Contact Report 544第544次接觸報告





  • 這是一篇正式且經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇完整的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」→「英」→「中」 譯製。





資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier

報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 13




英版譯者:Dyson Devine


校對改進:Stefan Zutt



中版譯者:Deepl Translator, James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象《第544次接觸報告》(痞客邦部落格)




  1. 自然界存在七種主要的作用力(目前的地球科學家只知道四種,第五種疑似剛剛發現);
  2. 全球暖化造成的危機(將造成生物滅絕);
  3. 造成純種尼安德塔人滅絕的原因;
  4. 地球上大部分人類無視於 Plejaren 對他們將面臨危機的警告與善意的建議,他們已無計可施;
  5. 太陽系是一個雙子星系,它的孿生星系,是一個所謂的暗星系」,它的規模大約是太陽系本身的十分之一;
  6. 由無數碎片所形式的一個巨大運動天體(歐特雲),受「暗星系」影響引起嚴重的擾動,引來一波波對地球構成威脅的大小天體;
  7. 美國「911事件」的發生實際原因與狀況
  8. 美國歷任總統中,部分總統與美國國內和世界局勢的關聯其中牽涉到不少甚至有達到犯有重罪的地步,例如最近熱門的議題種族清洗”,美國就是重要兇手之一
  9. 根據 Plejaren 的估算,超級大國美國 2020 年以後可能會沒落,如果這個國家屆時沒有變得更好的話,中國可能成為下一個世界超級強國
  10. 比利原計劃與美國政府接觸,但後來不了了之,以及 FIGU 組織未在美國成功的原因;
  11. 關於“反式脂肪”對人體的影響;
  12. 牛奶乳製品對人體健康有正面的影響
  13. 傳說中的喜馬拉雅雪人美國大腳怪加拿大大腳野人等類似生物的真相等。


In this large contact report of some thirty pages or so, Billy and Ptaah discuss many different subjects including:

在這份大約三十頁左右的大型接觸報告中,比利和 Ptaah 討論了許多不同的主題,包括:

  • The seven major fundamental forces of nature, of which only four maybe five are known to Earth scientists.


  • The risk of a breakdown of the global ocean conveyor belt streams as a result of fresh water ice melting.


  • That the Sol star i.e. Sun, has a dark twin one light year away, hence we live in a binary star system.


  • The Sun’s dark twin effects upon the Oort cloud and its generation of what later become dangerous meteors.


  • What caused the Neanderthal humans to partially die out and become incorporated into anatomical modern humans.


  • Behaviours and actions of several USA presidents.


  • The behaviour of FIGU members.

FIGU 成員的行為。

  • The effects of consumed fats, oils and sugars on the human body.


  • Health information includes: miscarriages, stillbirths, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, allergies, lactose intolerance, sickness, obesity, depression, diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer, heart attack, stroke, colon cancer, breast cancer – Bad food, good food and oils.

一些健康資訊,包括:流產、死胎、心血管疾病、糖尿病、過敏、乳糖不耐症、噁心、肥胖、抑鬱症、糖尿病、動脈硬化、癌症、心臟病發作、中風、結腸癌、乳腺癌  ——  有損健康的食物、有益健康的食物和油類。

  • The Yeti / Sasquatch / Bigfoot.


This is the entire contact.



But you said you would not come here until 14:45. However, it is only 14:14 now.

你說你要下午 2 點 45 分才會到這裡。但現在才只是 2 點 14 分。


  1. Yes, but I have been here all the time since we discontinued the correction work, because Bernadette was indisposed, and we could not carry on the work.

是的,但我一直在這裡,因為 Bernadette 身體不適,我們無法繼續工作,所以我們停止了校對工作。

  1. Besides, we will be absent from tomorrow until the middle or end of November, hence we will not return to your place until the middle of November or the beginning of December.

順便說一下,我們將從明天到 11 月中旬或 11 月月底之前不在這裡,所以我們要到 11 月中旬或 12 月初才能回來你這裡。

  1. But today we have a lot of time for our conversation, because the correction work no longer needs to be done.

但今天我們有很多時間可以談話, 因為校對工作已經不需要做了。


Nothing that can be done about it. But nice, we have time, because it allows me to touch on a lot of things before there is a transmission break afterwards. Who will be here for Enjana and Florena?

這也沒辦法。但我們有時間是件好事,因為在一段傳輸中斷之前,我們可以談很多事情。誰會在這裡接替 Enjana 和 Florena?


  1. In fact, a change is not feasible.


  1. Those who will be taking over the duties of Florena and Enjana are not known to you.

那些將接替 Florena 和 Enjana 職責的人,你並不認識。


No big deal. They may also come here, if they want to. But look here, these are some sample pages of the photobook that Piero is producing. He gave them to me so that you would be able to look at them and assess them. Here please!

這沒什麼關係。如果他們願意的話,就可以來這裡。但請看這裡,這些是 Piero 正在製作相冊的一些樣本。他給了我,這樣你就也能看看,給點意見。請看看!


  1. Whether you will be visited, that will turn out, but I can promise nothing.


  1. Thank you. (Looks at the sample pages …)


  1. I find the arrangement all right, but regarding the colours I have difficulties, because they should be better.


  1. And look here, at the magnification in the picture 133 one does not see the flying apparatus of Asket, which is why it should be somewhat emphasised.

再看這裡,照片 133 放大的地方,你看不到 Asket 的飛行器,而這就是為什麼該強調之處。

  1. The same is applicable to the magnification of picture 134.

照片 134 的放大也是同樣狀況。

  1. Probably nothing can be changed for the better with the out of focus pictures.


  1. Also, the fact that the pictures in general appear inept in terms of their photographic technique is particularly striking.


  1. As to what still has to be said about the scope of the pictures in the book, all important pictures of the beamships, their traces, as well as however also important pictures of persons of the core group and of special visitors should be contained in it.


  1. The posters too should be inserted and special reports, as for example from the Pirgler.

還應插入海報和特別報告,例如 Pirgler 的報告。

  1. However, what I want to say about these sample pages:


  1. Extend my special thanks to Piero for his efforts, which he musters to produce this book.

我要特別感謝 Piero 為這本書所作的努力。


I will do so. Regarding the colours, Piero said that they will still improve. And the range of pictures as well as the posters will be taken into account. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be changed about the photo footage, because I was never a trained or hobby photographer. When I took the first photos of the beamships, I had no experience yet and also did not know what I had to pay attention to when photographing. Only in the course of time did it turn out that the photos became a little better. However, I never reached a perfection, because I lacked the necessary training and practice for it. For perfect shots I would probably have needed a photographic training course, something I have never been interested in to this day. Back then, when Semjase called me and explained to me that I shall prepare myself for the first contact with her and also obtain a photo camera, I bought one from my brother Gottlieb due to lack of a good camera of my own, namely the OLYMPUS-35 ECR, which did not allow for any settings to be made and whose lens was furthermore clamped, as you know.

我會照你的意思做。關於顏色,Piero 說,他們仍然在作改善。而圖片和海報的範圍也會被考慮在內。遺憾的是,對於照片拍攝方面已經是無能為力了,因為我從來就不是一個受過訓練或愛好攝影的人。當我拍攝第一張光船的照片時,我還沒有經驗,也不知道拍攝時我必須注意什麼。只是隨著時間過去,照片才變得好一點。然而我從來沒有達到完美的地步,因為我缺乏必要的訓練和實習。對於拍攝完美的照片,我可能需要一個攝影培訓課程,但到今天我對這方面從來沒有興趣。那時,當 Semjase 呼叫我,並向我說明我要為第一次與她接觸作好準備,還要買一台相機,於是我從我兄弟 Gottlieb 那裡買了一台,因為我自己的相機不夠好,就是那台 OLYMPUS-35ECGR,它無法正常操作,鏡頭也被卡住了,這你是知道的。


  1. This is known to me, though my remark that the photographic technique of the pictures appears to be clumsy, this was not meant to be a reproach, because I know that you had no practice concerning photographing and that you were also never really interested in it, but only practiced this activity, because you were encouraged to do so by my daughter Semjase.

這些我都知道,雖然我說這些照片的攝影技巧似乎有點笨手笨腳,但這並不是責備,因為我知道你對攝影沒有機會練習,而且你也從未真正對它感興趣過,而只是因為我的女兒 Semjase 鼓勵你這樣做,你才進行了這些活動。


Despite the many photos I was allowed to take, I have remained a photographic failure and thus a layman on this subject. Even today I am not able to get enthusiastic about photography.



  1. Which is not necessary either, because the necessary photographic proofs that you were supposed to produce in relation to our flying apparatuses, these indeed came about through your efforts.


  1. More is and was not necessary, and no Earth-humans have made better pictures of our flying apparatuses, therefore no better ones exist than yours.


  1. Your photographic ineptitude carries no weight in this, as you tend to put it, and moreover, the pictures got better over time, which is actually why also some very good photo shots exist.



Yes, in the course of time I managed a few of them a bit better, but also for these photos one cannot speak of perfection. Furthermore, it must be said that especially these genuine photos of evidence have triggered the biggest worldwide UFO controversy ever, since there has been talk of UFOs on the Earth. Since the beginning of my photographic work, my photos have been decried by all adversaries as swindles, lies and deception, and this happens by enviers, know-it-alls and malicious antagonists still today after more than 30 years, while falsifications, which as a rule only show photographic dashes of colour, are ‘assessed’ as genuine. But well, let us leave that alone, because enough has already been said about it. Look here, Bernadette printed me this page regarding the British Air Traffic Control. If you would like to read it, please …

是的,在一段時間後,其中幾張照片已經照得比以前更好了,但即使是這些照片,也說不上完美。此外,應該說,就是這些真實的照片證據,才引發了有史以來世界上最大的 UFO 爭議,因為在地球上,一直有人在談論 UFO。自從我攝影工作開始以來,我的照片就被所有對手指責為騙局、謊言和欺詐,而這種情況在三十多年後的今天發生仍在發生,由那些妒忌者、萬事通和惡意的對手所偽造,那通常只是露出照片色彩斑點的假貨,卻被“評估”為真品。但我們別理這些事了,因為已經說夠了。看這裡,Bernadette 給我印了關於英國空中交通管制的一頁資料。如果你想看一看,那麼請…


  1. (Reads …)


British Air Traffic Control: One UFO sighting per month!”

英國空中交通管制:每月一次 UFO 目擊!"

Source: Aaargauer Zeitung, Aarau, Thursday, 23 August 2012

資料來源:Aaargauer Zeitung,Aarau,星期四,2012 年 8 月 23 日

  1. Very interesting that somebody from the British Air Traffic Control makes these statements.



Are these observations of real rightness?



  1. Such observations are not only made in England, but around the world in practically all countries, whereby, however, there is silence about it as usual.


  1. And I will say this before you ask, that all these unknown flying objects are on the one hand secret terrestrial flying apparatuses, but also on the other hand those of the future inhabitants of the Earth and of those who are unknown to us and with whom we maintain no contacts.


  1. Our own flying apparatuses – except in seldom cases our telemetric discs – are shielded by us from sight and radar etc. in such a way that they cannot or only extremely seldom be seen by human beings of Earth.

我們自己的飛行器 —— 除了在極少數情況下是我們的遙測光碟 —— 被我們屏蔽在視線和雷達等之外,地球人無法或很少看到它們。

  1. This, however, only if in that relation certain causal foreordinations result which are under our control.


  1. It is not possible to locate us by radar, nor by other technical means, hence we remain also invisible for the ones foreign to the Earth who are unknown to us, who so far obviously are unable to detect our presence here on the Earth, which also applies to the future inhabitants of the Earth.



Thank you, by certain causal foreordinations you probably mean that such a causal foreordination takes place, if it is inherent in your will that you want to be observed, as has also been the case on various occasions with FIGU members in the last decades since 1975.

謝謝你,我想你說的某些因果性預測,是指當你們同意被觀察到的時候,這種事情就會發生,就像自 1975 年的幾十年以來,發生在 FIGU 成員的各種場合就是如此。


  1. Right.



When I was in the fourth grade of primary school, and my teacher was Hans Frei – it was in 1948 – your father, Sfath, explained to me that altogether there are seven major powers of nature in the universe: on the one hand, the gravity, then the electromagnetism as well as the strong and weak nuclear power, and further the …

當我還在唸小學四年級的時候,我的老師是 Hans Frei,那是 1948 年,你的父親 Sfath 曾告訴我,宇宙間總共有七種大自然的作用力,也就是:重力(gravity)、電磁力(electromagnetism)、強核力(strong nuclear power)與弱核力(weak nuclear power)[中譯者註:又名強相互作用弱相互作用],以及…


  1. Stop, you are not permitted to openly name the three others, as indeed my father already had forbidden it to you.


  1. These three other powers of nature are not yet known of by the terrestrial physicists, and they are still not allowed to discover them, because premature cognitions would have severe consequences.



All right, excuse me, it remains withheld. It is certainly not in my interest to betray confided secrets, as I really only wanted to talk about the fact that there are not only the four natural powers known to the terrestrial physicists, rather also the remaining three which are still unknown to them, which exist as certain tiny and ultra-tiny particles, as related to the gravity, the electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear power. Also, the dark energy and the dark matter are included in the realm of particles, whereby certain of these particles, which are indeed also energies with powers, are supposed to be discovered in the foreseeable future, as you have said recently. Although it will still take a while, the success is to be understood – indeed according to your explanation – as a prediction. Additionally, I assume that I may say that, these – let us say, the normal or simple elementary particles – in turn contain, in sevenfold wise, still tinier particles, which, as I learnt from Sfath, can be designated as ultra-tiny, ultra-elementary particles, so to speak. Even when I with this statement draw attention to the fact, that a fundamental seven-fold chain of natural powers exists and that other particles exist in the already known and unknown elementary particles and that only then, below that series of seven, that begins, wherefrom originally everything evolved from pure spirit-energy, I thereby betray no secret, because all of that corresponds to the spiritual teaching, in which I indeed also mention these things openly.

好吧,抱歉!先不說,我當然不會違背保密誓約,我只想談談這個事實,也就是:自然界的作用力不僅是地球上的物理學家所已知的四種,還有三種是他們還不知道的,它們以微粒子與超微粒子(ultra-tiny particles)的方式存在,並與重力、電磁力、強核力以及弱核力有關。在粒子的領域也包含了暗能量(dark energy)暗物質(dark matter),這類的粒子含有具作用力的能量,你最近曾說,在不久的將來就會被發現。雖然還是要過些時候,但依據你的預告,只是遲早的事。此外,我可以肯定的說,基本粒子(或稱普通、簡單粒子)依序在七重的方式中包含更微小的粒子(這是我從 Sfath 那裡學來的),可以被定義成一種所謂超微(基本)粒子。在這段敘述裡,我還記載有一種自然作用力的基本七疊鏈結存在,且有其他的粒子存在於那些已知與未知的基本粒子之間,而這些就在這七個序列之間,也就是最初由純靈態的能量形成萬物的源頭在這裡我沒有違背守密誓言,因為這些都是我已經公開講述的「心靈教導」(spiritual teaching)內容。


從引力透鏡產生的效應,星系團 CL0024+17 內部被發現存在有一個「暗物質圈」,

And since the terrestrial physicists, especially the particle physicists, lack the inner and fundamental knowledge about the actual spirit-energetical structure of these things, they anyway are not able to comprehend anything of which I speak. There would probably have to be exact statements and explanations in order for the physicists to get any benefit from it. Among the physicists, the physical cognitions in relation to the true and fundamental structure and the exact interrelationships of the material, are indeed still in the material realm of the material, because they have till this day not yet become so smart that they would have arrived at the thought that the origin of all material, everything which exists and the entire universe as a whole, cannot be explained simply from the perspective of the purely material realm. Also, the elementary particles, as such – despite their energetical tininess and inconspicuousness – are also purely material and not immaterial, because the immaterial is of pure spirit-energetical nature, and that energy alone is the absolutely one and only origin of all things and all material of any kind. And thereby, belonging to the material is everything which is solid material, liquid and gaseous, which can also be perceived by the human being and measured in the most various ways and detected, as your father explained to me according to your physics. However, that which is fine-fluidal, and high-fine-fluidal, consists of pure spirit-energy, and this is not graspable for the human being. And alone this spirit-energy is the origin of all existence of those things which can be registered, detected and measured in any manner by the human being, while, up to the present time it is not yet possible, nor will it be possible for a long time into the future, for human beings to provide evidence for, and measure, the creational-natural spirit-energy. But since those terrestrial physicists – who deal with the origin of life, and therefore also with the solid, liquid and gaseous material, and who attempt to explore everything in this regard – lack even the most minimal cognition regarding the spirit-energy from which everything in its absolute origin has emerged and come about, they are still very far from being able to research for and gain cognitions about how the process of coming into material being results from the purely spiritual energy.

