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报告作者:Rahl Zahi
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1. Analysis by Rahl Zahi
1. Rahl Zahi的分析



1.1 Commentary by Michael Horn
1.1 Michael Horn的评论:

The new photo analysis of the WCUFO, by an expert using state-of-the-art technology, conclusively demonstrates that Billy Meier indeed photographed a large flying object, of unknown origin, 63 times.
新版WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)照片分析(报告),是由一位专家使用最先进的技术完成的,最终证明Billy Meier确实曾拍摄到一个来自未知领域的大型飞行物体,达63次之多。

A video that Meier took of the WCUFO can be found on our homepage.
可以在我们的【主页】上找到一段(由)Meier拍摄的WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)视频。

About the author of the report, Rhal Zahi: University Professor, systems and civil engineer, project manager and business consultant for multinational companies.
关于该篇报告的作者,Rhal Zahi,是一位「University Professor/大学教授」,系统和土木工程师,跨国公司的项目经理和商务顾问。

Expertise in image processing, web animation and computer modeling.

There are two videos with further exploration of the WCUFO by Rhal Zahl here and here.
【这里】-1)和【这里】-2)有(另外)两段Rhal Zahl进一步探知该WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)的视频。

Michael Horn

1.2 Commentary by James Deardorff
1.2 James Deardorff的评论:

For the photo #800 analysis, it’s all about how far the WCUFO was from the carriage house (CH) wall, judging from the width of the CH’s image in the reflected spheres relative to the diameter of the spheres.
针对800#案例照片的分析,主要涉及通过判断在反射球面(所显现的)车马房(CH)(图像)相较于球体直径的宽度,从而计算出WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)距离车马房(CH)墙壁的距离有多远。

For this, Zahi needed a good plan view of precisely where the CH was located with respect to the main residence, which is the building that shows up in the background of photos #800 & 799, which he also analyzed.

(So he got that from Google Earth, which didn’t yet have a good view of the property when I had done my analysis some 10 years ago.)
(于是,他借助「Google Earth/谷歌地球」得到了这些建筑的平面示图,但在大约10年前,当我进行我的分析时,还没有这么好的俯瞰中心建筑的视角。)

He used a computer program (called Blender), which accurately places reflected images of surroundings in any mirrors that you designate, even curved and spherical mirrors.

So, having the layout of Meier’s property and a nice computer model of the WCUFO with its reflecting spheres in proper positions, he could examine the width of the image of the CH in the spheres relative to the diameter of the sphere.
因此,借助Meier房屋的布局图以及一个逼真的WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)计算机模型,使其反射球面处在一个适当位置上,Zahi就可以检测出车马房(CH)在球面中的图像相对于球体直径的宽度。

Only when he had the model WCUFO be the proper distance from the CH did the reflected image of the CH on the modeled spheres have the same width as in photo #800.
只有当他将WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)模型放置在距离车马房(CH)合适的位置上时,模拟球面上的车马房(CH)反射图像才能与800#案例照片中的车马房(CH)反射图像具有相同的宽度。

This distance was some 20 ft. away.

But he checked this against the reflection from a model sphere (small reflecting sphere; call it a marble) within a physical model of Billy’s property, and took photos of that, when the marble was at various locations away from the cardboard-model CH.

Only when the marble was the proper distance away did its reflected image of the CH have the proper relative width on the marble sphere.

When this distance was scaled up from the model to the real Google Earth dimensions of Billy’s property, it corresponded to the WCUFO being some 23 feet away.
当这个距离(值)从模型扩展到真实的「Google Earth/谷歌地球」视角下的Billy住宅时,其所对应的WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)距离车马房(CH)的距离大约有23英尺远。

Each figure has a plus-or-minus error figure, within which they show agreement that it was this general distance away from the CH — 20 ft – 23 ft or so, 6 or 7 meters or so.
每一个值都有一个正负误差,在这个误差范围内,这些数值在WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)距离车马房(CH)的平均距离上达成一致,即介于20英尺至23英尺之间,或者6或7米。

But then also, Zahi had to know that the camera & Meier were situated right close to the CH, not 20 feet or so away towards the main residence, using a model.

