Introductory Explanation for the First Contact with Semjase

Billy Meier Translations ©Benjamin Stevens

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There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
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Thanks to Benjamin Stevens!
感谢Benjamin Stevens!

Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!



[Translator’s Note: The following picture and caption appear on page 4 of Message from the Pleiades, Vol. 1]

December 1974. This is the Meier family in Hinwil at about the time these contacts
with the Pleiadian extraterrestrials began. Eduard Meier was then working part time
as a security guard, which changed when he began to come to attention because
of his experiences and the photographs of the ships he claimed to have taken.
It was around 1:00 pm, on Tuesday, January 28, 1975, when I was at home, occupied with attempting to record electronic voice phenomena. An attempt, which had been just that for months, and which also remained just that. Nevertheless, fortune was very good to me on this 28th of January, though it was quite different from what I had expected. It was not something completely new to me – but nevertheless, something foreign, something I would have never dreamed of at the moment because I simply was not thinking about it.
As if out of nowhere, there was suddenly something inside of me, an urge that made me listen inwardly. Slowly, everything became clearer, and what was first blurry crystallized out clearly. These were words, foreign thoughts that penetrated into me from somewhere. Thoughts, which were slowly making themselves understandable to me and made me listen attentively. They were peaceful and somehow very familiar, even though they penetrated into me in this way that was urgent and foreign to me. And all of a sudden, I understood the meaning of the words, which passed on a somewhat peculiar message to me, namely that I should take a camera and leave the house. Without questioning, I did this, and I did not know why. It seemed to me to be like an irresistible command, almost like a quiet compulsion. So I took my vehicle and drove away, aimlessly as it seemed to me, yet well-led to a certain place. I drove through the village and came to the open field, drove all over through meadows and woods, and arrived at a fairly remote area. On a field road, there stood a large truck with a box body, whose driver had disappeared into the nearby woods, where he apparently had something to do. Interested in the large truck, I stopped and looked at it from all sides – a German truck, according to the plate number.
I looked at my watch and saw that it was 2:12 pm and that I had already driven around for a full hour. Just at that moment, I heard a very faint whirring in the air and looked up at the cloudy sky. What I saw made me believe I was dreaming. An object shot out of the clouds, rapidly reducing its speed, and it slowly turned from the forest about 350 meters away. The whirring had suddenly stopped as the object reduced its speed. It now flew completely silently, and I was able to recognize its exact form. It was no doubt a discus-shaped thing with a semicircle-like structure and substructure. The superstructure was larger and equipped with red, high-placed rectangles: windows, if I was not mistaken.
In a hurry, I pulled out my photo camera and sighted the object; then I shot the first picture. It was now exactly 2:15 pm, and the object was certainly not more than 150 meters away from me and was also flying about 150 meters above the ground.
Location and Recording Time: Frecht, Hinwil; 2:15 pm
Date: Tuesday, January 28, 1975
Recording Distance: About 150 meters; Distance to Forest: About 350 meters; Distance to Birch Tree: About 180 meters
Direction of Approach: From the south
Weather: Heavily overcast
Object’s Size: 7 meters 

