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資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 1




英版譯者:Dyson Devine和Vivienne Legg


校對改進:由Vivienne Legg和Dyson Devine,與Vibka Wallder合作完成。


完整修訂:Stefan Zutt


英版連結:「Futureofmankind. James Moore Contact Report 018

中版譯者:小青勇敢(部分依據德文翻譯);自第102句之後編輯自Captain Marvel網路分享


校對改進:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象-第018次接觸報告(痞客邦部落格)



其後Billy問到有關《以馬內利的教誨》(Talmud Jmmanuel)中,對於祈禱文(prayer)的解釋,Semjase也詳細的作了說明。


An explanation from Semjase on the understanding of the term “Creation”.


This is the entire contact.  



  1. Before we discuss other things today, I would like to proceed with the spiritual teaching, as it is the most important thing of all.


  1. The human being should try to react to the word or the term “Creation” as if something very beautiful or good is being referred to, through which a change should be effected in his/her thinking.


中譯者註:Creation”一詞據理解應是指宇宙間最高層級的能量是一切生命與萬物的原創力,也被稱為神聖本源(Divine origin)。在後續之翻譯中,優先選用中文較貼近的譯名「造化」,部分翻譯視語意選用「造物」、「造物主」、「創世」、「創生」、「創造」等。


  1. But since this does not happen, in so far he/she has not recognised the Creation for what it really is.



  1. But how can the word and the designation “Creation” attain such a deep significance for the human being that a change in his/her entire psychological way of behaving occurs, in his/her emotional awareness, his/her feeling of life, his/her ways of reacting, if he/she does not constantly and repeatedly ponder over the nature of the Creation?

但是,如果一個人不去持之以恆反覆對「造化」的本質進行深思,「造化」這個字詞,這個名字又怎會對人類具有如此重要的意義,以至於引發他整個行為在內心層面 —— 他的情感知覺,他對生命的認知,以及他待人接物方式上的改變呢?

  1. The human being should try quite simply to bring certain characterising words, which are applicable in regard to the nature of Creation -like, “everpresent”, “almighty” and “all-knowing” -into association with the word or the designation “Creation”.

人類應該嘗試很直接地將某些適用於「造化」本質的特徵詞彙 —— 例如:“永存”、“全能”、“全知”等 —— 與「造化」這個字詞或者說這個稱呼聯想在一起。

  1. The every-day human being and everyone, the so-called atheist, the egoist and materialist, and the agnostic, find the word “Creation” highly uninteresting.


  1. Yet why?


  1. To them it is entirely unknown -and they have no idea -what Creation essentially is.


  1. But so it is with very many human beings with the term “Creation”.


  1. Billions of people who are misled by religion do not understand the word “Creation”.


  1. When they pronounce the unreal religious title, “God”, then they have gone astray with the view that Creation is named thereby.

當他們宣達不真實的宗教稱呼 ——“上帝”的時候,他們已經誤入歧途,認為那就指的是「造化」

  1. Yet what an evil false teaching that is.


  1. Therefore it is very important to know as much as possible about the nature of Creation and ascertain it so that the word becomes meaningful, raises one inwardly and leaves an impression as soon as it is heard.


  1. Experience reveals that Creation is infinite beauty, a beauty above all beauty, boundless, intensive happiness without end, wisdom, knowledge, ability, truth and absolute certainty.


  1. Once that is recognised by the human being, then he/she instantly traces every one of his/her joys back to its origin, to the infinite joy of Creation.


  1. Wherever he/she sees something beautiful, be it a flower, an animal or a human being, or anything else, he/she thus instantly brings it into association with the unending beauty of the Creation herself.


  1. Wherever the human being sees cognition reach expression in one form or another, in an impressive and uplifting manner, there he/she knows that it has its roots in the endless cognition that is the Creation.


  1. Wherever life stirs, be it even in just the tiniest being, in a creature, such as, for example, the microbe, there, behind this life, he/she glimpses the endless, the eternal and the creational.


  1. From that, he/she attempts to deepen and expand his/her understanding and feeling by thinking the nature of the creational and its inescapable presence over, at any time and in any space, in many kinds of ways, in daily life and experience.


  1. Creation exists in every human being as a fragment of itself.


  1. Once this thought has deeply penetrated the human being and become his/her experience, then any fear and all doubt in him/her disappear.


