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Contact Report 031/第031次接觸報告





  • 這是一篇非正式且未經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」 → 「英」 → 「中」 譯製。





資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 1




英版譯者:David Guerra



英版連結:「Futureofmankind. James Moore Contact Report 031



校對改進:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象-相關報告(痞客邦部落格)



本次接觸報告共分兩個部分,而第一部分共分五段,其中所描述的經歷,就是往後被Billy稱之為「偉大之旅」(Great Journey)的遊歷紀錄30小時之內他除了離開地球(乘坐Semjase的太空船)到太陽系作了一番巡禮,之後又換乘巨型的太空母船(指揮官是Ptaah,也就是Semjase的父親),再一路往宇宙的邊緣飛行(以不可思議的超光速),期間體會了七分鐘所謂的「永恆」穿出我們的宇宙德恩(DERN)宇宙到達隔壁的達爾(DAL)宇宙(我們的雙生宇宙),在那裡見到11年未見的Asket,經過短暫停留之後,又再折返我們的宇宙,最後回到地球。



Synopsis by Wendelle Stevens/英譯者(Wendelle Stevens註)摘要

For this 31st contact with the extraterrestrials in less than six months, Eduard Meier made plans for an absence of over 30 hours and prepared himself for this anticipated trip. He got up early, carefully bathed and dressed, and loaded his bike and started out for the remote and very secluded rendezvous spot selected by the female cosmonaut. Again the route was very difficult to negotiate and would certainly discourage followers.


Arriving at the signified location, he unloaded the equipment he would carry along with him and carefully hid his moped against accidental discovery. Shortly after this, the spacecraft arrived and he was greeted by the now familiar extraterrestrial woman, Semjase. It was 10:14 in the forenoon and he was immediately taken into the waiting Pleiadian ship along with his equipment brought for the trip. They ascended into the ship in the beam of energy and took right off on the greatest event in Meier’s life.


After the trip Meier was brought back to the same spot, retrieved his moped, still undisturbed, and rode all the way home in wonder and contemplation. After he had rested from the strain of all the excitement, he got up, washed his face, and went out and settled himself at his modest desk to receive the “transmission”.


Suddenly he was “tuned in” and the following edited transcript was received as before, rapidly, with no repeats, and no stopping for corrections, in a continuous run until the transmission was completed.



  1. Today is your big day.



After all that you have told me, I have already thought this to myself as well.



  1. You must be having thoughts, that is to be expected.


  1. But also this time I must warn you, that you will have to keep silence over certain things.


  1. At a later date however I may give you the permission to write about all that you have seen and experienced.


  1. So, I will leave out of the transmission of the reports all that can’t be spoken about yet.


  1. But now come… First we will do another trip through your sun-system.


(We head to the ship and let ourselves be lifted by the transport beam. After a few seconds the ship is already hovering high, and from an altitude of about 50 meters I take some photos of the surroundings of the ship‘s departure point below. I take some straight from above, and others at an angle. I take them through the still open transport beam hatch, while we slowly rise. After I finish Semjase closes the hatch, and within seconds the ship shoots up several kilometers higher, without me being able to feel any acceleration or other external forces. It’s just as if I was standing on solid ground somewhere on Earth. Also several sudden changes of direction cause no effect, even if through the ship’s window I can see that we often shoot in different directions like a crazy giant pendulum.)



  1. We are now leaving the Earth’s gravitational field.



Where are we to go to now?



  1. First to Venus, where you may already use your camera.



What about Venusians… can one photograph them?

金星人怎麼樣?… 我們給他們拍幾張照如何?


  1. You must be joking, because I already told you explicitly that this planet carries no human life forms.



I know. I just wanted to see what you would say.



  1. I understand, you refer to certain claims of alleged contactees.






  1. Your lines of thought are often very difficult to detect.


  1. But now take a look at this equipment here, which we have developed specifically to provide you with better photographic possibilities.


  1. You can simply put your camera against this screen and take photos of the outside.


  1. As you see, you can also look through this transparent material and see the outside, just as if it was a simple glass window.


  1. The device next to it however generates multiple radiations, which make visible or simply preserve the existing color shades etc., of the objects, so that they may be captured on film.


  1. This way you will be able to produce good color photos… or so we hope.

這樣你就可以獲得更好的彩色照片… 我們希望能夠如此。

  1. From our side we have another camera, which is very similar to yours.


  1. If you give me a film, I can help you with this second camera.



Of course… but I am surprised, because as you already told me once, you use a completely different technique to create photographic images. But now you suddenly come with a matching camera.



  1. (laughing silently) The camera is a product of your technology, and it was acquired by one of us.



You surprise me; you must have gone into our villages or cities then.

這真讓我訝異了… 難道妳們還深入到我們的鄉村城鎮裡了…


  1. Is that so strange?



I always see you in your suits, and with these clothes neither you nor any of yours could step into the eyes of the dear Earth people.



  1. Sure, but we also have clothes of your type.


  1. We need these because we move amongst you here and there, shielded from vibrations naturally, so that we won’t be harmed by the vibrations of the Earth people.


  1. However, we can only do this for a short period each time.



That doesn’t really surprise me, but why don’t you go out with me sometime, then?



  1. We can reach an agreement about that sometime.



That was quick, however we have the so-called police, which often for whatever whim, will check on people. How will it be, if someone asks for your identity papers?



  1. You have many questions, but don’t worry about it.


  1. We don’t have identity papers of your kind, because we don’t need such things in that form.


  1. Should it happen however, that we get asked for such documents, then we are able to adjust this by influencing thoughts.


  1. This adjusting takes place through the power of our thoughts, by which a mock appearance is created for the concerned questioner and informations from actual persons of your world are submitted to him.


  1. An eventual police officer, etc., would thereby get the impression that he was holding any documents, etc., and that he was verifying them.



That is deceit, Semjase.



  1. No, it deals only with the creation of a hallucination, if you want to call it that.



I understand, so let’s leave that.


(The flight to Venus doesn’t take very long, so I have just enough time to examine in more detail the equipment for making the photos: the viewing screen looks to me like clear glass, through which everything outside can be observed. I only notice that this whole viewing screen has a very fine resolution, similar to a photographic print. The size of the screen is about 50 x 50 cm (~20″) while the color-radiation device is installed on the side of it and recessed, so I could not examine its inner workings. Beside this device, there is also an oscillograph and many different kinds of apparatuses all around the cockpit room, installed within a circular control console and on the walls. All this strange-looking equipment, already seen on the first flight, is obviously used for the guidance and control of the beamship, while also serving as exploration devices, distance meters, radiation control devices, and other such things, all playing important roles in the operation of the flight machine. All the display screens except the oscillograph differ basically from all other apparatuses of Earth origin I’ve ever seen of similar type. All the shapes, symbols and figures on these screens are displayed in beautiful and often fantastic colors, with an extraordinarily plastic expression, unlike the Earth displays that I know, which in practice are only able to display flat 2-dimensional images lacking depth. These screens show everything in vivid 3-dimensional realism, like they are physically real and not just a technically generated image. As we approach Venus, I have to tear myself from my considerations because Semjase begins talking.)

(飛往金星並沒花多久時間,我也有充分的時間更仔細地研究那個拍照的設備:觀景窗(viewing screen)看上去就像透明的玻璃,透過它我可以看清楚外面的一切。我可以看得出這個觀察螢幕的解析度很高,畫面看上去類似於逼真的印刷品。螢幕的大小大概是50Ⅹ50公分(約20吋建方),而顏色射線裝置是在側邊而嵌在裡面的,因此我無法看出內部的運作方式。除了這個,駕駛艙裡還有一個示波器(oscillograph)以及很多其他的裝置,都在一個環形的控制台和艙壁上。這些稀奇古怪的設備,第一次飛行我就有見過,明顯是用來指引和控制飛船的,也有像探索設備、測距儀器、射線控制設備和其他之類的,都對飛船的操控至關重要。所有的顯示設備,除了示波器之外,基本上和我們地球的都不一樣。在這些螢幕上顯現的方式,符號和圖像看上去非常美觀,顏色和線條如夢似幻,並且有很強的真實感,而地球上的顯示器只能顯示那些二維的圖像,沒有深度,飛船上的顯示完全是生動的三維實體,就像是真的一樣。當我們靠近金星的時候,我不得不把思路拉回來,因為Semjase開始說話了。)


  1. Now you can get some pictures of Venus’ cloud strata.


  1. Then I will show you the surface of the planet itself.


  1. Unfortunately I can only do so via the viewing screens and window ports.


  1. The special viewing screen for photography will have to be closed because of the high temperatures of this planet.


  1. This screen is better able to resist extreme cold than such great heat.


  1. But don’t be disappointed by the appearance of this world.


  1. The planet is in a stage of early development of primitive life.



You have already mentioned this, so I am not disappointed.



  1. Sure, but there are still some things here about which you will have to maintain silence.



Of course.


( I quickly shoot the allowed pictures, then the beamship dives away from its position and rushes toward Venus. Immensely dense masses of clouds suddenly surround us, and of the most greatly varied colors. This cloud cover is unbelievably deep – many kilometers – and there seems to be no end as we sink down through it to reach the surface of the planet. But finally we have penetrated far enough, and the clouds change density and open up. There at nearly 40 kilometers height we leave the last cloud formations, and I see the surface of Venus on two different screens, which supposedly and according to what has always been claimed, should be extremely volcanic. The landscape sure looks rugged, however it’s not littered with craters, and though it’s probably of volcanic origin, it’s only partially traversed by half-height, wrinkled as well as diversely shaped mountains and plains. On one side I see a huge area without mountains which also isn’t full of craters as it is assumed by the Earth people. Semjase now points out a polar region, noting that the mountains don’t extend that far.)

(我快速拍著照片,然後飛船猛然向下衝去。巨大的雲層突然環繞著我們,色彩斑斕。雲層厚的不可思議,足有幾十公里,當我們往行星 表面下降時,雲層似乎沒有盡頭。在大約40公里的高度,我們終於鑽出了雲層,我透過兩個螢幕看到了金星的表面。按照那些人所說,星球地形應該是極度險惡,表面一定滿佈崎嶇。然而其地形並不到處是隕石坑,雖然有些地方有原始的火山地貌,但只有部分地區可以看到一些半高的山脈參雜著一些平地。而另外有一大片區域沒有任何山脈,也沒有那些地球人所宣稱的到處是隕石坑那樣。這時Semjase指著一個極地地區,指出山脈的範圍並沒有那麼大。)


Almost everything is bare and lifeless, Semjase. However it doesn’t look to me like a second moon, like many ones on Earth assert.



  1. Sure, I have explained that before.



But what is that down there… there beside the small meteor crater?



  1. An exploration probe from your Earth.



I see, and how would it be, if you would spin around the planet two or three times, so that I can see other regions as well as the night side?



  1. Sure, I also intended to do that.



Thank you.


(Semjase now sets the ship to fast speed, and we go round Venus a number of times. Unfortunately certain observations made here can’t be mentioned, however it must be stated with absolute clarity, that Venus is not home to any human life forms.)



  1. The next goal is Mercury, and then the larger planets which you have already seen once before.


  1. However several of the things which you will see next, you must not mention to anyone else.



All right, you know that I will correspond to your wishes.


(According to my wrist watch we fly until about 4:30 p.m. to several planets of the SOL system, where once again I am able to shoot photos, but unfortunately only from a greater distance. Close-ups or photos of details are not permitted by Semjase. She gives no further justifications for this. During the whole time a number of very important things are discussed, about which, unfortunately, the only thing that can be said is that the possibility of the existence of human life forms on other planets of the SOL system was considered. This in particular, because it has often been said and written in books, that such life forms would have, or have had, contacts with Earth humans, or with some of us. Such claims were mostly made about life forms from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Mars. So I am especially interested in these planets and ask Semjase about the possibility of visiting them and making observations on them. She kindly agrees and lets me very closely observe, examine and check these planets, as well as their moons, from only a few kilometers above their surfaces. But even with extreme enlargements of the images on the screens or by getting closer to the surface, not the slightest trace of those alleged life forms is discovered, which would be located on these planets and with whom we Earth people would be maintaining contacts. On all of these planets, which may only partially be called planets, because not all of them are real planets, there are no such life forms that would be responsible for the alleged inspirations, telephatic outpourings, etc., directed to Earth humans. The existing forms of life are of an entirely different nature from that of humans, and in their low existence they are also completely uninterested on the humans of the Earth. As an exception to this stand the several existing stations of extraterrestrial intelligences, which exhibit human forms. But these intelligences or life forms are not native to this planet, but only stationed there for certain tasks. So-called human races or civilizations in the usual human sense or in spiritual form do not exist! When at 4:40 pm we are back over the Earth, I can see several flying objects in free space; besides two satellites of Earth origin, I can also see five objects which with certainty are extraterrestrial spaceships. This is confirmed by Semjase, when I ask her about it. Only one of the five ships belongs to her people, whereas the other four spaceships belong to other races, who are here to watch the Apollo-Soyuz joining. Oddly, I can’t discern those objects through the ship’s windows or the viewing screen of the photography device, but only on the beamship’s image screens. Semjase explains to me that all the ships are masked from view and can only be detected through the special “zero-visibility” screens. The zero-visibility screens, she explains, use a special vision device that is able to capture and reproduce images of all that the naked eye and primitive monitoring devices such as radars can’t see or detect. I content myself with this explanation, as Semjase does not want to go into more detail, and so I now turn my attention to a newly appearing object on the horizon, high above the Earth. Invisible to all human eyes and beyond every possibility of detection by technical devices of earthly origin, we quickly approach the new object and fly beside it at only a short distance. It’s the Soyuz, which will soon be linked with the Apollo capsule. I recognize quite clearly the letters “CCCP” painted on the rear, in large letters. I know that in this capsule are two living Russian humans, and oddly touched by it I therefore turn to Semjase.)


有關很多曾經和地球人接觸過的那些生物的討論和著作甚囂塵上,尤其是來自於木星、土星、天王星和火星。 因此我特別感興趣這些行星,並要求Semjase是否有可能去看看那些行星。她答應了,把飛船停在那些行星表面幾公里的高空,使得我能夠很仔細地觀察,還有它們的衛星。但即使我把觀察螢幕上的圖元放到最大,我也沒有發現任何聲稱有和地球人接觸的那些生物的絲毫痕跡。在這些行星當中,其實有些行星並不是固態行星,它們都沒有任何所謂的生命形式可以接觸人類或通過感應的方式和地球人聯繫。有些存在著的生命形式,是和人類完全的不同,它們對地球人也沒有興趣。





Duststorm on Mars

Duststorm on Mars


Viking orbiter around Mars

Above: Viking orbiter around Mars. Below: Apollo-soyuz coupling.



938MUuMyXc5Ds3hNiWsdVQ-650-80       xA-Moment-in-Time-2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ahA0B46i0z



This whole thing seems crazy to me. Inside this small gondola live two human beings.



  1. It’s true, the capsules are very small and really offer no living space.


  1. I know it causes you fear, to think that you could be there inside.


  1. You have good reasons to feel that way.



You are speaking in riddles, Semjase.



  1. In time you will understand my words… but don’t you want to look inside the capsule?

到時你就會明白我的話了,不過… 你想不想看看裡面?


How would that be possible, the crazy thing is totally closed and made airtight.



  1. You don’t know the possibilities of our technology, which allow us to distort all matter by radiations so that it becomes invisible to the eye.


  1. We are able to do this in a very controlled manner and can thus steer the effect very precisely .



Then let me see your magical technique.


(Semjase busies herself with some instruments while spellbound by the photography view screen that was specially built for me I look out in the direction of the Soyuz capsule. Suddenly, a part of the capsule simply disappears, and terrified I look at the two human beings who rest lying within the seats, which look like deck chairs or something similar. Unvoluntarily, I cry out to Semjase.)



Semjase, there …



  1. Don’t be afraid, because nothing will happen to them.


  1. For them the capsule is still the same as before, because it has only become transparent to sight for us.



But that is nothing more than a metallic flying coffin, Semjase. The men are so very squeezed inside this box. And how could this thing have been shot up here, as everything is just downright primitive. Just look at these interiors and all their equipment, it’s really primitive.



  1. Don’t worry, because nothing is really happening to these people.


  1. They will also very safely get back to Earth again.


  1. You may be correct in saying that everything is primitive, but remember that you Earth humans are only at the beginning of space exploration, so in this regard you are still in your infancy, so to speak.


  1. Because of that your technology still can’t be very high or very well developed.



That may be true, but when I look at your ship, then…



  1. You can’t make a fair comparison here because with our technology we are 3500 years of development ahead of yours.


  1. From your technical standpoint, however, this primitive capsule and its equipment etc. represent a very high and advanced technology.


  1. So you should not be unfair since the differences in development between you and us are too great.



Yes, indeed, but this flying metal coffin…



  1. Don’t worry about it, as you still are not able to solve the tension within your own thoughts, which trace far back to a past life.



You are making me crazy, because you are directing a very particular thought to me. Can it really be so, Semjase?

妳都要讓我瘋了… 妳讓我有很奇怪的想法… 真是這樣嗎?Semjase?


  1. You have picked up the first thought; reflect on it and find the remaining solution on your own…


  1. We had to do that too, to uncover some bits of your mystery.



I will try to do so then, I mean, to reflect on it.



  1. Surely you will, but look there now, that is the second capsule, and inside it are three humans.

你會的… 不過看那邊… 另一艘飛船來了,裡面有三個人。


Aha… the Yanks. When will the magic take place?

啊… 我看到了,是美國人,對接什麼時候開始?


  1. In a few minutes the final maneuver will begin.


  1. Start taking the photos already… I will also help you later.

現在開始拍照片吧… 我等等也會幫你。

  1. After the joining of the two capsules, which will take place soon and very quickly, you will also be able to photograph several satellites, of both terrestrial and extraterrestrial origin.


  1. After that we will fly off and be received by our great spacer that is stationed in this system, with which we will then be taken to several other systems, galaxies, and the Universal barrier, where I have to fulfill a mission.

然後我們就要出發去我們的超級太空母船(great spacer),它駐留在太陽系裡。從那我們會去往其他的星系,還要去宇宙邊緣,我有個任務要完成。

  1. A surprise should lay in there for you as well.


  1. But now pay attention to your task.



(I now watch carefully the two space capsules of terrestrial origin, which slowly push towards each other. I notice here that the Apollo capsule is clearly quite bigger than the Soyuz capsule. Semjase explains to me that the Apollo capsule of the Americans is bigger because attached to it, is the actual linking piece which serves as a passageway from one capsule to another after the coupling, so to speak. Then at a later time, after the completion of all tasks and manouvers, this linking piece should be detached from the Apollo capsule and released. I pick my camera now and shoot several films with the help of Semjase, who is now beside me with the second camera and also takes several shots through the image screens. As predicted by Semjase, the docking takes place very quickly and with very high precision. After taking the photos, Semjase works on her apparatuses again, and this time I can see both capsules as well as the linking piece, and naturally all the persons inside the capsules once again. I notice that the Apollo capsule doesn’t have much more interior space than the Soyuz and it also looks to me rather primitive and like a flying metal coffin. I notice however that the capsule of the Americans is much more richly instrumented than the one of the Russians. Despite my feeling of anxiety due to the coffin-like confinement in these space capsules I must laugh now, because I have just watched, how one of the floating Americans bumped his head on something, and then reached for it with his hand. This should be attributed to the inexperience in weigthlessness. Unfortunately I can’t ascertain whose man this is, because I know none of the occupants of this capsule neither by name nor from photos. Now Semjase switches off her apparatus, and the two linked capsules appear normally again.






  1. It’s about time, that we move towards our meeting with the great spacer.



(Without another word she sets the beamship in motion again, and already a few minutes later the Earth has shrunk to the size of a large light object, shimmering blueish through space. Having already observed this several times before, it doesn’t interest me particularly, and so I turn to Semjase, who sits in her oddly shaped conformable chair, and directs the beamship through the darkness of space, in which billions of different glittering stars of many sizes twinkle, a thousand times clearer and more distinctly than they can be seen from Earth. A truly fantastic image that I will never forget. This is heaven, as it lives and breathes. Among the large and small stars innumerable groups of stars can be recognized – star clusters, spiral nebulae, the gigantic band of the Milky Way in immeasurable beauty and size, and a thousand other things. Everything is simply fantastic, and only now do I have an idea of the immense size and magnificence of the Universe. On the first flight, and also for the previous hours, I had not observed it well enough because I was caught and dominated by many other things. But now I look at everything in peace and with clear eyes… and I can’t describe the infinite vastness and size and the splendor and beauty of this Universe that stretches out before me. The words fail me. It can only be seen and understood, and I suddenly feel free and light, and elevated above the struggle of everyday life on Earth, where I always feel so strange and out of place. Here that feeling is simply gone, and everything is different in me… I feel really good and at home here. I don’t know why, but it really is so; I am detached from all earthly concerns, worries and problems… I feel free. Then Semjase interrupts my thoughts and considerations.)



