资讯主题:The Pineal Gland/松果体

撰文作者:Regula Lamprecht

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中版译者:James Hsu(繁体字部分)
中版译者:Leon Fung(简体字部分)

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the small marvel in our brain,
or – how we can wake up, strengthen and maintain our seventh sense.

My own experience on the subject:

during a walk at dusk, in rainy weather, along a street, on a narrow pavement, I got the feeling that somebody was about to lay a hand on my left shoulder from behind.

I looked back and saw a jogger who was going in the same direction as me.

Quickly stepping aside, I was able to let him pass.

This process impressed me – quite practical when communication functions without words!

However, how does this kind of “communication" happen?

It seems quite clear:

the jogger as transmitter of the non-verbal information, “Please, make room, I would like to run past", and my person as receiver of the message sent out through the power of thought.

Yes, it seems quite clear, but what happens in detail within and beyond our brains?

Through my investigations into this subject I have come across extremely interesting information containing far-reaching observations!

The sources of my specific information come from:

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier:
‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier:

• FIGU Special Bulletin No. 38, August, 2007, subject: “The Supernatural, or, the Feinstoffsinnlich[1], or, Fluidal-Powers"
• FIGU特别公告38#,2007年08月,主题:“超自然”,或精妙的感官-[1]或流體能量“。

• “Meditation From Clear Visibility", Age of Aquarius Publishing Company, 8495 Schmidrüti/ZH
• 《冥想從清晰的視野開始》,水瓶座時代出版公司,8495 Schmidrüti/ZH。

• “The Psyche", Age of Aquarius Publishing Company, 8495 Schmidrüti/ZH Gerhard H. Eggetsberger:
• 《心靈》,水瓶座時代出版公司,8495 Schmidrüti/ZH,Gerhard H. Eggetsberger。

Reference-1: feinstoffsinnlich: adj.: fine-structure-sensual; – of or relating to the fine-structure-senses = of or relating to the senses for fine-structure (fine-energy)
注[1]:Feinstoffsinnlich是形容詞,即細微結構物質的;屬於或關於細微結構感覺 = 屬於或關於對細微結構的感覺[細微能量]。

Gerhard H. Eggetsberger:
Gerhard H. Eggetsberger:

• “Secret Energy of Life", Knaur
• 《生命的神秘能量》,Knaur。

• “Power for the Whole Day", for free download
• 《全天候的能量》,免费下载。

Eggetsberger writes in his book, “Secret Energy for Life", in the chapter, “The Electromagnetic Universe",


“… The meaning of the geophysical environment in our life is often overlooked.

Although the effects are omnipresent, we cannot recognise its essence mostly because we lack the senses for the conscious perception for many of these influences (note: we do not lack these senses, but they are not developed and, therefore, are not available to us!) …

Around us and in us exists an invisible, but vital, electromagnetic universe.

The researcher, Prof. Pressmann, also holds these electric currents (and fields) to be information transmitters, in individual organisms as well as among several organisms.

Through his work, he was able to prove that a body’s currents reacted to external fields …

Thus today we can also regard the human body – according to Pressmann, specifically the nervous system, hypophysis and hypothalamus, but also the pineal gland – as a receiver of electromagnetic messages.

It is a matter of consciously perceiving these fields to consequently become receptive again to this information.

This would make an unsuspected variety of information accessible to us and would open to us an additional form of communication …"

These explanations basically describe my experience with the jogger.

It is the human brain’s nature to send out thoughts and to receive thoughts as well as to have the ability of “reading thoughts".

But how does this energy – which became apparent to me as a message and caused me to react – arise?

How is it, actually, that I can receive this energy, and why does a piece of information eventually arise in my consciousness?

On the question of the formation of energy Billy writes in his book, “The Psyche" (page 62),


“Thinking generates energy of immense power.

Every thought sends out energetic waves of the highest frequency.

That is: the thoughts themselves are emitted as tremendously strong waves of energy which are based upon as yet immeasurably high frequencies.

