Contact Report 034/第034次接触报告



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资讯来源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
报告卷属:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 1
资讯链接:「Futureofmankind. James Moore」

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英版译者:Stefan Zutt


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  • Part 1 Translation

105. Then nothing prevents us anymore from an enlightenment.
105. 那么,再也没有什么能阻止我们觉悟了。

OK; I have got now another question: Although we had last time already talked about it, however some questions have arisen thereof from our discussion, namely from the Bermuda triangle. After the discussion it seems to me that you have once again explained only half of the facts and concealed the most important part. I have learned that over there not only ships disappear, but also aircrafts.

106. You’re really tireless and you are really not satisfied until knowing the last details.

Those are very important for all of us.

107. Not only you seem to be very inquisitive. –
107. 你不仅看起来很好奇。

108. I will thus explain you some things a bit more elaborately.
108. 我会更详细地向你解释一些事情。

109. In the past I had once explained to you, that there are three different locations on Earth, where fully natural dimensions-gates arise periodically.
109. 在过去,我曾经向你们解释过,地球上有三个不同的位置,那里有完全自然维度大门会周期性的打开。

110. These gates signify a nature-wise danger, cosmically caused and originating from time-flows.
110. 这些维度之门起源于时间的流动,由宇宙法则引起。象征着自然智慧的危险。

111. This natural danger is the originator of many happenings, which affect the normal-time of Earth, but just at those places where they appear.
111. 这种自然危险是许多事件的根源,它影响着地球的正常时间,但只是在它们出现的地方。

112. But on that I will later on provide you with an explanation.
112. 但我稍后会给你一个解释。

113. First I want to clarify some other facts.
113. 首先,我想澄清一些其他事实。

114. The events concerning the Bermuda-triangle are known worldwide, which is also to their benefit analyzed by certain dark figures.
114. 有关百慕大三角的事件是全世界都知道的,这也得益于某些黑暗人物的解释。

115. Those are seafaring men of Earth, who conduct their sinister businesses in the Bermuda-triangle, from simple piracy to mass murder.
115. 他们是地球上的航海人,他们在百慕大三角洲从事着险恶的活动,从简单的劫掠到大规模谋杀。

116. They are viciously boarding small cargo and passenger ships, seize the freight and the valuables and murder afterwards crew and passengers.
116. 他们邪恶地强行登上小货船和客船,夺取货物和贵重物品和之后谋杀,全部船员和乘客。

117. This is a kind of events that happens over there from time to time.
117. 这是一种在那里经常发生的典型事件。

118. Another form of happenings in the Bermuda-triangle stems from a process natural to Earth, about which I had also already spoken with you during the last contact.
118. 在百慕大三角地带发生的另外一些事情,源于地球的自然过程,我在最后一次接触时也已经和你说过了。

119. This area is by the nature of Earth very vulnerable, due to dangerously rising up seabed-gases, which causes many ships navigating this location to suffer shipwreck over there and often submerge with all of their crew and passengers in the sea, never to be found again.
119. 由于地球海底天然气的危险上升,这一地区的性质非常脆弱,导致许多船只在这个地方航行时,在那里遭遇海难,经常是与所有船员和乘客一起葬身海底,再也找不到了。

120. I had really already explained that to you.
120. 我真的已经向你解释过了。

121. The reason of those events is also that at this location the entire seabed is in constant motion and relentlessly lifting and lowering itself.
121. 这些事件的原因是,在这个位置,整个海床不断运动,反复地升降。

122. In that way huge underwater mountains and plateaus are often within a few hours pressed upwards and changing the surface and subface of the sea.
122. 这样巨大的水下山脉和高原,通常在几小时内压力上升,改变海水表面和水下原有的状态。

123. Very often those changes are much too late detected by the skippers and their crews, and thus they and their ships collide with full speed with the upward pressed masses.
123. 通常船长和船员发现这些变化已经太晚了测,因此他们和他们的船只会发生碰撞,全速向上压块。

