Contact Report 767第767次接觸報告

接觸時間:2021 年 2 月 27 日,星期六




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資料來源:FIGU Landesgruppe Australia





英版譯者:Barbara Lotz; corrections: Vibka Wallder, Vivienne Legg and Christian Frehner





中版譯者:DeepL Translator, James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象《第767次接觸報告》(痞客邦部落格)



三、早在 1970 年代,那個復仇心切的美國人 XXX 與反美的毛澤東一起秘謀,造成了整個疫情的發生,目前有一個來自巴西的人一直在關注這些事實的全部內容,並且還查明了與毛澤東達成協議的美國人是誰


This is an excerpt of the contact. It is an authorised and official English translation and most probably contains errors.



… but now we should discuss something regarding the rampantly spreading corona disease, and it is because of that which we have talked about together with regard to the vaccination against the rampantly spreading corona disease. However, about this you have said that the whole thing must not be mentioned with regard to sneaky machinations of certain vaccine manufacturers, which is clear and which Sfath, your father, had already said, about which I think there should at least be another word said once more, such as the prolonged suffering, the incidence of lethal blood clots in blood vessels of the brain, and so on, and in which case you particularly mentioned … in this regard. We should also talk about … one more time. Also about … and the late effects and the fatalities as well as the blood clots that occur due to certain vaccines, such as vaccinations with the agents …, … and … There is also more to say about the fact that new infections nevertheless occur after certain vaccinations …

… 但現在我們應該討論一些關於冠狀病毒疫情的問題,正是因為這方面,我們一起討論了關於冠狀病毒的疫苗接種問題。然而,關於這一點,你說不能提及某些疫苗製造商的陰險詭計,這一點很清楚,你的父親 Sfath 已經說過了,關於這方面,我認為至少應該再多說一次,比如長期的痛苦,腦血管中致命「血栓」(blood clots)的發生率等等,在這種情況下,你特別提到 XXX 在這方面。我們還應該再談一談 XXX。還有關於 XXX,以及由於某些疫苗,例如用 XXX、XXX 和 XXX 的藥劑接種而產生的後期影響和死亡以及血栓。還有更多關於某些疫苗接種後仍會發生新的感染的事實…。


We should avoid all that, Eduard, and that also includes the mentioning of designations and names, because in doing so …



Of course, I know I would be pestered, which is why I will just replace all the names with dots anyway, when I retrieve and write down our conversation, that is clear for sure. Regarding the whole thing, however, I think we should talk about everything in a somewhat paraphrased form, in order to be able to publish some important information in this regard. Although I have already done that in what I have now said, yet not in the form as it should actually be done more openly.

當然,我知道我這樣做會惹上麻煩,所以當我接收並寫下我們的談話時,我會把所有的名稱都換成 XXX,這一點是肯定的。然而,關於這整件事情,我認為我們應該在某些程度上談論這一切,以便能夠發佈這方面的一些重要資訊。雖然我已經在我現在所運用的形式上做到了這一點,然而卻沒有做到它實際上應該要以更公開地方式進行。


What you are saying is correct, and in addition to that I would like to say the following, which I first did not really want to do, but now will. The corona vaccinations administered to the populations worldwide correspond to totally new mRNA products, some of which, according to our cognitions, pose the danger of the formation of antibodies against the vaccines themselves and even result in life-threatening reactions/effects. We have also noticed time and again that false statements and information are being disseminated to the public both by the government and by virologists and vaccine manufacturers, while at the same time important information for the people is being kept secret or insufficiently explained.


As far as vaccines are concerned, these are consciencelessly being tested unproven on human beings of Earth in the first place, which means a conscienceless and irresponsible intervention in the genetics of humanity and will lead to numerous deaths. Completely scruplelessly, the whole thing is going through a worldwide trial, by testing vaccines on uninformed and dumbed-down human beings in a rapid and short sequence, whereas usually test periods of 10 to 15 years are required before a vaccine can be determined to be largely effective and harmless to health, and can be used as a protective factor against infections.


Due to this consciencelessness of the vaccine corporations, as well as due to the equally consciencelessly acting national leaders, who approve the whole thing, tens of thousands of human beings die or suffer as a result of the vaccinations. In addition to all the disease symptoms mentioned, which we have already mentioned repeatedly since the open outbreak of the rampantly spreading disease, there are still many others that we have not yet brought up, such as muscle paralysis, facial paralysis, infertility, autoimmune disorders, erectile dysfunction, venous occlusions in the brain, heart and other organs, as well as miscellaneous organic long-term damage and lifelong suffering and so on, which may also be consequences of the rampantly spreading corona disease itself, as well as being caused by the as yet untested doubtful vaccines, of which …, for which the vaccine manufacturers are not being held liable, but on the contrary, are taking horrendous profits. Human lives lose any value for both them and the national leaders, because all that counts for those incapable of leadership is their personal safety, their claim for might and their horrendous remuneration, which rests on the peoples to pay for with their tax money.

由於疫苗公司的這種無意識行為,以及由於同樣無意識的國家領導人批准了整個事情,成千上萬的人因接種疫苗而死亡或遭受痛苦。除了上述所有的症狀,我們已經在疫情公開爆發後反復提到過,還有許多其他的症狀我們還沒有提出來如肌肉癱瘓、面部癱瘓、不孕症、自身免疫性疾病、勃起(erectile)功能障礙大腦、心臟和其他器官的靜脈閉塞,以及各種有機的長期損害和終身痛苦等等,這些可能是冠狀病毒疫情本身的後果,也可能是由尚未測試的可疑疫苗引起的,其中包括 XXX。而該疫苗製造商並沒有被追究責任,反而卻獲取了驚人的利潤。人民的生命對他們和國家領導人來說都沒有價值,因為對那些沒有領導能力的人來說,最重要的是他們的人身安全、他們對權力的支配和他們驚人的報酬,而這些都要由人民用他們的稅款來支付。

