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There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
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Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!


  • Monday, October 20, 1975, 1:57 PM
It has been a long time since I have had any further contact with you. However, I’ve had my hands full of different things and haven’t had much time to think about you. Moreover, on the 14th of October, something new appeared: Some evidently very highly developed life form penetrated into me in a telepathic form and revealed very interesting things to me. She explained to me that I should call her PETALE. The meaning of this name, however, is not clear to me because I have found several meanings for that name in the Secret Science Encyclopedia.
1. That is known to me.
2. Concerning the life form with which you are in contact, it is not as you assume but rather a pure spirit-being already of an absolutely sexless form.
3. Hence, it does not concern a form of being in the nature of a “he" or “she" but an “IT," a high pure-spirit-level, namely of the last level before the union with the Creation.
4. It should also be noted that this high form corresponds in its entirety to an EGO, as it is already a union of many spirit forms into a “WE."
5. This means when it speaks to you, which can only happen from one side, it speaks of “ITSELF" or “ME," but such is spoken from the united “WE."
So that means that the “WE" is an EGO, just as the “I" is an EGO even in this case?
6. Sure, I don’t know of a better explanation.
7. This form is nearing absolute full development and is higher by many levels than the level of Arahat Athersata.
8. From this level, however, the PETALE level was informed about you.
9. For you, “PETALE," in the form given to you, means “WHEEL OF TIME."
10. The messages addressed to you from this highest level serve to explain the most important facts, so in this case to explain the TEN COMMANDMENTS (recommendations) known to you.
11. The explanations and messages in this case, therefore, are given from such an elevated level because it is there that the last wisdom relating to this is known, which should be useful for the human beings of Earth.
That pleases me tremendously, but I think that now all will become a bit too much for me.
12. The contact and the transmissions will not last very long because only the values of the Ten Commandments (recommendations) are to be explained, together with a few other important facts.
13. So it will not be difficult for you to receive and write down these messages and then still process the messages of Arahat Athersata and my contacts.
14. We are all trying hard not to overload you in spite of everything, so that you can do your work unburdened.
15. Arahat Athersata will, therefore, also only transmit other messages to you in small quantities.
Then I am calmed, and so I can quietly occupy you with some questions: Is it possible for you to make me a list of all those UFO contactees whom we can really trust and who are neither deceivers nor charlatans nor cheats?
16. I am not able to decide that on my own because there are too many important factors contained therein, about which I do not have unlimited freedom of action.
17. But in this respect, I will consult with the others and inform you of our decision.
18. It will at least be possible, however, for me to mention to you the most important trustworthy people.
That’s already something. My second question concerns Hitler: Can you tell me more details about his beginnings?
19. You are thinking of the leader of the former German Reich, of Adolf Hitler?
20. I am only allowed to give you a few details about that, but they will be very interesting for you:
21. Adolf Hitler was, in many respects, a genius.
22. His knowledge ranged from various fields of art and technology across many different sciences up to the use of powers of suggestion.
23. In his inner form, he was an incarnate life form of very good values.
24. He was not, however, a human being of a highly developed spirit but a human being of intellectual and rational values, intended to lead the whole of earthly politics and economics as well as all states into a certain positive direction, in order to create a peaceful united world and earth humanity.
25. For this purpose he was schooled and incarnated in his place.
26. He was intended to give a new dress to the earth through positive actions in logic and rationality and to initiate new forms of development.
27. This was very tightly controlled and monitored.
28. But in the end, all the trouble was in vain, and he was not able to do justice to his task in the way it was planned.
29. Via the persons then in charge of the Thule Society as well as through their clairvoyant, Hanussen l, the Giza Intelligences succeeded in taking possession of Adolf Hitler’s being and in misusing him for their dark and evil purposes, without him defending himself against it, because a delusional greed for might had erupted in him.
30. Together with this endeavor, still innumerable forces, in the form of Earth human beings who had fallen prey to the Giza Intelligences, were manipulated in a consciousness-based manner and were placed in his closest sphere, whose influence he was also not able to resist.
31. Thus, he was also thereby soon compelled to act against his own determinations and to do things that did not correspond to his determination.
I imagined something similar. Because I could never cope with the fact that Hitler should have simply been a quite normal person and not a delirious, imperious one. All his deeds and actions, his trains of thought known to me from newspapers and radio speeches, in which I was interested during the wartime and which I often followed with Sfath’s help, could not be reconciled with the image that was generally made of him during the events of the war. That was also made clear to me by Sfath.
32. Sure, it is as you say.
33. Adolf Hitler succumbed to a power delusion and was also maliciously misused by the Giza Intelligences, and also the old Thule Society did not have an inconsiderable share in it, which cannot be transferred, however, to the eponymous society of a new form.
So you have said already. You have, indeed, already spoken of this society once, in connection with Ashtar Sheran, or whatever he is called. Allegedly, this Sheran is supposed to have also transmitted a novelistic book, as was explained to me, in which it is said that his clan had taken dear Moses aboard a beamship about 3,500 years ago. Through these, the Ten Commandments (recommendations) were then handed over to him. In addition, this Sheran also claims that the events of FATIMA are attributable to his clan. You once made some hints about these things, but you did not express yourself very clearly because you had no definite certainty about these events. You promised me, however, that you would enlighten me if you found clarity about them. I am now interested in whether the then Thule society in Germany is somehow connected to this Sheran clan and whether this, in turn, somehow has something to do with the Giza Intelligences.
34. Your questions have touched on a number of explanations that I wanted to give you today anyway.
35. Through arduous research and monitoring, we attained a few days ago unambiguous clarity about the fact that Ashtar Sheran actually exists, and he could not become known to us only because he fraudulently wraps himself in this name.
36. Part of his real name, along with another name, is ARUSEAK, and he is a cousin of the highest Giza Intelligence.
37. On their behalf, he controlled the old German Thule Society, into which he planted two strong telepathic factors, who also influenced many Thule Society members and various outside groups on a telenotic basis, including those who had received the pseudo-messages from Ashtar Sheran.
38. Sheran’s machinations relating to this still presently continue and will still do so also in the future, but no longer in connection with the newly organized Thule Society.
Now I understand a lot, but you just mentioned a word that is unknown to me. You said “telenotic." What is that?
39. “Telenotic" simply means “telenosis" or “telenotia."
That is a Bohemian forest to me. I really don’t know what that is. I’ve never heard that word before.
40. Nevertheless, you know hypnosis, which is based on objective and acoustic influences and is built on these.
41. In contrast to hypnosis, telenosis needs no optical or acoustic influences but only certain high-frequency vibrations, which are transmitted inaudibly to human beings and are also otherwise undetectable by means of high-tech apparatuses and devices, so for example by radio, telephone, wireless, television, and other communication and transmission apparatuses and devices, and impulse telepathy also belongs to this.
