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  • Saturday, February 3, 1945, 12:10 PM
1. Eduard, listen very carefully to what I have to say to you:
2. Not for nothing, but for specific reasons, the sequence of our encounters has arisen.
3. The cause for the reasons leads back to determinations which lie very far in the past, and according to which, during the time of your present life, you are assigned to a task determined by yourself, as was repeatedly the case in your spiritual reincarnation line in past lives and in other personalities and bodies, in order to fulfill the mission of a proclaimer and to bring peace, true love, freedom and oneness, as well as open, unencrypted knowledge of the spiritual matters and creational laws, as well as wisdom to the whole of humanity.
4. Through your own determination reaching far back from this time, you have come into life as a proclaimer of the true creational laws and recommendations and, thus, as a prophet, in which case you will not take up your real mission, however, and begin to fulfill it until the time has become ripe for it, namely with the date of January 28, 1975.
5. Until then, you will be strictly learning in many countries of this world and with various teachers informed about your appearance, who have stood in connection with me for some time, or who will be in the near future.
Eduard Albert Meier at the age of eight. 
Eduard Albert Meier im Alter von acht Jahren.
6. Like all the really great proclaimers and sages, who have taught on the earth since time immemorial, bringing to the whole of humanity the teaching of spirit, of peace, of love, of knowledge, of harmony and wisdom, as well as of true freedom, you too were born as an inconspicuous human being; and like all real proclaimers and sages, you too will first have to learn a great deal before you take on and begin to fulfill your task at your predetermined time.
7. But at the same time, you have to consider that you will have to endure a rather adventurous and often hard life full of privation, which will still increase from the year 1965 in a form that will demand a lot of powers from you in every respect.
8. This will trace back particularly to your wife, whom you will meet and marry in the same year, which is unavoidable, however, and will be very closely related to your mission.
9. Hence, the step of your marriage is necessary, as your real powers, which you will need from that time on, will only be built up through this path that you have to take.
10. Be aware, however, that everything invading you in this regard will be merciless and absolutely unavoidable, for only by your passing and also mastering this hard lesson will you be able to fulfill your duty to your task and to your fellow human beings without wavering and without fickleness and without a doubt absolutely honestly, modestly, and in real love and joy.
11. But at the same time, you will not remain spared from much suffering, as well as not from slanderous accusations and hatred, which will often be traced back to your wife.
12. But these attacks, which will also be founded in assassination attempts against your life, you will have to counteract powerfully and unwaveringly, because only then, when you master everything, will you be able to fulfill your mission.
13. You will not have to endure the worst machinations permanently, however, because your wife will maliciously turn away from you when she finally realizes that you will unwaveringly tread your path and fulfill your task.
14. But unfortunately, she will be so blinded by hatred that she will secretly continue to spread slander about you and engage in intrigues against you.
15. But you will not have to compete against this if you are as learning as I tell you to be.
16. You are now already wise for your age in a way that old human beings feel drawn to you, like to talk with you, and are amazed at your knowledge that you already have, which is why they also often ask you for advice.
17. Truly, your words contain a swinging wave, which testifies to a great inner power and which helps the human beings.
18. Through this, you are able to rid the world of unvirtue and ill, as well as unpeace and unknowledge.
19. Due to this inner power, which also expresses your modesty and your honesty as well as your love for the human beings, also a great trust has been placed in you, which you have already been living up to ever since our acquaintance, and you have constantly tried hard never to hurt or abuse it.
20. The value of your words and your virtues lies in the inspirational way in which you convey everything.
21. When you speak with human beings, your words contain a modest and honest power, such that they don’t just fade away unheeded; rather, they are thought about and the actual truth in their meaning is sought.
22. This thinking about your words occurs in a meditative form, according to which then also action takes place.
23. Your name is Eduard Albert Meier, and as your first name expresses in its value, you are a “guardian of the treasure," which in this case refers to the treasure of the spiritual teaching, which you will learn in all things and teach to the human beings.
24. But you will not be called by that name throughout the time of your life, for at a certain date, in Tehran, in Persia, you will receive the name “Billy," with which you will become known in a worldwide form.
25. The designation “BEAM" will be added, which will result from the initial letters of all your names, so from Billy Eduard Albert Meier.
