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We are very respect and appreciate Benjamin Stevens’s tremendous contribution to this GREAT mission, and are very cherish his English translations, which should be well preserved!.
我们非常尊重和感激Benjamin Stevens(先生)在这一伟大【任务/使命】中所做出的巨大贡献,并十分珍视他的英译本,且这些英译本应该得到很好的保留!

There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
毫无疑问,这些英译本是FIGU英文资讯的基石,正是源于它们,英文世界里的译文更新工作才能在一个很高的起点上开展,这应该感谢Benjamin Stevens和其他优秀的英文译者的伟大付出。

Thanks to Benjamin Stevens!
感谢Benjamin Stevens!

Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!


  • Tuesday, June 3, 1975, 10:44 AM
1. You’ve allowed a lot of time for yourself, before you called me again.
Arahat Athersata has transmitted many things to me, but I also had to occupy myself with some people who came to me seeking help. In addition, I’ve also endeavored to prepare a lecture regarding the reality of your person and your beamship and so on, and about the UFO question in general. This was accompanied by a tape-recorded discussion, which alone took me two full nights. I also had to put together the films and slide shows, for which I needed a lot of time. All in all, this lecture preparation took a total of 27 hours.
2. My statement was not a rebuke.
3. But I am glad that you have worked so much for our task, because you can now probably take on the first lecture soon.
I also hope to do that, and so I want to discuss this with the others next Saturday, for the sake of the organization and so on.
4. That’s good, because you really can’t handle everything on your own.
5. I have already long been surprised that you do so much work alone and have no identifiable help from your group members.
6. Get through to them and explain to them that they, too, must make an effort.
7. If they want to serve our cause, then they must do so with initiative and not be content with just taking note of our Contact Reports.
8. Their assistance has to be active; otherwise, it is of no use.
That is also clear to me, Semjase, but you have to remember that they are still trapped in certain doubts, and some are worried about their reputations. Some shy away from even mentioning their names in public because it could cause them financial or reputational or professional setbacks. But some are also worried about their existence, if they had to spend certain working hours on our task.
9. But these reasons do not all sound logical.
10. Sure, I have to acknowledge certain things, but not others.
11. At all times, truth-proclaimers have had to accept certain things, but they still served their task faithfully.
Of course, you’re right about that, but the times have changed quite blatantly, and so today, one can no longer live on wild honey and locusts as Elijah did, who, to my knowledge, also didn’t have to provide for a family.
12. Sure, but do speak with them anyway.
I will do that. — In the last few days, I’ve had so many different thoughts about the order, laws, and recommendations that have been offered by old prophets of humankind. I actually came across this through Arahat Athersata, who in the last few days has spoken extraordinarily much of the brazen order of the Creation and its laws and recommendations. But what interests me now in this are the order, laws, and recommendations regarding marriage between man and woman. — To my knowledge, the last laws and recommendations concerning this were spread by Jmmanuel, namely at a time that was still rather barbaric and beastly. But since then, the time has changed, even if the human being hasn’t become more humane, but only refined in his barbaric beastliness. At least that’s how I see it from my point of view.
13. And since you’ve made it clear enough that this is really the case and that only the time has changed but not the human being, why should the laws be changed there?
14. This may only be the case when the Earth human being has become truly humane and lives according to the spiritual laws.
Then you represent the view that the laws of Jmmanuel concerning marriage and intercourse still have their validity today as they did at his time?
15. Sure, because these laws are valid throughout the universe.
16. If a life form quite consciously loads a fault upon itself against better knowledge, then it must also make atonement for it; this means that the committed error must be rectified, as this is the law of fairness.
17. But if the fault that a life form has consciously loaded upon itself is, according to the earthly human sense, too great to be able to repay it within an appropriate framework, then in many cases, according to earthly human judgment, such a fault only faces the equivalent of a total elimination, whereby the life form in question becomes unworthy of life and loses its right to exist.
18. With some religions, the atonement for this is the subsequent rebirth at a later point in time, the life of which then being limited to the remaining time of the previously totally eliminated life, or else this is controlled by a karma.
19. But this is only valid to life forms of a barbaric nature who are unknowing in spiritual matters, for only such human law and its implementation can erroneously understand this as apparent fairness.
20. If not only the time changes but also the life forms themselves, and they thus enter into the state of higher consciousness-based and spiritual development, then this also changes the way human laws become handled and created.