  1. You are moving toward solving your puzzle much faster than I had expected.


  1. I have overheard your personal thoughts since they have been sent out so strongly.


  1. You are very quickly beginning to understand, and that is good.


  1. Now look there to the front, there is our great-spacer which will take us aboard.



 (At a distance difficult for me to estimate, a huge metal sphere is hanging in the darkness of space, reflecting only weakly the light of the Sun. Very slowly now the speed of the beamship decreases. Semjase is sitting very attentively before her instrument panels, steering knowingly and carefully in the direction of the huge sphere, which looks to me like a small planet. I can see, way down in the lower third, a little to the left, a big gap is opening laterally, which I soon recognize as an entrance hatch. It’s doubtlessly a hangar, into which we are now slowly flying. Innumerable beamships of the same type as ours are standing there in orderly rows by rank and file, and only a 100 x 100 meter square of the hangar entrance is cleared. I look back at the hangar entrance and can see how a wall is moving from bottom to top and closing the entrance. Everything all around is now brightly illuminated, and the light, which is light blue, seems to come directly from the walls. The whole hangar is huge and this spherical ship, judging by these interior spaces, has to be gigantic. I ask Semjase for its measurements.)








How big is this spaceship, Semjase?



  1. It’s big, it’s even very big, and it’s the largest of its type.


  1. It’s a truly special ship which embodies all the technologies known to us.


  1. Altogether it’s its own perfect world, a world that’s able to fly.


  1. In itself it contains a complete and inhabited city with 141,000 inhabitants.


  1. Everything needed for living can be produced inside the ship itself, and it’s absolutely independent of any thing of any kind from outside its boundary.


  1. This spaceship represents our latest development, and has been working together with other ones of this same kind for four years now in Earth’s chronology.


  1. They are finding useful applications as self-sustained expeditionary ships and for intergalactic order keeping.


  1. They are able to move within all times and spaces, and for them negotiating the barrier between Universes is no longer an obstacle, whereby an all-universal community made of countless life forms can come into existence.


  1. After only four years in the possession of this great technology, we are regrettably still only in the early stages of our great task.



That is still fantastic! If I understood right what you have just explained, you are able, with this great ship, as well as with the others of the same type, to shift from one Universe to another?



  1. Sure, you have understood me correctly.


  1. However this only applies to aligned Universes.



Then tell me one other thing: You have once told me that you know Asket very well?



  1. Certainly.



Please don’t make me bargain for each separate answer from you; where do you know Asket from, what do you know about her and her race, and what do you know about her connection with me?



  1. There are no secrets.


  1. Asket has explained everything to me, so I know that you stood together in contact until about a decade ago.


  1. All details are known to me – as well as your time-travels into the past, through which you were thoroughly cured of all the heresies of the religions which exist among you.



You are shockingly open, Semjase, considering that Asket has strictly forbidden me to speak about this before she would permit me to do so by a sign.



  1. You have just received this sign.



You mean that, the knowledge you just presented about this is the sign?



  1. Certainly, however you are still obliged for the next thirty days, to restrain yourself from speaking about this, so that you still must maintain silence about the time-travel and what you have learned.


  1. You are however now permitted to make public the reports you wrote in 1964 about your contacts with Asket.


  1. You have surely preserved them well?



Of course. I have just been waiting for permission to speak about it, and have preserved it all very well. But how does it actually happen that you know Asket?



  1. After the predetermined break-off of her contacts with you in India in 1964, which were being led in collaboration with us and the High Council, she allied herself with our High Council and from that resulted a quicker contact and a quicker cooperation.

當1964年在印度你和Asket的接觸結束後,她聯繫了「高層理事會」(High Council),並成功獲得了他們的協助。

  1. With the help of her race from the DAL Universe, we came into possession of knowledge of higher technical capabilities and received the most exact data for the development of these great spaceships, which we have been using, as I said, for four of your Earth years now.


  1. For Asket’s people the handing over of this data was no problem because they mastered the way of overcoming distances that these ships are capable of more than 700 years ago.


  1. In Earth years Asket’s race is about 350 years ahead of us in development regarding all technical fields.


  1. This small time interval no longer plays so decisive a role when a certain level of development is reached in every field, so it was only natural that they would assist us with these very important findings and achievements and that they would impart with us the knowledge necessary to build these big spaceships.



Finally I understand the connection. If you ever see Asket, send her my dearest greetings.



  1. Sure, sure…



You say that so strangely, and with a funny smile. Why is that?



  1. Just so.



Once again you have a secret to hide. Well, if you don’t want to talk about it, then keep it to yourself. But I am still interested in knowing the dimensions of this space giant. Can you at least tell me the mean diameter in meters?



  1. Sure, as this is not a secret.


  1. By your measure it is exactly 17182 meters.







  1. That seems to be a lot for you.



 ??? – My, oh girl, I am simply gobsmacked.



  1. Then recover yourself quickly, for you will soon see and hear many other things.



It’s done already; I only had to really digest it first. That is simply fantastic, I felt as if I had spun into the ground. It is… ah – speaking of spinning into the ground; I have heard such a strange story, and I would like to ask you for an explanation. Mr. Veit from Wiesbaden brought a letter from a certain Ella or Elsa Schröder or something like that, in which she described a situation she had observed in Turkey some time ago: a woman was digging with a peculiar-looking power shovel for something that she took out of the ground, something that looked like a cylinder. The woman then took this cylinder with her and disappeared into a UFO which then ascended into the sky overhead. Moreover, this young woman had spoken with the UFO woman, who told her that her name was Semjaze, Semjase or something similar. Can you tell me anything about his story, whether you know about it?

已經是了;我真的先需要好好消化一下。實在太神奇了,我覺得我好像需要鑽到地下去。真是… 啊 —— 講到鑽到地下;我聽過一個奇怪的故事,我正想問問妳。從Wiesbaden來的Veit先生帶來一個叫 Ella或Elsa Schröder的年輕女人那裡來的一封信,信裡她描述了她以前在土耳其遇到的一件事情:他看到一個女人用一個像電鏟一樣的東西在地理挖出一個圓柱狀的物體,然後那個女人帶著那個圓柱體進入一架幽浮裡,接著飛上天空消失不見。此外,她還曾和這個女人說話,那個女人告訴她,她叫Semjase什麼的。妳有什麼能告訴我的嗎?妳知道這件事嗎?


  1. (smiling roguishly) Sure, sure, this event is known to me.


  1. However it didn’t happen in Turkey but in Iran, near Zahedan early one morning.


  1. I have, luckily while I was shielded from vibrations, dug out from the earth a time-spiral, which was of great importance.


  1. We had been searching for it for three years until we finally found it.


  1. It was a time projectile for research purposes.

那是一個研究用的「時間推進器」(time projectile)。

  1. At least that’s what you would probably call it.


  1. Here, this is the projectile. (Semjase brings out a conical spiral shaped device.)


  1. This is also the reason why we are going to the edge of the Universe now, because this device came from another Universe.



So that’s what happened. And when did you dig this thing up?



  1. In the first month of this year.


  1. But now let’s leave our ship because the room is atmospherically prepared for you as well.


  1. We are in a security room, which is fully atmospherically pressurized even when gaps are open to outer space.


  1. This whole space is nevertheless sealed off from the actual living area by invisible barriers, so that security is truly comprehensive.


(We let ourselves float through the shaft by the transport beam and stand on the metal floor of the great-spacer. For the first time now since I am outside the beamship, I realize that the cleared landing space of about 100 x 100 meters is surrounded by glass-clear walls, and that innumerable other small beamships are beyond these walls. Between these parked ships many human beings are rushing along, quite obviously involved with the various ships. But I also see walking mechanical figures, quite obviously robotic, which as well are hurrying quite busily along, executing various tasks. Very far beyond, I am just able to see some bigger beamships, which have completely different shapes from the ones hitherto known to me. Semjase occupies herself with a small device in her hand, and I see that before us the transparent wall opens and reveals an entrance. Then completely silently comes a small floating vehicle, not bigger in size than a Volkswagen car. It floats about 20cm above the floor and is equipped with very comfortable seats on top. Semjase asks me to take one of the seats beside her, and the peculiar moving vehicle floats away and slowly rises higher and higher. I look back and watch how the transparent wall closes up again after our beamship is taken by the previously seen robots into the main hangar-hall. This hangar-hall seems to take up the whole lower-third part of the giant spaceship for its complete diameter, up to a height of about 600 to 800 meters (1,800 to 2,400 feet). The ceiling above, like the walls, also radiates a bluish light, which seems like the sky to me. And if I am not mistaken, there is a big opening above, exactly in the center of the ceiling. Soon I can see that this is so, as we head in this direction in our floating transportation vehicle, and we climb up inside this opening. Also inside this shaft is the same gentle blue illumination coming from the walls. For minutes we climb up with increasing speed, until Semjase suddenly stops the floating vehicle and docks it into a side compartment in the wall. In here, there is an open space of approximately 2000 x 1000 meters, and I feel myself completely transported into a magical world. Wherever I look, I see green fields, trees, shrubs and flowers. A real little Garden of Eden in this space giant.)



This is fantastic, Semjase.



  1. It’s completely natural, as I told you, because this spaceship is its own independent little world.



It’s easy for you to say, because I am seeing this for the first time and really have to find it overwhelming. But how high are we in here already?



  1. I don’t understand what you mean?



I mean, how far have we floated up inside this giant, how many meters?



  1. Some 11000 meters.


  1. We have stopped here near the center of the ship, which is where the actual city is located.



Man oh man, then during this short time we have traveled with this vehicle, higher than our tallest mountain on Earth, higher than Mount Everest.



  1. (laughing) We have moved up very quickly – you are right about that, but concerning Mount Everest, I will have to correct you, since it is not the highest mountain on Earth.



Now you make me laugh, Semjase. Mount Everest is indeed the highest mountain on my dear mother Earth.



  1. My words are meant seriously… they speak of the facts.


  1. But of course you could not know this since you are starting from a mistaken assumption.


  1. Your scientists count the elevation of land or of a mountain, in meters above sea level.


  1. That is the exact mistake, for such measurements should not use sea-level as the starting point.


  1. The starting point for all measurements should be from the center of the planet, which never changes.


  1. This is because planetary shapes are never exactly round, but tend more towards the elliptical.


  1. When you say that Mount Everest is the highest mountain of Earth, then this is correct only with respect to sea level.


  1. But in truth it is around 2,150 meters lower than the highest mountain of your world.


  1. When you measure Earth mountains, then the center of the planet is decisive, and measured from there, you will see, the highest mountain on Earth is not Mount Everest.



I understand. Your interpretation is very evident. Therefore one had to search for the highest mountains where by this ellipse the diameter of the Earth is enlarged. As far as I know, the only mountains that exist in that zone would be the Andes in South America, hence the highest mountain would be found there – or am I mistaken?



  1. You are very perceptive, because your considerations are very precise.


  1. Do you know the mountains in the Andes?



Only very few of them. One of the highest mountains, as far as I know, is Chimborazo in Ecuador.



  1. Surely, and by calling it, you have named the highest mountain on Earth.



Have I? Fabulous!



  1. So it is.



What do you mean?



  1. You said “fabulous.”


  1. This mountain is indeed surrounded by many myths and legends and in earlier times has played a very important role in the activities of extraterrestrial intelligences.



I didn’t mean “fabulous” in that way. But what are we going to do now? And how is it with taking photos here?



  1. I regret not being able to allow that for you now… please understand.

很抱歉我現在不能允許你這麼做… 請諒解。

  1. You will be able to take pictures of equipment later, but more is unfortunately not possible without permission.


  1. We will walk through the park’s facilities now to another transport hub which will lift us up into the main control center.


  1. This is located in the top of the dome of the Great Spacer.


  1. There the leader of the ship is waiting to see you.




Great, Semjase. What position does this leader have?



  1. In your terms, one would likely say governor, or even king.



I see, so to speak the top boss of this giant… but don’t expect a genuflection from me when I stand in front of him. Such jests are not me. Not even before the good God himself would I chafe my knees.

懂了,就是說是這艘船的大老闆… 但別指望我會在他面前卑躬屈膝,我可不是開玩笑,就算在上帝面前我也不會屈服。


  1. The leader is an JHWH.



It’s all the same to me, and if he wants me to polish the ground in front of him, then he ought to do this in front of me first please, then I will decide whether I will trouble myself to lay my head in the dust before him, which even then I would not do. I am not eager for such kinds of salutation ceremonies. They are humiliating, slavish, and doggedly devotional.



  1. I see that these are really your honest thoughts.



Do you think I would joke about something like this? I regard a human being as simply a human being, whether he is from this world or another, or whether he is a beggar or God in person, and whether he is ignorant or wise, they are all of equal value. No one has more rights than any other, and nobody is greater than anyone else. And if your dear God up there in the high dome does not like this, then he should let it go, or get old and gray from anger. To me it is really all the same. I will neither cringe nor offer honour and devotion. If he wants to give me a hand and will shake hands, then okay, otherwise he may poison himself with his megalomania. Perhaps I will throw some flowers at him from this beautiful garden here.


 (Semjase laughs loudly, loud enough to be heard throughout the park, and suddenly we hear a loud and friendly male laughter coming from the high ceiling, which then stops suddenly. I look at Semjase a bit foolishly, who splits with laughter and only slowly starts to settle down)



  1. You are good – hahahaha – you are really very good – hahaha -.



What does that mean, and what about this laughter coming down from the ceiling, which has stopped so suddenly?



  1. Hahahaha – he has – hahahahaha – he has turned off the speaker system, but – hahahahaha- he is surely shaking with laughter up there in the cupola dome.

哈哈哈,他是… 哈哈哈哈,他只是把擴音系統關閉了,但是,哈哈哈哈,他肯定在他的控制室裡笑彎腰了。


You mean, that was the dear God of this box? Has he eavesdropped on us?



  1. Sure, sure… hahahahaha.


  1. This he has done… but please don’t call him “dear God” because this always evokes in us painful memories of the very early times of our history.

那是他… 但別叫他親愛的上帝,那會引發我們早期歷史痛苦的回憶。

  1. We have indeed maintained the designation of “JHWH”, but it has acquired a completely new meaning for us.



If that’s how it is…



  1. Thank you.


  1. It was a good joke.



I have my own opinion, and I don’t think it’s funny, because I meant it in earnest.



  1. Sure, and we all honour your thought forms, but for us it was funny because you spoke so seriously and used expressions which revealed so openly all your feelings against bondage, and on the other hand, we also found it funny because you have used purely earthly forms on our world, even though we have for many thousands of years already known, as well as thought and acted in, completely different forms from the ones you just expressed.


  1. There certainly are still many subtle differences which can be perceived between ordinary persons and JHWH’s or other advanced life forms, but everything is still fundamentally aligned towards there occurring no more differences in appearance, so that each life form is equal in value to any other.


  1. But such major changes don’t take only hundreds of years but even thousands because traditions are always firmly established in a life form, and the identified recollections fade away very slowly.


  1. Therefore all requires its own time, until the final changes can take their rightful place.



This is very understandably explained, Semjase.



  1. Good, so let’s go on now.


(Slowly we walk along narrow paths through the parks. The paths are soft and not made of metal, but rather of some kind of plastic or something similar. Here is a fantastic world of flowers, of mostly completely unknown flowers and scents. But I also see flowers, bushes and trees exactly like the ones I know from Earth. It’s simply a true paradise. We only take 20 minutes to cross the park, and then we stand again before a transportation pit with a vehicle floating in front of it, which we then use to drive up it, if I may use this term. With increasing speed we float higher again, and suddenly the firmament lies open above us. As far as my eyes can see, over the end of the shaft I see nothing but the infinite vastness of the Universe. Stars twinkle, and I ask myself how could we have simply floated out into space because we should not be able to survive up here where there is no air. I understand things quickly though, as we reach the end of the shaft, because at this end lies the cupola which Semjase had spoken of. An enormous space exists here with console-like furnishings in which apparatuses and screens are imbedded. Before them are human beings and an unknown to me form of life, which I soon recognize as being bio-mechanical. Real bio-mechanical humans, androids. The whole command center is a giant domed cupola several kilometers in diameter. Over the whole thing spreads the free cosmos, and I wonder how one can still breathe. Then I remember the completely transparent walls of the hangar, and it becomes evident to me that the whole ceiling of the cupola must consist of this transparent material. So I ask Semjase about it.)

(我們慢慢地沿著那些狹窄的小路穿過這些公園。這些小路踩上去軟軟的,不是金屬鋪的,倒像是塑膠或類似的材料。這裡簡直是一個美妙的花世界,大多都是不知名的花朵,充滿著芳香。但我也有看到和地球上完全一樣的花草、灌木和樹。這裡就是一個真正的世外桃源。我們花了20分鐘時間穿過公園,我們來到了一個交通站前面,有一架運載工具漂浮著。我們就開著它向上 — 如果我可以用“開”這個字。我們加速向上,頭頂的天空突然間打開。在我目力所及的地方,那通道盡頭,我看到了空曠虛無的宇宙,星星閃爍。我不禁問自己我們怎麼能夠漂浮在太空中,沒有空氣我們怎能存活?不過我很快就明白,當我們到達通道盡頭時候,我看到Semjase提到的那個穹頂艙,裡面超級寬敞,佈滿了像操作台之類的擺設,各種設備和螢幕,還有些人和一個我不認識的生命形式,我很快意識到那是一個生物機器人,真正的仿生人(androids)。整個指揮中心是一個直徑達幾公里的圓頂大廳頭頂上就是蒼茫的宇宙,我在想人們怎麼呼吸啊?這時我想起停機庫的透明牆,很明顯這裡整個圓頂肯定是這種透明材料製成,於是我問Semjase。)


Semjase, can you explain to me, what is this transparent material, that the cupola is made of? Is it a kind of glass?



  1. No, it is not glass, nor any kind of glass.


  1. It’s a very stable metal alloy, like the one used on the walls of the beamship hangar.



Wooow …?



  1. Remember the Earth space capsules which you were able to look into…



You mean that everything is simply made transparent by technical means?



  1. Sure, all the walls as well as the cupola are completely stable, and made of the hardest metal.


  1. However through the radiations, resp. vibrations generated by our equipment we can make everything transparent.


  1. To the eye it looks like then, as if there was simply nothing there, or as if you were looking through clear glass.






  1. Come now.



(And once again we float on the vehicle towards the middle of the huge command center. I can already recognize a horseshoe-shaped structure about 100 meters high, completely covered with apparatuses and image screens, and its center is overall not bigger than an average room. A single bearded man stands inside this horseshoe, looking towards us. As Semjase brings our means of transportation towards an encircled area about 60 meters from the horseshoe, this watching man starts to move toward us, and I can now see him more clearly. He is wearing a suit similar to that of Semjase, and from his face one can perceive a lot of love, kindness and friendliness. I estimate him to be about 70 to 75 years old. Now Semjase gets out of the vehicle and hurries toward the old man who also moves quickly towards her. Then they come together and hug each other, and if I am not mistaken, kiss each other on the cheek. I find this very human, and not much different from our own Earthly form of greeting. Somehow a pain I can’t describe creeps upon me. But I push the feeling away and walk slowly toward the two, who are now speaking with one another. However, I can’t understand a single word because the language is completely foreign to me. But then I come up to them and recognize a roguish smile on the face of the old man, who looks attentively at me. Semjase speaks to me.)



  1. This is my father.





(At first I am astonished, then I put my hand out, which is seized by the man and pressed. It’s a gentle but firm pressure, like that of Semjase. I confess to being confused, or just beaten, because I would never have expected to see Semjase’s father. Then the pleasant voice of the man sounds out to me.


Semjase’s father : Semjase的父親

  1. It’s a great joy for me, seeing you here.


  1. Semjase has already reported a lot to me about you.


  1. Be welcomed here with us.



(Once again I am amazed, because Semjase’s father speaks German as well as herself.)

Thank you very much (I cannot say anything more because now Semjase’s father encloses me into his arms and welcomes me heartily. I feel slightly deranged and quite suddenly unable to speak as a confounded lump rises in my throat – the devil may know why. Semjase seems to sense this, for she speaks once more to her father in that incomprehensible language. He then turns to me.)


非常感謝。(我什麼都沒法說,因為Semjase的父親一把將我緊緊地抱住,真誠地歡迎我。我感到有點煩亂,突然間一陣困惑堵住我的喉嚨讓我無法言語 — 鬼才知道為什麼。Semjase感覺到了,她又對著她父親說了幾句我聽不懂的話,她父親轉向我。)

Semjase’s Father: Semjase的父親

  1. Call me Ptaah, because that is my name.


  1. Possibly it has some meaning for you, as in former times it was used on the Earth.






  1. I see, you do not know the connection:


  1. An ancestor of mine was, in former times, on your Earth and lived as one of your people at that time.


  1. He was a JHWH and was joined by marriage to his wife BASTH.


  1. He used the same name as I, PTAH.


  1. On your Earth you still have very old traditions, tales and legends about him. .



Regrettably, that is not known to me, but I will search for this in our books to see if I can discover anything.



