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Contact Report 023第023次接觸報告





  • 這是一篇非正式但經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」→「英」→「中」 譯製。





資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 1




英版譯者:DeepL Translator



英版連結:「Futureofmankind. James Moore Contact Report 023

中版譯者:Captain Marvel《網路QQ群》


校對改進:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象《第023次接觸報告(痞客邦部落格)



這次的接觸會面,Billy在與Semjase談到《以馬內利的教誨》(The Talmud of Jmmanuel)其中的第12章,也就是關於婚姻和性行為方面的戒律(commandments;也譯作誡諭)。在Billy看來,該教誨中在那方面犯錯的懲罰似乎有些殘忍與野蠻,不過那畢竟是兩千年前的律法,以現代人類而言已不太適用,更不用說在Semjase他們的靈性發展層次中,相關情況早已改變作法。


This is the entire contact report. It is an authorised but unofficial DeepL preliminary English translation and most probably contains errors. Please note that all errors and mistakes etc. will continuously be corrected, depending on the available time of the involved persons (as contracted with Billy/FIGU). Therefore, do not copy-paste and publish this version elsewhere, because any improvement and correction will occur HERE in this version!

這是一篇完整的接觸報告。這是一個授權但非官方的 DeepL 初步英文翻譯,很可能包含錯誤。請注意,所有錯誤和失誤等將持續修正,這將取決於有關人員的可用時間(依照與比利/FIGU 的合約所訂)。因此,不要複製粘貼和發佈此版本在其他地方,因為任何改進和修正將會在這個版本中發生!


  1. You took a long time before you called me again.



Arahat Athersata told me many things, but I also had to deal with some people who came to me looking for help. Furthermore, I have also tried to prepare a lecture about the reality of your person and your beam ship etc. and about the UFO question in general. This was also connected with a tape review, which alone took me two full nights. I also had to put together the films and slide series, which took me a lot of time. In total, this presentation took 27 hours to prepare.

Arahat Athersata(以下簡稱 AA)向我傳輸了很多資訊,但我也不得不與其他一些能提供幫助的人一起投入工作。此外,我還在準備一個講座,這個講座是關於你們的人和飛船等的實況以及一般性 UFO 的問題。與此有關的是一次錄音的討論,我用了整整兩個晚上全神貫注地進行。我還必須收集影片和系列幻燈片,這同樣要耗費許多時間。這個講座總共用了 27 個小時來準備。

[中譯者註:依據 Future Of Mankind 的說明,Arahat Athersata純靈體形式(pure-spiritform)的第一(最初)層級;完整的純靈體層級如下:

7. Petale-level = 造化綻放的智者 Blooming level of Creation, Crown of Creation

6. Logon-level = 堅守原則的智者 Level of causes (causal-level)

5. Euchare-level = 感恩的智者 Level of Thankfullness

4. Darman-level = 知識與智慧的智者 Level of Knowledge and Wisdom (knowledge-wisdom-level)

3. Absaly-level = 和平與大愛的智者 Level of Peace and Love (peace-love-level)

2. Lantano-level = 自由與解脫的智者 Level of Freedom and disengagement. (Bridge of Freedom)

1. Arahat Athersata-level = 觀察時代的尊貴智者 Valuable level, which inspects time. (The valuable, which inspects time)

資料來自:Pure Spiritlevels


  1. My statement was not a rebuke.


  1. But I am glad that you have worked so much for our task, because you will soon be able to tackle the first lecture.



I hope so too, and so I want to discuss this with the others next Saturday, because of the organization and so on.



  1. That’s good, because you really can’t handle everything on your own.


  1. I have long been amazed that you do so much work alone and have no help from your group members.


  1. Get inside them and explain to them that they too must make an effort.


  1. If they want to serve our cause, then they must also take the initiative and not be content with just reading our contact reports.


  1. Your assistance must be energetic, otherwise it is not useful.



That is also clear to me, Semjase, but you have to bear in mind that they are still trapped in certain doubts and partly fear for their reputation. Some are reluctant to mention their name in public because it might cause them financial or professional setbacks. In some cases, however, they also worry about their existence if they have to spend a certain amount of time on our task.



  1. But these reasons do not all sound logical.


  1. Sure, I have to acknowledge certain things, but others I don’t.


  1. At all times, truth promoters have had to accept certain things, but nevertheless they have served their purpose faithfully.



Of course, you’re right about that, but times have changed quite radically, and so today you can no longer feed on wild honey and locusts like Elias did, who, to my knowledge, had no family to look after either.