由於地球的物理學家(尤其是粒子物理學家)們,缺少了關於這些事物真實「靈態能量結構」(spirit-energetical structure)的基本核心知識,他們對我所陳述的這些的確無法處理,必須要有精準的陳述與解說,才能給那些物理學家們找出什麼有用的東西。當今地球的物理知識是建立在真實與基本的結構上,描述事物精準的相互關係。然而,這些物理學家們所關注的,還是只限於事物的物質領域,無法觸及所有事物源頭的概念,也就是:整個宇宙的萬事萬物並不能僅僅從純物質的觀點來解釋。基本粒子無論只有多麼微小的能量,也還是純物質而非無形(非物質),因為非物質是純靈態能量的自然現象,而這種能量絕對是萬事萬物唯一的初始來源。你的父親依據你們的物理原理解釋給我說所有可以被我們人類感知與量測的各態(固、液、氣態)萬物,都源自於一種物態,也就是細質流體(fine-fluidal)高細質流體(high-fine-fluidal)這些是由人類無法理解的純靈態能量所構成這種靈態能量就是現今我們人類用所有方式指認、證明與量度的萬事萬物之來源,然而這種「造化自然之靈態能量」(the creational-natural spirit-energy),直到目前甚且很久以後的將來都不可能被人類證明與度量。但是由於地球上那些研究生命起源的物理學家們,只從已知的固、液、氣態去探索一切事物,而缺乏對萬物起源於靈態能量的起碼基本知識,於是乎對於研究萬物如何由純靈態能量轉化成物質過程知識的獲得,就仍然顯得遙不可及。

Like children who poke around in their food annoyedly and do not find in it what tastes good to them, so the terrestrial physicists poke around in an area where they cannot find the real origin of all things. Of course it is necessary, with the research related to this, to recognise the purely material aspects of the material and then to in the right way utilise these cognitions so as to do no harm with them, but if the real origin of all things is to be recognised, then after all the cognition must mature that it lies in the spirit-energy. However, this energy has nothing to do with that which is erroneously designated as ‘spirit’ by the human beings of Earth, which as such is supposed to embody what is the human consciousness. The spirit, that is to say, the spirit-energy, is not the consciousness, because the spirit, or indeed the spirit-energy, does not think and it creates no ‘spiritual’ property, because this is reserved for the material consciousness alone. Thus, in human beings – or other life forms – also no ‘illness of the spirit’ can appear, rather only a consciousness-clouding and consciousness-illness, and so forth, because the spirit, that is to say, the spirit form, i.e., the spirit-energy, is absolutely off limits and not capable of being influenced by anything whatsoever such as diseases etc. from the material realm.

就像孩子把不喜歡吃的食物撥開,而不去找出其中哪裡有好吃的部分一樣,地球上的物理學家也撥開他們在其中無法發現萬物起源的領域。認識純物質的事物並適當運用其研究發現的成果,自然無損於對萬物起源的研究,但如果探討真正的起源,最終必定會到達認知「靈態能量」(spirit-energy)的成熟階段。然而,地球人將其誤認為是「精神」(spirit),也就是指人類的「意識」。但靈態能量並非意識,因為靈或確切的說靈態能量並不會產生精神的性質,而那是指物質方面的意識。所以人類或其他型態的生命沒有所謂「靈的疾病」(illness of the spirit),只有出現意識方面的模糊與病態。因為,也就是靈態或是靈態能量,是絕對不會像是在物質世界裡那樣,受到疾病之類的影響而生病


  1. Seen from this viewpoint, there are no objections to your statements.


  1. Erroneously it seemed to me that you wanted to speak openly about what would have to be done regarding …



Excuse me, one can always err at times, from which no one is really excluded. But your admonition, that I betray nothing which could bring harm, is really quite appropriate, because it could well be that someday I will blab out a secret. And I understand that, with the earthlings – especially among physicists of all kinds – too much knowledge would lead to catastrophic disaster if they could gain cognisance of certain things too early. That which has resulted from the much too early insight, with respect to the atomic physics, alone proved, to a terrible degree, what too early cognitions are causing, if these can be put into practice. Thus further and even worse catastrophes could happen if, regarding particle physics, too early cognitions could be gained and thereby new and even more catastrophic weapons than the atomic bomb could be fabricated. And as Sfath once explained to me, this should be absolutely possible in regard to the ultra-elementary particles, if they were misused for the purposes of destruction. But perhaps it would be good if you could also contribute your part to all that I have said, but in a simple way, please, so that all interested human beings understand what you have to say.

請原諒!我們都會犯錯,大家就別太多歉意。不過你的好意提醒,我還是十分感謝,因為我雖沒違背誓約造成傷害,但也可能不小心說溜了嘴。而我也了解到,對地球人來說,尤其是所有的物理學家,太多的知識使得某些領域的專業知識太容易獲得,有可能導致不幸的災禍。由之前的原子物理學得到應證,過早的洞察詳情,也就是過早的發現緣由,如果他們能運用到實際技術上,情況就會發展到一個可怕程度。還有更糟的是,關於粒子物理學,如果過早被發現,那麼更大規模的殺傷武器都可能生產出來,災難可能就會降臨。而有次 Sfath 對我說過,「超微基本粒子」(ultra-elementary particles)絕對有可能被他們誤用於破壞的用途。但如果你能對我前面所說的部份,用一種簡單的方式談談你的看法,可能會很好。所以拜託你,讓所有對此有興趣的人都能了解你的想法。


  1. I will gladly do that.


  1. Set out in a simple way of speaking, a premature cognition could lead to serious consequences, as also happened with the prematurely gained cognitions pertaining to nuclear fission.


  1. Already through these alone, in relation to the terrestrial humanity, extremely malicious, dangerous, negative and catastrophic consequences resulted, but also enormous irreparable damages and destructions to the entire fauna, flora and the climate which extend up to the present and future time.


  1. The fact that the cognitions concerning nuclear technology and its use in the form of nuclear bombs and weapons, etc., have been and are being used for the mass extermination of human beings and their insidious murder, as well as for tremendous destructions of human achievements through acts of war, etc., with the aim of bringing death, calamity and ruin upon earthly humankind, that fact is the catastrophic consequence of a far too early cognition concerning physical laws, their values and their possibilities.


  1. Also to be noted are the serious consequences of nuclear power plants which, as a result of direct or indirect technical failure caused by natural powers, have irradiated very large areas for very long periods and made them uninhabitable.


  1. This, in addition to the contamination with radiation of human beings, mammals and other creatures, which has led to countless deaths, freak births and terrible mutations and continues to occur.


  1. Since the earthly scientists, not only the physicists but scientists of all stripes, are not aware of their real responsibility in relation to their research and cognitions, as has been proven over the last four thousand years, then every new scientific cognition is life-, fauna- and flora- as well as humanity-endangering, if it concerns something new of every kind, which can in any way whatsoever be used destructively and life-damagingly.


  1. For this reason one must prevent that at least our highly developed and very far-reaching technical, physical, medical, biological, chemical, astronomical, etc. very comprehensive cognitions, cognisances, practices, capabilities, possibilities and politics etc. are not explained and not released to the human beings of Earth, because, through their irresponsibility, they would cause much greater calamity than they have done already for millennia and continue to do.


  1. In accordance with our directives, we are not even allowed to describe our advanced and far-reaching medical cognitions and practices, because the cognitions which we own of the medical science would also be irresponsibly and mercilessly abused by the Earth-humans, be it for the purpose of the torture, the espionage, or in the sense that certain imperious ones and others with might would solely use it for their own benefit.


  1. This, for example, to extend their lives for many decades and even centuries and to rule over their peoples as merciless, conscienceless, brutal, and in many respects perverted greedy for might ones.


  1. So our directives prohibit us from revealing our knowledge to such still monstrously barbaric and irresponsible human beings, and unfortunately not only individual might-greedy ones, but the majority of humankind on Earth have perverted in such a wise, that higher knowledge in the mentioned areas must not be imparted to them.


  1. In fact, in today’s mass of more than eight thousand million Earth-humans only a minority is to be mentioned, which strives for real humanity and for an actual being human.


  1. And it is also only this minority that consciously strives for the evolution of consciousness with regard to the perception, recognition and following of the creational-natural laws and recommendation.

也只有這些少數的人,在意識進化的路上,依據造物自然的法則與戒律」(the creational-natural laws and recommendation)作自覺性的努力

  1. The only way of help in general form is therefore that we based on impulsations provide a certain help regarding the development of the righteousness of humankind on Earth, so that it learns to perceive the creational-natural laws and recommendations, to make them its own and to implement them gradually in a progressive way.


  1. In the case of certain humankinds we are therefore striving to teach inconspicuous persons by means of impulsations of the universally exactly corresponding creational-natural laws and recommendations, so that they can become teaching-based active among their peoples, but without themselves having any intuition that impulsation-based tuitions are imparted to them.


  1. On worlds where larger groups of most distant descendants of the Nokodemion lineage exist, when they have reached a certain evolutive state of consciousness, wise ones are inserted among the people, through whom then the tuition takes place.

在世界上有一大群人是 Nokodemion 的後代子孫,如果其中有人達到某種悟性進化的水準,就會被稱為聖賢,在人群中,他們擔任導師的角色。

  1. This is in a similar wise also the case concerning the human beings of Earth, whereby this case, however, represents a direct lineage to the Nokodemion prophethood, to which a larger number of ancient mission participants are bound, which I certainly do not have to specifically explain to you.

類似的情況也發生在地球的人類中,因此曾有具 Nokodemion 血脈的先知,在地球上參與完成了許許多多的任務,這些事我就不需要再向你說明了。


Of course, I do not need an explanation for this, but I like that you once openly raised the issue of why your directives prohibit an interference in the aforementioned earthly concerns. And that I keep mum, that is a matter of course, just thought that maybe one could talk about it today. Well, that happens not to be so. But what about your prediction from the year 1975, suggesting that in late summer 2012 probes will be used on Mars to find proof that courses of rivers existed on the planet’s surface, whose water caused debris to be transported and abraded, just as is the case with our rivers on the Earth and also on other planets? Up to now, there has been no television or radio broadcast or any newspaper article or note whatsoever regarding such a discovery.

當然,我不需要解釋,但我認為你公開處理了為什麼你的指令禁止干預上述地球上的事務,這很好。而我保持沉默,這當然是一回事,只是覺得也許今天可以談談這個問題。嗯,恰好不是這樣。但你在 1975 年的預測呢?你預測 2012 年夏末,火星上的探測器將發現火星表面存在河流的證明,而火星表面的水導致碎片被運輸和磨損,就像地球上的河流和其他行星一樣?到目前為止,還沒有關於這種發現的電視或電台廣播或任何報紙文章或報導。


  1. It will turn out that this corresponds to the rightness, but you did not have to keep quiet about it.



In that case I had misunderstood something. Then a question about the asteroid you made me see on the evening of 11 August 2008 after the official contact conversation, when you flew with me on a flight far out into the outer space. You told me at that time that the asteroid, which was about 10 or 12 metres in size, would fall down on the Earth on 6 October, because it was on a direct course to our planet. But because I did not hear about the crash of such an asteroid at that time, and specifically still not to this day, I assume that your calculations did not correspond to the rightness and that the asteroid had continued on its normal course and disappeared again. Can you tell me why it was possible for you to make a miscalculation of this magnitude? Your calculations are otherwise always correct down to the last detail. Did something unforeseen happen that went against your calculations?

那樣的話,我就誤解了一些東西。然後是一個關於在 2008 年 8 月 11 日晚你讓我看到了小行星的問題,在正式接觸談話之後,當時你和我一起飛到遠處的外太空。你當時告訴我,這顆大小約 10 或 12 公尺的小行星將在 10 月 6 日墜落在地球上,因為它正朝著我們星球的路線前進。但是,因為在當時我沒有聽說過這樣的小行星的墜落,而到今天仍然沒有,我想你的計算可能正確性,小行星在其正常的軌道上繼續前進,卻又消失了。你能告訴我為什麼你有可能做出如此嚴重的誤判嗎?否則,你的計算始終精確到最後一個細節。這其中是否發生了一些不可預見的事情,因而誤導了你的計算嗎?


  1. Our calculations corresponded absolutely to the rightness, because the asteroid weighing about 82 tons, with an average size of 4.7 metres, approached the Earth with 45,000 kilometres per hour and then penetrated the atmosphere with a speed of about 13 kilometres per second.

我們的計算絕對正確,因為這顆重約 82 噸,平均大小為 4.7 公尺的小行星,以每小時 4 萬 5,000 公里的速度接近地球,然後以大約每秒 13 公里的速度穿透大氣層。

  1. In doing so, at 5:46 on 6 October 2008, it fragmented in a huge explosion into tiniest pieces, namely in northern Sudan at an altitude of quite exactly 37.6 kilometres above the Nubian Desert.

在這種狀況下,2008 年 10 月 6 日 5 時 46 分,它在蘇丹北部的努比亞沙漠(Nubian Desert)上空 37.6 公里的高度,因巨大的爆炸而支離破碎。


But that must have been a huge explosion.



  1. You can imagine a small atomic bomb explosion as a comparison.



However, why was nothing about it reported in the media?



  1. Whether or not there was reporting about it, that I do not know.



It anyway is not so important. After all, it is simply good that the crash did not cause any damage, because it exploded high above the Earth, as you say. Damage, however, is being caused by the overpopulation, and in fact ever more so, because it is growing unstoppably and therethrough, with all the trimmings of bad things that are created from it, more and more natural disasters are appearing. In this regard, you told me privately recently that, by means of the climate change caused by the humankind, the world’s oceans may heat up quite enormously and thereby the so-called global conveyor belt, which drives the waters through all the world’s oceans, might break down.


[中譯者註:「全球洋流輸送帶」(global conveyor belt)又稱為「溫鹽環流」(thermohaline circulation),是一個依靠海水的溫度和鹽度驅動的全球洋流循環系統。]


  1. This is right, because if the Global Conveyor Belt, which, in the form of a huge stream, crosses the oceans and constantly mixes their water, breaks down, then the movements of the oceans will stand still, which then means that the majority of all life on the Earth will be extinguished.


  1. Already at the present time things are very bad, because the world’s oceans have warmed to an alarming degree, namely in the last 17.9 years with a thermal energy like the one that must be calculated by two (2) thousand million Hiroshima atom bombs.

而目前的狀況已經非常糟糕,因為在過去 17.9 年內,海水的溫度已經上升到了警戒的高度,造成如此結果的熱能量相當於 20 億顆廣島原子彈爆炸

  1. Due to the guilt of humankind of Earth, the Earth is already today amid this destructive process, whereby the oceans and the Global Conveyor Belt warm up more and more in increasing dangerousness.



Nevertheless, on that, all talking, and warning is of no use, nor is it of any use regarding all other bad things, such as, for example, the fact that cattle, pigs, other animals and all kinds of poultry are bred in enormous quantities in order to master the hunger for meat of the human beings. But the fact that in the process enormous masses and tonnages of foods are planted and produced for all these beasts alone, to feed them, that fact is not brought to the attention of the world’s population, just as it is not brought forward concerning the fact that enormous quantities of plant-based foods are converted into biofuel to operate motor vehicles with it. And all this is happening by scrupleless global corporations and conscienceless farmers, etc., who only want to rake in money and get richer and richer, while millions of human beings on Earth are starving and dying of hunger. But about that too we have already talked often, which is why I would now like to discuss something with you that is quite unpleasant. So, the following has reached my ears, which then caused quite negative effects and in which I finally got involved. Thus, I want to explain the matter to you and ask you whether it would perhaps be good if we talked about it openly and not privately, because it could certainly be instructive for very many human beings. The matter is thus the …



  1. As for me asking Quetzal and our committee for an advice on this, as you wish it to be, I will refrain from doing so, because the whole matter is so primitive and beneath all dignity of human beings who think of themselves as adults, that it corresponds to an unparalleled shame.

如你所願,我將不會向 Quetzal 和我們的委員會就這個問題提出諮詢意見,因為整個事件太粗糙了,不符合所有有思想成年人的尊嚴,這是一樁空前的恥辱。

  1. Not even children would behave in this wise, but it seems to be different with human beings who think of themselves as adults, in the sense that they actually conduct themselves in this shameful manner among their likes.


  1. And I advise against you officially mentioning what you have explained, because such things cast a very bad light on those who are affected by this.


  1. However, also, all those who are in contact with such perverting fallible ones would therethrough end up with a bad reputation.



Your opinion is understandable to me, because, when I was confronted with the matter, I expressed a similar stance on it. But you know the human beings, because there are always many of them, where everything is just like talking to a wall, simply because on the one hand they are self-opinionated and on the other hand deaf to the truth. Very many behave worse than chamber pot students, believe themselves to be the greatest and are simply unteachable. But to tell the truth, I got upset when I was confronted with it, hence I raised my voice quite loudly. But if you think that we ought not to seek advice from Quetzal and the body Council and discuss all this in private only, then I will abide by it.

你的意見是可以理解的,因為當我面對這個問題時,我表達了類似的立場。但是你了解人類,因為總有許多人,那裡的一切都就像對著牆說話,僅僅是因為一方面他們是自以為是的,另一方面卻對真理充耳不聞。很多人的行為比小學生還糟糕,相信自己是最偉大的,根本無法教化。但說實話,當我面對它時,我心煩意亂,因此我大聲地提高了嗓門。但是,如果你認為我們不應該徵求 Quetzal 和理事會的意見,而只是私下討論這一切,那麼我會就此打住。


  1. Things would probably have been the same for me as for you, even if I have no great tendency to get loud.


  1. However, such perversions, as you have explained them and which have been brought to you, really require a hard and clear statement which cannot be made in a low voice.



Interesting. In all the years that I now know you, I had never noticed that you think in this wise. Although I know that you can become quite energetic, which I have also already experienced with you, but that you can also get loud according to your words, that is new to me.



  1. In certain situations it is necessary, or it happens when the nerves are overstrained.


  1. This can also happen to me and may in general also occur with us Plejaren, whereby then however no perversions do appear.

這種情況也可能發生在我身上,一般來說,也可能發生在我們 Plejaren 身上,因此,這不算是反常的行為。


Yes, I do understand that, because I can recall this from the group of you, but only on a small scale, the way I experienced it with you in former times, especially with Quetzal, when hell was still breaking loose in our group. But that what you say, that you too can react in the aforementioned wise, that only makes you all the more human.

是的,我明白這一點,因為我能從你們那群人那裡想起這一點,但那只是小範圍的,就像我之前和你們一起經歷的那樣,尤其是與 Quetzal,當時糟糕的事仍正在我們小組中爆發。但你所說的,你也會以上述的方式作出反應,這只會讓你變得更有人情味。


  1. We Plejaren are also indeed nothing else than human beings – even if, compared to Earth-humans, we are far more advanced in every form of development.

