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接触时间:2010 年 3 月 1 日,星期一,14:16


本篇譯文基於「德」 → 「英」 → 「中」 譯制。


資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 12.
資訊參考:「Google. Gaiaguys」
資訊摘要:Billy 和 Ptaah 討論到地球上過去與現在的二氧化碳含量,以及其對目前與未來潛在的影響。——James Moore

英版譯者:Dyson Devine和Vivienne Legg
英版鏈接:「Futureofmankind. James Moore」
我們(Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg of http://www.gaiaguys.net)已經得到Billy Meier的淮許非官方地初步翻譯FIGU(www.figu.org)的資料,請註意我們的翻譯也許有錯誤。

中版譯者:James Hsu
中版鏈接:「Pixnet. James Hsu」

Synopsis 摘要
Billy and Ptaah discuss the past and present levels of planetary carbon dioxide and it’s current and potential effects.
Billy 和 Ptaah 討論到地球上過去與現在的二氧化碳含量,以及其對目前與未來 潛在的影響。

This is only a portion of the entire contact. It is an unofficial but authorized translation and may contain errors.

…Actually I have something which still requires an explanation from your side. Christian Frehner brought me a question from Michael Horn and Professor James Deardorff regarding the current CO2 content of the terrestrial atmosphere. But since I was not quite sure in regard to an answer, I asked Florena on February 25th for an explanation. Both obviously thought that the current content is not yet dangerous and that it also does not climb so quickly.
… 其實我有一些事情,仍然需要你們來作解釋。Christian Frehner 給我一個從 Michael Horn 和 James Deardorff 教授那裡帶來的問題,是關於地球大氣目前 二氧化碳的含量。但因為我對答案不是很肯定,所以在 2 月 25 日要求 Florena 作了一個解釋。兩位顯然都認為目前的含量尚不危險,而且也還不會迅速攀升。

Besides that, they spoke of a 4 percent CO2 content, which is not, however, what was mentioned in our conversation of October 14th last year in regard to CO2. Florena answered my question by quoting the exact current content as 0.046 percent. This is in contrast to the claims of the terrestrial scientists who, with inexact calculations, would only calculate a value of 0.039 percent. I assume, concerning that, that a misunderstanding probably exists with the two and they took the terrestrial scientists’ lower value as the starting point and that this is not yet dangerous and for which reason it is also not to be evaluated as grave. However, how they arrived at 4 percent is a puzzle to me because neither of us mentioned this number in our conversation. What is to be said about that?
此外,他們還談到 4%的二氧化碳含量,然而,這並不是我們在去年 10 月 14 日 的會談中對二氧化碳的描述。Florena 透過引述回答我:目前(2010 年)確切的 含量為 0.046%。這點對比地球的科學家(他們只能計算出 0.039%這個不精確 的數值), 我認為這方面可能有誤解存在其中。他們採取了地球科學家所計算的 最低值作為起點,認為這還不危險,因而沒有評為嚴重的程度。然而,他們如 何得出 4%對我而言是一個謎,因為我們兩個都沒有在我們的會談中提到這個數 字。對此你有什麼看法呢?

It is correct that the current CO2 content on the Earth amounts to 0.046 percent, respectively 460 ppm [parts per million] which is truly quite a lot more than the terrestrial scientists register with their inadequate apparatuses. This CO2 content of 0.046 percent is not yet very grave for the life forms, but, with humans who are more susceptible than others regarding CO2, it leads to very frequent migraines, with nausea and dizziness. But, among diverse other factors, the molecule also strongly influences the climate and therefore contributes to climate change. The content of 460 ppm is therefore not harmless. Instead, it has already, for a long time, shown certain effects with humans who are susceptible to it, as it also has in regard to climate change, through which natural catastrophes take the lives of many humans.
地球上目前的二氧化碳含量達 0.046%,也就是 460 ppm(parts per million; 百萬分之一) ,這個數值是正確的(中譯者註:那已是 2010 年的資料,而據地 球科學家的觀測:在2013年6月才達到400ppm) 。對照地球科學家的數值(0.039%), 以他們不足的設備所作的記錄,的確高了許多。雖然目前 0.046%的二氧 化碳含量,對於地球的生命來說還不算十分嚴重,然而就二氧化碳而言,人類 比其他生命更容易受到影響,這會導致非常頻繁的偏頭痛,噁心和頭暈。但是, 在不同的因素當中,這些二氧化碳分子會強烈影響著氣候,因此導致氣候異常。 因此,460 ppm 的含量並非無害。相反的,就長期來看,對於容易受到影響的 人類,它已經顯示了某些的影響,正如它同時在氣候變化方面一樣,由於造成 的自然災害,已奪去無數的人命。

