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資料來源:FIGU Landesgruppe Australia





英版譯者:Vibka Wallder





中版譯者:Billy Meier 中文翻譯報告


校對改進:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象《第754次接觸報告》(痞客邦部落格)



這次會面,Ptaah 最重大的宣布就是:冠狀病毒疫情的第二波,將在九月底到十月初爆發。而這波疫情會比第一波還嚴重;官方的數據是,在 10 月 20 日左右,感染人數將達到 4,000 萬,而死亡人數將超過 120 萬。
其中並公布了他們對歐規的 17 種常用防疫口罩所作的長期測試與檢驗結果
這次特別提到對於病毒的免疫,血型佔有重要的角色一般而言,O 型血型的人是最不容易感染的,因為它比其他血型具有更好的免疫穩定性。


… Well, the telephone calls I have been talking to you about, they also consistently refer to the rampantly spreading corona disease, in which case frequently questions come up, which of course I can only answer according to your explanations; for example, whether you also concern yourselves with research for an antidote, in order to possibly … well, you know.

… 好吧,我剛才跟你談到的那些電話,他們也不斷提到冠狀病毒疫情的問題,當然我只能根據你的說明來回答;例如,你們是否自己也有從事疫苗的研究,以可能用於… 嗯,你知道的。


No, we do not concern ourselves with such research because we do not need such medical means, because we are not exposed to any danger whatsoever with regard to coming into contact with this rampantly spreading disease. Also, according to our directives we would not be allowed to pass on or even mention such knowledge, if you want to bring up something with your question that you could have been asked about.



Exactly, that is what I meant, but effectively no one has asked me about it yet, which might be one day, but then I could only give the answer I have always had to give since Sfath told me that you have to follow the directives unconditionally and that you are, under any circumstances, not allowed to interfere in any affairs.

沒錯,這就是我的意思,但實際上還沒有人問過我這個問題,可能有一天會吧,但我只能給出我一直不得不給出的答案,因為 Sfath 告訴過我,你們必須無條件遵守指示,而且在任何情況下,你們都不允許干涉地球上的任何事務


Which corresponds to far-reaching and necessary safety precautions, because only therethrough can manifold infectious terribleness be avoided.



That is very clear to me, but while we are at it I would like to talk about the pandemic again, even though we really no longer wanted to talk about this rampantly spreading disease, although we have already not abided by that two or three times because again and again new inquiries come in from all over the world. The human beings are just anxious, they worry and have problems because the governors are too low in intelligentum to take the right action and think up, implement and enforce the right measures. This, while also about 15% of the populations are densely of low intelligentum, because they are not capable of consequential thinking, that is to say, logical thinking due to their lack of intelligentum; consequently they do not adhere to the necessary safety measures. Namely when low intelligentum reigns because the cognitive ability is lacking and, consequently, intellect and rationality cannot be used namely as a result of low intelligentum which results from an inability to think, then no capability of cognition can come about either. But this lack of intellectual strength and lack of intellectum – I probably have to say pathological, that is to say, unhealthy deficiency – leads to the fact that the entire Ratio is switched off and the effective fact is not recognised. In addition, these human beings, these densely of low intelligentum and simple-minded earthlings, then attach themselves like burdock to the brain-amputated conspiracy theorists, who, with their conspiracy nonsense, are goading the simple-minded earthlings in their non-thinking and irresponsible actions and behaviour more than ever. For those weak in intellect – namely the conspiracy theorists and their subservient ones and followers – their intellectum is almost in a state of subzero, because due to their inability to use their consciousness they are so handicapped and limited in their ability to think that they are not able to muster any capability of cognition with regard to the effective reality.

這一點我很清楚,但當我們談到這個話題時,我想再談談這次大流行的疫情,儘管我們真的不想再談論這場疫情,然而我們已經有兩三次沒有辦法迴避,因為總是有來自世界各地一再的詢問。人們焦慮,他們擔心有問題,因為那些掌權的人太沒有頭腦(too low in intelligentum)了,無法採取正確的行動,無法想出、實施和執行正確的措施。這方面,大約有 15% 的人民是愚蠢的,因為他們缺乏智能,沒有邏輯思維能力,所以他們沒有遵循必要的安全措施。也就是當到處充斥著愚蠢而認知能力不足,那麼就無法使用智能和理性,因為無法思考而引起的愚蠢,就不可能有任何認知。但這種缺乏智慧和智能不足 —— 我必須說是一種病態,也就是病理的缺陷 —— 導致整個「理智係數」(Ratio)被關閉,以致沒有認識到實際的事實。此外,這些人,這些愚蠢的地球人,仍然盲從於那些沒有腦袋的陰謀論者,而他們用陰謀胡說的謬論,驅使那些愚蠢的人,更是不加思索而不負責任的作出乖張的行為。對於那些弱智的人 —— 也就是那些陰謀論者及其盲目的追隨者 —— 他們的智能幾乎處於零度以下的狀態,因為他們無法使用他們的意識,他們的思維能力是如此的受損和有限,以致對實際的現實沒有任何認知的能力。


You never cease to amaze me regarding what apposite sentence phrasing you manage to bring about in order to make any facts clear without superfluous objections.



If you say so! But somehow one has to form the whole thing rationally if something is to be explained. But something else: you recently said that at the end of this month and the beginning of October the 2nd wave of the rampantly spreading corona disease will break out, about which you should explain a little more, I think.



