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Contact Report 038/第038次接觸報告





  • 這是一篇非正式但經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」 → 「英」 → 「中」 譯製。





資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 2




英版譯者:Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg




中版譯者:Billy Meier中文翻譯報告


校對改進:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象-相關報告(痞客邦部落格)



在本報告中Quetzal談到吉薩精靈(Giza Intelligences)以及阿斯塔謝蘭(Ashtar Sheran)集團等的外星組織,他們在地球上從事一些陰謀活動。
gaiaguy以下引用Moosebrugger在2004年出版And Still they Fly的書內資料表明直到Aruseak1983年死亡前,他仍然在施行他的邪惡陰謀


(gaiaguys’ introduction)


The below explanation from Quetzal provides further clarification about the Giza Intelligences (a.k.a. Bafath) and their specific influence on Earth peoples (and complements the narrative provided in Contact 136), importantly, including their ongoing influence on peoples of both Aryan and Hebrew descent. However, in 1975 Quetzal did not have a complete understanding of the situation with the extraterrestrial Aruseak, known as Ashtar Sheran. We include, here, the following quote from Guido Moosebrugger’s book, And Still they Fly, published in 2004, to help provide an update on this individual. It indicates that Aruseak was still up to his evil ways until his end in 1983.

以下由Quetzal提供關於「吉薩精靈」(Giza Intelligences)(又名Bafath)的解釋,進一步的澄清他們在地球人(請參閱《第136次接觸報告》中補充的敘述)身上特定的影響,重要的是,包括他們在雅利安人希伯來人的後裔中仍然持續的影響。然而,1975Quetzal對外星人Aruseak的情況並沒有完整的了解,他被稱為「阿斯塔.謝蘭」(Ashtar Sheran)。我們以下引用Moosebrugger2004年出版的And Still they Fly的書內資料,以協助提供有關此人的最新情況表明直到Aruseak1983年死亡前,他仍然在施行他的邪惡陰謀

“ASHTAR SHERAN – Is the pseudonym for the extraterrestrial leader Aruseak. He was the cousin of the last boss of the Giza Intelligences Kamagol II, who was striving for world domination. Ashtar Sheran was active on earth in a negative and criminal way, on behalf of Kamagol II and his followers, up to the year 1937.

阿斯塔.謝蘭 — 是外星人領袖Aruseak的化名。他是吉薩精靈Kamagol二世的最終首領的表親,Kamagol 二世力圖統治世界。阿斯塔.謝蘭以一種負面和罪惡的方式在地球上活躍代表Kamagol二世及其追隨者,直至1937

Sometime in 1983, Ashtar Sheran and his followers were killed during a failed attack against the Timars (Asket’s planetary nation from our neighboring DAL Universe.) Following the natural laws of Creation, those who died in the DAL Universe will have to incarnate there. Since Ashtar Sheran’s physical body is dead, and his spirit form exists in the DAL Universe, no telepathic or otherwise communication can take place with him or those who exist in the DERN-universe.”


 (Some readers will recognize the following section from the Wendelle Stevens’ translations.)

(有些讀者將會識別出,以下的部分是來自Wendelle Stevens的翻譯。)

This is just a small excerpt of the entire contact.



  1. Be greeted my friend.


  1. It is an edifying joy for me to be able to come to you another time.


  1. This time I will give you explanations that Semjase has spoken about with you in relation to the events surrounding Ashtar Sheran who in truth was named Aruseak and who carries further names yet.

這一次我會給你有關「阿斯塔.謝蘭」(Ashtar Sheran)事件的說明,而那些Semjase已經跟你談過,他真實的名字是Aruseak,並且他還有另外的名字。

[中譯者註:阿斯塔(Ashtar),全名為阿斯塔・謝蘭(Ashtar Sheran),是一名尚未確認真實或虛構的地外文明人物,常見於與外星生命、新紀元運動相關的網路訊息。在網路上有關他的圖像如下:



新時代運動者稱他現任職位是「銀河聯邦宇宙大艦隊指揮官」(Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation fleet),外型像白種人,時常透過網路發表演講,指導地球人如何提升心靈與注意「事件」的發生。

  1. So then, follow my words exactly and comprehend what I have to say to you:


  1. Every form of life is subject to the change of progressive evolution, subsequently it collects cognitions and truth.


  1. Negative and positive powers become transformed in the balance and therewith, thus, in the power of life and constancy.


  1. The path of evolution is very long and burdensome and it is marked by many kinds of external influences.


  1. In particular, the influences of the same kind of forms of life exert powers over a single form of life which this form of life is only able to control through living through greater spaces of time and teachings, from which understanding and recognition result.


  1. This course of evolution belongs to the high and highest forms of life just as it does also to low and the lowest forms.