They leave the structure of their origin, shoot out into the infinite vastness of the universe, unimpeded and unstoppable, in order to create effects and conditions, each according to its kind. …"

Thinking, in turn, is generated by the human being’s consciousness-block[2].

Reference-2: consciousness-block: “block" as in “block of flats";ie. block of consciousness – not to be confused with “blockage"!

All thoughts, feelings, all emotions, as well as all electromagnetic powers and vibrations etc., which distinguish and steer every relevant life-form – in this case the human being – are created by this consciousness-block which also embodies the personality.

Who wants to know, even more exactly, where the motive force of the thinking comes from?

From “The Psyche" (page 51):


“The power, which the thinking uses as an impetus, does not come from the human himself.

It flows into the spirit and, from there, into the consciousness, originating from the immeasurable vastness of space, respectively, of the universe.

It stems from the immense spiritual wealth of primeval life, respectively, of Creation, which is responsible for the life of the whole universe. …"

For better understanding and clarification, because, unfortunately, the terms are mostly misapplied:

• The human being’s spirit – the tiny portion of creational energy – animates the human body.
• 人類的精神:創造的能量的一小部分──使人類的身體有生氣。

• The consciousness, more specifically, the material consciousness, also contains the human being’s personality, subconsciousness, memory and character-block[3], as well as pure reason – thus reason and rationality, respectively, the intellect – and (counter to stupid assertions to the contrary from those incompetent in this matter) the developable intelligence, thus the evolution factor of the first power.
• 意識:更具體地說,物質意識,也包含著人類的人格、潛意識、記憶和性格塊-[3],以及純粹的理性──即理智與理性,也就是理解力(注:intellect,亦可作智力)。還有(在這個問題上與來自那些無能者愚蠢的說法相反)可發展的理解力(注:intelligence,亦可解智慧、智力、悟性等),因此也就是第一能量的演化因素。

Reference-3: character-block: “block" as in “block of flats"; ie. block of character – not to be confused with “blockage"!
注[3]:性格塊:「塊」就像「Block of flats公寓樓」中是一塊、一團、一批的意思;例如意識塊──不要與Block的另一意思「堵塞」混淆!

• Creation is that which is responsible for the universe, for all life and all existence.
• 創造:是為宇宙負責的,對所有生命和所有存在負責。

It is the most elemental, gigantic and biggest power which one can generally imagine.

Creation is the BEING and non-being of life.

It is the most immense mass of spiritual energy possible.

It is spirit in its purest form and is immeasurable in its wisdom.

Once the thoughts, and the feelings resulting from them, have been emitted from the sender’s brain and are on their way at the speed of light as feinstofflich[4] thought and feeling vibrations,

Reference-4: feinstofflich: adj.: fine-structured; – of or relating to fine-structure (fine-energy)

then all that is needed is a suitable receiver’s brain and within it an “aerial", in order to receive and decode the message – which, in its form of feinstofflichkeit[5] is called fluidal energy and fluidal power.

Reference-5: Feinstofflichkeit: noun: fine-structuredness; – condition or state of being fine-structured = condition or state of being of fine-structure (fine-energy)

Billy writes on page 30 in the FIGU special bulletin No. 38:


“… Of course the wave-frequency of the feinstoffsinnlich vibrations thereby plays a decisive role, whereby not every person can receive the same frequency and not everyone can tune his feinstoff[6] senses in the same manner to close or distant impulses and information which are directed at him.

Reference-6: Feinstoff: noun: fine-structure; i.e. fine-energy

Therefore a certain similarity of wave-frequency must occur along with the mental connection so that messages from the dying, or other fellow human beings, can be received; be they noises, thoughts and feelings, or visionary images, etc.

If this were not the case, then all human beings worldwide would – at the same time, and uniformly – receive infinite quantities of the same impulses and information, from all feinstoffsinnlichen radiations from the whole of humanity.

However, not only would this lead to chaos but the whole of humanity would become insane and mad because the whole torrent of all impulses and information could not be coped with. …"

To protect itself against the flood of information, our brain has learnt, during the course of evolution, to organise everything and to make a choice; giving precedence, thereby, to the consciousness, which works according to a structured system and a determined ranking.

