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撰文作者:Michael Hesemann
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中版译者:Leon Fung

Not even in the midst of the divorce proceedings did Mrs. Meier hesitate to arm herself for a tremendous campaign of vengeance against her husband.
即使是在离婚诉讼期间,Meier夫人也丝毫没有停止她针对前夫(即:Billy Meier)所展开的大规模报复行为。

She found her battle companion in a young Swiss UFO journalist who was inexpert about the Meier case.

Under a headline worthy of tabloid journalism—Kalliope Meier Breaks Her Silence—Mrs. Meier hypocritically claimed:
在一篇小道新闻的头版头条,Kalliope Meier(率先)打破了沉默,这位Meier(前)夫人虚伪地声称:

“I have absolutely nothing against the person Billy Meier. I am not stating that he is a bad human being . . . I don’t want to destroy him."
“我绝对不是在反对Billy Meier这个人。我没有说他是一个坏人…我(也)并不想毁掉他。”

But a few lines later she declares in a fierce attack against him, “His contact experiences are lies and deceit from start to finish."
但仅仅几行之后,她就开始猛烈地抨击他(即:Billy Meier),她说道:“他的接触经历自始至终都是谎言和欺骗。”

Her proof is proportionately weaker:

She alleges having “rescued photo negatives from the fire on which, beyond any doubt, (UFO) models are depicted."

  • 拍摄时间:1981年09月08日, 02:30
  • 拍摄地点:「SSSC/Semjase银星中心」
  • 拍摄执行:Quetzal
  • 拍摄注释:Meier正站在“火圈”中央,手举着一只麦克风在录制光船发出的声音。

No one denies this fact.

However, the photographs were taken under the direction of UFO researcher Lt. Col. W.C. Stevens, to serve as comparisons that would determine whether or not Meier’s photos could be successfully duplicated with the aid of a model UFO.
然而,这些照片在「UFO/不明飞行物」研究者「W.C. Stevens」中校的指导下,被用于与…使用模型拍摄的照片…做对比,从而确定Meier的照片究竟能不能借助「UFO/不明飞行物」模型被成功复制。

She is puzzled that “Billy’s contact experiences usually took place at night, at least those when eyewitnesses were present, and during the contact he was never with the rest of us."

Well, would it not be rather impossible for Meier to be with his wife while he was having a contact at the same time?

The lid of a barrel from the Community’s paraphernalia allegedly has “a startlingly close resemblance to several of the saucers Billy has photographed."

This (actually quite remote) resemblance is said to exist between the lid and the “wedding cake ship," which was photographed in 1981.
这种(实际上相当遥远的)相似性,据说介于盖子和(Billy于)1981年拍摄的“wedding cake ship/婚礼蛋糕(型)飞船”之间。

  • 拍摄时间:1981年03月26日,06:18
  • 拍摄地点:Säckler,Dürstelen
  • 拍摄执行:Billy Meier
  • 拍摄注释:Semajse驾驶当时最新型的婚礼蛋糕(型)光船悬停在Billy的小托车正前上方。

A coincidence?

Meier and his witnesses swear that the lid of the barrel was not available to the marketplace until several years later.

And it is conceivable that its designer was, consciously or unconsciously, himself inspired by the Meier photographs published in the Swiss press.

However: We have previously discussed the possibility that the Meier case was “contaminated" (Geheimsache UFO, Neuwied 1995).
除此之外:我们之前(还)讨论过Meier案例被“contaminated/(暗中)操弄”的可能性(「Geheimsache UFO/不明飞行物的秘密」,「Neuwied/新维德」,1995年)。

But in no way does this alter the authenticity of the contact experiences from 1975 and 1976.

“Several of the motherships Billy photographed are obviously pictures of the lantern on our house taken with the lens wide open."