All vaccines so far, as well as all vaccines yet to come in the times ahead, correspond to experimental and unresearched products that may in the long run cause vaccination damage and side effects, as well as long-term damage, lifetime damage and deaths, and only correspond to the purpose of an immense human experiment carried out worldwide. And for this purpose, national leaders are already coming up with ideas of an obligation in terms of compulsory vaccinations for some populations, thus vaccinations are to be imposed in order to separate the vaccinated ones from the non-vaccinated ones and to provide them with special identification cards. The national leaders will also propagandise that only their governmental ‘experts’ know and are able to explain the truth and will also do so, while voices from the immature populations are in any case incorrect and are not to be heeded but ignored. Human beings who commit suicide, because they cannot bear all this any longer, are being disregarded indifferently and the whole thing is considered to be collateral damage. The governments are also not paying attention to all the human beings who, as a result of the rampantly spreading disease, are tormented with profound thoughts of guilt and feelings of guilt. In addition, the plights and problems of the human beings who have become unemployed and destitute, or who will become destitute in the future, are being fully ignored. This, however, is only until they can be exploited, namely by tormenting them with new fines, laws and taxes, in order to replenish the emptied state coffers that are being depleted by those in government who are senselessly squandering tax money, which they spend as ‘support allowance’ for companies and corporations, and so forth, that have got themselves into trouble as a result of a lack of financial reserves. Those becoming destitute, and objecting to this, are patronisingly set right and their objection is rejected, just as they – if they speak openly – under some circumstances are subjected to punishment and imprisonment for openly thinking or pointing out the errors committed by the leaders of the countries. The national leaders consciencelessly demand the populations to unconditionally believe and obey them and not to doubt their fundamentally wrong decisions and their equally erroneous deeds. They publicly denounce healthy, good and clear criticism as inflammatory, whereas they allow those to make profits, who support and help them to traumatise all those who contradict their lies, cheating, secrecy, imperious wrong decisions and deeds as well as manipulation of figures, and who publicly denounce all their wrongdoing. However, it is still to be said that every human being has to determine for himself/herself whether, how and what he/she intends to do regarding vaccinations and all that I have disclosed. I cannot, will not and must not give advice on the whole, since the freedom of every human being requires that he himself/she herself considers anything and everything, makes his/her own decisions and consequently also acts in his/her own person. My explanations and declarations are merely the result of my own observations and cognitions, and therefore do not constitute an advice or a request for any specific doing or acting. But we should now leave it at what you and I have said, because with what you and I have explained, too much has possibly already been said and might pose a danger to you….

到目前為止,所有的疫苗,以及未來的時間裡仍將出現的所有疫苗,都是實驗性的和未經研究的產品,從長遠來看,可能會造成疫苗接種的傷害和副作用,以及長期傷害、終身傷害和死亡,而且目的只是為了在全世界進行龐大人口的實驗。為了這個目的,國家領導人已經在想辦法讓各種人群強制接種疫苗,也就是說,為了將接種疫苗的人與未接種疫苗的人區分開來,就為他們提供特殊的身份證明,以便讓尚未接種者強制接種疫苗。國家領導人還將宣傳,只有他們的政府“專家”知道並能夠解釋真相,而來自不成熟人群的聲音在任何情況下都是不正確的,不應聽從而該被忽略。那些因為無法再忍受這一切而自殺的人則被漠視,整個事件被認為是附帶的損失。政府也沒有注意到所有的人,由於疫情的肆虐,他們被深刻的內疚思想和內疚感所折磨著。此外,那些已經失業和赤貧的人,或者將來會變得赤貧的人,他們的困境和問題被完全忽視了。然而,這只是在他們可以被利用之前,也就是用新的罰款、法律和稅收來折磨他們,以補充被那些政府官員掏空的國庫,他們毫無意義地揮霍稅款,把這些錢用作公司和企業的“支援津貼”等等,而這些公司和企業是由於缺乏財政儲備而陷入困境。那些變得一貧如洗的人,如果反對這種作法,就會被高高在上的人斥責(patronisingly set right),他們的反對意見將會被拒絕,就像他們 —— 如果他們公開發言 —— 在某些情況下,會因為公開批評或指出國家領導人犯下的錯誤而受到懲罰和監禁。國家領導人無意識地要求民眾無條件地相信和服從他們,不要懷疑他們根本上錯誤的決定和行動。他們公開譴責健康的、良好的、明確的批評是具有煽動性的言論,而他們卻允許那些賺錢的人,支持和幫助他們對所有反對他們的謊言、欺騙、保密、強制性的錯誤決定和行動以及操縱數字的人造成傷害,並公開譴責他們所有的錯誤行為。然而,仍然要說的是,每個人都必須自己決定是否、如何以及打算如何對待疫苗接種和我所披露的一切。我不能、也不會、也不應該對整個問題提出建議,因為每個人有自由為自己考慮任何事情,做出自己的決定,並因此按自己的意願採取行動。我的解釋和聲明只是我自己觀察和認知的結果,因此不構成對任何具體行為或行動的建議或要求。但我們現在應該讓它保留在你和我所說的內容上,因為你和我所解釋的,可能已經說了太多了,對你來說,可能會構成危險…。


It is all right. You do not have to keep talking. You are right. But what you have said is immense, and never before have you spoken in this form, my friend. You amaze me.