In order to protect itself from permanent stimulations in the form of fluidal, feinstofflich vibrations of foreign, spiritual-fine-sensitive feelings[7] , thoughts and feelings, which would not be acceptable, the brain has developed a protective system.

(Our consciousness-block, which works in close cooperation with the pineal gland, is involved with this process.)

Reference-7: spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling: (in other words, the spiritual counterpart to the material feeling) corresponds to the German word “Empfindung" which is traditionally translated as, a. (sinnliche Wahrnehmung) sensation; sensory perception; b. (Gefühl) feeling; emotion
注[7]:換言之,物質感受精神上的對應物,對應於德語單詞「Empfindung」,這個詞在傳統上被翻譯為:[Sinnliche Wahrnehmung;[Gefühl]感覺;情感。

It has been proven that the right functioning of the pineal gland, also called the epiphysis, is eminently important if we human beings want to build, foster and maintain our abilities beyond material perceptiveness

thus in the area of that which is perceptible in a feinstofflich way – in the right, evolutionary manner, and in addition, maintain and improve our psychological and physical health, strengthen the immune system and increase the life-energy.

Our forefathers were still able to make intensive use of the pineal gland’s active strength.

From that, it resulted that they could also perceive the sensitive of the feinstoffsinnlich with the pineal gland and use it for themselves.

That means that the seventh sense – the SPIRITUAL-FINE-SENSITIVE FEELING – was available to them as a source of perception based on spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling.

Unfortunately, in general, these days, most people assume that only five senses are available to them – hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling

however, in reality there are seven of them.

FEELING corresponds to the sixth sense which is connected to the instinct and is bound with the world of thought from which the feelings basically arise, because, without conscious, or unconscious, thoughts, there are no feelings.

In addition, as already mentioned – and, in this connection, important to us – the seventh sense corresponds to the spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling.

We human beings wrongly use the term, “supernatural", for perceptions pertaining to the seventh sense.

However, this term is fundamentally a wrong word if this is used to describe something discernible in a feinstofflich way, which lies beyond the human being’s normal, material ability to perceive.

The perceptions of the seventh sense lie – labelled correctly – in the feinstofflich realm and well above that which can be materially perceived and measured.

For the human being there is nothing at all which lies beyond his senses’ perception, correspondingly there is logically also nothing “supernatural".

For better understanding, an explanation of the following concepts:

• Coarse-material substance = measurable, tangible, concrete, palpable
• 粗糙物質實體:= 可測量的、有形的、實在的、可觸摸的。

• feinstofflich = not yet measurable, not tangible, not concrete, of spiritual-energetic nature
• Feinstofflich:= 尚未可以測量的、非有形的、非實在的、精神能量性質的。

• half-material things = measurable, perceptible, but not graspable, e.g. gas, water
• 半物質的東西:= 可測量的、可感知的,但無法抓住的,例如氣體、水。

The following citation from Paracelsus describes and explains the facts of the case appropriately:


“The cosmic forces are invisible, but they have an effect on the human being.

Warmth and light are bodiless and not tangible;

nevertheless, we feel their presence.

The same is also valid for other invisible influences."

With an improved ability for spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling, respectively, sensitivity in an absolutely neutral process, we could perceive and identify external vibrations, which means we could know what value these vibrations contain, respectively, what they mean.

Exactly for this process we need our pineal gland as the work-station and antenna – as a transmitter and receiver.

In the course of time the pineal gland has contracted and is atrophied in us human beings because we have placed, and still place, our mentalemotional orientation far too much on the purely material things and, with that, have subjected, and still subject, our inner world more and more to that which is rational.

Thereby we have let the pineal gland shrink from the size of about three centimetres down to a deplorable few millimetres.

We lack the necessary consciousness, knowledge and skill to let a greater amount of energy flow through the area of the brain containing the pineal gland and the pineal gland itself, so that we can recreate the condition for ourselves which allows us to consciously perceive the surrounding feinstoffsinnlich electromagnetic fields.