  1. Once he/she knows that the Creation is all-knowing and all-mighty then he/she gains peace and security in his inner self and is immune from stupid thoughts and wrong feelings.


  1. Repeated pondering over the ever-presence, truth, essence of wisdom and the ability and knowledge of the Creation as permanently eternal, as dignity and value, allows the word and the designation “Creation” to become something very meaningful in the human being, something which evokes transformations in the feelings, and transformations in his/her manner of thinking.


  1. The more his/her intelligence is effective in this direction, the more it gains radiating light, the more powerful his/her personality becomes, and the more prosperous his/her whole life and work becomes.


  1. Again and again the human being who lives in clarity of consciousness produces in himself/herself, anew, the strong, fine-spiritual perception that the creational is far more real than that which his body feels.

如果一個人一次又一次活在自覺的清醒之中,讓他的內在產生一種全新而強固的靈性微妙而敏銳的知覺(spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling),而這種「造化體驗」會比他自己的物質身體更加真實

  1. This spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling incessantly rules the human being who lives for the spirit.


  1. The creational takes possession of his/her consciousness, which is why his/her senses are full of peace, strength, joy, knowledge, essence of wisdom, truth and hope.


  1. All the measures which the normal human being grasps in his material-intellectual thinking, in order to attain peace, happiness and strength, always show themselves as deceitful, while this constant controlledness, of the human being who is living according to spirit, is pulsed through with the dynamic power of Creation.


  1. The human being who lives for spirit is very dynamic in all things.


  1. He/she incessantly attempts to reach his/her fulfilment as quickly as possible.


  1. Therefore, as long as he/she lives, he/she uses the time, with all the energy available to him/her, for turning himself/herself to the creational ability.


  1. He/she will never allow this undertaking to be lost.


  1. All kinds of things can happen over time, yet his/her desire for the creational will never disappear in him/her.


  1. He/she may encounter obstacles, suddenly have no sense and taste anymore for necessary material things, but he/she never loses the taste and sense for the Creation, because he/she knows that the Creation embodies the true BEING.


  1. Only those human beings who fight hard for consciousness goods and progress, and spiritual goods and progress, and for knowledge, truth, logic, wisdom and love, harvest the spirit’s and consciousness’ enormous fruits, because these do not simply fall into their laps.


  1. First, before the first results can be obtained, it is necessary to learn the spiritual-intellectual manner of thinking, that is to say, the path of creational thinking, and to recognise its absolute correctness and certainty.

首先在得到第一個成果之前,有必要學習使用靈性智慧(spiritual-intellectual)的思維方式也是經由造物思維」(creational thinking)之路,進而認識到造化的絕對正確性與確定性

  1. However, once these initial successes come to light, then the recogniser steps ahead with great strides and widens himself/herself in spirit and consciousness into a factor of might.


  1. Only through this, do already known facts, knowledge, truth, logic, wisdom and love -which first, however, must be gained through hard work become self-evident.


  1. Yet the path does not end at this point, because further seeking, further searching, further development and further recognition lead into the boundless duration of time.


  1. All sorts of things may happen in the course of time and keep the human beings from doing what they had planned to do, yet the human being who lives in accord with the spirit knows no bounds and does not allow himself/herself to be led away from his determinations by any kind of events or bad future prospects.


  1. For him/her, the future already exists in the present, so everything must be done here and now in order to achieve the highest spiritual state and highest state of consciousness.


  1. He/she does not know the anxiety of the future and does not know the anxiety about the future, because they exist only in a material-intellectual way of thinking, but never in the spiritual-intellectual thinking, in which the future is as present as the present itself.


  1. Thereby the human being who lives in accord with the spirit can, and may, solve the problems of tomorrow and the next day already, here and now, and steer them along the desired paths.


  1. To think for, and with, the spirit brings only advantages to every life-form.


  1. Therefore the human being should raise himself more and more, through intensive seeking and searching, into the state of spiritual thinking and into the knowledge about creational truth and wisdom.


  1. He/she should time and again create in himself/herself the strong perceiving in a fine-spiritual wise that something is there that gives him/her immeasurable power and frees him/her from unreal assumptions; the truth of the Creation.