  1. Sure, but talk to them anyway.



I will do that. – In the last days I have given myself so many different thoughts about order, laws and recommendations that have been offered to mankind by ancient prophets. I actually came across this through Arahat Athersata, who in the last days spoke extraordinarily much about the iron order of the Creation and its laws and recommendations. But what interests me now are order, laws and recommendations concerning the marriage between man and woman – the last laws and recommendations concerning this were spread by Jmmanuel, to my knowledge, at a time which was still quite barbaric and bestial. Since then, however, time has changed, even if man has not become more humane, but only more refined in his barbaric bestiality. At least that’s how I see it from my point of view.

我會的。在最近的幾天裡,我深思熟慮了許多關於規則、法則和建言(recommendations)的事情,這些都是從前的先知提供給人類的。實際上我是通過AA得到這些的,他在最近的幾天裡和我說了相當多關於造化(the Creation)的鐵律(iron order)和祂的法則與建言。我現在感興趣的是這些法則和建言中關於男女間婚姻生活的方面。據我所知,在這個方面的最後的法則和建言通過以馬內利(Jmmanuel)很快得以傳播開來,但這些法則[中譯者註:應該也就是《以馬內利的教誨》(The Talmud of Jmmanuel)]仍然是相當野蠻和殘忍的。而現在時代已經不同了,即使人類並沒有變得更加人道,但是在野蠻殘暴方面卻比較體面(refined)些了。至少在我看來是這樣的。


  1. And since you have made it clear enough that this is indeed the case and that only time has changed, but not man, why should the laws be changed?


  1. This may only then be the case when the human being on the Earth has really become human and lives according to spiritual laws.

因此先決條件應該是,地球人類真正變得具有人性,並且按照靈性法則(spiritual laws)生活。


Then do you think that the laws of Jmmanuel concerning marriage and sexual intercourse are still valid today just as they were in his day?



  1. Sure, because these laws are valid throughout the universe.


  1. If, contrary to better knowledge, a way of life consciously charges a guilt upon itself, then it must also atone for it; this means that the error committed must be corrected again, because this is the way the law of justice wants it.


  1. If, however, the consciously charged guilt of a form of life is too great to be able to repay it within an appropriate framework in the sense of earthly humanity, then in many cases only the equivalent value of a total elimination stands opposite such a guilt, whereby the form of life in question becomes unworthy and loses its right to exist.


  1. In the case of certain religions, atonement then means the subsequent rebirth at a later point in time, whose life is then limited to the remaining time of the previously totally eliminated life or this is controlled by a karma.


  1. But this applies only to life forms of a barbaric and in spiritual matters ignorant nature, for only human law and its handling can they erroneously grasp as apparent justice.


  1. If not only time changes, but with it also the form of life itself, and if it thereby enters into the state of higher conscious and spiritual development, then the handling and creation of human laws is also changed.


  1. Instead of total elimination, emasculation and desecration, etc., the handling of the law is uniformly rewritten into the form of a banishment for time or for life, in separate circles.


  1. This means, in other words, that guilty persons are banished to distant worlds or islands on a gender-uniform basis for time or life, if they are no longer able to reproduce due to the lack of the other sex, but have all means at their disposal for the maintenance of life as well as for conscious conscious and spiritual evolution.


  1. The terrestrial man of the present time would very well be in a position to apply these laws adapted to modern times if he were not corrupt and ambivalent.


[中譯者註:以上 Billy 與 Semjase 所談的是《以馬內利的教誨》(The Talmud of Jmmanuel),其中第十二章關於婚姻和同居)的內容,在此特列出該章的中譯版,以供參考:

第十二章 關於婚姻和同居

  1. 以馬內利(Jmmanuel)說起婚姻以及相關律法時,他說,
  2. “你們已經得到過指導:‘你們不應該通姦(adultery)。’”
  3. “違背這一條,犯下通姦和亂倫(fornication)的人,就是違反了自然的法則。”
  4. “然而,法律這樣寫著,‘犯下通姦或者亂倫的人應該被懲罰,因為這種行為辜負了生命及其法則;所以他們應該進行閹割(castrated)或使其結紮(sterilized)。’”


  1. “如果兩個不相愛的男女為人不齒地睡在一起,他們也應該受到懲罰,因為這種行為辜負了生命及其法則;所以他們應該隔離異性(castrated)並且禁止生育(sterilized)。’”
  2. “並且,如果兩個男人睡在一起(而發生性行為),他們應該受到懲罰,因為他們的怪誕行為辜負了生命及其法則;所以他們應該被隔離異性,並且當眾流放(banished)和驅逐(expelled)。”
  3. “但是,如果兩個女人睡在一起(即使發生性行為),她們不應該被懲罰,因為她們沒有違背生命及其法則,因為她們不是受精者而是受孕者。”
  4. “當兩個受精者在一起時,生命被褻瀆和毀滅。但是當兩個受孕者在一起時,既沒有褻瀆,也沒有毀滅,也沒有繁殖。”
  5. “我告訴你們,在世界上沒有任何動物能像人類一樣有著違反創造和自然的法則的行為。你們是連動物都不如嗎?”
  6. “世界上沒有哪種動物是雄性與雄性同居的,但是卻可以找到雌性與雌性同居的例子,因為雌性動物在一起是符合自然的法則的。”