Yes, because it will probably be important to explain some more important things about it, even though we no longer wanted to talk about it. However, the now already looming 2nd corona wave probably requires that now still some things are said about it, namely: as I already explained to you on January 2, after thorough examination of our directives we have received permission to check any and all diverse products of all the respiratory protective masks – which you procured for us – by means of lengthy tests and investigations, which have yielded very remarkable expertise and sometimes astonishing results, the essence of which I will still cite later. But first I now have a few more things to explain, namely starting with:

是的,因為解釋一些更重要的事情可能很重要,即使我們不再想談論它了。然而,目前第二波冠狀病毒的疫情已經迫在眉睫,現在可能要對此發表一些意見,那就是:在徹底考慮過我們的指示後,我們已得到許可,就如我在 1 月 2 日向你說過的那樣,由你提供而來的所有「呼吸保護口罩」(respiratory protective masks;以下簡稱「口罩」),我們對這些不同的產品經過長時間的測試和檢查,導出了非常了不起的專業意見,甚至是驚人的結果,其要點我稍後會提到。但首先我有一些其他的事情要說明,就從這個開始說:

  1. The great irrationality and inability of the governors with regard to the necessary measures to combat the rampantly spreading corona disease will, on the one hand, continue to be inconsiderate and inappropriate in the future – as we have already fathomed – consequently, on the other hand, also with regard to the enactment and implementation of protective, preventive and containing measures against a further spread of the rampantly spreading corona disease, a failure occurs and therethrough all necessary measures of protection, safety and precaution will not be developed and the rampantly spreading disease will now spread rampantly worldwide.


  1. The failure of the governors has the uninhibitable consequence, as I already explained earlier, that now the second wave of the rampantly spreading disease begins and catastrophically spreads over the whole Earth in such a form that many victims are claimed, against which nothing more that is effective can be done for the time being. Entirely all those governors will fail, who are in the front line and who should be responsible for producing, decreeing and implementing the necessary measures – measures that would be extensively absolutely essential for the protection and guaranteeing of the health of the peoples, which the responsible ones of the states are incapable of and completely fail to implement due to their inability to govern. Thus, there will not be one country on Earth that – due to the inability of the governors and the governmental health officials – will not suffer from the corona pandemic and will not have to bemoan many infections and deaths. All those responsible for this, those governors who are incapable of their offices and who, altogether and in general, make themselves important but profoundly ridiculous due to being loud-mouthed, are neither able to devise any necessary measures nor educate their peoples against the rampantly spreading corona disease because of their inability to lead. They are also not in any form able to assess, devise or implement the necessary and appropriate measures in the currently arising situation of a pandemic that is worsening into a conflagration and is beginning to spread worldwide. Since they do not recognise the danger of the pandemic in its entirety due to their incapability, they only do all that which is wrong, which is why they are not able to prevent or even mitigate the second wave, that is to say, the global conflagration that is now rolling in. And before you ask about that which arises in relation to your home country and will further still happen there, I can also in this regard not predict anything better, because the responsible governors of Switzerland, who are dealing with the rampantly spreading corona disease, are not to be assessed differently with regard to their ridiculousness and their delusion of being important to all the others of the worldwide mighty ones. And this concerns mainly the special responsible ones in the highest position who unfortunately are to be assessed equally, as are all other state responsible ones of all countries in the same positions.

二、那些國家領導人的失敗造成了難以收拾的後果,正如我先前已經說過的,現在第二波疫情迅速開始蔓延,而且以災難性的方式蔓延到整個地球,造成許多受害者,而目前沒有任何更加有效的措施來對付這種情況。總體而言,所有那些在第一線並應該負責制定、頒布和執行必要措施的負責人都是失敗的 —— 這些措施對於保護和保障人民的健康是絕對必要的,但由於那些國家領導人治國無方,以致完全不能執行這些措施。因此,地球上沒有一個國家 —— 由於國家領導人和政府衛生官員沒有能力 —— 會倖免於冠狀病毒疫情的折磨,也不必哀歎許多人因此而感染和死亡。所有對此負有責任的人,那些不能勝任自己的工作,卻只會透過高談闊論而使自己顯得重要但極其荒謬的領導人,都無法制定必要的措施或教育他們的人民以抵抗冠狀疫情,因為他們領導無能。他們也無法以任何方式評估、思考或執行必要和適當的措施,以處理目前出現的疫情,這種疫情正在惡化為一場大災禍,並且正開始向全世界蔓延。由於他們的無能而沒有全面認識到大流行疫情的危險,他們只在做所有錯誤的處理,這就是為什麼他們無法預防甚至減輕全球爆發的第二波疫情,也就是那正在滾滾而來的全球災禍。在你問起你祖國的有關情況,以及將會發生的事情之前,我也無法在這方面作出任何更好的預測,因為那些負責瑞士這個國家的管理者,他們正在處理冠狀病毒疫情的方式,其荒謬程度以及他們自認的重要性,與世界其他國家的那些領導人相比,並沒有什麼不同。這主要涉及處於最高職位的那些負責人,遺憾的是他們要和所有其他國家處於相同職位的負責人一樣,受到同等的評價。

  1. The inability to lead a country of those heading its leadership as well as the political parties that are equally responsible for the same tasks, will fail, as will the highest incapable responsible ones of the states who, through their parties, in their intellectless and irrational actions and behaviour that promote the rampantly spreading corona disease, will now let the corona pandemic, which is rising up as a second wave, worseninto a great terribleness.