  1. You surely will if you look at Egyptian and South American stories of Gods because therein lie many leads.


  1. For the most part they stand in connection with events concerning Venus and other planets of your solar system.



You are funny, Semjase. You prohibit me from speaking about these things, and then you mention them yourself.



  1. I only explain what I am allowed to.


  1. Fundamentally it should be known that Venus did not bring forth its own human creatures and was also uninhabitable for humans during those times.



Now I am on slippery ground. What may I tell and what not?



  1. We will speak about this in detail with one another later, by ourselves alone.



OK, but what about your form of address, Semjase? I really don’t know how I should address your people, whether by “you” (“du” in German – more familiar) or “you” (“Sie” in German – more formal)?



  1. (smiling) If I understood your terms right, then our forms are very simple.


  1. Because each life form has equal value, each is addressed in the same way.


  1. Thus in your terms, by “you” (du).


  1. So call me “Ptaah” in the manner just described.


  1. But now I have a question: do you speak any other language besides the one we are using now?



Yes, some English and Greek, naturally also Swiss German and some Baawi.



  1. The old Greek form of the language?



No, the new Greek.



  1. That’s very good because I have also mastered that language.


  1. We will be able to speak in this language then, and I won’t need to use my translator device.






  1. Of course you can’t know this; my father doesn’t speak a word of German.


  1. What he has spoken until now was our own language.


  1. But you see the small device on his belt there.


  1. That’s a language transformer, a language converter or translator, as you would call it.


  1. With this language device we can transform one language into another and make it understandable to both.


  1. But we like very much to speak in other languages, and gladly bypass these technical means when there is an opportunity.



So there it is, again something completely fantastic! There is only one problem with it, which is that I don’t master neither the English nor the Greek or the Baawi perfectly. If I have to write everything down later, I’ll slip up.



  1. Don’t be afraid of that because these problems will be removed in the transmission, and everything will be understandable for you letter by letter, and you will be able to write everything down correctly.



Then it’s okay. I was afraid this could be a problem.



  1. (now really speaking Greek) Come now, we are already on our way to the transmit position.


(In fact I see that outside the cupola the star formations are slowly changing. We must be already travelling at a very high speed. I have not noticed absolutely anything from inside the gigantic ship that tells me that it is moving. Now we are all three sitting in very comfortable seats inside the horseshoeshaped console. On the image screens all the planets of our sun-system can be seen, whereby I also see once again that Jupiter has a fine ring, similar to the rings of Saturn, but rings are also visible on planets from outside of the SOL system, as well as numerous large and small stars, nebulae, and many other things in the vast space. I am overwhelmed by how diverse and fantastic everything is. And now, the constellations suddenly dart away. We must be moving through the Universe at an enormous speed. I ask Ptaah about it.)



Ptaah, how fast are we going now?



  1. Look here, this instrument displays the velocity.


  1. You can read it very easily by yourself, even if you don’t understand our script.


  1. In your understanding, these lines stand for the decimals, and these sharp arrow-headed brackets mark the hundreds.


  1. These half-height lines mark the thousands, and these point-lines the hundred-thousands.


  1. These ring-lines here would mean for you the speed of light.


  1. Now you can just add up the values and by that calculate the speed yourself.



OK, one moment… (I count very carefully and reach a result of 89 units in the decimal field. Then two point-lines that are hundred-thousands, and the third is only eleven values from them. From addition this results in 289 000).

This makes 289 000 kilometers per second. Is that right, Ptaah?




  1. You think and grasp very quickly.


  1. You have counted correctly.


  1. Our terms are different but they give equivalent values.






  1. What do you mean with that, I don’t understand?


( Semjase turns to her father and explains what I meant by “fantastic.” He doesn’t seem to understand it immediately. It’s funny that I know these words in the Greek language since I have never known them before. Suddenly I am simply speaking perfect Greek, and I don’t understand how, so I ask.)



How is it, Semjase, that I can suddenly speak fully fluent Greek?



  1. My father has turned off the language translator and has instead turned on the language transformer.


  1. This device uses the ship’s language computer.


  1. This converter is now continuously transforming the desired Greek language into impulses, and transmitting them.


  1. Your brain then detects these impulses, and with that you can speak each desired word without knowing it beforehand.



I don’t know, as always the only thing I can say is “fantastic”. Girl, what do you think? How long will it take until we are this far along on Earth?



  1. This will take several thousand years by your time reckoning.



Oh dear – that’s a long time! But look out there, what is that?


(through the transparent dome I notice a very large object very far away.)



  1. That is a comet that is still unknown to you on Earth.


  1. It follows a very long orbital path, and for that reason is still unknown to your astronomers.


  1. As it is moving towards the sun system that we just left, it will soon be discovered by the Earthly astronomers.


  1. Within only a few weeks, Earth humans will be even able to see it with the naked eye, as it passes by.



Then I can’t wait. But for how much longer will we be flying through the Universe?



  1. For about 30 minutes more, then we will transmit to a different, remote system.



Transmit? That means, among other things, time travel, right?

傳輸?那是指“時光穿梭”(time travel)對嗎?


  1. Sure, but you already know about this.



Yes, but that was with Asket and not with such a gigantic ship. And how will it be then, when I return to Earth? We would have to go back in time now, to return to Earth at the right time. That doesn’t make sense to me, because you said that you had to do something in a Universe barrier. If that falls chronologically in our time, then it is no longer possible.



  1. You are not taking some important things into consideration, because Semjase once explained to you the possibilities offered by our means of transportation, namely the use of hyperspace, by which space and time become paralysed.



Oh my dear, I think that I must be slowly growing old and dumb. I’m truly stupid, to not have thought of that earlier.



  1. You shouldn’t speak like this of yourself, because your sudden realization reflects an extremely large ingenuity and a highly logical combination which leaves me astonished.



Like your daughter you throw whole gardens of flowers, Ptaah.



  1. I don’t understand you?


(Semjase talks smilingly to her father and explains to him the meaning of my speech.)



  1. You shouldn’t be so modest.



And there you go again, I just don’t understand you. You are like Arahat Athersata, who always threw flowering shrubs as well.

你又來了,我搞不懂你們。你像Arahat Athersata一樣,總是說那麼多讚美的話。


  1. Why?



He paints me as a great prophet, just as if I had been shoveled full of wisdom. I find that vain and unnapropriate. These kind of speeches annoy me because they really don’t fit my frame. If anyone wants to work me over, then he can call a spade a spade and explain that I am no more and no less than one who just receives and passes on what is transmitted to me by you or by Arahat Athersata. I really am not a prophet at all. These sweeping speeches of Arahat Athersata in particular have already brought me up the wall somehow, and for this reason I have turned into an anti-contact with this plane for the time being. I have suppressed the voices and not written another single line from this source. I must first deliberate whether I want to to continue doing this work. It’s very awkward and strange for me, that I should stand as a great prophet, because I could never be that. If I were to continue doing this, then my fellow human beings would inevitably accuse me of deceit and megalomania, and revile me as a liar.

他(Arahat Athersata;以下簡稱AA)把我描述成一個偉大的先知,好像我已經充滿智慧了一樣。但我覺得那很空虛,也很不恰當。我覺得那樣的言辭讓我很心煩,那根本和我不搭調。如果有人要我工作,他只要直說就好了,從你們或AA那收到資訊,我會不多不少地傳播出去。我真的不是什麼先知。AA那些擾人的話真要讓我抓狂,所以我現在已經暫停和他們接觸了。我有壓制那些聲音,我不再寫下他們告訴我的任何東西。我要好好想一想是否我會繼續。我居然是一位偉大的先知,這樣的說法對我來說太尷尬,太奇怪,我根本就不是。如果我繼續做下去,我的那些夥伴們一定會指責我在欺騙和狂妄,他們會罵我是個大騙子。


  1. Let me…



  1. (Interrupts Semjase and turns to me apologetically) In place of Semjase I would like to explain these things for you, namely that as a primary factor it’s very unfortunate that you have interrupted the contact with Arahat Athersata.


  1. We had already become aware of this and tried to find out the causes, which we have not yet succeeded in doing.


  1. Sometimes you have the peculiarity of blocking your thought stream precisely at the moment, when we see ourselves forced to bring anything from your knowledge.


  1. Now the reason for your blockade is clear to me, and I am able to understand.


  1. I can by no means consider it as a mistake, but on the contrary; it’s a very good response.


  1. Given the concerns just expressed by you, it’s clear to me that your motives are pure and good, namely that you don’t want to be anything special and are convinced that you are only an ordinary human being.


  1. You are also right in this in every way, and your thinking here corresponds exactly to the creational laws, and to the thereby resulting order.

你是對的,你的思維方式完全符合「造物法則」(creational laws)。

  1. You have also acted absolutely correctly.


  1. However we made an error of omission, which is that you were not informed by us about what the true meaning of being a prophet actually is.


  1. It would have been our duty to explain this to you, because we knew about your modesty.


  1. Arahat Athersata bears absolutely no guilt because this level just transmits everything to you, without you being able to ask any questions.


  1. The answering of questions is something that for the time being we alone are obliged to provide, and precisely in this respect we have missed something.


  1. So the guilt lies in us, and we will try to resolve this error.


  1. That will still take some time, and so several days will pass before Arahat Athersata reports again, for this level has surely wrapped itself in silence?



Just so.



  1. This could be expected, since the state of things has with absolute certainty been known, and the result is now the wait, until things become more orderly.


  1. At the level of our High Council only the information about your blockage has been received, but nothing else.


  1. The facts regarding you and prophethood are that in the first place, you must recognize that your acquired knowledge in consciousness-related and spiritual matters is extraordinarily rich and extensive.


  1. At the present time you are the only human on Earth who has, to use your terms, a phenomenal knowledge concerning the spiritual teachings as well as the spiritual laws and commandments and the resulting wisdom.

目前你是地球上唯一擁有靈性教導以及靈性法則和建言」(spiritual laws and commandments)等這類非凡知識的人

  1. This still must partially find its cause in you having received very much knowledge and being taught about the truth, by Sfath and various earthly teachers as well as by Asket from the DAL Universe.


  1. You gained the fundamental cognitions, however, through the use of storage banks impulses from previous lives, as well as from the trips into the past, which liberated you thoroughly and for all time from any existing heresies.


  1. On the Earth this means an undertaking which is unique to the present time.


  1. You have known and experienced this form of travel into the past even before we, with all the means we have at our disposal, were able to do so ourselves.


  1. Only when Asket stepped into official contact with us and through the DAL race, we acquired the knowledge and the ability to make time travel equipment, did we first manage to undertake this kind of trip.


  1. This was only four years ago by Earth chronology while you had already had your time travel experience with Asket and your friend a number of years before that.


  1. This is the situation of the matter around your knowledge, which is extraordinarily great and in this relation, finds no equal in your world.


  1. You must become aware of this and therefore raise your understanding.


  1. You should thereby not emphasize yourself particularly because of your knowledge, and you should absolutely not want to put yourself above others, that must be out of the question.


  1. It’s very good that you exhibit such modesty and put it to use, but you must not be too modest, to which you are unfortunately inclined.


  1. Let it be clear to you, that you have an extraordinarily vast knowledge concerning the spiritual teaching and the Creational laws and recommendations, and also the resulting wisdom, and if you recognize this, then no one can or should any longer accuse you of megalomania.


  1. Such insults are uttered only by ignorant and stupid, selfish and jealous, or “know-it-all” human life forms.


  1. It was only possible for us to establish contact with you because we knew about your knowledge and wisdom.


  1. We have indeed had contact with other Earth humans, but these were very few, and the contacts with them were just in the form of unconscious impulses; just as you say yourselves, none of these other Earth humans is good enough to hold a candle to you.


  1. This is not boasting on my part, if I put it this way; it’s just plainly and simply the truth.


  1. And because of this I am very glad that you nevertheless practice modesty and don’t make a great fuss about yourself.


  1. But as I have said, your modesty is excessive, because you must acknowledge your development level and your spiritual and consciousness related status.


  1. You may decline praise and expressions of gratitude, but you must recognize the facts as they are.


  1. And it was only the statement of a fact when I spoke of your extraordinarily large sagacity and of your exceptional logical skills.


  1. If Arahat Athersata designates you as a prophet, that finds its justification on the one hand in your knowledge concerning all Creational-spiritual matters and in your wisdom and love, and on the other in the fact that you are the receiver of very important spiritual and groundbreaking messages from a very high spirit level.


  1. These messages point the way to the future, as well as being prophetic.


  1. So that’s why you are called the prophet, because your pronouncements are not only prophetic, but they also serve to instruct and point the way ahead.


  1. This designation is also very justified, and it is not meant to turn you into an arrogant super-authority.


  1. Such an impression is completely wrong and unfortunately very common on Earth.


  1. The Earthuman imagines a prophet as someone mighty, a creature standing above all others.


  1. But that is not the truth, because a prophet is a life form like any other.


  1. The heresy that a prophet would have to be a powerful figure, already in early times was maintained by fanatics, charlatans, deceivers, and religious leaders, etc. for the intended purpose of strengthening their own power over the people.


  1. So take no heed of these heresies, because they are deceptive and wrong and they give wrong ideas and impressions, to which however you have fortunately not yielded, and about which you don’t need to be corrected now.


  1. Be also aware, that a prophet of the current times has to work in completely different ways from the earlier times, because they usually lived alone in wild and inaccessible regions like mountains, and only now and then did they come to the people with powerful words.


  1. These times belong to the past for a long time already on Earth, and the possibilities for the dissemination of prophetic works and their possible usage has changed fundamentally.


  1. For the prophetic labour of the current and future times there are many technical tools available on Earth.


  1. The great majority of Earth humans dominate their language also in script, so the available possibilities for a prophet to do his work have increased greatly.



Thanks, Ptaah, that was very clear and detailed, but I had not really considered these things in these terms before. But now I recognize them, and I know that you are absolutely right. I don’t need to think more about it.



  1. That…



  1. (interrupts her father) When he says that, he really means it.


  1. He really thinks extremely quickly, and is just as fast in his decisions.



  1. That leaves me astonished.



Please let this be. Do we still have some time before the transmission?



  1. Certainly.



Good, you spoke down there in the park about our dear JHWH, who overheard us through the communication device. When may I see him and where? Is he perhaps preparing to come here?


(As if on a secret command, Semjase and Ptaah start laughing out loud again, and it takes them some time to recover. Then Semjase speaks.)



  1. You have already greeted him.



 ??? (Some seconds pass before I understand)


Oh… man oh man… am I stupid! I should have realized it by myself: the father of Semjase, Ptaah, is the leader of this space giant, a JHWH, a dear God himself, in person! Oh, that just slipped off my tongue. I really did not want to…

哦,老天…我真蠢!我本來自己應該知道的,Ptaah,Semjase的父親就是母艦的領袖,智慧大師,也就是那位親愛的上帝(dear God),私下說的。哦,我就那樣脫口而出了,我本不想…


  1. Please don’t worry about it, I already understand it and I don’t feel included in your words.


  1. Your words are a kind of bitter humour, because you know the truth and can not understand that your fellow humans still remain faithful and live carefree according to the old heresies.



Thanks for your understanding, Ptaah.



  1. No thanks are necessary; however you wanted to say something before I gave my interpretations regarding prophethood, if I have observed correctly.



Yes, that’s right. We were talking about time travel and related things, and about this great spacer too. I would now like to ask you whether I might be right about the following assumptions: Semjase has given me an explanation about the utilization of hyper-space, as you have already mentioned. As I now conceive the matter, the utilization of hyper-space, this phenomenon that I have experienced earlier, consists of a real time travel, offering all the possibilities of past, present and future, as well as other dimensions and spaces. Semjase had explained then, that a hyper-leap through endless distances only takes a split second to happen, but unfortunately I only noticed that correctly just now. Therefore, in my estimation, it doesn’t consist of a simple hyperspace crossing but of a time travel, through which space and time become paralyzed, something that would certainly not happen on a normal hyper-leap. From that results in my view the moment of the null-viewpoint in the null-time: Space and time become paralyzed, in the literal sense of the word. That is, they become pushed together, if I can put it like that, whereby an absolute timelessness arises and also a spacelessness. That time- and spacelessness can then get traversed with immeasurable speed in a split second, without any shifts or distortions. When Semjase uses the hyperspace with her small beamship, it must also consist of the same principle. By that way of using the hyper-space it must also be possible to do a time travel also in still time, by what one appears at the aim location, right in the same second as when one disappears from the starting point. From my estimation it does not deal with another thing, than with a technically generated dematerialization and rematerialization, when the timetravel is carried out in present time. Only then can one see virtually no time pass while everything remains free from shifts and distortions.



  1. I have already told you, that you are extremely perceptive and that you dispose of a very remarkable combination of logical skills, however once again you generate in me feelings of astonishment.


  1. Even creatures of our race would have difficulties in finding the truth from the sparse information given by Semjase.



It wasn’t so difficult.



  1. It is indeed a great accomplishment.


  1. It is time now however, to interrupt our talk for a few minutes.


  1. We have reached our point of transmission.


(Ptaah and Semjase turn to the instruments at the horseshoe-shaped console. Small light-bodies light up, and dark picture screens come alive. Shapes that are completely strange to me appear on them, and for the first time I hear a tone now, a very faint and somewhat soothing singing like metal. I look up at the transparent dome and see that stars of all sizes go by very quickly, and now suddenly merge into a milkish white veil. This only takes a few seconds, and now they are already recognizable as bright stars again, passing by at tremendous speed. But that only lasts a few seconds as well, until they go along slowly like before. During this whole time I feel somewhat weird, but I feel a very profound peace in me. Then I hear the voice of Semjase. This surprises me since Ptaah had asked for silence. I wonder if something had to be delayed with the transmission?)



  1. If you want, you can take some photographs here, but whether they will succeed I cannot judge.


  1. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether Earth cameras can take pictures through the dome.


  1. But we will know this after you have developed your film.


  1. If you want, we can have the equipment brought from my beamship.



I would be thankful for the photographic gear, Semjase, because it certainly should work. But what’s going on, is something wrong with the transmission? Has anything failed or been damaged?



  1. Why?


  1. Haven’t you noticed?



Yes, I have, but I am unable to explain it.



  1. Then just look out the dome into space; what do you see there now?



(I follow the instruction and am astonished.)


Girl, those are completely different constellations from what I know from Earth! All constellations are completely foreign to me. Of course I know only a few, but I see none that I can recognize. Why is that?



  1. We have made the first hyperleap.



That… Man, oh man, that’s why. Where are we now then?



  1. You are around 500 light years away from your home world.


  1. There… look up there, that cluster there, behind it is my home world, that there is our Plejades.





  1. We are at a distance of only 211 million kilometers from the nearest star.


  1. Unfortunately we can’t get closer because we need a safe distance of 153 million kilometers in order to be able to transmit again.


  1. Perhaps you can succeed nevertheless in getting some photos with the device that has already been brought from the beamship.



I am indeed overwhelmed.



  1. That is understandable, because it is the first time that you experience a trip of this kind.


(From somewhere, an android appears, bringing the camera. Very cleverly it inserts it into a frame and handles it. Suddenly the thing speaks to me, and once more I am utterly astounded, though I can’t understand a word. Semjase quickly enlightens me.)



  1. It wishes you good luck.



But that can’t be… this thing can’t think and act independently. That would be crazy.

不會吧… 這東西不會獨立思考和行動吧。簡直瘋了。


  1. But nevertheless it does.



That can’t be real, that…



  1. It is indeed so.


  1. Its whole body is half-organic and its brain biochemical-organic.



I’m going crazy… am I caught in a madhouse, or have I landed in an utopian novel?

我真要發瘋了… 我在瘋人院嗎?還是在一個烏托邦?


  1. Neither one nor the other.


  1. Everything is real and very highly developed.


  1. You will understand this better after a short time, when it becomes more normal for you.


  1. It’s only the novelty, that makes it all seem a little strange to you.


  1. Occupy yourself with the pictures now because the next leap is being prepared.


(I follow his order and hope that the pictures come out well. I keep thinking about Ptaah’s words, though. He is surely correct, because with the Russian-american space capsules the phenomenon of the suddenly transparent metal seemed very strange, while in the hangar hall and here in the control center’s dome it already seems much more familiar. And when I look at it now, it seems absolutely normal as well as absolutely familiar and natural. The same with the photographic apparatus and the whole control center here. Ptaah’s explanation seems right.)



  1. You are deep in thought, my friend.


  1. Watch the stars now… we will start the next jump in 9 seconds.

快看那些星星… 我們9秒後開始下一次跳躍(jump)。

(I do as advised, and experience it all again, like the first time. And also here, the whole process and everything seem now much more familiar. But I notice the peculiarity, that for seconds I find myself again in a deep tranquility, which is much more familiar to me now than on the first time. I am even able to analyse it somehow as something timeless, eternal. What mystery this holds, I will surely try to explore further…



  1. We have reached our next destination.


  1. The nebulous formation you see there, far ahead in space, is called the Orion Nebula.

你看到那裡的星雲,前面很遠的地方,叫「獵戶座大星雲」(Orion Nebula)。

[中譯者註:獵戶座大星雲(M42,NGC 1976)是一個位於獵戶座的瀰漫星雲,距地球1344 ± 20光年,為最接近我們的一個恆星形成區。其天文圖像如下:



  1. By your measurements, from here to your Earth there is a distance of 1,800 light years.




Can I take photos of it?



