摘錄自第748次接觸報告 關於「比利邁爾的真實年齡」


(摘錄自 2020.07.27 第 748 次接觸報告)



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  • 這是一篇摘錄的中譯本。
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英版來源:Future Of Mankind

中版譯者:James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象《有關比利邁爾的真實年齡》(痞客邦部落格)



這一段重要訊息,是摘錄自 2020 年 7 月 27 日的《第 748 次接觸報告》的部分內容。
由於是由 Ptaah 第一次披露,意義非同尋常!而這也是他在最近得自他父親的《Sfath 紀事資料》中最新的發現,連他都覺得不可思議,可見其受到的震撼有多麼大!
根據《Sfath 紀事資料》的紀載,也就是在 1944 年到 1950 年代(那時比利還只是個七歲到十幾歲的孩子),Sfath 就已經帶他穿越時空,回到 2.72 億年前的世界!並且還進入到未來世界!而經歷的時間還長達六十多年!
那麼,在 1950 年代,以比利經歷的時間來算,在地球上他實際上已經是個多活了七十多年(至少是心智年齡)的“老人”了!(當然,據 Ptaah 說,有多次運用他們「流體動力控制再生轉換器」的再生設備,使比利始終在外表與生理上符合他當時“在地球的年齡”;也就是十幾歲的樣子。)
加上後來多次隨 Asket 與其他 Plejaren 進入過去與未來的時光,因此如果計算比利的真實年齡,Ptaah 說已是遠遠超過他目前在地球壽命 83 ½ 年的兩倍,也就是至少已有 167 歲以上!。


Then we should talk openly about the secrets you are hiding regarding your age.



You know how to change the subject abruptly, my friend, and I don’t want to talk about exactly what you’re talking about because I don’t think it’s important. Besides, it’s my business, which probably doesn’t concern anybody and I’m not interested in it being spread around.



Eduard, you are wrong, dear friend, because I think that the time has come to talk about this matter and to clarify some things that you are obviously afraid to talk about. But first of all, what we have talked about now still comes up, because that must also be clarified. So …





… Then everything is said, and therefore we can talk about other things, such as why you called me secretive, because you avoided my question and gave no explanation.

… 那麼一切都說出來了,因此我們可以談論其他的事情,例如為什麼你說我“深藏不漏”,而你迴避了我的問題,沒有作出任何解釋。


Yes, it is indeed so, but now I want to talk about why I said secret things to you. The reason is that in my father’s Sfath Annals records, which I have to work through slowly and extremely painstakingly, I have seen information that explains a great deal about what, how and through what you have learned everything in past and future times. I could never have imagined that a boy could go through such a thing without being harmed in consciousness, mind and reason and in his behaviour for his whole life. This is also true for everything in your youth and also afterwards, which makes me think that even a person my age could not cope with the whole thing, so I don’t understand how it was possible for you to get through everything without …

是的,確實如此,但是現在我想談談為什麼說你“深藏不漏”。原因是,在我父親的《Sfath 紀事資料》(Sfath Annals)記錄中,我必須緩慢而費盡心思地去研究這些內容,而我所看到的資訊,其中解釋了你是如何和經過什麼,在穿梭於過去和未來之中所學到的一切。我實在無法想像一個男孩能夠經歷過這樣的事情,卻沒有在意識、心智和理性方面,以及他一生的行為上受到傷害。這在你青年時期和成年之後也是如此,這讓我覺得,即使像我這樣年紀的人,可能都不能應付整個狀況,所以我不明白,你怎麼可能熬過這一切而沒有…


Alright, just don’t think about it, because Sfath always said that if something can’t be understood, you have to let it go, because otherwise the human being could get behind it, so it could lead to a blowing of the fuses, so to speak, which would make it dark in the brain – if you understand what I mean.