其實我們 Plejaren 與地球人沒兩樣,雖然與地球人相比,我們在各方面都要更加先進。

  1. We are in every respect human beings and also remain human beings, at least as long as we do still have human bodies and have not yet entered the level of the ‘High Council’.

但我們基本上還是人類,至少還是人類的身體,還沒進入到「高級理事會」(High Council)那樣半靈魂半肉身的階段。


Gratifying to hear that.



  1. But then I now do not want to miss to still express my opinion concerning the matter you asked me for.


  1. However, I do not want these words of mine to be openly mentioned either.


  1. To say more about that would certainly be too much.



I suppose it would be like carrying water into the Rhine, you are right about that. And I think with that this topic is also concluded. Then I have a question that refers to the Neanderthals or rather to their extinction. Again, and again there are reports about it on television and in newspapers and magazines, whereby the scientists however to this day still do not know the real reason for their extinction. There are the most diverse grey theories about this, including one that says that the Neanderthals were exterminated by Homo sapiens, the emerging human being at the time, as you yourself once said. But is that really true down to the last detail? We both talked about it amongst other times also on the 11th of August 2008 at the 469th contact conversation, whereby you said the following: (excerpt from Block 11, page 422, sentences 135-139):

我想這就像把水倒進了萊茵河(無濟於事),這件事你說得對。我認為,這個話題也就結束了。接下來我想了解有關於尼安德塔人(Neanderthals),或者更確切地說,是關於他們滅絕方面的問題。由於在電視與雜誌都一再作了相關的報導,然而科學家們都還不知道他們滅絕的真正原因。有種可怕的論調廣為流傳,是說尼安德塔是被後來出現的類似現代人的「智人」(Homo sapiens;就是「」的學名)所消滅,而的確你也這麼說過,但是這是確切的事實嗎?關於這方面,我們在 2008 年 8 月 11 日的《第 469 次接觸報告》中你也有說道(摘自第 11 段,第 422 頁,第 135~139 句):


  1. It was indeed the case that in the most various locations the modern human beings interbred with Neanderthals and begot offspring.


  1. This however was not the rule, but occurred rather sparsely.


  1. As a rule, the modern human beings hunted the Neanderthals and killed them, to use them as food, because the early homo sapiens were cannibals, and as such they, by and by, wiped out the Neanderthals.


  1. Partly, the modern human beings held Neanderthals as captives, which they killed and ate in case of need for food.


  1. Such captives were also used, on certain occasions, to perform sexual acts with the homo sapiens, and indeed with both sexes. As a result, also certain female Neanderthals and homo sapiens bore hybrids as offspring, however which was not often the case.


Additionally, I now want to ask you whether that which you have explained is comprehensive in relation to the extinction of the Neanderthals, or whether there were yet other factors which played a role. You did indeed once say later that the extinction of these early human beings led back not only to the then emergence of modern human beings, even though they exterminated different groups of Neanderthals. By the way, today the term Neanderthal is also written with a “th", thus, Neanderthals. I also do not know why. But if you could now explain to me across the board some more about these early human beings and their environment etc., as well as whether there were perhaps other reasons for their extinction besides the ones you have mentioned to me. Because for our scientists it is still not clear what the real reason for the extinction had been, so their minds are divided. Maybe you are able to bring a little more clarity to the matter?


[中譯者註:尼安德塔人(Neanderthals)是一群生存於舊石器時代的史前人類,1856 年,其遺跡首先在德國尼安德河谷被發現。至於是否為獨立物種還是智人的亞種則一直不確定,隨着 2010 年的研究發現部份現代人是其混血後代後,也可能被歸類於智人下的一個亞種。



在 2010 年發表的一份基因研究報告發現,非洲以外的大多數現代人(包括歐洲、亞洲、美洲及大洋洲人)的基因有至少 1 至 4% 源自尼安德塔人,而撒哈拉沙漠以南的非洲現代人則沒有這些基因。因此報告作者推斷,這是因為智人走出非洲時在中東一帶與尼安德塔人相遇,並發生小規模融合混血,然後才遷移到世界各地,所以非洲以外的現代人都攜有這部份基因。(文字資料來源:維基百科)]


  1. That which I have said to you with my explanation in the 469th contact conversation corresponds very well to the rightness.

我曾在《第 469 次接觸報告》中的談話中向你所做的解釋,非常符合事實。

  1. But if you are raising the whole thing in such a way as to ask whether thereby everything has been comprehensively explained down to the last detail, then it must be said that this is not the case.


  1. In fact, the modern human beings who emerged then, exterminated entire groups and tribes of Neanderthals, but for their final extinction there were also anatomical as well as natural climate-changing influences given, which I have hitherto never mentioned and which ultimately ended the existence of these early human beings.


  1. Apart from the fact that the modern human beings came to Europe from Western Asia, who often ate human flesh and were anatomically much more developed than the Neanderthals, whom they hunted down, killed and used them as food, there are, as I said, other important factors that led to the extinction of these early human beings.


  1. But if I am now supposed to mention other important factors, then I will gladly do so, and in doing so I will draw on our records, which we possess and which I am familiar with.


  1. Thereby, I will not proceed chronologically, however, rather simply as I remember the facts at the moment.


  1. So the first thing to say is that that which I explained – regarding modern human beings’ cannibalism and in relation to the sexual acts between them and the Neanderthals – in fact, corresponds to the reality of that time.


  1. Although, against all adversity at the time, the Neanderthals held their own for a little more than 250,000 years, but, in the development of their body and metabolism, they were adjusted to the then prevailing very cold climate.

在那個時代,雖然尼安德塔人面臨各種逆境與苦難,他們之前也維持了 25 萬年多的生存,然而他們身體的進化與新陳代謝,只適應非常寒冷的氣候。

  1. That finally led to their last doom because, because when in a short time extremely strong climatic changes occurred, the effect for the Neanderthals was an extremely disadvantageous impact on their food supply, consequently many began to suffer from hunger.


  1. Over time this led not only to degenerative effects, but also often to the death.


  1. In spite of their savagery, they were sociable beings and held tightly together, whereby they lived, however, only in small groups, and their total number always remained small.


  1. When diseases arose among them, they concerned themselves collectively with the sick and nursed them.


  1. Their diet consisted primarily of meat, which they captured by corresponding hunts for all kinds of small and large animals, whereby they then shared the meat among themselves in a remarkably communal way.


  1. However, they also nourished themselves with berries, fruits and plants, but the meat always remained the staple food, which was of great necessity for especially their entire constitution.


  1. Fundamentally, however, they were bad at metabolising food, on which I will be speaking again.


  1. Physically, they were very strong, and also all their internal and external constitution was extremely robust and adjusted in such a way to withstand very cold temperatures, which was particularly important because they indeed lived during a very cold time.


  1. They were also clever and had their own – if still primitive – language.


  1. They led their existence in productive hunting areas in the then forests in which they also lived and knew safe shelters, in whose protection they also had their accommodations.


  1. However, all this changed unusually quickly, as around 45,000 years ago the climate began to change drastically, in addition to the fact that the modern human beings made their appearance and hunted them down, kept them prisoners, engaged in sexual relations with them, but also killed and ate them when food was in short supply.


  1. The emerging climate change gradually also altered the forests and landscapes, consequently, gigantic open expanses emerged in which the Neanderthals could not hold their own, and, as a consequence of their cumbersomeness, also could not hunt.


  1. Their specialty was the forests, where they could stalk the game to be hunted and kill it with primitive, heavy spears equipped with stone points that had been beaten into shape.


  1. These heavy killing instruments and the ponderousness and clumsiness of the Neanderthals made it impossible for them to hold their own in the vastness of open plains.


  1. Moreover, they could not stalk the wildlife on open land because it fled quickly if it sighted or caught the scent of the human beings.


  1. So the Neanderthals hid in the forests, which had now become lighter, but where they also had more and more difficulties in terms of hunting, because they no longer had any cover due to the lightening of the forest areas when stalking the animals.


  1. Furthermore, it was the case that the Neanderthals could not sufficiently utilise the nutrients from meat, plants, berries and fruits and could not efficiently convert them into energy, consequently they had to constantly eat large quantities.


  1. The cells and their energies and powers of the early human beings were of a completely different nature than those of the much lighter and more flexibly built modern human beings.


  1. With the Neanderthals, the entire metabolism was laid out to the production of heat, which was absolutely necessary as a consequence of the then prevailing cold.


  1. This was completely different from the modern human beings who had emerged and were downright puny compared to the Neanderthals and displayed totally different characteristics to the heavily-built, early human beings.


  1. And since the Neanderthals increasingly lacked food, it naturally led to many dying of hunger, while others were hunted and captured by the cannibalistic modern human beings to use them as welcome sex objects or, in an emergency, as food.


  1. Since through the sexual acts between the Neanderthals and the modern human beings offspring were also conceived, it turned out that the offspring increasingly had the characteristics of modern human beings, hence this is another factor of what led to the extinction and extermination of the pure Neanderthals.


  1. And since the evolution never stands still, it turned out that the modern human beings also evolved further, up to the present Homo sapiens sapiens, whereby the heritage of the Neanderthals has been preserved in the genome of many terrestrial human beings to this day.


  1. Although the Neanderthals became extinct almost 30,000 years ago, however, their genetic heritage remains intact until today and will also be passed on from generation to generation in the future.


  1. Regarding the descendants of Neanderthals directly, as well as those where modern humans were involved, it has nevertheless to be explained that also in this respect factors of extinction played a role.


  1. Compared to the modern human beings, the Neanderthals featured larger skulls, which made the birth very difficult, because the birth canal often could not be dilated far enough, which is why many female beings died during births or through severe life-threatening infections.


  1. Births among the Neanderthals were therefore particularly complicated and difficult and often fatal, which was also the reason why these early human beings did not proliferate extensively and only appeared in small groups.


  1. Alongside the genetic material of the Neanderthals, however, also traces of the genetic material of other close relatives have found their way into today’s Earth-humans living in Europe.


  1. Although there are no longer any pure Neanderthals among the approximately 8 thousand million Earth-humans today, their heritage is still to a greater of lesser extent contained in the genome of many Earth-humans.


  1. And it is a fact, as you say, that there are many theories among earthly scientists regarding the Neanderthals, who today no longer exist in pure form for already some 30,000 years.


  1. But since their heritage is still present in small parts, namely up to seven percent, in the genome of many Earth-humans today, one really has to ask whether the Neanderthals have actually become extinct, because if certain Earth-humans of the present time are looked at, then one could actually assume that the Neanderthals are not yet extinct.


  1. This fact alone, of the Neanderthal heritage in the genome of many modern Earth-humans, proves that these early human beings had sexual relationships with the modern human beings, from which descendants have emerged who have continued to reproduce and pass on their heritage over many generations – until the present time.



Then that is therefore also clear. Thank you. In recent weeks I have been asked again and again about the events of 11 September 2001 in New York because of the terrorist attack. But there are also broadcasts on television about conspiracy theories concerning the events of 11 September 2001. In this connection, for example, the predominant conspiracy theory is that the US Government itself instigated this catastrophe and had the CIA etc. pack the two towers full of explosives and then have them blown up, which is why they collapsed. If you permit, I would today for once like to turn the conversation to the USA, to its former presidents as well as to the worldwide machinations and the way in which the US-American politics and behaviour are conducted. Of course, super-smart ones, such as certain loudmouthed journalists from certain newspapers, will then again scold along saying that you and I would politicise during our talks and would also do so publicly once the reports of the conversations are written down and published. Unfortunately, these fools and failures, who express themselves in this malevolent and negative way and call themselves journalists, are not intelligent enough to comprehend and understand that you and I only express our free opinion on factual situations, and that we do nothing more than set forth facts and show possibilities which can arise from a deplorable state of affairs.

那麼這些也明白了,謝謝你。而由於過去這幾週一再發生恐怖攻擊事件,我問過有關 2001 年 9 月 11 日發生在紐約的「911事件」,但目前電視正關切有關 911 事件「陰謀論」的話題。舉例說,其中主要的說法是直指美國政府透過 CIA 介入導致這場災難,甚至說是他們允許在雙塔裝設炸藥然後被引爆,這就是為什麼它們會自行倒塌。如果你同意,今天我要將這段對話,向美國前幾任總統以及遍及世界的陰謀家,還有美國這類的政治人物與實際工作者公開的說。如果這份接觸報告的談話內容被出版與公布,我們這些討論自然又會被那些超精明與多嘴的新聞記者,以政治眼光拿來公開譴責一番。可惜這些愚蠢的無名之輩,自稱是新聞工作者卻以惡意負面的方式報導,卻不能理解你與我只是針對這起可能因施政弊端而引起的真實事件,自由表達我們的意見,除此之外並無其他任何意圖。


  1. Of course, I will involve myself in a conversation with you in the mentioned manner, because there is a lot to say, to explain and to show as possibilities which can result from the far-reaching diverse and wrong as well as diverse forms of politics and behaviour of the USA.


  1. However, if I want to explain something first in relation to the conspiracy theory, which is widespread in relation to 11 September 2001, and not only in the United States, it must be said that this is in fact corresponds to a nonsense.


  1. Truthly, everything arose the way the investigations by specialists and the secret services have resulted.


  1. Nevertheless, however, there were certain weak intelligence findings in relation to this Al-Qaeda crime, which were also brought to the attention of US President George W. Bush, but which he completely ignored, just as they were not taken seriously to the extent that they should have been by the few people who were responsible for it at the CIA, namely only three persons – who vaguely knew about the findings.

儘管如此,然而對於基地組織(al-Qaeda;又稱蓋達組織)的罪行,美國總統喬治.沃克.布希(George W. Bush)確實掌握了一些不夠充分的情報訊息,但他卻全然不加理會。只有三個人隱約知道這件事;除了總統,還有中央情報局少數(三位)負責人,但消息並未被視為應有的嚴重程度來處理。

  1. The ignorance on the part of Bush himself was based on sheer foolishness, on the one hand, and on the other, on the deeply rooted and only halfway conscious of confused thoughts of having a means of countering the ever-present threat of terror on a global scale, should a terrorist catastrophe occur.


  1. As we were able to clarify, the vague cognitions of the three CIA people – two agents and a supervisor – were directed towards the likely possibility of a terrorist attack on the USA, whereby, however, not a single assumption referred to the two towers of the WTC.


  1. The assumption was simply of a general nature.


  1. In his confused foolishness, the US President G. W. Bush was unable to calculate the real danger in advance to such an extent that he would have ordered measures that take hold and also mobilised the CIA on a large scale for the purpose of making accurate investigations and taking precautionary nationwide protection measures.


  1. And such protection measures would in fact have been possible, as our probability calculations have shown, but, as a result of the failure of the U.S. President and the three CIA people, everything turned out differently.


  1. However, this was already in 1976 noticeable like that, when my daughter Semjase made the respective predictions for you, and you were obliged to silence.

然而,這件事在 1976 年,當我女兒 Semjase 作出相關預測時,已經有很明顯的跡象,但要求你們都保持沉默。

  1. Then Quetzal made the same predictions for you again in 1986.

然後, Quetzal 在 1986 年又再度提出了同樣的預測。

  1. You probably remember it.



That is the case, yes, because I became hellishly miserable when Semjase made the prediction for me, that there would be around 3,000 dead. But I also felt the same way another time, when Quetzal mentioned the same event to me again in 1986 and explained what would really transpire. It is simply incomprehensible why the American people elect such zeros and fools into the government, who bring the country nothing but tremendous damage, just as it has happened again and again since ancient times. One only needs to think of the most important things and factors that brought an enormous amount of misery into the world and that were triggered by US presidents. Look here, with this fax of 9 August, I received this list from Germany regarding a few of the 43 US Presidents, who stood out particularly crassly in terms of their criminal and felonious machinations. It also shows that Barack Obama is in reality only the 43rd and not the 44th US president, because one of them, Grover Cleveland, was elected president on two different occasions, namely on 4 March 1885, and he held office until 4 March 1889. Four years later, on 4 March 1893, he was once again elected and remained in office until 4 March 1897. So, this man was both the 22nd as well as the 23rd U.S. president and thereby the only one who has held two terms which did not directly follow each other. Consequently, Grover Cleveland cannot be described as two different presidents. But such inconsistencies have arisen in the USA since its establishment, just as such still arise today. But back to the criminal and felonious machinations of various US presidents, such as for example those charged to President William McKinley, who was the real originator of the military conflicts started in 1898 with Spain, which lost the war activities. McKinley created the Guantánamo exclave in Cuba, where George W. Bush then had political prisoners imprisoned and tortured from 2002 onwards, a practice that is still carried out in this penal and torture camp to this day. Ronald Reagan, a former bad actor and dim intellect, was on the payroll of the FBI as informant T-10, who, as such, continually squealed on, as communists, more than 50 fellow actors to the FBI. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter, a peanut farmer, ordered the CIA to support the Islamic guerrilla fighters in Afghanistan, where a civil war was underway, in which the Soviet Union had also involved itself. Supplies of arms were also connected with this, which, after the victory over the communist government of Afghanistan in 1992, were then used by the militias, which now fought each other, whereby subsequently the brutal and violent as well as religiously fanatical group of the Taliban emerged from this, which from then on terrorised the people.