  1. Sure, if they will succeed for you.


(Again I start shooting photos. If they come out only reasonably well, I will be satisfied)



  1. Our next destination is a destroyed sun.


  1. Its destruction took place about 10000 years ago when it turned into a supernova.


  1. Today it’s recognizable as a very large nebula formation, as you call them.


  1. The distance from your Earth to this nebula is 3150 light years by your measure, and you call this remaining formation the Crab Nebula.

地球離這顆超新星的距離是3,150光年,你們叫它「蟹狀星雲」(Crab Nebula)。

(Once more the preparations for the hyper-leap are taken, and this time I will attempt to observe things other than just the overhead view. I watch Semjase and Ptaah very carefully, and like the starscape before, they suddenly turn into a milky shimmering mass. But the horseshoe-shaped console also turns into the same white mass, and like Ptaah and Semjase it also returns to a solid form after a few seconds.
The impression of deep tranquility that has come over me this time is much greater than before, and I think that I have now solved the riddle: This deep tranquility and this unbelievable peacefulness flowing through me is eternity itself, the absolute timelessness, which obviously is no longer subject to outside influences, such as the restlessness, strife and worries that trouble the consciousness. I realize suddenly that during these few seconds I was in the eternity itself experiencing myself as eternity, where I only exist as fine spiritual matter, and am completely free of all that can influence my material life. I actually travelled to eternity for a few seconds.)



  1. You are very deep in thought; I have had to speak to you three times before you noticed my voice.



  1. I was able to grasp his thoughts and noticed that he reached an important new realization.


  1. This is astonishing to me.


  1. Even many of our own life forms only reach such insights after being in the fine-material for a longer time.


  1. Your cognitive ability is of exceptionally high value and capability, dear friend.


  1. But now look out there, that is what you call the Crab Nebula.

看那,那就是你們說的蟹狀星雲(Crab Nebula)。

[中譯者註:蟹狀星雲(M1,NGC 1952或金牛座A)是位於金牛座ζ星(中國稱天關客星)東北面的一個超新星殘骸和脈衝風星雲,蟹狀星雲距地球約6,500光年。以下是其天文圖像:



(Still lost in thought and working automatically, I take some more photos with the help of the device. I am paying attention to neither the environment nor anything else. My thoughts linger on the eternity, and I find them so large and powerful that words completely fail me. At the next leap I want to observe myself. I want to see if I can assess something in myself, if I shimmer like the milky mass and if I am able to realize some things about or in myself. It is…)



  1. This will surely be possible, if you are paying attention.


  1. In a few seconds we will start the next leap.


(I only half hear his words, because my thoughts are elsewhere. Automatically I put my focus on myself and wonder about the fact that I suddenly can’t see my body. Once again this takes only seconds, which I can verify by looking at my watch. And now I wonder about Ptaah’s words. He has captured my thoughts, and he knows exactly what I think. Apparently, I just let them run free and uncontrolled. But with my watch it’s also strange; when close to Semjase’s beamship, the watch always went too fast or too slow. For some time now that is no longer the case, and it works perfectly. But I haven’t yet…)



  1. We have reached our next goal, which is 1810 light years away from Earth.


  1. You call the strange looking formation there, far out in space and 200 light years away, the Horsehead Nebula.

你們叫那個很遠的看上去很怪的形狀「馬頭星雲」(Horsehead Nebula),有200光年遠。


The Horsehead nebula


[中譯者註:馬頭星雲位於獵戶座,也稱為巴納德33(Barnard 33),是一個暗星雲。這個星雲就在獵戶腰帶最東邊的參宿一南方,並且是非常巨大的獵戶座分子雲團的一部分。馬頭星雲距離地球大約1,500光年,以下是其天文圖像:




  1. Because distances are no longer a difficulty for us, we can safely leap back and forth across space without having to keep a certain line.


  1. It should be unknown to you, that the constellations we have already visited are very far from one another and require multiple course changes to see them.


  1. The next jump will take us to the Triffid Nebula as it is called.

下一個跳躍會讓我們看到的是「三葉星雲」(Triffid Nebula)。

[中譯者註:三葉星雲(Trifid Nebula;M20NGC6514;也叫三裂星雲)是反射和發射混和型星雲,它的彩色照片非常美麗,可以看見它桃紅色和亮藍色的部分。






(I only half hear the words spoken to me because my thoughts are still far away. A little absent-mindedly I take a few pictures, and shortly thereafter experience again the immersion into eternity. However I don’t advance further into it, and everything is suddenly blocked. Something is simply inhibiting me from penetrating further. But what is it… oh, of course, the time, the damned time, it must be what keeps me from plunging deeper. These few seconds are not enough, they are just enough for a lightning-fast plunge into eternity… and to emerge back just as fast. It’s still…)



  1. Hello… you are very far away in your thoughts, and once again you have realized something new.

喂… 你的思想已經跑得很遠了,這次你又有新的發現。

  1. Everything is right with the time, but this can be changed if you are interested.


  1. The great leap to the Universe barrier can be altered so that the re-materialization can be delayed and the time shifted by a few minutes.

到達宇宙屏障(Universe barrier)的大跳躍(great leap)是可以改變的,物質還原(re-materialization)可以被拖延而時間偏移了幾分鐘。

  1. For this purpose we have to travel into the future, and the lost time can’t be recovered.


  1. In ordinary time-travel into the future, the time interval would be neutralized, yet for this way of getting into the timeless, other techniques are necessary.


  1. In this way the time can’t become paralized; we have to live through it and therefore to also let it go over and through us.


  1. However there are limits set to this, so that while 5 seconds pass by your time measurements in ordinary time-space, only one second passes for us when penetrating into the timelessness.


  1. We can do this because we can regulate the time between de-materialization and rematerialization by modulating speed, since according to our understanding true timelessness also prevails in the timeless.


  1. This, of course, is only relatively speaking, for this shift out of the timeless also keeps its own time, but it is imbedded into such a huge interval, that we can’t fully control it.


  1. A single second of the timeless amounts to millions of years in ordinary time-space.


  1. If we were then to penetrate while standing still or with insufficient speed into the timeless, we would never be able to return to our homeworld.


  1. If we were to remain standstill for only a few seconds in the timeless, many millions of years of ordinary time would pass on Earth – which would turn into dust – while you would return into normal space only a few seconds older, though in truth you would be billions of years older.


  1. That may all seem incomprehensible and fantastic to you, yet it is so.


  1. Even with your greatest consciousness related efforts you will not be able to understand the actual connections, as even for us with our development, these are still not available and this mistery is not exactly transparent.


  1. We know in this respect of only a few answers to these vast mysteries, and therefore we continuously strive for further insights.


  1. Though we have the technology required to travel through the universe with the help of hyper-space and can also use timelessness as an ally, we are still at the initial stages in our related research and development.


  1. We can however take responsibility for giving you an incursion into the timeless, which you call the eternity, with our great spacer.


  1. To enable the desired awareness for you, we will need seven minutes of leap time, which in normal time-space increase fivefold.


  1. This means for you and for all of us, that we need from de-materialization to re-materialization an experiencial time of seven minutes within the spaceship, while in the timeless only the billionth fraction of a second passes, whereas in ordinary time 35 minutes elapse and everything gets older by this amount.


  1. In this special case the course of time changes for all of us, for instead of growing older there happens a rejuvenation of exactly 28 minutes.


  1. The mathematical calculation for this is very easy:


  1. While we are in timelessness for seven minutes.


  1. These seven minutes are our ordinary time to speed factor which is also carried over into our older self as seven minutes.


  1. However as we spend this time in the timeless and to a great extent can be protected from its influence, thus the time effect being of one to five in ordinary space, our space is slowed down and as a result acquires the difference of 28 minutes.


  1. So for us there is only a passage of seven minutes while in normal time-space 35 minutes pass.


  1. Therefore then, if 35 minutes pass on your homeworld, then of course everything gets older by this time.


  1. Yet during this same interval, because of the altered time effect in reality you only live for seven minutes.


  1. You now have to subtract these seven minutes from the elapsed 35 minutes on Earth to reach the result of 28 minutes that you have not aged.


  1. So during these seven minutes you become only seven minutes older while everything on Earth ages by 35 minutes.


  1. In other words this means that while 35 minutes pass, you only become older for seven minutes, while also becoming younger by 28 minutes.



I… I am already slowly going crazy. I only partly understood these explanations, yet in itself everything is still an endless riddle to me. This situation with the time shift is evident to me, yet I am not closer to understanding the how and why of the phenomenon and its possibilities. I must calmly reflect on this first, but I am convinced that I will not understand even half of your statements. But I am here and I would like to witness this experiment.

我… 我要瘋了。我只能部分理解你的意思,但實際上這一切對我來說就是無盡的謎團。儘管這種時間轉換的情況很明顯,但我根本不懂這種現像是怎樣和為什麼發生的。我必須安靜地好好想想,但我認為我連你說的一半都無法搞明白。不過我既然在這了,我要親歷這一切。


  1. Then so it shall be, but first we want to head for a few special destinations.


  1. When you have finished taking your pictures here, we will jump to JHWHMATA.


(My work doesn’t take long, and then we set on a new hyper-leap, where everything takes place the way I am used to. This time I look at the stars again, and now I suddenly notice a gigantic image: Surrounded by countless stars of all sizes, something like a colossal eye stares at me through the blackness of space. It must be very far away, but it’s very easy to see: A gigantic eye that stares through space; this can only be the JHWHMATA, the “Eye of God”.)



The “Eye of God”



  1. It’s unmistakable, isn’t it?



Yes, and it is gigantic.



  1. I have already explained to you the origin and cause of this structure.



I know, it’s all written down.



  1. It is for us a symbol of evil lust for power and domination, a symbol of hate, destruction and human madness, that in contrast to other similar and natural formations, is the work of man.



I know, Semjase has explained it all to me. Here in this constellation was also the original home of the first Earth human races.



  1. Yes, that was a long time ago.


  1. For the Earthuman it’s just an image in the Universe, called the Ring Nebula, but for us it is of very great importance.

對地球人來說,這只是宇宙中的一個天文景象,稱作「環狀星雲」(Ring Nebula),但對我們來說卻是及其重要的。

[中譯者註:環狀星雲(M 57,NGC 6720)是位於北半球天琴座的一個行星狀星雲。這種天體是紅巨星在成為白矮星之前的演化過程中的最後階段,將氣體殼驅逐到周圍並電離所形成的天體。



  1. Occupy yourself now with your photographic equipment and have the next five minutes for yourself.


  1. We will now experience several additional leaps, and you will have about 20 seconds in between to take pictures.


  1. Just remember, however, the order of locations for when you label your pictures later.


  1. For this purpose I will tell you the locations in your earthly designations.


  1. What you see above from here, you call M57.


  1. The next destinations are M17, M16, M27,  NGC 6781,  NGC 7293,  and NGC 7089.

下面我們的目的地分別是M17,  M16,  M27,  NGC6781,  NGC7293 和 NGC7089。

首先M17就是歐米加星雲,也稱為天鵝星雲核對符號星雲(Checkmark nebula)、和馬蹄星雲,是位於人馬座的一個電離氫區。請參閱下圖:


以上M17天鵝星雲(Omega Nebula),距離地球約5,000至6,000光年。(資料來自:維基百科UNIVERSE TODAY

其次是鷹星雲,(M16,NGC 6611,也稱為星之皇后星雲),是瑞士的天文學家在巨蛇座尾端發現的一個年輕疏散星團;法國天文學家梅西耶發現星團周圍的星雲,形狀如一隻展翅的老鷹



M16鷹星雲,距離地球約7,000光年。它包含幾個活躍的恆星形成區、氣體和塵埃區,包括由哈伯太空望遠鏡拍攝,其中著名的有「創生之柱」(Pillars of Creation)(資料來自:維基百科)。


鷹星雲內部的氣體柱「創生之柱」(Pillars of Creation),長度約一光年。頂部的雲氣正在蒸發,表示有新生的恆星正在發散恆星風,將物質吹散。圖片來源:NASA/ESA



以下是啞鈴星雲(Dumbbell Nebula)又稱為扯鈴星雲M27或NGC 6853,是一個位於狐狸座行星狀星雲,距離地球約1,360光年。



以下是NGC 6781是一個行星狀星雲,位於天鷹座


NGC 6781是一個相當黯淡的星雲,很平滑,南部邊緣更亮一點。(資料來自:維基百科

以下是螺旋星雲(也稱為NGC 7293)是一個位於寶瓶座行星狀星雲,距地球約700光年。它是最接近地球的行星狀星雲之一。



以下是M2球狀星團,也稱為NGC 7089)是一個很耀眼的球狀星團。它呈現為一個圓形的星雲狀的光,明亮但不透明,越向中心越明亮,距地球約3萬7,500光年。

The largest of its kind

M2NGC 7089)位於銀河南極下方的寶瓶座,橫跨約150光年,是由超過10萬顆恆星組成的球狀星團。(資料來自:維基百科)]

  1. These last two, as seen from Earth are in the constellation of Aquarius, the last one being roughly 47000 light years from Earth.


  1. Our last jump will be to the Andromeda Galaxy, which rests, as seen from Earth, at a distance of roughly 2.2 million light years.

我們最後一次跳躍會到「仙女座星系」(Andromeda Galaxy),離地球大約220萬光年。

[中譯者註:仙女座星系(Andromeda Galaxy,又稱M31或NGC 224,在舊文獻中曾經稱為仙女座星雲)是一個螺旋星系,距離地球大約250萬光年,是除麥哲倫雲(地球所在的銀河系的伴星系)以外最近的星系。


仙女座星系被相信是本星系群Local Group;又常被誤稱為Local Cluster;本星系團)中最大的星系,直徑約20萬光年,外表頗似「銀河系」(Milky Way)。(資料來自:維基百科)]

  1. From there we will set for the great leap to the Universe barrier by which we want to give you the seven minutes opportunity to experience the timeless.

在那之後,我們就會開始做一次大的跳躍(great leap)飛往宇宙的屏障,這樣我們希望給7分鐘的時間感受永恆無限」(timeless;時間)。

(Ptaah turns back to his console and works on it together with Semjase. Again I experience several hyper-leaps in sucession, varying constellations and some other things. In the meantime, I continue taking photographs and marvel, while countless thoughts rush through my brain. Finally, I am now making several shots of new star formations, when Semjase approaches me.)



  1. You have already made your pictures from here, and we have time again to talk.


  1. We are here in position for the great leap.



Are we already in the Andromeda Galaxy then?



  1. That’s what you just photographed.



Super, but what are we going to speak about? First I would like to experience these seven minutes of timelessness before I try to think about anything. I would prefer if we could discuss something else.



  1. Surely.



Good. Would it not be possible for you to give me some lines written by you?



  1. I don’t understand that?



I mean, whether some time you couldn’t write some words on a sheet of paper which I could show my group?



  1. Why that? What purpose would it serve?


  1. I see no need for it.



Please don’t be that way. All of them would enjoy it if they had something personal from you to see and hold in their hands.



  1. Is that so important?



For some of us, yes, it surely is so.



  1. How should I arrange it then; I don’t have the necessary utensils, and besides I don’t master your writing very well.


  1. We have completely different characters ourselves.



That is not so important; I can even help you a bit with the writing. If I assist you, it should go well. You just need to ask if you have trouble with any word. But since you have spoken of your script, what does it look like? Can you show me some of it?



  1. Sure. Look, you can see the characters of our alphabet in these letterings here.



May I copy them, and will you explain the pronunciation?



  1. Sure.


(I take the notepad from my shoulder bag and sketch these completely strange to me characters on the paper, always together with the pronunciations as Semjase explains them to me. This takes only a few minutes.)




Now I have it, Semjase, but I still lack the umlauts, etc. Are there also any such pronunciation keys of this kind?



  1. In our language these don’t exist.



Good, good. I also don’t understand much about umlauts, consonants and whatever else. Let’s leave this and consider what you would like to write. You see, I have made provisions for this and brought paper and a marker with me. I thought this writing device would be best. Can you handle it?



  1. Sure, I am only not sure of what I should write?



Oh, just anything.



  1. That’s a very broad notion.



Of course, but something will surely come to you… What if you were to simply write a short letter to our group?

那是,不過妳肯定有什麼在你腦海裡… 要不就簡單給小組寫封信?


  1. That sounds good, but what should I write?



Girl, please don’t be so complicated. Simply write some nice words. Words that come from you and not from me, as if I had dictated them to you.



  1. I will try.


  1. How I shall begin, however, is not clear to me yet.



Typical woman.



  1. What do you mean with that?



Quite simply in the way that you women can sometimes be rather helpless creatures when you have to do certain things that are somehow strange to you. And in that, there seems to be no difference between you and the female creatures of Earth. Until now I had always seen and experienced that in all matters you were and still are completely different from the women of Earth, which is exactly the way I imagined a real woman should be in her way of thinking, acting, etc., and not simply effeminate. Now I suddenly see this characteristic in you and also recognize certain things which are deeply feminine. This doesn’t bother me by any means, but it shows that you are only a normal human being, a woman, who also demonstrates a certain amount of purely feminine traits. And the way I see it, it must probably be the same way across the whole Universe; that the femininity can probably not be denied by a single life form in the Universe?



  1. I…



  1. (interrupts Semjase, before she can answer) You are very profound and insightful.


  1. It is as you say.



  1. I wouldn’t want to disagree.


(I make the interesting observation that Semjase’s face is suddenly seized with a slight red, obviously in reaction to the words just spoken. Secretly I am delighted by this, for now I know for certain that she is influenced by feelings, even though she has always been cleverly able to hide them. Apparently one only had to touch the right place, to make her lose control over her feelings.)



  1. Please don’t…


(Obviously she has picked up my thoughts.)



That was not meant in a bad way, Semjase, quite the contrary; from this observation of mine my esteem for you as a human has increased dramatically.



  1. It is however not always good to know the feelings of others.



You are indeed right with that, but do you believe that you were in a position to conceal yours from me?



  1. I had actually thought so, but now I know that I have not succeeded.


  1. You did not let yourself be fooled.



Why should I have?



  1. Perhaps because I am a woman?



That’s nonsense, Semjase. Please let me explain, that such feelings are not related to gender.



  1. That is a very profound word of truth.



Thank you, Ptaah; perhaps Semjase might agree?



  1. Please, let’s not speak of this any more.


  1. Come on, give me the paper and pen.


(I understand what stirs Semjase, and so I give them to her without a word, and she starts writing – without hesitation.

Semjase finishes her letter, which contains some spelling mistakes, and I have to help her a little with just a few words.)


(17 July 1975

Dear group friends,

According to the wish of your friend I make an effort to write a few words with your quite unfamiliar script, and appeal to you: Trust in our words and teachings, because though they may seem strange to you, they still carry in themselves the deepest truth, which unfortunately has been falsified in all of your writings since ancient times, and with great efforts must be newly announced at the present time.

With the current false teachers however, the truth seems new and strange, and it also triggers hard resistance by itself.

But the truth must break through and all of you should help bringing it to victory.

Therefore, pay no mind to neither work nor effort, to place the foundation stones for victory.

Fulfill your mission, trusting in us and in our mutual great and wise friend, who has the hardest mission to fulfill, from all of us.

Stand by him at all times and give him the best possible help, as the burden would be too great for him alone.

In the name of all of us I express great thanks to you, however I thank you especially for your efforts so far, even if everything was not always followed exactly according to our determinations.

However, in the future make an effort to abide by everything according to our exact determinations, and don’t let your thoughts be clouded by the fact that from our side, we can only maintain contacts with our mutual friend.

In love, I give you my regards.


(Semjase 的信)
















You have written everything very well, Semjase. This makes me very pleased.



  1. Is that so?



Of course, Semjase, otherwise I would not say it.

Anyway, thanks a lot. But now I have one more question about your script. How old is it actually, and where does it come from?



  1. That is very easy to explain, because these characters that we use today are only 11000 years old; we took them over at that time from our ancestors who lived on Earth.


  1. Our old characters were very complicated, while these now are very simple.


  1. It was developed by several of our scientists who were on Earth at the time, who used constellations as seen from Earth as templates.


  1. They connected certain constellations with lines, and obtained the characters’s shapes as a result.


  1. Our script consists of small circles and lines, being that the circles represent stars and the lines just connect them.



That’s interesting, and your explanation is enough for me. I am only surprised by the fact that this script is no longer known on Earth.



  1. It has simply fallen into oblivion, after it was adopted by your Earth human ancestors and was used during a few centuries, during which however, it was modified in many ways.