Aha, I see clearly now. I actually could have come to that on my own just by the word “tele." I’m really stupid.
42. You are not that in any way.
43. Consider, though, that despite your tremendous knowledge in the spiritual sciences, you still do not know and are not acquainted with very many things, so you must keep learning as the development demands of you.
That is clear to me.
44. That is good then, if you know that very well, so you will also not get agitated if I now must explain some things to you, from which you should draw a new teaching:
45. Besides my father and Quetzal, I also drew your attention on several occasions to the fact that you should turn to the public with lectures, etc. concerning our matters in the way that you disclose and disseminate your knowledge in certain circles.
46. So far, however, despite my father’s admonition, you still have not taken care of this very important factor, which is starting to worry us.
47. It is extremely irresponsible of you to give no attention to these matters.
48. But on the other hand, it is already bordering on villainy that you do not finally take these things to hand, as you had nevertheless promised to get these lectures now finally underway.
49. It is completely incomprehensible to me that you do not keep your promise and do not take care of it in any way.
50. Something is evidently not clear inside you and lets you act this way, which I can actually only describe as infamous, because I must necessarily describe the breaking of a promise as an infamy.
51. Should you not strive in the shortest possible time to keep your promise and finally act according to your task, then I will have to stop all contact with you for the time being, until you become aware of your task again.
52. Since you have completely blocked yourself in recent times, I have not been able to search within you and fathom from what base motives you act so illogically and punish yourself to lie.
53. It is …
Semjase, it …
54. Please do not interrupt me now, because these things must be said.
55. Everything is simply inexplicable to me, and I suddenly no longer understand your mode of action.
56. It has been decided by us to give you time for reflection, until the last day of next month.
57. Should you not have fulfilled your task by the end of November, then everything worked hard for up to now was in vain, which was in no way factored into our mission.
58. We reckoned that you would be incumbent upon your task with delight and that you would no longer be attached to low passions.
59. However, that does not seem to be the case, so you have deceived us, for which your blockade also must surely be the reason.
60. But this really corresponds to an infamy, which in all things is absolutely incomprehensible to me and which I never expected from you.
61. You have badly disappointed me.
I am so sorry, Semjase. That really was not my intention.
62. This does not help us or your mission.
63. Therefore, consider everything very carefully and thoroughly.
64. You have time until the end of next month, because until then, I will no longer enter into contact with you, in order to give you time for reflection.
I am very sorry about that, too, Semjase.
65. I cannot change that.
Look, I — well — I am not angry at you because of your words. I endure all kinds of reproaches and the like, but…
66. Those were not at all reproaches, but assessments.
You can call it what you want, but I still think that your assessments are unjustified.
67. Why, then, do you block everything, so that I cannot search within you?
You know exactly why. You yourself were the one who showed me the way to this blockade on the Great Journey. Well, I have built it up according to your instructions — why, however, should I now break it back down? That doesn’t make sense to me; that’s illogical.
68. So I could explore your true thoughts.
Nonsense. You are just nervous and, moreover, agitated because everything doesn’t make sense to you. You still must just speak of the fact that I should stay cool under pressure, when you cannot do that yourself. That’s also illogical, dear girl. You would better have told yourself to stay calm.
69. Should I not get agitated, then, when there is an open threat of losing a good friend?
You let your feelings run pretty damn wild.
70. I cannot fight against a peculiar woe in myself.
Please don’t say such things, and excuse my words just now. I am very sorry, I really did not want to hurt you. Come — give me your hand — this way, your feelings will soon be controlled by you.
71. — I do not understand you.
72. — You are as always, and unusually sensitive and kind, and this is just not compatible with the failure to keep your promise.
Leave that at the moment — how do you feel now?
73. My woe is gone; I do not understand this.
You see, it goes that fast. Certain things are able to do wonders. You should deal a little more with the psyche, then you would understand many things better. I have written one such small writing; I would like to give you a copy of it, if you want to trouble yourself with it?
74. Sure, maybe you are really right — do you still have to hold my hand?
Just leave it — it will do you good.
75. Sure, if you say so?
76. — Please give me your writing.
Next time, I’ll bring you one.
77. It will surely be good for me. —
78. I — I — I will not transmit this incident to you, so you do not have to write it down.
That would be unfair, because it would also make the others realize that you are really just a human being, who also has to struggle with herself and who is not simply a robot. It would therefore be very nice for me if you did not conceal this incident. It’s honest and good, and it is also important to both of us.
79. Your train of thought is good, and even this does not agree with the broken promise.
80. Just what is in you?
81. — This peculiar woe comes up in me again.
Please, look me in the eyes. — So, yes. — Do you find something wrong in them?
82. I cannot recognize any such thing.
83. — Your eyes speak very much, but I can recognize nothing of falsehood.
84. This is inexplicable to me, because if you were to hide falsehood or deception by your blockade, such could still be recognized in the eyes, because nothing can be hidden in them.
You see, I at least wanted to show that to you.
85. That is strange to me, because it does not harmonize with what you have done, which I had to condemn with my harsh words.
I said, though, that I find your assessments to be unjustified. That is, however, not a reproach but also just an assessment. I have already said on several occasions, however, that I am an absolute null in the area of organization and cannot do anything in this respect. If I am to hold lectures, then someone else has to arrange these for me. I know that when I say that your assessments are unjustified, that is only halfway true, because I have indeed written the lectures but then have not bothered myself about them any further. So I’ve really only done half the work, so your assessments are only half true. This half-guilt, that I have not bothered myself about it any further after drawing up the lectures, is therefore true. But I really do not know how to organize such lectures. That just does not fall into my possibilities. I’m really quite damn stupid in such things.
86. Now you are unfair to yourself.
87. It is very well understandable to me that you cannot be capable for all things and concerns.
88. But you should have taken care of having this work, which you cannot take to hand yourself, be taken by somebody.
89. I also said at an earlier point in time that you should delegate this task to somebody.
90. I also said that Mr. Hans Jacob in Wetzikon was the most suitable person for this task.
91. Why, then, have you not discussed with him this task intended for him?
True to your order, I have done so several times.
92. Then you have not explained the things to him enough.
I’m sure that’s how it is, but I can’t keep picking on a person and keep drawing his attention over and over again to what has already been discussed long ago. Mr. Jacob is now of the view that with these lectures, we… oh well, there is no point in talking… He is of another view regarding the lectures and the speeches.
93. He is hard to teach, I know that, but that is no reason for you just to remain silent and not present our wishes to him.
I told you, though, that I’ve done that. As a result, your father addressed me on the Great Journey once again. Unfortunately, I had forgotten it again, and I was only made aware of it again when you transmitted the last journey reports to me. As a result, I approached Mr. Jacob in the evening of the discussion on the 11th of October and made him aware of it once more. The result of this was that on the 13th of October, he wrote me a letter complaining about various points.