沒錯,在當時 Semjase 作出那些預測時,知道將有大約三千人死亡,對我來說,那真是成了可怕的夢魘。但當相同的事件,Quetzal 在 1986 年又我再度告訴我時,他還說明了會真正發生什麼。這簡直是​​無法理解,為什麼美國人民會投票給這種廢物和傻子進入政府,他從開始以來只有一再帶來國家巨大的破壞。一個只能思考最重大事情與要素的美國總統,卻因他(的疏忽)讓這個世界湧入大量的苦難。看看這裡,有份 8 月 9 日的傳真資料,我收到來自德國的這份名單,是關於美國的 43 位總統中,有少數已經特別是公然顯示出他們的罪行和重罪陰謀。這也表明歐巴馬(Barack Obama)實際上只是美國第 43 而不是第 44 位總統,因為格羅弗.克利夫蘭(Grover Cleveland)在兩個不同任期中當選總統,也就是他(首先)在 1885 年3 月 4 日任職,直到 1889 年 3 月 4 日。四年後,在 1893 年 3 月 4 日,他再次當選,並一直就任到 1897  年3 月 4 日,所以這位總統同時是第 22 和第 23 位美國總統,因此他一個人分別在兩個不連續的任期中擔任過總統。所以,格羅弗.克利夫蘭不能被說是兩個不同的總統。但自美國建國以來,這種不一致情況就已經出現,就如同至今這種情形還是會出現。但是,回到各個美國總統的罪行和重罪陰謀這方面,就例如其中的威廉.麥金利(William McKinley)總統曾被指控。威廉.麥金利是 1898 與西班牙發動軍事衝突而輸掉這場戰爭的實際負責人。麥金利在古巴建立了關塔那摩灣(Guantanamo)的飛地(exclave;被包圍在另外一個國家境內,和本國其他領土不接壤的領地),而在那裡,喬治.W.布希從 2002 年起就關押了一些政治犯並折磨他們,目前這仍然是個懲罰和折磨的牢獄之地。納德.雷根(Ronald Reagan),這位差勁的演員且才智平庸,是美國聯邦調查局支薪的告密者 T-10,因此,他不斷對聯邦調查局構陷/通風報信[德語“verzinken”意思是“煽動”],密報有關 50 多個同為演員的共產黨人他們的動態。1979 年,卡特(Jimmy Carter)總統,這位花生的農夫,下令中央情報局支援在阿富汗的伊斯蘭(Islamic)遊擊隊,其中蘇聯還曾介入正在進行的內戰。武器裝備的交付也與之有關,這是阿富汗共產主義政府當時使用的,而從 1992 年民兵勝利之後,現在又再相互對抗。接著,野蠻、暴力以及具宗教狂熱的塔利班(Taliban)政權出現後,從此開始不斷威嚇人民。

And this could only have gone so far because Jimmy Carter intervened in the Afghanistan conflict and allowed the CIA to freely operate there at will. The whole thing then simmered on for years and finally led to another Islamist organisation, Al Qaeda, which then brought about the catastrophe in New York on 11 September 2001. The President John F. Kennedy was no better either, because in the year 1963 he secretly enacted a law that enabled him to print vast amounts of money, of which the Treasury Department spent 4.2 thousand million dollars. This money, that is to say, the banknotes, did not belong to the USA, but to a group of private banks which, in 1913, had merged into the Federal Reserve System (Fed). The US state does not have the right to print banknotes itself, because only the Fed is entitled to do so, from which the government has to borrow the money and, on whose notes, ‘Federal Reserve Note’ is written, whereas on Kennedy’s notes ‘United States Note’ is written. On the other hand, Kennedy’s banknotes stated, “United States Note". Therefore, from the Fed’s point of view, Kennedy’s banknotes were counterfeit money, which Lyndon B. Johnson had taken out of circulation in his first official act as Kennedy’s successor, when he was assassinated in 1963. Then there was the president George Washington, who actually started the First World War with the Seven Years’ War from 1756-1763, which means that three world wars have already taken place and not just two. Although your father Sfath already told me that, but I had completely forgotten it, so I only stumbled upon it again through this chronicle here. Well, Washington, as a military leader in the War of Independence, as a liberal thinker, was also a shrewd leader of state when the Constitution was being drafted. At the age of 22 he was still a British officer in the American colonies. He was thereby then involved in an incident that was fundamentally the cause of the real First World War, which shook the Earth. With 160 soldiers, in 1754, he patrolled the Ohio Valley between British and French territories. In May of that year the French sent a diplomat to get Washington out of their territory. However, the latter ordered the firing on the diplomatic corps, wherethrough the French negotiator and about 13 of his soldiers who went with him were deliberately murdered, with Washington’s hope of driving a wedge between the French and the British, because only such a conflict between the two colonial powers could lead to the success regarding the American War of Independence. This felony led to the triggering of the so-called French and Indian War, from which, two years later, emerged the bloody conflicts between the great European powers and thus the Seven Years’ War, which was fought in America, Europe and Asia and therefore was worldwide, which is why this was the real First World War which, however, something which is however concealed from the world’s population. That is why there was and is always talk of the threat of a Third World War; consequently, if another world-encompassing war were to break out as a result of the greed for might of some irrational mightful ones of states, this would then be the Fourth World War. Over the course of the years I had completely forgotten this, because I only remembered what Sfath had told me about the First World War when I saw this chronology. President Andrew Jackson was just as criminal as Washington, and he must be held responsible for the first and so far greatest ethnic cleansing in the history of US-America. Criminally, he drove 100,000 Indians from their homeland, although even as a soldier he was already acting mercilessly and murderously against natives of the country, murdering many or expelling them. On 28 May 1830 he signed the so-called ‘Indian Removal Act’ being the death sentence for countless more Indians, because this law allowed the relocation of the Indian tribes to create areas for their settlement by white farmers etc. In this way about a quarter of all deported Indians died, on the one hand because they were murdered by the whites, or, on the other hand, because they did not survive the forced marches to the distant places of deportation or reservations and died miserably.

這方面只能這樣發展,因為卡特經由美國中央情報局的活動和直接的運作,介入了阿富汗的衝突。整個事情又再燜燒了好幾年,最後導致了進一步的伊斯蘭組織,成為基地組織(Al Qaeda),然後在 2001 年 9 月 11 日帶來了在紐約的災難。甚至約翰.F.甘迺迪(John F. Kennedy)總統也好不到哪裡去,因為在 1963 年,他偷偷頒佈了一項使他能夠大量列印金錢的法律,其中財政部已經使用了 42 億美元。這筆錢,也就是說那些紙幣,並不屬於美國,而是屬於一個在 1913 年已經併入美國聯邦儲備系統(Federal Reserve System;美聯儲)的私人銀行團體。美國國家本身沒有權利印鈔票,因為只有美聯儲有許可權,而政府必須向它借錢;也就是“美元”(Federal Reserve Note;美聯儲券)是他們印的鈔票。另一方面,甘迺迪的鈔票“美元”(United States Note),從美聯儲的角度來看,那些都是假鈔,當甘迺迪於 1963 年被暗殺,作為他的繼任者林登.B.詹森(Lyndon B. Johnson),在他的第一次官方法案,就停止了那些鈔票的流通。然後是喬治.華盛頓(George Washington)總統,在 1756-1763 年的發生的「七年戰爭」(Seven Years War),實際上已引發了第一次世界大戰,所以結果是,第三次世界大戰已經發生過,而不是只有那兩次。事實上,你的父親 Sfath 已經告訴過我了,但我已經完全忘記了,所以我只是再度經由這部編年史迷迷糊糊略過了它。現在,身為獨立戰爭期間的軍事領導人,華盛頓是「美國憲法」起草人,也是一位精明的政治領袖,一位自由主義的思想家。在 22 歲時,他仍然是一個在美洲殖民地的英國軍官。隨後他被捲入事件到真正的第一次世界大戰,震撼了地球,基本上由他出任領導。在 1754 年,他與 160 名士兵負責巡邏俄亥俄河谷地區英國和法國之間的領土。在這一年的 5 月,法國派出以一名外交官,想將華盛頓從他們的領土上移走,但他向那些外交軍團開火,因此,法國談判代表和大約 13 個他的隨行士兵蓄意被殺。此事在華盛頓的想法,希望這是能夠推動法國和英國之間的一個契機,因為在這兩個殖民地之間,只有這樣的權力衝突,才可能導致美國獨立戰爭的成功。這項殺戮的罪行導致觸發所謂的「法印戰爭」(French and Indian Wars),從此的兩年後,出現了歐洲列強的流血衝突,因此發生了七年戰爭,這是在美國、歐洲和亞洲之間的戰鬥,因此是全世界,這就是為什麼這是真正的第一次世界大戰,然而,對世界上其他的人而言,這不算是公開的戰爭。因此,我們一般談論的,始終是第三次世界大戰的威脅;於是,由於某些瘋狂狀態的霸主對稱霸的貪婪,而引發另一場世界性的戰爭,那麼這將成為第四次世界大戰。在過去的幾年中,我已經完全忘記了,因為我只記得 Sfath 曾經對我說過關於第一次世界大戰的事,而當我再次瞥見這個年表,就引起了我的注意。安德魯.傑克遜(Andrew Jackson)總統只是認為華盛頓犯了重罪,他被指控必須要為美國史上第一與最大的種族清洗(ethnic cleansing)負責。在那裡,他迫使 10 萬印第安人離開他們的家園,身為一個軍人,他無情和兇殘的對待這個國家的原住民,驅逐他們甚且殺了不少人。於 1830 5 28 日,他簽署了所謂的印第安人遷移法案”(Indian Removal Act),這等於對無數其他的印地安人判處了死刑,因為這個法律為白人農場主人等等,允許他們強行搬遷印第安人的部落,以開發地區,為他們解決安居的問題。因此,大約有四分之一被驅逐的印第安人遇害,部分原因是他們被白人殺害,或者另一方面,因為他們強行被驅逐到遙遠的地方而沒有存活下來,也就是說,先遷到保留區,然後悲慘地煙滅掉。

President Franklin D. Roosevelt also made himself guilty, in that he wanted and provoked the attack on Pearl Harbour. However, this was only discovered 60 years later by a former naval officer named Robert Stinnett. In relation to that, one expert said: “It took such an act to make the American nation immediately and totally turn to war." With a trade embargo, Roosevelt forced the Japanese to adopt coercive measures, which came to the fore in a counter-attack against the embargo – thus the attack on Pearl Harbour, in which there were 2,403 dead and 1,178 wounded to mourn, as well as the destruction of 14 warships and 320 destroyed or severely damaged aircrafts. 90 percent of all US Americans were initially opposed to an entry into the Second World War (i.e. Third World War), however, after Pearl Harbour, the people also screamed for war. By the way, Roosevelt learned of the threat of attack through the secret services, but he did not react to prevent anything, just as George W. Bush did not react when it came to prevent the terror catastrophe of 11 September 2001. Furthermore, there was President John Adams, who was a supporter of the monarchy and who would have liked to see the America of that time governed by a king, whereby he in fact also wanted to establish an American dictatorship. And so it happened that when the conflict with France broke out in 1798, he used the opportunity to enact one of the most controversial laws of US America – namely the so-called ‘Alien and Sedition Acts’ – which consists of four parts and which entitles the president to detain and deport every foreigner in the country. In addition, by attacking the 1st Constitutional Article, which guarantees the freedom of the press, he also determined that the publication of ‘false and malicious writings’ against the President could be considered a punishable offence and prosecuted. This led to countless people being accused and sentenced on the basis of this law during John Adams’ term in office. The only reason he was unable to realise his plans for the establishment of a dictatorship was the fact that he was not re-elected. President Thomas Jefferson, his successor, then immediately repealed and suspended three of the four parts of the law. The ‘Alien Enemies Act’ however – which allows that human beings who originate from states that were or are at war etc. with the US-America can be deported – still exists even in the present time. Apart from the US presidents mentioned up to now, who have caused great evil, there would be various others to be mentioned, which however would go much too far, hence I will only mention two more, so one being Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Lincoln proclaimed on 22 August 1862 that his highest goal was the preservation of the union, that is, the union of the American federal states, because in this union between the traditional South and the modern North a deep rift had arisen and so the whole thing had already been crumbling away for years. He further declared that if he could save the Union without having to free a single slave, then he would do it. This remark was precisely the opposite of why he was elected president, because he actually proclaimed the abolition of slavery in the USA. Contrary to this, however, he promised already during the election campaign in the year 1860 that he did not want to abolish the slavery, whereby the slavery, however, should not be allowed any more in the newly emerging federal states. Consequently, the southern states rejected Lincoln as president. Thus, presidential contradiction and once again contradiction, resulting in seven federal states leaving the Union and founding the Confederacy, which was the prelude to the American Civil War, which lasted from 1861-1865. The South fought for its traditional social system, while no reason for war was at hand for the North to wage war against the South. Consequently, Abraham Lincoln thought of providing a reason for war, therefore on 1 January 1863 he proclaimed the so-called Emancipation Declaration, according to which all slaves would be free with immediate effect. But this was nothing more than an evil trick to start a fight for the abolition of slavery from a political war. Therethrough a double weakening of the Southern Confederacy was brought about, because immediately more than three million Southern slaves became allies of the North, whereby many of them joined the fight against the Southern states, whereby of course many also met their death.

富蘭克林.羅斯福(Franklin D. Roosevelt)總統也提出自己有罪,因為他想挑起(日本)對珍珠港的襲擊。然而,這是由一位名為羅伯特.史蒂尼特(Robert Stinnett.)的前海軍軍官在 60 年後才發現的。關於這件事,有一位專家說:“像這樣的行動是必要的,以便美國人能立即並完全掌控戰爭。” 隨著貿易禁運,羅斯福迫使日本採取了脅迫的手段,其中優先對付禁運的反擊,就是偷襲珍珠港。此舉因而造成 2,403 人死亡,1,178 人受傷,以及 14 艘軍艦的破壞和 320 架飛機的摧毀或嚴重損壞。90% 的美國人最初反對捲入第二次世界大戰(也就是說,第三次世界大戰),然而,珍珠港事件後,人們也大喊宣戰。順便說一句,就像喬治.W.布希的狀況,羅斯福透過秘密管道得知了這次迫在眉睫的攻擊,但他,羅斯福,也沒為了防止可能發生的後果,而比小布希為防止 2001 年 9 月 11 日的恐怖災難,做出更多的回應。此外還有約翰.亞當斯(John Adams)總統,他是君主專制的支持者,他本來希望看到當時是否會出現可統治美國的國王,因此他其實也想建立一個美國的獨裁政權。所以到了 1798 年,因為與法國的衝突來了,他利用這個機會引進美國最有爭議的法律之一,即所謂的《制止外國人反美及制止煽動言論法案》(Alien and Sedition Acts);它由四個部分組成,授權總統可拘留和驅逐在該國的任何外國人。此外,在《第一修正案憲法》(First Amendment of the Constitution)的攻擊下,他也(被迫)確保了新聞的自由,在一部《虛假和惡意文件》(false and malicious texts)的出版物中,對抗了總統可能的反對和懲罰。(然而)在這部法律的基礎上,還是導致了無數人被指控,並在約翰.亞當斯(John Adams)的任期內被定罪。他無法實現他建立一個獨裁政權的計畫,只因為他沒有成功連任。他的繼任者,傑弗遜(Thomas Jefferson)總統隨後立即撤銷了四個法律的三個部分。但是《敵對國家居民法案》(Alien Enemies Act),這讓那些發現或發覺自己是來自與美國發生戰爭或有衝突的國家人民,都會被驅逐出境,而這部法案目前仍然存在。除了前面提到的美國總統,他們都曾引起了很大的反感,還有幾個人可以提,但這將會扯的太遠,因此,我將只提兩個,就是亞伯拉罕.林肯希歐多爾.羅斯福(Theodore Roosevelt)。林肯在 1862 年 8 月 22 日宣佈,他的最高目標是保持聯盟,也就是美國各州的合併,因為一個深深的裂痕已經在傳統派的南方與現代化的北方聯盟之間出現,而整個情況已經面臨瓦解了多年。他還宣稱,如果他能拯救聯邦而不需要釋放一個奴隸,那麼他會那麼做。這句話與他能當選總統時的主張正好相反,也就是因為他曾宣佈在美國將廢除奴隸制度。矛盾的是,在 1860 年競選期間,他已經答應他不會廢除奴隸制度,但它不應該在新成立的各州中再被允許。因此,南部各州拒絕了林肯總統。因此,總統的矛盾再次矛盾;因此七個州脫離聯邦,並形成了南部邦聯(Confederacy),這是美國內戰的前奏,這種情況從 1861 年一直持續到 1865 年。南方是爭取其傳統的社會制度,而北方沒有合適的理由向南方發動戰爭。因此林肯想了個辦法,提供一個戰爭的理由。他隨後於 1863 年 1 月 1 日宣佈所謂的《解放黑奴宣言》(Emancipation Proclamation),根據此宣言,所有的奴隸馬上可以獲得自由。但是,這只不過是一個為開啟一場鬥爭存心不良的伎倆,為廢除奴隸制度而發動的一場政治戰。這樣帶來邦聯一個雙重的弱化,因為馬上超過三百萬南方各州的奴隸就成為了北方的盟友,其中許多人參加反對南方各州的戰鬥,因此,自然有許多人也因而失去了性命。

And now, when finally the talk is of US President Theodore Roosevelt, it has to be said that he too is not blameless. When the USA won the Spanish-American War in 1898 and rose to become a world power, the former British colony now became a colonial power itself, whereby Guam, Cuba, the Philippines and Puerto Rico were transferred from Spain to the USA. But since resistance against the new colonial power USA arose in the Philippines, the people defended themselves. When Theodore Roosevelt was then elected president in the USA in September 1901, it happened, when he had been in office for not even two weeks, that more than 50 US soldiers were killed in a guerrilla attack on the Philippine island of Samar. Full of revenge and pathological craving for retaliation, Roosevelt commanded General Jacob H. Smith to solve the problem of the guerrilla war in the Philippines once and for all, in such a way that no prisoners would be taken, but that instead everyone was to be killed and burned, and in fact the more the better. This criminal command led to the so-called Philippine Balangiga massacre, in which about 50,000 human beings were tortured, killed and massacred. However, these were not guerrilla fighters first and foremost, but civilians – old human beings, women and children. General Jacob H. Smith was well suited for this action, because he was best known for his brutality, lack of human dignity and as homicidal maniac, because already in the year 1890 he made a name for himself as a slaughterer and perpetrator of a massacre at the Wounded Knee Massacre, when masses of women, children and men of the Minneconjou Lakota Sioux Indians were bestially slaughtered and massacred there by the US soldiers. When the General was then put before a court martial for this in 1902, he was acquitted at the insistence of the US government, which meant that he was not held accountable for many thousands of murders. And now, once again, for the upcoming November, the majority of the population of the USA, especially the Republicans, will adore and build up such a major zero and first-rate psychopathy-figure, so as to hype him up to become US president. And if this Romney should take the helm, then the USA and the world can probably again expect something that will really take all the biscuits.