  1. Furthermore also various jurisdictions and authorities are – in a dangerous form that promotes the rampantly spreading corona disease – led by irresponsible officials and judges who are incapable of using their intellect and who, by means of irrational authorisations and court decisions, revoke the halfway or good ordinances in relation to safety precautions that were once issued and decreed by the governors or local authorities for the prevention of the rampantly spreading disease. This is done while prohibitions and regulations are irresponsibly nullified and repealed again, such as those concerning the closure of restaurants, bars, hotels and fitness facilities, restrictions on training/schooling operations of all kinds, the operation of public transportation as well as all public sports events and entertainment events.


  1. Also the irresponsibility regarding the operation and usage of irresponsible work places contributes to the spread of the rampantly spreading corona disease; therefore such work places should be prohibited if too many persons in one room have to carry out work activities too close together and without respiratory protective masks; for example, abattoirs, offices, training facilities, bureaus, officers’ rooms, official chanceries as well as orderly rooms, chanceries and secretariats and so forth. Such places of work should be furnished and appropriate modes of behaviour adhered to, as follows:


A. Respiratory protective masks should be worn.


B. A minimal distance of 2 metres should be kept between individual work stations, that is to say, from person to person.

工作場所中人與人之間至少應保持 2 公尺以上的安全距離。

C. Sufficient airing/ventilation through windows or possibly doors is necessary.


D. An air cleaning device, which suctions off and filters the air would be required.


E. Separating screens between workstations are imperative.


F. Work space changes, that is to say, necessary adjustments, working space alternations, are necessary if necessary precautions cannot be guaranteed.


G. Working from home if possible should be considered, if important points cannot be guaranteed.


  1. In further consequence, to be pointed out with regard to nonsensical views, opinions and modes of behaviour, are also those who have fallen to intellectlessness and irrationality, who suffer from pathologically lack of intelligentum and reveal this state as the weakness of a less well-off consciousness of those parts of the population, by not adhering to necessary safety rules. This is because they have, as a result of their personal low intelligentum, fallen prey to a profound weakness of intelligentum or a total lack of intelligentum, wherethrough they lack any cognitive ability; consequently they cannot perceive, comprehend or understand the transformation of information carried out by their behaviour control system, let alone being able to implement it rationally. Their lack of intellect and rationality does not allow them to understand the effective reality and truth of the rampantly spreading corona disease, and they are unable to recognise the pathological delusion of the conspiracy theorists, who they join and whose nonsense they champion.


  1. As I have already explained several times since last February, also by wearing simple FFP1 respiratory masks, no protective function against pathogens of any kind can be guaranteed. Respiratory protection masks of the standard FFP2 and FFP3, on the other hand, can indeed prevent an infection by fungal spores, microorganisms, bacteria and parasites, but these are also not suitable against viruses. Against these, special safety suits, that is to say, closed protective suit systems with corresponding masks and breathing apparatus belonging to it are required, which are hermetically sealed to the outside in the best possible form. Such protective suits can be reused several times; however, they must be disinfected after each use by chemical cleaning showers before taking them off.

七、正如我自去年二月以來已多次說過,即使戴上簡單的 FFP1 口罩,也不能對任何類型的病原體提供任何保護。另一方面,品質優良的 FFP2 FFP3 口罩可以預防真菌孢子、微生物、細菌和寄生蟲的感染,但即使這些都不適合對抗病毒。為了有效對抗病毒需要特殊的安全服或配有相應口罩和呼吸器的封閉式防護服系統,以最好的方式與外界隔絕。這種防護服可以重複使用幾次,但每次使用後必須用化學清洗淋浴器消毒後才能脫下。

Even the best respiratory protection masks do not offer complete protection against an infection by viruses, therefore such masks also cannot guarantee anything against viruses, because in the best case, wearing the best protective masks always leaves a residual risk of 4-6 percent. Effective protective masks, which offer protection against infection to a large extent, but never 100%, are masks of the standard FFP2 and FFP3 according to the terrestrial standard, although these must be products that have been tested for their suitability by specialist institutes and so forth. Unfortunately, it is a fact that a lot of junk goods of so-called respiratory protective masks are on the market which are neither tested nor valuable, because these worthless and extremely unsuitable products only serve profit making, but in no form the health safety.

即使是最好的口罩也不能完全防止病毒感染,因此這種口罩也不能保證任何病毒,因為在最好的情況下,佩戴最好的口罩總還有 4-6% 的剩餘風險。有效的防護口罩,是按照地球上標準的 FFP2 和 FFP3 口罩,在很大程度上提供防止感染,但從來沒有 100% 的保證,儘管這些必須是經過專業機構測試的產品。不幸的是這個事實,市場上有很多所謂的防護口罩,既沒有經過檢測,也沒有任何價值,因為這些毫無價值和非常不適合的產品都只是為了利潤,而不是為了健康安全。

It must be explained that even the best commercially available respiratory protective masks of the standard FFP2 and FFP3 do not offer any protection against viruses of any kind, because this is only possible with completely hermetically sealed whole-body protection systems, which are also equipped with their own breathing air supply. Altogether such systems must be cleaned after each use with strong chemical acids and so forth.