  1. Only a few of the Earth human alphabets today have characters which trace back to ours, before they were modified and made unrecognizable.



That’s amazing, so the writing was not developed and put into use by the Earth humans themselves?



  1. If you speak of the Earthbound forefathers of your human races and not of the sons of heaven, then you are correct.


  1. Because the script was first brought to Earth by the sons of heaven, that is, by those who were actually responsible for the original arising of today’s Earth humans.



That’s fantastic.



  1. Earth humans still don’t know many things.


  1. But now we have to interrupt our conversation for a while again, because I see that my father has finished his preparations for the great leap.



Of course, Semjase. In your speech however I notice that you speak of “my father”. That seems so familiar to me, and truly earth-humanly.



  1. Were you expecting something else?


  1. These things remain always the same, as long as the life forms are material.


  1. A change from this will only appear on the purely spiritual levels.


  1. And since I am already speaking of this, I want to ask you something before we jump into null-time, the timeless, or in the eternity, as you call it, for seven minutes, which will happen in a few minutes.


  1. The perceptions there are completely different from the ones that are normal in material life.


  1. For that reason it is also not possible for us to empfinde and receive your thoughts and feelings, because we are still in the process of consciousness-related and spiritual evolution.


  1. Therefore, neither I nor my father, nor any of us, will be able to reproduce for you later your feelings and thoughts so that you may write them down yourself.


  1. If nevertheless you wish to do this, there is the possibility of using technical means.



Of course I am interested in remembering all my feelings and thoughts, but am I not able to do this myself?



  1. Yes, of course.


  1. But you know that your remembering ability is not so highly developed that you can repeat longer memories word for word.


  1. That is also not the case with us, which is why we need technical means to reproduce words from symbols and impulses, which then can also be transmitted to you telepathically and which you are able to write down in your own words then, that you form from the impulses and symbols.


  1. For this reason the words that are written are not exactly and literally the ones that were spoken, but they still represent the exact meaning of what was said, which you according to the impulses and symbols dress in your own words.



I understand. What possibilities can you offer me then? Naturally I am interested in writing everything in detail later.



  1. That is not very complicated.


  1. The cabins which you can see there, beside the screens, are equipped with all necessary means to capture Empfindungen, feelings and thoughts.


  1. The collected impulses are automatically stored in a special computer and may later be reproduced by it according to convenience.


  1. The adjustable and fully adaptable helmet that you see there, is fitted with very fine probes and also encompasses a special sensor network in the form of a fine mesh, which intercepts all types of energies and converts them into impulses, which are then forwarded to the computer, where they are registered.


  1. The captured energy from the thoughts, feeling, Empfindungen, etc., is grounded in very high values and can only be held by this equipment.


  1. The energies of Empfindungs, feelings and thoughts exist in this form of transmission, only in the realm of hyper-frequencies.


  1. To be able to register your thoughts, feelings and Empfindungs, it’s just necessary that you sit yourself in the chair and lay your head under the helmet cap, which will then adapt itself automatically to it.



Is there really nothing else to do?



  1. No, that is all.


  1. Now sit yourself in the cabin.


  1. The great journey begins in 23 seconds.



At your service, Miss General…


(Following Semjase’s instructions, I promptly sit down in the extremely comfortable chair inside one of the three cabins. As soon as I am seated, a peculiar helmet moves over my head and settles down silently. It is so large, that it encompasses my whole head, only leaving my face open, so that I can see out from it and watch everything. But the helmet does not touch my head; rather lying equally close all around and staying about a centimeter and a half away from my skull, as I can feel when I place a forefinger between the helmet and my head. Now I am tense and expectant, for I wonder what is going to happen.


Ptaah and Semjase manipulate the console, and now I can again see how the fantastic starry sky is changing. The initially calmly passing by constellations are again transformed into strokes and after a few seconds begin to blur. And in the next moment they are no more than a whitish milky mass, a shimmering mass, like I have experienced in all previous hyper-leaps. But now, suddenly, this milky whitish glow is gone, and there is a complete darkness. What is this? Now everything is suddenly bathed in a golden color, and then everything is suddenly silvery. But oh, man, this radiant light, this radiant brightness. Everything is bathed in radiant light, everything exists only as radiant light. It’s stronger than all the suns of the Universe put together. Man oh man, this bright light, and it doesn’t even hurt me in the eyes. Man, this is the eternity, the bright radiant light of eternity. Look, there exists nothing else but the eternal. Man, how splendid. Splendid? Man, that is the splendor itself.

Ptaah和Semjase在控制台前操縱著,現在我又看到佈滿星辰的天空出現變化。剛才還靜悄悄地經過的那些星座又轉變成光的線條,幾秒後變得模糊。接著它們看上去就是乳白色的一團,閃著光,和我先前經歷的幾次超時空跳躍一樣。但這個時候,這團乳白色光影突然消失了,只剩下完全的黑暗這是什麼?所有一切突然間又沐浴在一片金色裡,然後突然又是銀色,哦,老天,光芒四射,明亮耀眼一切都是這麼光亮,只剩下那明亮的光。它是如此明亮,猶如宇宙中所有太陽的彙集,老天啊老天,這麼明亮的光線卻絲毫沒有傷到我的眼睛老天,這就是永恆,永恆的光,看啊,一切都不存在了,只有永恆 老天,多麼的輝煌,輝煌?這就是輝煌本身啊

Eternity and splendor are one and the same. Why do I separate them? Why do I put the eternal in terms of time? Time does not exist, and eternity is splendor. Man, what is this? This calm, this peace, what is it, how did I get here? Love, oh this deep all-embracing love. There is nothing but love. Splendid! Oh yes, I am in the eternity. Just how can I forget that? This radiant light, this splendor, this love in everything. Oh, yes, I am a human being, but how can I? Why do I forget that? I am just a guest in eternity… and these lovely voices, that call me by. Where do they come from? I see nothing but radiant, soothing light? Who is calling for me? I don’t see anything. Man, I am no more, I don’t see myself, I am eternity in the eternity. Oh, how is this, I can’t see with my eyes anymore, and yet I can see everything, and I can’t hear with my ears, and yet I hear everything. Yes, love, how powerful it is, how vast, infinite and splendorous. Everything is love and splendor, just why does the human being not want to understand that? How? Oh, yes… but that can’t be, I am not a human being, I am the eternity. This light, this radiant light, such profound love, calm and peace it has. Oh… now I understand; I can’t see or hear, but I empfinde. I feel, I live, I empfinde. How beautiful is this peace… am I not human? Am I not the eternity? Who is calling for me? Interesting, I sense the hearing without needing the ears and I see without needing the eyes. I feel the seeing and I feel the hearing. Where am I, why is this like this? Oh, yes, the eternity, now I understand, I am the eternity. Just why was everything so unclear? Just why did I not find the connection? Just why did I forget that I am in the eternity as a human being? Just why only now can I think clearly? Think? I rather empfinde, I feel. How is this possible… and from where do these voices come from, which I can not hear with my hears, but only empfinde? Only? Why do I empfinde it as only? It’s just not like that, hearing with the ears is so painful and materially-bound. Hearing by empfinden doesn’t hurt, and seeing by empfinden doesn’t hurt either, it simply penetrates in me, soft and full of love. It lets me hear and see.


But this call… who calls me, then? Who is calling me? I feel that someone is calling me… who is there? This light, this splendorous, radiant light, the call comes from this light. Is it the call of eternity? Oh, but how hard it is, how hard it is, not to think, that I am only a guest in eternity, that I am a human being. How painful it is, this humanity. I don’t want to be that no more, I want to stay here forever as eternity in the eternity. This call of eternity, this deep love. Yes, I want to stay here, I will never go back. In here is the EXISTENCE, the real EXISTENCE.


I don’t understand… this call? How can I be here as a human being? Am I not a human being? No, I’m not, now I know it. I am me. I am EXISTENCE. Just how could I empfinden myself as a human being. How could I empfinden myself as a stranger here, who has to return to a material world. I am here and I belong here. Something wanted to mislead me, and it inspired unreal Empfindungs in me. But why? I must have already left the material life and died a long time ago. But how long has my transition to here lasted? What have I lived through? There are so many confusing things, there is Semjase and Ptaah and many other things. But those are just dreams… dreams of the dead? Would this perhaps be always so? Is that the transition from physical being to EXISTENCE? Would this conversion be dominated by those dreams of the dead? Perhaps to mould the transition correctly, to release the fear of the unknown? I don’t know. Or maybe everything was real? No, this is not so, because now I am eternity and empfinde it. It was surely only dreams of the dead… dreams of crossing from material life to real EXISTENCE. Death is only the intermediate space, the intermediate station between life and EXISTENCE. Death? That’s incorrect, it isn’t so… but how do I know that? Who tells me that? Oh, yes, I empfinde it from this mysterious call from the splendorous radiant light of love, from eternity itself. But am I not eternity myself? Oh, of course, that’s why I can understand the call.

我不明白… 這呼喚?我作為一個人怎麼能聽到?難道我已經不再是人類?不,我不是了,現在我知道了,我是我,我是存在。我怎麼能夠作為一個人感知我自己?我怎麼能夠在這裡作為一個陌生人感知我自己?一個還是要回到物質世界的陌生人。我在這裡,我屬於這裡。有什麼東西想誤導我,讓我有不真實的感知,但為什麼呢?我肯定很早就死了,並離開了物質世界。但我過渡到這裡持續了多久?我都經歷了什麼?太多讓人困惑的事了,還有Semjase和Ptaah,還有其他很多事。但那些難道都是夢?死人的夢?一直都是這樣嗎?是從物質存在過渡到精神存在?這種轉換是受那些夢控制的嗎?也許是為了正確的轉換,為了釋放對未知的恐懼,我不知道。也許一切都是真的?不,不是的,因為我現在是永恆,我感知。這僅僅是死人的夢… 那些從物質生命直到真正存在的夢。死亡只是中間地帶,生命和存在之間的中轉站。死亡?不對,不是這樣,但我怎麼知道?誰告訴我的?哦,是的,我從那呼喚我的神秘的燦爛光芒中感知到的,那愛的光芒,從我自己的永恆裡感知到的。但難道我自己不是永恆?哦,當然,所以我才能理解那呼喚

What do I care then about material life and intermediate stations? Just why? I don’t understand, because it doesn’t affect me. I am EXISTENCE now and have everything behind me. Finally I am EXISTENCE, finally I am me. Yes, I empfinde the call… but why just now and not then? Yes, it’s the call.. it’s the call of eternity. There are no more individual beings, there is only the great unity of the whole. Why did I not know that? I don’t understand it… but why should I understand it? All is really so. Yes, but… what… yes, it is so, I dissolve, but why, it… yes, the EXISTENCE is vast… why are these Empfindungen so strange? Why do I think of me? It’s not me, it’s EXISTENCE, it’s the great unity of the whole. How could I only empfinden of myself? Would this arise from thinking of the long past material lives? It must be so, because in here there is only Empfinden in the great unity of the whole. Now I arrive to the understanding, that the I has become consciousness, the I is inexistent and has become EXISTENCE. Everything is only consciousness and empfinden. That’s the understanding, that’s the EXISTENCE. Now I understand the empfinden of the strange call, which now isn’t strange anymore. It’s really the call of eternity, the call of the EXISTENCE… and now the empfinden is fulfilled with the deepest understanding. Now calm and peace are no more than infinite love, because from it emerge calm and peace.

那我何必在乎那物質生命和中轉站?何必呢?我不理解,因為那不影響我。我此刻就是存在,一切都在我身後。我終於是存在了,我是我了。是的,我感知到了呼喚,但為何是現在?是的,是來自永恆的呼喚,不再有個體存在,只有全部。我怎麼以前不知道?我不理解它,但我為什麼要理解它?都是這樣,是的,但… 什麼,是的,就是這樣,我融化了,但為什麼,它… 是的,存在是如此寬廣那為何那些感知如此奇怪?我為何在想我?那不是我,那是存在,是所有一切的總和。我怎麼能夠只感知我自己?難道是來自於想起了過去漫長的物質生命歷程?肯定是了,因為那裡只有偉大的合而為一的感知。現在我理解到了,我變成了意識本身,我不再存在,我變成了存在。所有一切只是意識和感知,就是這麼理解,那是存在。現在我瞭解那奇怪的呼喚,現在我不再感到奇怪。那是來自永恆的呼喚,來自存在的呼喚現在我的感知充滿了理解,現在和平靜和安寧就是無限的愛,因為就是從愛裡產生了平靜和安寧

Then why does the human being not understand this? Why does he only seek love in unreal untruths? But why do these Empfindungen exist in the great-EXISTENCE? Why would the great unity bring such Empfindungen into awareness? Oh yes, the Empfinden understands: The eternity is the existence and monitors what takes place in the inexistence, the material life forms. It monitors the life of the human being. So that’s why… that’s why the Empfinden penetrates the consciousness. The Empfinden offers the possibility of conscious recognition, and the EXISTENCE of the eternity monitors all the events of the inexistence. Therefore also the Empfinden for the human beings. But what does the human being know about it? He strays on dark paths, trapped in false teachings and fails to recognize the truth of the real consciousness of the eternity. How mistaken are the human teachings about truth, which base everything on ignorance. Oh, how painful this is. Why does the human being just not want to understand the real truth and the love? Why does he keep himself imprisoned in cultic heresies and treads the path of destruction with them? Strange, the Empfinden does not register a deity; how mistaken are the human teachings. They are just an evil delusion, which leads to destruction. Just why does the human being not want to be eternity and to become real EXISTENCE? Why does he not free himself of cultic heresies, and runs to his doom? Human, why do you do that? See here the eternity, see the real EXISTENCE and see, here is the great- and spirit-consciousness, the great unity of the whole.

但人類為何偏偏不理解這些?為何他們還在虛假的謬誤當中尋找愛?為何這些感知存在於偉大的存在中?為何這偉大的統一會產生這樣的感知?哦,是的,感知的理解:永恆是存在,並監控著物質生命形式那裡發生的一切,它監控人類的生活,那就是為什麼… 那就是為何感知滲透進了意識。感知為意識認知提供可能,而永恆的存在監控所有一切的物質世界,也包括對人類的感知。但人類又知曉多少?他們在黑暗中迷失,陷入錯誤的教義,無法辨識真理。人類的教義如此錯誤的遠離真理,啊,那是多麼的痛苦。為何人類不願意真正理解真理和愛?他們為何將自己禁錮在對異端邪說的膜拜中,並引領自己走向毀滅?奇怪,感知並不意味著神性,人類錯的太遠了。那只是邪惡的幻覺,導向毀滅,但人類為何就不想成為永恆並變成真正的存在呢?為何他們不將自己從異端邪說中解放出來,主宰自己的命運?人啊,你為何那樣?看看這裡的永恆,看看真正的存在,看看這偉大的精神意識,偉大的合而為一。

Above the consciousness of the EXISTENCE stands only the Creation, and it is infinitely vaster and more powerful in its awareness of its existence than this level of consciousness. This awareness is the final stage of all spirit levels before becoming one with the Creation. Here is the last stage of the possible relative completion before the oneness with the Creation. This is the last stage of the final truth and the fulfillment of the relative completion. This is the stage of EXISTING in the consciousness of the existence in the fulfillment of the relative completion. This is the stage of the great unity in the oneness, and here all the I and all the personality is overcome. The consciousness is the call of the eternity and the eternal call of the truth and the all-embracing love, and what can be greater than it, because everything is born out of it. It’s the EXISTENCE of the Creation and the EXISTENCE of all EXISTENCE. Besides it truly nothing exists. Just why does the human being not understand this, why does he run after irreal teachings and why does he let himself be captured by heresies? Nothing exists outside of the Creation, and there is no other Creation besides it. It alone is the truth of the Universe and it alone is consummate spirit-consciousness, perfect love and consummate EXISTENCE. It’s not shaped and not formed, it’s spiritual consciousness, spiritual love and consummate spiritual EXISTENCE alone. And outside of it is nothing. Human being, why do you not recognize this truth? Why do you let yourself be misled by cultic heresies, and why do you place human creatures and many other things next to it, which should take the place of the EXISTENCE of the Creation? Human being, why do you foreordain a deity besides the EXISTENCE of Creation, and why do you curse the EXISTENCE of the Creation through the nomination of a god, which mendaciously and fraudulently should be the EXISTENCE of the Creation? Human being, how evil you are in your arrogance, and how can you presume yourself to be above the Creation or to equate it with the creatures created by it, by appointing them as gods and imagining them as the Creation? How you have become vicious in your thinking, unreasonable and autocratic. Oh, human being, you advance in very evil paths, which lead to destruction, yet by no means will you find in them the way to the real EXISTENCE of the Creation. Here is the eternity and here only the truth rules, and so also only the truth is expressed. Oh human being, how great and infinite is the Empfinden of pain at your ignorance. Despite endless love a thorn of pain resonates through the Empfinden of the consciousness and makes the splendor of the radiant light melancholic.


Recognize the love, still; recognize the truth, human being, so that you too experience the splendor of happiness in the existence of the eternity. You human being of the distant material world, human being of the Earth, hear the call of eternity; let yourself be instructed about the truth and use the power of the spirit and consciousness to recognize the love. Make it your own and thereby flow in the consciousness of the eternal EXISTENCE. Work your way consciously up to the level of the radiant light and receive here the conscience of the great unity in the unity. Realize the falsity of all cultic heresies and deities, and realize alone the path of the light and the universal love, realize the way of the truth, the only one which leads to the splendor of the Creation. It alone is all-encompassing and all-magnificent. Conceive that, human being, and allow only the truth to be the real truth, because only it leads to the kingdom of eternity. Conceive: the word of the truth is imperishable, because it is Empfindung and recognition in the EXISTENCE of the consciousness of the great unity. The heavens and worlds will perish, but the words of the truth will never perish. They are… oh… no. It’s so strange… the Earth human knows only half the truth, for he is misguided by cultic heresy. Yes… but why then? Great unity in consciousness, is what? It’s so strange, I empfinde so very painful for the Earth human, why is that? Oh, it’s.. no, don’t! You go away from me. What is it now? I hear your call from somewhere, and it’s going away. Why do you go, oh, the light, its radiance decreases. Why is that? I am me again… no… no… that should not be… no I don’t want to go back. No, no, I belong here, I know, I am thinking again, I no longer empfinde. Oh… I understand, the light… the radiance is gone now and already it shimmers gold, and now silver. No… no, I don’t want to. Leave me, I… I… I… I hang in the cabin chair as if I had been was executed and stare forward. I don’t want and can not understand being here. I don’t want to return to here at all. I want to remain on the “beyond”, and yet I am here, just why? I don’t understand the world anymore. Why, oh why? The “beyond” is love and EXISTENCE, and what is here at all? These burdens, these worries, problems and needs, that can’t be true… I want to go back. Oooh, this misery, this sad reality of material life. Ooooh, man oh man, this sad misery, this life, this misery; just why did I come back? Man oh man, I could howl, oooh, just how can I go back? There must be a way, it’s not easy to… ? Ooh, what is that now? Man, what is that? Uh, what… ??? Oh, is that you? What are you doing here, Semjase? Uh, why are you shaking me like that? What’s happening? )

認清楚愛,認清楚真理,人類要在永恆的存在裡經歷幸福的壯麗。遠在物質世界地球的人類要聽取來自永恆的召喚,接受真理的指導,運用靈和意識的力量去識別愛,使之成為自己的一部分,飛進永恆存在的意識懷抱。努力有意識地向上達到那光輝,並接受偉大統一的良知。辨清楚所有異教邪說和神明的謬誤,尋覓出通往光和宇宙之愛的道路,領悟真知之路,那是唯一通往造化輝煌之路。那是包容萬物,無比壯麗的。設想,人類只允許真相成為真理,因為那是通往永恆王國的唯一通道;真相是無法泯滅的,因為那是對偉大同一的意識存在的感知和辨識。天堂和人間都將灰飛煙滅,但真相會永存。它們是… 啊… 不會吧。好奇怪,地球人只知道一半真相,他們被宗教誤導太久太深。是的… 但又為何呢?在意識中的偉大的合而為一,是什麼?這麼奇怪,我感知到地球人巨大的痛苦,為什麼呢?啊,那是… 不是啊。從我身邊滾開,現在又是什麼?我聽到一些呼喊,又遠離了。你為何要走,啊,那光芒,在減弱,為什麼會這樣?我又是我了… 不要啊,不要,那不是我… 我不想回來。不要,不要,我屬於這裡,我知道,我又開始思考了,不再感知,啊… 我懂了,那光芒… 消失了,金光閃爍,再是銀光。不要… 不要,我不想,別管我,我… 我… 我坐在椅子裡,我不想也不理解我怎麼在這,我想還在那裡,但我在這裡,為什麼?我不再理解這個世界,為什麼?那個世界,是愛和存在,這裡有是什麼?這些壓力,擔憂,問題和需求,不會是真的… 我想回去!啊,這悲哀的物質生活的現實,啊,老天啊,太悲哀啦,我幹嘛回來?老天,我要咆哮了,我怎樣才能回去?老天,那是什麼啊?唔… 那是妳嗎?妳在那裡幹什麼?Semjase?唔,妳幹嘛那樣晃我啊?發生什麼了?)