[中譯者註:這裡關於同性戀的說法(尤其是男男),其懲罰比現今社會要嚴厲,這也是當時的時空環境使然,在此仍請考量此一因素。以下有關法則,請一併作此考量。 ]

  1. “任何人為了報酬或者取樂而進行通姦,是應該被隔離異性並且禁止生育流放和當眾驅逐。”
  2. “那些對兒童進行性侵害的人,辜負了生命及其法則,所以應該被施以隔離異性並且禁止生育的懲罰,並且要終生被剝奪自由,被關押和隔離。”
  3. “任何沉溺於亂倫的人,辜負了生命及其法則;應該被施以隔離異性並且禁止生育,並且要終生被剝奪自由,被關押和隔離。”
  4. “任何與動物發生性行為的人,辜負了生命及其法則,因該被隔離異性並且禁止生育,並當眾被驅逐和流放
  5. “任何結了婚的男人或者女人,離婚是有罪的,他們應該被隔離異性並且禁止生育,因為他們辜負了生命及其法則,他們兩個都應該當眾被流放與驅逐。”
  6. 男人如果在結婚前就讓一個女人懷孕並且後來也沒有與她結婚,他辜負了生命及其法則,應該被被隔離異性剝奪自由。”
  7. “任何強姦女性或男性的人,辜負了生命及其法則,應該被隔離異性並且禁止生育,終身被剝奪自由關押和隔離。”
  8. “任何人針對他人的身體,生命以及精神的健康的暴力行為,辜負了生命及其法則,應該被終身監禁,關押和隔離。”
  9. “聽好,我告訴你們,這些法律是理性的,並且是自然構建的,你們應該遵守他們,否則,人類將給自己帶來大規模的死亡。”
  10. 地球能夠供養 5 億人口。但是如果人類沒有遵守這些法律,在兩千年以內,地球上會有 50 億人口,地球將不能夠供養他們。”
  11. “饑荒,災難,全球戰爭以及瘟疫將席捲整個地球;地球人將相互廝殺,唯有極少量能夠倖存下來。”
  12. “聽好,我告訴你們,到時候將是戰火連連,血流滿地,新的生命形式將崛起,那將是地球人類的恐怖的最終末日。”
  13. “但是現在,你們能夠得到所有的好東西,而且你們也得到了這個法律,你們應該應依照它來生活。”
  14. “你們應該遵從這些法律,來讓你們能夠在地球上生活富足,家庭和睦。”
  15. “丟到那些讓女性臣服於男性的舊法,因為她們和男性一樣是平等的,擁有相同的權利和義務。”
  16. “但是當男人和一個女人結婚時,他應該支付給她最信任的僕人一定金額作為保證金,那樣她才不會缺衣少食。”
  17. “如果女方身體健康,保證金的金額按照女性年齡,每年一百枚銀幣來計算,這樣就能按照她的知識,能力和力量來度量。”
  18. “這個金額不能被看作是一次交易,而只能作為女方的保證金,來使她不至於缺乏用度。”
  19. “只有在男方和女方雙方精神上能夠勝任以及有能力履行法定婚姻的情況下,婚姻才能被允許。”
  20. “只有在女方收到保證金後,婚姻才算成立。”
  21. “如果,事先商量好了,不需要支付保證金,那麼法律規定男方必須提供女方所需要的所有東西。”
  22. 妻子的不孕,不是離婚的理由,更不能成為其他任何判決或者行為的藉口。”
  23. “除了通姦之外,唯一合法的離婚理由是,此婚姻會造成某方家庭成員的心智意識(material consciouseness)和身體或者生命的破壞或者危害。”
  24. 離婚的人,應該被隔離異性並且禁止生育,並被當眾驅逐,因為他或她辜負了生命及其法則。”
  25. “如果所有人都按照這樣去生活,那麼人類會實現公正以及和平,生命將會延續下去。”

023-01     以上節錄結束。]


I understand, Semjase, but since these laws and recommendations are changeable, they cannot be of creative origin, because in my opinion the laws and recommendations of the Creation remain unchangeable for all eternity.



  1. Sure, you think right.


  1. These laws about marriage and coitus etc., as they were preserved in the Talmud Jmmanuel, are of human origin and created for the purpose of giving order to the earthly forms of life and also to maintain them.