94. Tell me details about it.
I have the letter here, if you want to read it?
95. Sure.
(Semjase reads the letter, which takes some time. Note from October 20, 1975.)
[Translator’s Note: A copy of the original letter, reproduced below, appears on pages 466 – 468 of the German version of the Pleiadian / Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 1]
Hans Jacob
Swiss Certified Accountant
8623 Wetzikon
Phone 01
Postal Check 80-
Mr. Eduard Meier
Wihaldenstr. 10
8340 Hinwil
8623 Wetzikon, October 13, 1975
Dear Billy,
The day before yesterday, we received your journey reports 330-373. There is a lot of work behind it, and I thank you and your event helpers for your efforts to convey to us all the interesting building blocks of life.
I looked through these pages yesterday, Sunday, and to my great astonishment, I discovered on p. 371 that you were trying to shove the blame for the non-held lectures onto me.
There are three things that I find myself compelled to correct Ptaah about:
1. I have not reprimanded that the false UFO contactees are to be unmasked; rather, the fact that there are lying “messengers" at all is, in itself, regrettable, because due to these, all ufology becomes discredited. Of course they are to be exposed.
2. In view of your rude and coarse language (cf. your two pamphlets), I consider a “fine and diplomatic" turn of speech as much better.
But I have always defended a language adapted to the circumstances in such a way that it would lead to the best possible success in the achieving of the goal. After I wanted to introduce you to the SPG, it was unwise of you, from a negotiations and technical standpoint, to direct a letter over my head to Mrs. von Muralt (the copy of which you have withheld from me to this day), and this in a way that she had to explain to me last week as a board member that a lecture from you in the bosom of the SPG would be out of the question!
You should not yet have forgotten the reactions of Mrs. Straubinger, Miss Rufer, Mrs. Häfelfinger, and others about your tone, and similar are the judgments of most of my acquaintances about their first acquaintance with your statements. You must not let yourself be beguiled by some songs of praise, but you must also try to recognize the objective, trendless, and naked truth here.
3. You know very well that the day before yesterday, I protested already for the second time – and this on my own initiative – in our group against the “coffee parties," and I wanted us finally to engage in real work. — Indeed, I spoke against the purchasing of a megaphone (and most of them agreed with me) because in my opinion, this would work in the opposite sense of what we want to proclaim to humanity.
Now on Saturday, I heard for the first time that the organization of such lectures should be my responsibility! And this sounded in a reproachful tone from PTAAH with the (renewed) threat of exclusion almost as a means of pressure!
Something here cannot be going right, and I cannot help feeling that you – much of your feeling-world – must be representing me to the Pleiades people completely in the wrong light!
Have you forgotten that I have held a lecture on the Judas Talmud, where 3 pieces were sold (if the price had not been so high, it would have been several times that!)? I phoned Montreux several times to get a discount for you – and you do not even think it necessary to tell me your final decision? You held me before the group, claiming that I had not won over a single subscriber. That, too, was a delusion. — And was not the destruction of Rashid’s original translation sheets a headless action, which had to be detrimental to the defense of the authenticity of the documents? And if you already expect that I should take over the organization of the lectures, why do you not discuss the matter in complete peace and show me your manuscript?
I must infer from the statements of Semjase and Quetzal that they are wound wrong in terms of their knowledge about me, and that they are very poorly informed about our concrete earth conditions. But the fact that now even PTAAH – after your negative and tendentious remarks – is driving over me, and is even trying to put pressure on me under the threat of exclusion from the group, simply goes too far and must be due to your wrong orientation and lack of review by the delegation bodies.
I have always taken in the statements made by the star people with much interest and great esteem for their vast knowledge, but unfortunately, these recordings are missing some human warmth and uplifting love, which would cheer us on to positive actions.
You know I am happy to play my part in what is possible and even a little bit beyond that for a good cause, but there must be no arbitrariness, and everything has to be carried out in openness by an all-around will to make harmony and truth more clear. Otherwise, I would rather go my way.
In addition, you seem to have taken in enormously much knowledge within a short time, without having to have worked it out. This now seems to be having its effect, in that you talk about people (e.g., your spiritual teaching, which nobody understood) and many people find it difficult to follow you because you simply claim things without having gone the path of thought to this knowledge. It often seems to me that the faith of the church is simply to be switched to Billy. Could this not also be the cause for the difficulties in holding the lectures? Your spiritual teachers probably say that you are in the process of accepting this evolutionary leap. — Or are there other reasons behind it?
I ask you to hand this letter over to Semjase for the attention of her father, and I am looking forward to the response from PTAAH.
With best regards,
H. Jacob
[Translator’s Note: End of letter]
96. I find these words misdirected in every respect.
97. Moreover, they are quite attacking towards you and the person of my father.
98. If you have enough time, I want to go to the beamship and convey the contents of this letter to my father.
Of course I have time.
99. Then come — let’s go.
(I go with Semjase into her ship and watch as she works on various apparatuses. Now the image of Ptaah appears on a viewing screen, and Semjase speaks excitedly to this image. Evidently, she now reads the contents of the letter to her father. This takes some time, and I see that nothing at all changes in Ptaah’s face. Now Semjase is finished, and Ptaah obviously thinks about what he has heard. Now he directs his words to me.)
1. First of all, be welcome and greeted, dear friend.
2. As I have just found out, a misunderstanding between my daughter and you has crept in, to which you should please pay no further attention.
3. This does not matter any more, and it clearly shows you that even we are not immune to erroneous assumptions.
4. But now I would like to give you, instead of my daughter, a response to the letter lying there, which you should also pass on to Mr. Jacob:
5. The accusations made in no way correspond to the actual circumstances.
6. The author of the lines clearly has a tendency to feel particularly affected, when there is no such reason for him.
7. Everything in these lines points to a very vulnerable self-centeredness, which springs from a certain drive for self-admiration, which is indubitable.
8. The author of the letter feels put back in many different things and lives in the assumption that he is better suited for certain things than others, so even in your case.
9. This may very well trace back to his relished economic and religious teachings.
10. But as he thinks and acts this way, he does not consider that the lessons imposed on you during your whole life were of such severity that he himself would have never endured them.
11. They would have appeared to him as unbearable tortures, and he never would have mastered them.
12. He needs to be aware of this, and he has to be content with the position that is entitled to him according to his abilities.
13. No life form is able to live in higher levels if it has not yet reached the knowledge and skill and the wisdom of those levels.
14. This must be understood by him.
15. Since he has now asked you to present his letter to me, I do not want to deny him from receiving a response through you.
16. Therefore, explain to him the following:
17. The words in the letter are questionable and unjustified in every direction.
18. They quite clearly reveal that Mr. Jacob gets unnecessarily and thoughtlessly agitated about given facts because he, also unnecessarily, feels affected.