Even I, my dear friend Eduard, am allowed to lose my temper once in a while and …



It is okay, Ptaah. It is not a reprimand, but only a realisation. But I have something to say about it myself; namely that I have had such experiences with the government and its various public offices and authorities first hand, and not only in Switzerland, but also in many other countries. Also, Asket often told me that many people, who I inevitably had to deal with, and who flat-out feigned being well-meaning in front of me, were ostensibly friendly and actually helped me as well, then, however, disingenuously defamed me and probably thought that I was stupid and would not notice when I was practically being ‘hidden’ and persecuted throughout my youth – and all of this because I refused to join a sect and believe in a ‘saviour’ and ‘loving god’, as Horat and her sect members wanted me to do. But these are stale stories that no longer bother me today, but which I had to take an immense stand against back then, in order to be able to live at all. But now something else: You said recently that it would be a long time before those in government and the peoples would finally turn to intellect and rationality, just as it would also still take a long time to accept the fact of what led to the rampantly spreading disease some 45 years ago. It is true that we were already talking about this at the time of the open outbreak of the rampantly spreading disease in November 2019 and then time and again, precisely when the rampantly spreading disease then became publicly known in December 2019. And everything we discussed, we also published, including that this rampantly spreading corona disease began to cause many deaths to a great extent as early as January 2019 – to be sure indeed already before that, though less so – as well as that the secret machinations of the revengeful American … together with the anti-American Mao caused the whole thing to happen in the 1970s, through which secret laboratory activities began, which led to the origin of the rampantly spreading disease already in the 1970s. Already then, the first mutations emerged, which then proliferated in large numbers into the new millennium and claimed many human lives, because the rampantly spreading disease had not been recognised, and had been defined as being a different disease from what it was in reality. So it was able to evolve unrestrainedly since then by mutating in multiple numbers, until it was finally discovered in Wuhan, because in the last secret laboratory the whole group became infected through inattentiveness and took the rampantly spreading disease outside and spread it, in which case, however, all those involved also died. As to this, many questions from all over the world have repeatedly emerged since then, wanting to know what else will result from all this. So far, I only know about one person from Brazil who has been concerned with the whole of these facts and also ascertained who the American was who made a pact with Mao out of which then arose the rampantly spreading corona disease catastrophe.

沒關係的,Ptaah。這不是批評,而只是一種觀察。但我自己也有話要說;那就是我曾親身經歷過與政府當局及其各種辦公室打交道,而且不僅僅是在瑞士,在其他許多國家也是如此。另外,Asket 經常告訴我,我難免要和許多人打交道,他們在我面前假裝善意,表面上很友好,實際上也在幫助我,但後來卻狡猾地誹謗我,可能認為我很愚蠢,不會注意到實際上我在整個青年時期就被“隱藏”和迫害 —— 而所有這些都是因為我拒絕加入一個教派,正如 Horat 及其教派成員希望我去相信一個“救世主”(saviour)和“愛世人的神”(loving god)那樣。這些都是陳年往事,今天已不再困擾我,但我當時為了能夠生存下去,必須與他們強烈對抗。但現在還有一件事:你最近說,那些政府和人民最終轉向理性還需要很長的時間,就像還需要很長時間來接受大約是四十五年前就導致目前這場疫情的事實一樣。誠然,在 2019 年 11 月疫情公開爆發時,我們就已經在談論這個問題,然後再三強調,那正好是在 2019 年 12 月疫情隨後被眾所周知的時候。而我們所討論的一切,也都公開發表了,包括這種猖獗的冠狀病毒疫情早在 2019 年 1 月就開始在很大範圍上造成了許多人的死亡 —— 可以肯定的是,確實在這之前就已經開始了,雖然不那麼嚴重 —— 還有,那個復仇心切的美國人 XXX 與反美的毛澤東一起秘謀,在 1970 年代造成了整個事情的發生,經由這些秘密實驗室的活動,導致了在 1970 年代這場瘟疫的起源。那時就已經出現了第一批變異,然後大量繁殖到公元兩年後,並奪走了許多人的生命,因為這種疾病沒有被認識到,也沒有被定義為不同於實際情況的疾病。因此,從那時起,它能夠在不受控的情況下多次變異而進化,直到最後在武漢被發現,因為在最後一個秘密實驗室中,整個小組由於大意而被感染,並將病毒帶到外面傳播,然而在這種狀況下,所有參與的人也都死了。關於這方面,從那時起,世界各地反復出現了許多問題,想知道這一切還會產生什麼結果。到目前為止,我只知道有一個來自巴西的人一直在關注這些事實的全部內容,並且還查明了與毛澤東達成協議的美國人是誰,然後從中引發了這場冠狀病毒疫情的大災難。


In this respect, nothing disclosing will happen yet for the time being, as we have ascertained by means of foresight into the time to come, for, on the contrary, everything imaginable is being done in order to obfuscate the truth and allow it to be forgotten. The WHO, the World Health Organisation, which is dependent on large amounts of state funds and is only able to exist therethrough, will be the one to obfuscate the entirety of the truth through lies, and indeed already in a few weeks, when again a WHO group, with permission from the Chinese government, will officially conduct further research in Wuhan, in order to find out the origin of the rampantly spreading disease. However, as we have recognised through our foresights, there will be elements in this grouping, who – so as not to bring the United States of America into disrepute as a result of the American’s … betrayal and revenge – will, through horrendous bribe money, make the truth impossible with cheating and lies, while defaming the facts and alleging that neither contaminated animals nor a laboratory mishap or laboratory accident have been the causative factor of the rampantly spreading corona disease. Also, the efforts about the alleged clarification will only constitute sham efforts, because in order to be able to fathom the effective facts and processes, the necessary and appropriate means will be lacking – as has already been the case with the first investigative attempt –, as a result of which it will also be the case this time through the investigative commission – that seems ridiculous to me – that they will not be able to fathom anything within the last week of March and by the beginning of April.

