FIGU论坛问答 – Positive Degeneracy

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资讯注释:FIGU论坛上的回复不一定都是Billy本人做出的,也有可能是经由「Semjase Silver Star Center/Semjase银星中心」的核心小组成员转达Billy的意思;又或依据Billy的教导和解释做出的说明。


Dear Billy and Christian:

Many greetings to you both and thank you for the reply.

I would never kill a snake either.

Unfortunately due to ignorance a lot of people in my country kill snakes because of fear.

The reply about Creation was more profound than I thought, but I do understand the meaning now.

My question this time is rather simple perhaps, but I find it difficult to think about positive degeneration.
我这次想提的问题…或许有些简单,但我确实很难理解什么才是‘positive degeneration/积极退化’。

It is said that we on earth are either unbalanced to the negative pole or to the positive.
据说,我们在「Earth/地球」上要么无法平衡于‘negative pole/负极’,要么无法平衡于‘positive pole/正极’。

I can only think about false humanitarian actions or caring too much for animal shelters as examples.
(对此…)我只能想到诸如…(错误的「Humanitarian/人道主义」行动,又或是对「Animal Shelters/动物收容所」过度关心)…的例子。

I just find it difficult to think about a ‘bad positive’.
我只是很难想象…什么才算是一种‘bad positive/负面积极’。

If I am wrong, then what would be an example of positive degeneration?
如果我(这么想)是错的,那…您们能举一个‘positive degeneration/积极退化’的例子吗?

Thank you very much for your time, Salome



Examples of positive degeneracy (positive Ausartung):
「Positive Degeneracy/积极退化」(「Positive Ausartung/积极退化」)的举例:

-When a person donates money or is helping just to ease one’s consciousness, and not because of the joy of being able and capable to help.

-If you donate money to or help some person or institution who/which uses your money or help for negative purposes.
(例如…)如果你捐款…又或是帮助某个人或者某个机构,但后者却拿着你的钱又或是利用你的帮助,去践行‘negative purposes/消极目的’。

If you are walking through the desert and meet a person who is nearly dead of thirst: if you have water with you and let the person drink from the bottle, that person will die (= positive degeneracy).
如果你正在穿越沙漠,并遇到了一个快要渴死的人:如果你随身带着水,并让那个人从瓶子里喝水的话,那个人会死(这就相当于一种「Positive Degeneracy/积极退化」)。

But if you slowly start by letting drops of water trickle onto the lips of the nearly dead person, and slowly continue with wetting the mouth with droplets of water, etc., that person has the chance to survive (= no degeneracy).

And if you pass the person and don’t even try to help, then this is plain/negative degeneracy.

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