好吧,那就不要去想它,因為 Sfath 總是說,如果有些事你就是搞不懂,那就順其自然,因為否則人就可能會陷入其中,最後可能會導致腦袋短路,可以這麼說,這將使它在大腦中陷入黑暗 —— 如果你明白我說的意思。


But I must try to understand the whole of what I have read in his annals and experienced as knowledge, so that I now know much more about you and my father and I must look at and understand different things differently than was the case up to now. On the other hand, while studying the annals of my father Sfath, I was surprised to discover that you are in reality much older than I had previously known. Only that which concerns the reality of my father’s true being, his abilities, his knowledge, the cognitive complex of his behavioral system and the control of all things carried out from it, as well as the clear transformation of information carried out by mind and reason, seems monstrous to me. This, as well as the resulting clear recognition of the effective real reality and its truth, but also its experience, experiencing, and the learning and the effective profound realization through understanding and reason as well as the understanding of everything I know surpasses everything I know. It is only now, when I can read, work through and study his annals, that I get to know my father in a profound way, only about 70 years after his death, which causes me on the one hand sadness and pride, but on the other hand also regret, because only now I begin to perceive a deep inner connection to and with him, which evokes intense emotions in me, which I do not know how to cope with.

但我必須努力去理解我閱讀到他的紀事資料和經歷過的全部內容,所以我現在對於你和我父親有更多的瞭解,而我必須對發生到目前為止的許多事情,以不同以往的方式來觀察和理解。另一方面,在研究我父親 Sfath 的紀事資料時,我驚訝地發現,你實際上比我之前所知道的要老得多。在我看來,只有那些涉及我父親的真實本性、他的能力、他的知識、他行為系統的認知複雜性,以及從中實現一切事物的控制,以及經由思維與理性所進行之資訊的清晰轉換,對我來說似乎都是非比尋常的。這方面,以及由此得出的對實際現實及其真相的清晰認識,以及它的經驗、體驗與通過理解和理性而學習到的實際深刻實現,還有對所認識一切的理解,都超越了我所知道的一切。只是現在,當我能夠閱讀、處理和研究他的紀事資料時,卻是在他去世約 70 年後,才深刻認識到我的父親,這一方面給我帶來悲傷,同時也帶來了自豪,但另一方面也感到遺憾,因為直到現在,我才開始感覺到與他有著一種深刻的內在聯繫,這喚起我內心強烈的情緒,我不知道如何應對。

Eduard, dear friend, in a similar way as in the case of my father Sfath, my findings now give rise to similar feelings in me with regard to our friendship. Eduard, as far as we are concerned, I cannot remain silent, because reality has caught up with me on this point as well. Only now I recognize your true nature through my father’s records, because now I have become aware that you have developed in all ways of your cognition, that is, your mind, your reason, your knowledge, your behavior and your mentality, respectively your previous thought-feeling-psychological personality traits, in such a way that everything was characteristic of my father Sfath. You have endeavored to become an impeccable human being within yourself according to your own efforts and will and to take everything positive and negative influences from the outside upon you without complaint and to use them for your development of your being, as my father recorded in his annals, as well as as Asket, as she now explained to me and knows everything, because she accompanied you from 1953 to 1975 after my father left. And as my father Sfath explained, you have created a personal and almost dangerous pattern of thinking, thinking, feeling and behavior according to your own sense, which you have formed, used and employed for your special self-development in such a way that in the course of all your earthly unusually long life time – the normal one and the one of the past and future – you have become a person resp. a life-stable person without fear and reproach, as it was formulated by Asket.

愛德華,我親愛的朋友,就像發生在我父親 Sfath 那裡的情況類似,我發現目前我們的友誼在我內心引起相似的感受。愛德華,就我們而言,我不能再保持沉默,因為現實在這一方面也趕上了我。只是現在我經由我父親的記錄已認識到你的真實本性,因為現在我才意識到,你的認知已經發展到所有的面向,也就是你的頭腦、你的理性、你的知識、你的行為和心態,還有你以前的「思想-感情-心理」性格,這一切都呈現了我父親 Sfath 的特徵。你已努力成為一個無可挑剔的人,並毫無怨言地接受來自外界的一切影響,無論是積極還是消極的事情,且利用它來促進你的發展,正如我父親記錄在他的紀事資料中,以及 Asket 現在向我所說明的一切那樣,因為她在我父親離開後,從 1953 年到 1975 年一直陪伴著你。正如我父親 Sfath 所解釋的,你根據自己的感覺創造了一種個人而幾乎是危險的思維、思考、感覺和行為模式,而你形塑、使用並利用這種模式在你特殊的自我發展上,在你異常漫長的地球生命中 —— 包含了正常以及過去和未來的生命 —— 正如 Asket 所說,你已經成為一個沒有恐懼和苛責而對一切都波瀾不驚的人。