Ort und Aufnahmezeit: Frecht, Hinwil; 14.15 h
Datum: Dienstag, 28. Januar 1975
Aufnahmedistanz: ca. 150 m; Distanz zum Wald ca. 350 m; Distanz zur Birke ca. 180 m
Anflugrichtung: von Süden
Wetter: stark bewölkt
Grösse des Objekts: 7 Meter
After the picture was shot, the object moved westward at breakneck speed, and suddenly the whirring was back in the air. But the object already came back terrifically fast and almost abruptly stood still only about 100 meters above the truck, while the whirring suddenly fell silent again. I was exactly 44 meters away from the truck (measured later) when I shot the second picture. Only a few seconds before my shot, the object dashed back and then stood at about 100 meters of altitude and about 50 meters behind the truck. Now, I could see the object very well. It was, with absolute certainty, a UFO, a so-called “flying saucer," as these objects are generally mistakenly called.
The underside of the disc seemed to vibrate tremendously, as if almost alive. It seemed that little waves were slowly passing through the underside continuously. But these waves did not appear to be regular or of a firm form; they seemed to be so peculiar and of an energetic nature. Solid matter appeared to blur in the radiation of these waves, as the truck suddenly appeared to me as if immersed in a heat haze. I saw it only as very unclear and blurred and farther away than the UFO, which was, however, hanging far behind it in the air. When I shot this second picture, it was exactly 2:18 pm. After that, the object hurried out of the still position at breakneck speed, heading eastwards at an angle into the sky and disappearing into the clouds. Quickly, the resonating whirring stopped again, and then there was silence.
Recording Time: 2:18 pm
Recording Distance: About 100 meters; Distance to Truck: 44 meters. The object is located about 50 meters behind the truck, at about 100 meters of altitude.
The underside of the object seems to vibrate, beating formally visible waves. These waves, however, do not seem to be material, but of an energetic nature, in whose radiation everything material shimmers as if in a heat haze and appears farther away. 
Aufnahmezeit: 14.18 h
Aufnahmedistanz: ca. 100 m; Distanz zum Lastwagen: 44 m; Das Objekt befindet sich etwa 50 Meter hinter dem Lkw in ca. 100 m Höhe.
Die Unterseite des Objekts schien zu vibrieren und förmlich sichtbare Wellen zu schlagen. Diese Wellen scheinen aber nicht materieller, sondern energetischer Natur zu sein, in deren Ausstrahlung alles Materielle wie in einem Hitzeflimmer verschimmert und weiter weg erscheint.
I went back to my vehicle and drove cross-country toward the forest lying in the east, in front of which there was a large forest clearing. About 250 meters before it, I parked my vehicle along the dirt road and walked, observant of everything around. Somewhat detached, I noticed how the truck, which had been about 500 meters away, had left, whose driver had apparently returned in the meantime from the forest.
When the truck was gone, there was no one to be seen in the lonesome area, and only the voices of nature could be heard. About 200 meters in front of me, in the forest clearing, five doe were eating peacefully, while some ravens in the woods over there and high above the firs, birches, and beeches fought a battle with a bird of prey. But suddenly, they unexpectedly gave up their victim and dove silently away. Flying fast, they disappeared beyond the trees and escaped my sight. Also the five doe had suddenly become restless, threw their heads up sniffing the air, and eyed the area. But then, they hurried off in large and wide leaps, away from the forest and out into the open field. They rushed past not far from me, just a few meters away, to a forest lying in the south, into which they quickly disappeared. Something had obviously startled and frightened them very much, as they did not take the slightest notice of me during their flight. The sudden escape of the ravens was also very peculiar because they would not normally give up a victim delivered to them so quickly and for no reason.
Another two or three minutes passed, when I again heard the already familiar whirring, and indeed: From the east, the UFO shot out of the clouds again and abruptly reduced its speed over the forest. The whirring fell silent again, and now I also knew the reason for the flight of the birds and animals. They had evidently noticed the approach of the UFO with their fine sense of perception and had fled in wild panic.
Now, quite slowly, the object curved across the forest to the clearing and descended infinitely slowly. Once again, I quickly shot a picture, precisely at 2:31 pm. One minute later, I snapped the next picture, as with the first from about 180 meters away. Then I watched as the UFO sank further and finally touched down gently on the meadow ground of the forest clearing, completely silently.
Approach Recording Time: 2:31 pm
Recording Distance: About 180 meters
Direction of Approach: From the east
The object sinks in front of the trees into the forest clearing. 
Landeanflug Aufnahmezeit: 14.31 h
Aufnahmedistanz: ca. 180 m
Anflugrichtung: von Osten
Das Objekt senkt sich vor den Bäumen in die Waldschneise.
Approach Recording Time: 2:32 pm
Recording Distance: About 180 meters
Direction of Approach: From the east
The object sinks in front of the trees into the forest clearing. 
Landeanflug Aufnahmezeit: 14.32 h
Aufnahmedistanz: ca. 180 m
Anflugrichtung: von Osten
Das Objekt senkt sich vor den Bäumen in die Waldschneise.
Naughty as I am, right after the UFO landed, I already went up and wanted to take a close look at the object and, if possible, photograph it up close. However, a tremendous force seemed to slow me down about 100 meters before the UFO. It seemed as if I was going against the winds of a completely silent storm or against a negatively poled magnet. With all my might, I tried to fight against it and to move forward. I managed to do so, but only a few meters; then the opposing force was just too great. So I just sat down on the ground, stared over at the UFO, and waited for the things that were sure to come. And I was not mistaken, for already after less than a minute, something happened:
Out from behind the UFO, there came a figure, undoubtedly a human being in a peculiar and yet somehow familiar suit – a space suit similar to those used by earthly astronauts. Only it was not so bulky and cumbersome, but pliant and light, as I could soon determine. Actually, the suit was more like a jumpsuit with a strange gray color. From up close, it looked as if it were made out of elephant hide. In any case, that material reminded me of an elephant whose skin I had touched once – in a zoo, of course. Moreover, this peculiar suit was evidently close-fitted on the body and was durable; one could really tell that. A ring ran around the neck, which apparently served to receive a helmet, which this UFO person was not wearing now, however. This one’s head was free, and there was no doubt that this was a woman or simply a female being. Her expression was free and open, and there was no sign of superhumanity, superiority, or etherealness. She quite simply seemed to be a normal human being, without super characteristics and without super beauty or supernatural beauty. She also walked just like a normal female being, only firmer, surer, and not so emphatically daintily and typically like many earthly women. She walked exactly like a female being, who is really a female being. Nothing testified of feminine exaggeration or effeminate show, but of natural self-consciousness, sureness, and natural gracefulness.
Semjase’s beamship with Semjase and Billy
Oil painting. (Nichols, American painter)
Phoenix, USA; 1980 
Semjases Strahlschiff mit Semjase und Billy
Ölgemälde. (Nichols, amerikanischer Kunstmaler)
Phoenix/USA; 1980
Semjase. Elaboration of Eichenberger’s line drawing by Christian Krukowski; June, 2000 
Semjase; Ausarbeitung der Strichzeichnung Eichenbergers durch Christian Krukowski; Juni 2000
Slowly, this being approached me, grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me up. The woman’s grip was firm and sure, yet very pleasant and somehow guaranteeing safety. With slow steps, we went to a nearby fir tree, where we both just sat down on the trunk and in the dry grass. Then the UFO woman began to speak – not in my mother tongue, but in a perfect German with a very peculiar accent. The introductory conversation was not very long, but then the following conversation lasted a longer time, before the woman went back, disappeared into the beamship, and flew away.
She left me at 3:51 pm, and at 3:58 pm, shortly after takeoff, I shot the 5th photo from about 185 meters away. Shortly thereafter, I shot the 6th picture, as the beamship was already hovering high above the trees. It is interesting to note still that shortly after takeoff, the beamship immersed everything beneath and to the sides of itself in a peculiar heat haze, which blurred the surroundings and silhouettes. Also the distances were distorted, and everything seemed to be altered somehow, as I had already noticed with my second photo shot. Only it was even more noticeable here with the takeoff of the beamship, and I was able to ascertain even with absolute clarity a bluish-red color of the radiation, which can even be clearly seen in the 5th photo.
Takeoff and Departure Recording Time: 3:58 pm
Recording Distance: About 185 meters; The ship is about 45 meters in front of the forest.
All the surroundings beneath and to the sides of the ship shimmered like in a heat haze and in bluish-red radiation.
At the right, in front of the forest, there is a small belt of reeds. (Moor-reeds about 2 meters high)
About 50 meters in front of the ship and at about 135 meters of recording distance, there are scattered bushes, which are about 1 meter to 1.30 meters in height.
At the left in the picture are the lower branches of a large deciduous tree, which stands at about 50 meters of recording distance. 
Start und Wegflug Aufnahmezeit: 15.58 h
Aufnahmedistanz: ca. 185 m; Schiff ca. 45 m vor dem Wald
Die ganze Umgebung unter und seitwärts vom Schiff verschimmerte wie in einem Hitzeflimmer und in blaurötlicher Strahlung.
Rechts vor dem Wald befindet sich ein kleiner Schilfgürtel. (Moorschilf ca. 2 m hoch.)
Ca. 50 m vor dem Schiff und ca. in 135 m Aufnahmedistanz befinden sich vereinzelte Strauchstauden von ca. 1 m bis 1.30 m Höhe.
Links im Bild die untersten Äste eines grossen Laubbaumes, der in ca. 50 m Aufnahmedistanz steht.
Takeoff and Departure Recording Time: 3:59 pm
Recording Distance: About 180 meters; The beamship is located a few meters in front of the forest.
The object takes off vertically from the forest clearing and then flies northward. 
Start und Wegflug Aufnahmezeit: 15.59 h
Aufnahmedistanz: ca. 180 m; Das Strahlschiff befindet sich wenige Meter vor dem Wald.
Das Objekt startet senkrecht in der Waldschneise und fliegt dann nordwärts.
After the 5th picture, the beamship rose above the treetops (6th photo) and then slowly turned and headed northward over a single group of trees. As it hovered just behind the trees, I shot the seventh and last picture at 4:00 pm. Then the film of the camera was unfortunately used up. Just seconds after this last picture, the familiar whirring sounded again, and the beamship shot out from the still position with insane speed straight up into the overcast sky and vanished from my sight.
The last photo was taken from a distance of about 200 meters, when the object was probably ten meters higher than the trees and was already gliding over them.
Takeoff and Departure Recording Time: 4:00 pm
Recording Distance: About 200 meters
The object flies about 10 to 15 meters above the treetops and already about 50 meters behind them. Seconds after the recording, the ship shoots at breakneck speed straight up into the sky and disappears into the clouds. 
Start und Wegflug Aufnahmezeit: 16.00 h
Aufnahmedistanz: ca. 200 Meter
Das Objekt fliegt in etwa 10–15 m über den Baumwipfeln und bereits etwa 50 m dahinter. Sekunden nach der Aufnahme schiesst das Schiff mit rasender Geschwindigkeit senkrecht in den Himmel und verschwindet in den Wolken.
Map of the first beamship photographs of Billy’s and his first contact with Semjase on January 28, 1975.
Drawn by Billy after the contact; January, 1975 
Lageplan der ersten Strahlschiffaufnahmen Billys und seines ersten Kontaktes mit Semjase am 28. Januar 1975.
Gezeichnet von Billy nach dem Kontakt, Januar 1975


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