  1. Do you not understand?



What should I understand, I don’t understand?



  1. We have reached our goal, but we have done a big hyper-jump and the rematerialization was delayed by seven minutes, to allow you an intrusion into null-time… into the timelessness.

我們實現目標了,我們做了一次大的超時空跳躍(hyper-jump),但重新物質化被推遲了7分鐘,這樣使得你能夠進入虛時間… 經歷虛無(timelessness;零時間狀態)。





  1. Do you still not understand?



I … Oh yes, of course … pitiful … how very pitiful … why have you brought me back here?

我… 哦是的,當然… 可惜,太可惜了… 你們幹嘛把我弄回來?


  1. You like to joke; but we have all been inside the timelessness, and would all like to stay there.


  1. But we must not do that, because we have to complete the path of evolution step-by-step, as you also must do, dear friend.


  1. I know very well the pain you feel now, as we have all experienced the same thing.


  1. But we have become accustomed to it, and know that we can under no circumstances stay there, before we have reached that stage of consciousness, which belongs to the great consciousness level.


  1. I am very sorry for you that you feel such great misery in you, as it can very easily be seen from your face.


  1. But you will overcome it, because you can think about it very realistically.


  1. It was for that reason that we could take responsibility for this experiment.


  1. A life form that is weaker in spirit and in consciousness would without a doubt fall into madness upon returning.



Semjase… I …



  1. It’s all very difficult, I know, but you will really overcome it.


  1. Come on, rise up now.


  1. So yes.



Semjase, I can…



  1. Come!



  1. This will surely help him… just hold him tight.


(Semjase presses me against her and wraps her arms around me. Through her odd suit I feel the warmth of her body as very soothing and invigorating. So she keeps me pressed against her for a few minutes and I feel, that my vital spirits slowly return. Now I feel truly recovered and strong enough to stand on my feet again.)



Thank you, Semjase… many thanks.


(Slowly, she lets go of me and observes me very closely, while a loving smile drifts across her already beautiful face, making it even more beautiful.)



  1. Such thoughts are worthy of you.


(Ptaah laughs kindly. Evidently he has picked up my thoughts.)



Thanks… Where actually are we now? The sky is so empty, and I practically don’t see stars anymore.

謝謝… 我們現在到哪裡了?天空什麼都沒有,我看不到一顆星星。


  1. We have reached our goal… we are almost at the end of the material universe.

我們已經到達了目標… 我們幾乎是在物質宇宙的盡頭

  1. Until we reach the barrier we will go through completely empty space, resp. the outer Creation belt up to the displacement belt.

我們要穿過完全空曠的太空到達宇宙的屏障(the barrier),也就是從「外創建帶」(outer Creation belt)到「置換帶」(displacement belt)。


  1. Up to that point, there are now not only a few million kilometers, but many trillions of light years.


  1. So we leave the actual material Universe resp. the solid-state matter universe belt, and go into the transformation belt and beyond, up to the very end of our DERN Universe, where across a barrier, resp. a Universal barrier, we will then create a passageway to the DAL Universe.

因此我們離開了物質宇宙,即固態物質宇宙,進入轉換地帶和虛無空間,直到我們德恩宇宙(DERN Universe)的盡頭,在那裡我們會穿過屏障,就是宇宙屏障,我們會創造出一條通道去前往達爾宇宙(DAL Universe)。


Fantastic. But tell me now, why have I had so many thoughts in the great unity of the null-time? They were only seven minutes according to your information, but I have thought more than is possible in seven minutes.

真神奇呀。不過現在告訴我,為什麼我在偉大虛時間的一統(the great unity of the null-time)中會有那麼多的想法?你說只有7分鐘,但我覺得不可能才7分鐘呀。


  1. You have thought no more, you have only empfunden.


  1. In the null-time, in the timeless, only Empfinden exists in the great unity.

在零時間裡,只有這種靈的感知和體驗(Empfinden;德語)存在於偉大的一統(the great unity)裡。

  1. You were yourself no more, but only a tiny part of the whole great unity.


  1. And in this great unity the Empfindungen penetrated into you.



I was able to analyse that, that’s right. Only at the beginning did I notice a certain I-force, but then this dissolved in the infinite level and mass of the eternity.



  1. Is that really so?



Of course, otherwise I would not say it.



  1. It is the truth, I know it from his thoughts.


  1. You have to be very deep thinking, otherwise you would not have been able to recognize it.


  1. Even many of our race need several stays in the timeless, to be able to recognize this truth…


  1. You originate astonished stirrings in me.



Thanks for the flowers, but now it will not be so bad again.



  1. This is again one of your expressions, which should imply exactly the opposite?


  1. But it is really extraordinarily much, what you were able to recognize.


  1. What do you mean? (Semjase directs this question to her father.)



  1. You speak from my sense, and therefore, it will be necessary to check all the registered Empfindungen so as not to reveal knowledge to the Earth humans, which they still cannot cope with.



Should this mean that later, certain things will not be transmitted?



  1. We can’t avoid doing so.


  1. Because if in the timelessness you were already in a position to realize the truth of the great unity, then you have realized many other truths, which the immature Earth human is not ready to harvest yet.


  1. Therefore you must later only mention and talk about all those things, which we will transmit to you.



Aha, so once again a muzzle. But what about the fact that for now I am still able to recall very many impressions and Empfindungen. If you intend to eliminate these from me, then it bounces off a brick wall.



  1. There’s no mention of that.


  1. You have shown us more than enough, that secrets are very well preserved with you and that you can really keep them.


  1. Therefore, we see no need to eliminate any data in you, neither now nor ever afterwards, unless this should be your own special wish.



Your opinion honours me much, Ptaah.



  1. You are worthy of this honour.



Let go of the flower throwing at once. Rather explain to me, what should we actually do in the DAL Universe? Semjase has told me that she has a certain task to carry out in here?



  1. Let yourself calmly be surprised, dear friend.


  1. In about 50 minutes you will understand everything and surely also feel great joy.




Good… As I see, we are flying with tremendous speed through the increasingly emptier space, and in here there are no stars in the way, so to speak. Only far ahead I see that star, which is now becoming bigger and bigger, and far behind it I can see five small blue dots. What star is that, and what are the blue dots?



  1. That is Galtos, the last big star in this part of the material Universe.


  1. Being twice as large as your homeworld, it has a very big and intense inherent luminosity.


  1. The blue dots discernible far behind it are also stars.


  1. They belong to the self-radiant blue stars, which generate very intense light.


  1. You may not be able to see all of them with the naked eye, but it’s not just five, but eleven stars.


  1. If you want, you may of course take pictures of them.



Gladly! I will make the pictures directly through the cupola. I will swap a bit, taking some through your view screen and then simply through the cupola. That way I can see later which photographs come out better. I wonder which method will produce the best photos.



  1. That lies fully within your judgment, you may do as you like.



Thanks… What about the blue stars over there, how big are they, and is life possible on them?



  1. They are no bigger than your homeworld, although this kind of star is normally five to six times larger than the Earth.


  1. They are as inhospitable and hostile to life as any sun and as the great planets in the SOL system such as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.


  1. The gravity alone allows no life on these stars, and not even any spiritual life forms are located on them.


  1. In 97% of all cases they are as completely devoid of higher life as your sun and as the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, etc.


  1. In the few cases, however, where life exists on such stars, the existing forms of life are exceedingly small, where the total size of thermobacteria is usually not exceeded.


  1. The gravitational force of such stars would crush larger forms.


  1. But of course, this varies from planet to planet or from star to star, while the atmosphere itself plays no role, because different life forms also live in different atmospheres.


  1. Not all life forms breathe oxygen like we pure humans do.



But with us it is always said that very large planets or stars would also be enlivened by correspondingly much larger life forms, if life already exists on them?



  1. This only happens in certain and distinct circumstances.


  1. About this the science of Earth incurs in a bad mistake.


  1. If life existed for example on your planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, then the forms of human or otherwise higher life would have on the one hand to be semi-material only, and on the other to be extremely small.


  1. So it is absolutely not the case that size must necessarily be overcome by size.


  1. In this particular case, girth can only be overcome by smallness, but only in very exceptionally sturdy forms.


  1. On your planets Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, both large and small life forms, with the exception of bacteria, etc., would never be viable, because the size of the planets and their atmospheres and consistency make this impossible.


  1. As you know, however, with the exception of bacteria, etc., these planets on your system are not home to any life of either material or spiritual form.



I was informed of this fact, yes, and I was also able to verify it at the spot, where I also noticed, that not all of these so-called planets are actual planets. I may seem somewhat stupid to you when I adress you a question about the stars and planets. I am well aware myself of the difference between stars and planets, but this would surely be of interest to other human beings. Could you therefore explain the difference between stars and planets?



  1. That can be easily and very quickly explained, because planets are solid and not gaseous cosmic bodies which have practically no inherent luminosity, and which receive their light by the conversion of the incident solar radiation.


  1. Stars are gaseous and energy-converting cosmic bodies, which consequently have an inherent luminosity and generate their light from the emanating processes within their own body.


  1. Both are inhabitable for life forms.


  1. Planets as well as stars, if atmospheric and other conditions permit it; whereby on stars, resp. suns, as a rule only thermobacterial or thermobiocell life is possible.



Aha, and what about the stars, resp. the suns, which are half-planets? Are these also inhabitable for any higher thermal life forms? Are they perhaps only sun formations on the outer shell, while on the inside inhabitable planets exist, as is often claimed by some earthlings?



  1. What makes you say that?



Oh, I have read such assertions in some publications. A man by the name of Jakob Lorber for example, has written such things decades or even a century ago, also about Saturn, the moon and other planets etc. Through Semjase, I was in the meantime able to experience and determine by myself on the ground however, that everything had neither hand nor foot, and that the man had just let his boundless imagination run loose. About others who also wrote books like these or similar, I could find in the course of this year the same thing, when Semjase brought me to these planets and I was able to search thoroughly with her help.

哦,我有看一些出版物。一個叫Jakob Lorber的人曾經寫過一些有關土星、月亮和其它行星的東西,很久了,幾十年前甚至一個世紀前。透過Semjase,我同時能夠自己親歷和確認實際情況,我知道那個人寫的東西是沒有依據的,他只是異想天開。還有其他類似的東西,在Semjase帶我去過那些行星後,我自己就能找出那些都是一路貨色。


  1. I understand.


  1. Unfortunately, there are very many humans on Earth who write such books and other nonsensical writings.


  1. And as you have realized, it is not more than the product of exuberant human imaginations, mostly related to delusions from any religious influences.


  1. This is unfortunately a very common malady with the Earth humans.


  1. So is also the fantasy interpretation with respect to livability on your sun only a delusion of religious fanatics and fantasists, because not a single sun in the Universe correlates to these fantastic assertions.



Good, that’s almost exactly what I was thinking; but how is it with the claim that some humans would receive messages from angels or inspired by God, etc., with God standing as the creator of the Universe, of the stars resp. the suns, and worlds, as well as all living creatures, etc., that can be seen?



  1. In no cases do these alleged inspirations correspond to the truth, and they are also never linked to so-called angels or gods or to a form of truth.


  1. It’s clear that such claims often have religious information.


  1. Religions of the type discussed exist only on your Earth, nowhere else in the Universe are they present in this erroneous and confused form.


  1. Also in all other Universes known to us there are no religions of the earthly kind.


  1. This is truly limited to your Earth.


  1. The Earth religions have probably been carried by space travellers to other cosmic bodies, but for studying purposes only.


  1. On the other hand, however, it is taught on many worlds in this Universe, how deadly religion can be for a life form, where the Earth with its existing or past religions serves as a bad example.



You are saying that not a single world in the entire Universe is dominated by one or more misguided and confused religions except the Earth?



  1. I have just explained that… with the exception of your Earth there exists no religion of this kind in this or another Universe.



Those are very big words, Ptaah. It is said on the Earth, especially among the Christians, that Jmmanuel, whom they call Jesus Christ, is so to speak, the actual master of the world and the Universe. He is supposed to be God incarnate, where this God is regarded as the Creation. What do you say about this?

這話說的很大啊,Ptaah。地球上尤其是對基督教徒來說,以馬內利(Jmmanuel),他們叫耶穌基督(Jesus Christ),是這個世界和宇宙的主人,他是上帝(God)的化身,這個上帝才是萬物的創造者 — 「造化」(Creation)。你怎麼看?


  1. We know about these human delusions on your world.


  1. Alone the idea of a Christ being and a Christ consciousness corresponds to a very evil and degenerate delusion of the Earth humans, and a very ill-natured presumption, because if these things would have happened or would still happen in the future, which is absolutely impossible, because it truly is only a fantasy of delusional Earth humans, then with absolute probability the race which would be given the task of disseminating a religion would not be the Earth humans.


  1. As since many millenia on many worlds in the Universe, the Earth human stands in the entire Universe as a purely materialistically developed life form, which solely represents a life form so deeply decayed to materialism, that every consciousness related evolution in this ground over millenia was harmful.


  1. On many of our own as well as on other foreign worlds, it is known that the Earth human condemns any reasonable consciousness related evolution and develops himself only in malicious materialism and diverse religious delusions, and so it would be a paradox of the first order if, from all possible choices, a race so manifoldly incompetent in all consciousness related areas would be chosen for a task of universal significance.


  1. But that the Earth human despite this fact presents this allegation, represents on the one hand an immense arrogance, and on the other hand, it bears witness to his autocratic megalomania, which in both these forms can’t easily, or not at all, find an equal anywhere else in this or in another Universe.


  1. And precisely this represents an immense danger to the existence of many races, because if the Earth human becomes master of space travelling technology and visits foreign worlds, and through the force of arms or by lies and deception strikes them into his spell, he will also inevitably thereby involve his religion spreading delusion.


  1. If this actually happens some day, then the single or multiple religions will very quickly reach a form of system-wide or galaxy-wide dissemination, by which the still existing galactic harmony could be destroyed.


  1. This means that by these false teachings of religions the still ensured peace could be destroyed and degenerate into murderous wars and the complete destruction of entire suns and planetary systems.


  1. Preventing this, however, is the greatest and most difficult task faced by those space travelling life forms with a higher consciousness-related development.


  1. Therein lies also the deepest reason for the fact that we and others from other planets strive to spread the truth on Earth, by selecting individual Earth humans and, through telepathic impulses which they generally don’t recognize as such, conveying the truth to them, which they then should disseminate, so as to finally teach the goodness and the truth to the Earth humans.


  1. But that task is very, very difficult to fulfill, because the madness of the religions and of the often death-bringing sects has become so rampant on Earth, that only with the utmost effort can it be reasoned with.


  1. Especially those religions and sects, who in their heretical book name the prophet Jmmanuel as Jesus Christ and worship him, are the strongest opponents of the real truth.


  1. These are the Christian religions and sects.


  1. But also Islam and Hinduism, as well as Jewism must be named as dangerous religions, and the same with certain parts of Budism, in which serious heresies come to light.


  1. Especially are all possible sects from all religions very dangerous and greatly falsifying of the truth, whereby in times to come many murders, suicides and mass suicides will happen through them.



That will cause quite a turmoil, Ptaah, when you later transmit your words to me and I write them down, because many will read your interpretations then.



  1. It will surely be so, but the truth can no longer be concealed.


  1. It has become of urgent need, to pronounce it.



What do you mean, that’s not the case with me. I have known and coped with the truth for a long time.



  1. This is well known to me from Asket, who explained everything to me.


  1. So I also know, that you have even fathomed the truth through a travel into the past with her.



Why do you say that, you have forbidden me to talk about it.



  1. The facts are indeed not known.


  1. But now is the time to talk about it openly and to write it down.


(Semjase interrupts our conversation.)



  1. We have reached our goal.




What is that now???


(I see far in front of us or above us an enormous radial and shimmering in every colour appearance, which appears more than just fantastic to me.



  1. That is our goal.


  1. If you want, you can take a photo of it.


  1. This structure is produced by a spaceship that you can recognize there, very far ahead in the annular center.


  1. Here our Universe ends, and this structure stands as the gateway to another Universe, which we call the DAL Universe.

這裡是我們宇宙的盡頭這個結構是聯通另外一個宇宙的通路那個宇宙叫達爾宇宙(DAL Universe)。


Man, but this is enormous, it must certainly have close to 50 kilometers in diameter. And the lenght of this tunnel, man oh man.



  1. You err very much in your measuring.


  1. The diameter of the tunnel amounts to 177000 meters, and its length totals 7103 billion kilometers.



Fantastic, but why are we getting so close to it?



  1. Because we will cross over.



Cross over??? To another Universe?



  1. Sure, over to the DAL Universe.



I’m going crazy.



  1. That you will surely not, because you can cope with more than you want to admit.



Do we have to go to another space-time dimension or something? And, what is it actually about this DAL Universe, that seems so familiar to me?



  1. We will remain in the normal time and normal space.


  1. You see, we are already far inside the tunnel, and nothing changes.


  1. But as for the DAL Universe; does this not remind you of anything?


  1. It’s a twin Universe of our DERN Universe.

那是我們德恩宇宙(DERN Universe)的姊妹宇宙。


It seems very familiar, at least the name. Semjase, that light there in the center…



  1. We have crossed over; we are on the other side.



This I can also see… You really are preparing surprises for me; but look there in front, there floats a large spaceship, and very far back are countless stars.




  1. Sure, that ship there is our goal.



Its shape seems as familiar to me as the name DAL did before.



  1. You are very forgetful, but that is typical of you.


  1. You have the great ability to aprehend everything again by intuition, when you need any information, and this way you don’t need to store many things in your memory.



That may be true, Semjase… but wait a minute, DAL, DAL… that… girl, that was back then… Asket told me then, that she came from the DAL Universe. Man, I’m stupid… of course, that’s it after all. That’s the solution of the riddle. You really know how to prepare surprises for me. Surely Asket must be hidden inside the box there. Right?

也許吧,Semjase,等一下,達爾, 達爾,啊,姑娘,我想起來了,Asket曾經告訴我,她來自達爾宇宙。老天,我真笨啊。我想起來了,妳肯定準備了個驚喜給我,Asket肯定就在那艘飛船裡,對不對?


  1. Let yourself be surprised.



Then it’s true. Hey, why are we rushing so fast and getting so close? Do you want to ram the ship?



  1. No, we are only getting close enough to it, to go over in the shortest possible time, that is, you and Semjase.



Am I to…?



  1. Of course.


  1. Come now, let’s go down to my beamship.


(Semjase takes me by the hand and pulls me to a kind of metal box next to the horseshoe-shaped switch and control gear console. There is no door on the box, but instead, a hole in the floor measuring about one meter of diameter, which is illuminated by a shimmering blue light. A shaft that goes into an endless depth and seems to have no end. I look down and see that very far below, the walls of the shaft get closer and finally seem to touch. I can’t see the end. It’s clear to me that the self-narrowing of the shaft far below is only an illusion. Man, and now we supposed are to step into it?)



  1. Simply step into the shaft and let yourself slide down.


(Oh boy, this is just crazy, I will shoot through the hole like a torpedo and land directly in hell. But OK, Semjase did say that I should jump in. OK, OK, I’ll just do it then, she must know if the thing is really fit for this purpose. Probably more than all my bones I can’t break, and deeper than directly to hell I probably can’t dive either. Well jump already, comrade. And I jump. Man, I am really hanging in the air, oh, now it’s slowly going downwards; and now it gets faster and faster. Oh boy, this is really a sliding shaft. I look up; aha, there comes Semjase as well. Man, this is great, but why am I suddenly slowing down? Oh, there is already ground beneath me. I am standing on solid ground now, and here are again all the many beamships from before. We are at the hangar.)



  1. You do have thoughts, I must tell you that.


  1. Just what have you thought of a hell; that is but nonsense.



I know, I know; it’s just a type of thoughts that I have.



  1. Sure, I understand.


  1. Come on now, let’s go to my beamship.


(We walk over to the ship, let ourselves be lifted inside, and already the hatch closes behind us.)



  1. You are probably a little excited?



Is that so strange, if one is suddenly to see someone, whom one never expected to see again? And all this in a place, that is so fantastically far from my home world, that I am no longer able to conceive the distance from there to here in the slightest? There is also the grandiose thing, that this meeting is ocurring on a Universe that is strange to me. I really don’t know, Semjase, if I can digest all of this and if I won’t go crazy. What is your opinion on the other hand, about the fact that I get sad and mad, when I think that I must go back to Earth. I could howl, when I think of it. I would prefer to stay away forever.



  1. That is understandable, but would you be able to take responsibility for that?



No, because I know that I have to fulfill my task, and I still have other unavoidable obligations.



  1. You see, you are not able to escape from your self-generated obligations.


  1. You know how very important the fulfillment of your mission is, and that you have to follow your own way towards it.


  1. This is very important because only this way can you go through evolution consistently.


  1. If your fellow humans were to think and act just like you, then everything would be easy and peace and love would prevail.