124. This had already been the case in early times, while a continent had still been located there above sea level.
124. 这在早期大陆仍然位于海平面以上是这样的。

125. It had been a large continent, inhabited by a highly advanced race.
125. 这是一个很大的大陆,居住着一个高度发达的种族。

126. By a tremendous disaster, for which the residents had not been totally innocent, this continent sunk in the sea and got destroyed.
126. 然而,这块大陆沉入大海,被一场巨大的灾难所毁灭,居民和他们的敌人并非完全无辜。

127. But not the least the dangerous movements of Earth and a cosmic event also contributed during this happening.
127. 但地球的危险运动和宇宙事件在这一事件中也起到了重要作用。

128. The dimensions-gate too played a very important role.
128. 维度之门也扮演了非常重要的角色。

129. The events inside the Bermuda-triangle are likewise not mysterious, as is the case with the other two locations.
129. 百慕大三角区内的事件也不神秘,与其他两个地点的情况一样。

130. Everything is explainable and the events are really not associated with extraterrestrial intelligences, who are over there allegedly occupying themselves with kidnapping and satanic machinations.
130. 所有的事情都是可以解释的事件,确实不是和那些从事绑架活动和编造撒旦诡计的外星智能人有关。

131. Certainly, two small stations exist deep in the sea in the Bermuda-triangle, which are also inhabited for three years by extraterrestrial intelligences from our federation.
131. 当然,百慕大三角洲的海洋深处有两个小基地,我们联盟的外星智慧也居住了三年。

132. However, those are actually very distant descendants of the former inhabitants of the continent.
132. 然而,这些人实际上是这块大陆前居民的后代。

133. But they are of absolutely peaceful nature and do not endanger any earthly life-forms.
133. 但它们绝对是天性和平的,不会危及任何地球上的生命形式。

134. Their spaceflight-capable aircrafts are also able to navigate in water and can dive to great depths.
134. 他们的宇宙飞船也能在水中航行,并能潜入深海。

135. That is necessary, because their stations are located deep in the sea.
135. 这是必须的,因为它们的基地在海的深处。

136. Very often they can also be observed in those areas, while they surface from the water and vanish in the atmosphere.
136. 它们在这些区域从水面浮出,消失在大气中时常常被观察到。

137. However, they have factually nothing to do with the events of the Bermuda-triangle, which is unfortunately claimed regarding them.
137. 然而,他们真的是与百慕大群岛三角事件没有任何关系,这一切还是指向了他们

138. These claims are actually only based on religious machinations of certain ufology groups, which following their dishonest way of working and based on religions, require two kinds of powers, good and evil, in their teachings or irrational teachings, in order to appear as trustworthy from the perspective of their followers and believers.
138. 这些说法其实都是基于一定的飞碟研究组织的宗教阴谋,其中宗教阴谋,根据他们的不公平的功能,在他们的教导或错误的教义中,必须有两种力量,善与恶,这取决于他们的信仰,为了在他们的追随者和信徒的利益看起来是可信的。

139. But now I want to explain the dimensions-gate to you:
139. 但现在我想向你解释维度之门:

140. As already said, it is a cosmic phenomenon.
140. 如前所述,这是一种宇宙现象。

141. Such a dimensions-gate represents a natural-cosmic phenomenon, a barrier between your normal-time and a dimension unknown to you.
141. 这种维度之门是一个自然的宇宙现象,是你们正常时间和你们之间的一个屏障。

142. In the given case, this other dimension has a parallel world to Earth, which is however in some points subject to greater scenic fluctuations.
142. 在这个例子中,这另一个维度与地球有着平行的世界,然而,在某些地形上,它会受到更大的波动。

143. The dimensions-barrier or the dimensions-gate gets caused by a cosmic elimination-transformation-radiation, which is wavering and occurring periodically.
143. 维度屏障或维度门是由宇宙消除转换辐射引起的,辐射是周期性的波动。

