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There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
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感谢Benjamin Stevens!

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  • Tuesday, February 25, 1975, 6:02 PM
You called me yourself today. Evidently, you have to tell me something important, Semjase?
1. So it is, but you must remain silent about this: …
Okay, Semjase, I will do as you wish – and I will remain silent about it.
2. So now, I want to tell you something that will surely please you:
3. Soon, I will receive a new beamship, which you can then also photograph at close range, in order to get rather good photos.
4. Unfortunately, the automatic beams are still installed in my current ship, which would destroy your films up to about 100 meters away, that is, exactly 90 meters away.
5. The radiation isn’t harmful to living organisms, but as I said, it would destroy your films.
Excellent, I’m looking forward to it already. May I then also capture the interior and so forth on film and take the flight with you, which you have promised me?
6. You may take the flight when the time has come for it, but I may not allow you to take even a single shot inside of the beamship.
7. Maybe at a later time, which I don’t have to decide, however.
8. At a later time, you may then, perhaps, also take a picture of me.
9. But for the time being, this is not yet under discussion, and maybe it also can’t be, because very specific reasons do not allow this yet or at all.
All right, Semjase, I don’t want to push you. It is enough for me when you say that’s how it is. You also don’t need to tell me the reasons, for they must surely be important, and thus, you also may not mention them, perhaps?
10. They are important, that’s right.
11. But you are mistaken in that I may not mention them to you.
12. It’s just that you may not pass them on, so you would have to keep them to yourself.
I already understand, and thus, you also shouldn’t tell me the reasons.
13. You are very sensitive.
14. But now, I would like to ask you not to forget my task.
Certainly not; also, how could I? – But do you already want to go again?
15. No, I only asked you again because it is very important.
16. I actually have time today, and indeed, a little more than usual.
That makes me happy, because now we can chat in peace.
17. I am also happy about it because it is very soothing for me to talk with a human being like you.
18. You have a manner about you that is very pleasant to me, in a very peculiar way.
19. And also your often extreme thought-processes and your philosophy attract me.
Do you now just have to make me a marriage proposal, Semjase?
Semjase: (laughing loudly)
20. Exactly; we would make a nice couple.
One just has to have ideas… ideas, Semjase!
21. You certainly aren’t lacking in those, and also not in your peculiar sense of humor.
But unfortunately, my humor is often perceived as a serious matter.
22. You are just way ahead of your time and think in other dimensions.
I’ve already considered that myself, but whether that is actually so, I don’t know how to judge that.
23. Don’t be so modest, for you know it exactly.
All right, but don’t we want to talk about something else?
24. That’s typical of you, but you’re right; let’s talk about something else.
25. First, I would like to answer your question which you asked me last time: M. Rashid was one of our contact people since 1956.
26. As you do know, he was a priest of the Greek Orthodox Catholic Church.
27. We engaged him to take several things in hand, which he also promised us to do.
28. Thus, we thought that he would be the right man to solve a very difficult task.
29. Consequently, we showed him the spot where he could have found the Talmud of Jmmanuel, but which you then found – that original script that Judas Ischkerioth had written during the lifetime of Jmmanuel (alias Jesus Christ).
30. Through our help, he learned the Old Aramaic language and was thus able to translate the scripts.
31. He did this very correctly and made a German language translation that is, indeed, well-known to you.
32. Through the reading of the original scripts, M. Rashid succumbed to pangs of conscience and suddenly no longer knew what he should acknowledge as truth.
33. Outwardly, he announced the feigned conviction that he would be faithful to the Talmud, but in reality, religion was too deeply rooted in him, and he suffered from pangs of conscience.
34. This, then, was also the reason why he officially withdrew from his religious faith and devoted himself only to the task of translating the aforementioned script, which he did very correctly, in spite of everything.
35. But as I said, he was not convinced and never knew what he should do.
36. To this end, he lived in constant fear that his found scripts could be discovered and could become known, so as a precaution, we had to bring him into connection with someone who knew no fear and who ensured us, by his character and his knowledge, that he could secure the scripts, so, therefore, you.