21. Instead of total elimination, woman being separated from the man, or man being separated from the woman and so on, the working of the law becomes rewritten uniformly in the form of a banishment for a time or for a lifetime, namely into separate circles.
22. This means, in other words, that culprits become banished consistently by gender to distant worlds or islands for a time or a lifetime, so they are no longer able to multiply in the absence of the opposite sex, but all the means for preservation of life as well as for conscious consciousness-based and spiritual evolution are available to them.
23. The Earth human being of the present time would very well be able to apply these laws adapted to the new time, if he were not corrupt and ambivalent.
I understand, Semjase, but since these laws and recommendations are changeable, they cannot be of creational origin, for the laws and recommendations of the Creation remain, in my opinion, immutable for all eternity.
24. Sure, you think correctly with that.
25. These laws about marriage and intercourse and so forth, as preserved in the Talmud of Jmmanuel, are of human origin and are provided for the purpose of giving order to the earthly life forms and also of preserving them.
26. These laws were issued by the highest leader of the human races, by the ruler of the celestial sons, by a god.
27. His prophets and intermediaries and chosen Earth human beings proclaimed these laws among the human races, but they only followed these for a short time and then condemned them, taking a further step towards the abyss of later humanity.
That’s about how I’ve imagined it. But how is it with you yourselves? Do you also have human legislation?
28. Where thinking life forms live, such laws and recommendations are given everywhere.
29. However, depending on the state of the consciousness-based and spiritual development of the leaders of the people, these laws have been taken from the natural laws and have been shaped into human-natural laws in a responsible form.
30. So these are, therefore, laws and recommendations of natural logic and are in no way full of illogic or even foolish and primitive, as the ones created and applied on your world are.
I’ve already known for a long time that our laws are often very primitive and even foolish, but one cannot change these so quickly – at least not as long as there are still human beings in the government who exercise purely worldly-material power. Actually, with your answer regarding the existence of your laws, you’ve already answered my next question, which is aimed at whether you also know forms of criminality and other departures from the control of the good human nature and so on, against which you would have to apply laws and recommendations. Nevertheless, laws and recommendations and so forth are only necessary where order has to be maintained through them. But wherever order has become a self-evident fact and no departures from the control of the good human nature appear, human laws and recommendations are also superfluous there. From this, the logical conclusion can be drawn that also you are not beyond the state of departures from the control of the good human nature, and consequently, order has not yet become a self-evident fact. However, I myself can explain this in such a way that this is connected with the eternal becoming and developing, according to the creational law of becoming and developing: As a result of the continuous new creation of new spirits, different stages of age and development of the most different spirit levels appear. As a result, it must logically become a natural process that also in your race, life forms are born that are still below your actual normal spiritual potency and, therefore, have to develop further. But since development is contingent on mistakes in every respect, these lesser spirit forms or life forms must go the natural path of development and thus make mistakes. But since mistakes can be disruptive to order and even deadly, laws and recommendations must be applied to preserve this order. That’s how I imagine it, in any case, because this seems logical to me.
31. You are very astute, and once again you have mentioned the facts exactly by name.
32. It is nonsensical, how fraudulently it is unfortunately always claimed by charlatans that we are superhumans and no longer need any laws or recommendations.
33. Only where the creational order has become a self-evident fact do such laws and recommendations fall away.
34. But this is only the case in very high spiritual spheres.
35. That is to say, in purely spiritual spheres, where everything material belongs to the past.
36. Material life forms, however, so material-body-conditioned forms of all kinds, are still fraught with too many mistakes for them to be able simply to disregard a giving of laws and recommendations adapted to their state.
That is clear, but how, then, do you handle this giving of laws and recommendations with yourselves? If I’ve understood correctly, then you’ve provided a uniform punishment for certain offences and such, which is marked as a banishment for a certain amount of time or a lifetime?
37. Sure, you’ve grasped it correctly:
38. While with you, punishment still finds its application very primitively everywhere, that is no longer the case with us.
39. Our legislation corresponds to our consciousness-based and spiritual level, and as such is truly humane, which cannot be said of your legislation.
40. With us, serious offences are no longer punished by total eliminations and injury to the material body and so forth, as is still a barbaric habit and custom among you.
41. Our uniform punishment finds its application in a banishment for a time or lifetime.
42. The fallible life forms in this regard are banished to other worlds, which serve exclusively for this purpose.
43. Moreover, only same-sex life forms are banished to such a world, so only male or only female.
44. This prevents propagation, and no descendants can be produced.
45. Those who are banished are placed on their own on these worlds and have to provide for themselves through their own work.