19. By his manifestly wrong behavior in terms of the negation of the harsh-sounding language of the truth, it arises that he is not able to endure the truth if it is not paraphrased and misused in a diplomatic form, which is truly not within the purpose of the truth.
20. Despite your various efforts to explain this to him, which are known to me very well, he has not yet let himself be taught, which is clear and plain from the fact that he accuses you of rude and coarse language.
21. As I heard just now, he still calls a “fine and diplomatic" turn of speech better than your language, which sets out the truth in harsh words.
22. It will be useful, advantageous, and of value to him in this respect if he finally learns that his view is just good enough for his professional activities, but for the spreading of the truth, different speech must appear.
23. If he endeavors around the old works someday, he will be astonished to find that the language of the truth has always been very harsh and could never be paraphrased.
24. Wherever this was attempted, however, the truth was falsified and changed beyond recognition, whereby the true meaning of what was said was lost.
25. This is of utmost importance for him if he wants to follow the teaching of spirit and of truth and to develop himself in them.
26. This has been explained to him already several times, and it really is not necessary for this to be said to him over and over again.
27. It must finally become clear to him that through the harsh language of the truth, only those Earth human beings become addressed, who have already gone beyond the usual, prevailing norm in the development of their consciousness and spirit and who recognize the truth in this form.
28. Thus, through the harsh language of the truth, only those life forms are addressed, who have recognized the real truth or at least have a presentiment of it.
29. But human beings who take offense at this harsh language are not yet ripe for the truth and are not yet free enough, for they still do not have a presentiment of it and are trapped in cultic religions and in abnormal and unreal mysticism.
30. This is how everyone recognizes himself; if one can endure the harsh and undiplomatic language of the truth and recognizes its value, then he is on the true path of evolution, but if he does not like it and it bothers him, then he is not yet capable for the high spiritual teaching and the effective truth.
31. Mr. Jacob is to try to understand this and to strive for this fact, as he has indeed taken in certain spiritual truths and has developed very far in the last few months, so he is also able to recognize and cope with these truths and the teaching of spirit.
32. But he must learn, in all spiritual matters, to separate himself from his material intellect as far as is necessary.
33. Since he has not done this so far, even though this was suggested to him on several occasions, it is absolutely inappropriate for him to complain – and moreover without a real reason.
34. But I also want to recommend to him – through Semjase’s reports, which you will later write down through her transmissions – to read and also to process a little more precisely, because certain things in the letter reveal that he does not strive enough in this form.
35. It is in no way as he writes, that the purpose would be fulfilled if a language would be adapted to the circumstances in such a way that it would lead to the best possible success in the achieving of the goal.
36. That means that simply the path of least resistance should be gone and taken.
37. But just this form is incapable for living, and it is precisely by the pursuit of this path that the truth can only penetrate with great difficulty.
38. The reproach made to you, that you have tried to pass the blame of the non-held lectures onto Mr. Jacob, is just as unfounded as anything else.
39. As I can very well remember, you have only made assessments that really correspond to the facts.
40. Therefore, if he pins on you, with regard to our conversations and in connection with your feeling-world, that you would put him in a wrong light with us, then that corresponds to a statement which you should actually take as an insult, because it already corresponds to revilement and untruthfulness.
41. If Mr. Jacob had actually tried to study the reports you submitted to him very carefully, then he would have recognized that you have not at all made yourself guilty of the things he accuses you of.
42. All things and facts have been soberly discussed by us, without even one single letter having been concealed in the reports.
43. Furthermore, the discussions not mentioned in the reports were of a completely different nature and had no persons whatsoever in their conversational content.
44. Furthermore, there can be no talk of the fact that Mr. Jacob should not have known that he should be responsible for the organization of the lectures, because we know very well by our monitorings that you have addressed him about these things several times, namely in the presence of various other group members.
45. However, you also have certain mistakes to be noted in this regard, because when Mr. Jacob expressed himself in a negative way about the lectures, you just wrapped yourself in silence because you are too emotional in certain matters.
46. In view of the statements of his acquaintances who have spoken judgments about you, he should try to mention all the given facts.
47. Indeed, some of the judgments were partly of a negative nature, but they were made as a result of unawareness of the facts or as a result of not possessing an ability to judge or from a bias in unreal mysticism, etc.
48. Other judgments, however, have been quite satisfactory, and some people have even acquired very much knowledge in the meantime and are very grateful that they were able to obtain this knowledge through your assistance.
49. But when he speaks of reactions such as in the case of Straubinger, this is absolutely illogical, for he knows very well that this life form has fallen prey to a Christian fanaticism which, through storage-bank-impulses that she will retrieve, will still allow her in her next new life as a new personality to be very strongly dependent on the cultic religion.
50. This fanaticism is so strongly pronounced that, according to our probability calculations, it will neutralize itself in the storage banks only after her fourth new life as a new personality.
51. The fact that he attaches value to the judgment of such a life form in such important matters is not only completely incomprehensible and illogical, but also absurd.
52. From this form, it also becomes understandable that he reproaches you for letting yourself be beguiled by some songs of praise and not being objective enough to be able to recognize a trendless and naked truth.
53. This utterance is devoid of all reality and testifies to Mr. Jacob’s extremely poor ability to judge.
54. The truth, in its present important greatness, cannot be spread in large masses among the unknowing people.
55. The seeds of truth are presently sown first in the sparsely prepared ground, which is still animated by a lot of vermin, which devour many seed grains.
56. Only very few seeds will fall on better ground in small circles and take root, grow, and ripen into fruit.
57. But the very fruit of these small circles is of greatest importance, for they will be ones who will allow their fruit to ripen and who will newly fertilize the ground around them, which in turn will become a little more fertile within its immediate vicinity on account of their existence.
58. Thus the whole ground becomes fertilized bit by bit and is brought to life.
59. From this, it is evident that only the few seeds are of highest importance, which prosper and ripen in small circles.
60. So if Mr. Jacob speaks of an unobjectivity, then he speaks only of himself, because not we, but he, is not objective.
61. I am also astonished to note that, if I have understood correctly, he accuses us of unawareness of his person, since he states that we are “wound wrong" in terms of our knowledge about his person.
62. Even if he mentions by name only my daughter and, also in the same form, Quetzal, I feel that his words also refer to me.
63. I am sorry that I must say to this that I find these words arrogant, even though he does not know our possibilities of analyzing people.
64. But this much is to be explained to him, that we know him extremely well in all areas and know very well that in various things, he fools himself with facts that are not own to him.
65. If he really knew himself only to a small extent, then he would also be able to make an objective judgment when he is talked about or when certain things are made known to him.
66. But since that is not the case, he feels hurt and attacked on many occasions.
67. He should, therefore, really strive honestly to accept and digest the harsh words and turns of speech of the truth, as this is the most important factor that bothers him.