He showed this in four different ways.

One way was to show that if Meier & model had been out in the middle of the parking area (courtyard) somewhere, then the main residence in the background would have looked way too large (too close) in the photo.

Another way was to show that if Meier had been located with a model much closer to the main residence, he himself would have shown up in the photo because his model would only have been 3 ft away from the camera.

(He proved this by showing a photo of the reflection of someone close to a sphere and also in the computer model.)

A third way he showed it: in the reflections of the CH in Meier’s hypothetical model, the location of the CH within each sphere of the model would have shifted a bit due to the appreciable distance between the camera and the CH (a parallax effect).

Such does not happen within adjacent spheres of the WCUFO of #800 or 799, since Meier’s camera was close to the CH wall.
这种情况并没有出现在800#或799#案例照片所示WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)的相邻球面中,因为Meier的相机处在靠近车马房(CH)墙壁的位置上。

The fourth way was by calculating how far away the camera had to be from the main residence, knowing certain dimensions of the main residence and the width it occupied on the film (as well as knowing the camera’s focal length and the film size).

All four ways agree — Meier had his back close to the CH wall when taking those photos.

But also, Zahi had to know just where Meier was standing relative to the CH wall — was it near one corner or the other or in the middle?

But this was obvious to him at first glance of any of the reflections of the spheres on #800 or #799.

The cameras location within the reflected image from each sphere is at the exact center of the sphere as you view it.

(I had failed to realize this fundamental and obvious fact.)

So, Meier had been standing next to the center of the CH’s wall.

But then also, to get the dimensions of the CH correct, and the fact that its eaves show up fairly prominently in the reflections, and the fact that the CH underwent some modifications shortly before 1980, he had to check with Christian pretty closely, and also make use of a frame from the movie “Contact" taken before 1980.
但与此同时,也是为了正确得到车马房(CH)的尺寸,及其屋檐在反射(图像)中显得十分突出的事实,还有该车马房(CH)在1980年前曾经历过一些修改的事实,Zahi还必须与Christian Frehner进行非常细致的核对,同时还要利用到…拍摄于1980年前的…纪录片‘Contact/接触’中的一些画面。

So going from the WCUFO’s sphere’s distance away from the CH to the WCUFO outer diameter involved a little arithmetic.
所以,计算从WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)的球面到车马房(CH)的距离,再到WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)外径尺寸,需要进行一些运算。

It was somewhere between 3.0 and 3.6 meters in diameter (Meier and Christian said it was the 3.5m craft).
它的直径大概介于3.0到3.6米之间(Meier和Christian Frehner说这是直径3.5米的飞行器)。

Figure C6 best shows Zahi ‘s result, I think.

His analysis of the treetop WCUFO photos was especially impressive to me.
Zahi对悬停在树梢的WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)照片的分析,尤其让我印象深刻。

By examining the spheres’ reflection closely, in photos #834 & 838, Zahi noticed that the outline of the small forest treetops was evident.

This meant that Meier himself was up at treetop level taking the photos (from Quetzal’s ship).

He showed that if the WCUFO had been a model somehow suspended behind the nearby tree’s uppermost branches and in front of the more distant tree, such a model would have had to be very close to that nearby treetop, in which case the latter would have shown up as rather large in the spheres’ reflections, which it does not.
他(即:Zahi)表示,如果该WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)只是一个模型,通过什么办法被悬挂在树木最顶端的分支附近,并处在距离更远处的树木前方,那这个模型就必须处在距离树木顶端附近非常接近的位置,在这种情况,后者(即:树木顶端)会在球面反射(图像)中显得非常大,而事实却并非如此。

It also meant that Meier himself (or supposedly a two-armed confederate who had climbed to treetop level) would have shown up in the sphere’s image, which of course they do not.

