第 345 次接觸報告

接触时间:2003 年 7 月 21 日,星期一,下午 3 時 11 分


本篇譯文基於「德」 → 「英」 → 「中」 譯制。


資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 9.
資訊摘要:Ptaah 描述了他的人民最近的發現:有三種人類種族居住在一個類似于我們的恒星系統中的行星上,那些人類已經達到與我們類似的技術水準,不過 1200 多年來,他們一直生活在一種和平的狀態,而且都沒有宗教上的思維幻象。

英版譯者:Lawrence Driscoll
英版鏈接:「Futureofmankind. James Moore」

中版譯者:James Hsu
中版鏈接:「Pixnet. James Hsu」

Synopsis 摘要
Ptaah describes some discoveries that his people recently made including three human races that inhabit a planet similar to ours in another star system who have reached a similar technological state to us but who however have been living in peace for over 1200 years and whom are not religiously deluded.
Ptaah 描述了他的人民最近的發現:有三種人類種族居住在一個類似于我們的 恒星系統中的行星上,那些人類已經達到與我們類似的技術水準,不過 1200 多 年來,他們一直生活在一種和平的狀態,而且都沒有宗教上的思維幻象。

This is an excerpt of the contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.

Man, friend Ptaah, this is really a surprise. Be warmly welcomed and greeted, you universe explorer. Tell me, since when are you back here? Florena only told me today at noon, that today someone will still drop by me, but she said nothing about, that this would be you. Clearly it goes well with you and you also appear to be contented, therefore I assume, your expedition must have culminated successfully.
你好,Ptaah 我的朋友,這簡直是個驚喜。歡迎啊,你這個宇宙探險者。告訴我, 你是什麼時候回來的?Florena 今天中午只是告訴我,今天有人會來看我,但是她沒有說是誰,結果是你呀。很顯然你很好,而且你顯得很滿足,因此我估計, 你的遠征一定是非常成功的。

1. You are very pleased to see me, my friend.

2. This applies however also on my part and it particularly pleases me to see you well and in good health.

3. Be greeted yourself as well, –

4. Yes, your assumption is correct, because my expedition was successful.

5. This at least for the first venture, about which you certainly want to hear, I assume, yes?

6. To say is this that suddenly everything very quickly has come to an end because on June 30th when we have unexpectedly found a humanity, to which a probe in space brought us when we searched for its origin.
應該這麼說,突然,一切很快就結束了,因為在 6 月 30 日的時候,我們意外 地發現了(另外的)人類,我們在宇宙中發現一個探測器,當我們尋找它的 來源的時候,它把我們帶過去的。

7. Unfortunately however, I do not have enough time at my disposal, to explain everything in detail, consequently, I will catch up on this at a later time.
然而,很不幸,我現在沒有太多的時間來詳細解釋所有事情,因此,我會在 以後補上。

Of course. I know, because Quetzal reported to me regarding this probe. However, he was of the opinion that your expedition was to last still a longer time. Now, however start shooting – briefly and succinctly. What arises from the foreign universe? You must not be detailed, but just briefly and succinctly describe the most important events. We can talk about it at a later time in detail, as you say.
當然。我知道,因為 Auetzal 跟我說起過關於這個探測器的事情。然而,他覺 得你的遠征本應該持續更長時間的。但是現在,開講吧 —— 簡明扼要地說。 那個陌生的宇宙裡都有些什麼?你不用太詳細,只是簡潔地描述最終要的事情。 我們可以晚一些時候再說細節,就像你說的那樣。

8. So then listen:

9. Actually it appeared, that we must extend our expedition still several months, but then success arrived unexpectedly.
實際上看起來我們必須延長我們的遠征好幾個月時間,但是突然成功降臨 了。

10. First, after a many month long search we found a planet, on which rather still wild humans lived, who were only equipped with stone axes, stone spears and stone knives.
首先,在好幾個月的搜索之後,我們找到了一個行星,在上面生活著野生的 人類,他們只是裝備有石斧,石矛以及石刀。

Thus, cave men, respectively Stone Age humans or similar, correct?