46. Some means of help through machines and apparatuses and such are made available to them, but they are deprived of the authorization to produce such means themselves, if these could be used to escape.
47. To enforce this determination, regular inspections are carried out in these worlds, and any secretly produced products of this kind are eliminated.
48. Moreover, any personal physical contact with any other life forms outside the places of fulfillment of guidelines is completely prevented.
49. In some of our worlds, fallible life forms are simply banished to large islands in large oceans, when the fallibility rate of the world concerned is only very low.
50. Nevertheless, all the handling and carrying out is the same as with worlds specially selected for this purpose.
51. This form of punishment ensures the greatest possible security for the order to be preserved, and on the other hand, the fallible ones are not a burden to the masses of the people.
52. But moreover, this form of punishment is very humane and purposive, because during the banishment for a time or lifetime, the fallible ones are not inhibited in their development.
53. In addition, criminality and the like are practically no longer present with us.
That’s fantastic, but our humanity is still too ambivalent and too corrupt to bring such a form of law into application.
54. I said that already.
I know, and unfortunately, you’re completely right. It often seems to me that the Earth human being is no more than a better savage. But with your explanations, I’ve come to quite a fantastic thought: Couldn’t it be that at very early times, even our earth once served as such a planet for banishment to extraterrestrial beings?
55. Sure, your conjecture is correct.
56. In primeval times, fallible life forms were banished to your earth on several occasions from the most diverse worlds in the universe, so even from our race.
57. These early times, however, are also not ascertainable for us anymore, and we have no precise data about them.
All right, I just wanted to know if my conjecture was right. — But how is it now with you with the so-called marriage? Do men and women pair off as they do with us? Or is a procreation of progeny perhaps carried out in a different form than our own? — Do you perhaps breed your little ones in test tubes or in breeding farms?
Semjase: (laughs loudly)
58. That is typical human nonsense of earthly origin, a product of pathological imagination:
59. The Creation has endowed every single life form with very specific values, so each one can also reproduce in a completely natural way.
60. The law of oneness is of equal value throughout the universe, namely that two values, which are each a oneness, of different gender, so male and female, form and produce in their coming together a great oneness or a hyper-oneness, so therefore also in the form of the reproduction of any material-conditioned life forms.
61. It is only these that reproduce and that are connected to the law of preservation of species.
62. Higher spirit forms are beyond this state, for they have become freed from their material body, and thus also from the need for procreation.
63. But they are unable to create new spirits, as only the Creation itself is able to do this.
64. The reproductive act makes up a uniform form throughout the universe.
65. This means that in universal terms, always both values, positive and negative, male and female, must come together to unite, in order to ensure a procreation of progeny.
66. This was so created by the Creation, and there is no other possibility, if self-fertilization of certain life forms is disregarded, which are classified into a certain two-gender identity.
It is claimed over and over again that a procreation can also be done in a spiritual form. Moreover, the Christian religion also claims that Mary was made pregnant through spiritual power, that is, through the “Holy Spirit."
67. That is nonsense of malicious human imagination, created by pathologically thinking Earth human beings, who push the truth of the spirit into impossible paths in their pathologically excessive imagination.
68. All truth and all knowledge are lost to all of them, and they degrade the Earth human being to the worst being of the whole universe, even though the Earth human being is no more or less evil than all other life forms of the universe.
69. Sure, at present, the Earth human being lives in the descent into an evil abyss, but he is not worse because of this than other life forms, for other human beings also have to live through the same stages of development.
70. Therefore, if from our side or even from spirit levels far superior to us, Earth humanity becomes reprimanded in large masses, then it’s not in the sense that Earth humanity would be worse than other life forms.
71. The truth always sounds harsh, and it doesn’t like to be heard anywhere.
72. So if the truth about the development of the Earth human beings sounds harsh and brusque, then an overvaluation of the evil must not be made of it, because as I said, Earth humanity is no better and no worse than all other life forms in the universe, which equally have to go through their stages of development.
73. Unfortunately, fanatical or even just misguided sectarians, ones fallen to delusion, and followers and proponents of religion very much tend to clothe everything that is incomprehensible to them in imaginative and pathological ideals.