必須說明的是,即使是市面上最好的 FFP2 和 FFP3 口罩,也不能對任何病毒提供全面保護,因為只有在完全密封的全身保護系統下才有可能做到,而且這些系統還配備有自己的呼吸供應裝置。所有這樣的系統都,必須在每次使用後要用強效的化學酸劑清洗等等程序處理。

Protective masks of the standard FFP2 and FFP3 for sale to the general public, which are tested by specialised departments, comply with certain standards, are marked with a quality seal and are therefore traded for a correspondingly high price, which, however, usually also corresponds to the value of the product and its reliability. To this end, with your help we have examined, tested and evaluated some of the 4 types of respiratory protective masks you have given us and have found the following types to be acceptable, if they are professionally tested protective masks that are also accordingly marked as such and can be evaluated as good, although caution must be exercised, because a CE marking does not have to be a guarantee of a standard designation because there is much fraudulent trading in this respect. Exact clarification and inquiry is therefore necessary while buying protective masks.

出售給公眾的 FFP2 和 FFP3 優質防護口罩,這些經專業機構檢測的,符合一定的標準,並附有優質的密封,所以售價也相應較高,然而,這通常也與產品的價值和產品的可靠性相符。在你的幫助下,我們對你提供給我們的四類口罩進行了檢查、測試和評估以下幾種口罩是可以接受的,如果它們是經過專業測試的防護口罩,也會有這樣的標記,並可以被評估為優良。然而,需要謹慎,因為 CE 標誌並不一定是質量的保證,因為在這方面有很多欺詐行為。所以,在購買防護口罩時,有必要進行準確的澄清和詢問。

Purely self-made fabric masks of all kinds are equally worthless, just as fabric masks on the market are absolutely useless and are products of irresponsible profiteers; consequently, only purchasable respiratory protective masks should be used for the specific purpose, whose origin and effectiveness shall be questioned and clarified, as with all protective masks in general.


It should be considered that the CE marking and KN 95 on mask products declare that manufacturers in the EU guarantee that their product complies with the applicable requirements laid down in harmonisation-legislative-regulations, which is proven with the corresponding CE marking conformity assessment procedure, wherewith this CE marking ought to guarantee that the products marked with it can be traded without restriction in the EU or EEA and ensure safety for the consumer within this area and provide uniform protection with regard to issues of health, safety and environmental concerns. It should be considered, however, that these CE and KN 95 marks must nevertheless be questioned because they are also used by fraudulent companies that circulate inferior or completely unsuitable goods of all kinds and thus also bring respiratory protective masks on the market that are worthless and endanger one’s health. Questioning the origin of the goods should therefore be the rule.

應注意的是,口罩產品上的 CE 和 KN 95 標記,聲明保證其產品屬於歐盟製造商符合「統一立法規定」(harmonisation-legislative-regulations;)所訂明的適用要求,並通過相應的 CE 標誌一致性評定程序證明了這一點。這個 CE 標記的目的,是為了保證有它標記的產品可以在歐盟或歐洲經濟區地區不受限制地進行交易,並確保該地區消費者的安全,並在健康、安全和環境顧慮方面提供統一的保護。然而,應該指出的是,這些 CE 和 KN 95 標誌必須受到質疑,因為它們也會被假冒的公司所使用,他們流通各種劣質或完全不合格的商品,因此也有毫無效用和危害健康的口罩。所以,對貨物原產地的質疑,應該成為一項慣例。

As far as I know, Switzerland does not require CE marking because it does not provide for sector-specific conformity marking, but it can be applied as an alternative to the Swiss conformity mark.

據我所知,瑞士沒有要求 CE 標記,因為這個國家沒有為特定行業提供一致性標記,但它可以作為瑞士一致性標記的替代。

The manufacturer or its authorised person, that is to say, the producer, is responsible for the attachment of the CE and KN 95 marking on the sales product.

在銷售產品上附加 CE 和 KN 95 標誌,是由生產廠商或其授權人員(即生產者)負責。

Fabric masks of all fabric types, self-produced, received as gifts or purchased, are – as I have already made clear several times since the beginning of our corona discussions – not only absolutely useless, but even dangerous to health in every respect against viruses, bacteria, parasites, microorganisms, fungal spores, liquid, non-volatile aerosols and thus also expiratory droplets, but also against organic gases and vapours.

所有織物類型的口罩,無論自產的、贈送的或購買的,都是 —— 自從我們開始討論冠狀病毒疫情以來,我已經多次明確表示 —— 對各方面有害的病毒、細菌、寄生蟲、微生物、真菌孢子、液體、非揮發性氣溶膠(aerosols;也譯為「懸浮微粒」),還有呼氣飛沫,以及有機氣體和蒸汽,不僅絕對沒用,而且甚至會危害健康

754-01-fabric masks

圖片資料來源:Extensible Mask

Fabric masks, if they consist of tightly woven materials, as well as multiple folded handkerchiefs or neckerchiefs and so forth, can be held in front of the mouth and nose only as short-term protection and emergency remedies – but not longer than a maximum of two minutes – against bacteria, parasites, microorganisms, fungal spores, liquid and non-volatile aerosols and expiratory droplets as well as against organic gases and vapours, but never against viruses.


FFP1 hygiene masks of inferior quality correspond to nothing more than masks that are only useful as emergency protection masks and therefore only as disposable masks, which in no form correspond to a medical product, but are only made of special types of paper and other cheap materials. Such masks, which are technically absolutely unsuitable against infections, are only designed for material foreign bodies and can only be used for a short time. They are therefore only designed to repel or prevent the inhalation of material and partly liquid foreign substances. These masks have an adjustable nasal bridge, wherethrough they adapt to the contours of the face to a certain extent, but they can only be used for a short time, after which they must be disposed of properly, however, not simply be carelessly thrown away somewhere, but should be effectively disposed of in the correct form.

