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Billy Meier Translations ©Benjamin Stevens

In the progress of construction of Saalome, we are very honored to have a support&permission from Benjamin Stevens, who allow us to use&copy his English translations and other materials on
在Saalome的建设过程中,我们非常荣幸地得到了Benjamin Stevens(先生)的支持,允许我们使用&拷贝他在

We are very respect and appreciate Benjamin Stevens’s tremendous contribution to this GREAT mission, and are very cherish his English translations, which should be well preserved!.
我们非常尊重和感激Benjamin Stevens(先生)在这一伟大【任务/使命】中所做出的巨大贡献,并十分珍视他的英译本,且这些英译本应该得到很好的保留!

There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
毫无疑问,这些英译本是FIGU英文资讯的基石,正是源于它们,英文世界里的译文更新工作才能在一个很高的起点上开展,这应该感谢Benjamin Stevens和其他优秀的英文译者的伟大付出。

Thanks to Benjamin Stevens!
感谢Benjamin Stevens!

Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!


  • Thursday, May 15, 1975, 9:34 PM
1. Before we discuss other things today, I would like to continue in the spiritual teaching, as it is the most important of all things.
2. The human being tries to react to the word or designation “Creation" as if there were talk of something very beautiful and good, which is supposed to bring about a change in his senses.
3. However, this does not happen, as long as he has not recognized the Creation as what it really is.
4. But how can the word and designation “Creation" attain such a profound meaning for the human being that a change occurs in his whole psychological behavior, in his emotional awareness, in his attitude towards life, in his way of reacting, if he does not think constantly and over and over again about the essence of the Creation?
5. The human being quite simply tries to associate certain attributes that are pertinent to the essence of the Creation – such as “ever-present," “all-mighty," and “all-knowing" – with the word or designation “Creation."
6. The human being of everyday life as well as the so-called atheist, the egoist and materialist, and the agnostic find the word “Creation" most uninteresting.
7. But why?
8. They completely do not know – and they have no idea – what the Creation really is.
9. But so it is with very many human beings with the term “Creation."
10. Billions of human beings misguided by religions do not understand the word “Creation."
11. When they utter the unreal religion-based name “God," they are of the erring view that the Creation is being referred to by this.
12. But what an evil, irrational teaching this is!
13. This is why it is very important to know and learn as much as possible about the essence of the Creation, so that the word becomes meaningful, uplifts innerly, and leaves an impression as soon as it is heard.
14. Experience reveals that the Creation is endless beauty, a beauty above all beauty, limitless, intense happiness without end, wisdom, knowledge, ability, truth, and absolute determinateness.
15. If this is recognized by the human being, then he readily traces each of his joys back to its origin, to the endless joy of the Creation.
16. Wherever he sees something beautiful, be it a flower, an animal or a human being or anything else, he readily associates it with the endless beauty of the Creation itself.
17. Wherever the human being finds cognition expressed in one form or another in an impressive and uplifting way, he knows that it has its roots in the endless cognition that is the Creation.
18. Wherever life stirs, be it even in the tiniest of beings, in a creature such as the microbe, he sees behind this life the endless, the eternal, and the creational.
19. From this he seeks to deepen and broaden his understanding and feeling by reflecting on the essence of the creational and its inescapable presence in everyday life and experience, at any time and in any space in many ways.
20. The Creation is in every human being as a part-piece of itself.
21. Once this thought has penetrated the human being deeply and has become experience for him, all fear and doubt inside him disappear.
22. Once he knows that the Creation is all-knowing and all-mighty, he gains inner peace and security and is protected against foolish thoughts and wrong feelings.
23. Repeated reflection on the ever-presence, truth, wisdom and the ability and knowledge of the Creation as the perpetually eternal, as dignity and value, allows the word and designation “Creation" to become something very meaningful in the human being, something that brings about developmental changes in his feelings and developmental changes in his mode of thinking.
24. The more his intelligence becomes effective in this direction, the more it gains in radiant light, the more powerful his personality becomes and the more blessed his whole life and work becomes.
25. Over and over again, the human being living clearly in consciousness creates anew the strong perception in himself that the creational is far more real than the feelings of his body.
