to speak and have kept everything well. But how is it, actually, that you know Asket?

93. After the predetermined discontinuation in 1964 in India of the contacts with you, which were conducted in cooperation with us and the High Council, she got in touch with our High Council, and there resulted a quick contact and a quick cooperation.
94. With the help of her race from the DAL Universe, we came into possession of the knowledge of the highest technical possibilities, so we also received the most precise data for the development of this Great Spacer, which we have been using for four Earth years now.
95. For Asket’s people, leaving these data was no problem, because they have mastered this form of overcoming distance, of which these ships are capable, for more than 700 years.
96. According to earthly time reckoning, Asket’s people are ahead of us in all technical matters by a development time of 350 years.
97. But since this small period of time plays no decisive role once a certain level of development in all areas has been reached, it was only natural for us to be helped with very important cognitions and achievements and for us to be given the knowledge to build this Great Spacer.

Only now do I understand the connections. Should you see Asket sometime, give her my best regards.

98. Sure, sure…

You say that so strangely, and also your smile is so odd. Why’s that?

99. Just because.

Once again, you have a secret to hide. Well, if you don’t want to say it, then just keep it for yourself. But I’m still interested in the size of this space giant. Can you at least tell me just the mean diameter in meters?

100. Sure, because that’s no secret.
101. According to your measures, it is exactly 17,182 meters.


102. That seems to be a lot to you.

??? 鈥� Man, girl 鈥� I’m just floored!

103. Then recover quickly, because you’ll still see and hear other things.

Already done, but I really had to digest that first. That’s just amazing, yes, I felt like I was being forced to the ground. That is…, ah 鈥� by the way, forced to the ground; about that, I’ve heard such a strange story, Semjase, for which I’d like to ask you for an explanation. Mr. Veit from Wiesbaden brought me a letter from a certain Ella or Elsa Schröder or something like that, who spoke of the fact that some time ago in Turkey, she had observed a woman who dug up something from the earth, a cylinder or something like that, with a peculiar digging device. The woman then took this thing with her and vanished with it into a UFO, which simply disappeared high into the sky. Incidentally, this woman or this Miss Schröder had also spoken with this UFO woman, and this one had introduced herself as Semjaze or Semjase or such. Can you tell me something about that? Do you know anything about this story?

[Translator’s Note: A copy of the original letter, reproduced below, appears on pages 238 – 239 of the German version of the Pleiadian / Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 1]