26. Nevertheless, you are only a simple human being, and you will also remain as such in honesty and modesty.
27. You will not make a fuss of your person; rather, at a given time, you will put yourself in the background, so as not to be regarded as something special and not to let yourself be admired or adored.
28. And you will do this very well, as the human beings on Earth are too anxious to create idols, to which they commit themselves subserviently and pathologically, emulating them and denying their own individuality.
29. This must not be, and so you will do well to tread your path of modesty and honesty and of being in the background, which is also now already your distinctive style.
30. Work in the quiet, and do not go into the public too much.
31. Let others do this for you, for it will not happen to them, that they become flattered and adored.
32. Do your work and mission in a written form, and stay in the background as far as possible.
33. Only bring the teaching of spirit in a direct oral form to the human beings there where they will belong to a close group that will gather around you.
34. But for them, too, only be like a mirror, into which they can look and see only yourself, namely how you are and how you present yourself to them, so that they see that you are also just a human being who is of their equals and not a being who is set higher above them, who only looks down on them.
35. Nevertheless, be like a fire and stay not too far from them with the warmth of your love, so that they can come to you at any time and feel your warmth, security and love, as well as your peace, your freedom, equalizedness, and harmony.
36. But do not get too close to them with your knowledge and with your wisdom and with all your powers, so that they do not burn themselves.
37. Therefore, also do not use your powers of your consciousness for official demonstrations, but use them in your group originating from 1975 only as evidence for the fact that the powers of the consciousness and the spirit can be used and, thus, also developed.
38. So learn the right distance to the human beings, so that you do not get too close to them but also do not stay too far away from them.
39. You have come into this world to give, not to take.
40. Therefore, always take only what you rightly deserve, what you can regard as your own merit, or what is given to you out of love, esteem, and connectedness.
41. Never demand something for yourself if you do not do a suitable work for it.
42. Every work is worth its wages, but you should never ask for more.
43. It will not be the case, however, that you can distribute your written works without any charge, as the system of the Earth human being’s economy makes that impossible.
44. But you should pay no heed to that, for the time and your time-immemorial teaching of spirit will bring with it that in the emerging group, the truth of the teaching will be recognized, and also financial means will accordingly be provided, with which your writings and books can be professionally made and distributed at reasonable prices.
45. But the very outset will be up to you, which is why you should work and be frugal, in order to be able to finance the beginning of your mission when your time has become ripe for it.
46. Yet already at the beginning of your task, you will find modest help, which will expand quickly, however.
47. But never demand, for you and your mission are not like the religions, or like the groups and circles, etc. that spring from them, or like their leaders, preachers, and forerunners.
48. Always give everything you can give when the human beings are ready to receive.
49. However, never give more – with regard to the teaching, its knowledge, and its wisdom – than what the human beings are capable of understanding and coping with.
50. The rule proves that they always want to know more than their minds can cope with, so be told that you should only ever teach and reveal just as much knowledge and wisdom as the human beings’ present state of understanding requires.
51. If the understanding and grasping of the actual truth in relation to the learning material increases, then the teaching can be expanded in its value and in its details in accordance with the new understanding.
52. However, this usually only occurs at the time when a correspondingly precise question is brought forward.
53. But always be aware that there will always be just a few who will really ask for the real and the essential with regard to the essence of everything spiritual and creational, and for the sake of teaching them, you will fulfill your mission in this life through your present personality.
54. You are in this life in order to teach the truth of all truth to the human beings, so that the human beings gain clarity and free themselves from the irrational teachings of the religions and their outgrowths.
55. Through the teaching of spirit, which you will teach and spread starting from 1975, the real truth and light shall come to the human beings, so that the Earth human beings’ deepest desires for true love and freedom, for peace and harmony, become fulfilled.
56. For the teaching of spirit, which has been the teaching of Nokodemion, Henok, and all your former personalities from time immemorial, you shall require in return, as it was in all times gone by, only the will to learn, love, peace, freedom, harmony, joy, diligence, fairness, and humaneness as well as being human, but not any material things, by which you could attain wealth, for if you want to acquire such, then you should do that through the work of your hands, but not by enriching yourself through the teaching.
57. It will, indeed, be necessary for you to be able to make a living as well, which is why it must be your own, that you have a securing through regulated provisions with regard to your work, which must never be based in enrichment, however.