  • 拍摄时间:1979年06月23日
  • 拍摄地点:「SSSC/Semjase银星中心」
  • 拍摄执行:Billy Meier
  • 拍摄注释:由仙女座侏儒外星人所驾乘的能量船,悬停在「SSSC/Semjase银星中心」停车场院内的上方。

With “motherships" Mrs. Meier obviously refers to the “energy ships" photographed in 1979 whose diameter was approximately 3-4 meters/yards.
有关“motherships/母舰”,Meier夫人指的显然是(Billy)于1979年拍摄到的“energy ships/能量船”,这些“energy ships/能量船”的直径大约在3-4米/码。

Mrs. Meier was not the originator of the “house-lantern-hypothesis," but Rolf-Dieter Klein was, a dubious computer freak from Munich, Germany, whose alleged retrocalculation applies only to a single photo, just one of the entire series of pictures—thus making this accusation completely worthless.
Meier夫人并不是“house-lantern-hypothesis/房屋院灯假说”的首创者,该假说的首创者是Rolf-Dieter Klein,一个可疑的来自「Germany/德国」-「Munich/慕尼黑」的电脑怪胎,他所谓的‘逆追溯’仅适用于一张照片,也就是整辑照片中的一张,因此,使得这项指控(即:“house-lantern-hypothesis/房屋院灯假说”)根本就站不住脚。

The “extraterrestrial female" photographed by Meier in 1977 is allegedly an acquaintance of Meier, wrapped in tanning foil.
Meier于1977年拍摄的“extraterrestrial female/外星女性”(即:手持一把镭射枪的Alena),据称是Meier的一位熟人,(拍摄时)用铝箔包裹着自己的身体。

  • 拍摄时间:1977年07月06日
  • 拍摄地点:「SSSC/Semjase银星中心」
  • 拍摄执行:Billy Meier
  • 拍摄注释:在078#接触期间,Alena为Billy带了一把镭射枪,并让后者拍摄和体验。

Absolutely no evidence whatsoever supports this claim.

One photo from the “time travel to San Francisco’s destruction" purportedly was photographed from the newspaper Blick and supposedly depicts a fictitious scenario.
一张来自“time travel to San Francisco’s destruction/去往旧金山毁灭时的时间旅行”的照片,据称是从「Blick」报纸上拍摄的,并被认为是描述了一个虚构的场景。

「GEO Magazine/地理杂志」



In contrast to these claims are the 36 photographs Meier brought back with him from his alleged time travel, of which only one picture remotely resembles the Blick drawing.
与这些说法不同的是,Meier从他所谓的“time travel/时间旅行”中带回了36张照片,其中仅有一张照片与「Blick」(发表)的绘画作品相类似。

And even this is somewhat understandable, considering the photograph depicts the same city.

Ignore not the fact, however, that the Meier series of photographs was deliberately “contaminated" by external sources.

More about this later.

This is it.

Pretty meager for the mind of a neutral observer.

Not a single piece of evidence from the years 1975/76 was questioned, nor was even one conclusion discredited from the investigation held in 1978-80, under the direction of Lt. Col. W.C. Stevens.

Keep in mind that only one of Mrs. Meier’s listed points represents genuine “insider knowledge."
请牢记:Meier夫人列举的(各种)声称中,仅有一个代表了真正的“insider knowledge/内幕消息”

It seems that she read the remainder of her contentions in the written material of the Meier foes.

“Much ado about nothing," one is tempted to conclude, or in Latin: Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus [The mountain labors and a ridiculous mouse is born].
“Much ado about nothing/无事生非,”人们很容易得出这样的结论,或用拉丁语说就是:Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus [The mountain labors and a ridiculous mouse is born/庸人自扰之]。

Does this mean that the Meier case has been disproven, unmasked, revealed?

Certainly not.

Instead, Mrs. Meier’s “revelations" raise questions about the integrity of those lurid authors who puff up her banal “disclosures" and hypocritical protestations into a grand “revelation," in an obvious attempt to apologize for never having found it necessary to examine the case on location and with a completely unbiased perspective.

It is true that evidence in the Meier case was contaminated.

Photographs were indeed falsified and pictures were manipulated—but not by Meier.

Additionally: 40 eyewitnesses can attest to Meier’s encounters.

Nobody has ever been able to question their experiences…

We, however, are forced to reopen the case once again.

If Meier were a fraud he would not have one genuine photograph, not one genuine experience, and his witnesses would be victims of manipulations and sleight-of-hand-trickery.