37. But unfortunately, M. Rashid became ever more entangled in his fear, and he began divulging things which could become dangerous for him and the Talmud.
38. He took it so far that by the middle of 1974, he had no choice but to flee from Jerusalem and settle in Lebanon, where he lived in a refugee camp under a false name – together with his family.
39. But he then also had to flee again from there and left the country.
40. His fear, however, was to blame for the fact that he enclosed all the scripts in a wooden wall, where they were completely destroyed by a fire only a few hours later, when the Israeli military invaded.
41. Therefore, it was his fault that everything was destroyed.
42. But actually, it is also our fault because we trusted him far too much and expected too much of him, whereby the most valuable evidence could be destroyed, which could have one day revealed the untruthfulness of the Christian sect and all other sects and religions associated with it.
43. But there still exists a good quarter of the script in the German version, and it will also be sufficient to bring the truth to light and to free the human beings from deadly delusion.
So that’s the way it is.
44. Sure.
What is M. Rashid doing now?
45. We broke off all contacts with him when he fled with his family from Lebanon and left the script for destruction.
46. We only know that he was most recently in Iraq.
47. From then on, we were no longer interested in him.
48. He and his family have gotten lost somewhere in the world, and he has also lost his real name.
What should he be called now; is his name not M. Rashid, then?
49. No, because only his cousin is called that.
50. I didn’t mention his real name officially because he might use it again, just as he also bore it as a priest.
51. We are not hostile-minded toward him, in spite of everything, and wouldn’t want to cause him any trouble; that’s why I wouldn’t like to mention his name openly.
All right, Semjase, I also don’t want to know it.
52. You aren’t curious at all? Nevertheless, you know the real name.
Every now and then I otherwise am, but when I don’t want to be, then I’m just not. With your allusion, however, did you mean the first name or forename that begins with an “I"?
53. You are honest.
54. Yes, that name is meant.
Thank you, but were you also honest when, during our last conversation, you kindly positioned me under the 4th main stage and the 5th sub-stage? I find that somewhat pompous and fantastic for me. If I let that be published, then I will be insulted as being a megalomaniac and a liar.
55. Do you think, then, that I’m lying, as you call this?
Not directly, Semjase, as I would rather like to say that you might be kindly swindling me.
56. I have no need for such things.
57. I’m not lying to you, and I’m not swindling you.
58. Such is really far from me.
59. Should your fellow human beings quietly insult you as being a liar or a megalomaniac, that will never hurt you.
60. The main thing is that you are very much ahead of your time and all human beings around you and actually have to be classified into the aforementioned stages.
61. This alone is important because it is your advantage.
62. You know very well that you appear to yourself as a stranger in this time and in this world.
63. In this, you have the best proof that your classification is correct and that this is not a bad or friendly joke.
64. Your spirit and your knowledge as well as your consciousness are very far developed in relation to the spiritual teaching and spiritual interests and don’t find their equals on Earth; only, this is an unsolved mystery to us.
Should I now laugh, cry, curse, or be grateful?
65. None of everything; you just have to accept the fact, nothing else.
I’ll give it up, or else I’ll go crazy.
66. A life form with your spiritual and consciousness-based state can no longer go crazy so easily, if evil external force isn’t used.
Then just not – I give up, really.
67. That you won’t, because you yourself know very well that it is actually as I say.
Man oh man, of course I know that, but why do we just always have to talk about the fact that I know such things? I know it now, and that should be enough.
68. Don’t get excited; I know how bad you often feel because you can’t talk to anyone about it.
69. You are, therefore, lonely in this world.
70. But you can talk with me about everything because I understand the sense of your words and thoughts.
71. Accustom yourself to this; then, you will no longer excite yourself.
Thanks, I will try, even though it will be damn difficult.