144. Its point of origin are various giant suns in a galaxy unknown to you within a universe of other dimensions, which are sending out their radiations and are meeting in the other space-time-structure in 7.2 light years’ distance beyond the Earth.
144. 它的起源点是在一个银河系中未知的巨大太阳,它与你们在宇宙中另一个维度的外部恒星相吻合,它们发出辐射,并在距离地球7.2光年以外的时空结构中相遇。

145. Over there they begin to flow into one another and to bundle up.
145. 在那里,他们开始互相流动并捆绑起来。

146. The Earth is the exact endpoint in the space-time-structure of the DERN-universe, where this radiation is hitting highly concentrated and producing the effect of a dimension-barrier.
146. 地球是在现代宇宙时空结构的终点,因为这种辐射是高度集中,形成了一个维度的屏障的影响。

147. As the Earth moves like all structures in the universe, this radiation – divided into a three-arm – is only hitting the planet at three locations, when the Earth is moving exactly in the focus of the wandering radiation, causing the two dimensions to be able to touch each other by the radiation.
147. 当地球像宇宙中所有的结构一样运动时,这种辐射——分成三臂——只在三个地点撞击地球,当地球正处于游荡的辐射的焦点时,使两个维度能够通过辐射相互接触。

148. The radiation itself produces the effect of an elimination of the normal-time, in a manner of evoking a transformation.
148. 辐射本身产生一种消除正常时间的效果,以唤起转变的方式。

149. That means that the structure of the earthly normal-time is at the radiation-flashpoints transformed into the timeless, in which way the normal-time gets eliminated.
149. 这意味着,在辐射重点地球正常时间的结构转化为永恒,消除正常时间。

150. This transformation layer is still located far outside of the actual centre, which is already located in the other dimension.
150. 这个转换层仍然位于实际中心之外,该中心已经位于另一个维度。

151. It is a similar process as the one known to you with cyclones.
151. 这是你熟悉的飓风的类似过程。

152. In the actual centre of the storm there is calm, while the vortex contains the actual storm.
152. 在风暴的中心有平静,而漩涡包含实际的风暴。

153. The outer rings and whirls are the transition layer from storm-less to the storm.
153. 外环和旋涡是从风暴到风暴的过渡层。

154. Matters are similar with the dimensions-gate.
154. 这同样适用于维度门。

155. The outer layers represent the transformation layer from the earthly normal-time to the other dimension.
155. 外层代表从地球正常时间到另一维度的转换层。

156. The vortex’s radiation contains the actual transition in it, while the centre constitutes already the other dimension, a different universe resp. a different dimension within a different time-layer.
156. 涡旋的辐射包含了它的实际跃迁,而中心则构成了另一个维度,一个不同的宇宙。不同时间层中的不同维度。

157. Look, if you want to depict it, you can do it this way, as I am drawing it here in the sand. (Semjase uses a piece of wood for creating a drawing on the floor.)
157. 听着,如果你想描绘它,你可以这样做,就像我在沙滩上画的一样。(Semjase用一块木头制作的地板上。绘图)

158. When later on recreating this drawing on paper, you will be able to easily recognise the facts from it and they will also be understandable to all others.
158. 当稍后在纸上重新绘制这张图时,你将能够很容易地从中识别出事实,他们也将为所有其他人理解。

159. I am therefore recommending you to transfer this drawing to paper.
159. 因此我建议你把这张图纸转成纸。

160. Here you are seeing the depiction of a storm.
160. 在这里你可以看到风暴的描绘。

161. At the outside there is the transition layer or the transition zone.
161. 在外面有过渡层或过渡区。

〄... 接觸報告「Contact Report」-034#_02

162. Outside of this layer normal weather conditions are still prevailing, while conditions in the light layer itself are being changed.
162. 在这一层之外,正常的天气条件仍然存在,而光层本身的条件正在改变。