現在,最後談到美國總統希歐多爾.羅斯福,就必須說,他也不是位正仁君子。當美國在 1898 年贏得了「美西戰爭」(Spanish-American War),而躍昇為為一個世界強權,這個前英國殖民地實際上成為一個殖民大國,也就是從此關島古巴菲律賓波多黎各就從西班牙手中轉移到了美國。但隨著這個新的殖民大國(美國)在菲律賓人民為捍衛自己而遭受阻力。1901 年 9 月,在美國剛當選總統才兩個星期的希歐多爾.羅斯福,就發生美軍在菲律賓薩馬島(Samar)上受到遊擊隊的攻擊,有超過 50 名美軍士兵被打死。為了進行全面性報復,羅斯福下令雅各.史密斯(Jacob H. Smith)將軍以一種方式復仇,那就是不俘虜囚犯,而是將所有人全部殺死並燒毀,且越多越好。這種等同犯罪的命令,導致了所謂的菲律賓“巴蘭吉加大屠殺”(Balangiga Massacre),其中約有 5 萬人被折磨、殺害和屠殺,最後終於解決了菲律賓遊擊隊的問題。但是首先,他們大多不是遊擊隊,而是平民、老人,婦女和兒童。雅各.史密斯將軍很適合這項行動,因為他就是以殘暴而出名,基本上他蔑視人類,是一個瘋狂的殺手,因為在 1890 年的「傷膝河大屠殺」(Massacre of Wounded Knee)中,他已經成為出名的劊子手和屠殺者,因為 Minneconjou 酋長拉科塔蘇族(Minneconjou-Lakota-Sioux)的許多印第安婦女,兒童和男人遭到了(包含他在內的)美國士兵殘酷的屠殺。1902 年,當這位將軍因此案在軍事法庭前受審,他卻在美國政府的堅持下被無罪釋放,所以他並沒有因成千上萬的謀殺罪被繩之以法。而現在,再次為即將到來 11 月,大部分美國人民,尤其是共和黨人,將豎立並崇拜這樣的頂級廢物和一級精神病患,並奉為美國總統。而當這個羅姆尼(Romney)一旦上台,那麼美國和全世界或許可以再次期待一些事情發生,這真的是難以形容。


  1. To that, it must be said, that this man, Mitt Romney, is only standing up for his own interests, because the concerns of the people and the country are anything but important to him.


  1. In the same vein, many of the former US presidents did in fact act, as I have already once explained to you on a previous occasion and also mentioned certain criminal and felonious acts of which they had made themselves guilty.


  1. And now, regarding the statements contained in this fax, I can only confirm them.


  1. With relation to the outcome of the election, it has to be said that unfortunately too many prejudiced by this man Romney financially mighty as well as simple-minded ones from the people will vote for him.


  1. But before this vote can take place in two months’ time on 6 November, the election campaign will be overshadowed by an ur-worldly and as long as any human beings can remember, unseen hurricane, which will cause enormous damage on the east coast of the USA, the likes of which have never been the case in America before.

但在投票進行之前,於 11 月 6 日的兩個月內,競選活動將受到一個巨大的風暴所籠罩,這在人們的記憶中以前從未出現過,且將造成美國東岸嚴重的傷害,是美國從未發生過的現象。

  1. Unfortunately, due to the storm there will also be almost 60 human lives to mourn.

不幸的是,這個風暴會奪走高達 60 人的生命。

  1. However, this tremendous whirlwind will only be the beginning of further such and even more devastating whirlwinds, which in the future will cause much worse destruction worldwide than those caused by the coming whirlwind at the end of the month of October.


  1. And it is a fact in this regard that the humankind of Earth has to bear the blame for this, namely as a result of the overpopulation that has arisen and is spreading further and further, by means of which enormous and severe destructive effects will be caused on the whole of nature, its cycle and thus also on the climate.


  1. I mention this predictively because this coming serious natural event will interrupt the election campaign activities for a short time, whereby, however, Romney will then, in an imperious and irresponsible manner, immediately after the storm, seize the opportunity to make propaganda for himself again, which corresponds exactly to his psychopathic, imperious, egoistic and irresponsible nature, which should give his followers and voters something to think about.


  1. This, while Obama will exercise his presidential duty and responsibility and take care of the human beings and the catastrophe.


  1. But the result of the election will then nevertheless be that the rational American men and women will once again vote for Barack Obama and thus prevent an election of the heavily psychopathic and also inconstant, as well as devious and dishonest Romney.


  1. If this man were to gain the might, then that whole large part of the American population, which does not belong to the really rich, would be very much to be pitied, because this part of the population would be tormented by Romney.


  1. The middle class would suffer very great disadvantages, and the class of the poor would fall into even deeper poverty, while various firms and corporations as well as the American state itself would be driven to ruin by this psychopathic, might-greedy and human-hostile Romney.


  1. In foreign policy, too, a great deal of harm would be caused, and this, economically as well as through criminal military and secret service actions, and everything would become even worse than it was the case under the two Bush who had might.



Aha, so then this evil can be avoided by the through the rational ones of the USA population. But with the USA the whole thing cannot go on forever the way it was before Barack Obama came, who was to be thanked for the end of the Iraq engagement and the elimination of Osama bin Laden, but also for the huge humanitarian progress for the American people concerning the comprehensive health insurance, which this human-hostile Romney really wants to abolish again. When I consider what you confided to me as early as 1975 on my Great Journey, that the superpower USA could come to an end after 2020 according to your probability calculations, if nothing changes for the better in this state until then and if allies with the USA continue to distance themselves from this state or even become open enemies, then Obama might perhaps be the crucial point that this can still be prevented, couldn’t he?

啊哈,那麼這些可怕的事情是可以經由美國理性的人民避免發生的。但是,與美國(的關係)不可能再永遠像從前歐巴馬時期那樣繼續下去了,他(羅姆尼)應感謝在伊拉克的撤軍以及將賓.拉登(Osama bin Laden)的去除,以及為有關全民健康保險對於美國人民具重大人道意義的進步,這個厭世的羅姆尼確實希望再次取消(歐氏權民健保)。當我在 1975 年那次的偉大之旅」(Great Trip)中,我想你已經向我透漏,根據你的概率計算,超級大國美國 2020 年以後可能會沒落如果這個國家屆時沒有變得更好的話,且如果那些美國的盟友繼續從該國分離出去,甚至成為該國公開的敵人,那麼可能歐巴馬也許是最關鍵的一點,這方面確實仍然可以預防嗎?


  1. That could be the case, but one must also consider what the Obama successors will then continue to do and what domestic and foreign policy they will pursue, because this will also determine what will happen after 2020.

可能會如此,但也要考慮歐巴馬的繼任總統對內與對外所追求的政治目標,因為這也將決定美國在 2020 年後的發展


Back in the year 1975 you mentioned on the one hand in particular the tremendous contradictions in terms of the politics, the economy, the military machinations, the decay of the culture as well as the increasing phenomenon of religions and sects and the serious criminal acts or even felonies of the former presidents of the USA and said that if one would continue to muddle through these things to the same and still increasing extent, then the collapse would be unavoidable. I have taken good notice of all that, and I can really understand if the result is as you have calculated. Furthermore, you also said at that time that China could then moult into the next world and superpower when the USA collapses, but that this would fundamentally require that China would rally strong allies around itself until then, because these were necessary to have sufficient influence as superpower and to be able to exist as such at all. An economic power alone, such as China would be, which would be dependent on the world economy, you explained, would not be enough to be a superpower. But megalomania could lead to catastrophic attempts and worldwide acts of war in order to achieve a superpower position. But if now, in relation to the USA, one only considers the huge national mountain of debt of more than 16 million million dollars, which can no longer be repaid and for which the ongoing interest can only be paid barely or not even any longer amply, then even the least intelligent one must recognise how things stand with the USA. However, US-America is indeed not alone in this, because one only has to think of Germany, France, England, Spain and Italy etc., which are equally all-around mismanaging and have mountains of debt weighing millions of millions.

另一方面,在 1975 年你特別提出美國無論在政治、經濟以及軍事陰謀與文化衰退等方面的重大矛盾,還有日益高漲的宗教、派系和嚴重的犯罪活動,甚至歷任美國總統所牽涉到的嚴重罪行。你說如果他們繼續在這樣日益增強的框架之下得過且過的話,那麼崩潰是無法避免的。我已經盡可能的想方設法通知他們,但如果結果還是如同你所推測的那樣,我真的可以理解。此外,當時你說如果美國崩潰,中國可能會蛻換成為下一個世界超級強國,但是在此之前,基本上,中國需要聯合強大的盟友,直到那時,才能有足夠的影響力成為一個超級大國,並甚至能如此持續下去靠著全球經濟,中國會成為一個經濟大國,但如你所解釋過的,這並不足以成為一個超級大國。然而為了實現一個超級大國的地位,妄尊自大的心態也可能會因魯莽的行動而導致災難甚至擴及世界的戰爭不過如果就美國現在超過 16 兆美元的巨大國債而言,目前被認為是不可能償還,況且其正在累積的利息,只能勉強或甚至是不再向外圍機構支付利息。那麼即使是最愚蠢的人,也必定知道美國所面臨的是何種形勢。而事實上不只是美國如此,另外像德國、法國、英國、西班牙和義大利等,它們也都有類似因全面的經營不善而形成的巨額債務。

[中譯者註:中國崛起是指進入 1970 年代末改革開放以來,中華人民共和國在經濟、政治、軍事及科技等方面實力的迅速增長。由於中國有穩定和龐大的人口,以及快速增長的經濟和軍事支出,因此經被視為是一個潛在的超級大國


天問一號」於 2020 年 7 月 23 日從海南文昌太空發射場發射升空飛往火星,
其著陸器於 2021 年 5 月 15 日在火星烏托邦平原南部預選著陸區著陸,
2021 年 5 月 22 日其上搭載的「祝融號」火星探測車已安全駛離著陸平台,

中國雖然被認為是一個潛在的超級大國,但是仍然在經濟、社會、環境與政治等方面存在許多不利因素有待克服。目前中國在聯合國與世界上的影響力、綜合國力仍與美國有差距。但經濟與科技力方面發展速度頗快,以及許多方面都不斷進步,逐漸已經在各方面領域追趕上歐美各國,因此中國的國際影響力不斷擴展產生中國在 21 世紀中期成為世界第二個超級大國的可能性。中國現在已經成為全球唯一一個擁有 10 億級以上人口數量,人均 GDP 突破 1 萬 1000 美元的國家。(資料來源:維基百科)]

My home country, Switzerland, is also laid out to run up debt, even if only to the tune of more than a hundred thousand million, but that too is enough – and there is no one there to stop the bad actions. But to get back to the USA again: one also has to look at all the all-encompassing US mismanagement and all the other inconsistencies as well as the zeros of US presidents – whereby I however exclude Barack Obama, who among all the major zeros up to now drops out of the traditional role in a variety of things –, then I also see that your probability calculation could be fulfilled. Although there are certain things happening under Obama too that must not be seen as right, whereby I am hereof thinking especially of the issue of the remote-controlled drones for the killing of terrorists and terror suspects. Yet you have explained in this connection that the whole of the corresponding body of thought and action does not originate with him, but with those who practically forced him to give his orders and signatures in accordance with their will and demand. You said that he himself would be practically mightless, even though might is officially attributed to him and it would be held against him that he alone would be able to decide about the deadly drone missions and in this respect would have taken the rudder directly to himself, whereby he was, is and will also be held responsible for the most diverse military and political machinations that did not, e.g. do not, correspond to his ideas. Although he is a very mighty man, he is nevertheless dependent on his advisors as well as on all those who have the might to advise him disingenuously, to influence, to direct and to force him according to their will. These mighty ones are the highest of the military, the department of war and defence, the secret services, but as well as also politicians, consultants, confidants, banks, the stock exchange and the groups of companies dealing with machines, pharmaceuticals and armaments and the government elites and religious-sectarian leaders etc.

而我的家鄉瑞士,也涉入了龐大的債務問題,即使只有超過數千億元,但這樣已經夠了 —— 在那裡卻沒有人下令停止那可怕的交易。但再次回到美國:還是必須考慮整個美國總體的管理不善和其他所有的矛盾,以及歷任美國總統中的失敗者 —— 其中排除歐巴馬,不過,在以前所有絕對失敗者的各類事件中,他屬於傳統角色之外 —— 然後我也看到你的可能性推測將會得到應驗。然而,有些事情也發生在歐巴馬的任內,我認為特別是使用遙控無人駕駛飛機去殺害恐怖份子和恐怖份子嫌疑人的這方面事情上,不能被看作是正確的。然而,關於那些事情你的解釋是:整個思想和行動的相關主要部分,沒有發現是源自於他,而實際是出自那些迫使他按照他們的意圖來下令與背書的人。你說在這方面他本人幾乎無能為力,即使權力被正式授予由他負責,且在致命的無人飛機操作上,也是由他一人決定,並在這方面直接受命於他。也就是說,他在過去、現在乃至將來,都要繼續為大多數的軍事和政治陰謀來負責,但這些都不是出自他的想法。誠然,他是一個非常有權勢的人,但他要依賴他的顧問以及所有那些可以間接遊說、影響、引導乃至於強迫他根據他們意願的掌權者。這些有權勢的人是軍事單位(國防部)和情治單位的最高負責人,此外還有一些政客、顧問、心腹,以及銀行、證券交易所的負責人,機械、製藥裝備企業的老闆,政府機關的精英和宗教教派的領導人等等。

But if I now think about your probability calculations, then it makes me all the more assuming that your calculations can come true, when I consider that you explained at that time that the USA is inflicting more and more and increasingly tremendous damage upon its allies around the world, and that as a result resistance and even hostility against US-America arises. Then I still want to explain, in relation to many predictions that you have made, that many have struck me very often hard, especially because I had to keep silent and was not allowed to give any warnings. Actually, I am quite happy today that you no longer make predictions, because these were always immensely burdening for me, because there was nothing, I could do to prevent the events from becoming reality. Although you have allowed me to make an attempt to contact the US government via L., who was working for the CIA, however the US government via the CIA then made unfulfillable demands, which were unfulfillable according to your will, which is why no positive relationship came about. I then actually received the unfulfillable demands in writing. But this too was indeed predicted by you, consequently, after the fruitless attempt at contact with the US government, I did no longer make any further efforts in this matter and would also not undertake such efforts again. Moreover, you also said yourselves that the attempt that was carried out would be the first and the last and that you would therefore not allow anything further hereof. Therefore, I will abide by that. But regarding predictions: If I am particularly interested in something of the future, will you same as up to now tell me further facts, as long as I do not publish them? And what will happen if the USA collapses?



  1. We will continue to give you information if you want us to or if you think it might be necessary to make a prediction available to the public, whereby it must then be a question on your part and only about something very specific that no longer falls within the old scope of the predictions.

如果你希望得到或你認為可能有必要做一個公開的預測,我們將繼續給你資訊,這完全在於你自己的需要 —— 只有一件事,就是不要再落入舊有的預測模式。

  1. And what you mention in relation to what I said regarding the US President Barack Obama corresponds to the facts.


  1. Serious things are being blamed on him, which are not according to his own decision, but which he simply has to approve perforce, and much of what he wants in terms of positive changes or what he has achieved for the direct welfare benefit of poorer parts of the population is being maliciously negatively attributed to him by envious, might-greedy and rich ones, and evil means are being used to try to abolish again the good that he has achieved.

他將因一些嚴重的事情被指責,那些並非他自己的決定,但只是不可避免的要加以背書,而他會被惡意負面的大肆指責。對於他想要達到的許多目標 —— 以積極改革的形式,直接改善貧困階層的福利 —— 會被那些忌妒者、權力貪婪者和有錢的人,使用一些邪惡的手段,再次將他已經取得的美好成就加以制止而中斷。

  1. However, regarding what would ensue should the USA fall into ruin, this would mean that, under certain circumstances, a dictatorship and naked Gewalt would arise, something which has already been emerging for years.


  1. The people of the USA are being put on an ever shorter leash, financially exploited, and deprived of everything from which they could benefit, something for which the rich and their hangers-on are mainly responsible, as well as those elite in government who only represent their excessive wealth, their greed for money and their absolutely personal interests.


  1. But this corresponds exactly to the opposite of Barack Obama’s ideas, who wants both good and the best for the people, but also for the state itself.


  1. And this political and government elite consists of both Republicans but at the same time also of Democrats.


  1. Valueful reforms for the well-being of the population and the state are not in demand.


  1. Thus, the already deep-rooted poverty among the people continues to spread, while the rich enrich themselves more and more, whereby the social inequality is ever faster gaining ground.


  1. Thus, in the event of a collapse of the USA, only two possibilities can be considered, whereby the one boils down to a dictatorship with evil reprisals and great Gewalt, while the other possibility can be a new rebuilding, if people with a fundamental sense of responsibility reach the government and really do everything possible to bring about an effective and valueful new beginning.


  1. However, whether this will happen is currently highly questionable, because at present everything is in a totalitarian way directed towards economic, military, political and cultural as well as strictly fundamentalist religious-sectarian interests and towards monstrous lies and disingenuous, human-contemptuous, criminal and felonious machinations in every conceivable regard.