11. Yes.

12. They lived partly in caves, but also partly in primitive huts, which they made out of branches, leaves and moss.
他們部分住在洞穴裡,也有部分住在原始的茅屋裡,茅屋是他們用樹枝,樹 葉和苔蘚搭建而成。

13. We were able to find 46 different groups on the planet.
我們在星球上可以找到 46 個不同的分組。

14. The planet itself had large primeval forests as well as fertile land, on which many and diverse animals roamed and fed themselves on all kinds of things.
這個行星本身有大面積的原始森林,以及肥沃的土地,上面生活著各種各樣 的動物,以各種各樣的食物為生。

15. You can yourself imagine approximately the same appearance that Earth presented around six million years ago.
你自己也大致可以想像地球大約在 600 萬年前也是這種景象。

16. Weeks later, after which we further penetrated into the foreign universe, we came upon a small artificial object, which was drifting through free space.
數週之後,我們繼續更深地進入這個陌生的宇宙,我們遇到了一個人造物, 它飄浮在太空之中。

17. When we got hold of it, we established, that it was a probe created by intelligent life forms, which certainly had served for the exploration of a
planet, but however apparently was driven from its course and was thrown out into free space.
當得到它之後,我們認定,這是一個智慧生命製造的探測器,它的目的肯定 是為了探索行星,然而很顯然它被推出了它自己的軌道,被甩入了自由空間 裡。

18. So we calculated the flight path of the probe and followed it for several months, after which we then actually reached a solar system, in which about a dozen planets moved around a central star, although certainly only two of the planets were developed in such a way, that they were able to carry higher life, as we soon discovered.
因此,我們計算出了這個探測器的飛行軌跡,並且追蹤它了好幾個月,之後 我們實際上到達了一個恒星系統,在其中有12 顆行星圍繞著中央恒星運行, 雖然有這麼多行星,但我們很快發現,只有其中兩顆發展得來可以支援高等 生命。

19. On one of the planets, the third, which was somewhat smaller than Earth and which was about 1.51 astronomical units distant from the sun and which travelled on its 677 day long orbit about the central star and had a self-rotation of 21 hours and 37 minutes, there existed no human, but only higher animal life forms of primeval form, as well as also this primeval condition applied to the vegetation.
其中一顆行星,第三顆,比地球稍微小一點,距離恒星有 1.51 個天文單位, 公轉週期677 天,自轉週期 21 小時 37 分鐘,上面沒有人類,只有處在原始 形態的高等動物生命形式,並且植被也是很原始的。

20. The second planet, somewhat greater than the Earth, had three large island continents, which existed in a large salt water ocean and were surrounded by a large number of smaller islands.
第二顆行星,比地球稍微大一些,上面有三個大的島嶼大陸【中譯者註:類 似澳大利亞】,這些大陸坐落於巨大的鹹水海洋中,並且周圍有大量小一些 的島嶼。

21. Their entire mass was around one third greater than the continental masses and islands of Earth together.

22. This planet was at a distance from the sun of 1.48 astronomical units and had a self-rotation of 22 hours and 52 minutes.
這顆行星距離它們的太陽 1.48 天文單位,自轉週期是 22 小時 52 分鐘。

23. The planet carried human civilizations, in fact there were three different races, which consisted of diverse peoples, who were of white, green and blue color, adding to a total number of around 498 million human beings.
這顆行星上有人類文明,實際上上面有三個不同的種族,包括了各種人,他 們有白,綠和藍三種膚色,人口總數為 4 億 9 千 8 百萬。

24. Our clarifications, which we carried out unobserved and without direct contact undertakings with the occupants, resulted in astonishing things as I want to explain as follows:
我們在不被觀察到,沒有與當地居民直接接觸的情況下,我們弄清楚了一些 令人吃驚的事情,我想跟你做如下解釋:

25. The populations of the three continents mastered only three different languages each one with a uniform dialect, which we nowhere else have yet detected.
三個大陸上的人口只有三種不同的語言,每一種都有統一的口音,這我們是 從來沒有聽到過的。

26. And although the three races work together in every respect, such as, medically, scientifically and technologically, etc., they do not mix with one another in the way that there would exist marriage alliances between members of different races.
雖然這三個種族在每一個方面都合作,比如說,醫療,科學,技術等等,但 是他們並沒有通過不同種族之間的通婚而混雜在一起。

27. All three races had the same culture, the same state of knowledge in all things and a medical science, which, highly developed, registered only just minor sicknesses, so in this respect they are far ahead of terrestrial medical and surgical science.
所有三個種族有著同樣的文化,在所有方面,醫療,科學上有著同樣的知識 狀態,都是高度發達的。他們只有輕微的疾病,因此在這方面他們比地球上 的醫療和手術的科學要發達很多。

28. There was nothing to find regarding religions and cults of any kind, because all three races in no way at all recognize faith, but only a kind of universal philosophy, which is based on the fact, that all life and existence arises from a higher power, which is simply called the ‘Power’ by them.
我們沒有發現任何宗教,邪教等諸如此類的東西,因為所有三個種族都沒有 信仰,而只是一種統一的哲學,這種哲學是基於這樣事實,所有生命以及存 在源自更高的力量,他們只是被簡單地稱之為“力量”。

29. This is quite reverently observed, respected and honored, however it is not worshiped and not venerated.

30. The ‘Power’ constitutes for them all origin of life and all existence, which both comes to be, and again passes away and again comes to be, and a unity in a duality is taught, so the material and the ‘Power’, which lives in the material, passes away and again comes to be, while the material dissolves and changes into other material forms.
這種“力量”包含著所有生命與存在的來源,二者皆有出生,然後又逝去, 然後再次出生,並且,在二元性中的統一被教導,因此,物質和活在物質中 的“力量”,逝去並且再次出生,同時物質分解並且變成另一種物質形式。

This is practically the reincarnation of the spiritform. The ‘Power” would be then simply Creation and at the same time the spirit form.

31. So it is, just only with other terms, as well as also everything interpreted and understood by the occupants of the planet.
就是這樣,還有那個行星的居民所解讀和理解的所有其他東西,只是另一個 叫法而已。

32. Regarding these three races still is to say, that they are absolutely peaceful, in fact, both from human to human, as well as however also among the races and their peoples themselves.
關於這三個種族,還要說的是,他們是絕對和平的,事實上是在,個體與個 體之間,以及種族與種族之間,還有種族內部。

33. Wars are foreign to them just as well as hate and criminality, and purely technologically viewed, they are at the position which prevailed with Earth humans in the year 1968.
他們不知道戰爭,也不知道憎恨和犯罪,從純粹科技的角度來看,他們比地 球人在 1968 年的時候要好一些。

Astonishing. Then, these human beings are far ahead of earthlings. However, how is it then with the form of government?
令人驚呀。那麼,這些人類比地球人類要先進地多了。然而,他們的政府是怎 樣的形式呢?

34. Each people decides totally on all interests, although a total representation of all three races exists, which is built in the form of an assembly of men and women, which as highest authority is to gain the required recognition of the will of the people.
每一個人都對所有事情做決定,雖然三個種族有一個完全的代表存在,它是 以男性與女性的組合的形式,作為最高官方,來獲得人民意願的必要認知。

A little complicatedly expressed, my friend. If I correctly understand your words, then with these three races and their peoples so to say there exists a combined leadership, which consist of persons, respectively representatives, of all three races. This leadership personnel exists in the service of the people, respectively of all peoples and executes their decision, respectively, they are responsible for the fact, that the will of people, respectively peoples is carried out. Then it is so to say a proper democracy. And how is it with these leadership personnel, do they have then also their own power of decision.
你的表達有點複雜了,我的朋友。如果我正確理解了你說的話,在這三個種族 以及它們的人民中,可以說存在著一種聯合領袖,它由人,換句話說,三個種 族的許多代表組成。這種領袖人員,作為服務人民,即所有人,並且執行他們 的決定,也就是說,他們對人民的意願,即對人們想要做的負責。那麼可以說 這是某種民主。那麼對於這些領袖人員個人,又是怎樣的呢,他們有自己的決 定權嗎?

