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This is brief text about the course of the life of ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier.
这是一篇有关(介绍)’Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier生活历程的简要文本。

Further brief extracts can be found on the Eduard Albert Meier page.
更多简要(介绍)摘录,可以在【Eduard Albert Meier】主页找到。

Biography is an account of someone’s life written by someone else.

Lengthier biographies are available on the Downloads page under ebooks and ‘relevant books by other authors’ section.
更长篇的(人物)传记,可以在…‘ebooks/电子书’和‘relevant books by other authors/由其他作者撰写的相关书籍’版块儿下方的…【下载页面】找到。

Bibliography is a list of the books of a specific author.

It can be found under the Short Bibliography, Books, Booklets, Contact Reports, FIGU Bulletins, FIGU Special Bulletins, FIGU Open Letters, Letters from Billy, official FIGU websites and Downloads sections, and several other places.
它可以在【Short Bibliography/短书目】【Books/书籍】【Booklets/小册子】「Contact Reports/接触报告」「FIGU Bulletins/FIGU公告」「FIGU Special Bulletins/FIGU特别公告」「FIGU Open Letters/FIGU公开信」【Letters from Billy/Billy来信】【FIGU官方网站】【下载版块】的…下方,以及其它几个地方找到。

Autobiography is an account of a person’s life written by that person. Several of Billy’s books are autobiographical but most have not been translated from German, see

A Short Biography of Billy Meier
Billy Meier的简短(人物)传记

‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
这是Billy Meier的一张照片,该照片在Wendelle Stevens所著的一本书中展示,该书书名为「Message from the Pleiades/来自Pleiades的讯息」。
Eduard(当时)留着胡须;对「Ancient Greeks/古希腊人」来说,胡须象征着他的成熟。

“Billy" Eduard Albert Meier was born on 3 February, 1937 in Bülach, Switzerland.
‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier于1937年02月03日…出生在瑞士的比拉赫(镇)。

He was the second of seven children.

His father was a shoemaker.

Eduard Meier had his first “UFO" sighting – a very big silvery “disc" – on 2 June, 1942, together with his father.
1942年06月02日,Eduard Meier与他的父亲一起…第一次目击了「UFO/不明飞行物」,一个非常巨大的银色“碟盘”。

In the fall of 1942 he received his first telepathic contact by an extraterrestrial – a very strange experience for the young child.

On November of the same year young Eduard had his first ride in a extraterrestrial spacecraft, together with a very old man, Sfath.

He taught Eduard vast spiritual and material knowledge.

Starting 3 February, 1953, Asket. an extraterrestrial woman from the DAL Universe, took over from Sfath.
从1953年02月03日起,【Asket】,一名来自「DAL Universe/DAL宇宙」的外星女性,接替Sfath(继续对Billy的教导)。

For 11 years, under her guidance, Eduard made many long trips through Europe and Asia, in order to learn and study many abilities and professions, and to prepare himself for his future mission of being a prophet, mediator and teacher.

By way of time travel they visited the past and even met and spoke with Jmmanuel, who lived two thousand years ago.
通过“time travel/时间旅行”,他们(即:Billy和Asket)回到了过去,甚至见到了「Jmmanuel/以马内利」(本人)并与之交谈,后者(即:「Jmmanuel/以马内利」)生活在(距今)2千年前。

For another 11 years Eduard had to find his way without personal guidance from extraterrestrials.

On 3 August, 1965, in Iskenderun, Turkey, Eduard Meier lost his left arm in a car accident.
1965年08月03日,在土耳其的伊斯肯德伦,Eduard Meier在一场车祸中失去了他的左臂。

On 25 December, 1965, Eduard Meier met K.M. in Saloniki, Greece.
1965年12月25日,Eduard Meier在希腊的塞萨洛尼基…遇到了K.M.(即:Kalliope Meier,Billy的前妻)。

Two months later they married.

They traveled and lived in Turkey, Pakistan and India, to name but a few.

On 9 September, 1967, their daughter Gilgamesha was born in Quetta.

Later, after returning to Switzerland, two sons were born: Atlantis-Sokrates (9 August, 1970) and Methusalem (31 October, 1973).

28 January, 1975 was the official start of Billy’s mission, when he first met Semjase, a woman from the Pleiades/Plejares.

Between January 1975 and summer 1996 Billy Meier had – besides a lot of unofficial – about 250 official (= with information for the public) contacts with Extraterrestrials Semjase, Ptaah, Quetzal, Asket, Nera, Taljda, Menara, Pleija, Florena and others.
在1975年01月至1996年夏季期间,除了大量非正式的接触以外,Billy Meier与外星人Semjase、【Ptaah】【Quetzal】、Asket、【Nera】【Taljda】【Menara】【Pleija】【Florena】【其他人】…一共进行了大约250次正式/官方的接触(即:有公开信息的接触)。

Most of those talks were written down and published in the Contact Notes (German only).
绝大多数(接触期间)的谈话都被记录下来并发布在「Contact Notes/接触笔记」中(仅德文版)。

  • Where did Billy get his nickname?
  • Billy是在哪里得到他的这个绰号的?

On one of his long trips through the Orient, in Teheran, Iran, he got the nickname “Billy" from an American woman named Judy Reed.
在他穿越东方的一次长途旅行中,在伊朗的德黑兰,他从一位名叫Judy Reed的美国女性那里…得到了这个昵称"Billy"。

Eduard Meier, wearing a black hat and a gun belt, reminded her of “Billy the Kid", the “legendary gunman of the Wild West."
(当时…)头戴一顶黑帽,腰挎一副枪带的Eduard Meier…让Judy Reed联想到了“legendary gunman of the Wild West/狂野西部的传奇枪手”中的(角色:)“Billy the Kid/Billy小子”。

  • Clarification of a Defamatory Claim:
  • 针对诽谤性声称的澄清:

According to defamations by antagonists, “Billy" Eduard Albert Meier is allegedly claiming to be a direct reincarnation of Jesus Christ.
根据反对者的诽谤,"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier据称自己是“Jesus Christ/耶稣‧基督”的直接转世。

This defamation is nothing more than a primitive lie and despicable imputation!

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