All this, Eduard, dear friend, causes me a problem, and this is because I have recognized and now know that my father Sfath was a special person with such knowledge, with abilities, unusual values, a mentality and with energies and powers etc. of a special kind, just like you. And this is something I have thought about and now I know that I will never achieve this myself, because on the one hand, at my present age, I could not find the time or the possibilities to learn everything at the same time. On the other hand, I must honestly admit that if I myself had been confronted with all this as a young person through my father, as it happened between the two of you, I would not have had the necessary insight, energy and strength to get through it all and to form myself into what you both have achieved. In fact, I am ashamed to admit this, even that I am not able to do it at my present age. I am also ashamed to admit that I did not really know Sfath, my father, in the way I have mentioned, but only saw and experienced him as a father, but never in his true mental greatness, his intentional character with all the results of his personal attitudes and thought processes, which led to him setting himself challenging goals and holding on to them under all difficulties, just like you, who followed in his footsteps and followed him.

所有這一切,愛德華,親愛的朋友,這給我帶來了一個問題,這是因為現在我已經認識並知道我的父親 Sfath 是一個特殊的人,他有這樣的知識、能力、不尋常的價值觀、一種心態,以及就像你一樣那種特殊的能量和力量等。這是我一直在思考的事情,現在我知道我自己永遠也做不到這一點,因為一方面,在我這個年紀,我已經找不到時間或機會去同時學習這一切。另一方面,我必須坦白承認,如果我自己年輕時面對經由我父親在你們兩人之間所發生的一切,那麼我可能不具備必要的洞察力、精力和力量來度過這一切,並塑造自己達到你們兩人所取得的成就。事實上,我不得不承認,即使我在現在這個年紀也做不到。我也很慚愧,我並不真正瞭解以上我所敘述的父親 Sfath,而只視他為一位父親,但從來沒有體驗到他具有真正的偉大心智、他有意識的性格,以及他個人的態度和思維過程的所有結果,這使他給自己設定了具有挑戰性的目標,並在所有困難中堅持這些目標,就像你一樣,踏著他的腳步,跟隨著他。

What has now been said in this connection on the one hand, while on the other hand it must still be said that you have been able, through your personal experience and observation, to acquire a very extensive knowledge with regard to real events, occurrences, facts and very varied occurrences etc., which have often been wrongly recorded in chronicles and other writings by chroniclers and scribes etc. as a result of their own factually twisting interpretations. In this way, after the invention of writing, this happened at all early times in all advanced civilisations, because all those who knew the Scriptures did not write everything down in a neutral way, but recorded everything as they evaluated and understood it in a self-interpreting way. According to this fact, chronicles and many other traditional written traditions exist on earth today, which do not correspond exactly to the facts of the past, but often only to the personal and incorrect interpretations of the writers and consequently not to the effective events. All that has been said so far, because there are still many…



Interrupt please, but I think that we should not talk openly about what you have said so far. I also think that I probably shouldn’t recall the whole thing and not write it down, because it was private, wasn’t it?



I don’t see it that way.



Excuse me, but I’d be bloody embarrassed.