In addition, we have unconsciously built up a barrier against the spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling perception– thus the perception pertaining to the seventh sense – whereby the function of the pineal gland is suppressed.

Thus the “third eye", as the pineal gland is also called, cannot do its work as headquarters, respectively, as a relay station for that which is feinstoffsinnlich.

However, human beings who can use the energy and powers of the pineal gland and, with it, spiritual-finesensitive feeling, in a conscious manner, take up feinstoffsinnlich information through the pineal gland.

That means the pineal gland works like a sensor;

it locates feinstofflich, electromagnetic fields – which are present from us human beings in billions, and vibrate through all space and the ether – and picks them up.

(Human beings with these abilities are rarely found these days!)

These feinstoffsinnlich, electromagnetic fields (thought vibrations) are – as described – a product of the human brain, respectively, its thoughts.

These thought-vibrations produce various effects in relation to telepathy, levitation and teleportation, just as they do with clairvoyance and remote viewing.

If we truly go to a lot of effort, we can, to a certain extent, make the pineal gland function again, and then slowly, very slowly yet successively, this organ will enlarge again and, accordingly, be able to carry out its function more powerfully.

This is of great importance for us, because, as mentioned before, the pineal gland fulfils functions important to life and evolution.

The pineal gland is situated in the midbrain;

it is also the central regulation organ for the synchronisation of the circadian rhythm.

The epiphysis is a hormone-producing gland;

similar in its form to the cone of the cembran pine, and it is derived from the midbrain cortex, more precisely, the pineal organ.

Among the lampreys (= “inhabitants" of the waters of the temperate latitudes) the pineal organ is still developed as a pineal eye (light-sensitive organ).
在七鰓鰻身上(= 溫帶水域的「居民」)松果體器官仍在發展成一隻松果眼(光敏感的器官)。

The human being’s eyes are directly connected to the pineal gland with nerve fibres.

When light falls onto the retina of the eye a nerve impulse is released.

Serotonin, but hardly any melatonin is thereby produced in the brain.

Only in darkness does the pineal gland transform serotonin (i.e. a neurotransmitter; more in the section “digression") into melatonin.

Legitimate suppositions clearly indicate that the pineal gland has developed from the cell structures of the eyes.

In old texts it is pointed out that the pineal gland, and not, as is often wrongly claimed, the pituitary gland (Hypophysis), is our “inner eye" or “third eye".

The pineocytes are the cells of the pineal gland – these are closely connected to the nervous tissue – being the centre for production of melatonin, a neurosecretagogue hormone.

During the intermediate stages melatonin becomes tryptophan (an amino acid contained in most proteins) and – as described above – forms serotonin.

Melatonin plays a decisive role in the Pccooperation of the body’s chemical and electrical networks.

The pineal gland is switched on and off, so to speak, by light, electromagnetic fields and chemical substances.

The hormone promotes sleep – during the night, the melatonin level is five to ten times higher than during the day – and for the most part is partly responsible for the quality of sleep.

In animals it demonstrably ensures hibernation!

The hormone stimulates the immune system and acts as an anti-oxidant against free radicals, especially within the brain.

Melatonin also has just as favourable an influence on the cardiovascular system.

Overall it regulates the body’s biological clock and the distribution of all important hormones.

Melatonin regulates the ageing or maintenance process by also contributing to the regeneration of cells.

In this manner it ensures our quality of life, but also quantity of life.

During childhood, the melatonin level peaks, after which it slowly decreases.

Once we have reached 60 years of age, the pineal gland – if we don’t support it in its function!

– produces only about half as much melatonin as it did at the age of 20.

In the same measure to which the melatonin level decreases, the signs of ageing – possibly serious signs – begin to manifest.

But this process is also relative;

depending on how fit we keep our pineal gland!

Melatonin seems to be a somewhat mysterious substance.

In test subjects, to whom melatonin was administered in the form of tablets, not only was the deceleration of the brain currents, the breathing and cardiac function measured, but also the blood pressure, the skin temperature and the muscle tension showed changes to the same extent.