74. So in their delusion, they also imagine that the mode of reproduction, which has been determined and created by the Creation in a sexual form, is something deviant.
75. Their pathological delusion doesn’t let them see the truth, that the Creation itself has so determined this mode of reproduction and has found it to be good.
76. Hence, these life forms fallen to this delusion believe that sexual reproduction is unspiritual and unclean.
77. This delusional idea originated in particular from old irrational teachings of the bringers of religion, who wanted to curb certain degeneracies of the Earth human beings in the sexual area by means of certain misunderstood laws and recommendations.
78. As real starry-eyed idealists, they only wanted to bring the sexual degeneracies of the Earth human beings under control, but not considering that they would drive the human beings into delusional acceptances and confusion through the wrong interpretations that were incomprehensible to them.
79. As I already said, the act of procreation is one and the same in the whole universe, and a spiritual procreation in a material life form belongs to the realm of pathological imagination.
80. Also, Mary, the mother of Jmmanuel, was not impregnated by any spiritual forces or by the “Holy Spirit."
81. She carried out intercourse with the celestial son Gabriel and was impregnated by him, and that by the higher order of the leader of the celestial sons, who at that time ruled some earthly human races and who bore the name JHWH, that is, God.
82. Here and there, fertilization of female life forms occurs, without a male potency having caused the decisive procreation.
83. But even in these cases, it doesn’t concern any procreations through spiritual forces and so forth, but rather simple mismanagement and misdirection of hormonal factors in the female hormone balance.
84. In these matters, however, still another factor must be taken into account, which can lead to unintentional and uncontrollable procreations:
85. Male sperm of humans as well as many other different life forms are sometimes able to survive for several days, once they have left their production organs.
86. At the same time, if they fall into suitable places, then they can work themselves into those areas where they can then cause fertilization.
87. If we use the Earth human beings as objects for comparison for this, then such a fertilization process can be described with the following words:
88. If the woman is very sensitive and receptive in relation to fertilization, then it is already sufficient to initiate fertilization when the male sperm is deposited outside and near her conception organ.
89. Depending on the life persistence of the sperm in question, this can then work its way into the conception organ and fertilize the female egg stored there.
90. In very extreme cases, such fertilization is even possible if the male sperm is deposited further away, so for instance, as high as the breasts.
91. As I said, male sperm is often able to survive for longer periods of time, even in some cases up to six days.
92. Three days are nothing unusual, and two days are already normal.
That is very informative, Semjase, and I believe that these explanations will be of use to many human beings. Even our dear scientists will be able to learn something from this. — But how, now, does it actually stand with you, with marriage and the procreation of progeny?
93. Fundamentally, our laws and recommendations in this regard are still partially preserved in many of your old writings, because they were conveyed among you by our distant forebears:
94. With our races, only marriages of a non-monogamous form are often made, and that after a most precise clarification of all facts regarding a belonging together.
95. Of course, mistakes also cannot be ruled out in these matters, but these are later eliminated or corrected if necessary.
96. The progeny is determined by the Highest Council, in the sense that a certain number of births within a certain period of time must be adhered to, in order to preserve the race and not cause overpopulation.
97. It is naturally the obligation of each individual life form to procreate descendants and also to exercise control over this for the preservation of the species.
98. Life forms united in a marriage, so woman and man, remain integrated into this bond for the time of their lives.
99. Divorces, as you know them, are unsatisfactory and are only permitted in those blatant cases where the laws and recommendations of the bond of marriage are grossly violated, with the guilty party then going into banishment.
100. But these are incidents that are absolutely rare with our races.
101. I don’t have to mention specifically the handling of the laws and recommendations for the individual things of marriage and intercourse and so forth, for these can be read in the Talmud of Jmmanuel.
102. Our laws have been the same for thousands of years and are consistent with Jmmanuel’s interpretations of the law in the Talmud.
103. A change has only occurred in the form of punishment, because this has been humanized and changed accordingly to our time and our development.
104. The uniform punishment in these matters is banishment for a time or lifetime.
If I remember correctly, Rashid mentioned these things in the Talmud under Chapter 12, titled “Regarding Marriage and Cohabitation." So you mean, now, that these laws still have their validity today as they did at the time of Jmmanuel 2000 years ago, and that for your races, you yourselves have simply adjusted the penalty to your time and your consciousness-based and spiritual state, in the way that you simply pronounce a banishment for a time or lifetime as a uniform punishment?