What I didn’t know before, this was also the case for all those who work with you, as well as for many others, all of whom have a right to know the circumstances mentioned. I am also sorry, my friend, because I see no reason why we should not talk freely about this, because it should be said openly what is going on, as you sometimes say. Only your real age should also be mentioned once, as well as the fact that several times in all your life time, namely whenever you have been travelling for months or years in other times resp. in the past or in the future, you had to spend 18 days in our regeneration devices every 7 years in an hourly interrupting manner, which I will call a hydrodynamic control regeneration converter, according to which you have visibly not aged. For the first time this was in 1944, so from that time on you always remained constant in your outer appearance and visibly aged in a normal way only at those times when you were back on earth at the place you had left for a longer time. When you later, usually after weeks, months or years, returned by time manipulations at the same time or hour you had left, there was therefore no external aging of your body. And these important and necessary 18-day procedures, in the Hydrodynamic Regeneration Converters, were absolutely essential to maintain the processes of your total body mobility. This is because naturally, due to the aging of the body as a result of loss of energy and strength as well as natural age-degenerative processes, the entire physical motility decreases, or rather, the totality of all unconsciously controlled and running movements of the body and all its organs, whereby the ability to move of all organisms and cell organs is impaired, thus resulting in losses of the entire activity of the ability to move. However, this had to be prevented in your case, and consequently in your present age, which today – calculated from your birth in 1937 – is far more than twice your present earthly life of 83½ years. Consequently, even today you still have a motility-controlled movement norm that is largely abnormal for your old body existence and for earthly concepts.

我之前不知道這些事,但所有與你一起工作的人,以及許多其他的人,都有權知道上述情況。我也覺得很抱歉,我的朋友,因為我不明白為什麼我們不能自由談論這件事,因為你有時也說要公開說明這是怎麼回事。單就你的實際年齡,應該說明一次,這是一個事實,且在你的一生中發生了好幾次,也就是每當你在過去或將來的時空中穿梭過幾個月或幾年之後你必須每 7 年以每小時中斷一次的方式 18 天運用我們稱之為流體動力控制再生轉換器」(hydrodynamic control regeneration converter)的再生設備使你維持沒有明顯老化的現象。這種作法,第一次是在 1944 年,所以從那個時候起,當你離開地球較長的時間再回來時,在那些狀況下,你總是以這種方式,保持年齡與外表狀態看起來正常。而每當你通常要花幾個星期、幾個月甚至幾年去歷經時光穿梭後,都會以「時間操作」(time manipulations)的方式,讓你回到當時離開的時間點,因此你的身體看起來沒有老化的跡象。這種運用「流體動力再生轉換器」(Hydrodynamic Regeneration Converters)重要的 18 天程序,以保持你全身運動性的過程,是絕對必要的。這是因為,由於能量和力量的耗損以及自然的衰老過程使身體老化,而導致整個身體的運動性下降,或者更確切地說,身體及其所有器官全部無意識控制和運行的整體能力下降,從而損害了所有生物體和細胞器官的運動能力,從而造成整個運動能力活性的損失。然而,對你而言,這種情況必須防止,因此在你的這個年齡 —— 自你 1937 年出生到今天 —— 已是遠遠超過你目前在地球壽命 83 ½ 年的兩倍[中譯者註:也就是按照地球計算時間的方式,Billy 實際的年齡至少已有 167 歲以上。因此,即使在今天,你仍然有一個正常的運動控制功能,這對你原本存在於地球上的身體而言,是非常不尋常的。


That is clear to me, also that I am a little older than all other earthlings at present. But what I have gained in years from the aging prevention procedures in addition to my normal birth age, I have never added up and thought that it was only something between 20 and 30 years. Although we sometimes talked about these times, but never about what period of years it really was, because I never cared about my age and about the years, which is why during my travels on earth it happened several times that I had 1, 2 or even 3 years <underestimated> when I was asked about my age at national borders or at consulates and therefore once had difficulties.