58. Your work will be hard, and you will have to work a lot, both in terms of the mission itself and for your livelihood before the mission’s sake.
59. Moreover, your work will not be simple and limited to one activity, for in order to master everything you need to master, you will learn and carry on many different activities.
60. That which is learned will be especially important starting from the year 1977, when you will build a site of learning, very close to where your mother was born.
61. So you will have very much in your life, and unusually much to do, and also unusually much to learn and experience.
62. But this is necessary, so that you can fulfill your task.
63. But that does not raise you above other human beings, so you are not their master with regard to the spiritual teaching, just as nobody can be a master over you.
64. You will be a leader of a group starting from 1975, but not in the form of a mighty one, ruler or master, because only in this way can the human beings move freely and be independent in their thoughts, feelings, and emotions as well as in their personal work and action.
65. You have come to teach oneness and concord, but not humility, subservience, and servitude or bondage and fanaticism, but also not ambivalence and dualism or trinity like certain religions.
66. The oneness and concord, combined with true love and peace, genuine freedom and harmony, are not of a political nature but are values which are to be won only through insight and through the recognition of the actual truth – without money and other wealth, without war, strife, hatred, violence, bombs and weapons.
67. You will create an inexhaustible spring of knowledge, wisdom, love, freedom, and peace as well as harmony.
68. A spring where all human beings of all races and every faith, every skin color, and every state can refresh themselves.
69. And what your desire is, what you want to bring to the human beings, is oneness, peace, concord, knowledge, wisdom, love, freedom, and harmony in deep truth and in the realization that in the entire creational realm, in the entire universe, everything is one and connected with one another.
70. This being one and being connected with everything and everyone is the result of the might and the unmeasurable love of the Creation, which selflessly gives everything and demands no reward for it.
71. The greatest problem of the human being is his unknowledge regarding the Creation and its laws and recommendations.
72. This problem is not only that of a single social class or a single religious direction, but it is a problem of every single human being, a problem of all humanity.
73. In this unknowledge, the human beings are dependent on their illusions, wishes and desires, on their addictions, vices, and on all the pleasures and the material trinkets, and neither the individual human being nor the whole of humanity is able to liberate itself from all this.
74. And due to this unknowledge, an uncertainty for life spreads, from which hatred, wars, murder, greed, jealousy, and craving for revenge as well as criminality of all kinds arise, as well as tremendous destructive and devastating weapons, such as the atomic bombs, which will already be misused in a short time by the Americans for a deadly and devastating work, when they destroy the Japanese city of Hiroshima in this year on August 6th with a nuclear weapon and claim hundreds of thousands of deaths, in order to repeat the same crime on August 9th at the likewise Japanese city of Nagasaki, which will cost another approximately 100,000 human lives.
75. The teaching that you will bring, the teaching of spirit, is intended to guide the human beings on the path of truth, love, peace, freedom, and harmony.
76. It is meant to transform the human beings and the world.
77. And in order to bring this teaching, you have committed yourself towards you yourself and towards life as well as towards the Creation and the human beings.
78. For this you will work hard and unceasingly in the awareness of your full responsibility.
79. Through your knowledge and your wisdom, as well as through the power of your consciousness, your body, and through the work of your hands, you will point an old yet new direction in love, peace, freedom, equalizedness, joy, and harmony, which can show progress in the entire thinking and in the feelings and in the works and actions of the human beings.
80. Your true love will be to help the human beings, who need your help and who want to accept your help, with all your knowing and wisdom values.
81. Therefore, always be open to them when they open themselves to you and to the spiritual teaching, as your goal must always be to teach and to help.
82. Eduard, your task will be to awaken the human beings of Earth from their sleep of untruth and unknowledge.
83. You must teach the human beings there that they must be ready for the revolution of truth as well as for the fact of their duty to be fulfilled with respect to the Creation and its laws and recommendations.
84. Even the following of this fulfillment of duty equals a revolution, for this is own only to a few, namely in such a way that this is consciously fulfilled.
85. This comprehensive revolution is not, however, based on politics and also knows no parties, because in its essence, it is classified as real freedom, according to which each individual human being has the free choice of his thoughts and feelings as well as of his works and actions, so therefore every single one can freely decide whether he wants to turn furthermore to untruth and unknowledge, or to knowledge, wisdom, and true love, peace, well-being, and equalizedness and harmony.