Dear Sir,

Please excuse me for reaching out to you with this letter without my knowing you. I received your address from a compatriot, who has advised me to write to you, since you would surely be interested in my information. But first, I would like to tell you some things about my person, etc., so that you know with whom you are dealing. I am a German citizen and 35 years old. For about 4 years, I’ve traveled around the world as a car hitchhiker because I would like to see and experience some things in my life. One often encounters such rather peculiar and strange things, which one would normally never experience otherwise. So, 17 days ago, something happened to me, which was rather strange. It was in the Persian desert, down in Zahedan, about two miles outside the village in the bright morning. My friend, Peter, and I had pitched our tent there, far out of the way, in order not to be pestered by the villagers, which is always common in these areas. It was about 7 o’clock in the morning when we were woken up by strange noises but could not see anything when we crawled out of the tent. The sounds were still there, however, and were coming from behind a sand dune about 50 meters away. Peter said that it had to be workers, who had something to do there. He was content with that and crawled back into the tent to sleep another hour or two. I, however, was interested and went to see what the workers were doing there. So I walked around the big sand dune and unexpectedly stood before a woman, who was possibly the same age as me. Quite peculiarly dressed, she reminded me of the astronauts I had seen in pictures. The woman was apparently startled when she saw me, and she immediately stopped working, as she had just churned up the sand with a strange device. Myself very surprised, I went up to this woman and asked her in English what she was doing here. The answer was that she was searching here for something very specific. That is, she was trying to dig up something that had fallen down here. Then she simply continued working and, after a few minutes, actually found the sought after object, a somewhat strange, spiral-shaped cylinder, which she stowed away in her peculiar digging device. After that, she wanted to leave and said goodbye to me. Curiously drawn to her, I asked her to stay a moment, which she then also did after some hesitation. I introduced myself to her and asked her if she lived here in the area of Zahedan. But she just laughed and said that this place was too inhospitable for her to live here and that she came from far away. Moreover, her name would be Semjaze or Semjase, if I understood it correctly. We then chatted for a while about the people in Persia, then she said that she really had to go now. So we said goodbye, and she busied herself with her digging device. To my astonishment, this all of a sudden rose from the ground and hovered in front of the woman, who now walked away and vanished behind another sand hill. When I had recovered a bit from my astonishment, I ran up the sand dune, behind which the woman had just vanished. When I reached the top, I froze in new astonishment, because what I saw, it could not be true: About 100 meters away, there sat something very strange, about which I used to laugh when someone would tell of it, namely a flying saucer. I just could not believe it and thought I had gone crazy. But it had to be true, because I watched as the woman with her device just vanished into it, at the underside of the flying saucer, and the door shut behind her. Then, completely silently, the saucer suddenly rose and came flying somewhat in my direction. It suddenly seemed as if an invisible hand had pushed me away, and I fell and rolled down the sand dune. Somewhat dazed, I picked myself back up and watched, as the flying saucer was slowly rising vertically. Then suddenly, it shot off like an arrow and vanished with a strange sound into the blueness of the sky. Quite stunned, I stood there for some time, before I went back to the tent. On the way there, I felt quite strange all of a sudden, and suddenly there was a voice inside me, which apologized several times. Of course, I later told Peter everything, but he only laughed at my story and said that I had desert madness. So we got into a quarrel, and a few hours later, he left me and disappeared for good. He told me that he wanted nothing more to do with a crazy person and, therefore, was going his own way. But I’m really not crazy, and I know for sure that I really saw everything. I also remember very well that the woman said to me during our conversation that she had a very good and dear friend in Europe. And I also know very well that I saw her, as well as her peculiar digging machine and the flying saucer. I’m really not crazy and have actually seen and experienced everything as I am writing it to you. In the meantime, I have gotten to know a new friend, and I have told him everything. And he thinks that there really can be such things and that you would deal with such things. He had read this once in a newspaper and said I should write you my story, which I have done now. But I wouldn’t want you to mention my name, if you would tell my story to anyone. It’s already enough that I have been called crazy by many, when I told them about my experience. And when I return to Germany sometime, I don’t want fingers to be pointed at me and it to be said that I am now just that crazy person, who saw the flying saucer, the strange digging machine, and the star woman in Persia. Please understand this and do not mention my name. This is also why I’m not providing you any more specific details about my person, home address, etc., because I said already that it is really enough that I have been insulted everywhere as crazy, whenever I have told my story. In Germany, they might even put me in a madhouse, if they knew where I’m really from and when I’m coming back to my hometown. Please understand this.

I send you my best regards and remain yours sincerely,

Elsa Schröder

Antakya / Turkey – March 8, 1975

[Translator’s Note: End of the letter. Back to the contact.]

Semjase: (smiles mischievously)
104. Sure, sure, the incident is known to me.
105. However, it wasn’t in Turkey, but in Iran, near Zahedan in the early morning.
106. There I, fortunately shielded from swinging waves, dug up a time spiral from the earth, which was very important.
107. We had searched for three years, before we found it.
108. It concerns a time projectile for research purposes.
109. That’s what you would call it, anyway.
110. Here 鈥� this is that projectile. (Semjase produces something conical and spiral-shaped.)
111. This is also a reason why we are going to the universe barrier, because it comes from another universe.

Oh, so that’s it. And when did you dig up this thing?

112. In the first months of this year.
113. But now we should leave our flying device, because the room is also atmospherically balanced for you.
114. We are in a secured room that is fully atmospheric even when the outer hatches to space are open.
115. But security demands that this large room be sealed off from the actual areas of life by invisible barriers, so that security is really given in full.

(The transport beam lets us glide out of the shaft and stand on the metal floor of the great-space giant. Only now that I’m out of the beamship do I notice that the free landing site of about 100 x 100 meters is delimited by crystal-clear walls and that there are countless small beamships behind these walls, and that between the ships, many human beings are scurrying around, who are evidently dealing with the ships. But I also see walking mechanical apparatuses, evidently some robots, which are also rushing back and forth and doing some work. Very far back, I can barely see a few larger beamships, which have completely different shapes than those known to me before. 


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