這方面我很清楚,我是比現在所有其他同齡的地球人都老一點。但多年來,除了正常的出生年齡之外,我從未計算從「預防老化處理過程」(aging prevention procedures)中獲得的歲月,而一直認為總共只不過是 20 到 30 年之間。雖然我們有時談論過這些事情,但從來沒有認真計算過到底是幾年,因為我從來不會去關心我的年齡和那些穿梭時空的歲月,這就是為什麼我在地球上從事旅行途中,曾發生幾次在一些國家邊界或領事館被問及我的年齡,我被低估了 1、2 年,甚至 3 年,當時我因此遇到過一些麻煩。


That’s what Asket told me. But when we talked about the times when you were not underground on earth, our conversations were only about certain short epochs and periods of time that we were both interested in at the moment. But what I now get from my father’s annals of knowledge, that exceeds my previous knowledge about you and my father Sfath in this respect and elsewhere by far. Everything shows me much more than I knew about you before. And what I learn about you from the annals of Sfath, considering my lifetime and everything connected with it, makes me think very thoughtful. This is because I cannot comprehend how you were able to pass and cope with everything that my father and he put you through, both as a boy and in your younger days. You both must have had abilities – and these must still be at work with you today – that kept you from going wrong, because everything was so abnormal, as I now know from the annals that …

那是 Asket 告訴我的。但當我們談到你們不在地球上的年代時,我們的談話只涉及當時我們都感興趣的某些短暫的年代和時期。但我現在從我父親的紀事資料中所獲知的內容,遠遠超過了我以前對於你和我父親 Sfath 在這方面和其他事情的瞭解。一切關於你的事,都比我之前知道的要多。而且我從 Sfath 的紀事資料中瞭解到的,考慮到我這一生和一切與之有關的事情,讓我覺得非常發人深省。這是因為我不明白你在孩提時期以及年輕的年代,是如何熬過並應付我父親賦予並帶領你經歷過的一切。你們兩人一定都有某些能力 —— 而這些能力至今你仍然具備 —— 這讓你不至於出錯,因為這一切都是如此的不尋常,而目前這些都是我從紀事資料上知道的…


Ptaah, just leave it alone, my friend. You don’t have to search for words, just leave it. But while we’re at it, maybe we could say a few words about how you maintain your motility and how you stay physically mobile. As many times as I have met Pleiaren people on Erra or elsewhere, I have never seen any who have had physical remains.

Ptaah,別管這些了,我的朋友。不必去搜尋那些字裡行間的記載,就別理它了。但是,當我們在談這些的時候,也許我們可以談談你們是如何保持你們的活力,你們如何保持身體健康。我在 Erra 星或其他地方見過許多 Plejaren,但我從未見過任何年老體衰的人。


Of course, we also use our hydrodynamic regeneration converter technology, which ensures that we reach our old age with full mobility.



I know that, because Sfath already explained it to me. But I’m interested in something else that I never asked, namely whether and to what extent you can regulate your old age yourself? I was never really interested in that, which is why I never asked questions about it.

我知道,因為 Sfath 已經向我解釋過。但我對我從未問過的事情感到好奇,也就是你們在多大的程度上可以自己管控你們的晚年?我從來沒有真正關心過這件事,這就是為什麼我從來沒有問這類問題。


Our long lifetime of over 1000 years corresponds to an uninfluenced natural generative process.

我們超過 1000 年的壽命,是一種不受影響的「自然生長過程」(natural generative process)。

… …


Then something else, and a word about that, as far as the times of the present, the future and the past are concerned, because among us earthlings the erroneous view is circulating – especially since the 1920s, when in 1927 the fundamentally first science fiction silent film <Metropolis> was created and publicly screened – that when traveling into the past or future, then the exact same time is taking place as in the present, which is completely wrong and false. This assumption is wrong because in the past time already existed and is over, therefore it has no relevance to the present time. This means that if you travel from the present into the past – or into the future – then the present time there runs out, which is practically as fast or as slow as the present time from which the journey into the past or future is made. But the trick is that everything seems to be time-delayed, which means that if a visit is made in the past and a journey is made there. e.g. a day is spent, this is not relevant for the present time, because the past time is and is already decreasing and has no influence on the present time, therefore it cannot be equated with the present time. Therefore, a day or year etc. can be spent in the past, while in the present e.g. only minutes pass etc.