Altogether a calming effect occurred.

The test subjects described a feeling of moderately high spirits and a sense of well-being.

Of course, it would be easy and convenient to meet our melatonin requirements with external melatonin!

But beware: this would inactivate the pineal gland, therefore it would effect exactly the opposite of that for which we should strive!

Eggetsberger writes in the book, “Secret Energy of Life", on page 52, that deep-rooted instincts steer the social behaviour of all life forms, but in the human being the consciousness plays the part of a higher authority.

We think, feel and want, and we are aware of it.

This fact frees us, to a great extent, from being controlled by instinct.

However, if little internal energy is available to us, then instinct reacts to an increased extent.

Due to the low level of energy, internal weakness – often aggression, anxieties and greed – occurs.

Then, from that, quarrelling, envy, wars and racial hatred etc,. very easily come about among human beings.

But if we can bring about an increase in our internal energy level, then our consciousness and our brain – including pineal gland – profit.

During the course of his investigations of human sexuality, Eggetsberger discovered that there is an energetic connection between the Pc-muscle (the pubococcygeous muscle is situated in the lower pelvis) and the brain.

Once the Pc-muscle is tensed in a certain way, measurable energy begins to flow through the spinal cord, thus along the spinal column, up into the head and to the pineal gland.

Eggetsberger also writes that an increase of the internal energy, and the “spiritual further development" (I would say, “creational evolution") connected with it, would be tantamount to the dismantling of the most diverse conflicts on our planet earth!



“…but through the increase of the life energy it is also possible to positively influence individual organs.

This can already occur while the energy flows via the spinal cord into the brain and then from the brain into the nervous system.

That means that the health status of the one who is training improves, and the immune system is strengthened …"

On the question of what he would understand by the term, “life energy", Eggetsberger answered,


“… Even though the measured values seem small, such electron flows can still achieve a lot.

Thus recently, at the Californian Institute of Technology in Pasadena, the evidence was found that even one single electron is able to “wander along" the DNA and influence the genetic activity.

With that it is at least theoretically shown that disturbances right down into the cells and the local synthesis processes can be influenced through the increase of life energy."

As mentioned before, when it comes to letting energy flow in higher measure through the area of the brain around the pineal gland and through the pineal gland itself, meditation offers itself as the means of first choice.

Corresponding information can be found in abundance in Billy’s book, “Meditation from Clear Visibility".

He most manifoldly describes the effects of various forms of meditation on the human being and his brain.

After all, the matter of meditation is plain and simple (page 17):


“… meditation only depends on itself, on the meditative concentration, which can be directed either towards designated things and matters or quite simply towards nilthought formation, by which no thoughts of any kind are nurtured and fostered, but by which, in the absence of thoughts, only quietude and stillness flow through the consciousness, from which an internalisation results, from which love, peace and freedom, as well as harmony and balance arise. …"

Yes, you read correctly: LOVE, PEACE, FREEDOM, HARMONY, BALANCE.

Exactly these are qualities of first rank, qualities which, in this day and age, are absolutely necessary and most urgently required by all of us for being “truly human"!!

Hence the question inevitably arises: what prevents most human beings from meditating daily?

Because almost every human being longs for peace – for a peaceful coexistence.

During the meditative processes the frequencies of the brain waves (alpha, beta, delta, gamma and theta waves) play an important role;

they organise and synchronise the brain waves – the deeper and more intensive the meditation, the more fluent and complete.

This is even more important because during the normal waking state the frequencies of the brainwaves are fairly chaotic, and often during that state only one of the two brain hemispheres is being used.

Thereby the brain activity constantly alternates between the two cerebral hemispheres.

The result of this is that, only with difficulty can we human beings focus our brain activity and bring it to one denominator.

Distractedness, lack of concentration, quick signs of fatigue, tension, stress, aggressions etc. show themselves.

Billy writes in, “Meditation from Clear Visibility", (page 123),


“The synchronisation, respectively, alignment, of both hemispheres is not content with the coming about of only relaxation and balance, rather a much greater flexibility with creativity also arises in all areas.