68. Furthermore, he also speaks of a threat, which I myself am supposed to have brought forward against him, with regard to an exclusion from the group.
69. Here, too, I would like to and can only recommend it to him to study and process all the reports very carefully and to see and grasp the given words as they are truly given.
70. At that time, I spoke clearly and plainly and without any doubt of this, that he would have to be excluded from those interests, which relate to a purely organizational side of your group, if he really should not earnestly make an effort to organize the lectures.
71. There was never any talk of an exclusion from the group altogether, even if he says so now.
72. So there can be no talk whatsoever of him supposedly being put under pressure.
73. That is only his unobjective view.
74. I can only respond to his statement about some human warmth and uplifting love with this, that we must be very objective and real in all things and matters, for only through this can we fulfill our mission.
75. I explained already that the truth sounds very harsh, and now I also explain that it cannot be dressed in emotions.
76. If we were to act against that, it would mean that we would have to put a very quick and, in many ways, painful end to the irrational activities of many Earth human beings, because our feelings would degenerate into pity, which would never and under no circumstances be justified with regard to the following of all creational laws.
77. We feel love and warmth for all life forms, so also for the Earth human being.
78. However, we must be very reserved with him and prepare him very slowly for that which he so longingly desires, even this warmth and love.
79. The first condition for fulfilling this desire, however, is that the Earth human being must become aware of the true love himself, before he can demand it from others.
80. It is not given for him only always to demand it and never pay his own price for it, as has been the case with him in a manic form.
81. The proof for this fact is provided by Mr. Jacob himself, for we have already given him innumerable things, but he has always only continued to demand, without giving what we should have demanded of him, namely the finite turning to the recognition of irrefutable facts.
82. We have not demanded it of him, however, because we knew very well, through our later monitorings and inspections, that he needs a lot of time for this turning, as he is still concerned too much with worldly material and strict religious matters, which is not to reproach him, however.
83. In a single point of his letter, he is right when he finds us guilty, namely that we do not know the earth conditions in a concrete form.
84. That is actually so, and we are therefore trying very hard to remedy this deficit point.
85. It seems, however, that by mentioning this mistake we have made, he estimates himself higher in his own value than what is the case with him in truth; otherwise, he would not be able to speak in this form.
86. There would still be a lot to explain about this letter, but that would take too long.
87. I will, therefore, leave it with these remarks and take into consideration in his favor that he finds it very difficult to cope with the new teaching that has broken in on him and that everything is very new and foreign to him.
88. Hence, he should not regard my explanations as reproaches or as maliciousness, but only as what they really are, namely assessments.
89. He himself, according to his letter, wanted to hear an answer from me, which I have hereby now given to him.
90. Before he again expresses himself about this with thoughtless and unobjective words, may I suppose that he considers everything extremely carefully beforehand and processes everything just as carefully.
91. It would be very thoughtless of him if he would continue to position himself to everything in such a negative and unobjective form, for he would thereby deprive himself of all possibilities of a tremendous progress in this life.
92. He himself has worked out a chance for an evolutionary leap, which he himself also threatens to destroy, however, which would be very unfortunate and which even we would greatly regret.
93. We all appreciate the steps he has taken so far and portray this to him with my thanks expressed here.
94. But this must never lead one to excite oneself and to become loud in an attacking and unobjective way.
95. He should consider that I am older than him by many centuries and that he can trust my judgment.
96. Therefore, he should consult with himself, and he should also speak with you in a calm form, in order to gain clarity about all things that have already been advised to him, as I know.
97. But I must still mention two things, about which he needs to be clear:
98. It is in no shape to claim that the faith of the church is to be switched to you, as he lays this out.
99. He should be very clear that such statements are without any given facts and that he should not state such things.
100. Such statements in earlier times were often enough the reason for falsifications, by which good and dutiful Earth human beings were converted into saints, etc. during whatever missions that were imposed on them.
101. Therefore, he should be very well aware that you only have the function of a new prophet and that you have to proclaim that which is permissible to you in truth and any other true necessities.
102. Hence, the only factors that may be mentioned are primarily the Creation itself, then the knowledge in the truth, the truth itself, universal love, wisdom, relative perfection for the ultimate determination, and the spiritual teaching connected therewith.
103. You yourself play a role only in this importance, that you are the mediator and facilitator, but never more, which is as well known to you as it is also to Mr. Jacob, whereby he accuses his own statements of untruthfulness.
104. The second point is this:
105. Mr. Jacob must be very clear about the fact that you have, with all certainty, put your evolutionary leap behind you, without the slightest harm.
106. But he must also be very clear about the fact that you worked hard and seriously for this evolutionary leap for nearly 40 years, and therefore, it is not true that you have simply taken into yourself the knowledge criticized by him, without having to have worked it out.
107. This has been said extremely thoughtlessly by him, and he also quite obviously has not worked intensively enough in these matters to obtain the necessary cognizance.
108. It is now up to him to decide and either go his own way or else really endeavor around our interests.
109. We cannot and will not force him in any way, because every life form has to go the way of its evolution itself.
110. It must be said to him here, however, that the warmth and love, of which he has spoken and which he has not been able to find or recognize, is present in all of us in a sufficient measure, and we also give this to him.
111. We have voluntarily taken on this task here on Earth, upon which we are incumbent and for which we strive to get a lot of worth-knowing transmissions to the human beings of Earth and, together with you, bring them a valuable teaching and knowledge and wisdom.
112. This, too, is warmth and love, and these correspond to much more than what is actually obligated of us by the laws of the Creation.
113. Further things probably do not need to be stated or explained, because where the error is truly to be found, that is clear.
Your words won’t exactly please him.
114. That will be so, but I cannot praise him if he has not become deserving of such, even though he has expected such praise.
115. If he finally dedicates himself objectively to all things, then he must realize for himself that he has earned no praise.
116. It would be much better for his development if he would face the events and the things constantly arising, rather than keep himself away from a confrontation in his somewhat peculiar manner.
117. Let it be explained to him that he must look the facts in the eye and not simply be able to engage in ostrich policy, as you on Earth, in a fitting form, call the keeping away from the truth.
118. I personally want to recommend to him to speak with you and finally let himself be instructed, so that he turns to the truth in a necessary and given form.
119. But at the same time, he must learn very intensively that the language of the truth always appears very harsh and can never be offered in a diplomatic form.
120. The teaching of spirit requires a completely different language than what is usual in the dealings with everyday life.
121. He must finally be clear in this, that he must separate his religious and professional as well as economic and recognition-demanding, affable speech form from that which has become known to him as the teaching of spirit, of love and truth and of wisdom and knowledge.
122. He cannot further evolve if he, in a spiritual teaching-based way, thinks, speaks, and acts just the same as what is customary in humanly sociable, religious, and professional forms.