Since the WCUFO was not a model, it was farther away than any model would have been — close to the tree behind it — and so Quetzal’s ship itself does not show up in the reflections of the spheres in #834 or 838 or others of that series; the forest treetops behind Quetzal’s ship did not allow it to stand out against a clear background, and so that craft does not quite show up against the forest treetop background in the reflections from the spheres in 834 or 838.
由于该WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)不是一个模型,它比任何…靠近其后方树木的…模型的距离都要远,因此,Quetzal的光船本身并没有出现在834#或838#案例照片的球面反射(图像)中;Quetzal光船后方的森林树顶不会允许前者在一个明确的背景中脱颖而出,以至于在834#或838#案例照片的球面反射(图像)中,该飞行器并没有在森林树顶的背景中凸显出来。

And then in his 74-page article RZ included the strong evidence that one of the nighttime WCUFO shots showed the craft with its upper part extended upwards by a significant amount.
不仅如此,之后,在他(即:Zahi)74页的文章《RZ》中,又提出了强有力的证据,一张拍摄于夜间的WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)照片,该照片显示该飞行器的上部向上延伸出了很大一部分。

This took a bit more geometry for him to show.

James Deardorff
James Deardorff

1.3 Source
1.3 参考:


2. Addendum 1
2. 附录1:

2.1 Further commentary by Michael Horn
2.1 Michael Horn的进一步评论:

It seems that there’s always more than meets the eye…much to the discontentment of the skeptics who came out shooting first, to prove a hoax, rather than discover the truth.

Rhal Zahi, who provided the new analysis of the WCUFO photos, has discovered a few more things about it.
Rhal Zahi,提供WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)照片新分析的人,又发现了有关于此的更多一些线索。

I’ll let him describe it for you but first, so you have a reference point, the photo that he enhanced for further examination is this one:


Now, in his own words:

“More on the WCUFO at night. In the attachment below you will see an enhanced image of picture 873. I think it is interesting because:
晚间的WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)上有更多的线索。在下面的附件中,您会看到873#案例照片的增强图像。我认为这很有趣,因为:

It shows the WCUFO was photographed from a hill and that the photographer was above the WCUFO.
它显示该WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)是从一座山上俯拍的,摄影师所处的水平位置要高于WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)。

There is terrain visible downhill. There is a pole below (part of a fence?) that projects a shadow downhill.

A walking path is visible.

There is a halo around the WCUFO that extend upwards. I have no idea what this halo could be.
有一个围绕着WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)并向上延伸的‘halo/光晕’。我不知道这个‘halo/光晕’是什么。

There are no wires, or any other supporting mechanism. It is freely flying in the air?

873#案例照片 – 增强版A

You may play with picture 873, with PhotoShop, enhancing details to obtain this image.”

And here’s another enhanced version of the same nighttime WCUFO photo by Savio:
这里还有另一张由Savio制作的同一张夜间WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)照片的增强版图像:

873#案例照片 – 增强版B

Savio: “Details of the pole can be seen as well, obviously it is in focus and close to the UFO."

So it seems that the very laborious efforts by the skeptics, along with all of their arrogant false assumptions, accusations and conclusions, are further shredded and relegated to irrelevancy.

And the reality of the WCUFO becomes ever clearer thanks to what is revealed when the details are no longer hidden in the dark of night.
与此同时,当黑夜中的细节不再被隐藏时,感谢其所揭示的一切…让WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)的真实性也变得越来越清晰。

Indeed, it’s a metaphor for the Billy Meier case itself, as the most important story in all of human history, which has actually been hidden in plain site for decades, now begins to shine the light of truth on a world too long dwelling in deep darkness.
确实,这是Billy Meier案例本身的一个隐喻,作为人类历史上最重要的故事,实际上被明白隐藏(/压制)了几十年,(直到)现在(才)开始…在这个沉沦在极度黑暗中许久的世界上…闪烁「Truth/真理」的光芒。

Michael Horn
Michael Horn

2.2 Source
2.2 参考:


Addendum 2
3. 附录2

3.1 Further Commentary by Dyson Devine
3.1 Dyson Devine的进一步评论:

Dear Simon,

You ask, “Enhancing the brightness of the WCUFO photo doesn’t reveal much if anything at all about the object itself, so what’s the point?”
你问道,“通过增强WCUFO(即:Wedding Cake UFO/‘婚礼蛋糕’型UFO)照片的亮度,并没有揭示出太多有关(目标)物体本身的任何信息,那…这么做的重点又在哪里呢?