他需要一遍遍在他心中建立起牢固、靈性微妙而敏銳的知覺,體悟到有什麼東西在那裡 —— 也就是「造化」的真相,而這會賦予給他無窮的力量,使他從虛幻的假象中解脫出來。

  1. Again and again and again the human being should create in himself/herself the strong perceiving in a fine-spiritual wise that he/she is in the ocean of the creational light, its essence of wisdom, its knowledge, of the truth, of the logic and of the love, which only in its entirety enables the BEING for him/her.


  1. The joy of the human being who is turned to the Creation consists in attesting his/her veneration to the creational and to the Creational; this by accepting the all-mighty will in the creational laws and by making the absolute distinctness of these laws one’s own destiny and by beneficially evaluating them.


  1. He/she expresses his/her dedication to the laws through the learning and utilisation of all spiritual and consciousness-based facts, but never through belief, assumptions, serving, and submissiveness.


  1. The only way to learn is through unremitting effort and striving to obtain higher spiritual cognitions and higher cognitions pertaining to the consciousness, and by applying the abilities which have unfolded through this.


  1. Of decisive significance thereby are patience and endurance and the development of higher understanding, recognition and application of cosmic and universal love, deepening of spiritual knowledge and ability and deepening of knowledge and ability pertaining to the consciousness, as well as the switching off of material-intellectual thought-powers such as egoism, materialism, pride, envy, greed and jealousy, and so forth, because only this guarantees the recognition and following of the creational laws.


  1. The human being who thinks spiritually is permanently striving to direct the Creation to him/herself and to make it recognisable within him/herself, this in such a way that he/she tries to make possible what is impossible for normal human beings – and indeed with success.


  1. Day after day, month after month and year after year, the human being connected to the spirit calls upon the creative and thereby gains knowledge, essence of wisdom, love, logic, truth and power, until he/she finally experiences the creational within him/herself and is able to evaluate it, whereby it becomes more real to him/her than the feeling of his/her body.


  1. While he/she is in contact with other human beings and speaking to them, he/she sees only the creational in front of him/her.

當他與其他人交往和交談的時候,他在他面前看到的只是「造化萬物」(the creational)。

  1. While he/she sees others in front of him/herself, he/she sees only the creational in them, because for him/her the creational always takes first place.


  1. For him/her, the creational is the greatest among all things, which is why everything in him/her is confronting itself with the creational and why material things are no longer able to awaken a craving in him/her.


  1. He/she is no longer exposed to material temptations, since what he/she has inherent in him/herself as spiritual and consciousness-based knowledge and ability is his/her conversational partner and his/her guide.


  1. He/she speaks and converses with it, and he/she lives with it in the given laws of the Creation.


  1. This way of living means BEING in truth, and this BEING is incomparably more beautiful than this universe’s most beautiful manifestation.


  1. Nothing is able to tempt such a developed human being any longer; not the greatest wealth of the world, nor a death threat expressed to him by creatures disposed to evil.


  1. His/her inner wealth in the creational is inexhaustible and immortal, and nothing is able to awaken any kind of fear in him/her, because that with which he/she lives and enlivens his/her BEING is unending might.


  1. Therefore, nothing is able to mislead him/her to untruth and falseness, for his/her whole BEING is unending truth through the creational recognition.


  1. Nothing is able to guide him/her into the unreal in the darkness of thoughts from external powers leading into delusion, because every fraction of a second of his/her spiritual-intellectual thinking is unending light.


  1. Nothing is able to change his/her BEING-sense of the truth or make him/her unhappy, since he/she lives in the BEING of the Creation and in her sense, and he/she lives in unending joy.

沒有什麼是可以改變他的「造化知覺」(BEING-sense),任何事情都不能奪走他的快樂,因為此時的他就生活在與「造化本體」(the BEING of Creation)合一的狀態中,這是無窮無盡的快樂。

  1. If, however, the human being has an evil or negative attitude towards the spiritual things of life, him/herself and the Creation, then nothing at all will prosper for him/her.

當一個人對他生命中的靈性事物 —— 包括他自己與「造化」—— 懷有負面或不好想法的時候,那麼沒有任何事物可以使他成長壯大。

  1. Even a very favourable circumstance, which would otherwise be very valueful, becomes a source of unfortune and unpeace for him/her, if his/her attitude is only material-intellectual and his/her thoughts and feelings also influence the environment in this form.


  1. Even if the concerned human being pursues the best intentions, however good they may be, the result, in this case, will be entirely negative.


  1. However, for the human being who lives in accord with spirit, everything always constitutes the right circumstances for inner growth and is a very good opportunity, in every form, to pay tribute to that which is creational.