123. Here, he must finally become aware of a hard separation of these factors:
124. The language of the truth is harsh only because it is precisely the language of the truth.
125. But the truth, in turn, only sounds harsh to the Earth human being because he perceives this as annoying, as insulting and impinging on his own personality.
126. But in addition, the language of the truth sounds harsh to him also because, due to its form, his mistakes committed and not yet corrected are openly presented to him.
127. It is precisely in this that the Earth human being finds an unfairness, arrogance, and boorishness, as Mr. Jacob calls it, because he is of the view that, on the one hand, a form that is outside his own personality has no right whatsoever to make his mistakes obvious to him, but on the other hand, the factor that also plays a role is that the Earth human being makes himself arrogant in this form and is of the erroneous view that he is not guilty of any mistake.
128. He simply wants to be flawless and deceives himself with this.
129. This is the thinking-form of the Earth human being in this regard.
130. Mr. Jacob may, in his diplomatic speech form and at his own discretion, communicate religiously, professionally, and humanly sociably with his fellow human beings, with whom he must maintain contact.
131. This is the language of the worldly material and religious life with you.
132. This language, however, is unclear, confused, ostensible, and dishonest, for in most cases, it serves only to gain an advantage in religious, professional, or purely material terms.
133. Mr. Jacob calls this diplomacy and, at the same time, does not consider that this very form of speech is one the greatest evils of the Earth human being, which leads time and again to deadly misunderstandings and plunges your world into devastating wars.
134. Diplomacy is to be equated with lies and deception, for in this form of speech the effective facts become circumscribed, altered, and falsified, and never are those harsh words used, which absolutely unambiguously and undoubtedly state the facts in their fullest sense.
135. Precisely this, however, cannot occur and can never be the case with the proclamation of the truth, for the truth is not lies and deception; rather, it is the given of the creational laws and recommendations as a whole.
136. This, however, can never be circumscribed in a diplomatic form, as even in the smallest way, it would change its meaning.
137. Mr. Jacob calls this form “coarse language," and I very well understand what he wants to say with that.
138. But even in this he is not objective and does not think at all about his statement.
139. If he had ever dealt with it intellectually and in a feeling-based manner, then he would have been able to define his own language as this, because “coarse" means that something is raw, that is, unrefined, natural, and not embellished or smoothed out by planing.
140. An ice surface serves as an example for Mr. Jacob here:
141. If an ice surface is uneven and raw, that is, coarse and unrefined, then it is littered with many small, wavy and jagged elevations.
142. On this ice surface, a human being can walk very well, without greatly slipping and falling, because the natural unevenness, rawness, and coarseness does indeed allow for a tedious walking of the ice field, but it prevents slipping and falling.
143. A human being walking on such a rough and coarse ice field feels the unevenness under his feet, finds it quite annoying, and pays great attention to it.
144. But he also knows that it is the unevenness that prevents him from falling, so he gladly accepts it.
145. But now, on the other hand, if this ice field becomes smoothly planed and refined, then it becomes a dangerous and treacherous trap, dangerous black ice, which no longer offers any hold and on which falls can no longer be avoided.
146. Indeed, the ice field is now even and nice to look at and without visible unevenness to walk on, but now, there lurks death, downfall, and misfortune.
147. The human being who walks through this ice field knows this very well, tries to protect himself against it and, nevertheless, will be powerless against the treachery of the black ice.
148. Despite his attentiveness, he will suddenly slip and fall, injure himself, or even suffer death.
149. If Mr. Jacob finally considers all these things in a rational form and lets himself be instructed, he will finally also become an adult in consciousness.
150. A physical adulthood is, unfortunately, not enough to satisfy the determination of life.
151. It would be very sorrowful and very alarming if Mr. Jacob would go his way, as he called it.
152. We would all be very sorry about that because he has made admirable progress in recent months, actually even much more than what was to be expected.
153. But the fact that he periodically lets himself slide back into the old ways, this already should not happen to him any more.
154. I know very well, as a result of our inspections, that not only his personal interests, thoughts, and feelings mislead him to this particular backsliding, but that he gets too involved in the judgments and statements of others, after which he then falls back into his old negative form of thinking.
155. I am very well oriented about the fact that this was also the case during the night from the 11th to the 12th of October, for at that time, we were carrying out further inspections of him.
156. The fact that he then later wrote this letter, though, that escaped us, because we had to interrupt our inspections for much more important reasons.
157. Especially in his case, however, may I explain to you that we have been particularly concerned with him up to now and have investigated him.
158. Hence, it is absolutely inappropriate for him to accuse us of not being precisely oriented about his being.
159. That actually corresponds to an arrogance, because we really know him extremely well.
160. If he had the opportunity to learn about our evaluations of him, then he would be profoundly astonished, for we know his most secret emotions and know very well about his unfulfillable wishes, hopes, and drives.
161. He should be aware, however, that these are unfulfillable for him in this life because he only treads the path of slow recognition, which stands in no connection with that which he has acquired as a novice and also in secular schools and vocational teachings, etc.
162. It is to be wished for him very much that he finally lets himself be instructed in all things and faces the circumstances.
163. The form of his proceeding with the letter is to be described as not correct.
164. On the contrary, it points to incorrectness and to a form of resisting and avoiding the truth.
165. This form, however, is worthy of no praise, but of rebuke.
166. We know very well about his various efforts in our cause, for which we can give him our praise, which I have already mentioned, however.
167. But it is not appropriate for us to indulge in praise for all achievements — only because he, as an Earth human being, assumes that he needs a song of praise for his good actions.
168. He must learn to do the good, the true, and the love and the way as a matter of course, not just out of the impulsion that he will be showered with songs of praise for it.
169. If, however, the Earth human being thinks in such a way and is only focused on praise that he wants to gain, then he strives in every respect for a cause or action only for the sake of praise, but not because he has come to the cognition that his thinking, doing, and acting has become the creational implicitness, within the consciousness, of the fulfillment of duty.
170. This behaves the same here as with the warmth and love addressed by Mr. Jacob:
171. If one only works to gain warmth and love from outside one’s own personality, then this arises only from egoistic thoughts and feelings, if warmth and love is not felt and passed on by this demanding person himself.
172. Mr. Jacob should become clear about and conscious of these things, should allow himself to be instructed by them, and should behave and orient himself accordingly in the future.
173. If he threatens us that he wants to go his way, then this threat is completely inappropriate because the mistakes were not committed from our side and not from your side, but by him.
174. But if he really wants to go his way, then that is his free decision and his own doing, but also his own harm, in the way that he thereby inhibits and maliciously neglects his evolution.
175. He should also be aware, however, that his threat does not impress us, and we can only feel sorrowful feelings for him.
176. If he really wants to leave, then that falls into his interests and his own decisions, and he is not irreplaceable, either.