26. This perceiving in a fine-spiritual wise composes the spirit-living human being without ceasing.
27. The creational takes possession of his consciousness, which is why his senses are full of peace, strength, joy, knowledge, wisdom, truth, and hope.
28. All the measures that the ordinary human being takes in his material-intellectual thinking to obtain peace, happiness, and strength always prove to be deceptive, while this constant composure of the spirit-living human being becomes permeated by the dynamic power of the Creation.
29. The spirit-living human being is very dynamic in all things.
30. He is constantly trying to accomplish his determination as soon as possible.
31. Therefore, as long as he lives, he uses the time to turn to the creational ability with all his energy available to him.
32. He will never let this undertaking be lost.
33. Everything possible can happen in the course of time, but his desire for the creational will never expire in him.
34. He may encounter obstacles, suddenly have no more sense and taste for necessary material things, but he never loses the taste and sense for the Creation, because he knows that the Creation embodies the true BEING.
35. The only human beings who reap tremendous spiritual and consciousness-based fruits are those who struggle hard for their consciousness-based and spiritual good and progress, for knowledge, truth, logic, wisdom and love, because these do not simply fall into their laps.
36. It is first necessary to learn the spiritual-intellectual way of thinking, the way of creational thinking, and to recognize its absolute correctness and determinateness, before the first successes can be achieved.
37. But once these first successes come to light, then the one who recognizes progresses with great steps and expands in spirit and consciousness into a factor of might.
38. Only then will already recognized facts, knowledge, truth, logic, wisdom, and love become a matter of course, which must first be worked out hard.
39. But the path does not end at this point, because further searching, further research, further development, and further recognition lead into the limitless duration of time.
40. Everything possible may happen in the course of time and keep human beings from doing what they are supposed to do, but the spirit-living human being knows no bounds and does not let himself be dissuaded from his determinations by any incidents or poor prospects of the future.
41. For him, the future already exists in the present, so it is a matter of having to do everything here and now to reach the highest spiritual and consciousness state.
42. He does not know fear of the future or fear when faced with the future, because these only exist in a material-intellectual mode of thinking, but never in spiritual-intellectual thinking, in which the future is as present as the present itself.
43. As a result, the spirit-living human being can and is able to solve the problems of tomorrow and the next day already here and now and direct them along the desired paths.
44. Thinking for and with the spirit brings only advantages to any life form.
45. In this way, the human being rises more and more by intensive searching and research into the state of spiritual thinking and into the knowledge of the creational truth and wisdom.
46. Again and again, he creates in himself the strong perceiving in a fine-spiritual wise that something is there, which gives him immeasurable power and makes him free from unreal assumptions – the truth of the Creation.
47. Over and over again, the human being creates within himself the strong perceiving in a fine-spiritual wise that he is in the sea of the creational light, its wisdom, its knowledge, of the truth, the logic and the love, which overall allows to him the BEING of life.
48. The joy of the human being turned towards the Creation is to attest to his veneration for the creational and the Creation, in that he accepts the all-mighty will in the creational laws and makes the absolute determinateness of these laws his own determination and evaluates them usefully.
49. He expresses his dedication to the laws by learning and using all spiritual and consciousness-based facts, but never by belief, assumption, service, and submissiveness.
50. The only way to learn is through incessant effort and striving to attain higher spiritual and consciousness-based cognition and to apply the capabilities that have unfolded as a result.
51. Patience and perseverance and the development of higher understanding, recognition and application of cosmic and universal love, deepening of spiritual and consciousness-based knowledge and ability, as well as the elimination of material-intellectual thinking powers – such as egoism, materialism, pride, envy, greed, and jealousy and so on – are of decisive importance with this, for only this ensures the recognition and following of the creational laws.
52. The spirit-minded human being is constantly striving to direct the Creation to himself and to make it recognizable in himself, in the way that he tries to make possible that which is impossible for ordinary human beings – and that with success.
53. Day after day, month after month, and year after year, the human being dedicated to the spirit invokes the creational and thereby gains knowledge, wisdom, love, logic, truth and power, until he finally experiences the creational in himself and is able to evaluate it, whereby it becomes more real to him than the feelings of his body.
54. As he is keeping company with other human beings and speaking with them, he sees only the creational before him.
55. As he sees others before him, he sees only the creational in them, because the creational is always the first priority for him.
