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We are very respect and appreciate Benjamin Stevens’s tremendous contribution to this GREAT mission, and are very cherish his English translations, which should be well preserved!.
我们非常尊重和感激Benjamin Stevens(先生)在这一伟大【任务/使命】中所做出的巨大贡献,并十分珍视他的英译本,且这些英译本应该得到很好的保留!

There is no doubt that these English translations are FOOTSTONE of FIGU English information, precisely from which the updating work of English translations, which can now be found on FOM (, can carry out at a very high starting level, and this should be thanks to the great efforts of Benjamin Stevens and other excellent English translators.
毫无疑问,这些英译本是FIGU英文资讯的基石,正是源于它们,英文世界里的译文更新工作才能在一个很高的起点上开展,这应该感谢Benjamin Stevens和其他优秀的英文译者的伟大付出。

Thanks to Benjamin Stevens!
感谢Benjamin Stevens!

Thanks to all those who involved in this GREAT mission!


  • Wednesday, December 30, 1987, 1:04 PM


Today, I once again have a question regarding the things that you explained to me during the last conversation. I mean in terms of the coming events of the increasingly frequent floods, droughts, storms with snow, rain, and hail, as well as the volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and forest fires, which will be due in part to natural origin and partly to human origin, as you said. Now, the question was asked about this: what all is meant by natural origin and human origin?


1. Natural origin is everything that results from the natural course of the planetary movements, so therefore the natural volcanic eruptions as well as the natural movements of the sea currents, geomagnetism, the Moon’s influences, like among other things the low and high tides, the naturally occurring wind currents, and the natural weather conditions as well as forest fires and steppe fires, etc.

2. To these natural processes must be added the natural climate changes and glacial changes, as well as the influences of the Moon, which causes both low and high tides but also influences the Earth’s magnetic fields.

3. The Sun also determines a part of the natural weather and climate happenings of the Earth, and also not in the least the purely cosmic influences as well as those of the galactic central sun and the so-called central black hole of the galaxy, which is named “Milky Way” by the Earth people.

4. Thus, seven (7) determining natural factors are to be mentioned, through which all forms of natural weather, sequences of weather conditions, and climate factors are created.

5. Among the seven factors, the Earth movements are of particular importance, which include the planetary conditions, such as the formation of the interior of the Earth as well as its surface, like the land, seas, lakes, rivers and streams, like the mountains and valleys, forests, rain forests, fields, prairies, deserts, open lands, concrete supporting structures through roads and buildings and, of course, the heights and depths under and over the sea.

6. Also very important are the environmental elements, such as the temperature, air pressure, wind directions and wind speeds, the various precipitations, cloud cover, and the duration of sunshine.

7. The actual local climate results from the diverse interaction of all elements and factors as well as from the geographical latitude of each respective tract of land and from the latitude-dependent radiation intensity, to which is also added in each case the typical and different atmospheric circulation that prevails over the seas, large lakes, streams, deserts, steppes, forests, open lands, and over the rain forests and continents as well as mountains and plains.

8. Even the Earth’s magnetism plays an important role, which must not be forgotten.

9. Now, if one makes a total for all influences, etc. of 100 percent, which must be arranged, as said, into seven main factors of cause, then these can be divided in their influences, in terms of a percentage, approximately equally, so for every factor of cause, there arises an approximately 14.3 percent impact on the overall climate of the Earth.

10. But now, if the influences are still added, which arise from the irrational, destructive, and irresponsible machinations in terms of the influencing of the climate, the changing of nature, and the environmental degradation via the Earth person, then it must be mentioned that 50 percent of all coming natural disasters no longer have to be attributed to purely natural origin but rather to the guilt and burden of the Earth person.

11. Through sheer irrationality as well as through greed for profit, irresponsibility, and willfulness, as well as arrogance and self-glorification, the Earth person already started some time ago to change and violate the naturalness of the planet Earth.

12. With asphalt and concrete, entire lands are built over with roads and buildings and are destroyed, vital seas are brought to drying out, the stock of fish becomes eradicated, the resources of the Earth are exploited senselessly and for pure profit and luxury, and air pollution and environmental degradation occur, which surpass everything in irresponsible willfulness and maliciousness.