35. Your interpretation corresponds to the sense of my words.

36. The leadership personnel, which consists of three persons from all peoples have only executing and advisory powers of the respective peoples and they do not have their own possibility for decision.
這些領導人員,包含了所有三個種族,他們對各自的人民只有執行和建議的 權力,他們自己沒有決定權。

37. All leadership personnel are elevated to the standing of wise persons, whose duty it also is, to work out all required necessities and present them to the people, who then decide about them.
所有領導人員作為智者被推舉出來,他們的責任還有,尋找出所有的需要的 事情,並將它們呈現給人民,然後人民決定去怎麼做。

38. The three races and all of their peoples have no other party natures at all, like this is the case with Earth humans.

39. On the other hand they have the manner of voting in the way, as was the case since ancient times in Switzerland in the manner of rural communities, in which the majority decision applied.
從另外一方面來說,他們有投票的手段,就如同古代瑞士鄉村社區的方式一 樣,多數人贊同的事情就被執行。

40. The interests, on which must be voted, are announced first by the leadership personnel on the day of the vote, when the people assemble and have to deliver a, for or against, vote.
必須被投票的事務,首先會在投票當天,當人們集中起來,要投贊成或者反 對票的時候,被領導人員公佈。

41. So therefore no previous consultations are able to be made, consequently each citizen of each people according to his own discretion and in accordance with his decision has to make his own choice.
因此,沒有事前的磋商,因此每一個公民都必須根據自己的判斷和決定,去 做出他自己的選擇。

Interesting. How is it then with the military, respectively the armed forces?

42. Here, pure harmony and peace exists among all three races and all of their peoples for a little more than 1208 planetary years and also exist no armed forces and no weapons industries for military purposes.
在這裡,所有三個種族的人民中存在著純粹的和諧與和平,已經持續了 1208 行星年,沒有武裝力量,沒有以軍事為目的的武器工業。

And so what about the police?

43. There is no such organization in the way, like on Earth.

44. Security personnel are certainly existing, but these constitute an order protection and safety protection which provide for the order and safety of the population regarding natural events, by which I mean events of nature.
安保人員肯定有,但是這些構成了秩序維持和安全保障,針對自然事件,我 的意思是大自然的事件,給人們提供秩序和安全。

45. The races and their peoples themselves live in an order, which has no degenerations, like this is the case with the people on Earth.

So to speak, an ideal state.

46. In certain respects can actually of an ideal be spoken.

What to me is still of interest, dear friend is their technology of locomotion. Do they have also still such primitive airplanes and automobiles, etc., like we on Earth? This is certainly to be assumed, if they have the technological position, which we possessed in 1968, am I correct?
親愛的朋友,我還想知道的是,他們的運輸科技怎麼樣?他們還是有那些原始 的飛機,汽車,諸如此類的東東嗎?

47. Your assumption is not entirely correct, because certainly they have a similar technology of locomotion, but the drives are not sustained by explosion motors using benzene and diesel oil, but they are driven with synthetic substances.
你的估計不完全正確,因為肯定他們有類似的運輸科技,但是它們的驅動不 是由消耗苯和柴油的爆燃引擎來支援的,而是運用合成物質。

48. All three races and all of their peoples do not exploit the petroleum of the world.

49. All necessary substances for all things come from plants of many kinds as well as produced synthetically.

And the food?