  1. If you really wanted to stay with us though, we would be very understanding and we could really provide this possibility for you as well.


  1. That really is only up to you.



Thank you, Semjase, your words honour me immensely, but I know for sure that I really have to go back. I can’t simply deny and drop the responsability towards my family and towards my fellow humans, even if the prospect of going back to my unpeaceful, sorrowful and material world seems very difficult for me.



  1. I didn’t expect another answer from you…


  1. We are now ready to float over.


  1. The airlock has opened.


(I see that the hangar doors have opened themselves during our short conversation. Now the small beamship slowly rises and floats towards Asket’s huge spaceship which hangs in free space only a few hundred meters away. As in the giant from which we departed, we float into an airlock, which however is very much smaller than the one on Ptaah’s space giant. Now we are inside, and immediately the opening closes behind us. Everything happens very quickly, and we then let ourselves float down through the exit to the floor of the small hangar. Here we stand now, and all around I see only metallic, light-emitting walls. There are no other beamships in here, only ours. Without a word, I follow Semjase, who approaches a wall on the right side in which an opening suddenly appears, through which we pass now. And behind us, the small passage closes again. We are now in a cozy room with very comfortable seating accomodations and some structures which obviously have to be tables. And… man… she actually is there. Asket stands there, smiling. I… I feel stupid, but I simply can’t speak. A whole damn lump sits again in my throat, and it makes me choke pathetically. What is this now? Man, oh man, what is this now, am I so soft now that I want to cry? Oh boy, just what is this then? I… is this really happening, or am I just dreaming? No, it’s actually the reality. Asket is actually walking towards me now… wordless and smiling, she now grabs my hand, squeezes it and suddenly pulls me towards herself. Man, this sudden warmth from her body and the firm pressure of her arms. Man oh man, it truly is the reality, I am not dreaming. Girl, oh girl…



  1. You really are not dreaming… be very lovingly welcome.

你真的沒有做夢… 歡迎你。

  1. It’s a great pleasure and honour for me to welcome you here.


(Man, what are you doing, Asket? What… ah… you give me a kiss on the cheek. Girl, what’s with that? I always thought that this would be a thing that is only done on Earth.



  1. Did you really think that?



 ??? I don’t understand, what do you mean?



  1. I was able to capture your thoughts.



Oh… that too. I’m sorry, Asket.



  1. You don’t have to apologize.



Thanks… But now let me take a good look at you first… Girl, you are simply beautiful, you have not changed at all. Oh, of course; you know how very happy I am to be able to see you again and to talk to you. Girl, that… that’s much more than I have ever dreamed. I thought at your departure, that I would never see you again. Surely you knew then, that there would be another reunion. Why did you not say anything about it?



  1. The possibility of this meeting was not taken into consideration then, which is why I also could not mention it.


  1. But I see that a change has ocurred; I’m sorry.



You mean my arm?



  1. Yes.



You know, I have already gotten used to it a long time ago, and now I can’t imagine a life with two arms anymore. I have long forgotten about it. In addition, I was able to prepare myself for it during a year, and to find a way of dealing with it before the arm was lost. You told me the whole thing in advance; can’t you remember it?



  1. If you say it, then it must be so.


  1. I know about that but not very accurately anymore.


  1. But why don’t you wear any help?



On Earth, unfortunately, these things are still very primitive.



  1. I could have a device made for you, which would completely replace your arm.


  1. A semi-organic apparatus.



Many thanks, Asket, that is really very kind of you. But believe me, I can no longer imagine a life with two arms, and on the other hand, I know very well that I have not simply lost my arm for nothing. The accident and the loss of the arm had to be. I have learnt a tremendous amount from this and will certainly continue learning a lot more.



  1. These thoughts are very worthy of you… from my part I just thought that a help with certain things would be useful to you.



I thank you very much, Asket, but I really don’t want it. You know, such an apparatus would also bring forth too many problems on Earth. We have many limb amputees which would also need this equipment and to whom I would be unfair if I had to withhold it from them. Added to that is the big problem that many of these humans, if they had such aid, would again become dissatisfied life forms. You know that it is like that with us, that the person often falls prey to materialism again, if he becomes well again soon. On the other hand, scientists and governments also come behind the matter, and that could lead to a disaster. Namely, if I had such a semi-organic apparatus or prosthesis, I could certainly not conceal it for long. The result would be, that it would be taken from me and examined very closely. And if it were semi-organic, then the clarification and determination of all the details wouldn’t be very far ahead, and therefore the gathering of any profound insights, from which the scientists could then produce robots and the like, which in turn would be used for evil and military purposes, so the catastrophe would inevitably come upon the Earth. As tempting as your offer is, Asket, for those reasons alone I can’t accept it.



  1. Those are unselfish words, dear friend, and you are right with them too.


  1. I had not really thought… I allowed myself to be guided by my compassion alone.

我沒有想過這些… 我只是因為同情而想這樣。


  1. In many of these things he truly thinks and acts precisely like us.



Leave that now please and don’t throw flowers any more.



  1. You have not changed.


  1. You are still so modest.


(Now a wall opens in the background on the left side and another female human comes in.)



  1. This is Nera.


  1. She is my representative.


(I spontaneously extend my hand to Nera, and once again I notice a very firm and pleasant pressure of the hand)



I am pleased to meet you. (Somewhat silly words, but what else can I say?)



  1. Your words are good, don’t think of them as silly.


  1. From my part, I am pleased to welcome you here.



Have you groped in my thoughts?


Nera (laughing):

  1. If you mean by that, have I entered into your thoughts, then no.


  1. Your thoughts are just extremely strong, as a consequence of which they can’t be ignored.



I see, but in what matters do you stand as Asket’s representative?



  1. I am the second coordinator.



That is the location of points in space, or something similar, isn’t it?



  1. Surely.



Then you are not the commander of this ship, Asket?



  1. No, in here I am the first coordinator.


  1. The guidance or the command of this ship rests with Stalor.



Man or woman?



  1. That is the name of a man.


  1. Regrettably, you will however not see him.


  1. We will remain together down here in this room.


  1. We are also, according to your understanding in complete privacy here.


  1. But before we talk together I would first like to clear up with Semjase the facts which need to be regulated.


  1. In the meantime you can talk with Nera.


  1. It will not take long.


 (Good, then with Nera I will talk. She is evidently also a very dear and nice girl.)


Nera (laughing):

  1. Am I that?



What do you mean… oh, I understand, my thoughts. Yes, I empfinde it.



  1. You allow yourself to be very deeply guided by feeling impulses, and these feelings are very sincere.


  1. I have not been able to observe this in Earth humans before.



 ??? You observed who?



  1. Why should I not… I have been on Earth on several occasions already.


  1. But that was a long time ago.



So that’s the reason, I understand. But, may I perhaps know if you or Asket are coming there again soon?



  1. In your time, not anymore.



But only when I am already long dead and rotten?


Nera (laughs heartily):

  1. You seem to have overcome the horror of death planted in you by the religions.



Shouldn’t I have yet, it’s just nonsense.



  1. That is correct.


  1. Yes, we will go there, after your departure from the Earth. A very long time afterwards.






  1. It’s all related with the terrestrial evolution.



Aha, then it would be pointless to ask about the how and why?



  1. If you mean regarding the details, then you are correct.



OK, that’s what I thought, then I won’t question myself about it either. But can you perhaps explain to me now, why is it that already with Semjase and now also with you, I am practically only confronted with female beings? Is there a specific reason for that, or did it just happen to be so?



  1. Has Semjase not informed you about that?



No, and I never asked about it either.



  1. OK, so I will explain to you that on the one hand with us and also with Semjase’s people, we know of no value differences between male and female beings, as is the case on Earth.


  1. With us both sexes are acknowledged as both equally valuable and entitled.


  1. For this reason our beamships are also manned accordingly by male and female forms of life, whereby every position is also filled alternately by both sexes.


  1. In your case in particular however, Asket noticed in your contacts back then, that you can get around with female life forms much better than it would be possible with male life forms.


  1. This fact is extremely pronounced in you, and you have a still unknown to us capacity, to feeling-relatedly empathize with female life forms, by which you apprehend their deepest feelings and are able to analyse them if you want to.


  1. Therefore it was logical for us to bring you mainly into contact with female life forms, and to involve male life forms only there, where we were able to determine with the highest probability data that they would be able to trigger the necessary feeling vibrations in you.


  1. With the highest probability data, this fact derives from the in you existing knowledge that on the one hand, the female life forms have always been opressed and enslaved by the male life forms and that as a rule, even if with some exceptions, on the other hand since time immemorial, it was practically only the male life form who carried the responsability for all those things which drove the people of Earth into heresies, wars, slavery, exploitation, and consciousness-related bondage.


  1. This is our probability calculation in its highest values and the reason why we practically only make contacts with you through female life forms.



The things with the feelings are not new to me, nevertheless your justification still surprises me. But it may actually be possible, that you have hit the nail right in the head, because I actually think along these lines. This may also be the reason why I’m very picky about men, when I have to work with them more closely. It is totally not the case, that I could not stand around them or that I despise or even hate them, no, absolutely not. It’s just that they often startle me with their behaviour, thoughts and actions, because they always want to establish that the female beings must be subservient to them and that they are the masters of the world. They are also very much more materialistic thinkers than women in general, and also with their sensitivity and their feeling capacity they are not quite up to par. The female being is much more developed in these things, but also only because it has been opressed by the male world for thousands of years and doomed to futility. This higher development in women is probably also what draws me to them and why I find them to be better and more understanding conversation partners.



  1. That is a true word, behind which however many more things are hidden.



It may be so, Nera, but where have Asket and Semjase gone to; they were in the airlock room just a while ago?



  1. Semjase is bringing a time projectile back to us.

Semjase把一個時間拋射器(time projectile)帶回給我們。

  1. That’s what she has gone to get now.



Oh yes, Semjase told me something about it. Are you allowed to tell me what this thing is?



  1. For nine years we have been researching a new technology for time travel over unmeasurable distances and time periods, and also across various Universes, without the need to open a barrier.


  1. For this purpose, we have developed small spiral-shaped time projectiles, which for now we are transmiting from and to the present time, specifically from our Universe’s present time into yours.


  1. And since Semjase understands these technologies and works with us, it’s only understandable that we guide some of our sondes to your own Earth.


  1. Three years ago we transmitted the last projectile to there, where unfortunately it could not be found for a long time, because of a very small error that had arisen in the time calculation.


  1. Thus, the sonde landed several thousand kilometers to the east of the intended target, because the Earth had rotated by this distance during the course of the projectile’s journey.


  1. This mistake was discovered some months ago by us, and so we were able to find out where the projectile had really landed.


  1. Semjase effectively found it then and has brought it back to us now, because it is very valuable for us.


  1. But they are already returning now.



Aha, and why has Semjase not transported the thing back here by other means, like time travel or hyper-transport or something …?



  1. Because she agreed a reunion with you with Asket, wherein the projectile would also be brought.



Man oh man, so they did in fact make this giant voyage only to give my humble self a chance to see Asket again?



  1. That is actually so, because I also wanted to see you one more time.



That is wonderful of you, Asket. That is really wonderful.



  1. We too are only plain human creatures, in which feelings move.



Which unfortunately you don’t always want to display visibly, as I have noted. That is really a shame.



  1. Allowing feelings to be recognized is not always good.



That certainly has its correctness, however in my opinion you just give yourselves too little to these feelings, although they move you.



  1. That’s right, but we have already talked about it.



I know, I know, you obviously don’t want to talk about it more, because it also involves you. Good, then we leave it as it is. But now I have a special question for you, Asket: For a long time I have been trying to get Semjase’s permission to take a photo of her. Unfortunately however, I can’t get consent from her. But how would it be if I could capture you and Nera on my film now; would you allow that?



  1. If this would please you, then of course.


  1. With Semjase, unfortunately, if you took a photo of her and distributed it on the Earth, her security would no longer be guaranteed.


  1. For this reason she also had to prohibit this when certain difficulties emerged in your group.


  1. I only fear that the photos you take of me and Nera now, won’t come out very well.



But why not, then?



  1. I know from my stay on Earth, that the images were always very poor, when they were taken aboard our ship or in the surroundings.


  1. They mostly were very unsharp or simply blurred.


  1. This has to do with certain energy radiations which are harmless to living forms, but distort everything, and often impair and change the colours of colour films.



So you have dedicated yourself to filming then? And what about the apparatus which Semjase assembled for me, to get better photos?



  1. For my own interest, I have occupied myself with photography, and so I also recognized the difficulties with the faltering energy radiation, which is even able to destroy the film in some cases.


  1. But which apparatus are you speaking of?



Semjase assembled a device for me to be able to photograph better.


(Asket turns to Semjase and shortly talks with her, and now she explains me the following):



  1. Semjase has explained to me what type of device it is, which unfortunately you would not understand.


  1. I am sorry to tell you that the images with this device will with certainty not be very good either.


  1. But we will strive together to construct an effective device, to provide you with better photo material on a later opportunity.


  1. But if you nevertheless want to take some pictures of us now, then you may do so.


  1. If you make no use of it and keep it only for yourself, then you may take a group photo of us all, including Semjase.



Thank you, Asket. Of course I will keep it for myself, if it comes out good.



  1. So take the photo now.


  1. At a later point in time you will also be allowed to take several photos of Semjase, when she is no longer at risk on Earth.


  1. But this may take several more years or even decades.


  1. From my part, a recognition doesn’t really matter, because I will not return to Earth for the time being.


  1. With Nera it is the same.


  1. Besides in the whole Universe there are life forms that look deceptively similar to each other, whereby a person can be mistaken for someone else.


  1. You call these doubles.



I understand; I will take the photos now.


(Asket, Nera and Semjase stand together, and I take more photos now. Unlike Semjase, Asket and Nera don’t wear space suits, but normal clothes, which are actually quite different from those I know of Earth women’s clothing. But they all are very well dressed with them.) Later, it turned out, unfortunately, that the group photo was completely unrecognizable.




  1. That should probably be enough, because we still have many more things to talk about.


  1. Not all of this is destined for the knowledge of Earth humans, but only for you and us.


  1. So I will have to leave many things from the following discussion out of the later transmission.


  1. You will now be initiated in facts, which are ahead of the Earth human’s evolution by more than 470 years, and which you therefore must never mention.


  1. Each form of life has a certain time span, which in accordance with the evolution may be skipped without damage arising from it.


  1. On average, this possibility for the Earth humans is just 9,4 months, according to the consciousness-related development level of the present time.


  1. A few exceptions are formed by Earth humans with highly developed spirits, in which case a skipping span of 89,7 years may be awarded.



I can indeed accept these explanations, Semjase, even if I can’t calculate the numbers you mentioned by myself. But what you said about my person, is not evident to me anymore, because it stands in direct contradiction with your explanation. Somehow a serious mistake must have impaired you. You said just now that you want to initiate me in things which stand by 470 or more years ahead of the Earth human’s evolution. That’s not evident to me. You just mentioned an average time of 9,4 months and a maximum time of 89,7 years. I can’t decide, but in my megalomania I presume that I’m a little above average and therefore can skip about 15 or 20 years of development with very good help. It is therefore likely to be a serious violation of the laws of the Creation, if you want to initiate me into things which are ahead of my own development stage by more than 470 years.

Semjase,即使我自己無法計算出你提到的數字,但我還是可以接受你說的。但有關你提到的有關我的部分,並非那麼明顯,因為這直接與你的解釋有抵觸。不知怎地,你有犯一個嚴重的錯誤。你剛才說你想讓我知道一些事情,是有關比人類進化早470年或更早的。我不是很明白。你說平均有一個時限是9.4個月,最多89.7年,我無法判斷,但我瞎想想我可能比平均數稍微多一點,可以有15年至20年的延長。但如果你想讓我初步瞭解的這些事情是比我的進化水準早470多年的,那這很可能是對「造物法則」(laws of the Creation)的一個嚴重違背。



  1. Dear friend, even your modesty must know its limits.


  1. What you have pronounced just now, represents an unjustified self-abasement.


  1. You let feelings germinate in me thereby, which are not of a joyful nature and which arouse impulses of a rebuking kind.


  1. It should be told to you, that your modesty is already degenerating into forms of self-abasement, which you must fight against in yourself.


  1. It’s not acceptable, that you deny the extent of your own consciousness, your true knowledge of the spiritual teachings and the Creational laws and recomendations, and your wisdom.


  1. Recognize at last, that an excessive modesty and selflessness are equivalent to an evil degeneration, which inevitably always demands its negative tribute.


  1. So if you don’t work on yourself very quickly in this regard and correct this error, then you will not be able to do justice to your mission.


  1. Only by the rectification of these errors will you obtain enough initiative to be able to accomplish your task.


  1. We all know very well, that you repeatedly got yourself in dire straits on your home world because of your humility and selflessness, and are now standing near the end again.


  1. We know very well about the circumstances on Earth and are aware of the significance of your so-called money, which you need to live as much as the air to breathe.


  1. And these are the main things which are affected by your humility and selflessness.


  1. Because where other Earth humans demand money as compensation for their hard work, you work for nothing, and even let yourself be deliberately deceived.


  1. You behave yourself exactly according to an old and erroneus saying of your world, that it is more blessed to give than to receive.


  1. However every work is worth its wages, and always in its appropriate and different values.


  1. The wages consist on the one hand of consciousness-related and on the other of material values.


  1. And especially on your world, the material values are very highly considered and represent the living possibilities to a very high degree.


  1. Therefore you must also be rewarded for each work with material values, as well as with consciousness-related values in equal measure.


  1. If therefore we have choosen you as it was destined, among three and a half billion Earth humans for a certain mission, then you must also be able to feed and take care of your family through this mission.


  1. Through the fulfillment of your mission you are executing a job, just like any other working Earth human.


  1. In comparison with all the other working Earth humans, yours is however the most valuable and the largest of the current time as well as for the coming future, in what concerns the furthering of evolution.


  1. And it truly is a work that requires a wage, even more than any other work.


  1. That is the way of your home world, which also you can’t evade from.


  1. You maintain the contacts with Semjase and us, and you write down all the reports which are transmitted to you by us, Semjase and by Arahat Athersata, to lay them bare one day to the Earth humans as a milestone of truth, knowledge, wisdom and love.

你保持著和Semjase和我們的接觸,你寫下所有我們、Semjase和Arahat Athersata(以下簡稱AA)傳送給你的報告並呈現給地球人,那是真理、真知、智慧和愛的里程碑事件。

  1. In your very questionable modesty and your equally very questionable selflessness you however, work very long hours every day until the approaching exhaustion, without bearing in mind that you also have to keep your family and yourself alive.


  1. Truly, your humility and selflessness were a very important prerequisite for us to contact you, because it was only through the existence of these two factors that the possibility was created, that you would also spread your self-generated and partially acquired from our transmissions knowledge and wisdom correctly, and without wanting to profit from the Earth humans.


  1. You also have in yourself the necessary and sincere love for all life forms, even when you want to hide this through hard speeches and words.


  1. An excessive modesty and selflessness however, dear friend, are your most dangerous enemies.


  1. So don’t think that you should do all the work, simply because you stand as the predestined one.


  1. On the one hand, the work is really not only up to you, but also to many others, which will run into you in the coming decades, which you can initiate and to whom you will have to transmit everything.


  1. Also your present as well as your future extended interest group is therefore included, in which every single person must strive to be helpful as well, if success is to be achieved.


  1. On the other hand it becomes impossible by all this, that in addition to the voluntary and self-imposed work connected with your mission, you can still pursue a wage and an employment, so that you can assure the subsistence of you and your family.


  1. In reference to the mission you are doing an unquestionably more important and greater work than any other Earth human on any other activity.


  1. But also this work, or precisely this work must bring you enough worths, to be able to survive and also to secure a livelihood.


  1. Therefore it’s absolutely wrong of you to perform all of your great work for free, if you look at it from the material point of view.


  1. You can’t and shouldn’t hand down the reports and everything else free of charge, but you must provide everything with reasonable prices, and also make a little profit.


  1. Only this way can you survive and also accomplish your mission.


  1. Therefore work hard on yourself and fix the excessive modesty and unselfishness.


  1. We know moreover, that you have entirely renounced to materialism, which demands a great praise; but remember that you live in a materialistic world and that you must adapt yourself to it to the extent that you assure the everyday life and its needs.


  1. So if with you things are not oriented in a way that would allow you to engage with the for you forbidden financial-material matters, then ask a close friend to deal with them, and to take care of them for you, otherwise you have to learn them yourself.


  1. If you don’t follow this advice, then within a few months you will have to bring everything to an end again… as already back in India.


  1. But that’s not the purpose of all this, because the time is short and the events in your world call for the dissemination of the truth.


  1. Remeber these words and behave accordingly.


  1. And now I would like to give you yet another advice, because the way you and your group have worked so far, leads everything to no goal.