86. The teaching of truth, that is, the teaching of spirit, the teaching of creational truth, should be the guidepost for every human being, so that everyone can follow this according to his own will, if he is willing to do so.
87. The teaching should become a movement that spreads worldwide and should bring peace, love, and freedom as well as all other high values to the human beings of this world.
88. You must always be aware, however, that evil forces, envious ones, slanderers, deceivers, liars, thieves, and all sorts of other negative forces, who will also make assassination attempts against you, will seek to impair and destroy your entire work and energy, and there will also be no stopping them from blaming you for evil things in order to destroy your mission.
89. But always be confident, because if you are unwaveringly and consciously incumbent upon your mission, living your virtues, preserving your modesty and honesty, and preserving true love’s place within you, then any attack of any kind will ultimately be to your benefit and success.
90. So it will happen that all the negative, deceitful, murderous, slanderous, lying, thieving, and envious things concocted against you will steadily change to progress and success for you and your mission.
91. Your group that you will build up will also thereby grow as a core, and so will the outer groups that will take on worldwide forms.
92. Concerning this, the electronic and other technology will also be helpful to you, for in the coming time, everything will develop so rapidly in this regard that the new will have become outdated in each case already within a few days.
93. Through this, you will be able to spread the teaching of truth throughout the world, as the information will reach its destination in a matter of seconds.
94. So there is no need for you to defend yourself against the attacks directed against you because all who will act against you in some negative way will only hurt themselves.
95. So always behave neutrally towards any attacks against your person or against your mission.
96. Learn to control yourself in these things and always to remain calm, as that is the best weapon and the best defense against any attack.
97. You will need to learn this already now at your young age, which is why events, situations, and things will come to you, which you must learn to overcome.
98. You will have to endure a lot of pain, through your thoughts and feelings as well as through your emotions that you will need to bring under control.
99. You will not be spared from physical pain either, for in 1964, a foreordination will meet you, by which you will lose your left arm.
100. But this will spur you on to other hard lessons that you will have to overcome and master, which will enable you, however, to build that place, together with the loyal ones around you, that you will call the Semjase Silver Star Center, from where you will start your mission and spread it worldwide with the help of those who will stand by you.
101. My desire is that you build up your powers and always use and control your energies in a good measure, as they will also be of enormous importance for you to be able to do your work, and so will your true love, your wisdom, and your high and far-reaching knowledge of the spiritual and creational matters, and I must confess that in this respect, you will tower above me and all those who come after me and maintain the encounters with you.
102. Only they will, for certain reasons, be more unknowing about this than me because they, too, still have much to learn, which is why you will be a teacher to them as well, but they will first need to recognize and understand this.
103. This will, however, take a long time, but then they will realize who you really are, what abilities and knowledge you have, and what former personalities were own to your spirit form.
104. But it is not up to me to reveal this knowledge now, as this duty is assigned to a higher form than me, namely the Arahat Athersata level, which will teach you in a spirit-telepathic way, while I can pass on my knowledge to you only linguistically and through my apparatuses.
105. So practice also in spirit-telepathy, in which I will instruct you along with many other things as well, for the Arahat Athersata level can only enter into connection with you in this way, in which case it will only be one-sided, however, so you will only instructively receive.
106. In connection with me, however, you will learn to communicate in a spirit-telepathic way, as I am just as powerful in this form as those of my people, who will enter into contact with you after me.
107. This form of telepathy is also capable of bridging the unending vastness of the universe, without a time delay, while the simple form of telepathy only reaches three light-seconds away, or about one million kilometers.
108. I would like to suggest to you that you always be brave and courageous, for only then will it be possible for the members of your group to support you courageously and bravely at the given time, as your courage and bravery will be transferred to them, just as also many of your other values.
109. Unfortunately, as my research has shown, it will not be possible to avoid that various betrayers will enter into your group, who will want to harm you maliciously and vindictively during their presence and also after their departure, in order to destroy you as well as your mission.
110. Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, these will be members who will join the group due to former determinations.