  1. This is a creational law of evolution, which possesses its validity for all times and it is never subject to any kind of alterations.

這是一條演化的造物法則(creational law),這對於所有時間都具有其有效性,而且它永遠不受制於任何類型的改變。

  1. That is why this law also has validity for Aruseak who, out of certain grounds, is known to you from accounts as Ashtar Sheran.


  1. Because, therefore, also he is subject to this law, like all his co-workers and also those who were before him, understanding and recognition for them is, and was, ineluctable.


  1. Even though it has also lasted a very long time, indeed, the point in time came when certain things had to change through the progression of recognition of the truth.


  1. In connection with Aruseak, concerning the direct and indirect, there is the following:


  1. Aruseak, alias Ashtar Sheran, and so forth, is, as far as the fulfillment of his apportioned mission is concerned, the leader of an assembly of intelligences consisting of thousands of individuals, who, until 15 years ago, stood under the direct force-command of the world-control seeking KAMAGOL.


  1. Aruseak and Kamagol are, according to their blood association, cousins, as it is named by you.


  1. But Kamagol is the leader and ruler over a splinter group of many thousands of descendants who, in earlier times were separated, which means that this group had been separated by those powers who, earlier, possessed the control over your Earth and whose highest leader was an JHWH.


  1. As it has always been, however, power struggles and lust for power also ruled among them, as unfortunately is characteristic of the human form of life in its course of evolution.


  1. One of the most greedy for power at that time was ARUSSEM, who, with a group of many thousand individuals of the actual size of the (group of the) celestial sons who had already become peaceful, withdrew and went his own way with the mind to make the Earth and its forms of life subordinate.

那時其中一個對權力最貪婪的是ARUSSEM,他與一個實際上是好幾千人的「天堂之子」的群體(the group of the celestial sons)一起撤出,而他們(天堂之子群體)早已變得愛好和平,並以讓地球及其生命形式服從的心態去走他自己的路。

  1. His way of obtaining his goal was that of lies and deceit, of misleading and wrongly teaching in the form of cultic false teaching which he was able to very skillfully weave into the religious teaching.


  1. Through emissaries, and Earth humans who had succumbed to him, he mixed these teachings among the Earth humans whereby he soon won many followers of his false teaching.


  1. It was primarily the gypsies on the Nile and in the further vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, who fanatically hung on his false teaching and began to spread it.


  1. But the Hebreons, because it was they, freed themselves later from this rule, as Arussem had to cede control to his successor, who was then named JEHOVAH, and so forth, in the tongue of the Earth people.


  1. Having grown in the number of their people the Hebreons created their own power and selected themselves as chosen ones.


  1. They assumed for themselves the right to be qualified for world-control and to be worthy as chosen people, although they were never a people, rather only a low human group of gypsies of all kinds of colors and races who had come together.


  1. But since the events of that time, they led, unauthorized, as first ones, as justified before others to rule the Earth, faithful to the models who wanted to slap the entire Earth into servitude.


[中譯者註:所謂「楷模」(model),依據《第009次接觸報告》相關內容(見其中159~165句的陳述)應屬於「守護天使」(guard angels)級別的一些副手。]

  1. Thereby they became renegades, as also were their models, who now from their side, had to seek new ways to realize their wishes for power.


  1. They found these ways then also through Kamagol the First who succeeded Jehovah, who had assumed the name of an JHWH.


  1. Like no ruler before, Kamagol the First forced all terrestrial religions into the frame of blood-demanding cults which, unfortunately, were able to be maintained on the Earth up to the current time.


  1. In spite of many efforts of the righteous celestial sons they were not able to prohibit his evil machinations, therefore he could grasp the cultic religions around himself more and more and control the world.


  1. Mighty in many kinds of technical and consciousness-related resources and powers, Kamagol’s assembly was able to force the Earth humans into its power and completely lead them into a cultic religion confusion.


  1. However, also Kamagol the First could not assert his position of power because, after he had created for himself a centre and a headquarters deep under the surface of the pyramids of Giza, he was overthrown and disempowered by his own son, KAMAGOL the Second.

然而Kamagol一世也不能持續維護他的權力地位,因為在他為自己於吉薩金字塔(pyramids of Giza)地表下深處建造了一個中心作為總部之後,他被自己的兒子KAMAGOL二世推翻並剝奪權利

  1. In many things he was even more malicious than his father, which he also soon proved through the introduction of monstrous mass killings of Earth people.


  1. Very many bloody events on the Earth which were carried out through the cultic religions, in truth, concern the will and the influencing of Kamagol the Second.