質量不佳的 FFP1 衛生口罩(hygiene masks)僅相當於應急防護口罩,所以僅作為一次性口罩,並不是醫療產品,而只是由特殊類型的紙張和其他廉價材料製成。這種口罩絕對不適合用於防止感染,只是針對防阻吸入實體異物而設計,且可使用時間也很短。因此,它們僅用於阻礙或防止吸入外來物質和部分液態物質。這種口罩有一個可調節的鼻樑部分,可以在一定程度上適應面部輪廓,但它們只能使用很短的時間,使用後必須妥善處理,不能隨意扔掉,而應該以正確的方式有效處置。

FFP1 masks of better quality consist of lightweight non-woven material with elastic band and mouldable nose clip, in which case no paper materials and so forth are used, rather only non-woven material. However, these masks are also only useful against all non-toxic and inert dust particles of 0.4 micron and larger, but not against viruses.

質量較好的 FFP1 口罩採用輕質不織布,配上鬆緊帶和可塑形鼻夾,不使用紙張等材料,只使用不織布。然而,這些口罩也只能用於抵抗所有 0.4 微米及更大的無毒惰性塵埃顆粒,但不能抵抗病毒。

754-01-3m ffp1 mask


FFP1 masks of special quality are made of high-quality non-woven fabric and can, if they correspond to a good product, be used for a short period of time as well as be disinfected from time to time with 70% alcohol spray, after which, however, if they are made of suitable non-woven fabric, they can be washed hot at 60 degrees after one day’s use at the most and then disinfected again with 70% alcohol spray. Such FFP1 masks can be washed up to 100 times and more by hand – not by machine – with a suitable detergent, and then be reused.

特殊品質的 FFP1 口罩是由優質不織布材料製成,而且是良好的產品並可以短時間使用,也可以用 70% 的酒精噴霧經常消毒。如果它們是由合適的不織布製成,它們最多在使用一天後可用攝氏 60 度的水來清洗,然後​​用 70% 的酒精噴霧劑再次消毒。這種 FFP1 口罩可以用合適的洗滌劑手洗 100 次以上,但不能用機器洗,乾後即可重複使用。

FFP2 respiratory protective masks 3M FFP2 of good quality are recommended for use in normal daily life, but not when dealing with large groups of persons.

良好品質的 FFP2 口罩 3M FFP2 建議在日常生活中使用,但不宜在眾多的人群中使用。

754-02-3m ffp2 mask


These respiratory protective masks usually consist of a hydrophobic treated fabric in their outer layer, which serves as protection against expiratory droplets and aerosols.


The middle layer of these masks corresponds to a 3-layer high performance filter system called FFP2 and is professionally tested, while the inner layer consists of an antibacterial treated fabric.

這些口罩的中間層是經過專業測試的名為 FFP2 的三層高性能過濾系統,而內層則是經過抗菌處理的織物。

Good and tested FFP2 protective masks are an innovative filter medium, which offers a certain protection and safety against material foreign substances as well as against aerosols and expiratory droplets, fungal spores, microorganisms, bacteria and parasites, but is not suitable against viruses and is designed only for low breathing resistance.

良好且經過測試的 FFP2 口罩是一種創新的過濾方法,可提供一定的保護和安全,防止外來物質以及氣溶膠和飛沫、真菌孢子、微生物、細菌和寄生蟲,但不適合防止病毒,而是專為降低呼吸阻力而設計。

These masks are good work protection masks, which are treated with dolomite dust and therefore are also repeatedly usable and applicable. These masks have an enlarged filter surface and ensure a longer service life, while also offering an extra wide, skin-friendly face seal, a good wearing comfort and a relatively high safety. They are equipped with an adjustable, extra-wide strap that guarantees individual adjustment. As a rule, a cool-flow exhalation valve prevents heat build-up in the mask, which makes it easier to breathe, while also a padded nose bridge ensures optimal adaptation to the shape of the face.

這些口罩是很好的工作防護口罩,經白雲石粉塵(dolomite dust)處理,所以可以重複使用幾次。這些口罩有一個增大的過濾表層,能確保更長的使用壽命,同時還提供了一個特別寬闊、可良好密封面部皮膚、穿戴舒適和相對較高的安全性。它們配備了一個可調整、超寬的鬆緊帶,保證可因個人而調整。一般來說,一個冷流呼氣閥(cool-flow exhalation valve)防止熱量積聚在口罩,使其更易於呼吸,而軟墊鼻樑確保對臉型的最佳適應。

FFP3 respiratory protection masks 3M FFP3 consist of a light non-woven material, are equipped with adjustable retaining straps and a formable nose bridge as well as with a very good exhalation valve. These masks correspond to a high safety level against material foreign substances, that is to say, solid particles as well as against bacteria, microorganisms, fungal spores, parasites, liquid and non-volatile aerosols and thus also expiration droplets, however, also against organic gases and vapours. According to terrestrial designations and indications of value, our test results have shown that really good masks of this type offer protection that can be measured as up to 10 times the MAK value.

FFP3 口罩 3M FFP3 由輕巧的不織布材料製成,配有可調節的固定帶、可塑形的鼻樑和一個非常好的呼氣閥。這些口罩對外來物質具有很高的安全性,也就是固體顆粒以及細菌、微生物、真菌孢子、寄生蟲、液體、非揮發性氣溶膠和飛沫,也能防止有機氣體和蒸汽。根據地球上的名稱和價值,我們的測試結果顯示,這種真正好的口罩提供的保護,可測量高達 10 倍的 MAK 值。

754-03-3m ffp3 mask


These breathable protective masks are 3-layer mask products that provide both a very good protection for the wearer himself/herself, but also for persons in the immediate environment; consequently, these masks are the most recommendable ones during tight contact with large numbers of persons and with large groups of persons and so forth.