You missed the most significant thing that Professor Rhal Zahi’s sharp eyes spotted but he couldn’t explain.
你(其实)错过了Rhal Zahi教授用他敏锐的眼睛所发现的最重要的事情,尽管他对此无法解释。

It’s the “Wedding Cake” beamship’s plasma “halo”.

873#案例照片 – 增强版A

Michael’s absolutely right.

People won’t read long things, because, last year, I left a clue here:

when I recommended the (English language) book, “Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis by Paul R. Hill”, written 19 (!) years ago.
…当时,我推荐了一部(英文)书籍“「Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis by Paul R. Hill/非常规飞行物体:Paul R. Hill的科学分析」”,19(!)年前写的。

Sadly, almost nobody seems to follow Billy’s strident admonitions to “read books”.

Until/unless they do, Earth is doomed.

(And Billy only writes in German.)


“There is really no secret as to what this illuminated and illuminating sheath of atmosphere around the UFO is.

It is a sheath of ionized and excited air molecules often called a plasma.

It has all the many characteristics of ionized and excited air molecules and has no characteristics not attributable to ionized and excited air molecules with expected contaminants.

Thus, the illumination is tied to an air plasma.

I am not suggesting anything original as it has been suggested by many that such is the case.

Indeed, any physicist who has made a study of UFOs must know they are characteristically surrounded by an air plasma.”

Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis by Paul R. Hill
非常规飞行物体:Paul R. Hill的科学分析


“Paul Hill has done a masterful job ferreting out the basic science and technology behind the elusive UFO characteristics . . .
Paul Hill做得一项高明的工作,他发掘出了潜藏在「UFO/不明飞行物」特征背后的基础科学和科技…

Perhaps this book will help bring solid consideration for making all that is known about extraterrestrial craft publicly available.”

Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D., Apollo 14 Astronaut
Edgar Mitchell,Sc.D.,Apollo-14#宇航员

mentioned by Ptaah*

Since the Plejaren gave Billy unique photo opportunities, so far denied by the other ET groups here – and also denied us by our taxpayer-funded, corporatized, military/industrial complex (not “the government”!) criminals with their similar anti-gravity craft (eventually!)
由于Plejaren给了Billy独一无二的拍照机会,(所以)到目前为止其他的ET团队都对此加以否定,不仅如此,我们还被我们纳税资助的,公司化的军/工复合体(不是指‘the government/官方’!)使用他们类似的反重力飞行器(终于!)加以抵赖。

– we can see this plasma halo really well on this cool, obviously calm, dark night.

And the concomitant heat of the stationary, Plejaren, self-luminous craft makes a pretty plasma convection plume – if you can see what you’re looking at – even without being photographed using schlieren equipment.

I hope this has been of some assistance.

Salome, Dyson
Salome, Dyson

P.S. Bruce

– thanks, as always, for your kind words and welcome contributions.

There’s more than one good reason why I think I have to now distance myself from this venue, but my inability to correct all the many “errors of fact” – which my public attempts to convey Billy’s truth in English invariably attract – here on this blog by/for non-German readers, means that my presence here would naturally be interpreted as my tacit endorsement of those many, ongoing, uncorrected, factual errors.

As Billy says,

“…Wahrheitsverfemende meiden … Wahrheitskünder, oder sie versuchen mit allen ihnen zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln, diese zu vernichten, zu schädigen oder gar zu töten."

English:“…proscribers of truth avoid…truth announcers, or they try to annihilate, to damage or even to kill them with all existing means available to them."


3.2 Source
3.2 参考:


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