72. I think that I will now go again, as I don’t want to burden you.
That’s nonsense, because for the first time in my life, I feel really good. It also seems to me as though we’ve already known each other for thousands of years. I am really very happy.
73. Then it’s all right.
74. Should we talk, then, about something else, or should I tell you more about the history of humankind?
That can still wait, because due to our word-fencing, I’ve come across entirely different thoughts.
75. As you wish; I make no rules for you.
If others had even just a small portion of your understanding, then life wouldn’t often be so difficult. But let’s leave this now because I really have a question: I deal a lot with parapsychological problems and often stumble across things that are great mysteries to me. But on the other hand, some people are known to me by name and reputation, who bear some of the doctors’ titles and even professors’ titles of parapsychological degrees. In long-winded speeches, they often try to make any parapsychological phenomena plausible to the laymen, whereas I often designate these explanations as absolutely crazy ideas and even as idiocy because they cannot demand any understanding from me. What should I do about this, as this is often felt hard by others?
76. You shouldn’t do anything about it, for in most cases, your view is correct, for you also have to perceive idiocy as such.
77. Unfortunately, it is common with you that so-called scholars sit on some doctors’ chairs and professors’ chairs, who, in truth, are not scholars.
78. A doctor or a professor of parapsychology, as you call this field, should also actually be a parapsychologist.
79. This means that such a scholar would have to have paranormal abilities; otherwise, he can’t be called a parapsychologist and will also never be capable of bringing any fundamental cognitions into this area.
How does it stand, then, with the so-called spiritual healers?
80. Countless of them are plain deceivers and charlatans, who only rely on the firm irrational beliefs of their patients and supporters, through which these heal themselves unconsciously and in a belief-based manner.
81. However, there are also many who are actually capable of using their powers of consciousness for the well-being of their fellow human beings.
May I get names for these?
82. Sure, but you should keep them to yourself, for at least in this respect, we don’t want to harm deceivers and failures, in order to avoid further evil.
83. In the main, however, the greatest deceivers bear the greatest and most respected names, while the real experts are usually as good as unknown.
Thanks, that’s sufficient. Names also aren’t so important. But what would still interest me is this: Have you ever heard of U. G., or is he somehow familiar to you?
84. We follow a lot of events on Earth, so we have also become aware of him.
85. He possesses certain mental powers, but which he himself isn’t able to control.
86. Every undertaking by him forces certain consciousness-based powers from his fellow human beings.
87. This means that he activates the powers of consciousness of many fellow human beings unconsciously, as he is unable to control this, and these human beings then, also unconsciously, assist him in his undertaking.
88. His own consciousness-based abilities wouldn’t be sufficient for an undertaking.
That’s about what I supposed.
89. Don’t be so modest because I know that you’ve met the very core of it.
90. You always present yourself as more unknowing than you are in truth; why?
So without his dear fellow human beings, he would be a zero and couldn’t use his minimally developed abilities? About your question, however, I wouldn’t like to answer it.
91. Sure, that’s how it is. –
92. So then, if you don’t want to answer my question, then so be it.
I’ve suspected this – I mean with regard to U. G.
93. You’ve known this.
Okay, I’ve known this, and I also believe to know that U. G. is a deceiver in this matter, since he claims that he has been in a UFO. In my view, he first became aware of UFOs in America.
94. Even here, you have deduced very accurately, for he has never even come anywhere close to a beamship, nor has he ever entered one.
95. But he already heard of UFOs in Israel and not first in America, as you supposed.
96. Very many human beings already know that he is a beamship deceiver, however, and that’s why his name is in the mouths of many.
97. Therefore, we may still quietly call him here:
98. U. G.
Isn’t that unfair?
99. No, because he and his manager are willing to publish deceitful contact reports, which can be seen here to be untrue through his name designation.
100. It is, in fact, already enough that certain deceivers like George Adamski and K. Michalek and so on have driven many human beings into delusion and misery.