The respiratory protective masks of the FFP3 standard that we have thoroughly tested provide effective protection against infections and therewith against an illness. These masks are designed for multiple use, can also be lightly sprayed with some 70% alcohol if necessary and thus disinfected from time to time, while certainly maintaining their effectiveness over five wash cycles. Also these masks – like all the other respiratory protective masked mentioned above – are not intended for medical use and, as with all other protective masks mentioned, they do not provide any protection against viruses. These masks correspond to products which fulfil all the necessary requirements as respiratory protection masks of general quality and, according to our cognitions and test results, can be recommended.

經我們徹底測試的 FFP3 標準口罩,能提供有效的保護以防止感染及抵抗疾病。這些口罩是為多種用途而設計的,如果有必要,可以噴上少量 70% 的酒精,因此可以經常進行消毒,在五次洗滌週期內保持其有效性。此外,這些口罩 —— 就像上面提到的其他口罩一樣 —— 並不適用於醫療用途,因為它們不能提供任何抵抗病毒的防護。這些口罩符合一般質量口罩的所有必要要求,可以根據我們的知識和測試結果推薦使用。

All 17 different respiratory protective masks tested by us, which you have procured for us – and which we have examined very carefully to the best of our ability by means of lengthy examinations and tests and so forth – produced extremely different cognitions and results, which are to be assessed from being absolutely unsuitable and highly hazardous to health – such as fabric masks of all kinds, both home-made and purchased, which are also to be assessed as absolutely damaging to health – up to partly halfway useful products, such as FFP1 masks of various types. Furthermore, some masks have shown to be of higher value; namely protective masks of the quality FFP2 and FFP3. Adversely, it has unfortunately proven that extreme caution must be exercised when purchasing such products, because a large part of such masks correspond to very inferior or even absolutely unsuitable products; therefore when buying such products it is necessary to investigate and question the production standard as well as the origin of the masks.

我們測試了你為我們提供的 17 種不同口罩,通過漫長的檢查和測試等,我們已經盡我們所能,進行了非常仔細的檢查,產生了截然不同的發現和結果 —— 例如各種織物口罩,包括自製的和購買的,是被評估為絕對不適合和對健康極度有害的;另外是還可以用的產品,諸如各種類型的 FFP1 口罩。此外,較高價值的口罩;也就是 FFP2 和 FFP3 口罩的品質也得到肯定。可惜的是,也發現在購買這類產品時必須極為謹慎,因為大多數這類口罩都是非常劣質甚至是絕對不適合的產品;因此在購買此類產品時,應澄清和詢問有關商品和口罩的原產地是必要的。

The 2nd wave of the rampantly spreading corona disease, which is already underway, will break out openly in a few days and spread worldwide in such a fast and precarious form that it will far surpass the now expired 1st wave. The second wave, which is now spreading in this respect, will be much more than the harmless term ‘2nd wave’, because it is spreading very quickly into a worldwide conflagration which will henceforth also affect the whole of Europe and claim very many victims. Also the two countries Italy and Spain will be badly affected once again, as will all the countries around the world, which up to now got away relatively lightly, that is to say, without serious consequences.


And, as I have already told you, Switzerland will not be spared either, because in your homeland there exist unfortunately the two factors that promote the disaster; namely the incompetence and low intelligentum of those governors and politicians who would be responsible in their own jurisdiction for the measures to be taken and enforced against the rampantly spreading corona disease. However, they are absolutely incapable of doing this, presenting themselves to the public in a self-glorious, self-important, conceited and simple-minded form; namely, as a rule, without any sense and purpose. Then there is the group of the – as you say in each case – ones with bean-straw-like low intelligentum, whose – as you always say – brain-amputated intellect and their underdeveloped intelligentum and howling unreasonableness is uproarious. That, dear friend, I simply had to say in this form, because your mode of expression is always much more striking than mine; therefore I have yet to learn it in my old age.

而且,正如我已經告訴過你的,瑞士也不能倖免,因為在你們的祖國,同樣不幸有兩個因素促進了災難的發生;也就是那些無能和愚蠢的領導人和政客,那些在自己管轄範圍內應負責採取和執行防阻冠狀病毒疫情措施的人。然而,他們絕對做不到這點,而只會在公共場合以一種自我炫耀、自負、自滿和愚蠢的方式出現,通常沒有任何意義和目的。此外,還有一群人 —— 正如你在每次所說的 —— 像麥草豆子的蠢人,他們 —— 正如你常說的 —— 腦部受損,而且他們不發達的智力和不合理的嚎叫是一種咆哮。這點,親愛的朋友,我不得不這樣說,因為你自己的表達方式總是比我的更恰當,所以在我晚年還得學學這些。