163. At first calm of wind is developing and very humid heat.
163. 起初,风是平静的,而且是非常湿热的。

164. Deep quietness is also related to it, because the voices of nature are remaining silent, as they feel the nearing of the storm.
164. 深沉的寂静也与它有关,因为大自然的声音是寂静的,因为他们感觉到暴风雨即将来临。

165. Only over here the actual belt of the storm or storm-zone is located.
165. 这里是实际的风暴带或风暴区。

166. Within this belt, nature’s elements and all power of the storm are raging, while over here in the centre calm and quiet prevail.
166. 在这个地带,大自然的元素和风暴的所有力量都在肆虐,而在此中心是平静和安宁。

167. Watching my drawing you can see that the principle of the storm follows and acts according to a precise harmony with the cosmic construction.
167. 从我的图中,你可以看到风暴的原理遵循着与宇宙构造的精确和谐一致。

168. It is the same happening as it occurs during the formation of a new galaxy.
168. 当星系形成时,情况也是一样。

169. The laws in macrocosm and microcosm are exactly the same and differ only in their order of magnitude.
169. 在宏观与微观的规律是相同的,只是在他们的量级差异。

170. When you now start with the same drawing and imagine to see the dimensions-barrier in it, you are again getting the same principle.
170. 当你开始用同一张图,象它的规模界限时,你又得到了同样的原理。

171. Relatively seen, the processes remain exactly the same, with the only difference of their forces equalling fundamentally different types.
171. 相对来看,过程是完全一致的,力量是它们的与根本不同的物种的唯一区别。

172. Concerning the dimension-gate the forces are purely cosmic energies, radiations of a very special kind.
172. 维度门是纯粹的宇宙能量,是非常特殊的辐射。

173. The effect of the vortex or the spiral does anyhow remain the same, even if the appearance is different.
173. 漩涡和旋涡的作用无论如何都保持不变,即使外表不同。

174. The transition belt, the storm belt and the centre are here also present, just in a different form than for a galaxy or for a storm of nature’s elements on a planet or a star resp. on a sun.
174. 过渡带、风暴带和中心也在这里,只是以一种不同的形式出现在银河系上,或是在行星或恒星上的自然元素风暴中。在太阳上。

〄... 接觸報告「Contact Report」-034#_03

175. The transition zone or the transition layer is to be compared with a transition time between two world eras.
175. 过渡区或过渡层可以比较两个世界时代的过渡期。

176. The old and traditional normal-time is still available, but it is already allowing a view into the other time level, into the other dimension and other world.
176. 旧的和传统的正常时间仍然存在,但它已经允许进入另一个时间层次的视图,进入另一个维度和其他世界。

177. So when a flying object enters this zone, with life-forms sitting in it, well then they are still in the normal-time, but are already looking into the other time layer, into the other world.
177. 所以当一个飞行物进入这个区域,生命形态坐在里面,那么它们仍然在正常的时间,但是已经在进入另一个时间层,进入另一个世界。

178. Because them during their flight looking forwards, they see a world totally foreign to them and a foreign landscape, as long as they had never been there before.
178. 因为他们在飞行中向前看,他们看到一个完全陌生的世界和一个外国的景观,如果他们以前从来没有去过那里。

179. By the powers of the vortex life-forms are – as long as they are not familiar with these happenings and are not possessing the required devices and apparatuses – losing control over their aircraft and are that way driven into the actual passage-whirl, into the actual dimensions-gate.
179. 但是,由于漩涡的力量,如果他们不熟悉这些事件,并没有必要的准备和设备,生命形态的飞机失去控制,并以这种方式驱动到实际的漩涡,进入维度之门。

180. Over there they are then already solely seeing the other world in the other dimension, while their normal-time is already behind them.
180. 在那里,他们已经完全看到了另一维度的另一世界,而他们正常的时间已经落后于他们了。

181. Then they are driven into the centre of the spiral whirl and are therefore in the other time layer, thus in another world resp. in a dimension totally foreign to them.
181. 然后它们被驱动进入螺旋旋转的中心,因此在另一个时间层,因此在另一个世界。在一个完全陌生的维度。