The named 0.046 percentage of CO2 impregnates the atmosphere whereby however this says nothing about the CO2 which has accumulated and continues to accumulate in the soil and in the oceans and other bodies of water, and which is freed, by and by, as a result of various processes and also enters the atmosphere this way. It also says nothing about how the CO2 damages all seas and other bodies of water in that it acidifies them. The gas will be poisonous for the humans when, in the air, it reaches a content of approximately one percent which will then already lead generally to headaches and chronic tiredness. It has an absolutely deadly effect when it reaches a content of 8 percent in the air.
然而上述0.046%滲透到大氣層的二氧化碳比例,並未計算已積聚並持續累積在 土壤、海洋以及其他水域中的二氧化碳,這在不久以後,最終都會經由各種作 用方式進入到大氣層。之前也沒有說到二氧化碳會如何酸化所有海洋和其他水 域而損害它們。當二氧化碳在空氣中的含量達到了約1%時,它對人體就有毒害, 會普遍導致頭痛和慢性疲勞。而當二氧化碳在空氣中的含量達到 8%時,它就會 絕對致命。

Naturally the entire thing still corresponds to a longer process and will not take effect overnight, but the whole thing will not be stopped if the Earth humans proceed with their uncontrollable reproduction and continue to produce the gas in excessive amounts as they have until now. As a result of everything which is coming in the future, factors can come about which allow the CO2 content to suddenly and rapidly increase, especially when the molecules, which have accumulated and continue to accumulate in the soil and in the oceans, escape into the air as a result of some sort of circumstances and become dangerous for all breathing beings.
當然整件事仍然是一個相對長期的過程,不會一夕之間發生。但如果地球人類 繼續無法控制人口過剩,並像目前一樣繼續產生過量的二氧化碳,那麼整個情 況就會繼續惡化下去。由於考量在未來的一切狀況,導致二氧化碳含量突然迅 速增加的因素有可能發生,尤其是那些已經積聚並持續累積在土壤與海洋中的 二氧化碳分子,因某種情況而使其散逸到大氣中,這將對所有要呼吸的生命造成危害。

That is certainly not the case yet and also one cannot expect it to be the case very quickly, but to think that the CO2 content of 460 ppm is not dangerous corresponds to an erroneous assumption because that is already alarmingly high, because, namely, as a result of the molecule, the climate is strongly influence in a negative way and causes certain human beings health difficulties, with migraines, nausea and dizziness. Around 150 years ago the CO2 content in the atmosphere amounted to 0.028 percent, and shortly before industrialisation the content of CO2 on the Earth amounted to 187 ppm. Subsequently the content has therefore climbed by a disturbing 273 ppm.
當然目前尚未如此,同時大家也不期望它這麼快就會這樣,但認為 460 ppm 的 二氧化碳含量並不危險,則是一個錯誤的想法,因為這已經高得驚人了。由於 這種氣體分子的存在,氣候受到強烈負面的影響,同時造成某種程度的人體健 康困擾,例如偏頭痛、噁心和頭暈。在工業化之前不久,地球上的二氧化碳總 含量還是187 ppm,但隨後即攀升至令人不安的 273 ppm,而在約 150 年前, 大氣中二氧化碳的總含量已達 280ppm。

The terrestrial atmosphere has always contained CO2 in small amounts, but the Earth humans have unfortunately contributed very much to the strong increase of the gas content, and indeed as a result of the irresponsible, excessive burning of fossil fuels such as crude oil, natural gas and coal, as well as as a result of diverse other natural and chemically produced substances. Means of transport, such as aircraft, automobiles, tractors, other motor vehicles and all kinds of work machines as well as ships, which are powered by combustion engines, also contribute in a big way to the entire evil. To add to that are also power stations and factories which are powered in some way with gas or coal. Also the logging – and clearing by means of fire – of the rain forests, as well as other clearing of forests around the world and the destruction and building-over of riverside forests and fertile fields for residential buildings and factories, and so forth, contributed and further contributes to the increasing CO2 content.
地球的大氣始終是含有少量的二氧化碳,但是地球人類卻很不幸地使該氣體的 含量大幅增長;這是由於過度燃燒化石燃料,諸如:原油、天然氣和煤,以及 大量使用各種天然與化學物質所產生的結果。此外大量的交通工具如:飛機、 汽車、耕耘機、其它機動車輛和各種工作機械以及船隻,這些都是由內燃機提 供的動力,同樣為整個惡果貢獻良多。再加上靠燃燒氣體或煤來供電的發電站 和工廠;還有雨林砍伐 —— 並以放火來清除 ——;同時在世界各地森林的清 除和破壞;以及在河邊森林和肥沃土地為了住宅和工廠等等的過度建設,再再 都進一步不斷推升了二氧化碳的含量。

But now all the clever ones and know-it-alls who play everything down again, will come again. That will, unfortunately, really not be avoidable.
但現在所有聰明的人和自以為無所不知的人,他們再次把一切都不當一回事, 將來還會繼續如此。很遺憾,這真的無可避免。

That will with certainty be so, just as it will that everything will be described as worse than it, in and of itself, already is.
這肯定會這樣,就算一切總是被描述的比其本身更糟糕,這現象本身就已經是 如此了。

Translator’s Notes 英譯者註
This conversation is as a result of the conversation recorded here:



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