Now, this second welling up of the rampantly spreading disease will this time also affect all countries throughout Europe, namely also Switzerland. Overall, infections will rise very sharply on all continents and in all countries outside Europe, as will also the number of deaths, although, as I said, also the whole of Europe will not be spared. Also those countries in Europe, as also in the whole of the world, which have been less affected by the disease or which have survived the first wave and live in the false assumption that everything is over for them, will now be affected by the second wave, and indeed likewise in a more widespread form than was partly the case with the first round of the rampantly spreading disease. Thus the official figure – which does not include the large number of unreported cases – of 40 million infections worldwide from the rampantly spreading corona disease, will be reached around the 20th of October, while by then, worldwide, officially – again without the number of unreported cases – there will be over 1.2 million deaths to be mourned, which, however, will thereafter still increase in every respect. The first end of the rampantly spreading corona disease will not be the last end, because the virus will carry over far into the future. This is because all around in all countries of the entire Earth, on the one hand, the necessary and correct measures are not recognised by those responsible for the country and consequently, on the other hand, cannot be implemented in the peoples in order to bring about an effective end to the rampantly spreading disease. A further problem in this respect arises from the low intelligentum of the world-wide unteachable and irresponsible parts of the population, which, as a result of its devotion, ties itself to harmful conspiracy theories, wherethrough – because all precautionary and protective measures are disregarded – the rampantly spreading corona disease is spread further. But this will be to the detriment and harm of many of those who refuse to take precautions, and will even bring them death.

好吧,這次疫情的第二波爆發也會影響到歐洲所有國家,包括瑞士。總體而言,所有大洲和歐洲以外的所有國家的感染將會非常高地增加,死亡人數也會增加,儘管如我所說,整個歐洲不會倖免。還有那些歐洲的國家,以及全世界的國家,這些國家到目前為止受疫情影響較小,或者那些在第一波中倖存下來的國家,他們生活在錯誤的假設下認為一切都結束了,現在將會受到第二波的影響,這波比第一波疫情傳播的情況範圍更廣全世界官方統計的感染人數(不包括大量未被發現的病例)將在 10 20 日左右達到 4,000 ,到那時,全世界官方統計的死亡人數(同樣不包括未發現病例的數量)將超過 120 。冠狀病毒疫情的第一波結束不會是最後一次,因為病毒會被帶到很遠的未來。這是因為,在全世界所有國家,一方面,對國家負責的人沒有認識到必要和正確的措施,另一方面,這些措施不能在人民中強制執行,從而有效地結束這種流行病。由於世界上無可救藥和不負責任的愚蠢民眾,在這方面產生了另一個更大的問題,由於其盲從,必然導致有害的陰謀論,因為所有預防和保護措施都被忽視,導致疫情進一步蔓延。但這將對許多拒絕保護措施的人他們自己造成損失和傷害,甚至帶來死亡。

It is also important to reiterate that there can be no certainty of immunity for those who have recovered from the disease, because our cognitions prove that those who have been infected once and recovered remain susceptible to infection throughout their lives and can therefore be re-infected at any time and be befallen again by the rampantly spreading disease. In that case such a second infection can be more life-threatening than an initial infection with a subsequent recovery, which therefore can lead increasingly to fatalities in the case of such renewed infections.


As we can see, even among experts, such as virologists and doctors and so forth, there are unteachable elements who trivialise the whole thing, fail to comprehend the facts or are even followers of the conspiracy theories.


Furthermore, as has been explained several times in previous discussions, it happens that once a corona infection has been overcome and the patient has recovered, impulses have been deposited in the entire organism by the virus – this fact of a deposition of disease impulses in the organism is unknown to terrestrial virologists and physicians – through which, as a result of various circumstances, other diseases and illnesses unrelated to the rampantly spreading corona disease arise, which, in the long term, can be seen as a wasting away or even be fatal. Terrestrial medicine will not be able to counteract this fact for very long centuries, because due to the massive procreation and mass births of the further growing overpopulation the whole thing will be carried very far into the future by heredity, which already started months ago and can no longer be prevented, that is to say, stopped, and additionally in this regard it will lead to a new kind of rampantly spreading disease arising from it in the future, which can become an almost exterminating pandemic. Therefore the terrestrial human Ausartung with regard to the enormous mass of overpopulation that slowly threatens all life on Earth, will or can lead to a very bad end.

此外,它的結果,正如在前面的討論中多次說明的那樣,一旦冠狀病毒在感染後康復,脈衝會由病毒沉積在整個有機體中 —— 這種疾病脈衝沉積在有機體中的事實,是地球上的病毒學家和醫生所不知道的 —— 通過這些疾病,由於各種情況,出現與冠狀病毒疫情無關的其他疾病和病痛,這可能是一種長期的逐漸衰弱,也可能是致命的。地球上的藥物在很長的世紀內都無法消除這個問題,因為不斷增長的人口帶來的大量生產和大量出生,將透過遺傳把整件事拖到遙遠的未來,這在幾個月前就已經開始了,而且再也不能停止了,而且在這方面,它將導致一種由它引起而在今後迅速蔓延的嶄新疾病,這種病可能成為幾乎是滅絕性的流行病。因此,就緩慢威脅地球上所有生命的人口過剩而言,地球人類的退化(Ausartung)將可能導致一個非常糟糕的結局。

Furthermore it is to be said – as far as our directives allow me to explain something in this respect – that all terrestrial medical science should not simply concentrate on the development of a certain vaccine, but at the same time should also focus on the different blood groups. This is because they are important, because they determine from the outset – and this should be given special attention – the degree of the infection factor. In this respect I have to explain – for which I will use the terrestrial medical terms – that the erythrocytes, that is to say, the red blood cells, which on their surfaces consist of different structures such as proteins, that is to say, amino acids and lipid compounds, must be influenced by appropriate vaccines. The term lipids corresponds to a term which is to be understood as accumulation, whereby the mentioned lipid compounds on the erythrocytes usually consist mainly of water-insoluble natural substances. Due to their low polarity, lipids can be easily dissolved in hydrophobic, that is to say, waterless solvents. Lipids are related to the blood group, whereby each human being possesses a certain type of such antigens which, as foreign proteins, cause the formation of antibodies against themselves in the body and therewith form a certain blood group. The most important blood group systems of terrestrial human beings are first and foremost the AB0 system, then the rhesus system and the Kell system, for which I will have to explain a few things for understanding by non-medically educated ones.

