资讯主题:Thoughts About – “Being Special"/关于“与众不同”的思考

资讯链接:「Futureofmankind. James Moore」
中版译者:Leon Fung

Thoughts about – ‘being special’

In our society everyone wants to be something special.

Often the word is used: ‘etwas besonderes sein’ or to be ‘a special individual’.

Many are effectively looking to represent something special and unique without actually knowing why they want to do this.

This is a phenomenon already existing since a very long time.

Already in old Egypt the Pharaohs proclaimed themselves as ‘God sent’ or even as Gods.
早在古「Egypt/埃及」,「Pharaohs/法老们」就宣称他们自己是‘God sent/上帝派来的’,又或甚至就是‘Gods/神明’。

This even goes back further in history.

Anyway since that time the normal crowd/population created a wish inside them, to be like these humans who are worshipped.

This wish is still rooted in our total subconscious and expresses itself in many ways.

The consumption industry recognized that and is using this wish of many for their own profit.

In almost every commercial the word: ‘special’ or ‘unique’ falls.

What does ‘Individual’ actually mean?

On Wikipedia we find the following definition:

‘As commonly used, an individual is a person or any specific object in a collection.’

So here it is defined as a person.

And more precisely as a specific person or object in a mass of other persons or objects.

It is also written:

‘In the 15th century and earlier, and also today within the fields of statistics and metaphysics, individual means ‘indivisible’, typically describing any numerically singular thing, but sometimes meaning ‘a person.’ (q.v. ‘The problem of proper names’).’
‘在十五世纪以及更早的时候,还有在今天,在统计学和玄学领域,「Individual/个体」的意思是‘indivisible/不可分割的’,通常用来描述任何数字单一的事物,但有时也指‘a person/一个人’(q.v.‘专有名词的问题’)。’

In this sentence from the definition it is explained that an individual is ‘indivisible’, which in my opinion comes close to the truth, as a person is a unique composite or a whole, of many factors which flow together to create one, like f.ex.

The basic character and the environment around the person growing up, friends, family ect.

The definition continues:

‘From the seventeenth century on, individual indicates separateness, as in individualism.

Individuality is the state or quality of being an individual; a person separate from other persons and possessing his or her own needs, goals, and desires.’
「Individuality/个性」是作为一个…(「Individual/个体」; 一个与其他人分开…并拥有他或她自己的需求、目标和欲望的人)…的状态或品质。’

Now this sentence is interesting as it stresses out that from the seventeenth century on, an individual means being separated from the mass.

So as already said in my previous sentence a person is a unique composition of factors but also separated from others.
所以,正如我在前边已经说过的那样,人是由(各种)因素构成的‘unique composition/独特组合体’,但(同时)又与他人相分离。

So here in this sentence it is said clearly that one has to separate from the mass to be an ‘individual’.

Well what does it mean to separate from the mass?

It means exactly that one should try to be different from the others.

And when I say the others I mean those who are supposed to be ‘normal’ or those who are not ‘special’.

This is in fact an arrogant and megalomaniac way of thinking, because it is supposed that if one is something ‘special’, one is superior to those who are only ‘normal’.

The sense of reverence and of respect towards those with higher knowledge and wisdom is lost since some thousands of years now.

They were respected for their knowledge and wisdom and were often asked for advice but they were neither worshipped nor considered as something ‘special’ as we understand it today.

Many think that extravagant stuff, like life threatening and extreme sports fulfil this condition.

Others think fulfilling this condition by being extremely smart.

Others again try to fulfil this condition by gathering extremely expensive material goods.

There are also those who proclaim themselves as Gurus and wise ones.
还有那些宣称自己是‘Gurus/大师’和‘wise ones/智者’的人。

To this, those who think that by being anarchists, revolutionaries, and extremists in the name of a God, a party or an ideological movement, they can fulfil this criterion.
对此,那些人认为通过…(以「God/上帝」、政党,又或是以「Ideological Movement/意识形态运动」的名义)…成为「Anarchists/无政府主义者」,「Revolutionaries/革命者」和「Extremists/极端主义者」,就能够达成这个‘criterion/标准’。

This separation however creates unrest and is working against peace and love.

Separation is the worst sign of imperfection that exists.
「Separation/分裂」是‘imperfection that exists/存在缺陷’的最糟糕迹象。

It creates separation in families, in party’s, in governments, in companies etc.

I do not say that injustice and criminal acts should not be punished, but only that many try so hard to be something ‘special’, that she or he forgets or loses out of sight, that she or he already is something special, because a person is a unique combination of factors in a specific time period that will never appear again.
我并不是在说:不公正和犯罪行为不应该受到惩罚,而只是说…有那么多的人如此努力地要成为‘special/特殊’的人,以至于她或他(早已)忘记又或是变得盲然;以至于她或他已经变得‘something special/与众不同’,因为一个人是在某一特定时期(再也不会出现)内(的)…(各种)因素的‘unique combination/独特组合体’。

A personality/person is a unique diamond created from ‘the source’, with its own dreams, own responsibilities, own wishes, own desires and own thinking.
「Personality/人格」/人是从‘source/源头’创造出来的‘unique diamond/独特钻石’,有其自身的梦想、责任、愿望、欲望和思维。

That is also why it is a crime against Creation to steal someone else’s life by murder or mass murder or one’s own life by suicide.

You who are reading this, you are something special, no matter what you work or where you live.
无论正在阅读这些(文字)的你…是做什么的、又或身处何处,你都是‘something special/与众不同’的。

Do not let yourself being influenced so much by the constraint: ‘Being something special’.
(但)不要让自己过分地受到这一‘constraint/思维局限’(即:‘Being something special/成为与众不同者’)的影响。

Thank you for your attention.

Neckel 14.5.2010

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