在這方面,未來很長一段時間內,還不會發生任何披露真相的事情,正如我們透過對未來的預見(foresight into the time to come)所確定的那樣,因為作法正好相反,人們會做一切可以想像的事情以掩蓋真相,使其被遺忘。世界衛生組織(WHO)依賴大量的國家資金,並只能通過這些資金而存在,它將是一個透過謊言來掩蓋全部真相的機構,事實上,在幾週後,WHO 的一個小組在中國政府的允許下,將再次在武漢正式進行進一步的研究,以找出疫情的來源。然而,正如我們透過預見所認識到的那樣,在這個小組中會有一些人 —— 為了不使美國因那一個美國人 XXX 的背叛和報復而蒙羞 —— 將經由可怕的賄賂,用欺騙和謊言使真相變得不可能呈現,同時詆毀事實,指稱被污染的動物和實驗室的失誤或事故都不是造成冠狀病毒病蔓延的因素。此外,關於所謂的澄清的努力將只構成虛偽的努力,因為若要能夠摸清有效的事實和過程,將缺乏必要和適當的手段 —— 正如第一次調查嘗試的情況一樣 —— 結果這次通過調查委員會也將是這樣 —— 這在我看來是荒謬的 —— 他們將無法在三月的最後一個星期和四月初摸清任何情況。


Of course it cannot be any different, because on the one hand, the USA must always be flawless, even if it is through lies and deception, cheating and calumny, as has been the case since time immemorial and has also proven itself with Trample Tramp Trump. On the other hand, the heads of investigation could only find out the effective truth if they were able to travel back into the past and witness what actually took place. But enough of this, because it is just as pointless as it is with regard to those in government, who only talk big when it comes to the rampantly spreading corona disease and measures against it.



This is true, because on the one hand, all of those responsible in all state governments only give bigmouthed senseless speeches and put forward insufficient measures against the rampantly spreading corona disease to quickly curb and put an end to it. On the other hand, there is also a large amount of contrarians, who, as intellect-rationality-less ones from various strata of the population, are inflammatory, and who with low intelligentum and stubbornly oppose the measures ordered by the state leadership, while others, who are also numerous, reveal their low intelligentum in such a form, by sticking to pathological-dumb conspiracy theorists, giving audience to their lies and believingly falling for the whole thing. But this also comes about in other ways, as we have fathomed for the near future, because exactly according to what you mentioned earlier, …



So let us drop the whole thing for the time being, because the following is now due: it is about the current experimenting with corona vaccines on large parts of the earthly humankind, because what is being done in this regard by the vaccine manufacturing corporations together with those in government in all countries, in my opinion, corresponds to a cheating on the entire earthly humanity, but also to machinations that are contemptuous of life and to an acceptance of deaths. This is because the human beings are being utilised as testing objects for the vaccines without elucidation, which alone causes many deaths, but which is not stated openly, but is rather being kept secret by the manufacturers of the vaccines, as also by the national leaders, many of whom still profit consciencelessly financially by this, as also with other things and machinations, for example, regarding horrendous profits through shares and illegal earnings from trading in respiratory protection masks. I know all this, because Sfath and I have already ascertained this about 70 years ago, as you have also mentioned recently.

所以我們暫時不談這件事,因為現在該關心的是:關於目前在地球上大部分人類身上進行的冠狀病毒疫苗實驗,因為在我看來,疫苗製造公司和各國政府在這方面所做的事情,相當於對整個地球人類的欺騙,也相當於蔑視生命和接受死亡的陰謀。這是因為人類被用作疫苗的測試對象而沒有得到說明,僅此一項就造成了許多人的死亡,但這並沒有公開說明,而是由疫苗製造商和國家領導人保密,他們中的許多人仍然在經濟上泯滅良心而以此獲利,就像其他事情和陰謀一樣,例如,透過股票和口罩交易的非法收入獲得驚人的利潤。我知道這一切,因為 Sfath 和我在大約七十年前就已經發現了這件事,而你最近也提到過。

In addition to everything that is being done through the wheeling and dealing of certain politicians to the detriment of the citizenry by certain irresponsible politicians in order to enrich themselves, there is also the fact, through no fault of the virologists, that they are unable to recognise that the rampantly spreading corona disease can, depending on the case, in the event of an illness and successful healing, settle and deposit corona impulses, through which, on the one hand, the rampantly spreading disease may sooner or later break out again or cause a different illness. This is because – as a result of unsuitable medical equipment as well as unknowledge on the part of the physicians and virologists – these corona impulses cannot be detected, as also it cannot be detected, depending on the case and circumstances and so forth, that they can be passed on to other human beings after a recovery from the rampantly spreading disease and infect them and sicken them. If you could now say some more about the whole of the factors mentioned, then this would certainly answer various enquiries.

除了某些不負責任的政客為了中飽私囊而進行損害人民利益的一切勾當之外,還有一個事實,並不是病毒學家的錯,而是他們無法認識到,根據不同狀況,冠狀病毒病可以在染病後而成功治癒的情況下,釋放和沉積冠狀病毒脈衝(impulses),通過這些脈衝,一方面,疫情可能遲早會再次爆發或引起另一種疾病。這是因為 —— 由於不合適的醫療設備以及醫生和病毒學家的不瞭解 —— 這些冠狀病毒脈衝無法被檢測到,同樣也無法確定,根據不同的情況和環境等,這些冠狀病毒脈衝在疫情中恢復後,可能會傳遞給其他人而感染他們,導致他們生病。如果你現在能對所提到的整個因素多說一些,那麼這肯定會解答各種疑問。

Furthermore, this has given rise to many questions regarding infections, such as, for example, if a person has recovered from the rampantly spreading disease, and if antibodies are present, and so on, up to what extent an infection may still be passed on to other human beings by those who have recovered, or even to those who have recovered themselves. It is also being asked what kind of side effects, for example, as well as late effects of vaccinations might occur, and so forth. Various persons would like to get answers to this, as neither the governments nor the experts on rampantly spreading diseases – at least that is what they call themselves – such as virologists and the like, release any information on this to the public; this is probably because they do not have an answer to it themselves thanks to their great intelligentum. And all these questions directed at me I cannot answer on my own.