177. If he simply wants to shift his responsibility, then we will find a replacement person for the tasks that were intended for him.
178. Even though that may take time, it will nevertheless be so, for we cannot wait many years for him finally to reflect on rationality and let himself be instructed.
179. The time rushes and presses, even for him, and it is not right that the necessary works remain undone.
180. Mr. Jacob must be clear about that, so it is now at his discretion, what he wants to do.
All I can say is that he will not like that for sure.
181. I can do no more than appeal to his intellect and to his rationality, which I have done with my words.
182. I now cannot devote myself further to these things, as other duties are still incumbent upon me.
183. So live in peace.
184. I was very glad and happy to be able to see and speak with you today so unexpectedly.
Till we meet again, Ptaah. The pleasure is all mine.
100. I was unfair to you.
I’m not mad at you for that.
101. Father has been very busy lately, so he has not given me the final inspection reports yet.
102. I am sorry that I accused you of virtuelessness.
103. Only now do I understand the connections, and it has become clear to me why that which was apparent was not in accordance with your nature and behavior.
Can’t you leave this nonsense, then? I’m already not thinking about it anymore.
104. You are much more developed in these matters than I am; I want to try to learn this from you.
105. Of course I take back my words and…
Leave it now; I’ve already forgotten everything. Tell me, rather: What’s up with Moses and Fatima in connection with Sheran? You haven’t given me any information about that.
106. I actually have not done that:
107. The events of Fatima actually lead back to these intelligences, many similar events as well.
108. So far, we only know that the Giza Intelligences were responsible for all those events and that everything was done by Ashtar Sheran or by his command.
109. This has only been known to us for a few days, since we were able to solve the mystery surrounding him a lot.
110. The matter with Moses, though, behaves somewhat differently from the explanation given, for the Ten Commandments (Recommendations), which were actually twelve, were not given to him in a spaceship but actually at that place that has been handed down to you in the Bible.
111. In that message, the truth has been handed down to you as it really happened, at least as far as the location of the event is concerned.
Can one count on that?
112. Sure, with absolute certainty.
Good. But what I would still like to say: You explained to me during the last contact that, furthermore or in the future, those things should no longer be included in our reports, which deal with any events that I am supposed to influence. You said that it is already doubted whether this is actually the case. Once again, you were right about that, because that was actually thrown at my head during the evening of the last discussion. I am, therefore, wondering how you knew this in advance again. You told me on several occasions that you would only work around in the future if it was absolutely necessary.
113. Look here; this apparatus, this is a surface analyzer.
114. If I turn it on now — so — what do you see now?
Man, oh man — that’s Mr. Jacob as he lives and breathes.
115. Sure, you see that he is very busy.
116. But now look here at this scale; here the swinging waves of thought are recorded.
That is a proper wire mess…
117. … from this, however, we are able to discern all values.
118. See, this figure here, for example, arises from the subconsciousness of Mr. Jacob.
119. If I enlarge it now — so — what do you recognize now?
Girl, those are proper pictures.
120. Sure, and what do you recognize there?
That — wait, that — yes — that’s one day. Just how can I tell that? I’m going crazy. How do I know that this is a day? — Man, girl, this is next Wednesday and that — that is a time.
121. You are just fantastic; you know how to read the analyzer, without my having to explain it to you first.
122. I first had to learn it.
123. You must be very educated in picture deciphering.
124. That surprises me, because I did not know that.
Is it really like that?
125. Sure.
Should I continue reading?
126. Sure, what else do you see?
If I’m deciphering it correctly, the time to be seen is Wednesday, October 22, 1975, exactly at 11:03 am. Is that right?
127. (Laughing) Sure, and what else?
Hans Jacob picks up the phone and dials a number. — Man, he’s on the phone with me…. He wants to come to me in the afternoon, around 2:00 pm. But this time varies a bit.
128. You are deciphering and recognizing the facts very well, for precisely your findings are being transmitted by the analyzer.
129. Mr. Jacob still knows nothing about these upcoming events because he has not become conscious of these yet.
130. His subconscious, however, already knows what’s coming and is now working in this direction.
131. And as you see, we are able to record these facts by our analyzers and read them.
132. This is the way that we monitor and inspect and receive very accurate data about all the things that are important to us.
133. In this same way, I also learned that our information regarding your influences on certain events is doubted in your own group.
134. So I did not hold a look into the future; rather, I only helped myself to our analyzers for these things and inspected the subconscious of various people in your group.
Now I understand — but these here, these strange forms there, what do these indicate?
135. One moment — so, what do you see now in the enlargement?
Girl — those, too, are pictures, only they change constantly and are in constant, crazy motion — wait — aha — I — yes, it has to be so; surely these pictures can only spring from the consciousness. That must be the consciousness of Hans Jacob, or am I mistaken?
136. That is correct.
Fantastic. — With these things here, nothing at all remains hidden to you.
137. That would actually be so, if we used them without interruption.
138. Since that is not the case, however, and we also still have very, very much to learn, we actually only use these apparatuses for monitoring and inspection purposes.
139. Everything else that is necessary we work out in the normally given way, which is also given to you, namely in the way of the thought-work that corresponds to the normal course of evolution.
140. Since this way demands, however, that mistakes be made, in order thereby to gain knowledge, we, too, are subject to wrong decisions, wrong actions, and wrong judgments and mistakes, etc., just like the Earth human being.
That is clear to me. But may I see something else on the analyzer, because…
141. Sure.
142. You can just hold your hand on this surface here, then this globe here will spin until it reaches the place where you want it to be recorded under this needle here.
143. If you lay your hand on this plate here, you can pull up any life form you want on this map enlargement by your thoughts, which are transmitted into the apparatus through this receiver here.
144. So you then know exactly where this life form is currently located.
145. If you then touch this touch-surface here, the life form you want appears in this view screen, and here next to it are the analyzations, which you now know and are even able to decipher.
Good, I understand that, then I want to — so, there we have Spain. Now I want to fetch the generalissimo — aha, there he is already. — Wait a minute, you touched something here to enlarge the figures. — Ah, right, there they are already; but now, let’s see. — Aha — that’s interesting; the guy has a deadly fear in him. — Man, he’s trembling with fear, but from what, actually?
146. Just look carefully.
— Uh — aha, here, that must be it; the fellow has the fear of death in himself. He is actually afraid of death. Girl, this cutthroat, he just lets human beings be executed, and yet he himself trembles for his feeble life. That is really all sorts of things. The guy is sweating with the fear of death. Wait, what’s going on in his subconsciousness? — Aha, here — that’s funny, there is no fear in it. I don’t understand that. His consciousness is still trembling with fear, so why not his subconsciousness?
147. You are thinking illogically:
148. The subconsciousness knows exactly that death holds no dread in itself and that everything forms only a transition to another life.