  1. In truth, only that human being who permanently carries and maintains high and noble spiritual thoughts and spiritual feelings in him/herself is great; and one can only call that human being creative who permanently lives and thinks with the consciousness of the creational in himself/herself.


  1. That means that human beings who are great in terms of their material intellect can be just as completely un-creational and, spiritually, absolutely insignificant, just as peace-instigators can be, along with saints of religion, helpers in emergency, misery and sickness, and, not least, those who stand at the very front in wars, and so forth, and carry out medical services, and so forth.


71.Those kinds of human beings are mostly only driven by thirst for adventure, by pity and self-pity and other wrong, material-intellectual thoughts, and the feelings resulting from them, without the slightest recognition of possessing the creational within themselves.


  1. Very often they are misled through un-real religions which preach false neighbourly love and equally false divine teachings, and formulas for submissiveness.


  1. Yet what is the difference between such life-forms and that of the human being who lives in accord with the spirit?


  1. In general, the normal human being allows him/herself to be led and overcome by lower material-intellectual impulsations.


  1. When he/she once has good feelings, then these are never permanent and soon disappear again to, again, make room for lower impulsations.


  1. On the other hand, the human being who lives for the spirit never lets even the smallest creational impulsations fade out, rather he/she embraces them and expands them endlessly.


  1. Low impulsations find no anchorage in him/her, since the waters of essence of wisdom and knowledge in him/her are too deep for a low and short anchor chain to be able to reach their ground.


  1. The human being who lives in accord with the spirit enduringly tries to maintain him/herself at all times and under all circumstances in the realm of swinging waves of creational impulsations.


  1. Should these once be endangered by any influences, then he/she refers to the Creation in highest potency and in so doing protects him/herself in her highest power of swinging waves from the negative.


  1. He/she proceeds in this manner until the creational Wesen has produced the absolute distinctness of the defence against the negative in him/her.


  1. The human being is always the bearer of something or other.


  1. Many bear oppressive feelings within themselves, others bear grief, worries, problems, hopes, and other thoughts of a material-intellectual nature.


  1. Also fears and imaginations of images of any kind -good or ugly belong in his material-intellectual thinking.


  1. But the human being, who lives in accord with the spirit, is a bearer of the creational, of the spiritual.


  1. He/she is a carrier of Creation, a conscious bearer of spirit, because he/she all the time carries the knowledge and ability of the creational laws in him/herself; and the more the old nature of the material-intellectual thinking wants to make him/her the bearer of its illogicality, the more he/she works intensively to make the creational prevailing in him/herself and to anchor it firmly.


  1. Even thoughts of the most negative, which come and want to destroy his/her spiritual-intellectual thinking, he/she immediately transforms into creational power and essence of wisdom.


  1. In this way he/she turns everything into the creational and carries it within him/herself as a block of might.


  1. Thereby he is a walking temple of Creation.


  1. The intelligence of human beings living for Creation becomes ever more spiritual and advances ever deeper into spiritual consciousness.


  1. The human being who lives in accord with the spirit penetrates ever deeper into all things with his/her cognitive capability and comprehends the warmth of the fire of the creational presence in everything.


  1. Thereby, the spiritually thinking human being recognises, and is conscious of, the power and the truth of the creational presence everywhere.


  1. That which therefore remains unrecognised by the everyday perception of the senses is perceived with the spiritual consciousness by the human being who lives in accord with Creation.


  1. He/she therefore always sees in all things and life forms the creational presence and the application of the creational laws.


  1. He/she possesses a spiritual image of the power of the Creation’s presence, and he/she dedicates all the precious energies of his/her life and BEING to the creational knowledge, its truth, power, and essence of wisdom, and thereby to the ability of his/her part of the Creation which lives within him/her – his/her spirit.


  1. The material life on Earth is like a fleeting game, an evaporating phenomenon; but behind it lies the eternal and timeless truth: the spirit, the creational presence and the reality of Creation.

地球上的物質生活相對于整個生命歷程來說,就如同短暫的遊戲,是一種稍縱即逝的表象,而在表象之後展現的卻是永恆與無限的真相,那便是「靈」的真相也就是「造化」的存在與「造化」的實相(the reality of Creation)。

  1. This creational reality bears within itself all realms and spheres pertaining to the capacity for wisdom.


  1. It is this which remains; the timelessly constant and imperishable.


  1. This is no game, rather it is eternal and timeless truth and wisdom, knowledge, freedom, love, logic and ability, relative perfection, absolute certainty.