It can also absolutely be said that the alignment of both parts of the brain is healthy and therefore also promotes healthy well-being, namely, in that there is a distribution of messenger materials, such as hormones and neurotransmitters, among the nerve cells (see segment “digression") while stimulation for the distribution of endorphine (see segment “digression") also occurs through which the thoughts and feelings are steered. …"


A neurotransmitter is a substance with hormone quality, a messenger substance which, through chemical means, transfers the excitation, respectively, the information, from one nerve cell to another, or to the target organ.

That specifically means:

every piece of information, whether a picture seen by our eye, a pain or the smell of flowers, is passed on to the brain via nerve cells within a thousandth of a second.

Upon arrival, the message is decoded and assessed.

Thereby information must be transferred from one nerve cell to the other, because the nerve cells are not connected directly with each other.

For these processes, the organism needs neuro-transmitters, respectively, nervous messenger substances.

Endorphins (from: endogenous morphine) are endogenous tissue hormones with opioid, respectively, morphine-like, effects.

They are also called “endogenous narcotics" and function like a messenger substance for euphoric states, because they can induce a feeling of bliss.

Thus we can see that meditation has an extremely beneficial effect on the brain activity, but – and this fact alone is already enough reason to be meditatively active – the meditative brain activity is the intrinsic PRIMORDIAL STATE of the brain!

Since time immemorial, however, the human being has disregarded it, and this primordial state is downright overpowered by gewalt9 by the world of thought and feelings, pertaining to the normal waking state.

The human being is a balanced wesen10 when both hemispheres of the brain are in equilibrium.

This balanced state causes a dissolving of inner tensions.

Through that, the pineal gland is also increasingly supplied with energy, and perceptions can be more freely picked up and interpreted.

And exactly that is the desirable state of the pineal gland.

In practice that means:

in order to direct our thinking along the right lines – so that corresponding feelings arise from them, which in turn make us calm and balanced – we can trust the intelligence of our consciousness.

You may remember, in the section about thinking, it is written,

“All thoughts, feelings, emotions, as well as electromagnetic forces and vibrations direct us – and they are produced by the consciousnessblock!"

Let’s use the means of dialogue with our consciousness, by again and again thinking the following seven reality sentences in a meditative form:

I live in love.

I live in peace.

I live in freedom.

I live in harmony.

I live unweighted[8].

Reference-8. Unweighted: Not burdened or encumbered with a heavy load or with mental or emotional matters, problems, etc.

I live in health.

I live in joy.

This form of meditation can be practised as desired, just as the duration of meditation can also be individually determined.

The best and most effective way: to give this form of meditation central importance in one’s own life!

Details about that are described in Billy’s book, “Meditation from Clear Visibility", in the chapter, “Mental-Block Meditation", (page 342).

Perhaps, in some readers, the desire to consciously train the abilities of the pineal gland has made itself felt?

If yes, then I do not want to neglect entrusting Billy’s words of warning to your care (FIGU Special Bulletin, Nr. 38, page 33):


“And the fact is, the firmer the identity of a human being, the more stable becomes the state of his psyche, consequently he separates himself from other states of the psyche and, in this regard, becomes practically unassailable.

Exactly that, however, is a condition, if the feinstoffsinlich abilities are to be quite consciously refined, because a burdening of the psyche would have disastrous consequences.

Thus the consciously refined feinstoffsinnlich abilities require a healthy and strong psyche.

The more stably the state of the psyche has been formed, the less the danger exists that a defective ability of feinstoffsinnlich perception can occur,…

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary – for the conscious and deliberate learning of feinstoffsinnlich perception, and its utilisation – that the whole world of the consciousness – as well as the world of thoughts and feelings, and of the psyche – are in immaculate condition, otherwise dangers, in regards to confusion, and so forth, are evoked, which can neither be seen clearly nor prevented."