111. I will mention the names of all these and all other group members to you at a later point in time.
112. But always be aware that if you are firmly determined, courageous and brave, honest, modest, virtuous, knowing, wisely equally entitling, as well as full of power and energy, and if you tread your path unwaveringly and let your true love prevail, and if you are persevering and perceive your responsibility towards you, life, and the human beings, as well as towards all of nature and its life forms, then no attacks of human beings can harm you, no matter what kind they may be.
113. You will withstand fire, water, and storm, thereby visibly proving to be true the teaching of truth for your fellow human beings.
114. However, never use your powers of the consciousness and of the spirit to gain profit or to put yourself on display.
115. For if you bring these powers to use – this is said to you another time – then it should and may only be for educational purposes or to help the human beings.
116. And should you be asked to do such, do not do it; otherwise, you would evoke dangers that would jeopardize your work and mission.
117. Consider that in this regard, you are already now able to create great power through your consciousness and to do things that are impossible for other human beings, but even though you can do them, do not put them on display, unless you are able to instruct thereby or you use it for your own pleasure or relief.
118. More than ever, the coming time is developing into an epoch of great destruction and annihilation.
119. It will begin with the criminal acts of the Americans, when they bring total annihilation and destruction as well as hundreds of thousands of deaths to Hiroshima and Nagasaki by dropping atomic bombs, which will already be in a short time, as I already explained to you.
120. In the coming time, the human being of the earth will degrade himself even more than he has done since time immemorial, namely in a warlike manner and through the murderous religions and their sects, by which he has enslaved himself, especially through the religions, to which he has become fanatically in bondage and for which no human life is too valuable for him, such that he would not murder and exploit it, as is also the case with the rulers, who know no scruples.
121. But you have come to make the hard truth clear to all human beings with harsh, open, undiplomatic, honest words free of empty phrases, and to teach them, so that they can find the right path to a higher level.
122. But it is necessary for this that you also deal with the religions and sects and learn what they are in their actual unvalue.
123. So it will be that you will enter into them and learn that in your knowledge as well as in your thoughts and feelings, you belong to no religion and no sect, but that you align yourself solely to the teaching of truth.
124. The teaching of truth is to lead in the distant future to the elevation of the whole earthly humanity, namely by the fact that every single human being consciously recognizes in himself his higher self – his creational spirit and its essential traits – and brings to bear the spiritual values also in his external being, in his personality.
125. Nevertheless, let it be said to you that you must learn and practice tolerance, so as not to be biased or unfair concerning the religious beliefs of the human beings.
126. Only this will enable you to teach the human beings in truthfulness, so that they can gradually free themselves from their dependence on lower powers.
127. You have to understand that.
128. And if you understand that, then you will also live in simplicity, modesty, honesty, and love.
129. This will enable you to carry the message of your mission and, thus, the teaching of truth into the world.
130. And that will one day, in the distant future, cause the anxiety to be taken out of the world and cause all human beings to be without anxiety and fearless, even in connection with the fact that one day the use of weapons for warlike and murderous purposes, etc. will be stopped, and these will only find use for purposes of work and self-defense.
131. You must fulfill your task, and for that it is also necessary for you to learn, in speech and writing, the language by which you will spread the teaching of truth.
132. It is the language that you are learning at school and that you already master to a great extent – the German language.
133. This is the one that is the most valuable on the earth and that offers the finest possibilities for presenting the teaching of truth in a finely nuanced way.
134. So I will also instruct you in this language, so that you can make it your own in uncommonly many values and learn to master it in the best possible measure.
135. Helpful to you beyond me will also be our linguists, who know and master the German language in all its details far better than is the case with all earthly linguists.
136. So you will learn a good and versatile, expressive and very extensive language, on account of which many will envy you.
137. You will also develop your own unmistakable and clear writing style, with which you will draw up all your writings and books as well as telepathic and apparatus-telepathic and spirit-telepathic transmissions.
138. You will reproduce your relevant records faithful to their meaning and without any falsifications and without your own additions, but aligned according to your word and writing style, so that it will be unmistakable that it is only you to whom the messages, teaching portions, and the later following encounter-conversations are transmitted.
139. This will be a necessity because many deceivers, thieves, charlatans, ones fallen to delusion, lunatics, and ones greedy for profit will steal your material, falsify it, and make profit from it.
140. It will also be, unfortunately, that many will shamefully misuse the names of your encountering persons of extraterrestrial origin as well as the designations of the pure-spirit-levels and claim that you would not have the encounters with us from the Plejaren systems, but that they do, or that they would have these encounters at the same time with you, which you and my successors will later call contacts and contact conversations.