  1. Very many people are afraid to live in the sense of Creation, and they think, and are of the opinion, that they must remain only with the one who is supposed to take their fear of death from them; with a god of a religion, who, in intentional false teaching and, for his very own benefit, has promised to take away their fear of death, if, in erroneous belief, they submissively believe his lies, whereby they are enslaved by him and lose their freedom of consciousness.

絕大多數的人都怕活在「造化」的知覺之中,他們總是認為,必定要有一個神 —— 也就是宗教理的上帝、佛主或是阿拉等等 —— 只有神才能移除他們對死亡的恐懼然而這是刻意捏造的教義,是為了謀取少數權力階層的福利而承諾神明可以移除他們對死亡的恐懼如果人們接受錯誤的信仰,相信了這些捏造的謊言,他們就成了這種錯誤教義的奴隸,也失去了自覺的自由

  1. The constant repetition of this religious false teaching causes the believers to find imagined and deceitful fulfillment, and subject themselves to an evil delusion which prevents all their rationality pertaining to consciousness, whereby also their spiritual-intellectual thoughts are hindered and oppressed and enslaved.


  1. Only very few human beings are not afraid to live in the sense of Creation, and know that this alone guarantees life and BEING, because this thereby fulfills the creational laws, and they, in turn, make life and BEING into life and BEING.



Everything that you say sounds so understandable and logical -if only the human beings could grasp it.

你說的每句話都那麼清楚明白而條理分明 —— 只要人類普羅大眾能夠領悟得到。


  1. They certainly will, yet it will not be overnight.


  1. You and your group lay only the foundation stones for an avalanche, which will only start to roll at a very much later time.



I know. We have already often spoken about that. But now I have yet another question, which was directed at me …



  1. There shall be no …



Please do not rush to conclusions, because I find this question to be very legitimate. If you actually want to bring us the spiritual teaching, then you must also explain certain things from it.



  1. If that is the case, then of course it falls within my determination.


  1. What should the question deal with?



The prayer from the Talmud Jmmanuel, if you are able to give detailed explanations about it.

如果妳能對它作出詳細的解釋的話,那麼就是關於《以馬內利的教誨》(Talmud Jmmanuel)中的祈禱文(prayer)。


  1. Of course, but I have to elaborate a little more in this regard, because my answer needs to be understood correctly.


  1. Fundamentally, prayers are only to be understood as what they really express with their designation in your language: give-me.


  1. That means that a prayer in truth signifies a wish in the form of a desire-based invocation to the spirit of the human being him/herself, with the sense:


  1. Give me this or that, which I need.


  1. True spiritual human beings, however, who are conscious of the power, knowledge and ability of their spirit, no longer perform such prayers, since they already live in the knowledge that they are capable of all things through the power of the all-mightiness of their spirit.


  1. For this reason they uninterruptedly determine the utilisation of the all-mightiness of their spirit.


  1. However, the unspiritual human being is not capable of this, therefore he/she shall or needs to activate his/her spirit through a conscious prayer.


  1. Explained further, that means:


  1. The spiritual human being enduringly makes very conscious use of the powers and the ability of his/her consciousness and his/her spirit, while the unspiritual human being in doubts and submissiveness only expresses wishes in prayers, which he/she moreover as a rule does not even address to his/her own spirit or to the Creation, but depending on religion to some higher might or power, which in truth however does not exist or is not responsible, whereby thereby not even the Creation is addressed, because human beings who in a sectarian or religion-based way are dependent on prayer adhere to some tin gods or gods and so forth, but never to the Creation.


  1. The wrong way of the prayer-dependent human being perverts in all his/her desires and invocations into illusion, whereby he/she against the laws forces his/her desires to the realisation.


  1. Certain things are termed or formulated differently in spiritual way of thinking than what the conscious thinking is able to understand.


  1. Hence, different terms are used for certain things, of whose deeper meaning the normal-conscious human being has no idea, which unfortunately is again an advantage for the religions, which modify and evaluate these terms in their favour.