此外,這也出現了許多關於感染的問題,例如,如果一個人已經從疫情中恢復過來,如果存在抗體等,那麼康復者對其他人以及康復者本身的感染在多大程度上可能再次發生。此外,還問到了哪種疫苗接種後會有副作用以及後期效應等。許許多多的人都希望得到這些問題的答案,因為無論是政府還是研究疫情的專家 —— 至少他們是這麼稱呼自己的 —— 比如病毒學家等,都沒有向公眾公佈任何有關的資訊;這可能是因為他們自己也沒有答案,這要歸功於他們的偉大智慧。而所有這些向我提出的問題,我自己也無法回答。

That which I still remember from the 1940s from your father Sfath regarding rampantly spreading diseases, is that the corona virus – like any other virus – does not simply exist as such as a unit, but contains in itself, within its structure, so to speak, various hard-coded predispositions for further type-factors, through which transformations into new forms can emerge, as Sfath was able to explain to me very precisely and could also prove to me. He told me that these factors, which exist in every virus, as a rule, are only deposited in an impulse-based form and only become recognisable when a corresponding activity is called forth by the virus itself, through which a new species or variant only then becomes recognisable. This is at least true for the earthlings, who will lack the technology to pinpoint such impulses for a long time to come. For this reason, they cannot anticipate when new mutations will occur, which could already be countered in advance, if they had prior knowledge in this respect. And since this is not the case with us earthlings, namely that this prior knowledge will not be available for a long time yet, the rampantly spreading corona disease can be rampant with new mutations, as is presently the case. But this will bring suffering and death upon humanity, for the currently spreading British mutation, which is actually bad enough, will already be surpassed by a further and even more dangerous mutation, which, as I know from my time with Sfath, has been evolving in Brazil since the 4th of January and is now about to break out and spread. And this new mutation will in turn claim many lives, for which, however, humanity itself likewise bears the blame, as it does for all previous cases. And this is because the incompetent rulers, in their low intelligentum, are unable to think up and enforce that which would be necessary for the protection of the populations against the rampantly spreading disease. But it is also the fault of the ones of low intelligentum and simple-minded ones of that part of the populations, who in their delusion believe themselves to be infallible, invulnerable and immune to the rampantly spreading corona disease, and therefore ostentatiously violate the already inadequate orders of the governments. Thus, the new mutation that has already started running across Brazil, bringing new evils, will cause all kinds of terribleness. It will take another half a month or so, until this new rampantly spreading disease mutation will be recognised, because if I recall correctly, it was around the middle of the month of March 2021.

我仍然記得從 1940 年代從你父親 Sfath 那裡得到的關於疫情的資訊,那就是冠狀病毒 —— 像任何其他病毒一樣 —— 並不只是作為一個單獨的部分存在,而是在其結構中包含了可以說是可程式化的各種傾向性的進一步物種要素,通過這些要素可以出現新形式的轉變,正如 Sfath 非常精確地向我解釋並向我證明。他告訴我,這些存在於每一種病毒中的要素,按理只是以一種基於脈衝的形式沉積下來,只有在病毒本身召喚出相應的活動時才會被識別出來,也只有在那時,一個新的物種或變體才變得可以識別。至少對地球人來說是這樣,他們在未來很長一段時間內都缺乏確認這種脈衝的技術。由於這個原因,他們無法預測何時會發生新的變異,如果他們事先有這方面的知識,就已經可以提前預防了。而由於我們地球人的情況並非如此,也就是這種事先的知識在很長一段時間內還無法獲得,所以冠狀病毒疫情可以像目前的情況一樣猖獗地發生新的變異。但這將給人類帶來痛苦和死亡,因為目前正在蔓延的英國變種病毒,實際上已經夠糟糕了,將已經被進一步的、更危險的突變所超越,正如我從與 Sfath 在一起時知道的,自 1 月 4 日以來在巴西一直在突變,現在即將爆發和蔓延。而這種新的突變將再次奪走許多人的生命,然而,人類本身同樣要承擔起責任,就像它對所有以前的案例一樣。這是因為無能的統治者,在他們的愚蠢中,無法想出並實施保護人民免受疫情侵害的必要措施。但這也是那些低智商和頭腦簡單的那部分人的錯,他們在妄想中認為自己是無懈可擊的,無法傷害的,而且對冠狀病毒病是免疫的,因此明顯違反了政府已經不足的命令。因此,已經開始在巴西各地蔓延的新變種病毒,帶來了新的禍害,將引起各種各樣的災難。還需要半個月左右的時間,直到這種新的變種病毒被認可,因為如果我沒有記錯的話,大約是在 2021 年的三月中旬。

Our earthling experts, such as virologists, and so forth, obviously do not have a clue of this, and also know nothing about the actual content of the viruses, because in a way, they are only able to recognise the macro structure of the bearer of evil, as Sfath called the virus. Therefore, while the experts know that a virus does mutate, they also do not why, since they are not aware that a virus already contains the fundamental impulses of various types, which in turn contain various other forms of impulses, which – according to the outer appearance, that is to say, the outer circumstances – change, transform and mutate into new types due to the impulses given within their structure. And this is in accordance with a fact – which also applies to all other approximately 2.5 million types of viruses, that you Plejaren explain exist on Earth, which is about 1 million more than our earthlings assume – that applies to all viruses, which mutate continuously over time, if the appropriate climatic and environmental conditions exist for them. Furthermore, it is also the case that viruses, once they are existent, can never be exterminated again, even if virologists and so forth claim the opposite, because they are obviously unaware in their hypothetical knowledge that viruses are not exterminated, but continue to exist quietly, even when they can no longer be detected virologically and medically and so forth. And that the experts all have no clue whatsoever with regard to the real and profound facts, such as, for example, that – as with all life and also all non-living things, like viruses – everything that exists also carries within itself creational-energetic-swinging-wave-based impulses, which, on the one hand, maintain existence but, on the other hand, are also capable of evolutive transitions and thus of new forms. And all the earthly natural sciences lack this knowledge, as do all the other sciences dealing with everything in existence. And since this fact is fully unknown to the entire earthly sciences, no earthling has to date come up with the idea of taking an interest in and researching the higher SI prefixes beyond nanotechnology, in which case, according to Sfath, if I recall correctly, for the purpose of swinging wave impulse detection, a finest technology would have to encroach on the values of yocto technology. These, however, have a value of 10–24 and thus a degree of fineness that corresponds to one septillionth of a micro-unit of one metre, and thus a micro technology from which the earthlings with their still extremely primitive nanotechnology are still innumerable light years away, as is also the case with the time travel technology, which, depending on the case, belongs to the domains of zebi technology and thus to a microtechnology and to fields, the calculation-value of which I no longer remember, although Sfath had explained it to me. It was just a long time ago, and I also have not become any younger.