56. Among all things, the creational is the greatest of all for him, which is why everything in him is confronted with the creational, and material things are no longer able to awaken any desire in him.
57. He is no longer susceptible to material temptations, because what he holds within him as spiritual and consciousness-based knowledge and ability, this is his conversational partner and his guide.
58. He speaks and converses with this and lives with this in the given laws of the Creation.
59. This way of living means BEING in truth, and this BEING is incomparably more beautiful than the most beautiful manifestation of this universe.
60. Nothing is able to bring such a developed human being into temptation anymore (still), not the greatest wealth of the world and not a threat of death applied to him by evil-minded creatures.
61. His inner wealth in the creational is inexhaustible and imperishable, and nothing is able to awaken any fear in him, for that, with which he lives and which animates his BEING, is endless might.
62. Nothing, therefore, is able to tempt him into untruth and falseness, for his whole BEING is in the creational recognition of endless truth.
63. Nothing is able to mislead him into the darkness of misleading thoughts from outside forces, for every split second of his spiritual-intellectual thinking is endless light.
64. Nothing is able to change his BEING-sense of the truth or to make him unhappy, for he lives in the BEING of the Creation and within its purpose, and he lives in endless joy.
65. But if the human being has a bad or negative attitude towards the spiritual things of life, towards himself and towards the Creation, then nothing at all will prosper him.
66. Even a very favorable circumstance, which would otherwise be very valuable, becomes the source of misfortune and unpeace for him, if his attitude is only material-intellectual and his thoughts and feelings influence the environment in this way as well.
67. Even if the human being concerned still pursues such good intentions, the result in this case will be completely negative.
68. For the spirit-living human being, however, everything and everyone will always be the right circumstance for inner growth and a very good opportunity to pay tribute to the creational in every form.
69. In truth, only that human being is great, who continuously bears and maintains high and noble spiritual thoughts and feelings within himself; and only that human being can be mentioned in creational regard, who continuously lives and thinks within himself in the consciousness of the creational.
70. This means that material-intellectually great human beings can be completely uncreational and spiritually insignificant, and so can peacemakers, religious saints, helpers in distress, misery and sickness, and last but not least those who are at the forefront in wars and such and those who perform medical services and so on.
71. Such human beings are mostly only driven by adventurousness, pity, and self-pity and other wrong material-intellectual thoughts and resulting feelings, without having the slightest recognition of the creational in themselves.
72. Very often they are misled by unrealistic religions that preach false neighborly love and just as false divine teachings and humility formulas.
73. But what is the difference between such life forms and the spirit-living human being?
74. The ordinary human being, in general, lets himself be guided and subdued by lower material-intellectual impulsations.
75. Once he has good feelings, these are never stable and, in turn, soon disappear, making room again for lower impulsations.
76. The spirit-living human being, on the other hand, never lets even the smallest creational impulsations fade away, but he grasps them and expands them endlessly.
77. Lower impulsations find no anchoring place in him, for the waters of wisdom and knowledge in him are too deep for a low and short anchor chain to be able to reach its bottom.
78. The spirit-living human being is constantly trying to keep himself, always and under all circumstances, within the swinging wave area of creational impulsations.
79. Should this ever be endangered by any influences, then he appeals to the Creation in the highest potency and thus protects himself from the negative in its highest swinging wave power.
80. He proceeds in this way for so long until the creational essence has produced in him the absolute determinateness of the defense against the negative.
81. The human being is always a bearer of certain things.
82. Many bear oppressive feelings in themselves, others grief, worries, problems, hopes, and other thoughts of a material-intellectual nature.
83. Also anxieties and imaginations of images of every kind, both good and ugly, belong to his material-intellectual thinking.
84. The spirit-living human being, however, is a bearer of the creational, of the spiritual.
85. He is a Creation-bearer, a conscious spirit-bearer, for he always bears in himself the knowledge and ability of the creational laws; and the more the old nature of material-intellectual thinking makes him the bearer of its illogic, the more he works intensively to make the creational predominant in himself and firmly anchored.
86. Even thoughts of the most negative, which want to come and destroy his spiritual-intellectual thinking, he immediately transforms into creational power and wisdom.
87. So he makes everything into the creational and bears it as a power block within himself.
88. As a result, he is a walking temple of the Creation.
89. The intelligence of the Creation-living human being becomes more and more spiritual and penetrates deeper and deeper into the spiritual consciousness.