這些關於婚姻和性行為等等的法則,就是它們在《以馬內利的教誨》(The Talmud of Jmmanuel)中被保存下來的那樣,那是為人類而訂的,其目的是為了給地球人類一個規則並維護這項規矩。

  1. These laws were enacted by the supreme leader of the human race, by the ruler of the sons of heaven, by a God.

這些法則來自人類的最高領袖,是由那些上天之子(sons of heaven)的統治者;一位「上帝」(God)所制定的

  1. His prophets and mediators and chosen Earth humans proclaimed these laws to the human race, which however only followed them for a short time and then condemned them, whereby a further step to the abyss of later mankind was taken.



That’s the way I pictured it. But what about yourselves, do you also have human legislation?



  1. Where thinking life forms live, such laws and recommendations are given everywhere.


  1. Depending on the state of the conscious and spiritual development of the human being’s leaders, however, these laws have been taken from the natural laws and shaped in a responsible form into human-natural laws.


  1. So they are laws and recommendations of natural logic and in no way full of illogical and even dumb-primitive as they are created and applied in your world.



It has long been known to me that our laws are often very primitive and even stupid, but they cannot be changed so quickly – at least not as long as there are still human beings in government who exercise purely worldly material power. Actually, you have already answered my next question with your answer regarding the existence of your laws, which aims at whether you also know forms of criminality and other degenerations etc., to which you have to apply laws and recommendations. Laws and recommendations etc. are only necessary where they must maintain order. But where order has become a matter of course and no degenerations occur, human laws and recommendations are also superfluous. The logical conclusion to be drawn from this is that you, too, are not beyond the state of degenerations and that, consequently, order has not yet become a matter of course. However, I can explain this in such a way that it is connected with the eternal becoming and developing, according to the creative law of becoming and development: As a result of the ongoing creation of new spirits, different levels of age and development of the various levels of the mind appear. Thus it must logically become a natural process that life forms are also born in your race that are still below your actual normal mental potency and therefore have to develop further. Since development causes mistakes in every respect, however, these inferior forms of mind or life forms must follow the natural path of development and thus make mistakes. But since mistakes can be disorderly and even fatal, laws and recommendations must be applied in order to maintain this order. That is how I imagine it, because it seems logical to me.



  1. You’re very perceptive, and once again you’ve given the facts by their very names.


  1. It is absurd how, unfortunately, charlatans always fraudulently claim that we are superhumans and that we no longer need any laws or recommendations.


  1. Only where the creative order has become a matter of course do such laws and recommendations fall by.


  1. However, this is only the case in very high spiritual spheres.


  1. So that means in purely spiritual spheres, where all material things belong to the past.


  1. Material forms of life, however, i.e. material-body-dependent forms of all kinds, are still afflicted with too many errors for them to simply ignore a law and commandment adapted to their state.



That is plausible, but how do you then handle this law and commandment with you? If I have understood correctly, have you created a uniform punishment for certain offences, etc., which is pronounced as a temporary or lifelong banishment?



  1. Sure, you got it right:


  1. If the punishment is still applied very primitively everywhere in you, then this is no longer the case with us.


  1. Our legislation corresponds to our conscious intellectual level and is therefore truly humane, which cannot be said of your legislation.


  1. Serious offences are no longer punished with us by total elimination and damage of the material body etc., as this is still barbaric custom and custom with you.


  1. Our Unity Adherence finds its application in a banishment for time or for life.


  1. The fallible life forms are banished in this respect to other worlds, which serve exclusively only this purpose.


  1. Moreover, only same-sex life forms are banished to such a world, i.e. only male or only female life forms.


  1. This prevents reproduction and no offspring can be conceived.


  1. The exiled are on their own on their worlds and have to take care of themselves through their own work.


  1. Any mechanical or apparatus aids, etc., are made available to them, but they are deprived of permission to make such aids themselves if they could be used for escape.


  1. In order to emphasise this provision, regular checks are carried out on these worlds and any secretly manufactured products of this kind are eliminated.


  1. In addition, any personal physical contact with any other forms of life outside the places of performance will be completely eliminated.


  1. On some of our worlds, fallible life forms are banished also on large islands in large seas, if the fallibility rate of the respective worlds is only very small.


  1. However, the whole handling and execution is the same as for worlds specially selected for this purpose.


  1. This form of punishment ensures the greatest possible security for the order to be observed, and on the other hand the mistakes are not a burden on the masses.


  1. Besides, however, this form of punishment is very humane and expedient, because during the life-long or temporal exile, the misguided are not inhibited in their development.


  1. Besides, crime and the like is practically non-existent in our country.



This is fantastic, but our humanity is still too ambivalent and too corrupt to apply such a legal form.



  1. I told you.



I know, and I’m afraid you’re absolutely right. Often it seems to me as if man on earth is no more than a better savage. But in your interpretations I come to a quite fantastic thought: Could it not be that at very early times our earth once also served extraterrestrial beings as such a planet of banishment?



  1. Sure, your guess is correct.


  1. In primeval times, variously fallible life forms were banished to your earth from various worlds in the universe, including our race.