但是,這是否會真正發生,在目前看來非常值得懷疑。因為在當前政權的運作方式,一切都指向經濟、軍事、政治和文化的利益,以及在宗教的絕對基本教義派 —— 他們基於天大的謊言,在每一個可以想像的層面進行乖張、厭世的邪惡陰謀。

  1. This also means that the population of the USA is spied on by the secret services and even in a purely neighbourly manner, etc., and that their freedom is restricted in every possible way, and this in addition to the Gewalt, as it shows up openly and covertly in various forms.


  1. Also regarding China I must stick to the statements I have made, just like the fact that the USA are a superpower, which spread death, ruin and destruction as well as hatred and intrigue all over the world, wherethrough the worldwide terrorism is steadily being further promoted, a terrorism which Obama is fighting according to the will of those who have forced him to do so and are now shifting the whole might and responsibility for it onto him alone, among other things with remote-controlled, death-bringing drones.


  1. And as far as the matter with the US government, the CIA and with you is concerned, the following is to be said:


  1. The fact that the attempt to establish contact will fail was due to the imperiousness of the US government and the contacted CIA people to about 92 percent predictable, however, an eight percent possibility remained open that a small success might still occur.

我們正確的預測到有 92% 的可能,會導致進行接觸的失敗,而這都歸咎於傲慢自大的美國政府和中央情報局人員,但是仍然存有 8% 的可能性,有些許成功的機會。

  1. This was especially true because agents parked themselves in the restaurant ‘Brückenwaage’ in Dussnang and kept contact with L. in the Centre.

這就是我們特別委託你到 Dussnang 的“Brückenwaage”飯店與 L. 接觸的原因。

  1. For this reason, there was little hope; and so we assumed, I must confess that, we ourselves also had certain expectations attached to this, when we allowed you to try to establish contact with the government of the USA, because a small success might indeed have resulted.


  1. We therefore allowed you to make an attempt, whereby, unfortunately, everything proved to be illusory.


  1. And it was really nothing more than an attempt.


  1. But we also did not want to simply pass over your insistence, so that you could recognise for yourself that such an undertaking is very difficult.


  1. But the possibility, which was only eight percent open, that something positive could have been achieved, was then nevertheless not crowned with success.



Aha, then you have thereby, in a certain way, also given me a lesson, which, in this regard, was certainly good. Against your advice, however, I then tried to set up a FIGU group in the USA with interested American people, something which then however has also failed, namely four times to date. Unfortunately, it has turned out that most human beings in America do not understand what a democratic attitude actually is and that a FIGU group can and may only persist and exist in a democratic way. All the time, the emphasis was placed on a ruling, directing and dictatorial action, but this was and is absolutely unacceptable, which is why we from the core group had to dissolve the corresponding US-American groupings again. Obviously, it does not seem to be understood that in a FIGU democracy there must be no class differences and that decisions must not be taken and executed by individual exercisers of might in a group, rather solely and only by the majority of the group members. With the democracy there are no class differences at all, because it is solely and exclusively the mass of the majority that decides. In the FIGU Core Group, however, we have advanced another very big step ahead, because in our case the level of democracy is so high that decisions are only valid if an absolute unanimity of all Core Group members is given.

啊哈,因此在某種意義上,你給了我一個教訓,在這方面,當然是好的。但後來我不顧你的忠告,當時在美國努力把這方面有興趣的人民引向籌組 FIGU 組織,但後來也失敗了,而到現在為止已經有四次了。它已經不幸地證明,大多數在美國的人們,不明白什麼是真正的民主態度,而一個 FIGU 組織只能以民主的方式存在。在那裡不斷有支配性、指導性和獨裁性的行為出現,但這是絕對不能被接受的。由於這個原因,我們寧可讓核心小組再次解散對應的美國小組。顯然他們似乎並沒有理解,在 FIGU 組織的民主方式中,不允許有階級差別,並且在小組中,不得由個人的權力作出決議,而僅接受多數成員的意見。在民主制度下沒有階級差別,因為它都是由大多數的成員來共同決定。其實,在 FIGU 的核心小組,我們仍然有一個非常大的進步空間,因為,我們已經提高我們的民主方式,只有在所有的核心小組成員絕對的一致通過,這樣的決議才是唯一有效的。

Apparently, however, in the USA – as sadly also in other states – it is not clear to the human beings what democracy actually means and that only through it, a true community can really exist in peace, freedom, harmony as well as in equality, equal rights and equal value. Of course there are many human beings in the USA as well as in all other countries of Earth who are interested in the ‘teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life’, i.e. the ‘spiritual teaching’, and who would like to have a FIGU group in their own country, but this can effectively only be possible if such a group is handled and led in conformity with the FIGU democracy. I would also wish the same for the United States, even if you are not pleased with the ununderstanding on the part of the majority of the human beings of America, with regard to their understanding of freedom, peace, harmony and democracy. However, the human beings in the USA too are able to learn, and indeed it is a considerable number who are interested in the teaching and who also strive to respect the mission and the teaching, to life-based behave in conformity with the FIGU rules and the creational-natural laws and recommendations and to get an accordingly intended grouping on its feet. This, however, is unfortunately not easy, because many personal and also fellow human beings and governmental authorities difficulties have to be overcome, whereby the personal problems are probably the greatest and most extensive, and this especially with regard to one’s own correct behaviour towards fellow human beings and the acceptance of a comprehensively democratic attitude and leadership of a FIGU grouping.

然而很明顯,在美國 —— 不幸在其他國家也一樣 —— 人們並不清楚什麼是民主,其實就是和一個真正的社會,真的只能存在于和平、自由、和諧、平等,平權和相同價值觀一樣的狀況。當然,在美國和所有其他的國家,有許多人對“真理的教導;生命的教育”,也就是“靈性教導”懷有興趣,並希望在自己的國家也有一個 FIGU 組織,但這樣的組織只有遵照 FIGU 的民主精神來領導和管理,才有可能存在並有效地運作。雖然由於缺乏對你的瞭解,大多數的美國人民表現出對你並不熱衷,但我仍希望他們能夠理解到自由、和平、和諧和民主的真諦。而美國的人民也在學習,確實還是有相當多的人對“教導”感到興趣,並也正在努力重視使命和教導,過著適度的生活,舉止符合 FIGU 的規則和「造物法則」,與我們是站在同一個陣營。但可惜並不容易,因為很多人事和行政上的困難必須克服,而人事的問題最多也最普遍,尤其是在對他們自己同胞的適當行為方面,以及接受一個 FIGU 小組全面的民主態度和領導方面。


  1. Your opinion does you honour, but you have yours and we have ours, whereby ours has so far proved true.


  1. However, we would be happy to be surprised and taught, something that might become feasible, if the human beings in the USA, who are interested in the teaching and mission, will after all be able to free themselves from their wrong views, opinions and behaviours etc., and will be able to integrate themselves with the rules of FIGU.

但是,我們還是高興有如此令人驚訝的成績,並願教育那些對“教導”有興趣美國的人民 —— 或許真正可能 —— 如果能讓他們脫離他們錯誤的觀點、意見和態度等等,並且調適自己可以接受 FIGU 運作的規則。


A small number of persons are really trying hard to form a good FIGU grouping in the USA. So there are really good people over there who are trying very hard. If I thereby just think of Michael Horn, who has already worked so many years for the teaching and the mission, then he and his work cannot be valued highly enough. After all, not all human beings need to act to his indefatigable extent, because even a lesser effort is already very valueful, and such an effort can be accomplished by many in America. Admittedly, these are only a minority, but if these engage themselves, then much can be achieved through them. Even a small number of human beings can achieve much and bring about a change for the better and good in many others, if they make an effort. As the saying goes, constant dripping wears the stone. Looked at in this sense, everything that is loveless, evil, unpeaceful, disharmonious, false and unfree, as well as any Gewalt, imperiousness and addiction to might, any hatred, any revenge and any addiction to retribution can be worn away to the bottom, as can everything that is dictatorial and harming the body and the life.

也有少數人真的正在非常努力,試圖在美國籌組優良的 FIGU 小組,也有非常好的人在全力投入。因此如果我單獨來看 Michael Horn,他已經為教導和使命,工作了這麼多年,他和他的工作不能不被高度評價。事實上,並不是所有的人都需要如此不懈的工作,因為在不多的承諾下,這已經是非常的難得,而這樣的人可以在美國做很多事。然而,這畢竟是少數,但如果他們自己埋頭苦幹,那麼很多事可以通過他們來實現。少數人如果他們不斷努力,也能達到很大的成就,為大眾帶來更好的改變。如何辦到的?古有明訓:滴水可以穿石。考量在這個意義上,一切的無情、邪惡、不安、偏跛,以及任何暴力、嗜權與貪婪,每種仇恨、每項復仇,以及一切危害性命的獨裁政權,都會以同一種方式(滴水穿石),消弭於無形。


  1. There is nothing there with which to argue, because your words correspond to the reality.


  1. But that does not change anything about our stance.


  1. Should something change for the better, for the good and for the right with regard to the human beings and the behaviour of the American persons, then we too will change our opinion.


  1. However, we are very pleased with the already for many years ongoing efforts of Michael Horn, whereby he has achieved unusual accomplishments, the value of which is impossible to estimate.

但是我們很樂見 Michael Horn 連續多年來的努力,他提供了卓越的成果,具有不可估量的價值。

  1. Although we also acknowledge the efforts of all those persons in the USA, who for decades strove for the formation of a FIGU group and also in terms of learning with regard to the spiritual teaching, they have nevertheless unfortunately not achieved what they claimed to want to achieve.

雖然我們也認同所有在美國這幾十年來試圖組成一個 FIGU 小組的人,以及他們在“靈性教導”方面作出的努力,但可惜的是,他們還沒有實現他們聲稱想要達到的目標。


However, something that is not yet the case, can still turn out to be. But it has to be said, and you know this too, that from my part, for several years already no more efforts have been made in the USA with regard to a FIGU group formation. The contact to a still loose group, which, after the dissolution of the Florida FIGU group by the core group, has newly formed and which, at least for the time being, cannot yet be called an official FIGU group, is only kept up by Philia and Christian. Time will tell what will result from this group one day. What arose with the FIGU Japan Landesgruppe is known to you, that the core group also had to dissolve this one too, because the group leadership there also had the audacity to place itself hierarchically and in exercising might over the members. A transitional group is now forming there, which must be officially regulated according to Japanese law. And in this respect, I think that now, for this new FIGU group in Japan, persons have been elected who are of integrity and who get things right – that is to be hoped. Thereby it is also good that we have Kunio Uchida with us, who in certain matters and moments can make telephone contact in his mother tongue for our KG concerns regarding the new Japan group. Mrs. Strasser-Kono is still responsible for the written matters concerning translations in Japanese, whereby Simone and Stephan conduct the correspondence with the people in Japan through her in accordance with the KG decisions.

目前雖還沒有達成目標,但仍然隨時都可能會做出成果。事實上確實必須說,你也知道,對我而言,這幾年來在美國的 FIGU 組織一直沒有進一步的結果。在之前的佛羅里達 FIGU 小組被核心小組解散後,所接觸新成立的組織 —— 僅由 Philia 和 Christian 發起,結構仍然鬆散,至少目前還不能指定為官方的 FIGU 小組。有朝一日,時間會告訴我們這一組織最後的結果。你也知道日本曾出現了 FIGU 的組織,但核心小組不得不解散它,因為該組織的領導階層居然設定自己的權力駕臨其他的成員。過渡性的組織正在形成,它必須按照日本法律作正式的規範。另外,我認為在日本現在這個新的 FIGU 小組將選出一些有誠信且能正確做事的人 —— 或者說我們希望如此。也好在我們有 Kunio Uchida 與我們進行電話聯繫,他可以用日語向日本那邊新成立的小組成員,表達我們核心小組對某些事情在此刻關注的事項。此外 FrauStrasser-Kono 仍在負責日語的書面資料翻譯,也就是說,經由她、Simone 和史蒂芬的翻譯,可以按照核心小組的決議,引領在日本的人們呼應。


  1. All that is known to me, and very well regulated by the members of the Core Group.



The Core Group members thank you for your bouquet of flowers. But now one more question regarding the earlier predictions: Certainly, as in the case concerning the US government, you knew from the very beginning that all the predictions and probability calculations made by you and me would remain unheard and unheeded like a screaming in the desert and would not produce an echo.

核心小組成員感謝你的鼓勵。但是,現在仍然存在先前預測的問題:當然,也包含這些,你知道從一開始 —— 關於美國政府的情況 —— 你們和我都已經提出預測和可能的結果,但還是被他們視若罔聞的忽視,就像在沙漠中的叫喊聲,始終沒有任何回應。


  1. We knew that, that is right, but due to your constant insistence we agreed and made it our duty for decades to carry out fathoming for predictions.


  1. We furthermore thought that we might be mistaken in our calculations of probability and that we could nevertheless have some effect on the human beings of Earth with the predictions and calculations, namely that they would prick up their ears and at least change or even prevent certain serious things.


  1. However, all of our hopes were a grave wrong assumption, to which we had fallen prey, because the majority of the human beings of Earth are so narrow-minded and imperious that they only rely on their own unintellect, on their own irrationality and illogicality, and therefore disregard all warnings and good advice.


  1. In truth, there are only minorities in all countries of the Earth who know how to make profound use of their intellect, their rationality and their logic and who are willing to turn themselves to the reality and its truth and also to learn, to understand and to implement the creational-natural laws and recommendations.



You are once again speaking entirely according to my thinking and with words, as I also formulate them.



  1. Also at my age I can still learn a lot, thus also your so fitting style of explaining, talking, presenting and speaking.


  1. All this is so apposite that I am making it more and more my own, because you are not only a very dear and valueful friend to me, but also a teacher, the likes of which I have not yet met in my lifetime.



… You make me feel embarrassed, my friend. I would rather like you to explain to me in more detail why for quite some time now there have been enormous changes in the Oort cloud, which is located at the outermost edge of the SOL system, as you explained to me during a conversation on my major trip in 1975, when you gave me the opportunity to see the Dark Star. During one of our last conversations you also privately hinted again something concerning the changes taking place in the Oort cloud. You said that due to the dark planet that is spooking around out there, changes are taking place that will affect the whole SOL system. To my knowledge, the earthly scientists suspect something along these lines, that the Dark Star exists out there, but for them everything is still based on pure assumption; to my knowledge, they use the name Nemesis for the dark star they suspect. However, the whole matter has nothing to do with the dark planet, which moves its course on the other side of the Sun, and which cannot be noticed from the Earth and wanders like a ghost through the system, because I think that this one has nothing to do with the dark star Nemesis, does it?

… 你讓我很不好意思,我的好友。我寧願你多為我更詳細解說一些現象:為甚麼一段時間以來,在位於太陽系最外緣的歐特雲(又譯:奧爾特雲)那裡發生了重大的變化,這是在1975年那趟我的「偉大之旅」中,當你讓我去看那個「暗星系」時向我作的解說。在我們最近的談話中,你又再私下提到對於發生在歐特雲中的變化。你說,由於「暗星系」在那裡運行,以致影響到整個太陽系的變化正在發生。據我所知,地球的科學家懷疑有某個「暗星系」沿著這些路線在那裡運行,但對他們來說,一切都是基於純粹的推測。據我所知,他們使用「涅墨西斯」(希臘神話中被人格化的冷酷無情的復仇女神)來命名這個「暗星系」。但整個故事情與這個黑暗星球毫無關係,它沿著它的軌道在太陽的另一邊運行,從地球上發覺不到而對系統造成干擾。我認為這與「暗星系」(「涅墨西斯」)無關,或是有關?


  1. That is right.


  1. The SOL system is a binary star system, whereby the SOL twin is a so-called dark star, as you say.


  1. Its size is about ten times smaller than the SOL itself, whereby this twin also has an own planet orbiting around it, as you have known since 1975.

它的規模大約是太陽系本身的十分之一,而它也有自己的行星在圍繞運轉,這些都是你早在 1975 年就已經知道的。

  1. The radius of the dark star to the SOL comprises more than one light-year, i.e. more than 9.5 million million kilometres, and the orbiting of the SOL mass centre that is to say the SOL’s very own orbit amounts to about 26 million years.

這個「暗星系」到太陽系有超過一光年的距離,也就是超過 9.5 兆公里之遠,而繞行太陽系整個質量的中心一周,也就是說繞太陽系自己的軌道一周,大約要 2 千 6 百萬年。


SOL’s own orbit – what does that mean, I don’t understand this?



  1. The Sun, that is to say, SOL does not stand still in the outer space, but rather it rotates, namely also in its own far-reaching circle around an imaginary midpoint.



Aha, I did not know that. And why haven’t the earthly astronomers discovered the Dark Star yet?



  1. For this purpose, the technical astronomical apparatus and devices that have existed until now are not yet suitable.


  1. But it is only a matter of time until a corresponding discovery is made.


  1. However, the currently given technical facilities are not yet capable of capturing the extremely faint light of the Dark Star with its satellite.


  1. And concerning the changes caused in the Oort cloud by the Dark Star, they are based in the fact that in the innumerable and existent in thousands of millions of smallest, small, large and largest rock, ice and metal fragment formations a tremendous movement takes place and that partly large formations are hurled as meteors out of the Oort cloud into orbits of the inner SOL system.


  1. A major chain of such meteors has already been on its way to the inner SOL system for many decades and has partly also already passed the Earth or exploded high in the Earth’s atmosphere.


  1. This happens because the Dark Star penetrated directly into the sphere of action of the Oort cloud a long time ago and has been causing severe disturbances ever since.



