Michael Hesemann

资讯源头:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
资讯主题:Researcher/研究人员 – Michael Hesemann

资讯参考:「Wikipedia. Michael Hesemann」
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中版译者:Leon Fung

Michael Hesemann

Michael Hesemann (born March 22, 1964 in Düsseldorf) is a German journalist and author.
Michael Hesemann(生于1964年03月22日,「Düsseldorf/杜塞尔多夫」)是一位「German/德国(的)」记者和作家。

In the late 1980s he became known in Germany as an author of several books on UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors on Earth.

At some point in his early career he investigated Billys UFO claims.

Harsh attacks and weak evidence and Contact Report 251 references Michael Hesemann.
Harsh attacks and weak evidence/刺耳的攻击和无力的证据’,以及「
Contact Report/接触报告 」-251#中所提及的Michael Hesemann。

Later in his career it is claimed he turned to topics related to Catholicism.[1]



A claim particularly hard to believe was the case, given his exposure to Billy Meiers UFO information.
鉴于他对Billy Meiers「UFO/不明飞行物」资讯的报道,一个特别难以相信的说法是这样的(如下)。

He is not a pure-created one, Ptaah said it himself.

Leon Note:

Leon’s opinion is that he is not a man who would purely in line with the evolution of Creation.

Michael Hesemann has been specially listed on the FIGU supporters page (German).
Michael Hesemann被特别列入了FIGU supporters page /FIGU支持者页面(德文)。

Errors in the Contact Reports related to this person
「Contact Reports/接触报告」中有关此人的错误描述:

Source: Extract from Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Block 8, Contact Report 261 page 4 lines 14-17.
摘录自「Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte/Plejaren接触报告」,第8卷,第4页,第14-17行。

FOM Note:/FOM注释:

The errors in the Contact Reports are more like typos in our opinion, even if they fundamentally change the meaning.
在我们看来,「Contact Reports/接触报告」中的错误…更像是打字错误,即使它们从根本上改变了(语句的)含义。
  • 「Contact Report/接触报告」-261#:(1998年02月24日,周二,09:03)

14. By the way, in some original contact report pages you have some mistakes that you should correct.
14. 顺便说一句,在一些接触报告源本页面中,有一些错误,你应该对其加以纠正。

15. For example, with Michael Hesemann, you wrote, “He is a pure-created one"; But it would’ve been “he is not a pure-created.”
15. 例如,有关Michael Hesemann,你写道,“He is a pure-created one/他(因此)是一个纯粹的造化之人”;但这个描述本应该是“he is not a pure-created/他并不是一个纯粹的造化之人。”

16. You have also written the name Randy Winters several times instead of Adrain-winters, including where it must be called simply Adrain.
16. 还有几次,你将Adrain-winters的名字写成了Randy Winters,而不是Adrain-winters,包括…在那些它本应被简称为Adrain的地方。

17. I have also noticed a number of other mistakes that you should correct.
17. (除此之外…)我还注意到其它一些你应该纠正的错误。

Ptaah from 24/02/2005:

Contact reports from the first contact of January 28 1975 have been corrected and revised together with Ptaah, to rectify the errors in the corresponding reports, which will continue to be the case for all subsequent contact reports too.
Ptaah和Billy一起,对1975年01月28日(的)第一次接触的「Contact Report/接触报告」进行了修正和修订,而(其它)相应「Contact Report/接触报告」中的错误也将定期得到纠正,后续所有的「Contact Report/接触报告」都将如此。

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