90. The spirit-living human being penetrates with his cognitive faculties deeper and deeper into all things and takes in the warmth of the fire of the creational presence in everything.
91. Through this, the spiritually thinking human being recognizes and becomes aware of the power and the truth of the creational presence everywhere.
92. What, therefore, remains unrecognized by the everyday sensory perceptions, becomes perceived spiritually and consciously by the Creation-living human being.
93. In all things and life forms, therefore, he always sees the creational presence and the application of the creational laws.
94. He has a spiritual image of the power of the Creation’s presence, and he dedicates all the precious energies of his life and BEING to the creational knowledge, its truth, power and wisdom, and thus to the ability of his part-piece of the Creation dwelling within him – his spirit.
95. The material life on the earth is like a transitory game, a disappearing phenomenon; but behind it lies the eternal and timeless truth: the spirit, the creational presence and the reality of the Creation.
96. This creational reality bears within itself all realms and areas of wisdom-ability.
97. This is the lasting, the timelessly continual, and the imperishable.
98. This is not a game, but eternal and timeless truth and wisdom, knowledge, freedom, love, logic and ability, the relative perfection, the absolute determinateness.
99. Very many human beings are afraid to live for the purposes of the Creation, and they think and believe that they only have to sojourn with the one who is supposed to take away their fear of death, with a god of a religion, who has promised them, through conscious irrational teachings and for his own benefit, to take away their fear of death, if they would believe his lies in an irrationally believing and humble manner, whereby they enter into his enslavement and become unfree in consciousness.
100. The constant repetition of these irrational teachings of religion causes the believers to find an imaginary and deceptive fulfillment and to be subject to an evil delusion, which prevents all consciousness-based rationality for them, whereby also their spiritual-intellectual thinking becomes inhibited and suppressed and enslaved.
101. Only very few human beings are not afraid to live for the purposes of the Creation and know that this alone warrants one’s life and one’s BEING, because this fulfills the creational laws and, in turn, makes one’s life and one’s BEING into life and BEING.
What you say, it all sounds so understandable and logical – if only the human beings could understand it.
102. They will, but it will not be overnight.
103. You and your group are just laying the foundation stones for an avalanche that will only start rolling at a much later time.
I know; we’ve already talked about this on occasion. But now, I again have a question that was directed to me.
104. There should not…
Please don’t be hasty, because I find this question very justified. If you want to bring us the spiritual teaching, then you also have to explain certain things from it.
105. If it’s like that, then of course it falls into my determination.
106. What does the question deal with?
The prayer from the Talmud of Jmmanuel, if you can give detailed explanations about it.
107. Sure, but I must go a little further in this regard, because my response should be understood correctly.
108. In principle, prayers are to be understood only as what they truly express in your language with their designation: prayers.
109. That is, a prayer means, in truth, a wish in the form of a wishful appeal to the spirit of the human being himself, with the sense of:
110. Give me this or that, which I need.
111. True spiritual human beings, however, who are aware of the power, knowledge, and ability of their spirit, no longer perform such prayers, for they already live in the knowledge that they are capable of all things by the power of the all-mightiness of their spirit.
112. For this reason, they continuously determine the utilization of the all-mightiness of their spirit.
113. The unspiritual human being, however, is not capable of this; consequently, he should or must activate his spirit through a conscious prayer.
114. Explained further, this means:
115. The spiritual human being constantly makes use of the powers and the ability of his consciousness and his spirit quite consciously, while the unspiritual human being, in doubt and humility, only expresses wishes in prayers, which he moreover, as a rule, doesn’t even direct to his own spirit or to the Creation but, depending on his religion, to some higher might or power, which in truth does not exist or is incompetent, in which cases not even the Creation becomes addressed, because sectarian or religious prayer-dependent human beings adhere to some idols or gods and such, but never to the Creation.
116. The wrong way of the human being dependent on prayer degenerates with all his wishes and invocations into imagination, by which he, contrary to the laws, forces his wishes to fruition.
117. Certain things become termed or formulated differently in a spiritual mode of thinking than what the conscious thinking is able to understand.
