Contact Report 017

Billy Meier Translations ©Benjamin Stevens

In the progress of construction of Saalome, we are very honored to have a support&permission from Benjamin Stevens, who allow us to use&copy his English translations and other materials on
在Saalome的建设过程中,我们非常荣幸地得到了Benjamin Stevens(先生)的支持,允许我们使用&拷贝他在

We are very respect and appreciate Benjamin Stevens’s tremendous contribution to this GREAT mission, and are very cherish his English translations, which should be well preserved!.
我们非常尊重和感激Benjamin Stevens(先生)在这一伟大【任务/使命】中所做出的巨大贡献,并十分珍视他的英译本,且这些英译本应该得到很好的保留!

There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
毫无疑问,这些英译本是FIGU英文资讯的基石,正是源于它们,英文世界里的译文更新工作才能在一个很高的起点上开展,这应该感谢Benjamin Stevens和其他优秀的英文译者的伟大付出。

Thanks to Benjamin Stevens!
感谢Benjamin Stevens!

Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!


  • Friday, May 9, 1975, 2:48 AM
You’ve let yourself wait for a long time with this contact.
1. It turned out this way because due to our carelessness with your film and photo work, various difficulties have arisen.
2. These had to be regulated and neutralized first.
3. In order to prevent further such incidents, we have issued the determination that for the time being, you should not shoot any further photos or films.
4. At the same time, the material available to you should be sufficient for the time being.
Too bad, but it seems to me that you are dramatizing the matter a bit, which to me is completely foreign to you.
5. The whole matter was much more serious than you seem to accept.
6. Not for nothing did I direct the steps to eliminate plant life forms.
7. Such things are subject to certain laws of our race, which permit such eliminations only in emergencies.
8. And in this case, there was such an emergency, even if it may not appear that way to you.
9. But you will understand this, once you know that the military observed by you on the 21st of April was actually in action because of my beamship.
10. We have determined this with certainty in the meantime, along with many other things.
11. Your fears and conjectures concerning this were, therefore, correct.
12. Still far many other things have happened in these connections, so we had to spend all the time of the last days remedying these resulting difficulties.
13. The emergency required analyzing all those human beings from the masses, who had gained dangerous knowledge of our cause.
14. With all of them, we were forced to eliminate their memories relating to this, in order to avoid harm of any kind.
15. Know that all the confusions and difficulties were very serious, and I am dramatizing them in no way.
16. So also understand that for the time being, I cannot allow any further photos or films and so forth, and that in the longer term also.
17. But instead, I’ll give you the opportunity to capture other things on your films.
18. But there is time yet for that, and you must be patient.
That’s really a pity, Semjase, but I understand your position, because your speech makes sense to me. — If you permit, then right at the outset I would like to direct a familiar question to you once again: A few days ago, I got to know a young man who has some certain consciousness-based capabilities. His question is the same as all the questions of others before, namely whether…
19. Already several times, I have clearly and plain…
Of course, I know that. It was, indeed, just a question.
20. Then why do you ask?
21. That’s illogical and doesn’t correspond to your thinking.
22. It seems to me that this question is not from you?
You’re right about that, because I’ve asked the question out of necessity, so to speak, because I promised this, even though I already knew your answer beforehand.
23. This illogic in you also would have been incomprehensible to me, as it doesn’t correspond to the state of your development of consciousness.
Today, you’re again generously flinging about with flower gardens.
24. I’m only noting facts.
25. But now listen to what I have to say:
26. It is now really time to disseminate the existing amount of knowledge that you’ve accumulated in your reports.
27. Sort out the matters at the earliest opportunity and be on the march.
28. Don’t think that time is not rushing, because in the last few weeks, things have happened, which require a moving forward.
29. But I don’t want to talk about these things yet, because the time for that still hasn’t come.
We have our next meeting on Saturday, as you know, and I will discuss these things there. — But if you now allow me, I would have one or two rather personal questions for you.
30. Sure.