As you wish. – But now, I’ve brought along a whole list of questions – questions that were presented to me and for which I am to ask you for answers.
101. Are these questions from your circle of friends?
Yes – but these are also questions that often occupy myself.
102. Very well, then ask.
The most-asked question is whether I may also bring along friends of mine and so forth to our meetings?
103. That can’t happen, unfortunately.
104. The reasons for this are well-known to you.
105. If I would allow that, then we could turn ourselves quite officially to the whole of humanity.
106. But the fact that we have not yet done this and never will, I have already talked about this in detail.
107. I only gave you an answer to your question.
The apology isn’t for me, but for all those for whom I’ve directed the question to you.
108. Of course, I should have known that.
My next question deals with the earthly human races. We have here yellow, red, white, brown, and black human beings; how does it work with these? Why is there this color differentiation?
109. This actually belongs in the history of Earth humanity, which I still wanted to pass on to you.
110. But I will answer the question for you now, and I can spare myself these remarks later.
111. On Earth, there aren’t just the five color races specified by you; it’s just that the others are completely unknown to all of you.
112. In part, they live in places where no human being has been able to find them yet, partly…
Do you mean that they perhaps live underground, such as the claim goes, that this is the case in Mexico, or that they live under domes in inaccessible mountains or inside of hills, about which also incredible things are told?
113. Sure, and here and there these races also go into the world of the Sun and mingle with the surface inhabitants.
114. Particularly in countries with many races, they aren’t noticeable and can move around unencumbered, especially if they veil their faces in a nationally traditional way.
115. It is even more difficult when their complexion is very striking, so, for example, bluish ones, who …
… live in the Indian area, yes?
116. You know this?
I have eyes in my head.
117. Of course – but you’ve outrun me once again.
118. But further, I wanted to say that some differently colored races already became extinct a long time ago.
119. But they are all equally the product of the celestial sons, that is, they were begotten of them, just like the Earth races still existing today.
120. The celestial sons or starfarers, as we call our forebears, were native to various planets of stars in another space-time configuration or far away from the SOL system, where the planets were fundamentally different climatically; consequently, they also produced other races that were able to adapt themselves to the climate from the very beginning.
121. Due to climatic conditions, corresponding skin colors also developed, of which there are innumerable in the universe.
122. Their body sizes were also different because, depending on the gravity of the planet in question, they ranged from only 50 centimeters tall up to several meters.
123. There were and even are beings that you designate as gigantic ones, giants, or titans, and such beings also once animated Earth.
124. They also witnessed descendants here, but they were gradually wiped out because they were usually very malicious and exercised tyranny.
125. The different color races of today are, thus, descendants of our variously colored forebears, who came from different planets of foreign stars.
Then the current human beings of Earth actually weren’t solely created on Earth, and they also aren’t descended from apes?
126. Do you believe, then, in this Ape-Human Theory?
I’m not stupid. My intellect tells me something different than the crazy brain of Darwin, who put this horrible mess in the world and deceitfully substantiated it with distorted ape bones, which has been concealed and kept secret by the responsible persons up to this day.
127. I didn’t regard you as stupid…
I didn’t mean it like that; it’s just a saying to explain what I feel.
128. Oh, I see.
129. Well, you’re right with your view that the human beings of Earth are not descendants of apes.
130. They were partially begotten by our forebears, who also mixed themselves with Earth beings, who were simply called “Eves" at that time.
131. A designation that means nothing other than…
… the bearing one or one giving birth.
132. Sure, but once again, you beat me to it.
133. How do you know that?
I also have my head for thinking and deducing, but on the other hand, I also know the Talmud of Jmmanuel – somewhat more than just that which still exists in the German language.
134. Of course.
135. But the Earth beings at that time were of the most diverse forms and kinds.
136. Some of them were completely wild creatures of human-like forms, some of which had been abandoned on Earth in earlier millennia by our forebears, that is, their descendants.