Then maybe new and still unknown comets and meteors can reach from there into the inner solar system and into the range of the Earth, as it is also the case with objects from the asteroid belt? And while I am already on this subject, then I ask myself whether it is also the case with these projectiles from the Oort cloud that some circle around each other in twos and threes, or that some are circled around by small satellites like moons, as is the case with larger asteroids, as I was allowed to observe it in 1975 on my Great Trip out of your large spaceship. But what happened to that very long chain of dark meteorites that was on course to Earth from the Oort cloud, about which you reported to me privately at the beginning of 2001? Are these meteors still on their way to the inner SOL system and to the Earth?

那麼,從那裡或許會有些新形成而未知的彗星和流星進入太陽系和地球的領域,而在小行星帶的星體也確實就是這樣的情況嗎?我正在問我自己,是否這些就是 —— 即使這些小行星是從歐特雲中甩出,而有些形成三三兩兩的盤旋狀態;有些是由小型衛星環繞著(就像大型的小行星一樣) —— 如同我在 1975 年的「偉大之旅」中,從你的太空母船上觀察到那樣的情況。而你曾在 2001 年初私下對我說,從歐特雲中出現很長的"暗流星鏈",已在飛往地球的路徑上,這是怎麼一回事?這些流星仍然在朝向太陽系內部以及往地球而來嗎?


  1. It really was and is a really very long chain of meteors, which was catapulted out of the Oort cloud and which found its way into the inner solar system and thus also to the Earth.


  1. Some of the larger meteors of this very long chain, as I have just explained, have already passed the Earth at close or further distance, smaller ones have crashed or have exploded at high altitude above the Earth, and this over a number of years, because they were and still are so widely spread on their trajectory.


  1. The first meteor exploded towards the end of July in 2001 high above India over the Kerala area, a region you well know.

第一顆流星於 2001 7 月的下旬,在印度喀拉拉邦地區的高空燃燒爆炸,你知道這件事。

  1. Another meteor from the same chain exploded again at high altitude over India, namely in the year 2007, while the next two meteors from the respective chain penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere high above Colombia and New Mexico in the year 2008 and exploded.

接著 2007 年,從相同的流星鏈而來,另一顆流星再次在印度高空燃燒爆炸;而 2008 年,又是從同一流星鏈而來的下兩顆流星,它們穿透地球大氣層並在哥倫比亞和新墨西哥州高空燃燒爆炸

  1. And from this very elongated chain of meteors there are still further ones on their way and on course to SOL and Earth, which, like the already mentioned meteors, were catapulted out of the Oort cloud by the Dark Star, that is to say the dark twin of SOL.


  1. There are also still four forms that were catapulted out of the Oort cloud by the Dark Star, which belong to the category of comets and are also on a course into the inner SOL system.



So then this meteor chain is still very long, and depending on the speed of the objects, it might well still take years and decades until the last of these space satellites come into the further or closer range of the Earth, if I have understood you right. And, besides those from this chain of meteors that have exploded above the Earth, are there perhaps others from the same chain that have passed by the Earth?



  1. That is the case, yes, but I already said that, and it happened several times during the last decades.


  1. And it will also continue to be so, as a result of which quite some things will still arise on the Earth.



Not really pleasant, then there is still a lot to be reckoned with on the Earth, because it is indeed inevitable that such meteors and comets will also penetrate the habitable zone, that is, the ‘green zone’ or so-called ‘Goldilocks zone’ of the solar system, in which indeed the Earth is located. On this point then also right away the question concerning the prophetically announced red meteor: Does this one also originate from the Oort cloud?



  1. That is in fact right, and unless something special arises, that its orbit changes through some unexpectedly emerging factors or that it is altered by the human beings of Earth, then it will come to pass that the prophecies will be fulfilled.



Understood. If a large object, a large comet, meteorite or asteroid crashes onto the Earth, as it did more than 240 million years ago, wherethrough indeed on the one hand the dinosaurs only came into existence and these were then exterminated again about 65 million years ago, then there are of course worldwide catastrophes, through which practically all life is extinguished. But if now a projectile that large falls from the outer space into the ocean, then it is not necessarily leading to a worldwide catastrophe, or is it?

瞭解了。當一個大的星體(大的彗星、隕石或小行星)撞上地球,就像在 2 億 4 千多萬年前曾發生過一次,而因此造成了恐龍首次在地球出現,然後大約在 6 千 5 百萬年前,再次發生類似世界性的災難,的確因此又滅絕了恐龍以及幾乎所有的生命。但如果這麼大的小行星是從太空衝入海中,那就並不一定導致全球性的災難,或者是也會?


  1. In fact, in this case the destruction does not extend over the entire world, but the whole thing is then confined centrally.



How is this to be understood?



  1. This means that when a large comet, meteorite or asteroid crashes into the ocean, as it happened for example millions of years ago in the Gulf of Mexico, etc., then a gigantic tsunami arises, the area of destruction of which encompasses a certain central expanse that extends over thousands of square kilometres.


  1. Everything that is thereby directly destroyed by the actual tsunami, we call central destruction area.


  1. That which is still only indirectly caused as destruction and thus only as a further effect by the tsunami end portions, we designate as off-central.



Aha, understood. You say that millions of years ago a projectile from outer space crashed down in the Gulf of Mexico and a gigantic tsunami arose. What should I think of as gigantic – and was there a crater on the ocean floor?



  1. In fact, a large crater has formed, which was also discovered years ago during investigations for oil drillings.


  1. And as for the giganticness of the tsunami resulting from the crash, our calculations have established that the towering masses of water must have amounted to 4,936 metres in height and must have destroyed thousands of square kilometres of land and killed innumerable living creatures.

至於撞擊所造成的超級海嘯,據我們的計算,如此滔天的海嘯高達 4,936 公尺,它摧毀了數千平方公里範圍內的一切,並消滅了無數的生命。


Really gigantic. But something else: independent life has indeed developed on the Earth, just as however comets and meteors from the outer space have brought life to the Earth. At least that’s what I was taught by your father Sfath, as well as by your daughter Semjase, and also by Quetzal and yourself. This life was of course very tiny, just only in the form of microorganisms. These microorganisms, i.e. microbes, are mostly unicellular living creatures, which can only be made visible by microscopic magnification, due to their tininess in the range of only a few micrometres. To this now the question, whether such microorganisms are still being brought to the Earth from the outer space and indeed by comets and meteors – perhaps also by asteroids? Sfath told me with regard to comets that from these microorganisms only reached the Earth when the comets crashed down to the Earth or when the comets passed by very close to it or when the planet got caught in their tail. Only thereby the microbes could then enter the atmosphere and the geosphere, and if I remember correctly the earthly scientists call such microorganisms from the outer space panspermia, at least that is what I once read somewhere. But there are actually different microbes; it interests me, are you able to say something about them?

真是超級大海嘯啊… 然而在另一方面:生命也的確是從外太空中的彗星和流星上被帶來到地球而獨立進化的。總之,你的父親 Sfath,以及你的女兒 Semjase,還有 Quetzal 和你自己都是如此告訴我。這樣初期的生命確實非常細小,只是微型有機體的形式。這些微型有機體(也就是微生物)大多是單細胞有機體,其尺寸只有幾微米(百萬分之一公尺),只能在顯微鏡放大之下才看得到。到此的問題是:這樣的微生物,是否確實是由彗星、流星或者是小行星,從外太空帶到地球上的?關於彗星,Sfath 告訴我:只有當彗星撞上地球,或者它非常接近地球以及它尾巴掃到地球,微生物才會來到地球。只有這樣,微生物才可以進入大氣層並到達地球表面,如果我沒記錯的話,這種來自外太空的微生物被地球的科學家稱為「胚種論」(panspermia),總之我在某個地方讀到過一次。但也有不同的微生物,我頗感興趣。你能就這方面稍微說一下嗎?


  1. There are, if I want to use the terrestrial-scientific terms, eukaryotic microorganisms, which have a genuine cell nucleus and also DNA; microalgae, microscopically small fungi, protozoa.

還有,如果我使用地球的科學術語,稱為真核微生物(eukaryotic microorganisms)其中有一個真正的細胞核,也有 DNA,也就是微型藻類、微觀小真菌、原蟲。

  1. In addition, there are the prokaryotic microorganisms, that have no genuine cell nucleus; archaebacteria, cyanobacteria and eubacteria.


  1. Then there is however still a third form, which may well have cells, but for which a DNA is not characteristic, and which nevertheless can replicate at several hundred degrees heat.

但另外仍然有三分之一的形式,牠們肯定有細胞,但不具備內在的 DNA,但儘管如此,牠們仍可以在幾百度的高溫下複製。

  1. But I should not say any more about it, because these things are still unknown to the terrestrial scientists.


  1. Moreover, they are not endemic to the Earth, but rather only enter the Earth’s atmosphere and geosphere temporarily via comets and meteors, that is to say, through their disintegration.



Disintegration: what do I need to understand by this? Perhaps a dissolution or some such, as, for example, with a comet’s tail, or by way of an explosion of a comet or meteorite in or above the terrestrial atmosphere? Disintegration indeed actually means as much as ‘splitting’ or exactly ‘dissolving’.

我需要來瞭解「解體」這個是什麼一回事,也許是分解或類似的情況。例如彗星的尾巴,或是彗星或隕石在地球的大氣層中燃燒爆炸?事實上,解體實際意味著 “裂開”,甚至是“融化”。


  1. What you say is right, of course.



So I was dead lucky and did not disgrace myself. I would have been really embarrassed if I had gotten off track with my interpretation. Then again, a question, namely concerning trans fats. Sfath, your father, already taught me at a young age that I should always nourish myself in the right way and should thereby take care to avoid so-called trans fats. The avoidance of such fats would be important in relation to the general health, but also in terms of a balanced behaviour, because trans fats, he explained, would cause aggressive forms of behaviour and constantly increase them, namely to a degree that would be stronger than alcohol. Furthermore, trans-fats, that is to say, trans-fatty acids, would cause pathological changes in the arteries and arteriosclerosis as well as allergies, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer, but also pathological inflammations, etc., and would further advance everything if such things were already present. However, recently people like a certain Brigitte Nussbaum, a Prof. Josef Krieglstein and a Prof. Dr. Susanne Klumpp (deceased in 2009) claim that olive oil would be able to contribute to arteriosclerosis. Studies at the Institute for Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Münster are said to lead to the conclusion that monounsaturated fatty acids are supposed to have adverse health effects. Are you able to say something enlightening about this?

我確實有些走運,而沒有讓自己丟臉。如果我在解釋時語焉不詳,那真是不好意思。好吧,我還有一個關於“反式脂肪”(trans fats)的問題。你的父親 Sfath,在我年輕的時候就已經教會我,應該始終保持攝入適當的營養,為此,我需要避開那些所謂的“反式脂肪”。 避開這些“反式脂肪”對人類的總體健康以及行為平衡方面都是非常重要的,因為所謂的反式脂肪,如他(Sfath)所說,會激發起人類的侵略性舉動,並進一步擴大這些舉動的幅度,事實上,這種影響甚至比酒精更為強烈。反式脂肪,也就是“反式脂肪”(trans fatty acids),還會引起動脈的病理性病變,動脈硬化,以及過敏阿茲海默症(Alzheimer),糖尿病(Diabetes)和癌症,以及引起病理性炎症等等,另外,如果上述這些病症已經存在,那(反式脂肪的攝入)還會進一步促進這些病理的進程。儘管在近期,有人聲稱發現橄欖油能夠導致動脈粥樣硬化(atherosclerosis),例如,一個特定的 Brigitte Nussbaum,由一位名叫Josef Krieglstein教授和一位名叫 Susanne Klumpp 的醫學教授(已於 2009 年去世)。他們透過在明斯特大學藥物和醫藥化學研究所的分析,得出結論:單元不飽和脂肪(monounsaturated fatty acids)對人類的健康而言是有害的。對此,你能做出一些澄清嗎?


  1. What my father taught you is absolutely right, whereas the claim that unsaturated fatty acids are supposed to have harmful effects on health is false.


  1. It is trans fatty acids that are extremely harmful to health and dangerous to the entire organism, especially also because they lead to obesity and also to depression, make ill, as well as very often create diabetes, arteriosclerosis and cancer.


  1. Unfortunately, however, the human beings of Earth are not conscious of this, which is why they conscientiously consume trans fats and thus endanger their health and even their lives.


  1. Trans fatty acids are as bad and damaging to health and endangering life as dioxins, which arise during combustion processes and form very toxic compounds, especially of chlorine and hydrocarbons, which cause serious damage to health and development.


  1. The trans fatty acids are vernacularly simply called trans fats, whereby however the fewest human beings of Earth in the general population are aware that these are extremely damaging to health forms of fat.


  1. It is thereby especially carrying weight that the normal population does not know any details about this, which makes the whole matter particularly dangerous.


  1. It is therefore also for this fact that there is a very great danger, especially for the growing children and young persons, because especially parts of the terrestrial humankind consume the largest amounts of trans fats with food, which often cause irreparable damage to health.


  1. The trans fatty acids – it is of course them – are extremely dangerous, because the body can only break down their transfigured hydrocarbon double bonds with extreme difficulty or not at all.

“反式脂肪酸”,自然是這些物質,(對人體)是非常危險的,因為人類身體只能在極其困難地情況下才能轉變它的雙烴鍵(double hydrocarbon bonds),又或者,根本就無法降解這種物質。

  1. For this reason, the physical-organic health is put under extraordinary strain, whereby also obesity develops and the harmful LDL cholesterol levels rise high and cause arteriosclerosis, i.e. arterial plaque.


  1. This, however, means that thereby the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke increases sharply.


  1. Like no other fat, already small amounts of trans fats are very dangerous, whereby as little as 2.5 grammes per day increase the risk of the aforementioned ailments, health defects and effective illnesses by more than 30 percent, if they are regularly consumed in the mentioned quantities over a period of 4-8 years.

一句話,還沒有哪一種脂肪可以像“反式脂肪”那樣,即便是很小的量也會造成很大的威脅,換言之:在 4 至 8 年時間裡,平均每天以 2.5 克的量攝入“反式脂肪”,則上述那些對人類健康存在嚴重危害的痛苦和疾病發生的風險概率,將提升 30%。

  1. Therefore, if trans fats are consumed daily, this will over time inevitably lead to grave health problems, and this especially if the human being is genetically predisposed to early arteriosclerosis.


  1. Already for decades the human beings of Earth have been consuming excessive amounts of trans fats, in particular through fast food products, through many ready-made products, biscuits, bakery products, croissants, chicken nuggets, cakes, French fries, croquettes, various chips and burgers, popcorn, various curd products as well as through other fat-containing products, i.e. fatty foods.


  1. Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable fat contains trans fats.



What fats and oils are available on the Earth that should be used specifically?



  1. Fundamentally and primarily, only high-quality vegetable oils that are rich in mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids should be used.


  1. Very good among these are olive oil, rapeseed oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, corn germ oil, almond oil, sesame oil, walnut oil, hazelnut oil, evening primrose oil, borage oil, wheat germ oil and peanut oil, because these oils reduce to a large extent the negative influence of trans fatty acids in many prepared foods, that is to say, meals.

橄欖油,菜籽油,紅花油,葵花籽油,玉米油,杏仁油,芝麻油,核桃油,榛子油(hazelnut oil),月見草油(evening primrose oil),琉璃苣油(borage oil),小麥胚芽油和花生油,都非常好,因為這些油脂在很大程度上減少了許多預製食品(也就是人類膳食)中“反式脂肪”所帶來的負面影響。

  1. When preparing foods and meals, very strict attention should be paid to ensuring that they contain as much as possible only healthy fats and oils with mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


  1. Particularly important in this respect are, for example, omega-3 fatty acids, which can especially be found in fish oils from salmon, trout, herring, tuna and mackerel, although they can also be found in krill oil as well as in the oils of various olives, in rapeseed, in nuts, in the hemp and in linseed, etc.


  1. But it is in that regard important that all these oils be cold-pressed, otherwise they will become as good as worthless in terms of the mono- or polyunsaturatedness of the fatty acids.


  1. As regards the omega-3 fatty acids, the factors EPA and DHA are also of major importance because, in the context of a balanced diet, they make a significant contribution in relation to a good health, whereby these substances also exert a valueful influence on the blood regulation.

“ω-3(型)脂肪酸”中的 EPA 和 DHA 因數,同樣具有重要的價值,因為在飲食均衡的情況下,這些因數能夠為身體健康做出重大貢獻,也就是說,這些物質對血液的調節極具影響價值。

  1. In addition, DHA is a very important component for the function of the photoreceptor cells as well as for the impulse-conducting membranes of the brain, for the concentration, the memory, the ability to learn and the support of mental performance.


  1. Omega-3 fatty acids are also important for the healing of inflammatory processes, which not rarely trigger chronic diseases and thus cause long-term suffering.


  1. Omega-3 fatty acids must be taken in with food because the human organism cannot produce them itself.



And what about the much-vaunted margarine and the linoleic acid?

那它(“ω-3(型)脂肪酸”)與已經大獲好評的“人造黃油”和“亞油酸”(linoleic acid)相比呢?


  1. For a long time, margarine was not harmless on the Earth, but this has changed for the better over the last two decades, with the result that at the present time, only a few trans fats are still contained in normal margarine.


  1. Nevertheless, however, a dietetic margarine should rather be used because it contains as a rule many good fats.


  1. Conjugated linoleic acids are only found in milk, dairy products and meat from ruminants.

共軛亞油酸(Conjugated linoleic acids)僅存在於牛奶,乳製品和反芻類動物的肉質中。

  1. They have the characteristic of lowering the cholesterol level and preventing arteriosclerosis, whereby they also strengthen the immune system and furthermore support the build-up of muscle tissue and the formation of bones.


  1. Because of their many valueful constituent parts, milk and dairy products belong in the healthy diet, whereby, however, for those human beings who suffer from an intolerance to milk and dairy products, special considerations apply, which are to be followed.