13. Enormous water dams are senselessly and irresponsibly built, by which shifts of the interior of the Earth take place and a tremendous pressure develops, by what means earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are caused.

14. Courses of rivers and streams are senselessly and irresponsibly straightened, wet meadows are drained, entire housing developments and villages as well as cities are built in meadow plains, lowlands, and at places of deforested meadow woods, by what means no place remains free any more for the wild waters of floods to be able to spread out and seep away.

15. Peaceful brooks and rivers become raging and all-destructive currents and wild waters through their straightening, and nothing can withstand these any more, whereby they cause devastation and demand the lives of humans and animals and will demand these more and more, like they’ve never done in all of human memory.

16. In addition, houses and other buildings are built on mountain slopes that are at risk in regards to avalanches and mountain slides, etc.

17. Mountain slopes become obstructed with ski lifts as well as with cable railways etc., by what means entire mountain landscapes are destroyed and the animal populations are disturbed in their natural life.

18. The greatest of all evils, however, is found in the steadily and inexorably growing overpopulation, through which all mentioned evils become more and more rampant, so also the changes in the global climate.

19. The overall natural circulation of the atmosphere of the Earth is disturbed by irrational human influences more and more, whereby the air pressure and the global temperature change significantly and immense storms and precipitations are caused throughout the whole world, which can be described as torrential, and indeed, especially in the coming time when the Earth and nature begin to avenge themselves by force against the willful and irresponsible interferences, which are criminal and destructive for the planet and its entire life, by the Earth person in undreamed-of magnitudes.

20. In the coming time, many feedback effects will arise in nature, which will contain tremendous reciprocal effects.

21. In addition to the natural changes in climate – including, among other things, as explained, also the variability of the Sun’s influences, especially in terms of the variations in the balance of solar radiation, as well as volcanic eruptions, through which a strengthening of the stratospheric aerosol layer arises – very strong changes caused by the Earth people play a very large role.

22. Thus, an anthropogenic climate change –  that is, a human-induced climate change –  develops, as it has never occurred before on the Earth.

23. Above all, this happens through a tremendous energy supply as well as through exhaust fumes and trace gases, through other emissions of all kinds, and through changes in vegetation and through the unstoppable increase of carbon dioxide, etc.

24. Due to the irrationality and irresponsibility of the human being, spatially limited impairments of the atmosphere are caused, which spread themselves globally ever more and cause ever more and greater damages.

25. In this regard, determining factors are primarily exhaust fumes, waste heat, smog, air pollution, photochemical pollution, and acid rain, etc.

26. Overpopulation actually bears the greatest guilt for this because through it, all evil becomes boosted more and more, and indeed, with everything that is conceivable, so it isn’t just the street traffic, forest traffic, agricultural traffic, and industrial traffic with internal-combustion motor vehicles but also the overall industrialization and so on and so forth.

27. The Earth people themselves bear the guilt for all unusual natural disasters, and this already for quite some time.

28. But so it will also be in all the awful ages to come, in which the disasters will still multiply and intensify.


Thanks. Your explanation in the Earth persons’ and, above all, the responsible persons’ ears. Whether it will bring any benefit, however, may well be extremely questionable. If I, however, now briefly summarize the natural influences, then in my judgment, it looks like this:

1. Earth movements’ influences

2. Geomagnetism’s influences

3. Lunar influences

4. Solar influences

5. Cosmic influences

6. Central sun’s influences

7. Black holes’ influences

As you always say: is this correct?


29. Yes.

30. It is correct.


And what is the case, then, with you? Do you also have large storms, severe weather, and floods, etc. on your worlds, as it is the case with us on Earth? I seem to remember Semjase once saying something like that, or was that you? Anyhow, I remember it being said that one isn’t allowed to build, settle, and live in areas endangered by water or landslides.


31. Of course, but these are entirely of a purely natural form.

32. Through such natural events, also no harm is caused to the people and their possessions, and thus, no human casualties or deaths are caused by such.

33. We also have floods, steppe fires, and forest fires, as well as landslides, etc. on our worlds, but these events are all of a natural form and without any influences by the people.