我們地球人的專家,如病毒學家等,顯然對此毫無頭緒,也對病毒的實際內容一無所知,因為在某種程度上,他們只能識別出這個禍害載體的宏觀結構(macro structure),如 Sfath 所說的病毒。因此,雖然專家們知道病毒確實會變異,但他們也不知道為什麼,因為他們不知道病毒已經包含了各種類型的基本脈衝,而這些脈衝又包含了各種其他形式的脈衝,這些脈衝 —— 根據外在表現,也就是外在環境 —— 由於其結構內給予的脈衝而改變、轉變和變異為新的物種。這符合一個事實 —— 這也適用於所有其他約 250 萬種病毒,你們 Plejaren 解釋說在地球上存在,這比我們地球人假設的多出約 100 萬種 —— 這適用於所有病毒,如果存在適合它們的氣候和環境條件,它們會隨著時間不斷變異。此外,還有一種情況是,病毒一旦存在,就不可能被根除,即使病毒學家等聲稱的正好相反,因為他們在假設的知識中顯然沒有意識到,病毒並沒有被消滅,而是繼續悄悄地存在,即使在病毒學和醫學上不再能檢測到它們等等。專家們對真實而深刻的事實毫無頭緒,例如,就像所有的生命和所有的非生命體,如病毒一樣,所有存在的東西都在自己體內攜帶著基於「造物能量振蕩波」(creational-energetic-swinging-wave-based)的脈衝,這些脈衝一方面維持著存在,另一方面也能夠進行進化過渡,從而形成新的形式。而所有地球上的自然科學都缺乏這種知識,所有其他涉及存在的一切的科學也是如此。而且,由於整個地球科學完全不知道這一事實,迄今為止,沒有一個地球人想出對「奈米科技」(nanotechnology)以下的深層「國際單位制詞頭」(SI prefixes)感興趣並進行研究,在這種情況下,根據 Sfath 的說法,如果我沒有記錯的話,為了探測振蕩脈衝的目的,最好的技術將不得不涉入「」(Yocto;是目前國際單位制定義下最小的單位)技術的範圍值。然而,這些技術的值代表了 10-24,因此其精細程度相當於一公尺的兆兆分之一(septillionth)的微單位,因此是一種「微技術」(micro technology),地球人以其仍然極其原始的奈米技術離這種技術仍有無數光年的距離,就像「時光穿梭」(time travel)技術也是如此,根據情況,它屬於「zebi」[中譯者註:經查此處應是「zepto」;也就是中文的「」= 10-21]技術的範圍,因此屬於微技術和領域,其計算值我已不記得了。儘管 Sfath 曾向我解釋過,但那是很久以前的事,而我也不再年輕了。

Well, the fact is that viruses – when they are no longer detectable – have only retreated and deposited themselves in some substances, materials and areas and so forth, in order to become active again at a suitable opportunity. This can be after months, years or decades, or even after thousands or millions of years. Therefore, if virus-related ailments, illnesses or rampantly spreading diseases vanish as a result of human efforts or because they peter out, then this does not mean that they are no longer in existence, but simply that they have retreated and are deposited somewhere in some kind of matter. However, sooner or later, or even after thousands or millions of years, they break free again in order to become active once more, when the appropriate and necessary circumstances, constellations, states, situations and elements, factors and conditions and any other aspects arise.

好吧,事實是,病毒 —— 當它們不再能被檢測到時 —— 只是隱退並沉積在一些物質、材料和區域等處,以便在一個合適的機會再次活躍起來。這可能是在幾個月、幾年或幾十年後,甚至是幾千年或幾百萬年後。因此,如果與病毒有關的病症、疾病或疫情由於人類的努力而消失,或者因為它們逐漸減少,那麼這並不意味著它們不再存在,而只是意味著它們已經隱退、沉積在某種物質的某個地方。但遲早,甚至在幾千年或幾百萬年後,當適當和必要的環境、星座、狀態、情況和元素、因素和條件以及任何其他方面出現時,它們會再次掙脫,再次變得活躍。

The whole of the present rampage of the rampantly spreading corona disease fundamentally means altogether that almost innumerable mutations have come forth from one virus, resulting in over 5000 mutations so far in this corona virus from its inception in the mid-1970s onwards, which have become more and more dangerous and will continue to be so.