118. Hence, different terms become used for certain things, of whose deeper meaning the normal-conscious human being has no idea, but unfortunately this is, in turn, an advantage for the religions, which modify and evaluate these terms in their favor.
119. So the terms of various kinds appearing in the prayer you mentioned mean the following:
a) All-mighty: all-knowing, all-capable, all-wise, all-truthful, all-logical, all-loving
b) Honored: controlling / exercising control, etc.
c) Firmament: realm of the spirit / spiritual realm, spiritual life, etc.
d) Earth: body / material life, etc.
e) Bread: all-mightiness / nourishment for the consciousness / nourishment for the spirit
f) Debt: Errors, which are necessary for development and recognition and, therefore, must be committed.
120. The spiritual subconsciousness is able to grasp and process the spiritual thinking-form with ease, so in a prayer, purely spiritual thinking-forms are used, whereby senseless babbling with many words is unnecessary.
121. Even if the consciousness itself is not able to understand the remarks made in spiritual forms, they are nevertheless understood and utilized by the spiritual subconsciousness in cooperation with the spirit down to the last detail.
122. Since this knowledge remains withheld from the unspiritual human being, because he is mostly trapped in religions, he is not able to interpret the meaning of a spiritual form of thought.
123. On the other hand, it also cannot be explained to him, because he will not grasp the meaning.
124. It is for this reason that the misguiding religions create babbling prayers, which can be consciously explained and grasped by the unspiritual human being, and as a result of this malicious misguidance, the human being concerned commits himself to the religion or sect.
125. Because, if he performs prayers for anything that are understandable to him, in word and meaning, then the belief in them grows inside him, and he thus becomes a slave to the belief dictated to him.
126. But now, when Jmmanuel has issued a prayer, then it’s within the purpose that the human being using it does not understand the meaning of the words and, therefore, cannot simply succumb to a belief.
127. But since the spiritual subconsciousness of the human being understands the meaning of the words, the result is inevitable, that with sufficient application, the spiritual powers of the human being align with the invocations and develop in the form desired by the words, without the consciousness knowing what it is actually requesting and asking from the prayer that is incomprehensible to it.
128. In this way, the knowledge of recognition and the truth is slowly attained, without being influenced by any belief.
129. Because, if a human being does things, of whose meaning he has no idea, and quite definite consequences and results arise from these things, then these can only be the effects of those powers that have just been mentioned, even if this has happened without the conscious knowledge of the human being concerned.
130. Because, if a human being unconsciously does the right thing, then according to the laws, the right result must also come to light.
131. But now, if a human being, according to belief, consciously does something in a certain form, such as in prayers, and it then actually produces results in the form desired and hoped for, then these only lead back to the belief and his imaginations, generated in the consciousness dependent on belief.
132. But now to the interpretation of the prayer provided by Jmmanuel:
a) My spirit, you are all-mighty.
My spirit, you are all-knowing, all-capable, all-wise, all-truthful, and all-loving in me.
b) Your name is honored.
Your name attests to me your controlling power of your ability over all things.
c) Your realm shall incarnate within me.
Your all-mightiness shall spread within me to the consciousness of my thoughts, so that I bring the knowledge, powers, wisdoms, truths, and the love in the universal, the peace and the freedom in conscious ability – which have been collected and given to me – to use, development and application.
d) Your might shall unfold within me, on earths and in the firmaments.
Your all-mightiness shall become the conscious determinateness in me, in my body, and in all spiritual realms.
e) Give me my daily bread today,
Let your all-mightiness daily be effective in me and unfold and nourish my unknowledge with knowledge and wisdom,
f) so I recognize my debt, and I recognize the truth.
whereby I can recognize and remedy the errors that have befallen me on the path of my development.
g) And do not lead me into confusion and delusion, but release me from my misunderstanding.
Do not let me go astray through material and worldly things and wrong ways of thinking and fall into dependence on beliefs through irrational teachings.
h) For the realm, the power, and the knowledge within me are yours in eternity.
For your all-mightiness shall be conscious in me, as shall the power of your ability and the knowledge in the Absolutum for the duration of all times.
133. I cannot explain any more about this, as in this form it must be sufficient and understood.
134. I’m not allowed to mention certain other things.
That should really be understandable enough to enlighten everyone. Further explanations for these things may well be superfluous.