  1. Many months have passed since your first contact with Semjase.


  1. Months of useless time, in which no major progress has been achieved.


  1. Neither you nor your group have achieved any success, if we disregard very minimal things of none or very little importance.


  1. It has been a very long time already, since you all strive very intensively in all things, and have stepped into the general public of the Earth humanity.


  1. However, you won’t be able to do this through empty discussions and disputes, because they bear no fruits.


  1. We know well the views of some, that everything must start small, which for many things may well be the truth.


  1. This kind of small however, which is being considered and applied, is completely meaningless and fruitless, because it will never bring success.


  1. The time has now come when you must be proactive and reach the general public.


  1. This however, you can’t do in secret, and not only in narrow circles.


  1. The general public is important, and so are many other groups and communities, which are interested in certain things.


  1. But this general public and also other groups and communities can’t be reached only with spoken words and letters, to promote the purposes of the mission.


  1. For this end you need a medium that is able to take many things at once and to clearly define them.


  1. You call such an organ newspaper, etc., and only such a script can be of benefit to you.


  1. It will not be possible for you to have such a newspaper, etc., coming out daily or even weekly, but you have all the possibilities to produce such information medium in monthly or multi-monthly intervals, and to distribute it.


  1. And now, a word about your assumption, that Semjase would have been mistaken with the time periods of evolution overleap years, because that is really not so, dear friend.


  1. Currently you are the only Earth human who is already so highly developed in consciousness with respect to the spiritual science of creative form, that you may be granted an evolution-skipping period of 500 years.


  1. This is indeed not the highest amount of all the possible times, but you have already achieved the mentioned large amount.


  1. You may realize this in yourself, if you honestly and very accurately observe and analyze all the existing consciousness statuses of Earthly life forms.


  1. You really are the only human being on your home world at the present time, who holds undeterred and unrelenting and with absolute knowledge of the real truth of the creational laws, without doubting.


  1. This had to be said to you at one point.



  1. It is actually so… and it really had to be said at one point.



All right… I … ahem… I will try very hard to not continue with these mistakes, as Asket has called them. It’s probably right, what you said, although I feel a little concerned. But I will really try, because I want to successfully fulfill my duty, as I really must. It is also clear to me with respect to the publication organs you mentioned, because this would also in my opinion be a good or perhaps the only way to be able to disseminate everything quickly. But I have become completely exhausted financially and can’t really undertake anything new. I would probably see a possibility if I could buy a suitable machine, to print a newspaper or a monthly magazine, and also many other things. But I really have no more capital available, except the essential emergency reserve. I also know that within a few months I will be completely at the end, if nothing happens to the contrary. But I don’t know how I can change that, because for my part, I am at my wits end and no longer know what else I could do more. I really don’t know. If you could help me?

好吧,我… 那… 我會努力不再犯你說的那些錯誤,你說的也許是對的,儘管我還有些擔心,但我會努力,因為我也想成功地履行我的職責,我必須的。我也很清楚你提到的出版媒介,因為我有想過也許這是一個好辦法,或唯一的方式來迅速傳播我們的理念。但我沒錢了,我什麼都買不起。我本想有可能買一台機器,用來印刷包裝或月刊,或者其它東西。但我除了應急儲備外身無分文。我知道如果沒有好轉再過幾個月我就完蛋了,我也不知道該怎麼辦,我窮途末路了,我真的不知道,你們能幫我嗎?


  1. The idea of the machine you mentioned is very good, and it would be very pleasant if you could get the necessary means for acquiring it, therefore we will endeavor in a decisive manner for it.


  1. This would help you extraordinarily much, and would accelerate the fulfillment of the task in the beginning as well.


  1. If your group members would help you voluntarily, through our impulses in this regard, then you certainly could resolve this problem in one way or another.


  1. I can’t tell you however, that you have to buy such a machine, because these things must be left to you and your group.


  1. You yourselves must take the decisions in these matters.


  1. We don’t come to command you, but to teach you, and to support you in certain things and directions.


  1. We bring you a certain good, but you must manage and process it and raise it to useful values in yourself.


  1. Therefore, we can’t give you orders or explain to you in advance what the future holds in certain things.


  1. If you knew this, then we would deprive you of a certain development which you inevitably have to go through.


  1. Your efforts would also be compromised thereby as the result of a remission of efforts.


  1. Therefore, I can only say that the idea in relation to the work machine you mentioned is very good.


  1. It’s allowed for me to explain, that the beginning will be very hard and everything will slowly turn to the better, if you really can buy such an apparatus or such an equipment.


  1. In regards to our help, which we could give you in the form of material things, I have already talked about it several times.


  1. I have explained to you the facts about certain possibilities of crystals, etc., which you could sell.


  1. This in addition to the aforementioned impulses is the only help that we could offer.


  1. However this is only possible if, through any kind of information media, you finally reach the Earth humans and introduce this possibility to them.


  1. Otherwise, my suggestion remains just a suggestion.



This is clear to me, Semjase, but I don’t know if I can do anything.



  1. If you channel your excessive modesty and selflessness in normal, viable potencies, then you can also talk about these things in your group and explain everything.



That won’t be easy, though.



  1. It surely won’t, because more or less all the group members are still very strongly pending towards materialism, and on the other hand they don’t want to understand, that only you are qualified to have contacts with us.


  1. This is a doubt in them, which they can only eradicate with great difficulty.


  1. Semjase has already stated several times that under no circumstances can anything be changed regarding your exclusive right and your exclusive qualification, yet a lot of questions are still being raised on why it could not be otherwise.


  1. Semjase has also repeatedly stated the reasons and given explanations, which however have remained fruitless until now, and found no consideration.


  1. This is not only stupid and illogical, but it also testifies to a deliberate lack of understanding and to a striving to push forwards to the first place.


  1. On the other hand, until now you were able to provide a great number of evidences such as photographs, etc., which testify to our existence and which should certainly be enough.


  1. But also this fact is not recognized, and constant further evidence of our existence and of our beamships is demanded.


  1. Without exception all the members of your group want at least visual contact with our ships, or something of the sort.


  1. Semjase has however already offered this opportunity once, to four of your group members.


  1. But this fact has also been fruitless, and more visual contacts were desired.


  1. Semjase has conceded this too, even though we are not very pleased about it, because a demonstration of this kind would probably remain fruitless as well.


  1. But since nothing should be left untried on our part, we have thus agreed to a last such visual contact.


  1. More will however, deliberately not be possible.


  1. Those who can come to terms with it, will get over it.


  1. With those who can’t, however, it will be better if they were no longer associated with our doings.


  1. Only wanting to satisfy one’s desire for sensation is useless to our cause.


  1. Those who want to devote themselves to the cause, will in all honesty strive for the true knowledge and wisdom, and move away from the material ways of thinking, as it is required by the truth.


  1. Anything else is futile and undermines everything.


  1. It should finally be noted that by Earthly standards we are very advanced forms of life, and we can no longer move among such low understanding-related levels as the Earth humans find themselves in.


  1. This does not represent presumption from us, but rather a law of Creation.


  1. Like it is with us, it is with all forms of life, and the Earth humans as well.


  1. They too, can no longer move in levels below their own, therefore they are also no longer able to move in the planes of those life forms, which according to earthly terms are “insane”, but truly just have a sick or underdeveloped consciousness, and in the last case, are in reality just very young and ignorant about the evolution and must first develop themselves further.


  1. However in order to be able to meet all the duties, from time to time and through the existence of the creative laws, in cooperation with and with the help of higher developed Universes, each world brings forth, according to each of the corresponding states of the respective human evolution, one or more life forms of extraordinary spiritual and consciousness-related development standing, with which in turn many more higher-standing intelligences may come in conjunction, so as to be able to transmit certain facts about consciousness-related and spiritual evolution.


  1. These extremely highly developed life forms have been called prophets on Earth, who unfortunately in their time were without exception always attacked and persecuted, a fact which has still not changed up to the present time.


  1. Even today, on the Earth the prophets are cursed and blasphemed, and they are accused of fraud, of charlatanism, and of tellling lies and fantasies.


  1. This is so because the Earth human doesn’t hear the voice of truth and doesn’t want to let go of his false realism and materialism.


  1. For all these reasons we can only come in connection with an earthly life form that meets our requirements and with whom we can also maintain relations with.


  1. And since the Earth in the last 2000 years has only produced a single life form which corresponds to our requirements, we had to, and have to, lawfully comply in keeping ourselves to this one.


  1. All other life forms can’t be taken into consideration by us regarding a contact in connection with the mission known to you.


  1. Already so often are communication difficulties arising in the form that our interpretations, formulations and explanations are incorrectly integrated and analysed when you pass them along.


  1. It must finally be clear, that you alone walk hand in hand with the spirit teaching, etc., and have the appropriate high conscience and high spirit form, and as such you are the only person that we can come into connection with.


  1. And because these things are truly this way, there is no need and it is not possible, to make ourselves more visible.


  1. Besides us, there are still several other extraterrestrial intelligences moving on the terrestrial space, which however stand in a much lower stage of evolution than our own, and which are developed ahead of the Earth humans by only a few centuries, and by only around 1243 years of further development at most.


  1. These life forms are therefore able to come into contact with the average and somewhat more intelligent Earth humans and to communicate with them, which however happens only very rarely, if ever.


  1. Since these intelligences have not yet gone very far ahead of the Earth humanity in terms of development, they very often conduct themselves as rulers and can even let themselves be mislead and influenced by the Earth religions, which is why many higher developed life forms in the Universe must intervene in a regulatory manner, to prevent severe consequences.


  1. Because where religions are widespread, always after a very short time chaos, enslavement, exploitation and consciousness enslavement rule, whereby all consciousness related progress becomes questioned.


  1. Some Earth humans have taken possession of parts of contact reports transcripts, describing real, much earlier contacts with such extraterrestrial intelligences, and created new, imaginative stories, and formed religions and sects from them.


  1. Thus they stepped, or would have stepped, into the public and mendaciously claimed, or would have claimed, that they had or would have had contacts with extraterrestrial life forms.


  1. Other Earth humans allegedly or in reality, received various inspiration-type messages from such low levels, resp. from meagerly developed in consciousness terrestrial or extraterrestrial humans, adulterated these, or produced them unconsciously, or consciously and untruthfully.


  1. This also resulted in malicious fantasies that purely spiritual life forms would have gotten into contact with Earth humans and would still be doing so.


  1. But this truly is not so, because purely spiritual forms only establish contact with life forms which are very highly developed in spirit and in consciousness, as only these are able to receive their vibrations and can bring about the necessary understanding.


  1. So, if other claims are made by Earth humans, then these don’t correspond to the truth, but rather to consciously or unconsciously deceitful fantasies.


  1. The fact is that very highly developed life forms, or even pure spirit forms, were since always never able to establish contact with Earth humans, unless they met an extraordinarily high spiritual and consciousness-related state, which led likewise to an extraordinarily high level, as it was the case with several true prophets.


  1. In each cosmic age a world brings forth only very few of such highly developed in spirit and consciousness life forms, if the average form is still on a very low level of evolution, as it is the case with the Earth people.


  1. On the other hand, these highly developed life forms of such worlds, the prophets, also appear only at certain times, when they are necessary.


  1. And on the Earth, this is the first time that such a case has occurred since nearly 2000 years ago.


  1. This must the Earth human know.



It’s fair and good what you say there, Asket, but many claim that they are in connection, etc., with star people, otherworldly, and spiritual and purely spiritual beings.



  1. In reality this is only the truth to the extent that these Earth humans are connected with other terrestrial life forms, through the Earth humanity’s collective subconscious, and are inspired or even misled, cheated and swindled by these, which are themselves still at very low levels, and which compared to the great mass of Earth humans are not, or are only in a few things, further developed in consciousness.


  1. In addition however, there also appear low Earth human intelligences, who in their thirst for might would like to hold the scepter over their fellow Earth humans, and being aware of the earthly religious heresies they try to take advantage of this and thus, according to their lust for power they influence the ones who have fallen into religions and sects.



Aha, Semjase has also spoken of this once before. However, it seems to me to be worth mentioning now, the fact that Semjase, as well as Arahat Athersata, also said that for 2000 years no contact of any kind has taken place with Earth humans, namely from extraterrestrials, pure spirit forms, etc.



  1. I have just explained, that this refers only to really very high forms, but not to lower and spiritually and consciousness-relatedly un-high forms.



What do you think about the influences of these low life forms and low essence forms on humans, if these actually intervene in the affairs of Earth humans – do they bring or have any benefit on the humans of Earth?



  1. They have this only partially, like everything that is evolving.


  1. Often behind these contacts lurk collective human subconscious forms, etc. But also a very great danger, which unfortunately the Earth humans will only be able to recognize after evil wars and catastrophes have befallen them.


  1. In many cases powerful leaders on the Earth have also subconsciously been maliciously influenced by such collective human subconscious intelligences, and as desired trigger death and destruction, ignorance, doom, deception, hatred and annihilation; this in political as well as in religious areas, however individuals are also affected by these malicious collective subconscious forces, and as a consequence then, in delusion or delusional belief, they commit murders, suicides and mass murders, and trigger catastrophes.


  1. These human beings who are influenced by such collective subconscious intelligences, resp. collective subconscious forces, belong however and without exception, to sectarian religious beliefs, which constitute the main breeding ground.


  1. These Earth humans will be approached through the collective subconscious forces in the form that they are transmitted the delusion that God personally, or Christ or Satan, etc., has issued them the command for murder, war or suicide, etc…


  1. If the Earth human would finally get rid of his deadly sects and religions, then these misleading or malicious collective subconscious intelligences, resp. collective subconscious forces, would lose their suggestive power over him, because where truth and logic and the compliance with the Creative laws prevail, evil can no longer assert itself.


  1. But since these malicious human-collective subconscious-intelligences are aware of this, they very skilfully control and direct the lives of sects and religions.


  1. They even understand how to propagate the madness of religions and sects, and to push the Earth humans more and more to an evil religious-sectarian fanaticism.


  1. In this connection, the infamous machinations of alleged contacts with extraterrestrials or high spirit forms, etc., are very popular with them.


  1. To the Earth humans who listen to these subconscious-voices they present themselves as “envoys from God”, “guardians of peace”, “keepers of the universe”, “angels”, “on behalf of Jesus Christ”, and as “praise and salvation heralds”, etc..


  1. As collective subconscious-type, inspirationally-transmitted influences, these voices designate themselves as such, and claim repeatedly as well, that they are high-standing spirit forms, deceased or even pure spirit forms, etc.


  1. In utilization of their diverse capabilities the collective subconscious voices are also able to create hallucinations and fantastic apparitions for the Earth humans, mostly on sectarian religious basis, such as saint figures, images of Christ, images of Mary, crosses, etc., which appear to the Earth human as “miracles” and entangle him deeper and more madly in the religions and sects.


  1. And that this is actually so, of it you could convince yourself, when I led you to the crucification utensils in the depths of the Giza pyramid.


  1. But as the demonstration of this fact was not enough then, for you to learn through facts about these deadly Earth religions, I granted you later, along with your friend, the journey into the past, where you could convince yourself on the spot of the plotful operations of about 2000 years ago.



Man, girl, why do you mention these things? You have told me at the time, that under no circumstances should I talk about it, before you allowed me to do so. Now you’re talking about it yourself, and if even a small error happens during the transmission from Semjase, I will automatically put everything on paper. You really have to be more careful.



  1. Such errors as you accept them, can never happen in transmissions.


  1. This, on the one hand, but on the other I speak about these things because the time has come to explain everything.


  1. Your task postulates that you now talk about all these things from our former contacts and that you convey all the knowledge to the Earth humans.



Good grief… I’m going crazy. I should talk about all that now? I will undoubtedly be put in the madhouse. I still can’t tell anyone that I have travelled 2000 years into the past with you and that the friend I travelled with probably became crazy because of this. I will be called mad and crazy when I announce that I have shaken hands with dear such and such and many others at the time, and also talked with them. And who would believe me when I say that I have appeared like an angel to some people and told them certain things, which in the course of time got distorted, but still got handed down until nearly 2000 years later? Asket, that’s just not possible, that I should narrate everything… I would go down as the greatest lunatic of all time in the history of the world. I would even be insulted as the greatest lunatic of the entire Universe, and be put under lock and key for life, behind the thickest prison walls. You really can’t demand that from me, that I would do that, because for me that means the same as being a living dead. That is really too much, Asket, that would be madness.



  1. You know very well that many years ago, you were designated by a name that would determine the rest of you life, namely by a lot of suffering and mistakes that are piled up on you.


  1. So you already knew then, that the rest of your life would be exceptionally hard and difficult, and that you would also have to continue bearing much poverty and hardship.


  1. But for the truth’s sake and in spite of your knowledge, you wanted to take everything on yourself and not let your mission down by one iota.


  1. However, if you nevertheless feel the urge to release yourself of your task in the previously mentioned respect, then we will not ask you about it anymore.


  1. We cannot and must not force you, because the truth can never be disseminated by force.


  1. Tell me your will, and we will act accordingly.


  1. If you don’t want to, then none of us will will force ourselves into you any further.


  1. However, if you also want to serve the cause in this form, then it would please me.


  1. But the decision lies with you alone.



Of course… In such matters you simply abandon me intentionally.

當然… 但在這件事情上,你故意放棄我。


  1. Your own will is crucial, because you must be able to answer for your own actions or omissions.



I really don’t find it easy, Asket. What do you say to that, Semjase… and what do you think, Nera?



  1. It’s an extraordinarily high demand on you, like you also are an extraordinary Earth human, if I may call you that under the present circumstances.



May the devil take it, how should I understand this now? You and Asket, you both probably know a lot more about me than it is the case with Semjase and hers concerning this, right? But what actually is it?



  1. You will find the solution of the mystery already in due time.



With that will I have drunk and eaten… and my problem is probably also solved thereby, right?



  1. It certainly is not so, and to be sure neither for you nor for me and the others, and therefore I also can’t make the decision for you.


  1. This lies alone in the area of your own decisions.



That is really damn ceremonious. There is probably no other possibility for me.



  1. You were never a wimp.



Aha, you also know that expression.



  1. Sure… Asket has gone into the heart of the matter.



Then I will walk once again to the gallows, more than hanged I can no longer be. Maybe I will also end up on a funeral pyre, or get quartered, drowned, broken on the wheel, strangled or shot or who knows what.



  1. Your path and life will be very hard and very difficult, and indeed also in reference to your wife, but everything will probably not be so bad, that you must therefore have excessively bad thougths.



You can talk… Yes, I finally get to the devil’s kitchen.

你只管說… 是啊,我已經是魚肉了。


  1. I said already, that everything will not be so bad.



I only ask myself, what you imagine as absolutely bad and what you don’t, but I don’t expect an answer to it. You really don’t have to tell me.



  1. That spares me from a very long explanation.



I can easily imagine that. But now tell me what I should do.



  1. Your decision is clear and final?



Don’t ask for that too.



  1. You are still in possession of all the reports of our contacts from then – have you kept them like I asked you to?


  1. I will transmit these to you via Semjase, resp. via her equipment anyway.



I’m not a clown and a word breaker. But they all contain many errors that were caused by the rapid transmission and should still be corrected by you or Semjase.



  1. Of course, I understand.


  1. Semjase will assist you in this respect, in conjunction with me.


  1. So weave after the following conversation, which will not be transmitted by Semjase, the reports of our former contacts into Semjase’s contact reports, which for the same reasons you must correct and complete with her as well, yes.



How do you imagine that to be then? When Semjase transmits the reports to me by thoughts, these always come so fast and ceaselessly, that I can hardly catch my breath. How am I supposed to still have the time to weave the reports from our contacts of those foregone years? And how do you both imagine that to be at all, should I once again begin a new complex? That is simply too much, because on the one hand I have to write Semjase’s reports, and on the other hand I also spend long hours hammering the long reports from Arahat Athersata into the machine. I really don’t know how to manage all this, I’m not a magician, nor a superman. I often have to skip words or even whole sentences, or I write wrong concepts, if I can’t decipher the transmitted symbols at the moment, because everything always goes so fast, and I’m not used to type at this transmission speed.



  1. You complicate things, however you will have enough time to write down the reports of the contacts and experiences you and Asket have had together.


  1. When at a later point in time I transmit to you the report of this trip and you write everything down, I will naturally give you enough time to write down the additional reports of Asket and yourself.


  1. I will then check your work together with you later.


  1. In due time I will also announce myself again, if you need my other transmissions.


  1. You will put together at a later point, all that is discussed by Asket and you in your contacts, if afterwards we continue our conversation in confidential mission.


  1. It is also not necessary for you to start a new work.


  1. Regarding the messages from Arahat Athersata my father will make use of the High Council, to convey to Arahat Athersata that you need some time and therefore the transmissions should not be continued for the time being.


  1. In due time, we will again inform the level otherwise.


  1. But now we want to get to the conversation, through which we will initiate you in many secret things, which however never, or only much later, may you mention to other persons.



Okay, I will keep to it already.



  1. Sure, we all know that.


(Now also begins this conversation. Good, I will let myself be surprised.)


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