34. With us, natural disasters also never threaten, which would be hazardous or harmful to humans, because one isn’t permitted to build homes or other buildings, etc. in lowlands, meadow plains or deforested meadow woods, near places that are threatened by avalanches or mountain slides, or even to live in plains that could be threatened by floods.

35. Also directly beside lakes and seas or rivers and streams, etc., one isn’t permitted to build houses or other buildings and to live there.

36. With waters such as seas, lakes, rivers, brooks, and streams, etc., a greater minimum height above the water level must always be kept, which must be measured in such a way that even waves that are many meters high can’t cause any damage or claim human lives.


Yes, that was it. Thanks. But now, I would like to ask you something again, which you must answer me as a doctor. It concerns the immune system of human beings, which is supposed to be aligned specifically, as you once explained. What’s this all about, really?


37. With the immune system, it concerns a complex functional system for the preservation of the individual structure as well as for the defense against substances, etc., that are of an exogenous nature.

38. Furthermore, it also has the function of a continuous elimination of abnormal somatic cells, such as malignantly and, thus, viciously degenerated cells.

39. This is known as immune surveillance.

40. Also involved in this are the organs of the lymphatic system, distributed throughout the cells and molecules of the entire organism, and in particular, the leukocytes are to be mentioned.

41. Contrary to the erroneous opinion of the earthly medical sciences, the defense mechanisms of the immune system that is innate to the human being are aligned specifically, as this is also true of the acquired and natural immune system.

42. Always in accordance with the defense mechanisms, both the innate as well as the acquired immune system produce specific antibodies, resulting in either an immunity against certain pathogens or a defensive reaction, whereby killer cells carry out the defense work and the immune work.

43. The entire immune system of an innate, acquired, and natural form, which is owned by all vertebrate life forms, is specifically designed in every respect, so therefore, for every kind of pathogen and other health-hazardous element, etc., specific defense factors are given.

44. Nevertheless, it is also given that some defensive elements are responsible for multiple pathogens or other health-hazardous factors and substances, etc.


With the different epidemics and diseases appearing in the coming time, the immune system in humans, however, will often or even completely fail, as you already explained before, like the epidemic that’s been known by America as AIDS since 1981 and the resulting varieties. Furthermore, I remember the name Ebola virus as well as the Legionnaires’ disease that appeared for the first time in America in 1976 and something that you called the Nile epidemic or something similar. Also, you said that tuberculosis and plague as well as cholera, etc., will spread again.


45. The name was West Nile virus.

46. An epidemic that will be introduced to America and spread itself there.

47. Nevertheless, many other diseases and epidemics will still appear all over the world, and indeed, even those which have been regarded as eradicated up to now, as I have actually explained.

48. Certain names and designations for diseases and epidemics will first be created, however, in the coming time, and to be sure, when these appear.

49. At later times, diseases and epidemics from outer space and from other planets and moons will also be introduced on the Earth through the Earth people.


This will hardly be able to be avoided, despite all precautionary measures, if the scientists don’t find better ways than before to prevent the introduction of extraterrestrial bacteria and viruses and other microorganisms, etc. Introductions and deposits of alien microorganisms and many other things of all kinds can also occur, however, through asteroids and meteors, which crash down on the Earth, as well as through comets’ tails, into whose immediate area the Earth comes. But finally, clouds of microorganisms must also be taken into consideration, which drift through space and arrive into the area of our planet and penetrate down to the surface and even into the soil. At least, that’s how I understood Sfath’s explanations in my boyhood.


50. That is correct.


The Kalach tree, which is, indeed, extinct, was an enormous acacia tree, under which a small village found a good place. What, however, is the so-called Moringa tree, of which you once spoke and of which you said that it would one day become of great importance for the Earth person? To this day, I still haven’t heard or read anything about this tree or its fruits and seeds being used in some way.


51. With the Moringa tree, it concerns a so-called medicinal tree, which grows extremely quickly, about three (3) meters in height per year.

52. The tree mainly grows in South Asia and in North Africa and contains active ingredients that can be used by the Earth people against anemia as well as against hypertension and diabetes.

53. The various active ingredients, however, can also be used for the building and strengthening of the immune system.

54. The related building of the immune defense-strengthening can also provide, among many other possibilities, a successful means against AIDS.