  1. But these early times can no longer be grasped by us either, and we have no precise data about them.



All right, I just wanted to know if my guess was right. – But how is it now with you with the so-called marriage, mate there also male and female as with us? Or is the procreation of offspring perhaps carried out in a different way than in our country – are you perhaps breeding your little children in test tubes or in breeding farms?


Semjase (laughs resounding) (大笑)

  1. This is typical human nonsense of earthly origin; a product of pathological imagination:


  1. Creation has endowed each individual form of life with very specific values, so that it can reproduce in a very natural way.


  1. The law of unity is of equal value in the whole universe, namely that two values of different and thus female and male sex, each uniform in itself, together form and result in a large unit or a hyper-unit, thus also in the form of the reproduction of any material life forms.

在整個宇宙中,統一法則(The law of unity)都是具有相同的價值,也就是說,一個單元擁有兩種不同的極性(values);那就是男性與女性,每種極性在本身內結合,他們共同形成並產生一個大單元(large unit)或者超單元(hyper-unit),任何物質生命也以相同的方式繁衍後代。

  1. Only these reproduce and are bound to the law of species conservation.


  1. Higher spiritual forms are beyond this state, because they have become liberated from their material body and thus also from the need of procreation.


  1. But they are not able to create new spirits, for only the Creation itself is able to do this.


  1. The act of reproduction forms a uniform form throughout the universe.


  1. This means that universally uniform always both values, positive and negative, male and female, must come together to unite in order to guarantee the procreation of a progeny.


  1. This was created by the Creation in this manner, and there is no other possibility if the self-fertilization of certain forms of life, which are classified to a certain bisexuality, is ignored.



It is repeatedly claimed that procreation can also be done in spiritual form. Furthermore, the Christian religion also claims that Mary was impregnated by the power of the Spirit or by the ‘Holy Spirit’.

但真相一再被掩飾,那就是生育也可以透過靈性的方式來進行。除此之外,基督教聲稱瑪利亞(Mary)是得到聖靈”(Holy Spirit)的靈力所以懷孕的


  1. This is nonsense of malignant human imagination, created by morbidly thinking terrestrial men who press the truth of the spirit into impossible paths in their morbidly exuberant imagination.


  1. All truth and all knowledge are lost to them all, whereby they degrade the Earth human being to the worst being of the whole universe, although the Earth human being is no more or less bad than all other life forms of the universe.


  1. Of course, at the present time the human being on the Earth lives in a slide into an evil abyss, but he is therefore not worse than other forms of life, because other human beings also have to live through the same stages of development.


  1. If therefore from our side or also from our far superior spiritual levels Earth humanity is reprimanded in large masses, then not in the sense that the Earth humanity would be worse than other forms of life.


  1. The truth always sounds hard, and nowhere does it like to be heard.


  1. Therefore, if the truth about the development of the human being on the Earth sounds hard and rugged, then it must not be made an overestimation of evil, for as I said, the human being on the Earth is no better and no worse than all other forms of life in the universe, which have to pass through their stages of development equally.


  1. Fanatical or even only misguided sectarians, delusionists, religious followers and religious advocates unfortunately tend to dress everything incomprehensible to them in imaginative and pathological images.


  1. Thus, in their delusion, they also imagine that the mode of reproduction determined and created by the Creation is something strange in its sexual form.


  1. Their morbid delusion does not allow them to discern the truth that the Creation itself has so determined and found this mode of reproduction to be good.


  1. These forms of life that are addicted to this delusion therefore believe that sexual reproduction is unspiritual and impure.

因此,墮入這種妄想的人還相信有性繁殖(sexual reproduction)是屬於情欲的(unspiritual),是不純潔的

  1. Last but not least, this delusional idea arose from old false teachings of religious bringer, who wanted to contain certain degenerations of the Earth human beings in the sexual field by certain misunderstood laws and recommendations.


  1. As real do-gooders of the world they only wanted to bring the sexual degenerations of the human beings of Earth under control, but not considering that through the wrong and incomprehensible interpretations they drove human beings into delusions and confusion.


  1. As I said before, throughout the universe the act of procreation is one and the same, and spiritual procreation in a material form of life belongs to the realm of the morbid imagination.

就像我已經說過的,在整個宇宙中,繁衍行為是一致且相同的,物質生命形式中靈性繁衍(spiritual procreation)是病態的幻想

  1. Also Mary, the mother of Jmmanuel, was not impregnated by any spiritual powers or by the ‘Holy Spirit’.


  1. She interceded with the Son of Heaven Gabriel and was impregnated by him at the higher command of the leader of the sons of Heaven, who at that time ruled some earthly human races and bore the name JHWH, i.e. God.