182. Should they lack the required apparatuses and other devices, they become prisoners of the foreign dimension for all times, and a return into their normal-time won’t be there anymore for them.
182. 如果他们没有必要的设备和其他设备,他们将永远成为外国维度的俘虏,而且永远不会再回到正常的时间。

183. In and of itself this happens rather frequently in the Bermuda-triangle, and earthly aircrafts are over there repeatedly disappearing, unable to ever return again.
183. 就其本身而言,这种情况在百慕大三角地带发生得相当频繁,而地球上的飞机在那里不断地消失,再也回不来了。

184. Many of these events are in particular related to the use of earthly aircrafts for hunting the beam ships of the life-forms that are living there in underwater stations.
184. 特别是,这些事件中有许多与地球上的飞机有关,它们是生活在海底基地的的生命形式的光束船有关。

185. The aircrafts are unexpectedly getting into the radiation of the dimensions-barrier that suddenly gets active, and are carried off course into the other time-layer, from where no return is possible for them.
185. 飞机出乎意料地进入了维度屏障的辐射,它突然变得活跃,并被传送到另一个时间层,从那里他们不可能再返回。

186. As I said already, these happenings are however by very unreal and religiously confused practitioners of ufology (humans of the Earth) evaluated in a religious manner and dressed up in totally false facts.
186. 我已经说了,这些都是通过很虚幻的和将宗教混为一谈的从事于飞碟研究人员(地球人)对宗教的态度和认识完全错误的事实。

187. It still remains to explain that not only flying objects are getting into these transformation-spirals, but also ships and individual life-forms, because the radiation field and the power of the elimination-transformation of the whirls are sometimes reaching till the surface of the sea.
187. 仍然需要解释的是,不仅飞行物体能进入这些变换的螺旋,而且船舶和个体的生命形式,因为辐射场和漩涡变换的力量有时也会达到海面。

The whole context is thus effectively not mysterious. But you had in the past mentioned that humans are also kidnapped by aliens in the Bermuda-triangle.

188. Certainly, but it is that very rare, like in all other areas of the Earth.
188. 当然,但这是非常罕见的,就像在地球的其他地区一样。

189. For those abductions mainly the Giza-Intelligences are predominant, together with time travellers and other elements of the universe.
189. 对于那些绑架主要是吉萨智能所为,加上时间旅行和宇宙的其他元素。

190. However, these incidents are truly very rare and count for less than 0.02% of all abduction cases on the Earth.
190. 然而,这些事件确实非常罕见,在地球所有绑架案件占不到0.02%。

I could really not imagine this being a major organised thing. I am now further on still interested in a matter related to the so-called appearances of Saints. I mean those phenomena, that are in a religious fashion dressed up in a holiness like for example the alleged appearance of a so-called Saint, after which the dear humans at the location of appearance are then creating places of pilgrimage out of it. A totally…

  • Part 2 Translation

899. Earths magnetism has been disturbed by the atomic bomb explosions.
899. 原子弹爆炸引起了地球磁场的干扰。

900. Which means, due to the explosions a very weak retro-pull effect has been caused to the Earth and has influenced the rotation in values barely measurable.
900. 这意味着,由于爆炸,已经对地球造成了一个非常微弱的向后拉的效应,对地球旋转造成的影响难以估量。

901. In turn this means that the Earth has been forced out of its normal orbital rotation and therefore slowly now seeks a new course of rotation for itself.
901. 反过来,这意味着地球被迫偏离了正常的旋转轨道,因此慢慢地为自己寻求一个新的自转轨道。

902. However, the rotational course of the Earth around the sun has also been diminished for smaller values which has forced it out of its normal course.
902. 然而,地球围绕太阳公转的过程也被轻微的改变,这迫使它偏离正常轨道。