55. The varieties of the tree also provide further food for humans and animals, whereby the nutrients are extremely rich in vitamin C and calcium.

56. In addition, the seeds of the Moringa trees are extremely oily, whereby the oil can be used, among various other possibilities, as a lubricant and as fuel for machinery.

57. Furthermore, dirty water can also be cleaned with the seeds of the tree, and indeed, very much better than what any chemical can do.

58. All of these things, nevertheless, aren’t the only possibilities and benefits that this tree and its seeds and fruits provide, for there are still several more.


That is interesting; then one can also hope that a certain progress develops from this in some way for the Earth people.


59. As our probability calculations yield, that will actually be the case.


Since we’re already talking about large trees, I would like to ask you a question about the dinosaurs again. Which ones were the largest and where did they live?


60. The largest plant-eating dinosaurs lived in what is now Patagonia.

61. These were the so-called long-neck dinosaurs, whose largest specimens reached up to 60 meters in length and exhibited a weight of around 135 tons.

62. This was the largest land animal that ever existed on the Earth.


And what about the time – when did these animals live, and were there any predatory dinosaurs that killed these magnificent animals? Have any skeletons, etc. of such giant beasts already been found by the earthly paleontologists?


63. To my knowledge, still no such findings have been made by the earthly paleontologists.

64. And as for the time when these giant animals lived, this must have been, to my knowledge, around 100 million years ago.

65. The long-necked dinosaurs possessed tails that were about as long as their necks were to their heads.

66. At the same time, there also lived giant predatory dinosaurs, which we call Titan predatory dinosaurs or Titans’ predatory dinosaurs, which had a size of up to 19 meters.


Thus, so to speak, a Tyranno-Titanosaurus Emperor, if I may translate that so freely. So a creature that must have been a lot larger than the Tyrannosaurus rex. But how was it now; did these gigantic predatory dinosaurs also hunt the giant long-necked dinosaurs? If so, how did this happen? It is always claimed by our earthly scientists that the large predatory dinosaurs, even the great Tyrannosaurus rex, were loners and also would have hunted as such. I can’t understand that and, thus, can’t accept it as given, for if these beasts actually hunted the giant herbivores, which I strongly accept, then they couldn’t have reliably done so as individual hunters because they would have had no chance against the giant animals. Thus, according to my understanding, it only could have been such that the predatory dinosaurs hunted with certainty in packs. Now, was that actually so, or am I mistaken? At the same time, I also think of the experiences on my Great Journey with Semjase and Ptaah, where I could observe on the primeval world how the large predatory dinosaurs hunted and tore large herbivores in packs. This must have happened in the same way on the Earth during the time of the dinosaurs, or in this respect, am I completely on the wrong track with my opinion?


67. What you saw on your Great Journey, that likewise occurred in the primeval times on Earth.

68. There were also many different genera and species of predatory dinosaurs on Earth, and indeed, very small, small, medium, large, and such that must be designated as giants, titans, and colossi, like the Tyrannosaurus rex and the Tyranno-Titanosaurus Emperors, as you designate these predatory dinosaurs appropriately.

69. Between these two predatory dinosaurs, however, there was one other giant dinosaur on Earth, which we named Gigantic Dinosaur, which reached a size of up to 14 meters.

70. And you’re actually correct with your acceptance that all these enormous, gigantic, and titanic dinosaurs were also no loners but rather pack animals that also lived in packs and hunted as such and tore their victims, whereby these victims, as you suppose, also included the large and largest plant-eaters, like even the long-necked dinosaurs.


So one must speak practically of at least three different giant predatory dinosaurs, and to be sure, of the Tyrannosaurus rex, of the Tyrannosaurus Gigantus, and of the Tyranno-Titanosaurus Emperor, as I now call the critters. Perhaps the earthly scientists will crush me with their cars and insult me into the ground as a layman, but I now name the beasts just like that.


71. That is correct.

72. And you can actually name the animals according to your free will, as you wish.


Nice. Then something else: do I remember correctly – Ptaah gave me the information when we were at Neptune – that on this planet, storms prevail, which reach 2,000 kilometers per hour?