105. Sure.
That is very enlightening for me, and it gives me great insight into your form of government. It is to be hoped that the Earth human being will soon reach this stage.
106. That would be very good, but it will still take time.
That is all too clear to me, but what about the possibility that a human being of your race may “fall for" a human being of a different and underdeveloped world?
107. I don’t understand that?
By this, I mean: What happens if a human being of your race falls in love with a human being of another race that is more underdeveloped spiritually and according to consciousness?
Semjase: (laughing)
108. Exactly the same as with you:
109. The human beings love each other with all their feelings, just as I love you.
Do you mean to say with that, that you…
110. Sure, I have fallen in love with you.
You’re crazy, my child. You could be seven times my grandmother, and on the other hand…
111. Stop, stop — first of all, I know your whole attitude about love very well, and on the other hand, I am also aware of your deep friendly feelings toward me and that you also love me.
112. So you don’t have to twist your words deliberately and give it a different look than how you really feel.
113. Even then, you cannot do that, if you just want to cover up your happy feelings with it.
114. Let your feelings flow freely, because I know them too well for you to be able to hide them from me.
115. On the other hand, I know exactly about you and me that our feelings are purely of a deep and friendly nature, and we don’t need to be ashamed or afraid of them.
116. If it were like this among all the Earth human beings, then you would already have a paradise.
So, so — so you know my feelings and my differentiation between love and love —
117. Sure, and that’s why I also feel happiness inside myself, as is said among you.
So you know that I am of the view that many kinds of love are possible and that love in friendship and love in marriage can only be separated by small differences, and that honest love for one’s fellow human beings generally also hangs on the same chain?
118. Sure, I know that, and your views on this subject are admirable.
119. I just assess that you are misunderstood about this by many of your fellow human beings and are treated with hostility.
Unfortunately, you’re right about that. But I’m really happy about your honest love. Your friendship is worth a lot to me.
120. Thanks.
Don’t thank me, because the thanks are completely on my side. — But now, you haven’t entirely answered my question yet, for in it was hidden the how, what, and why of a marital union or non-union.
121. Unfortunately, I failed to hear that.
122. But if a human being of our race falls in love with someone of another world’s race that is inferior to us spiritually and according to consciousness, in the sense that the two want to unite, then this possibility is clarified by our laws.
123. If the facts indicate that the necessary conditions of all kinds are met, then the marriage can take place.
124. In this case, it really doesn’t matter whether or not the life form from another world lives under our own spiritual and consciousness-based state, because in cases of underdevelopment, it becomes developed higher by our scientists in accordance with our consciousness-based state.
I think that’s very fair, but are such occurrences commonplace?
125. No, they are actually quite rare.
But now another question, Semjase: How large in number is your humankind, actually?
126. I can only answer this question if I explain to you that we are united in an alliance that extends far into the cosmos.
127. This alliance includes various solar systems and planets in the vast space, and the total number of the life forms enlivening them of human norms amounts to 127 billion.
128. Of course, there are still countless other intelligent life forms of nonhuman norms, besides also human human-forms who are unknown to us or with whom we simply don’t stand in connection.
Marvelous — but what about our earthly solar system, if I may ask? How many human life forms and how many non-human forms exist here, with which I’m also asking the question, which SOL planets are actually inhabited?
129. Unfortunately, that is a question that I’m not allowed to answer for the Earth human beings for very specific reasons, because we would get involved in things that, on the one hand, have to be investigated by the earthly scientists themselves, and that, on the other hand, shouldn’t become known yet.
And for me, completely for me alone?
130. Sure.
Then please do that after our conversation. But can you at least say something about the habitability of our neighboring planets?
131. I’m only allowed to explain this much, that different planets were inhabited by our races in earlier times and are still important in minimal measures today as bases for us.
Then what about the statements of certain people, who have said that they flew in UFOs to other planets of our system and saw and talked to human beings there? And what about those who wanted to have made alleged astral travels to such planets?
132. That’s all nonsense and charlatanry.
133. Especially lately, I have studied many of the books and writings that you have given me regarding such reports.
134. Sometimes planets are mentioned in them, which would be absolutely too inhospitable for any life and would offer no life forms whatsoever any living opportunities.
135. In these books, worlds of your system are described as inhabited, which in truth have developed only very minimal unicellular life, and only in millions of years will they be able to carry higher forms of life, if at all.