然後是關於現在、未來和過去的時間,還有一些事和一種說法,因為在我們地球上,正流傳著錯誤的觀點 —— 特別是自 1920 年代,第一部科幻無聲電影《大都會》(Metropolis)在 1927 年公開放映 —— 認為當穿梭到過去或未來之中,時間的進行方式完全與「現在」(present)的進行方式相同,這是完全錯誤的。這種假設是錯的,因為過去的時間已經存在並且已經結束,因此它與現在的時間無關。這意味著,如果你從現在穿梭到過去或未來,那麼現在的時間就用完(runs out)了,從現在到過去或未來的行程,幾乎和現在一樣快或一樣慢。但怪就怪在,一切似乎都遲滯(time-delayed)了,這意味著,如果穿梭到過去,並在那裡逗留;例如,花了一天的時間,那麼這與現在的時間無關,因為過去的時間已經過了,對現在的時間沒有影響,因此不能等同於現在的時間。因此,可以在過去花上一天或一年的時間等,而在「現在」,只是過了幾分鐘或幾天等等。

So if one travels into the past or into the future, then the time of that time passes there, which has to be lived through as a <visitor>, according to the time that prevails and is spent there, but which in the future has already expired and passed, but is no longer relevant for the normal present from which one travels into the past, but is already past. So, if one travels from the present into the past and lives in it for example for one or two years, then this has no influence on the normal present time, from which the journey into the past is carried out, because in the past a time is effectively lived through which is no longer relevant for the present of the time of origin of the journey, but has long since ceased to exist. But the time that the traveler experiences in the past from his future present is absolutely real, so he effectively experiences it and ages at this time. So when the traveler returns from the past time into the present time, he has aged by the time he spent in the past. But to return to the time in the present at which the present was left, this can only be done through a manipulation of time. The fact remains that the traveler in the past ages during his visit to the past by the time he spends there, and therefore, if he is an adult man, his beard will grow accordingly, and therefore, people who observe him will recognize that he has been away for a longer time.

因此,如果一個人穿梭到過去或未來,那麼時間會照常運作,那是以“訪客”(visitor)的身份,並依據在那裡運行和度過的時間在運作,但在未來之中,那是已經過期且已流逝的時光,當一旦進入過去,時間就不再與正常的「現在」相關,而都已經是過去的事了。因此,如果一個人從現在穿梭到過去並在其中生活,例如一兩年,那麼這不會影響正常的「現在」時間,因為在過去,那段時間實際上是經歷過的,而與「現在」進入過去的起點時間不再相關,那是在很久以前就已經不復存在的。但是,時光穿梭者從他未來的「現在」經歷過去的時間,那是絕對真實的,所以他在這次實際體驗到時間的流逝並且隨之變老。因此,當時光穿梭者從過去的時間回到「現在」的時候,他已經是歷經過去的時間而變老了。但要回到「現在」離開的時間,這只能通過「操縱時間」(manipulation of time)來完成。而事實就是,時光穿梭者在造訪過去的期間,就是他在那裡度過的時間,所以如果他是一個成年人,他的鬍子將隨時間而長出,因而再度看到他的人會察覺到,他已經離開很長的一段時間了。


That is well explained, and the beard on your face has led to the recognition that you have been absent for longer than the short time in the present. I remember several incidents such as when you were called by my daughter Semjase and you were shaving, and then you were taken away for 6 hours at Wihaldenstrasse 10 in Hinwil and brought back at 5 o’clock in the morning, while James and Calliope waited for your return in the living room. And because during your official present 6-hour absence you were in reality on Erra for 7 days, during which time your facial beard grew and you could not shave it, this 7-day beard growth was of course not overlooked by Jacobus and Calliope.