For many years, I have observed a phenomenon in me, which I cannot resolve by any means: For a very long time, I’ve been trying to find out about my former past lives, or at least in parts. I’ve tried this in many ways, but I’ve never properly succeeded. In completely normal-conscious states, I’ve come across things that provided me recollections of past lives. But that was all, because I never found certain details. So on several occasions, I tried to get exceptionally good hypnotists for this purpose, who were to put me back via hypnosis. But even the best among them failed and didn’t hypnotize me, on the contrary; my senses became clearer and sharper in just a split second. I always felt it immediately when they tried to penetrate into me, and in a flash something completely unexplainable to me formed within me; at raving speed, which actually didn’t need any time, a defense block was automatically created, which the hypnotists were not able to break through. As a second factor, a counterattack block was formed at the same raving speed, which attacked the hypnotists, without my consciously wanting such. If the hypnotists didn’t leave me alone immediately, then they were given a raw deal; screaming in pain, they held their heads, writhed and contorted, until they were lying on the floor foaming from the mouth and finally fell into the deepest unconsciousness. Some of them even came close to death in this way and owed their survival only to the fact that I endeavored with all my power of spirit and consciousness for their lives. Even with attempts to penetrate into me secretly, all efforts failed in the same way. The same phenomena also appeared in other attempts without hypnosis. But how and why these defense and attack blocks automatically and rapidly become built up in me is a mystery to me. That’s why I want to ask you, how and why is this, and is there nevertheless a way to apply hypnosis to me?
31. I have already long feared these questions, as I have known them in you for years.
32. I’ve feared them because there are things associated with these, which I’m not allowed to mention, because they lead into too deep spiritual and consciousness-based cognitions, which you will first find, so I assume, in much later years through your natural development.
33. And it is precisely this development that I’m not allowed to grasp beforehand, if I’m not mistaken.
34. But on the other hand, there are indeed things that I can explain to you, but these must remain your secret because only you are able to understand them.
35. If certain things would be mentioned to others, it could create a catastrophe for many human beings, because this knowledge holds too many great dangers and requires for its understanding a consciousness-based and spiritual wisdom that corresponds to yours.
36. Human beings with less wisdom or without such would use this knowledge negatively with absolute certainty, partly for egoistic and imperious reasons and partly out of complete lack of intellect.
37. So if I’m to answer parts of your questions, then it’s only for your knowledge alone.
38. What I’m allowed to explain for everyone, however, is this:
39. Your defense block and attack block against hypnotic forces attempting to penetrate become produced by the wisdom of your consciousness and spirit as a protection, so that certain secrets lying dormant in you don’t become recognized or evaluated, because the knowledge and power of these secrets would be too great and powerful for other human beings to be able to recognize them in a rational and intellectual manner and evaluate them responsibly.
40. As for the possibility that you can nevertheless be hypnotized, it actually does exist.
41. But this possibility lies only with you yourself.
42. On the other hand, it is also possible that your defense block and attack block can be broken into or destroyed with enough forces, but these must be very great and can practically only be produced by several hypnotists in a power block.
43. But this possibility is very small, as your blocks have a tremendous energy that is mysterious to us.
44. But if the blocks can be broken into, which is very doubtful, then this can only happen with evil and irrational force, whereby your consciousness would become forcibly confused, however, and the users of force could gain no benefit at all.
45. Consider, therefore, that for your own benefit and for the protection of your fellow human beings, you should not let any hypnotic attempts go over you.
46. It would actually be completely harmless to you, but for those people who would make such attempts on you, it could bring about a confused consciousness or even death.
47. Your defense blocks are so stable and strong that everything would have to fail because of these.
48. This is also one of the reasons why the best expert of any relevant science will never be able to analyze you and will fundamentally evaluate you incorrectly.
49. The only things that can be largely determined about you are the character traits of astrological determination in general terms, as these largely apply in general to all those who belong to a certain sign of the zodiac.
Those are things that I have long suspected and that have become like a certainty to me. But I would still like to hear from you those explanations that you may entrust to me. Of course, I will keep silent about them and keep it all to myself.
50. So then I will explain to you these knowledge facts: ______
Your explanations make many things clear to me, over which I have been puzzled for many years, but still a lot remains open, nevertheless. But I guess I can still sort things out in the course of time, just as you also said.
51. Sure, but now to other things that are very important; at the beginning of our contacts, I spoke at length of various deceivers in the matter of beamships.
52. With this, I spoke in particular of George Adamski and his closest friends.
53. In this regard, I’ve noticed some things in the last weeks, which are very unpleasant; as I know, at the beginning of our contacts, you sent some material of photos and reports to certain addresses.