137. The descendants of these abandoned ones were abused by foreign spacefarers and were also mated, through genetic manipulation, with different animal species, generating genetically engineered new life forms.
138. One of these, by the way, is the ape being still known today, which represents a human-animal mutation, namely the Pan paniscus (bonobo = dwarf chimpanzee).
139. Thus, the ape being is descended from the human being – not vice versa.
140. Other ape beings resulted from natural evolution in the hominid line.
141. Your researchers and scientists have already found many in-between mutations between humans and ape beings, but usually only as skeletons or partial skeletons.
142. These in-between mutations – part human, part ape being – are known to the human beings under names such as Africanus, Peking man, and Neanderthal and so on.
143. Four different kinds of these have survived over all past millennia, and their descendants still live today, although no longer in large hordes but only in isolated or very small groups.
144. They are so wild and shy that human beings will hardly ever see them.
145. Human beings have made special names for them:
146. Yeti and so forth.
147. The Eves, along with Earth-created hominid creatures, continued to be nothing but very wild descendants of those abandoned thousands of years ago, from whom, at that time, any aid was withdrawn.
148. They were like wild animals that lived in large hordes.
149. When our forebears finally settled on Earth, they broke a strict law and did violence to these beings.
150. That is, they somehow cast a spell over the beautiful female beings, despite their wildness, and mated with them.
151. This led to the first higher developed forebears of today’s human beings.
152. In the old ancestral language, they were called “Adam," which means Earth human being.
153. This first designation then remained as a name, and this is still used by you today.
154. Since our forebears were mixed races of various colors and sizes, however, they naturally also witnessed, completely according to their characteristics, various colors and races of various sizes.
155. The smallest ones were 50 cm tall, while the largest and most vicious ones reached some twelve meters.
156. Their appearance was also varying, and many kinds of them were only remotely reminiscent to human forms.
157. They were allowed to die out or be killed, if they became too vicious.
158. In many cases, they hid themselves in far remote areas and survived for thousands of years, as their average age was about 1,500 years.
159. But gradually, they also became victims of the time or of the human beings.
160. The last of the vicious ones, whose life was forcibly terminated, died a little more than 230,000 years ago.
161. Today, to our knowledge, only seven such beings of the old human life forms still live on Earth, where they remain so well hidden that they will certainly never be found and will one day die a peaceful death, namely without descendants, as they have become too old and passive for propagation.
162. More often than these gigantic ones, titans, and cyclopes, as you call them, were the simple giants.
163. They often served great and power-greedy rulers.
164. They were called “Goliaths" and were especially used for purposes of war.
Thanks, that was very detailed, Semjase. But now, I still have a question about the future. Can you tell me some things of the future, which await the human beings and Earth?
165. Now you really bring me into a quandary.
166. For many things, it is good for one to know them in advance, but for many other things, it is advisable not to know them, if one doesn’t know exactly that he can confront the knowledge properly.
167. I can very well entrust you with what the future brings for you, but for other human beings, that is, without a doubt, a dangerous imposition.
I wouldn’t like to know every detail, just a few things from a general point of view.
168. Nevertheless, I have to think about this first and also consult with the others.
Of course, Semjase, I don’t want to tempt you into something that wouldn’t be right for you.
169. That wouldn’t be so easy, but still, I thank you.
170. We have found just the right human being in you, and I am very happy about that.
171. You belong to a group of human beings who deal with border sciences and spiritual sciences.
172. I have often endeavored around the interests of this group and have found that it’s the only one in this form.
173. You work on a very realistic basis and unconventionally.
174. I’ve determined that other groups of the same kind unfortunately deal with things that have fallen to the unreal.
175. They often carry out experiments that they themselves can’t even understand and for which they usually search for false explanations.
176. But this isn’t surprising because in these groups, there are practically only human beings who have succumbed to a delusional belief and to irrational teachings of the religions.
177. I congratulate your group, which approaches every subject so unconventionally and realistically – not in a mystical form, as others do.