To sum up, here are some tips for increasing the pineal gland activity (from the book, “Secret Energy of Life", from Gerhard H. Eggetsberger):
在这里,我分享一些可以增加松果体功能的技巧(来自Gerhard H. Eggetsberger的《生命的秘密能量》一书):


The darkness of night and staying outside during the day help in finding the right pineal gland rhythm, just as does physical movement, a warm bath before going to bed, and sleeping in a cool, darkened room.

As outstandlingly arranged by nature, there are also special foods, which are considered melatonin-enriching and act favourably on the pineal gland.

These are oats, sweet corn, rice, ginger, bananas, and barley.

The essential amino acid, tryptophane, also positively influences the melatonin level.

Foods rich in tryptophane are: spirulina seaweed, cottage cheese, pumpkin kernels, chicken and turkey meat, almonds, peanuts, milk, yoghurt.

The herbal blend of marigolds and St. John’s wort, used in the same proportions as tea (a teaspoon of the herbal blend to one cup of water), raises the melatonin level just as much.

Inhaling Neroli oil, an essential oil, slows down the brain currents and thus stimulates the pineal gland function.

Clearly, there are also components which have a damaging effect and which are to be avoided: addictive substances, such as, for example, nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol.

Some medicines disturb the activity of the pineal gland, just as does electro smog: television, computers, clock radios, water beds, some energy-saving lamps, etc.

The production of melatonin is disturbed at a distance of less than one to three metres from the source of the smog.

At the beginning I explained how impressed I was by the non-verbal communication.

While investigating, I became constantly more impressed, and my curiosity grew and drove me further and further in my investigations.

Who knows?

Maybe the same is happening for you as it did for me, and during the study of the article, for one reader or another, the question of meaning arose – the question about the meaning of our existence; about our life in general.

In the book, “Meditation from Clear Visibility", page 303, the following words can be found:


“To fulfil the meaning of life means to fulfil the consciousness-related, and spiritual, evolution, in which, among other things, the meaning is also provided for working on, and living by, all values relating in every way to truly being human.

To be evolutional in terms of the consciousness means to come into the world in order to direct the thoughts and feelings towards Creation and everything creational, as well as towards love, knowledge, wisdom, inner peace, inner freedom, balance and harmony, and to bear complete self-responsibility in every respect."

In this sense, dear readers, I wish you – also with the help of the pineal gland – a fulfilling orientation towards Creation and the Creational!

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Translators note:

FIGU-approved translators are obliged to make use, to the best of their abilities, of certain English word-choices as determined by Billy Meier, and by FIGU members who have been working on the “Goblet of Truth" translation in consultation with Billy.
经FIGU许可的翻译人员有义务尽其所能地使用/选用由Billy Meier,以及与Billy一道致力于译制《真理圣杯》的FIGU成员们所确定/选定的英文单词。

These words are recorded in the FIGU online dictionary https://figu.org/dict/
这些(英文)单词被收录在FIGU在线词典中 https://figu.org/dict/

For this reason the reader may encounter, in this translation, some English choices for German words which will seem quite peculiar.

These choices are based on Billy Meier’s unique knowledge of the original and true meaning of German terms and many English terms – especially those which pertain to the spiritual teaching – which reveals that often “well-known" words, in both languages, are misleading when used in the conventional sense.
这些被选定的英文单词,是基于Billy Meier对德语术语和许多英语术语的原始及真实含义的独特见解,特别是那些涉及精神教导的(词语),它们揭示了在这两种语言中,一些通常“被人们熟知的”词语在其传统用法(意涵)上的误导性。

In addition to this, in some cases, the German word must be carried over into the English text since no adequate corresponding English word or phrase can be found at all.

Wherever this occurs a corresponding footnote has been added to attempt to define the word for the reader.

Since some of these German terms describe concepts which are only being described for the first time in this detail for Earth humanity, there is still much work to be done before adequate explanations can be found to aid the reader.

This is all the more reason why it is important for a serious student of this teaching to, at least, strive to learn the German language.

Please continue to consult the FIGU online dictionary to keep up to date with any ongoing revision of the terms used in this translation.

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