Oh, right, of course — man, I’m stupid. Of course the subconscious knows that well and, therefore, knows no fear. That can really only lie within the consciousness, which is still in bondage to illogic and lack of understanding. But wait — that’s great. What all does this subconscious know anyway? If I am deciphering this here correctly, it says that Franco will suffer two more severe heart attacks in the night of the morning on Tuesday. Is that right?
149. Sure.
Good, then I read that right. And this here — girl, is that even possible? These pictures mean, however, that the subconscious of this dictator Franco knows exactly that he will die. That’s crazy, Semjase, that cannot be, right?
150. Nevertheless, it is so.
Incredible, then his subconsciousness knows that he will be dead in a short time. Wait, the date is…
151. Stop, you cannot mention that.
Why not, it’s clear here, after all, and easy to decipher.
152. We must not interfere in the specific events and influence the course of upcoming occurrences by the premature mentioning of dates, which would produce violent alterations.
153. It must be enough for you, that you now know his date of death, but you must not mention this before it has occurred.
154. You must be silent about it, and it must be enough for all others to know that dictator Francisco Franco of Spain will part from this world in a short time.
Your wish is my command. I am sorry, because I should have known that myself.
155. Sure, you know that, but it is not for me to reproach you for that.
Thanks. — Wait a minute, I just now deciphered Monday to Tuesday; that would be tonight, yes?
[Translator’s Note: Copies of the original two letters reproduced below, the first one containing various signatures, appear on pages 479 and 482 respectively of the original German version of the Pleiadian / Plejaren Contact Reports, Volume 1]
8340 HINWIL / ZH
TEL. 01 / 78 15 55
Signing Person: Billy
Date: 10/28/75
Hans Jacob
Trust Office
Hello Hans,
Coming back to our discussion regarding the death, that is, the date of the death of Spanish Dictator and Generalissimo Francisco Franco, I have considered that I can mention the date if I write it down in a letter that I send to you, under the condition that you only open it on the 20th of November, 1975 at the earliest.
As I ascertained with Semjase in her beamship on her apparatuses during the thirty-sixth contact on Monday, October 20, 1975 (time of contact: 1:57 pm; contact report page 17 of the Semjase Report), the Caudillo Generalissimo Francisco Franco, head of state and dictator of Spain, dies during the night of:
Wednesday, November 19, 1975
Thursday, November 20, 1975,
after being treated by 32 doctors (if I have counted correctly) and after having to endure various emergency operations due to internal bleeding, ulcers, and various other things. He will only be able to be kept alive during his last days artificially, in which case his body temperature will be lowered below normal, and he will be connected to various apparatuses, such as a heart pacemaker, a blood pressure regulating apparatus, an artificial kidney and respiration apparatus, etc.
Franco has such a terrible fear of death in himself that, because of this, he will influence half of Spain to keep him alive — by all means possible. His primitive fear of death is so great that he will survive about 25 deadly influences, from which another human being would die, so fate will not overtake him until the night of the 19th to the 20th of Nov. ’75, and because of that, he will then be called a medical miracle, even though he will only not die until then out of the common fear of death.
[Translator’s Note: 2nd Letter]
Hans Jacob
Swiss Certified Accountant
Free Community of Interests
for Border & Spiritual Sciences
UFO Study Group
8340 Hinwil
November 23, 1975
I, the undersigned, hereby declare the following facts:
Around the 10th of November, 1975, I was asked several times by Billy about a letter from Arosa, about which I knew nothing.
On Wednesday, November 19th, I read the report from Semjase on pages 408 and the following.
On Thursday, Nov. 20th, around 4:40 am, Franco died, which was announced in the morning news. As a result, I expected the above-mentioned letter from Arosa on Friday or Saturday, and it arrived with the morning mail on Friday, the 21st of Nov. 1975, at about 9:30 am.
Since I was unable to question the postman as a result of my absence, I obtained information at the post office in 8023 Kempten during the evening, and the head there, in the presence of a postal distributor, gave me the following explanation:
The letter had arrived early in the morning from 8620 Wetzikon 1 with a slip of paper attached to it by a paper clip with the following note: “Was away, hence the delay."
The head explained that presumably the letter may have slipped into a newspaper (unlikely because of it being size B 5), as the postal code 8620 was not correct, but such a delay from the time of mailing of 11/5/75 at 11 am in Arosa to 11/21/75 in Kempten is not normal. — At my request, he confirmed to me the arrival day handwritten on the back and with a stamp. He also provided the front with the note, “Delayed due to wrong postal code" —
The letter was opened in the presence of the undersigned group members on Saturday, 11/22, at about 3:15 pm in Hinwil. Contents: Envelope with postmark ov 11/1/75, 8620 Wetzikon; Addressor: Eduard Meier of Hinwil.
Contents of this: Envelope with the address of Eduard Meier of Hinwil. Postmark: Hinwil, 10/29/75, 08:00 or 18:00. Its contents: Billy’s letter to me dated 10/28/75 regarding the prediction of the date of and circumstances surrounding the death of Franco.
Hans Jacob
The undersigned, Jakob Bertschinger, hereby confirms that on the 5th of Nov., 1975, between 11 and 12 am, in Arosa, GR, a gray B 5 envelope addressed to Mr. Hans Jacob, Wetzikon, was dropped off by Billy (Eduard Meier) in the outside mailbox of the post office near the train station.
Wetzikon, December 4, 1975
J. Bertschinger
[Translator’s Note: End of letters]
156. So speaks his subconscious, yes. —
157. I would still like to explain our apparatuses further to you and let you work with them.
158. For today, however, it should be enough.
159. I have to go back and dedicate myself to my other tasks.
160. I will come back at a later point in time to fulfill my promise.
Thanks. But what about your order, that we should not see each other anymore until the end of November?
161. I explained that to you in unknowledge of the real, factual situation.
162. Of course, now that I am oriented, there can be no more talk of it.
163. I am really very sorry for everything, and I have…
Now please make a point and finally stop with the senseless apologies. After all, we agreed that we do not need to apologize for mistakes that have been made because mistakes really just serve the purpose of further development and, thus, inevitably have to occur.
164. Sure, that is so.
165. Maybe sometimes, in certain things, I suddenly let myself be guided by my feelings?
166. That must indeed be so, as I myself have made various factors, which are own to you, my very own.
167. But somehow, I feel quite fine with this, and I know now that feeling-motions do not always just have to be shut off and are very valuable for certain decisions.
168. Perhaps my people have been too intent on their controlling, in terms of the mastery of feelings, and have thereby expropriated themselves of something.
169. Surely that must be so, because what has been learned from you tells me that.
170. For this reason, I also wrote a report relating to this to our High Council and let it be transmitted to them word for word, which was found by them to be very good and was also submitted to the members of our people, so now all try to direct themselves according to this information.
I’m glad about that.
171. So am I.
172. But now, I really have to go.


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