178. You’re on the right track – and keep it that way.
Thanks, Semjase. May I still ask you another question, or was that your farewell speech for today?
179. You amuse me with your peculiar sense of humor.
180. Just ask, as I still have some time.
You’ve mentioned our group just now; exactly from there comes my next question, just as it did before: How does it behave with the “spirit world" and with the so-called electronic voice phenomena? Can you give me exhaustive information about this?
181. Not in such a way as you would like; nevertheless, I can tell you a few things that you can retransmit.
182. There are, unfortunately, very many things that a human being may first experience once he has become spiritually thinking and has developed his spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom in the necessary form.
183. Therefore, I have to conceal many things – unfortunately also from you.
184. A “spirit world," as you call this, does not exist.
185. There are only the fine-fluidal worlds in this regard.
186. These are worlds that lie in other dimensions and accommodate disembodied spirit forms.
187. When a spirit leaves a material body, it can’t just settle down anywhere; it must inhabit a body again, or it goes into a fine-fluidal world – a world of spirit forms, of which there are countless ones.
188. There, the spirit lives as its own form for so long, until it returns again into a newly created host body.
Aha, that is to say that a human being won’t always have the same material body or the same personality, if I understand correctly, for you said a newly created body.
189. Right.
190. That is, each spirit form normally has a dwelling (body) that is specifically tailored to it, in which it lives out its life in a material form.
191. Over an entire main period, it can be tracked that the facial features of the host body aren’t always alike and, thus, that they change very noticeably.
192. This applies until a high spiritual state is reached.
193. Not with very low, but with very high spiritual states the faces of all host bodies of the various spirit beings begin to resemble each other.
194. Once a host body has died, the spirit escapes from it and normally enters a fine-fluidal world.
195. Even there, it has to live through certain periods again, before it can claim a host body once more.
196. But if a host body is destroyed by force and prematurely by any circumstances, before it becomes animated by the spirit on the 21st day, then it can happen that the spirit in question doesn’t seek another host body as soon as possible and doesn’t inhabit this, but that it continues to linger in the realm of the other world.
197. So it won’t then penetrate into bodies that are already occupied.
198. Therefore, this won’t have as a consequence that two spirits live in a single host body and cause serious confusion.
199. There are no possibilities for that.
200. This, then, is the normal process, by which the spirit goes back into the fine-fluidal world and, in turn, spends a further period of learning there.
That about coincides with my conceptions, though not so very exactly. But how about this: Can we enter into any connection with a spirit being’s overall consciousness-block in a fine-fluidal world?
201. Sure, but that isn’t recommended.
202. The overall consciousness-blocks, which enter into fine-fluidal worlds like the spirit forms themselves, are no further along in their knowledge than they were in their material lives.
203. Falsehood and lies and deliberate deception are still own to them.
204. Therefore, those who are materially alive shouldn’t want to get in touch with them because they could be lied to in great measures.
205. It would be better for those who are living to increase their knowledge through their own consciousness work than to want to acquire it in this way because they would often only be misguided.
206. Of course, there are also overall consciousness-blocks that could respond in an honest mentality.
207. However, those are few, and they live in higher spheres because they are further developed in consciousness.
208. On the whole, however, there are few human beings who can enter into connection, as you say, with the deceased.
209. Although you have large spiritualistic circles on Earth, these are often nothing more than deception.
210. Many mediums are just very good actors and indulge in the desires of their theatrical drives.
211. A fact that, unfortunately, can only be proven by Earth human beings with great difficulty.
212. But on the other hand, there are also those mediums who imagine tremendous things and then imitate these in trance states in all perfection, whereby deception takes place again.
213. Moreover, their power of imagination often goes so far that they can mention actual things of other human beings from the past or the future and even imitate their voices in all perfection.
214. But also not to be forgotten are those mediums who are exploited by some beings of other dimensions maliciously or just for fun.