目前冠狀病毒病猖獗蔓延的整個過程,從根本上說,完全意味著從一種病毒中產生了幾乎無數的變異,導致這種冠狀病毒從 1970 年代中期開始,至今已有五千多次變異,這些變異已經變得越來越危險,並將繼續如此。

Well, along with this, other persons are also asking various questions, which, interestingly enough, at present relate to the functions of the brain, so if you would like to say something of relevance concerning this matter in general. But whatever you want to say about it, you should explain it somewhat clearly, so that we laypersons can also understand everything correctly, because we from the common people are neither educated with regard to medicine, nor especially with regard to brain science, that is to say, neurosciences, which are areas of research belonging to the natural sciences, whose fields of expertise include the structure and form of functioning of the nervous systems. Personally, I am particularly interested in the functioning of the central nervous system and the brain, and thus also in the neural activity and the manifold functions of the brain, such as the memory performance, among others. Furthermore, I would be grateful if you could also elaborate on the various related disciplines in this context, such as biology, physiology and psychology, mathematics, medicine, informatics, robotics and cooperation, and so forth, because, unfortunately, I am all too insufficiently educated in these areas of science and no less than a total dead loss. Although I have a somewhat remote inkling of this and that, that does not satisfy me. So if I may ask you? …



You hide your light …



No, please stop that, that is nonsense. I am really serious about what I asked, as I feel the urge to learn some more than what I have retained in my memory from Sfath.

不,請不要這樣,這純屬溢美之詞。我對我所問的問題真的很認真,因為我很想從 Sfath 那裡學到比我記憶中所保留的更多東西。


Exactly, after all – I knew it. But I cannot meet your desire, since too much would need to be explained and it would go beyond the concept of our conversation. However, when I return from my prolonged absence due to duty, I will be pleased to teach you in any field of expertise you would like, at your desire.

說的沒錯,畢竟 —— 我知道這方面的事。但我無法滿足你所有的願望,因為需要解釋的東西太多,而且會超出我們談話的範圍。然而,當我從因公需要長期前往的地方回來時,我很樂意在你想要知道的任何專業領域中向你說明,只要你願意。


Thank you, Ptaah, my friend. Then you can now elaborate on what we have just been talking about.



I can do that, but I will get back to you on that, since I still have time for this until the 15th of March. But now it is time to answer that which you have asked, in which case I will use earthly terms in my explanations for general understanding and will also have to explain a number of things about the brain in particular:

我可以如你所願,但我會再和你談一次,因為我在 3 月 15 日之前還有時間。但現在是回答你問題的時候了,在這種情況下,我將在說明中使用地球上的用語好讓一般人能理解,而且還必須特別解釋一些關於大腦的事情。

Regardless of vaccinations, many persons still remain infectious, just as there can be no guarantee that further infections are absolutely impossible in those who have been vaccinated and in those that have recovered from the rampantly spreading corona disease and with antibodies being present. Side-effects of vaccinations arise, for example, as a result of a quick death or one occurring later as well as a wasting away, in which case this may also lead to late effects that result in lifelong suffering. All kinds of organ bleeding and blood clots may also be the result of unsuitable vaccines. This happens while due to the rampantly spreading corona disease and in connection with untested and dangerous vaccines, blood clots can also form within a short time and quickly in the veins of the brain, thus causing life-threatening cerebral vein thrombosis. Therefore, such consequences may be caused directly by a corona infection or by vaccinations, precisely with unsuitable vaccines, such as those that are presently still very insufficiently tested. This may result in life-threatening reactions. If, for example, a blood clot forms in a blood vessel in the brain, this then leads to vascular occlusion and thus to a suppression of the blood supply of the brain, which means that a cerebral vein thrombosis occurs.


The blood supply of the brain represents the vitally important part of the circulatory system that regulates the processes in the brain in terms of the oxygen and glucose and other nutrients supplied to it, and which also separates and removes all microbial metabolic products and all carbon dioxide. Overall, there are anatomical and physiological characteristics that this system is subject to, which, since the human brain is integrated into an extremely high basal metabolic rate, requires a lot of rest and in this state already demands more than one fifth of the entire regular oxygen level of the whole bodily organism. Moreover, what is also important to mention relates to the nerve cells, which, contrary to other body cells, are not designed to cover and maintain their energy requirements adequately anaerobically, in other words, without sufficient oxygen. And as for cerebral vein thrombosis unrelated to the rampantly spreading corona disease, these are relatively rare, yet dangerous and can possibly lead not only to strokes, but also to death. Basically, it must also be explained that cerebral vein thromboses not only come about as a result of rampantly spreading corona disease infections, but may also be induced by various other causes, in which case a blood clot normally forms in the vein, which inevitably results in thrombophlebitis, that is to say, vein inflammation inside the brain. Therethrough also hormonal influences may pose risks for thrombosis, a hypercoagulability of the blood, which means a pathologically increased coagulability of the blood, which may subsequently result in intravascular thrombus formation, that is to say, thrombophilia. This means that this is the main factor triggering the Virchow’s triad, that is to say, the causative factor for the formation of a phlebothrombosis.

大腦的血液供應代表了循環系統中極為重要的部分,它調節著大腦中的氧氣和葡萄糖以及其他營養物質的供應過程,同時也分離和清除所有微生物代謝產物和所有的二氧化碳。總的來說,這個系統有解剖學和生理學上的特點,由於人腦融入了極高的「基礎代謝率」(basal metabolic rate),需要大量的休息,在這種狀態下已經需要整個身體機體常規氧含量的五分之一以上。此外,還需要提到的是神經細胞,與其他身體細胞相反,神經細胞的設計不是為了以適度的無氧狀態(就是沒有足夠的氧氣)滿足和維持其能量需求。而至於與冠狀病毒疫情無關的腦靜脈血栓,這相對罕見,但卻很危險,不僅可能導致中風,還可能導致死亡。基本上,還必須解釋的是,腦靜脈血栓不僅是由於冠狀病毒疫情感染所致,[中譯者註:此句與前一段語意明顯不符,經參考原(德)文亦是如此,是否誤會語意,尚待澄清。]還可能由其他各種原因誘發,在這種情況下,通常會在靜脈中形成血栓,這不可避免地導致血栓性靜脈炎,也就是說,腦內靜脈發炎。因此,激素的影響也可能給血栓形成帶來風險,血液的高凝狀態(hypercoagulability),也就是血液的病理性凝固性增加,隨後可能導致血管內血栓形成,也就是血栓性疾病。這意味著這是引發「菲爾紹三要素」(Virchow’s triad)的主要因素,也就是說,是形成血栓的致病因素。