141. Then comes the point in time when these mendacious and slanderous events become true, when your material is stolen and many male and female deceivers report alleged encounters with me and my successors worldwide, and these will appear with false and deceitful messages and will even take advantage of the impossibility for themselves, that they would stand in telepathic connection with me or my successors; then these false contact persons, as you will then call them, will already be recognizable by the fact that they will claim that their physical or telepathic encounters and connections would be with beings from the Pleiades system of this space-time configuration, from which, mind you, I and those following after me are supposed to be.
142. However, we do not belong to this space-time configuration and, thus, not to this Pleiades system, which is still very young in its existence, exhibiting little more than 60 million years, and is in every respect absolutely uninhabited and uninhabitable, except for thermobacterial life, which will pass away in some tens of millions of years, without higher life of any form ever being able to originate; consequently, there will also never exist any spiritual beings at these Pleiades stars.
143. And in order to expose the future male and female deceivers, my successors and you will not designate our origin according to our own linguistic term, “Plejaren," but according to the Earth human being’s term, “Pleiades," according to which the male and female deceivers will then use this designation, whereby they will expose themselves of deception and falsehood as well as slander.
144. Once this then happens to a greater extent, you as well as my successors will then reveal the truth and rectify everything.
145. The successor to my person, which you should already know, will be, starting from 1953, a young woman from the DAL Universe, where you will certainly be taken someday.
146. The name of your encountering person will be Asket.
147. She is a member of one of our branching peoples, others of which are still living in the Lyra and Vega systems, but likewise shifted by a split second to this space time level, just as our space-time configuration in which our Plejaren systems exist.
148. The encounters with Asket and you will also last for 11 years, just as those between you and me.
149. After that, you will be on your own for 11 years and will have to learn a great deal on your own initiative, after which then, in the year 1975, an encountering connection with you will again be established, namely by my granddaughter, Semjase, as well as by my son, Ptaah.
150. They both, along with others, will then continue to be your future encounter-companions.
151. Semjase is a budding Ischrisch and Ptaah an Ischwisch.
152. Also a man and budding Ischwisch by the name of Quetzal will be of importance to you, as well as many others.
153. Their information regarding your person and the origin of your spirit form, however, will not be complete because of their own need for learning; consequently, they will first have to work hard for this information, as a result of which it cannot be excluded that they will often make mistakes that they will have to strive to fix.
154. And in this respect, you will have to be the engaging and helpful force to teach them, too.
155. This instruction will still expand, however, once they first gain the knowledge of the importance attached to your person, and that this importance also goes back to all your former personalities of past lives.
156. But you must not talk about that for so long and must keep your secret – which I will still explain to you at a later point in time – until the time has come, when my successors have revealed the secret.
157. Even with your group members, you should always be silent about all things for so long, until the time is ripe to reveal new knowledge or secrets, no matter to what things anything ever relates.
158. With regard to your mission and the building of the place of the center, which will undoubtedly be in Hinterschmidrüti in Tösstal – the place you do know, since you have already been there with your father and mother – as well as regarding the group members and various other things, at first, unfortunately, not everything will proceed in accordance with the determination.
159. But you may not reveal this to my successors, nor to your group members, with whom, after a first group formation in the year 1975, you will then found a statutory association in the year 1978.
160. I am telling you here and now that you will reach the set determination and fulfill your mission, and indeed with certainty.
161. Nevertheless, a lot of trouble and a lot of effort, hardship, and precipitations will accumulate, which you should know already now.
162. As my look into the future has shown, however, you will use all your strength and energy, as well as your ability and knowledge, as well as your love, peaceableness, and wisdom, but also all your experiences, which you will have collected in many countries until then, will have learned, and will have built up in you.
163. Your silence is necessary, however, because if the knowledge about all the efforts, hardships, troubles, precipitations, and misunderstandings, as well as regarding the betrayal in your own ranks of your group would become known among my successors and among your group members, then a sinking of courage would be the consequence, by which everything would be destroyed.
164. Also the encounters between you and my successors would be endangered and would be broken off, for which the danger will already otherwise exist, as a result of all the unpleasantness that will inevitably appear.