50. There exist large community gardens as well as joint farming holdings, like gardens and small farms, which however are also run by individual persons or small groups.
他們有很大的社區花園,還有連接在一起的農業設施,就像花園和小農場, 這些也是由個人或者小團體管理的。

51. And before you ask:

52. There are economically useful animals kept and bred for work and for food purposes, though however any form of cruelty to animals is taboo.
他們養殖經濟動物,用於工作和獲得食物,但是,任何形式的殘酷對待動物 都是禁止的。

53. Flesh for food of humans is solely produced through breeding and slaughtering of certain animals.

54. Fruits, vegetables and flesh of many and diverse forms as well as all other necessary food items and required products of other kinds are in abundance and plentiful, and from this follows that nowhere does famine exist.
各種水果,蔬菜和肉食,還有所有其他必要的食品以及其他必須品供應充足, 因此沒有饑荒出現。

55. All bodies of waters and forests, meadows, fields and marsh areas are healthy and completely intact.

56. Chemical products are not laid down for the purposes of protection or growth of plants, but only substances, which in turn consist of natural products.
沒有用於植物保護或者植物生長的化學製品被噴灑,而只有包含天然產品的 物質。

57. Hunting for any wild game[here should be “animal"?] is taboo, because game[“animal?"] flesh is likewise only produced through breeding, like this also is the case with fish flesh, etc.
狩獵任何野生動物是被禁止的,因為動物肉類之通過養殖來生產,對於魚肉 類等等也是如此。

Have you also established how old the humans get to be?

58. Naturally.

59. The average age of the humans of all three races is a uniform 128 years and death as a rule is due to old age.
這三個種族的人類平均壽命是 128 歲,通常死亡原因就是年老。

Therefore, they are regarding this also a great deal ahead of earthlings. However, what happens then with the passed away humans, I mean, how are they laid to rest – cremated or buried, etc.?
因此,他們在這方面比地球人要先進好多。然而,當人死後,會發生什麼?我 的意思是,他們怎麼被安葬 – 火葬還是土葬, 等等?

60. The deceased are laid out upon a stone bed far away from residential areas in especially created for them, individual small, yet very stable stone houses, after which the entrance is closed with rocks and boulders.
遺體被安放在遠離居住區,被特地為他們建造的每人一間很小,但是非常堅 固的石頭房子裡的一個石床上,然後把入口用石頭封閉。

61. After that, the deceased are left to decompose.
Do you mean by this something like a vault? Is it with the bereaved then also as is usual on Earth, that they visit these tombs?

62. No, this does not likewise belong to tradition as well as also not the decoration of tombs with flowers, etc.

63. Also, no inscriptions are displayed, and no ritual at all is indulged in, at the burial.

64. Among all races exists also no fear of dying and death.

65. The whole thing is considered and honored as a natural and inevitable event.

So should it also be with us. Yet tell me now: You are only really able to reach this foreign universe, because in your ancient data you had the recordings of Henok at your disposal. Was Henok perhaps already over there? And do you go back again soon?
因此我們也應該這樣。那麼現在告訴我:因為你從你們的遠古資料裡得到了 Henok 的記錄,所以你們才能到達這個陌生的宇宙。也許 Henok 已經到過那裡 了?還有,你會很快再去嗎?

66. The recordings in accordance with certain things indicated that Henok was actually in this foreign universe.
那些記錄,根據某些事情,顯示了 Henok 的確曾去到了這個陌生的宇宙。

67. However we first must exactly still discover this, which a travel back in time back will certainly be required, precisely into the time, when Henok worked.
然而,我們首先仍然必須確鑿地找出真相,這肯定需要旅行到過去的時間裡, 精確進入那個 Henok 仍然活躍的時間。

68. On my part for the time being, I will not be returning back there, but a large part of our expedition remains over there, consequently it will further explore the three human races and everything around them as well as a large part of the universe.
目前從我這方面來說,我還不打算回去那裡,但是我們大多數遠征隊還停留 在那裡,因此,他們會進一步探索這三個人類種族以及圍繞他們的每一件事 情,還有一大片宇宙。

Good, then I do not want to ask you further about these things. Indeed, you said that you wanted to tell me more later.
好啊,那麼我不會再問你更多這方面的事情了。事實上,你說你想在晚一些在 跟我說更多的內容。

69. I will do this little by little, when we talk in a private way.

Very well.



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