她是透過上天之子(Son of Heaven)加百列(Gabriel)懷的孕,這也是來自於那些上天之子的領導者所下的更高指令,而後者當時是一位統治某些地球人類的「智慧之王」(JWHW),也就是「上帝」(God)。

  1. Here and there fertilizations of female life forms come to light, without a male potency having caused the decisive procreation.


  1. However, even in these cases it is not a matter of any kind of generation by mental forces etc., but of simple misdirection and misdirection of hormonal factors in the female hormone balance.


  1. In these matters, however, another factor must be taken into consideration which can lead to unwanted and uncontrollable procreations:


  1. Human male seeds, as well as many other life forms, can sometimes survive for several days when they have left their production organs.


  1. If they fall in suitable places, they are able to work their way up to those areas where they are able to cause fertilisation.


  1. If we use the human beings of Earth as objects of comparison, such a fertilization process can be described with the following words:


  1. If the woman is very sensitive and receptive to fertilisation, it is sufficient to initiate fertilisation if the male seed is deposited outside and near her reproductive organ.


  1. Depending on the stability of the semen in question, it can then work its way into the organ of conception and fertilise the female egg stored there.


  1. In very extreme cases, such fertilization is even possible if the male seed is deposited further away, for example at the height of the bosom.


  1. As mentioned above, male sperm can often survive for longer periods of time, even up to six days in some cases.

如上所述,男性精子通常可以存活更長時間,甚至在某些情況下可長達 6 天。

  1. Three days are already on the agenda and two days are already normal.

3 天已有紀錄,2 天已屬正常。


That is very revealing, Semjase, and I believe that these interpretations will be of use to many people. Even our dear scientists will be able to learn a lot from it. – But what about marriage and the procreation of offspring?



  1. Fundamentally, our laws and recommendations in this regard are still partially preserved in many of your ancient writings, for they were transmitted to you by our distant ancestors:


  1. At our breeds often only marriages of non-monogamous shape are done, after most exact clarification of all facts concerning togetherness.


  1. Of course, mistakes in these things cannot be excluded, but they will be eliminated or corrected if necessary.


  1. The progeny is determined by the highest rate in the sense that a certain number of births in a certain period must be kept in order to preserve the breed and not cause overpopulation.

後代的數量由最高比率(the highest rate)決定的,這意味著在一段時間範圍內,生育數量不會超過一定的數目,以免人口過剩(overpopulation)。

  1. It is naturally the duty of each individual life form to procreate offspring for the conservation of the species and to exercise control over them.


  1. Forms of life that are united in a marriage, i.e. woman and man, remain classified in this union for the duration of their lives.


  1. Divorces, as you know them, are inadequate and allowed only in those blatant cases in which the laws and recommendations of the marriage covenant are grossly violated, with the guilty then falling into banishment.


  1. These are however occurrences, which belong to the absolute rarity with our races.


  1. The handling of the laws and recommendations for the individual things of marriage and sexual intercourse etc. I do not have to mention here specifically, because you can read Talmud Jmmanuel from this book.

關於婚姻和性行為方面的法則和建言我不需要再次複述,因為在《以馬內利的教誨》(The Talmud of Jmmanuel)的書中(第十二章)你可以從中讀到。

  1. Our laws have been the same for thousands of years and are consistent with Jmmanuel’s interpretations of the Talmud.


  1. A change has only occurred in the form of a tightening, because this was humanized and changed according to our time and our development.


  1. The uniform punishment in these things forms the temporal or lifelong banishment.



If I remember correctly, Rashid in the Talmud called these things in chapter 12 “About marriage and coitus”. So you mean that these laws are still valid today as they were at Jmmanuel’s time 2000 years ago and that you yourselves have adapted the penalty for your races simply to your time and your conscious and spiritual state in the form that you simply pronounce a life-long or temporal banishment as a measure of punishment?

如果我沒記錯的話,《以馬內利的教誨》的發現者給第十二章的這方面內容起了標題:關於婚姻生活和性行為(coitus)。妳也說了,這些法則今天依然適用,就和 2000 年前以馬內利的時代一樣,並且你們的種族已經將懲罰方式與你們的時代和靈性發展階段相適應了,因此作為統一的懲罰,你們只是終身或暫時放逐嗎?


  1. Sure, I’m sure.



That is very revealing for me and it gives me a great insight into your form of government. It would be desirable that the terrestrial man would have already reached this stage.



  1. That would be very good, but it will take time.



That is only too clear to me, but how about the possibility that a human of your race can ‘fall in love’ with a human of another and underdeveloped world?



  1. I don’t understand that, do I?



I mean with that: What happens when a person of your race falls in love with a person of another, spiritually and consciously underdeveloped race?


Semjase (laughing)(笑)

  1. Exactly the same as yourselves:


  1. People love each other with all their feelings, just as I love you.



You’re saying that you’re a…



  1. Sure, I fell in love with you.



You are crazy, my child. You could be my grandmother seven times, and on the other hand …



  1. Wait, wait – first of all I know your whole attitude towards love very well, and on the other hand I am also aware of your deep friendly feelings towards me and that you love me too.