165. However, it will be in your strength, love, energy, and wisdom and sageness that you will handle everything in the right measure and lead everything to the determination, in which case particularly the teaching of truth will help you immeasurably much.
166. Precisely in this regard, however, I must draw your attention to the fact that you have to explain clearly to your group members, as well as to all human beings who strive for the teaching, that the teaching of spirit is not a teaching of salvation and that you and we also do not represent such, for every human being creates his salvation himself, namely through his thoughts and feelings, through his knowledge, through his attitude and his wisdom and love, as well as through his peace and the freedom and well-being in himself.
167. His entire work and every action also contribute to this, as well as his manner and responsibility, how he positions himself to his duties and to the fulfillment of his duty and how he lives.
168. You must build up great trust for all your future and for all the success of your deeds, your task, works, and mission, always knowing that you will accomplish everything and never fail.
169. Your knowledge, your wisdom, your true love, your honesty, openness, and peaceableness, as well as your inner freedom and your powers of consciousness and your energies must become so powerful that there never arises any doubt in you that you could fail in something.
170. All these values, which also include the virtues and many other excellences, must become so massive, mighty, and powerful in you that they are superior to all hostilities, which are put to flight solely by your commanding them to flee, so that they cannot take hold in you.
171. But at the same time, going along in healthy modesty and not letting yourself be enticed is one of the authoritative recommendations that you must never break.
172. Therefore, never use your powers and energies to do things that would not be rightful.
173. Though you may also often be threatened of your life, never use all your high values against the life and limb of your attackers, but always use them only for defense.
174. And only if you rightfully maintain your thoughts and feelings as well as your works and your actions in every respect and also use your great powers of consciousness in this form, will you be able to have true confidence in yourself and not let anything shake it.
175. You must be a true human being and live for life, your mission, and for your evolution, as well as for your health and well-being, which is why you should be advised that you always exercise the necessary control over yourself in every respect.
176. Never let yourself be enraged, but shout and roar if the situation requires it, yet at the same time, never lose control of yourself, and do this in such a way that no negative feelings affect you.
177. Therefore, gain a confidence and the certainty that you will always be in control, in which case, however, you should not be anything other than what corresponds to your nature, because the human beings should see and recognize that you are a human being like they themselves.
178. But this means that you, too, are not without fault and must learn in every respect.
179. Nevertheless, you are advised to have confidence in yourself – until the last breath.
180. Never let yourself be influenced by irrational teachings, or fooled by jugglery, conjurer’s tricks, or magic tricks, but learn to recognize their falsehoods, which I will teach you, so that you are able to see through and recognize even fraud of this kind.
181. Also fortune-telling, exorcism, clairvoyance, and spiritual healing in a deceitful manner will be brought to your attention, along with many other similarly oriented things, like also automatic writing and supposed channelization, which will be called “channeling" in the coming time.
182. The rule for them is only lying and deception, delusional belief, irrational teaching, illness, and profiteering, which is why you should also protect yourself from them, as well as from the irrational teachings and machinations of the religions and the sects that have arisen from them and that continue to arise, which in the coming time will become degenerate in the way that murders and mass murders will result.
183. Protect yourself from all these things every moment of your life, because lies, deception, slander, and untruthfulness will be more rampant in the coming time than ever before.
184. In particular, this will be so when the turn of the millennium puts the human beings in a state of excitement and confusion.
185. These, Eduard, are the words that I had to tell you today and the explanations that I had to give you.
186. Further explanations will follow at a later point in time.
187. But until then, continue to learn diligently and always be in good spirits.
188. If you need my help regarding the learning, then call out to me, and I will assist you with advice and teaching.
189. Always remember all my words, for as many years as you may live, and adhere to my instructions, even when I am no more, and when you, during your years, have grown in all things and have become very knowing and wise and have become the human being and proclaimer, who possesses more knowledge regarding the teaching of truth, the teaching of spirit, that is, the teaching of the Creation’s laws, than any other human being on your world or mine.
190. And this is a truth that makes me appear in relation to you as your student, or that would make me appear as such, if I could still experience the coming time of your knowledge and wisdom.
191. However, that will not be granted to me, but nonetheless, there is great joy in me in being able still to teach you now, before you have become more knowing and wise than I could ever become in my life this time with my current personality.


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