  1. He and his assembly have become known, in circles in the know, as the GIZA INTELLIGENCES.

他與他的集團變得眾所周知,在圈子裡都稱他們為吉薩精靈(GIZA INTELLIGENCES)。

 [gaiaguys note: according to the Plejaren, these remaining people, also called the Bafath, were deported by the Plejaren in May, 1978.]


  1. This is because they maintain their actual command centre there and guide all events from there.


  1. Many kinds of efforts were undertaken to prepare an end for this command centre and the driving force of this malicious assembly, yet that has basically failed up until now, because they have secured everything so much that effective alterations could only be obtained with malicious illogical force, which is not allowed to us and all others who are oriented regarding these facts.


  1. Kamagol the First now selected one of his cousins as the authority over a group of thousands of individuals which had a quite special mission to fulfill – or would have had.

Kamagol一世現在選擇了他表親中的一人,作為一個幾千人群體的領導,他們有一個頗為特殊的任務要完成 — 或不得不去做。

  1. This mission was essentially based on the telenotic guiding of various groups of humans of Arusist descent in certain paths, in particular in Germany, America, Argentina and Brazil, in order that they unconsciously perform help for the plans of Kamagol.


  1. During the first time period, Aruseak, therefore Ashtar Sheran and whatever his other names may yet be, followed these orders unconditionally, so thereby Kamagol allocated further great power.


  1. But in the course of time he obtained many kinds of understanding and modified his behavior.


  1. Until then, he acted only according to the orders of Kamagol, so he only modified his tactic unnoticeably and thereby influenced, firstly, his assembly, which he indeed required.


  1. By and by he obtained their trust, and they acknowledged him as their actual leader.


  1. So it was an easy game for him to, by and by, include the obtained understanding of the truth and also to behave according to it, even with the knowledge of his assembly.


  1. With their acquiescence they loosened themselves from the control of Kamagol and formed a new splinter group.


  1. That happened in the Earth year 1933.


  1. Since then Aruseak followed his mission, imposed by Kamagol, to a degree, and transmitted his messages to various Earth humans using telepathic impulses.


  1. Because, however, he is not yet completely conscious of the truth, in his messages arise contradictions to which however no attention may be given.


  1. In various matters of the truth he is yet inexperienced, so he has to learn it first.


  1. Nevertheless, however, his messages in the principal matters are extremely faithful to the truth and stimulate joy.


  1. But, out of security grounds for his assembly and himself, in certain things he gives unclear and not correct, and therefore false, statements, which is however entirely excusable.


  1. So, statements about his place of residence also do not correspond to correctness which, however, effects no severance with his obtained love of truth.


  1. This is a security for him and his assembly so that they do not quarrel with Kamagol’s assembly.


  1. In spite of all of our possibilities we have not succeeded in finding his haunt.


  1. Apparently he and his assembly have received, through some sort of circumstances, very high and valuable understandings of security measures which they make use of and that we are not able to investigate with all our possibilities.


  1. But that is not of significance, because those kind of occurrences often happen if individual groups break off from a forceful control and seek the way of truth.


  1. So Aruseak, with his assembly, can hold up in a very greatly distant galaxy or even in another dimension, where they are absolutely secure from Kamagol’s grasp.


  1. However, they are able to do their mission in spite of that because their consciousness, and technical, possibilities make it possible to bridge all distances in space and time.


  1. This is the state of these matters that I had to explain to you.



Quetzal, that is to me more value than any material fortune. Your explanation says therefore, that Aruseak has sprung off from the Giza Intelligences and has made himself autonomous. That is monstrously favorable: it is only a shame that you did not already discover that earlier. The previous meager statements from Semjase have unfortunately created a somewhat worse picture.



  1. It is known to me, yet we did not want to leave you and the interested ones in uncertainty, that Aruseak belonged to the Giza Intelligences.


  1. But we can just now transmit to you the truth known to us up until now, because we know it somewhat better.


  1. Still to mention, at any rate, is that, in spite of everything. a great factor of uncertainty exists in regard to the probity of Aruseak, alias Ashtar Sheran, alias, alias, subsequently it cannot be said with certainty that an intrigue and falseness is not still indeed hidden, in the end, behind the present way of behavior.


  1. Ashtar Sheran’s change of attitude provides, namely, some puzzle.



I understand and I see that it indeed is my own mistake if Ashtar Sheran or Aruseak, as he indeed really may be called, has maybe become wrongly evaluated by us. Semjase really knew nothing about it because I myself at that time pressed her to keep me abreast of events. On the other hand, however, she could have said to me that her statements are not yet complete, and moreover, are maybe doubtful.



  1. With that you speak a good word, indeed we also are often subject to mistakes, maybe also regarding our present assumptions regarding Ashtar Sheran.


  1. Now, live in peace.



Live well and very many thanks.



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