  1. So the terms of various kinds appearing in the prayer you mentioned mean the following:


a) All-mightiness: all-knowing, all-capable, all-wise, all-truthful, all-logical, all-loving


b) Honoured: controlling/exercising control, etc. (venerable etc.)


c) Firmament: realm of the spirit/spiritual realm, spiritual life, etc.


d) Earth: body/material life, etc.


e) Bread: all-mightiness/nourishment for the consciousness/nourishment for the spirit


f) Responsibility: errors, which are necessary for the development and recognition and, therefore, must be committed.


  1. The spiritual subconscious is able to comprehend and process the spiritual form of thinking with ease, if in a prayer purely spiritual forms of thinking are used, whereby senseless babbling with many words is unnecessary.


  1. Even if the consciousness itself is not able to understand the expressions presented in spiritual forms, they are nevertheless understood and utilised by the spiritual subconsciousness in cooperation with the spirit down to the last detail.


  1. Since the unspiritual human being remains deprived of this cognisance, because he/she is most often trapped in religions, he/she is unable to interpret the sense of a spiritual form of thinking.


  1. On the other hand, it cannot be explained to him/her either, because he/she will not comprehend the sense.


  1. For this reason, the religions which are leading into delusion create babbling prayers that can in a conscious manner be explained and understood by the unspiritual human being, whereby through this malicious misguidance the human being concerned commits him/herself to the religion or sect.


  1. Because if he/she carries out prayers that are understandable to him/her, in word and sense, towards whatever something, then the belief in them grows in him/her and he/she thus becomes the slave of his/her belief that is dictated to him/her.


  1. However, when Jmmanuel has now issued a prayer, it is in the sense that the human being using it does not understand the sense of the words and therefore cannot simply fall prey to a belief.


  1. But since the spiritual subconsciousness of the human being understands the sense of the words, the consequence will not fail to appear that, with sufficient use, the spiritual powers of the human being will align themselves with the invocations and develop in the form desired by the words, without the consciousness knowing what it actually requests and demands through the prayer that is incomprehensible to it.


  1. In this way, the knowledge of the recognition and the truth is slowly attained without it being influenced by a belief.


  1. Because, if a human being does things of whose sense he/she has no clue, and very specific consequences and results arise from these things, then these can only be the effects of those powers that have actually been called on, even if this has happened without the conscious knowledge of the human being concerned.


  1. Because, if a human being unconsciously does the right thing, then based on the law the right result must also come to light.


  1. If now, however, a human being does undertake something belief-based consciously in a certain form, such as e.g. in prayers, and it then actually brings forth results in desired and hoped-for form, then these only lead back to the belief and his/her deceptive imaginations, generated in the belief-dependent consciousness.


  1. But now to the interpretation of the prayer created by Jmmanuel:


a) My spirit, you are in all-mightiness.
My spirit, you are all-knowing, all-capable, all-wise, all-truthly and all-loving in me.


b) Your name shall be honoured.
Your name attests to me your controlling power of your ability over all things.


c) Your realm shall incarnate in me.
Your all-mightiness shall spread out in me to the consciousness of my thoughts, so that I – in conscious ability – use, unfold and implement the knowledge, powers, essences of wisdom, truths and the universal love, the peace and the freedom, which are present and accumulated in me.


d) Your power shall unfold in me, on earths and in the firmaments.
Your all-mightiness shall become the conscious distinctness in me, in my body and in all spiritual realms.


e) Give me my daily bread today,
Let your all-mightiness be effective in me daily and unfold itself, and nourish my unknowledge with knowledge and essence of wisdom,


f) so I recognise my responsibility and I recognise the truth.
whereby I am able to recognise and rectify the committed errors, which befall me on the way of my development.


g) And do not lead me into confusion and delusion, but release me from erroneous assumption.
Let me not – through material and worldly things and wrong modes of thinking – go irrational ways and fall into belief-dependence through irrational teachings,


h)For yours is the realm in me and the power and the knowledge in eternity.
For I shall be conscious of your all-mightiness in me; the power of your capability and the knowledge in the Absolutum for the duration of all times.


  1. I cannot explain anything more about this, because it must be sufficient and understood in this form.


  1. I’m not allowed to mention certain other things.



That should really be understandable enough to be evident to any human being. Further explanations for these things should probably be superfluous.



  1. Certainly; moreover, with these explanations I have already severely reached the limits of what I am able to explain about it.