136. Such visits in beamships or in the form of astral travels are therefore nothing more than charlatanry or very bad self-deceptions, which arise from fantastic wishful dreams, from delusion, or from irrational acceptances.
Are you quite sure of that?
137. Of course, because I have striven for these things very much.
138. But in addition, I know every single planet of this system, and so I’m not just guessing.
139. Indeed, there are some different life forms from the far reaches of the universe active in your solar system, but they have not settled here.
140. Like us, they also have their bases, but their races live very, very far out in space on their own worlds.
Aha, but now, how does it stand, then, with very high spirit beings, who enter into connection with the Earth human beings?
141. I’ve already given you information about that once, because many Earth human beings claim completely wrongly that they have been spoken to inspirationally and so forth by high spirit forms.
142. But their claims are based only on self-deception or deliberate lies.
143. Inspiration is only known to them by hearsay, but they do not know its symptoms in any way.
144. You can check the truth of my words at any time with human beings who claim to have been spoken to inspirationally.
145. Ask them about the manifestation of the inspiration; if they answer you clearly and plainly that they… (not mentioned for reasons relating to the elucidation of fraud or self-deception), then they are actually inspired by higher spirit forms.
146. But if they give a different answer, then they are either subject to an evil self-deception, or else they are conscious charlatans and deceivers.
147. But further, I also already explained to you that no spiritually higher life forms have entered into connection with earthly human beings in the course of the last 2000 years, and so they also haven’t transmitted anything of any form to them.
148. In 2000 years, you are the first earthly human form who has been spoken to by a high spirit form, and who still is.
149. The circumstances and the form of the inspirational manifestation are known to you, so you are able to judge at any time, when it concerns an inspiration and when it does not.
150. Some human beings must be given the praise for having written good words for the earthlings, even if they have succumbed to self-deception.
151. In their purpose, however, to draw the Earth human beings’ attention to the way of the Creation and thereby change them in their whole mentality, their works are good insofar as they do not fall into religious paths and irrational teachings.
152. So although these human beings succumb to self-deceptions in terms of inspirational inspirations and will always succumb, they have the value that many of them bring partially suitable works.
153. But they should nevertheless explain in honesty that these works come from their own thought processes and have no inspirational backgrounds.
That is clear and plain, but do you know a work by a certain Gloria Lee and what’s the meaning of it? Unfortunately, I don’t know it myself, but I can get it to you if need be.
154. It is known to me from another means.
155. But it doesn’t concern a work as you suppose; rather, it is only a writing.
156. However, it has been spread around the world already for a long time.
157. On the whole, it is a valuable writing that you should also read and study – even if it is in no way able to convey new things to you.
158. But on the other hand, there are things presented in it that are unrealistic and unreal in every form, especially in those places that concern divine spheres.
159. But as I said, the writing is by and large good and commendable, at least for human beings who are still in search of the way of the truth.
160. For more highly developed forms, however, it is completely valueless, but still interesting.
161. The writing is not based on any inspirational form, but represents the product of the author’s own thinking.
162. It did not result from an inspirational transmission, but sprang from the thought processes of the writer.
163. But in unawareness of the spiritual truth and functions, the person was subject to a self-deception and declared her writing as inspired.
164. Nevertheless, I would like to explain once more that the writing is valuable for those who are still searching, but only if they eliminate certain things that are able to generate unreal thinking-forms and therefore also lead them astray.
165. An understanding guidance while working through this writing would be appropriate.
Thanks, Semjase, that was again detailed. A group member has reproduced this work, or this writing, because it was deemed to be good. That’s why I asked you about it. So you think that it can be spread carefree?
166. Only under the condition that an understanding guidance helps to work through it; otherwise, the writing, like many others, might lead to unrealistic thinking-forms, even though this may be considered a major exception.
Wouldn’t a guidance in written form suffice, then?
167. Sure, if you can take this work upon you?
We must see to it.
168. Then I would recommend that you discuss this with the others and then write a written guide for it as a supplement.
At your command, grandmother.
169. I am no Earth woman.
I just had this crazy thought, and so I just had to scratch with this thorn once.
170. And — are you satisfied?
Yes, because your reaction was clear and plain. — This closeness can sometimes simply awaken feelings that are unreal.
171. Sure, and we, too, are subject to these things.
172. Already often, it has seemed to me according to my feelings, just like you, that you are a human being of our race.
In a very broad sense, that is also true.
173. Sure, but time and space lie in between.


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