54. Since Adamski is exposed in those reports as the greatest deceiver, some unpleasant things have resulted from it:
55. In recent weeks, various things have been undertaken by different well-known parties to bring this deceiver Adamski even more into the public eye as a hero and to portray him as the real father of UFO contacts.
56. Basically, his closest friends and so forth are cited as witnesses, who have made sworn statements that they have seen and experienced different things with Adamski.
57. These witnesses, however, have unconsciously fallen prey to lies and claim things that do not correspond to the truth.
58. George Adamski had influenced his friends and acquaintances so suggestively that they saw and experienced things that did not exist.
59. Only very, very few human beings were aware that Adamski had good suggestive powers at his disposal, which is why they feared him and kept silent about it.
60. But the fact that he was a phenomenal suggester was completely unknown, and he himself, of course, preserved this secret in his favor.
61. Through this extraordinarily high suggestive power, he influenced his friends and acquaintances and got them to believe the most fantastic things, to which they then also testified under oath as being “truths."
62. You should spread this fact through your group, as it is important.
63. And because this matter is so important, that’s why I came to speak once again on this particular case.
64. Your earth is nearing the end of a developmental stage of an era, and a new one is coming in, about which I have already spoken once.
65. Your present earthly race is witness to this radical change, and many of the human beings are trying to exploit this religiously and materially.
66. Beware, therefore, of deceivers and charlatans, as Adamski was one.
67. There are many of his equals, who are already working now, and many of their equals will still come, and all of them do not shy away from any means to make profits.
68. They untruthfully elevate us to beings of perfection, but in reality we are not, for we are human beings just like all of you, and we are as fallible as you Earth human beings.
69. All of you should always be aware of this.
70. I’m explaining this because I would now like to say some things, about which you’ve already asked me before:
71. You asked me about the future, which I should predict.
72. I didn’t do this because I first wanted to discuss this point with the others, because such directions of the future often harbor dangers, because the human beings cannot cope with them.
73. But we’ve now come to the conclusion that I should mention general things that relate to your home country.
74. Since you have expressly asked for predictions of the future, I would like to give the following explanation, in order to avoid misunderstandings:
75. We know two ways to see the future.
76. The one way is that we travel to the future in a material-consciousness-based manner and observe and register the events of the relevant time right there on the spot, as I have done, for example, with Mr. Jacob.
77. We call this way a direct look into the future.
78. The second way is that of a calculational, combinatorial seeing, as is also done sometimes among you and is known under the wrong name or designation of CLAIRVOYANCE.
79. This type of look into the future is also doubtful and faulty with us and doesn’t rule out wrong observations and wrong descriptions.
80. When I now make a prediction this way for your home country, this factor must not be ignored:
81. 1) Wild masses of water and snow will demand many deaths this year (1975) in Switzerland and cause damages in the millions with disastrous devastations.
82. It will already be a very eventful year in this regard alone.
83. 2) The increasing road traffic will demand so many deaths in the coming years, mainly in the cities, that larger towns and cities will enforce hard prohibitions, speed limits, and penalties on internal traffic.
84. The traffic in larger town and city centers will sometimes be completely prohibited.
85. Only public transport services will have driving authorization in these centers.
86. 3) Due to the certainly not megalomaniacal and not autocratic defensive behavior of the country’s citizens, as it will be claimed, Switzerland will get into a severe isolation as a result of not joining a European alliance, which will come at the turn of the millennium, whereby various crises will be caused.
87. The reputation of the country will be damaged in a strong measure, and the citizens of the country will be ostracized, at least for a certain time, until those governing the country in a manner detrimental to the country and its population will approve the European alliance.
88. 4) Very troubled times will roll through the country and create great confusions.
89. In particular, crime will get out of control and take its toll.
90. There will be calls for the reintroduction of the death penalty, and by compulsion, various criminal laws will be handled harder, even though they, in and of themselves, are often illogical and primitive.
91. Robbery, murder, manslaughter, and economic crime will play decisive roles.