此外,還必須說 —— 就允許我根據我們的指示在這方面解釋一些事情而言 —— 整個地球上的醫學科學不應僅僅集中於研製某種疫苗,但同時也要專注於不同血型。這是因為這些東西很重要,因為它們從一開始就決定了 —— 而這點是應該強調的 —— 感染的程度。在這方面,我必須解釋 —— 對此我將使用地球上的醫學術語 —— 也就是紅細胞或紅血球,在其表面含有蛋白質和脂質化合物等不同結構,必定受到適當疫苗的影響。脂質(lipids)一詞與堆積物(accumulation)一詞的理解相符,其中提到的紅細胞上的脂質化合物通常主要由不溶於水的天然物質組成。由於其極性低,脂質很容易溶解在疏水或無水溶劑中。脂質與血型相似,從而每個人都有某種類型的這種抗原,這就像外來蛋白質一樣,能在體內形成對自身的抗體,從而形成某種血型。地球人類最重要的血型系統首要的是「ABO 血型系統」,然後是「Rh 血型系统」(rhesus system)和「Kell 血型系統」(Kell system),對此我必須解釋一些事情來讓沒有接受過醫學教育的人理解。

In the narrower sense, blood groups are to be understood as all genetically determined erythrocyte characteristics, that is to say, disc-shaped, 8.4 micrometre tiny cells without nuclei, which are slightly dented in the middle. Such erythrocytes, that is to say, blood cells, have a lifespan of about 4 months and can be calculated at about 26 000 million-million in an adult human being.

狹義上的血型都是由基因決定的紅細胞特徵,也就是說,圓盤狀(disc-shaped),大約 8.4 微米的微小無核細胞,中間有一點凹陷。這樣的紅細胞或紅血球的壽命約為四個月,而一個成年人身上的數量大約為 2 萬 6,000 億個。

In the normal case it happens that every structure, that is to say, organism, of the human being develops an antibody on the surface of a cell, which represents its own blood group characteristic. This blood group determination entails a comprehensively practical meaning, which, for example, in the case of a necessary blood transfusion, prevents negative transfusion reactions. This is also of importance in clarifying transfusion incidents, in prenatal care as well as in organ transplantation, whereby on Earth all of it is also of great importance in forensic medicine.

正常情況下,人類的每一個結構或有機體都在一個細胞表面產生一種抗體,這代表著人類自身血型的特性。這種血型的確定具有全面的實際意義,例如,在必要的輸血發生時,可防止負面輸血反應。這對澄清輸血事件、對於產前護理以及對於器官移植也很重要,所有這些對地球上的法醫(forensic medicine)都非常重要。

If a human being receives the blood of an incompatible blood group, then this can lead to a dissolution of erythrocytes through the destruction of the cell membrane with the transfer of haemoglobin into the plasma, through which the blood components are destroyed, which, under some circumstances, can be fatal. Therefore not all blood groups are compatible with each other, which is due to the blood group antibodies, because for every blood group antigen there is also a specific blood group antibody and this antibody can recognise the antigen concerned and clump with it. Therefore it is clear that blood group antibodies float in the blood of every human being, and go against those antigens that do not belong to the human being. Therethrough the body’s own immune system is prevented from acting against its own erythrocytes. However, if a blood transfusion is carried out with the wrong blood of a different blood group, then, in the blood system, the foreign erythrocytes are fought against. The determination of the blood group is therefore of immense practical importance in a blood transfusion, especially in an organ transplantation. And finally, it is to be said that blood groups of ethnic populations are usually different and also unequally distributed. This is just as the various blood groups are, of course, in general fundamentally different with regard to their susceptibility to infection, depending on their ethnical origin, namely also in regard to their susceptibility to the corona virus, to which blood group 0 is the least susceptible because it has a certain better immunity stability than the other blood groups. These are the facts to be explained.

如果一個人接受了不相容血型的血液,血紅蛋白進入血漿會破壞細胞膜,從而導致紅細胞溶解,破壞血液成分,這可能是致命的。並不是所有的血型都能互相兼容,這是由於血型抗體,因為每個血型抗原都有一個特定的血型抗體,而這個抗體能識別出討論到的抗原並與之凝結成塊。所以很明顯,每個人類血液中的血型抗體都在對抗那些不屬於人類的抗原。這就阻止了身體自身的免疫系統對抗其自身的紅細胞。然而,如果用不同血型的錯誤輸血,血液系統就會排斥外來的紅細胞。所以,血型的確定在輸血時,特別是在器官移植中具有巨大的實際意義。最後,應該說的是,不同種族的人民的血型通常不同,而且分佈不均。這就像不同的血型,當然,根據他們的種族血統,在對感染的易感性和對冠狀病毒的易感性上都有根本的不同O 型血型的人是最不易感染的,因為它比其他血型具有更好的免疫穩定性。這些就是需要解釋的事實。


Thanks. Your explanations express much more than all our earthlings-virologists and so forth have indicated so far in terms of information.



Because they probably don’t know any better. …





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