  1. So you do not have to deliberately twist your words and paint things differently than you really feel them.


  1. Even then you must not do this if you only want to cover up your joyful feelings.


  1. Let your feelings be free, for I know them too well for you to hide them from me.


  1. On the other hand, I know from you and me that our feelings are purely of a deep friendly nature and that we need not be ashamed or afraid of them.


  1. If this were so among all terrestrial men, then you would already have a paradise.



So, so, so – you know my feelings and my difference between love and love –



  1. Sure, and that’s why I feel happiness in me, as you like to say.



So you know that I believe that many kinds of love are possible and that love in friendship and love in marriage can only be separated by small differences, and that honest love for one’s fellow man in general is also attached to the same chain?



  1. Surely I know that, and your views on it are admirable.


  1. I only guess that you are misunderstood and hostile by many of your fellow men in this respect.



I’m afraid you’re right. But I’m really happy about your honest love. Your friendship is worth an awful lot to me.



  1. Thank you. I’ll take care of it.



Don’t thank me, because the thanks are all mine. – But you have not yet fully answered my question, because in it was also hidden the how, what and why of a conjugal union or nonunion.



  1. I’m afraid I didn’t hear that.


  1. If, however, a person of our race falls in love with a race that is different from the rest of the world and is mentally and consciously inferior to us in the sense that the two want to unite, then this possibility will be clarified according to our laws.


  1. If the facts show that the necessary conditions of all kinds are fulfilled, the marriage may take place.


  1. It really doesn’t matter whether the otherworldly way of life lives under our own spiritual and conscious state or not, because in cases of underdevelopment it is developed by our scientists according to our conscious state.



I think that is very fair, but are such incidents common occurrences?



  1. No, they’re actually quite rare.



But now one more question, Semjase: How great in number is your humanity?



  1. I can only answer this question by telling you that we are united in a covenant that extends far into the cosmos.


  1. This covenant includes various solar systems and planets in wide space, and the total number of life forms of human norms invigorating them amounts to 127 billion units.

這個聯盟成員包含宇宙深處許多不同的恆星系與行星目前正常活耀的人類總數接近 1,270

  1. But of course there are countless other intelligent life forms of non-human norms, in addition to humane human forms, which are unknown to us or with which we are simply not connected.



Legendary – but what about our terrestrial solar system, if I may say so? How many human life-forms and how many unhuman forms exist here, so I ask the question, which SOL-planets are actually inhabited?



  1. Unfortunately this is a question that I am not allowed to answer for the human beings of Earth for very specific reasons, because we would get involved in things that on the one hand have to be researched by the earthly scientists themselves, and on the other hand should not yet become known.



And me, all by myself?



  1. Sure, I’m sure.



Then please do so after our conversation. But can you at least say something about the habitability of our neighboring planets?



  1. I can only explain so much that different planets were inhabited by our races in earlier times and are still important as bases for us today in minimal masses.



So what about the statements of certain human beings who explained that they flew with UFOs to other planets in our system and saw and spoke to human beings there? And what about those who allegedly want to have made astral migrations to such planets?

如何解釋某些人聲稱他們已經乘坐不明飛行物飛到我們太陽系中的其他行星並且在那裡看到人類並與之交談過?還有那些聲稱曾經以“星光遷移”(astral migrations;類似“靈魂投射”)方式去過這些星球的人呢?


  1. It’s all nonsense and charlatanry.


  1. Especially lately I have studied many of the books and writings you have given me regarding such reports.


  1. It partly mentions planets which would be absolutely too inhospitable for any life and which would not offer any life possibilities to any life forms.


  1. In these books worlds of your system are described as inhabited, which in truth have developed only very minimal single-celled life and only in millions of years become capable of carrying higher forms of life – if at all.


  1. The above-mentioned visits in beam ships or in the form of astral wanderings are therefore nothing more than charlatanry or very bad self-deceptions that arise from fantastic dreams, delusions or misconceptions.

因此,所謂乘坐飛船或以星光漫遊(astral wanderings)的方式拜訪其他星球,只不過是無稽之談或出於美好夢想、幻覺或誤解而產生的自我欺騙。

[中譯者註:有關星光漫遊(astral wanderings)之類的話題,請參閱《第 015 次接觸報告》中的進一步註解。]


Are you sure about this?



  1. Of course, because I have cared very much about these things.


  1. But I also know every single planet of this system, and so I do not just make assumptions.


  1. Certainly, there are several different life forms active in your solar system from the vastness of the universe, but they are not located here.


  1. Like us, they have their bases, but their breeds live very, very far out in space on their own worlds.



Aha, but how is it now with very high spirit beings who get in touch with the human beings of Earth?