92. 5) The economic situation in Switzerland will deteriorate even further and reach a bad climax with high levels of unemployment, due to which respectable citizens will commit confused acts and violations of the law.
93. Suicides from this situation will not be uncommon.
94. And all of this will carry itself into the third millennium.
95. 6) Very rapidly, a lot of human beings will be exposed to psychological stresses from this year, which they will not be able to cope with.
96. As a result, many such human beings will seek suicide, and the number of them will constantly increase by leaps and bounds.
97. 7) Also the political situation will create serious problems and confusions inside and out.
98. Although the current government will still remain in office, it will begin to fester unpleasantly.
99. 8) In the near future, the Swiss currency will be forced to sink due to weighty foreign influences, which should not get corrected until the year 1976, when a changed government fixes the mishap.
100. 9) Switzerland will go down in history as a drug-dealing center for Europe, and despite the harder applied laws, these will be far too illogical and incomplete to halt the activity of the drug-related crime and narcotics abuse.
101. 10) For some time, Switzerland will lose its reputation as the “Golden Land" and as a paradise for tourism.
102. In particular, steady inflation will bear considerable guilt for this, along with the arrogant and unreasonable behavior of the country’s citizens towards foreigners.
103. 11) Religious insanity of all kinds will hold abundant and also often deadly harvests of countless Swiss citizens.
104. The delusion will be driven not only by the sects and religions, but also by the authorities, because they fear a renegade and uncontrollability of the masses beginning to think and being able to rise against the enslavement.
105. These are my predictions for your home country and for the next thirty years.
106. Are you content with this?
But of course, Semjase, it’s even more than I expected.
107. Be aware, however, that these kinds of predictions may be subject to certain changes, or they may contain errors.
108. They are not the result of a direct material look into the future, but are only the product of calculational, combinatorial seeing, as is also pursued by your clairvoyants.
109. As for a direct material look into the future, however, the great mass of your humanity is not capable of finding this out and coping with it, which is why I’m not allowed to provide it.
I understand completely, and I’m also content with this kind that you’ve provided. But that should be enough for today, because I have to go back home and to bed.
110. Unfortunately, I woke you up from sleep, so surely you’re still tired?
Of course I am, and besides that, I’m freezing, because despite the warmth of the days, the nights are still cold. But the real reason is my wife, because I buzzed off without waking her up and letting her know. If she suddenly wakes up and I’m not there, then she’ll be worried. So I have to go back home and put myself to bed as if nothing has happened.
111. Sure, I understand that, so I don’t want to hold you back any longer.
112. Only briefly, I would still like to explain to you that in a few weeks, I have to leave for a longer time, and then we will only maintain mental contact.
Aha, have you gotten yourself a catch?
113. That seems to be your modern way of speaking again?
Exactly, and it means whether you have gotten yourself a man and will marry him?
Semjase: (laughing loudly)
114. No, I feel much better without a husband, at least for now.
115. For a later time, I maybe have something planned.
116. But now go, because you said…
117. We can talk about these things some other time, if you care so much.
With pleasure even, because I would have some questions sometime. But how is it? Do you already have something suitable on the hook that you are ogling, maybe a scale-covered thing with built-in antennae on its head?
118. How do you come up with something like that?
Do you not know this nonsense, then?
119. I really don’t know what you mean by that?
The dear Earth human beings make their stupid jokes about people from the Moon and Mars and other space people. They depict them as scale-reinforced monsters with fixed head antennae, feelers, five breasts, and many other idiocies. They then refer to these things as “humor."
120. I didn’t know that, but I find it quite primitive.
That is probably the right description and probably also makes clear the mind of the respective “humorist." — But it is incomprehensible to me that you didn’t know about these things. Don’t you read any newspapers or magazines and such?
121. Sure, because when I’m shielded against the Earth-human swinging waves, I move here and there among the Earth human beings and also get hold of something to read every now and then, but I’ve never found such things.
Of course, if you only read Micky Mouse, Fix and Foxi, and Superman books, then you might be out of place.
Semjase: (laughing)
122. I actually know those, and I find them amusing.
123. But other things I read are mostly only newspapers and such.
All right, Semjase, I was just joking.
124. That’s also how I perceived your words.
125. But now it really is time…


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