Even if he had only had one genuine contact it would make him the instrument of extraterrestrial intelligences, regardless of their modus operandi.

How easy it always is to generalize—and how superficial.

MAGAZIN 2000plus is resolved to having a “hearing of the evidence."
(于是…)「MAGAZIN 2000plus」决定进行一次“hearing of the evidence/证据听取”。

In issue No. 100 we previously reported about the analyses of the photos, metal samples, landing tracks, and the whirring sound recordings.

You may also read about the case in Hesemann’s reference book Geheimsache UFO, where we deal with the testimony of the eyewitnesses, the “defendant’s" confrontation with the accusations of his foes, and an examination of the “prosecution’s" arguments.
你也可以在Hesemann的参考著作「Geheimsache UFO/不明飞行物」的秘密中读到这个案例,在那里我们针对目击者的证词,“defendant’s/被告(的)”对其敌人指控的抗辩,以及“prosecution’s/原告(的)”论据的审查…都进行了详尽的探寻。

Furthermore, we must now investigate the possible motives behind the anti-Meier-campaign.

The verdict in the Meier case is still out…

MAGAZIN 2000plus, which has repeatedly reported on the Meier case, decided to again get to the bottom of the “Meier Case" because the UFO press was massively belaboring the renewed controversy in the past few months.
曾经(已)多次报道过Meier案例的「MAGAZIN 2000plus」,决定再次深入探究“Meier Case/Meier案例”,因为「UFO/不明飞行物」媒体在过去的几个月中,大肆传播了新的争议点。

Together with Jaime Maussan from Televisa, a Mexican Broadcasting station, the 2000plus editor-in-chief Michael Hesemann has repeatedly visited the controversial contactee in February and again in March 1998 and has spent several days taping an interview with 16 of Meier’s over 40 eyewitnesses in front of a running camera.
「MAGAZIN 2000plus」的“editor-in-chief/主编”Michael Hesemann,联合来自来自「Televisa」(一家墨西哥广播电视台)的Jaime Maussan,一同在1998年的02月份和03月份拜访了(那些)有争议的被接触者,并花费数天时间,在一台动态摄录机前录制了一部采访实录,对象是Meier案例(的)40多位目击者中的16位。

This alone signified a small sensation since Meier, who lives an extremely withdrawn lifestyle, has not given a TV interview for the past 15 years.
仅此一项(即:Billy接受了Michael Hesemann和Jaime Maussan的此次采访)就意味着不小的突破,因为Meier在过去15年中一直过着极度封闭的生活方式,这期间从未接受过电视采访。

At this time Meier also agreed to permit Hesemann access to evidence never before shown in public.

Among the items was Meier’s sensational 1980 video film of a “beamship," which he published in the series UFOs: The Movie Footage, and which, according to the opinion of an entire string of international experts, definitively shows a large object.
这其中,就包括一段Meier于1980年拍摄的(在当时曾)引发轰动的一艘“beamship/光船”(即:一艘「WCUFO」)的视频-[注],该视频(随后)发表在了‘「UFOs: The Movie Footage/不明飞行物:电影镜头」’中,对此,根据一堆国际专家的观点,明确展示了一个大型的物体。



MAGAZIN 2000plus provides the following exclusive interview with “Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, who comments here also for the first time about the recent attacks directed at him.
「MAGAZIN 2000plus」提供了以下对’Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier的独家专访,后者在此次访谈中(还)首次就近期出现的针对他的攻击做出了评论。

Furthermore, since Meier, due to a sense of decorum, did not wish to discuss his wife’s personal attacks against him, we also offer an interview with their son, Methusalem Meier, and 16 of Billy’s eyewitness reports.
此外,出于体面,Meier并不愿谈及他前妻对他的人身攻击,我们还采访了他们的儿子,Methusalem Meier,以及16位Billy目击报告的证人。

Michael Hesemann
Michael Hesemann

June 2000

Michael presenting the Meier Case at the International UFO Congress 1999
Michael Horn在1999年的「International UFO Congress/国际UFO大会」上展示了「Meier Case/Meier案例」:

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