903. The Earth scientists have committed a malicious crime on their own planet and on their entire humanity therefore because these forced changes, caused by the explosions, are of far reaching consequences and they have extremely catastrophic effects.
903. 地球科学家在他们自己的星球和整个人类身上犯下了恶毒的罪行,因此,由于爆炸造成的这些人为的变化,所产生了深远的后果,将会造成极其灾难性的影响。

904. The North and South magnetic poles during the past years have already shifted considerably.
904. 过去几年中,北极和南极磁极已经发生了很大的变化。

905. The present day magnetic pole in the North is now already located in the Canadian Polar Sea, while the South Pole has shifted and is moving in the direction of South America.
905. 现在北极的磁极现在已经位于加拿大的极地海,而南极的磁极已经移向南美洲

906. By the turn of the third millennium, thus in approximately 1000 years, the changes in magnetic polar positioning on Earth will have progressed to such an extent, that the South Pole will be located in South America, while the North Pole will have travelled to Saudi Arabia.
906. 到第三个千年之交,在大约1000年的时间里,地球磁极定位的变化将达到这样的程度,南极将位于南美洲,而北极将会处于沙特阿拉伯。

907. The calculable point, up to this time, of the North Pole in the year 3000 resulted in our designation of a location between Dschidda on the Red Sea and the Islamic pilgrim city of Mekka.
907. 计算表明到这个时候,也就是在3000年北极点按照我们的指示位置应该在红海的沙特吉达(Dschidda)和伊斯兰圣城麦加(Mekka)之间。

908. [Missing text]
908. [Missing text]

909. [Missing text]
909. [Missing text]

910. After the explosions of the atom bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the atomic radiation spread extremely fast and soon encompassed the entire Earth.
910. 在广岛和长崎原子弹爆炸之后, 原子辐射迅速扩散, 很快就包围了整个地球。

911. But by far the much greater danger is caused by very specific elemental radiations, which are still presenting great puzzles to the Earth scientists, which they have not been able to solve, because they have not grasped the types and forms of these yet.
911. 但到目前为止, 更大的危险是由非常特殊的元素辐射引起的, 它们仍然给地球科学家们带来了巨大的困惑, 他们还无法解决, 因为他们还没有掌握这些类型和形式。

912. Especially three major values for the continuation of life are influenced and damaged by the setting free of these elemental radiations.
912. 特别是在生命延续进程中非常重要的三个被释放的元素辐射所影响和破坏。

913. This catastrophic process after any atomic explosion of the size of the Hiroshima bomb lasts several centuries and influences all life continuation potentials in a negative manner.
913. 广岛原子弹爆炸当量相当的原子辐射所形成的灾难性的过程将持续几个世纪并继续以消极的方式影响所有的生灵。

914. In the purely atmospheric layers of the Earth, first of all, due to an atomic explosion and thereby the setting free of the elemental radiations the ozone-household is influenced in a catastrophic manner.
914. 在地球纯净的大气层中,首先,由于原子爆炸,从而释放元素辐射,臭氧受到了灾难性的影响。

915. Due to the setting free of atomic energies, electrical energies of horrendous values are generated by these already mentioned elemental radiations.
915. 由于释放的原子能,这些已知的元素辐射产生了可怕的电能。

916. This occurs in a very high frequency range, which is still unknown to earthly science.
916. 这发生在一个非常高的频率范围,这在地球科学上仍然是未知的。

917. These energies do not refer to the normal electrical energy known to you, but to an electrical radiation-energy which is operating in the ultra-violet radiation range.
917. 这些能量不是指已知的正常电能,而是指在紫外线辐射范围内工作的电辐射能量。

918. This radiation-energy necessarily mixes into the oxygen of the air and generates gigantic quantities of ozone of the highest value.
918. 这种辐射能必然会混合到空气中的氧气中,产生最大量的臭氧。