這是很好的說明,事實上你臉上的鬍子已經讓你意識到,你不在現場的時間比當時耗掉的時間要長。我記得幾起事件,例如我女兒 Semjase 呼叫你時,你剛刮過鬍子,接著你在欣維爾的 Wihaldenstrasse 10 號被帶走 6 個小時候,於早上 5 點回來,當時 James 和 Calliope 在客廳裡等著你回來。因為在你雖然只出去了 6 個小時,但你在 Erra 星上實際上是待了 7 天,在這段期間,你臉上的鬍子長出來而你沒法刮它,留了 7 天的鬍子,當然不可能不被 Jacobus 和 Calliope 看出來。

Besides: I remember that you learned sandblasting in Bern in 1962, met your friend Marga and travelled with her through Italy, Sicily, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland. When you were transferred to Andeer as a result of your work, to do a certain job there, and you also took your girlfriend with you, you were taken away by Asket, and you were with her for 11 months in her home country, but then at the time of your departure you appeared again in your girlfriend’s hotel room – with an 11-month old face beard. Your friend Marga complained and was annoyed by the assumption that you wanted to mislead her and that you had stuck a beard on your face, so that she wanted to tear it off, felt betrayed by you and your relationship deteriorated as a result. I don’t have to say anything more about the consequences of this.

另外我還記得你 1962 年在伯恩(Bern)學過噴砂,認識了你的朋友 Marga,和她一起穿越義大利、西西裡島、西班牙、法國、比利時、盧森堡、德國和瑞士。然後你因為工作被轉移到安德爾(Andeer),當時你還帶著你的女朋友在一起。有一次你被 Asket 帶到她的家鄉星球長達 11 個月,但當你再次出現在你女朋友的酒店房間時,留著一臉 11 個月長的鬍子。當時你想誤導她,堅持鬍子是貼在你臉上的,但你的朋友 Marga 對這個說法根本不信並非常生氣,所以她想撕掉它,感覺是被你背叛了,這導致你們關係的惡化,接著我就不必多說這件事的後果了。

But as far as the time alone is concerned, which you spent with my father Sfath in the past from 1944 until the 1950s in the time of the antique epoch in the Mediterranean area, in Europe, Asia, America, South America and Africa, amounts to 61 years and 94 days. And these were years of learning, along with the years you spent with my father in the past up to 272 million years back, but also the years during which you two explored the future, which is why you also know what unfortunately still bad things will happen, about which my father Sfath obliged you to keep silent and you are no longer to make predictions like in the 1950s, but only partial prophecies. In addition to your and my father’s often long journeys and stays in the past and the future, there are the years that you and you Asket, as well as my daughter Semjase and then Quetzal and I travelled with you for long periods in the past and the future.

但就時間而言, 1944 年到 1950 年代,你與我父親 Sfath 在地中海地區、歐洲、亞洲、美洲、南美洲和非洲的古代時期,一起度過的時間長達 61 年又 94 ,其中還有你與我父親回到 2.72 億年前,而也有進入未來探索的歲月,這些都是多年來的學習過程。這就是為什麼你也知道未來仍然會發生一些不幸的壞事,但我父親 Sfath 要求你保持沉默,所以你不再像 1950 年代那時常作預測,而只作部分的預言。除了你和我父親經常長途跋涉,並停留在過去和未來的歲月,後來還包含 Asket,以及我的女兒 Semjase,然後 Quetzal 和我,在過去和將來長期與你旅行。

[中譯者註:這一段的敘述簡直匪夷所思!也就是在 1944 年到 1950 年代(那時比利還只是個七歲到十幾歲的孩子),Sfath 就已經帶他穿越時空,回到 2.72 億年前的世界大約是二疊紀中期,注意:那時連恐龍都還沒出現)!並且還進入到未來世界(沒有說明是多久以後)!而經歷的時間還長達六十多年!那麼,在 1950 年代,以比利經歷的時間來算,在地球上他實際上已經是個多活了七十多年(至少是心智年齡)老人”了!(當然,據 Ptaah 說,有多次運用他們「流體動力控制再生轉換器」的再生設備,使比利始終在外表與生理上符合他當時“在地球的年齡”;也就是十幾歲的樣子。)這種事情,就算在當前的世界,也會被我們偉大的「科學界」認定是「無稽之談」!]


I know all that, but why talk about it over and over again, because it is not of great importance. …






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