Be thanked all the more, Semjase. I might also have been able to give your explanations myself, though perhaps or in all likelihood not with such precision. But it seemed to me to be righter if you explain things, because regarding my person doubts are always entertained in all things. You know, after all: “The prophet in his own country…”



  1. Sure, but these are things of the irrationality and the unintellect.



Of course, on that I will go along with you, but explain that for once to my fellow human beings.



  1. That will hardly be possible.



After all, it also isn’t meant that way, because it’s just a saying with the sense that you too would probably encounter annoyances and difficulties if you yourself had to explain all these things to my dear fellow human beings.



  1. Unfortunately, I am not always familiar with the sense of your interpretations of sentences.



That’s also of no importance, because we can always clarify the factual situation. – For my part I now still have a problem regarding that man of whom I had last time told you about. I would like to know what stage of development he is to be assigned to, into which main and sub-stage one should classify him. Are you able to explain details about that?



  1. You provide very sparse information, however I will gladly give you advice if you tell me more detailed data.


  1. But be aware that I will only explore his “spiritual” stage and his mode of thinking, but nothing more.


  1. In addition, you have to be a little patient, because I need some time for that.



Thank you very much. – It concerns a young man named F.O. from W. He has…



  1. That’s already enough, I don’t need to know any more.


  1. I will meet your wishes as quickly as possible and transmit the result to you on a mental basis.


  1. But now, I have a question for you:


  1. You had indeed stated that you would push our matter forward, but so far, I have not been able to ascertain anything about that.


  1. Have you failed in this respect?



I would not exactly like to say that I have failed, because in the most recent discussion simply too many things were brought forth to be able still to talk in detail about what is to be undertaken. But by the end of this month everything should be clarified. I have already completed the necessary preparatory work in this respect, so that I still just have to present it to the others.



  1. Then I am assuaged, because I wanted to know that this matter will still be regulated, before I go away for some time and will only be in mental contact with you.



You have already spoken about this once before; what do you have to do that is so important?



  1. This is only meant for your ears, when I talk about it: …



That is very interesting, and now I understand your secretmongering.



  1. That is good that way, because a lot is connected with this.


  1. But now I would still like to make a suggestion to your group:


  1. Before I go away for a longer time I would like to draw their attention once again to my ship.


  1. At a given point in time, which I do not wish to mention in advance for certain reasons, I will give your group once again opportunity to observe my beamship.


  1. In this regard I have again chosen a time of night, because everything can be observed better in the darkness.


  1. I will demonstrate to them the potentials of different energies which will be very well visible as light effects in the darkness.

我想要展示不同能量的潛能,屆時在黑暗中,這些能量將以一種非常好的光效應(light effects)顯現出來。

  1. However, some of the energies I can only bring to use high up in the atmosphere, because otherwise they would have a deadly effect on different earthly life forms.


  1. Nevertheless, everything will be a just as unforgettable demonstration spectacle for your group members as it will be for many other coincidental observers, because I will not use any protective measures to shield the sight during the demonstration.


  1. During this action you are kindly asked to observe very specific precautionary rules and also to be concerned that no other persons than you approach closer than 910 metres to my beamship, because this could have deadly consequences for them, or at least consequences which would damage their health or even their consciousness.


  1. In this regard I will shield and protect you personally, whereby you will not suffer any harm.


  1. With this action it would be very important and valueful for you and your group and for our whole cause if you would take some uninitiated observers with you, who have determinative influences with publication outlets and perhaps with authorities etc..


  1. But with these persons pay attention that they are suitable for our cause and do not pervert as betrayers.


  1. Hence, be very careful.


  1. Select these persons very carefully.


  1. However, do not in any way let them in on the how and why of the undertaking, rather only explain that it would be about an interesting matter, which they would later be asked to confirm.


  1. Make corresponding written agreements and clarifications with these persons, because this will be of importance.



You all of a sudden go very far, Semjase, if I consider that you have up to now always been very keen to protect yourself and your ship under any circumstances against any view.



  1. It will be a one-off public demonstration, which I will not repeat again to such an extent.


  1. However, this demonstration has become necessary to underpin your entire material and the coming work by you and your group.


  1. We do not only want to give and provide you and your group with reports and instructions, but we also want to cooperate helpfully and be of service to you where it is really necessary, appropriate and justifiable for us.


  1. But such things will remain, as they have been until now, within the limits of exceptions and will not become a habit.



Nevertheless, that is really a lot, actually more than I have ever expected.



  1. Sure, I know, but now to other things that are only meant for you and me …





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