135. Sure; moreover, with these explanations, I’ve already reached the limits of what I can explain about it.
Thank you so much, Semjase. I myself probably would have been able to give your explanations, though perhaps or likely not with such precision. It seemed to be more right to me, however, if you explained the things, because for my person, there are always doubts in all things. You know, after all: “The prophet in his own country…"
136. Sure, but those are things of irrationality and lack of understanding.
Of course, I agree with you there, but explain that sometime to my fellow human beings.
137. That will hardly be possible.
It also isn’t meant that way, because it’s just a phrase with the meaning that you would probably also encounter annoyances and difficulties, if you yourself had to explain all these things to my dear fellow human beings.
138. Unfortunately, the meaning of your sentence constructions is not always evident to me.
That’s not too important, because we can always clarify the situation. — Now, for my part, I still have a problem concerning that man I told you about last time. I would like to know to which stage of development he is to be assigned, into which main and sub stages he should be classified. Can you tell me more about that?
139. You provide very little information, but I will be happy to give you information if you tell me more details.
140. But be aware that I will only investigate his “spiritual" stage and his mode of thinking, but not more.
141. In addition, you have to be a little patient, because I need some time for that.
Thank you very much. — It concerns a young man named F. O. from W. He has…
142. That’s already enough; I don’t need to know any more.
143. I will meet your wishes as soon as possible and transmit the result to you on a thought basis.
144. But now, I have a question for you:
145. You’ve stated that you would push our cause forward, but so far, I’ve been able to notice nothing of this.
146. Have you failed in this respect?
I wouldn’t exactly say that I’ve failed, because in the last discussion, just too many things came together to be able still to talk in detail of what is to be undertaken. But by the end of this month, everything should be clear. I’ve already done the necessary preliminary work concerning this, so I just have to present it to the others.
147. Then I am reassured, because I wanted to know that this matter is still being regulated, before I go away for some time and will only stand in thought contact with you.
You’ve already spoken of this once; what do you have to do that’s so important?
148. This is only meant for your ears, when I talk about it: ______
That is very interesting, and now I understand your secrecy.
149. That’s good, because a lot is connected with this.
150. But now, I would like to make another proposal for your group:
151. Before I go away for a longer time, I would like to draw the attention of you all once again to my ship.
152. At the given point in time, which I don’t want to mention in advance for certain reasons, I’ll give your group another opportunity to observe my beamship.
153. In this regard, I have again selected a time of night, because it all can be observed better in the dark.
154. I will demonstrate to all of you the possibilities of various energies, which will be very well visible in the dark as lighting effects.
155. However, I can only apply some energies high up in the atmosphere, because otherwise they would have a lethal effect on various earthly life forms.
156. But still, everything will be a just as unforgettable demonstration for your group members as also for many other casual observers, for I will not use any protective measures to shield from sight during the demonstration.
157. With this action, you are asked to follow very specific precautions and also to be concerned that no other person besides you can approach within 910 meters from my beamship, because this could have fatal consequences for them, or at least consequences that would harm their health or even their consciousnesses.
158. Concerning this, I will shield and protect you yourself, by what means you will not be harmed.
159. With this action, it would be very important and valuable for you and your group, and for our whole cause, if you would take along some uninitiated observers, who have significant influence on publication outlets and, perhaps, on authorities and so forth.
160. But with these people, make sure that they are suitable for our cause and do not get out of the control of the good human nature as betrayers.
161. Hence, be very careful.
162. Select these people very carefully.
163. But do not initiate them in any way into the hows and whys of the undertaking, but just explain that it concerns an interesting matter, to which they should later attest.
164. Make corresponding written agreements and clarifications with these people, because this will be of importance.
You all of a sudden go very far, Semjase, considering that up to now, you were always very keen on protecting yourself and your ship from any sight at all costs.
165. It will be a one-time public demonstration, which I will not repeat to such an extent again.
166. But this demonstration has become necessary to support all your material and the future work of you and your group.
167. We want to give and grant you and your group not only reports and determinations but also supporting help, and to be of service to all of you when it is really necessary, appropriate, and justifiable for us.
168. But such things will remain, as they have up to now, within the scope of exceptions and will not become a habit.
Nevertheless, that’s really a lot, actually more than I ever expected.
169. Sure, I know, but now to other things, which are determined only for you and me…


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