919. If normally, according to earthly circumstances, only 1 part of ozone is measurable in 500,000 parts of air, the ozone value after an explosion, in the shortest period of time, rises to the value of 34, which corresponds to a partial value of 28 parts.
919. 如果正常情况下,根据地球情况,在50万单位的空气中只有1个单位的臭氧是可测量的不到1盎司,爆炸后的臭氧值,在最短的时间内,上升到34的值,这相当于28个单位值。

920. These dangerous values then destroy all micro-organisms in the extended surrounding area, which are of enormous value for the continuation of all earthly life.
920. 这些危险值,随后将扩展到周边地区摧毁所有的微生物,这是会对地球生命的延续造成巨大的影响。

921. Shortly after the explosion, the ozone-values sink rapidly again and level off.
921. 爆炸过后不久,臭氧值迅速下降并趋于平稳。

922. However, certain elementary values penetrate into all matter and settle there during hundreds of years, by which, during the course of time, all micro-organisms that come close to them are destroyed over and over again.
922. 然而,某些基本的值渗透到所有的物质中,并在几百年内沉淀下来,在这个过程中,所有接近它们的微生物都一再被破坏。

923. This is the one factor in connection to the ozone.
923. 这是与臭氧有关的一个因素。

924. An additional factor is the ozone-belt which, due to rising of and by such gases, generated by such explosions, is damaged in manifold manner and is not able to absorb the ultra-violet radiation of the sun.
924. 另一个因素是臭氧带,由于爆炸产生的气体上升,造成了多种方式的破坏,使臭氧层无法吸收太阳的紫外线辐射。

925. Nature works exactly according to the natural laws.
925. 大自然是有大自然的法则。

926. The normal ozone-household of any world is created by various factors, thus also by thunderstorms with lightning appearances.
926. 任何一个世界上正常的臭氧都是由各种因素造成的,因此也是由雷暴和闪电现象所产生。

927. This ozone, created in such a manner on the one hand purifies the air of pollution affecting life aversely, and on the other hand, great masses of the ozone gas rise upwards, gather at approximately 18 to 27 kilometre altitude to a belt and mantle, which extends around the planet.
927. 以这种方式所产生的臭氧,一方面净化了影响生命进程的污染空气,另一方面,大量臭氧气体的上升,聚集在大约海拔18至27公里的高度,围绕地球形成了臭氧层和臭氧带。

928. This ozone-belt or ozone-mantle then carries out the function of a natural protection, in order to protect living lifeforms on the Earth against the very potent ultra-violet radiation of the sun.
928. 这个臭氧层或臭氧带执行着一个保护自然的作用,保护地球上的生命形式免受太阳强大的紫外线辐射。

929. The direct radiation onto lifeforms by the ultra-violet radiation of the sun and additional radiations of the same type from other areas of space, unresistingly would cause the death of all lifeforms.
929. 直接辐射到生命的太阳和从其他空间区域的相同类型的附加辐射的紫外线辐射,抵抗会造成所有生命形式的死亡。

930. So that this can not happen, the ozone-belt is necessary.
930. 因此,不能发生这样的事情,臭氧层是必要的。

931. This ozone-belt absorbs the radiation to a great extent and converts it into useful values and elemental radiations.
931. 这种臭氧带在很大程度上吸收了辐射,并将其转化为有用的值和元素辐射。

932. Nature itself always generates as much ozone as is essential to guarantee life.
932. 大自然本身产生的臭氧量只能保证生命所必需的。

933. Whether this is caused by lightning appearances or by the influence of ultra-violet radiation itself or by other natural occurrences, it always stays the same:
933. 无论是由于出现闪电或紫外线辐射或其他自然现象的影响,它总是保持总量不变:

934. Nature never produces more ozone than is needed.
934. 自然界不会产生比需要更多的臭氧。

935. Exceptions only occur when catastrophes break lose, which are mostly of cosmic or planetary origin.
935. 例外只发生在巨大的灾难发生时,这大部分是宇宙或行星的起源。

936. [Missing text]
936. [Missing text]


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