Note Billy = Worked out according to explanations from a specialised journal. Attention: Ptaah’s explanation only applies to human beings who are not suffering from a lactose intolerance or an allergy to milk, that is to say, an allergy to cow’s milk proteins.

Billy 的注釋:根據特別出版物的相關解釋。這裡需要提醒閱讀者注意的是:Ptaah 的解釋(認為牛奶是健康食材的看法)僅適用於那些未患乳糖不耐症(lactose intolerance)和不對牛奶過敏的人士,也就是對牛奶/蛋白質不會產生過敏反應的人士。

Lactose intolerance is not harmless and must be taken seriously. The lactose intolerance is an adverse reaction to lactose, whereby this reaction occurs if the small intestine produces too little of the digestive enzyme lactase. Fortunately, also not every human being who suffers from lactose intolerance suffers to the same extent from this intolerability to milk sugar. However, for human beings who do suffer from lactose intolerance, there are by all means possibilities for them to have a balanced diet without having to give up milk and dairy products, and therefore lactose intolerance does not mean that one must actually do without and entirely without milk.


Milk contains milk sugar, namely lactose, whereby it is given for about 20% of the European population that they are lactose intolerant and milk sugar is difficult for them to digest. If these human beings nevertheless enjoy milk, typical symptoms of lactose intolerance occur, which manifest themselves through various ailments, such as abdominal pain, flatulence or diarrhoea, etc., whereby, however, severe health impairing suffering can also be caused. Of course, the tolerance limit when drinking milk can vary greatly from one human being to another, as is the case in relation to the digestive ailments.

牛奶中含有牛奶糖,也就是乳糖,歐洲人口的大約 20% 是乳糖不耐症患者(程度有深有淺),對這些人來說乳糖是難以消化的。但是,儘管如此,這些人還是會享用牛奶,由此,各種乳糖不耐症的典型症狀開始在這些人中通過各種痛苦顯現出來,例如腹痛,腹脹或腹瀉等,實際上,也可能造成更為嚴重的對健康有害的疾病。當然,人們對飲用牛奶的忍受程度因人而異,這也和個人消化方面(的能力)有關。。

For the sake of understanding, it must be said that a lactose intolerance, that is to say, milk sugar intolerability, has nothing to do with a milk allergy, which is actually of a different nature and is based on an allergy to cow’s milk protein. Consequently, attention must be paid to ensure that these two different factors are not confused. A milk allergy is founded on a reaction of the immune system, which reacts negatively to certain parts of the protein in cow’s milk.


Of course, there are also milk-based foods that are free of lactose, such as the following varieties of cheese: Emmental, Gruyère and Sbrinz. On the Internet and in nutritional publications, a large number of foods that are lactose free can be found.

當然,(現實中)也有不含乳糖的乳製品,如下面幾種乳酪:Emmentaler,Gruyère 和 Sbrinz。(人們)可以在互聯網和營養期刊上找到大量不含乳糖的食物。

Milk and milk products contain very valueful nutrients and belong, for the majority of human beings, to the most important basic foods. However, those affected by lactose intolerance do not need to amply do without these nutrient suppliers, because they can still resort to milk and dairy products, if they observe their personal tolerance level, whether they contain little or no lactose.



How can one tell, for example, when buying food, whether a product contains many trans fatty acids?



  1. If a product contains a lot of fat and has a long shelf life, this is as a rule a sign that many trans fatty acids are contained in it.



The HDL cholesterol is thus good and protects the arteries from the harmful LDL cholesterol. This LDL cholesterol is therefore increasingly depositing itself in the blood vessels and so leads to calcification of the arteries, that is to say, arteriosclerosis. And if this one is fostered at an early stage, then the risk of heart attack and stroke increases with it.



  1. It can also greatly impair the health of pregnant women, lead to miscarriages and stillbirths as well as damages to the baby’s health.


  1. Fundamentally, however, it is particularly all those human beings who are prone to arteriosclerosis who are at risk; furthermore however also human beings who have a high risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and allergies, etc.



You also mentioned the children.



  1. Right, because in their case there is a particularly great danger for them to, due to a wrong diet, namely especially because of partially or fully saturated fatty acids, fall prey to obesity and also get impaired in terms of consciousness-based concentration.


  1. They become overweight and also have problems with the consciousness-based concentration.


  1. One example:


  1. 5 to 6-year-old child should not ingest more than 1.5 grammes of trans fatty acids daily.

一個年齡在 5 至 6 歲的孩子,其每天攝入“反式脂肪酸”的量不應超過 1.5 克。

  1. But if this child eats a piece of bread with a little margarine for breakfast and a quark turnover in the morning, then fries at lunchtime and consumes after that a donut (doughnut), and eats half a box of chocolate biscuits in the afternoon and ready-made vanilla pudding in the evening, then he or she is already taking in the insane amount of 6.5 grammes of trans fatty acids.

但是,如果這個孩子在早餐時吃了一片麵包和一些人造黃油,並在午餐前吃了一塊兒凝乳乳酪,在午餐時吃了一包薯片和一個甜甜圈,在下午吃了半包巧克力餅乾,並在傍晚吃了加工的香草布丁,那麼他/她已經攝入了驚人的 6.5 克“反式脂肪酸”。


What is actually meant by partially or fully hydrogenated fats, that is to say, trans fats?



  1. The fats are artificially put into the state of so-called solidification.


  1. Putting it in other words, this means that fats are artificially cured, whereby the fats are obtained through a chemical intervention from vegetable and fish oil.


  1. Fundamentally, the fatty acids that occur in the food can in accordance with their chemical structure be divided into the two groups saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.


  1. The chemically treated and therefore saturated fatty acids can be classified into short, medium and long chains, while the unsaturated fatty acids are referred to as mono- or polyunsaturated ones.



And why are they cured? I do not understand, when in fact the cured trans-fats are so harmful to health.



  1. The matter is quite simply that because of the so-called solidification of fats, the corresponding foods have a much longer shelf life and do not become rancid.


  1. Moreover, trans fatty acids are cheap, which is of great profitable benefit to the manufacturer.


  1. However, for the human beings who eat these trans fats, the entire matter is very bad, because of all the fats, these are the ones that cause the most damage to the health of human beings.


  1. But there are also trans fatty acids in nature, as e.g. in ruminants, as e.g. in the fat of cattle, in which the trans fatty acids are formed by bacteria in the rumen. Furthermore, calves as well as sheep and goats etc. are from a biochemical perspective natural producers of trans fatty acids, whereby these trans fatty acids are of a completely different nature and are absolutely harmless to health.



However Sfath, your father, said that both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids from plants and animals were necessary for the nutrition of the human being. Thus, both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids are through all ways present in our food. Thereby he also talked about the butter and lactic acid, which would be very valueful, as long as the human being would be able to produce the necessary enzymes for these foods.

但你的父親 Sfath 曾說過,對人類的營養而言,來自植物和動物的飽和脂肪酸和不飽和脂肪酸都是必需的。(而且現實中)飽和的和不飽和的脂肪酸也遍佈在人們的食物之中。(此外)他還談到了黃油和乳酸,如果人類掌握到生產這些食物所必要的酶(的話),這些也都是非常有價值的。


  1. That is correct, but with high-fat foods and their consumption, a healthy amount is always a prerequisite.


  1. Admittedly, both saturated and unsaturated vegetable and animal fatty acids have their justification in a healthy diet.


  1. In animal products, the milk fat is unique, because it features an unusually rich spectrum of very valueful fatty acids, which is why its composition is ideal for the human being, whereby, however, the tolerability must be taken into account, because with certain human beings the necessary corresponding enzyme production is missing, which makes milk and milk products digestible for them.


  1. If this enzyme production is deficient, then milk and dairy products are not recommendable and, under certain circumstances, very harmful to health.



And which fats can actually be labelled as healthier, are they vegetable or animal ones?



  1. Vegetable fats are the most valueful, because they contain more unsaturated fatty acids, while animal fats show more saturated ones.


  1. The origin of the fats is therefore the decisive factor, whereby however, all dietary fats contain saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.


  1. The most valueful fats are the natural ones contained in butter and in cold-pressed vegetable oils such as in rapeseed and nuts.



It is often claimed that milk and dairy products in general would be harmful, therefore also the lactic acids.



  1. For many human beings – children and adults – milk and dairy products are more or less harmful to health, but this cannot be generalised.


  1. The harmfulness only applies to human beings whose enzyme production is more or less deficient or even completely absent with regard to the digestibility of milk and dairy products.



We have already been talking about the fact that milk and dairy products, especially from cows, are harmful, but you have not provided any further explanation about this. There was also a conversation with Quetzal about this once. So things look a bit different if the enzyme production that is necessary for the digestion is missing or lacking.

我們之前曾有一次談到過牛奶和乳製品是有害的,實際上,特別是源自奶牛的奶,但對此你並沒有給出進一步的解釋。Quetzal 和我之前也曾就這個話題談過一次。所以,整件事的關鍵還在於個體對那種(必要的)消化酶的生產能力,缺少或是完全沒有。


  1. Yes, we have talked about that, but it was already quite some time ago.


  1. In fact, however, the production of enzymes in relation to the tolerability of milk and dairy products was at that occasion not addressed.


(See 216th contact conversation of 16 March 1987, sentence 127; 217th contact conversation of 8 May 1987, from sentence 30; 301st contact conversation of 24 April 2001, from sentence 60; 326th contact conversation of 15 April 2002, from sentence 56; 447th contact conversation of 20 April 2007, from sentence 38).

(詳見:1987 年 3 月 16 日《第 216 次接觸報告》中第 127 句;1987 年 5 月 8 日《第 217 次接觸報告》中第 30 句;2001 年 4 月 24 日《第 301 次接觸報告》中第 60 句;2002 年 4 月 15 日《第 326 次接觸報告》中第 56 句;2007 年 4 月 20 日《第 447 次接觸報告》中第 38 句。)


That only vegetable fats would be healthy, as these in particular contain many unsaturated fatty acids, is therefore not entirely true.



  1. That is really not true.


  1. So, for example, coconut and palm fats, despite being of vegetable origin, contain the most saturated fatty acids of all dietary fats.


  1. Vegetable fats can therefore not simply be considered healthy, because among them there are also various saturated fats.



But the milk fat contains many healthy fatty acids, hence it is healthy. What are all the places where it is present?



  1. Especially the milk fat that is found in milk and butter, as well as in cheese and other dairy products, is a very special fat, because in its composition it neither resembles vegetable oils nor animal fats.


  1. Altogether, milk fat contains practically all saturated, unsaturated, short-, medium- and long-chain fatty acids.


  1. In total, they are more than 400 different types of fatty acids, something that no other food can show.

總的來說,有超過 400 種不同的脂肪酸,以不同於其它食物的形式存在其中(牛奶脂肪中)。

  1. With this rich variety of fatty acids, milk fat is ideally tailored to human needs.


  1. Some fatty acids show particularly positive effects with regard to the health.


  1. Thus, for example, the short-chain butyric acid, which occurs almost exclusively in milk fat, has a major cancer-inhibiting effect, whereby particularly the risk of colon and breast cancer is reduced.


  1. Milk fat also presents no risk of cholesterol, on the contrary it lowers the risk of heart attacks.


  1. The effects of saturated fatty acids from milk fat on cholesterol levels vary greatly, whereby, however, viewed as a whole, they do not cause an increase in cholesterol levels.





喝牛奶可能會導致癌症? 喝牛奶反而會骨質疏鬆? 營養專家提醒,只要了解成分、正確飲用,喝牛奶還是可以好健康!



Thank you for your important explanations. That should actually be enough and clarify everything. But what I am now really interested in: With your help, I was indeed able to twice see a Yeti in the Himalayan region, which were around 3 metres tall and were most distant descendants of tall great apes, whose most distant ancestors largely died out 60-75 million years ago as a result of the effects of the Tobo Super Volcano eruption in Sumatra, I was told. I do no longer know the designation for these giant apes, which you however can certainly tell me again; but what interests me is whether the legendary Bigfoot in America, the Sasquatch in Canada and the similar creatures spotted in the south of the USA are also most distant descendants of the giant great apes?



  1. This is indeed the case, because both in northern India, Pakistan, Tibet and in the north and south of the USA small populations of the hominid Gigantopithecus giganteus, as they are called in earthly paleontology, survived.

這就是事實真相,因為原始的 Gigantopithecus giganteus(一種地球古生物學稱謂)中的一小部分,(在災難中倖存了下來…)分佈在印度北部、巴基斯坦,西藏以及美國的北方和南方地域。

  1. During the time between 7 and 9 million years ago, natural disasters occurred, through which once again a decimation of these human-like ape creatures took place, just as it however also did about 100,000 years ago.


  1. Then, a mere 75,000 years ago, the supervolcano Tobo erupted in Sumatra and created a worldwide climate catastrophe and radical climate change, through which over the course of more than 10 years many species of life forms died out.


  1. The genus Gigantopithecus giganteus was decimated too, yet smaller populations of the actual giant apes survived in various places, as did however also some few subspecies.

Gigantopithecus giganteus 的種群同樣遭遇滅頂之災,至此,只有一小部分遠古巨猿以及極少數的亞種,在不同地域裡倖存了下來。

  1. And from these few populations, some extremely small and very isolated groups have persisted to the present day, which live in the areas you mentioned.


  1. To these human-like and upright ape creatures, which still exist today in really only the very smallest isolated groups, belong the so-called Yeti, Bigfoot and Sasquatch.


[中譯者註:大腳怪(Bigfoot、Sasquatch),又稱大腳北美野人,是一種未知的靈長類生物,出現在北美洲民俗學中,牠們棲息在偏遠的叢林中,範圍主要是在美國太平洋西北地區與加拿大不列顛哥倫比亞等地區。自 1967 年起統計至 2017 年,正式目擊事件就有二十幾次。



2012 年 11 月 30 日,美國 DNA 診斷公司(DNA Diagnostics)發布新聞稿,指經一組科學家為期5年,對聲稱是傳聞中的大腳怪皮毛進行 DNA 測序研究,結果證實傳說中的大腳怪是人類的近親,在大約 1.5 萬年前出現。(文字資料來源:維基百科)]


Thank you, then this is also for once clearly told. And as I have been able to see such creatures twice with your help, I can also say that these extraordinarily hairy creatures look really human being- and ape-like and have nothing to do with big bears, as the Austrian mountaineer Reinhold Messner claims loudmouthedly to the contrary.

謝謝你。這一次同樣說得同樣很清晰。並且,(在你的幫助下)我親眼目擊過兩次這樣的生物(雪人),我可以很明確地說,這些生物全身都毛茸茸的,看起來真的很像人或是猿猴,但絕對與大熊無關,這與奧地利登山運動員 Reinhold Messner 所叫嚷的完全不同。


  1. That man is very full of himself, gives himself airs, and believes himself to be bigger and more important than he really is.



Boom. – But look here, I have copied this from the 543rd contact conversation of 4 August 2012:

轟的一聲。[資訊注釋:Billy 的意思是這個人不可靠。]但看這裡,我已經將這些從 2012 年 8 月 4 日的《第 543 次接觸報告》中複製出來了:


… But what can actually be said about the fructose, which is so much praised in terms of being so good for losing body weight? Regarding my body weight, it is as you have predicted, that it does indeed not continue to decrease, but always hovers around 80 kilogrammes, even though I consume food on a back burner. Should I perhaps pay attention that when I eat sweet dishes, I only take those that contain fructose, instead of white granulated sugar. Would that eventually reduce my weight somewhat further?

實際上,關於水果糖(果糖)目前有一些說法,它被認為對減輕體重是有幫助的,是這樣嗎?關於我的體重,正如你之前所預料的那樣,它不會持續減少,但總是在大約 80 公斤上下波動,雖然我已經吃得很少。(所以)我應該讓自己只吃那些含有水果糖的甜食,而不是那種顆粒狀的白糖(蔗糖)嗎?那樣有可能會最終減輕我的體重嗎,哪怕是很輕微的?


  1. You are misinformed.


  1. Fructose is not suitable for losing body weight, because it causes an even faster and more extensive weight gain than refined white sugar.


  1. The claim that fructose would have less influence on an increase in relation to body weight corresponds to an irrationality.



I see. That is unpleasant. Hence a lot of nonsense is being told in this context. …


Regarding that I have still one question, because you mentioned later after this conversation also that there would be still more to mention regarding the harmfulness of the fructose as well as of the other forms of sugar. Can you please one more time tell something about this.



  1. Of course.


  1. Fructose not only promotes weight gain up to obesity, but also high blood pressure, heart disease and even cancer, as well as diabetes.


  1. In this regard, it has to be said that the insulin is responsible for it, because it stimulates the cells to absorb a lot of sugar, wherethrough then various cancer sufferings are triggered.


  1. However, this also means that types of sugar other than fructose are in the same way harmful, whereby however, this occurs especially when the consumption of sugar is pathological, such as with regard to the consumption of sweets and overly sugary drinks, which as a rule leads to physical adiposity, as well as to the becoming fatty of the liver, as a result of which it can then no longer work fully effectively.


  1. Fundamentally, however, it is also the case that, due to the fructose and all other types of sugar, when too much of it is consumed, molecular restructuring takes place in the brain.


  1. However, this is on the one hand dependent on the type and quantity of the sugar, but on the other hand also on the metabolism etc. of the human being.



I have understood that; but that thingy, the physical adiposity, or whatever you said, that I do not understand – what is that? I have never heard the word before, but it still seems familiar to me, perhaps from Latin?



  1. Adiposity is the Latin medical term for obesity.



Aha, got it. Thanks for the instruction.



  1. It got late, so I have to leave again.



Yes, it is really late.



  1. Then I want to say goodbye until mid or end of November or until December.

那麼我想說,直到 11 月中旬或年底或 12 月再見了。

  1. Farewell and see you again, dear friend.



Farewell too, Ptaah, my friend, and till another time again.






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