  1. I have already given you information about this once, because many human beings on the Earth claim completely wrongly that they are addressed inspiratively etc. by high spirit forms.


  1. However, their claims are based only on self-deception or deliberate lies.


  1. They know inspiration only from hearsay, but they do not know the symptoms in any way.


  1. You can verify the truth of my words at any time with people who claim that they are being addressed inspiratively.


  1. Ask them about the manifestation of inspiration; if they clearly answer you that they … (not mentioned for reasons related to the clearing up of dizziness or self-deception), … then they are actually inspired by higher spirit forms.

你可以問他們靈感的表現形式;如果他們能清楚地回答你,說他們…(沒有提及與消除頭暈或自欺欺人有關的原因),… 那麼,他們是真的受到了更高層次靈體的啟發。

  1. But if they give another answer, then they are either subject to an evil self-deception, or they are conscious charlatans and deceivers.


  1. But further I also already explained to you that no spiritually higher forms of life have come into contact with earthly human beings in the course of the last 2000 years and so also have not transmitted any things of any form to them.

此外,我也已經向你們解釋,在過去的 2000 年中,沒有高級靈性生命來與地球上的人類接觸,因此也沒有向他們傳遞任何形式的東西。

  1. Since 2000 years you are the first earthly-human form, which has been and still is inspired by a high spiritual form.

2000 多年來,你是第一個被高級靈性生命持續接觸的地球人。

  1. The circumstances and form of the inspiration phenomenon are known to you, so you can always judge when it is an inspiration and when it is not.


  1. Some human beings are to be praised for having written good words for the citizens of the Earth, even if they have succumbed to self-deceptions.


  1. But in their sense to draw the attention of the human beings of Earth to the way of the Creation and to change their whole attitude through this, their works are good insofar as they do not fall into religious paths and false teachings.


  1. So although these human beings have succumbed and always will succumb to self-delusions in terms of inspirational inspiration, they have the value of bringing many of them partially acceptable works.


  1. In honesty, however, they should nevertheless declare that these works originate from their own thought processes and have no inspirational backgrounds.


[中譯者註:本次接觸時間是在 1975 年間,所以還沒有發生諸如《一的法則》(The Law of One)資料傳遞這類的通靈(channel)對話現象(那是發生在 1982 至 1998 年間),有關這方面的進一步說明,請參閱:《一的法則》簡介。]


That’s clear, but do you know a work by a certain Gloria Lee, and what is the reason for it? Unfortunately, I don’t know it myself, but I can get it for you if you need it.

這是很清楚的,但妳知道一位名叫 Gloria Lee 和她的作品嗎?可惜我自己並不瞭解她,但如果需要,我可以為妳提供資料。


  1. It’s familiar to me from the other side.


  1. But it is not a work, as you assume, but only a scripture.


  1. But this has been spreading worldwide for some time now.


  1. On a large scale it is a valuable scripture which you should also read and study – even if it is not able to convey new things to you in any way.


  1. On the other hand, however, it presents things which are unreal and unreal in every form, especially those places which concern the divine spheres.


  1. But as I said, Scripture is generally good and recommendable, at least for people who are still searching for the way of truth.


  1. For more sophisticated forms, however, it is completely worthless, but only interesting.


  1. The typeface is not based on any inspirational form, but represents the product of the author’s own thinking.


  1. It did not take place through an inspiring transmission, but arose from the thoughts of the writer.


  1. In ignorance of spiritual truth and functions, however, the person was subject to self-deception and declared his writing inspirational.


  1. Nevertheless, I would like to explain again that Scripture is valuable for human beings who are still searching, but only if they exclude certain things which are capable of producing unreal forms of thought and therefore also lead astray.


  1. An understanding guidance in working through this scripture would therefore be appropriate.



Thank you, Semjase. It was at length again. A group member has reproduced this work, or rather this writing, because it found it good. That’s why I asked you for it. So that’s how you think they’re supposed to be spread without worrying?



  1. Only under the reservation that an understanding guidance is helpful when working through, otherwise the scripture would lead like many others to unreal forms of thinking, although it can be regarded as a great exception.



Wouldn’t a written tour be enough?



  1. Are you sure if you can take on this work?



We’ll have to see about that.



  1. Then I would recommend that you discuss this with the others and write her a written guide as a supplement.



Yes, Grandma.



  1. I’m not a Earth woman.



I just had this crazy thought and so I just had to scratch with this thorn once.



  1. And – are you satisfied?



Yes, because your reaction was clear. – Familiarity sometimes simply awakens feelings that are unreal.



  1. Sure, and we too are subject to these things.


  1. It has often seemed to me, according to my feelings, that you are a human being of our race.



In a very broad sense, that’s true.



  1. Sure, but time and space are in between.



Just …






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