215. There are actually only very few real mediums, and they are mostly almost unheard of.
216. But the fact that they are real mediums, they are silent about this and make no fuss about it.
So then, I haven’t been mistaken. – But now, what about the electronic voice phenomena?
217. Here, many points play together.
218. Most cases of electronic voice phenomena are to be attributed quite clearly to the radio well-known to you, in which cases often so-called radio amateurs play their jokes.
219. But on the other hand, many of these contacts occur by means of communication of space travelers.
220. However, the thoughts of human beings also play an important role and often push themselves out as audible voices – not only on tape recorders but openly audibly.
221. Often, such a one who asks a question to a tape recorder unconsciously imitates a voice, which somehow appeals to him, in his mind and accurately transmits the answer he wants to get or hear to the tape recorder.
But how is that possible?
222. If I had to explain that to you, it would be extremely complicated and lengthy.
223. I can tell you, however, that every receiver is also a transmitter and can catch the highest swinging waves of thought and transmit them into a receiver.
So then, electronic voice phenomena wouldn’t be phenomena of another dimension or spirit world?
224. That isn’t entirely correct because just as there are genuine mediums who are able to enter into connection with other dimensions, there are also genuine electronic voice phenomena that really come from overall consciousness-blocks of various fine-fluidal worlds.
225. However, there are just as few of these as genuine mediums.
226. Unfortunately, there is a lot of deception and charlatanry in this area as well, which is attributable to the seeking of renown and so forth of the human beings.
227. The electronic voice phenomena known on Earth are, as a rule, only based on retrievals from the storage-banks (Akashic Records) and are worthless and meaningless, while the genuine recordings are kept secret.
Thanks, Semjase. You’ve really helped me a great deal.
228. For today, it must also be enough, for duty calls me again.
229. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that I can’t come here for the next 24 days because I have to take a long journey to … (please don’t mention the place) because a certain task is incumbent upon me, which has been laid on me.
Too bad, Semjase. But then, may I still ask you one or two questions, since I won’t see you for so long?
230. Sure.
231. Just ask; there’s still enough time for that.
Thanks. – So far, you’ve never told me where you actually always stay, when you’re not carrying on conversations with me. Are you allowed to give me information about this?
232. In part, I can enlighten you about that; that is, I may tell you everything, but you may not disclose everything.
233. We have our bases on Earth, as well as on many other planets, where we stay continually.
234. We also have such a base in this country, Switzerland.
235. It is located high up in the mountains in _______.
236. There, I have my main whereabouts, when I’m on Earth.
237. In addition, we have some other important stations that are distributed all over the world.
238. However, they are all built so securely that it would be impossible to find them if one doesn’t know them exactly.
239. Moreover, I travel a lot and have to fulfill my tasks on various worlds.
240. I also often go to visit home, as you tend to say, and so I also often stay in the Pleiades, as we call it for the time being.
Can we talk about it later in more detail?
241. Of course; only much will be for your ears only.
Still, I’m curious. – The time will be a bit long for me, though.
242. I’ll remain with you in thought-connection.
That’s at least a consolation, but can you still explain to me what the so-called “spirit-music" is all about?
243. Spirit-music?
244. What’s that?
It’s always claimed that certain people would receive musical pieces transmitted from the beyond.
245. Oh, I see.
246. You call that “spirit-music?"
So certain people call it. But what’s this about?
247. It concerns an evil deception, self-deception, or self-suggestive delusion and the like.
248. Spirit beings don’t transmit any music to the living.
Okay – and what’s up with the so-called display of power: magic?
249. You are very well oriented about that, and you know full well that such doesn’t exist in the form that is generally accepted and defended.
250. Magic is based on consciousness-based plus and minus powers…
So good and evil or, in other words, positive and negative?
251. I already said that you are very well oriented and knowing about it.
Nevertheless, I would like to talk with you about it.
252. Sure, but we must postpone that to a later date, because now, I really have to go.
Of course, Semjase. – I don’t want to bring you into a quandary.



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