73. Your recollection is correct.


Good, then I would like to ask you something in reference to Egyptian mummy tombs. It is always maintained that the clairvoyant Cayce, or whatever his name is, is to have said that underground cities and large mummy tombs, etc. are still buried in Egypt. What is to be made of this?


74. Such cities and tombs actually exist, but they haven’t been found up to the current time.

75. For example, one of the largest mummy tombs, which comes from the 1st and 2nd century A.D., is located in the Egyptian place of Bahariya.

76. In this tomb, about 10,000 mummies are buried, together with a lot of gold.


And, have the archaeologists not found anything there yet, or are the graves already robbed?


77. So far, the earthly archaeologists still have no notion or even knowledge of this large tomb.


However, the giant tomb will certainly be found one day, right?


78. I have no information about that.


Then in relation to this, have you made no looks into the future or probability calculations or even journeys into the future or otherwise made any clarifications that could give enlightenment in this respect?


79. No, until now, it was not of importance for us.


Well, then just not. It also isn’t so important.


80. As I have determined time and again, the Earth people exercise very much criticism toward their neighbors.

81. Since I cannot find my way to it, I would like to ask you for your opinion.

82. Is the criticism, just as it is applied by the Earth person, really necessary or just a bad habit?

83. My understanding for this is lacking very much.


The practicing of criticism, i.e. the criticizing of the Earth people against their neighbors, corresponds to a very bad habit, which is founded in the desire to be better and the desire to know better than one’s neighbors. The criticizers are, thus, of the false belief that they are better or could be somewhat better or would know better, etc. than those whom they criticize. Thus, no so-called “healthy assessment” is practiced, which exists in the so-called “art of assessment,” through which a neutral assessment of a person or thing takes place; rather, a criticism occurs, which truly consists of pointing out alleged or genuine errors in a derogatory manner, in order affect one’s neighbors with it psychologically or in any way. This is also true for the so-called professional critics, who have the audacity to criticize people and their labors and works, etc. as well as things and stuff of any kind in their wrong and megalomaniacal conceit and think that they would understand something of the matter concerned. Critique or criticism truly exhibits in no way the form of an assessment or art of assessment and doesn’t rest in an examination and in an insight but rather is grounded in a chronic, habitual, derogatory laceration and abasement of that which is criticized. This, however, has nothing to do with the assertion and misrepresentation of the earthly philosophers that it would concern an assessment, an examination, and an insight, as well as an evaluation. These values do not find their authorization in critique or criticism but solely in the neutral art of assessment and in the neutral assessment evaluation. But critique or criticism doesn’t know these values because solely a judgment follows from it, through which a person claims to classify something as given or not given, as good or bad, as negative or positive, or as genuine or false and, accordingly, to make a decision autocratically. At the same time, an assessment is completely omitted because neither the negatives nor the positives are effectively seen in their true form. In contrast to this are the assessment and evaluation, through which not only the negatives but also the positives become seen, recognized, assessed, and evaluated. Through this, someone or someone’s action, labor, work, thing, or matter, etc. doesn’t just simply become criticized and, thus, torn up into the air, so that the whole thing truly only corresponds to a lousy, biased, hateful, autocratic, and arrogant intolerance. This also refers to the opinion and life attitude as well as to the world view of the people and also how they dress, what hobbies and pleasures, etc. they have, and what kinds of lifestyles they maintain, because all these things, which are really of the purest private nature, are also complained of by the trouble-making critics and are mercilessly and self-righteously torn apart in a yelping manner because they regard themselves as better and more clever than they concede this to their neighbors – even though they themselves are usually bean straw dumb and stupid and have a crude attitude toward life and toward their fellow human beings.


84. Your remarks make many things clear to me.


With the Earth people, unfortunately, is it usually the case that they let criticism prevail rather than reason. It should rightly be so, that the opinion of a person is accepted and respected because he can always correct it himself if it should be wrong and he becomes aware of this fact. However, critics don’t note this freedom of human beings but rather force them into a pattern that is foreign to them through their criticism.


85. That is correct.

86. But now, my friend, I still have to discuss a few things with you that shouldn’t be of an official nature.

87. So let’s now talk about these concerns.


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