The fact that cerebral vein thrombosis now occurs more frequently as a result of the rampantly spreading corona disease is due to the fact that the corona infection causes miscellaneous metabolic disorders, which increase the risk of thrombosis. Regarding that, an occlusion of a cerebral vein occurs, which then does not impair the blood inflow, but the blood drainage, that is to say, the blood circulation, resulting in a congestion of the blood and the risk of a swelling of the cerebral tissue. However, this turns into a life-threatening situation, because the intracranial pressure increases dangerously, namely because the brain can only expand very little within the bony skull. Hence, when the high pressure inside the skull increases, the whole thing becomes life-threatening and can quickly lead to death. In this case, there are no sudden pains – completely opposite to a cerebral venous thrombosis, in which arterial circulatory disturbances occur – as well as no neurological blackouts and so forth. Headaches, nausea and vomiting build up gradually, as do various paralyses and cranial nerve failures, such as seizures and disturbances of consciousness, and so forth, although changes also occur, such as a haemorrhage from a cerebral artery, which very much resembles an ischaemic infarction, that is to say, ischaemic stroke or cerebral infarction. This is therefore an effective stroke due to a sudden ischaemia, that is to say, decreased blood flow to the brain, that is to say, due to the narrowing or closing of the arterial vessels of the brain. If in that case the swelling continues for too long, then irreversible damage is caused to the brain or the whole thing ends with death, if the thrombolysis, that is to say, the blood clot is not quickly dissolved by early determinative physician directed and medical treatment. Also, infant brain damage may trigger epileptic seizures, the causes of which are often impossible to fathom, but which can trigger epileptic seizures throughout a human being’s life and up until old age. In this case, the cause of epileptic seizures can be tumours in the brain as well as different types of brain disorders or vascular diseases of the brain.

由於冠狀病毒疫情的蔓延,現在腦靜脈血栓的發生更加頻繁,這是因為冠狀病毒感染會導致各種代謝紊亂,從而增加血栓形成的風險。關於這一點,發生了腦靜脈閉塞,這時並不影響血液流入,而是影響血液排出,也就是說,血液循環,導致血液充血和腦組織腫脹的風險。然而,這變成了一種威脅生命的情況,因為顱內壓力危險地增加,即因為大腦在顱骨內只能膨脹一點點。因此,當顱內的壓力增加時,整個事情就會變得危及生命,並可能迅速導致死亡。在這種情況下,沒有突然的疼痛 —— 與腦靜脈血栓完全相反,在這種情況下會出現動脈循環障礙 —— 也沒有神經性的昏厥等等。頭痛、噁心和嘔吐是逐漸形成的,各種癱瘓和顱神經衰竭也是如此,如癲癇發作和意識障礙等等,儘管也會發生變化,如腦動脈出血,這非常類似於缺血性梗塞,也就是說,「缺血腦性中風」(ischaemic stroke)或「腦梗死」(cerebral infarction)。因此,這是一種實際上的「中風」(Stroke),由於突然的缺血,也就是說,大腦的血流量減少,也就是說,由於大腦的動脈血管變窄或關閉。如果在這種情況下,腫脹持續時間過長,那麼就會對大腦造成不可逆的損害,如果血塊沒有通過早期確定的醫生指導和醫療處理迅速溶解,則整個事情將以死亡告終。另外,兒童早期腦損傷可能會引發癲癇發作,其原因往往是無法理解的,但在人的一生中,直到老年,都可能引發癲癇發作。在這種情況下,癲癇發作的原因可能是大腦中的腫瘤,以及不同類型的大腦疾病或大腦血管疾病。

If the brain is examined more closely, then it is not only an extremely complex and highly sensitive organ system, but also the most important organ system of the human being, which may be disturbed or even severely damaged by an extremely wide array of influences from within the body or from powers acting from the outside, and this despite the relatively good bony protection of the skull. Even the mildest form of craniocerebral injury, caused by a concussion of the brain, can be accompanied by unconsciousness lasting from a few seconds up to hours, but also by a temporary twilight state of consciousness or even a delusional episode, however, which can also lead to short, longer, long-term or lifelong memory gaps, which, to the best of my knowledge, is hitherto unknown in this respect in the earthly-psychological and medical sciences. If, for example, severe cranial injuries occur, such as massive bruises, then these have such a damaging effect on the brain substance that long-term or even just hours-long disturbances of consciousness, epileptic seizures – which in some circumstances may recur sporadically throughout life – as well as paralysis of the body or parts of the body may result.

如果對大腦進行更仔細的檢查,那麼它不僅是一個極其複雜和高度敏感的器官系統,而且是人類最重要的器官系統,它可能受到來自身體內部或來自外部力量的極其廣泛的影響,甚至是嚴重的破壞,儘管頭骨有相對良好的骨質保護。即使是由腦震盪引起最輕微的顱腦損傷,也會伴隨著從幾秒鐘到幾小時的無意識,也會出現暫時的意識昏暗狀態,甚至妄想症發作,然而,這也會導致短期、較長期、長期或終身的記憶空白,據我所知,在這方面,在地球心理學和醫學上迄今尚屬未知。例如,如果發生嚴重的顱骨損傷,如大量的瘀傷,那麼這些對大腦物質有如此大的破壞作用,可能會導致長期的,甚至只是幾個小時的意識障礙,癲癇發作 —— 在某些情況下可能會在一生中零星復發 —— 以及身體或身體部分癱瘓。

A severe cerebral contusion may also lead to a ruptured bridging vein, which might bring forth bad consequences.

嚴重的腦挫傷還可能導致橋狀靜脈(bridging vein)破裂,這可能帶來不良的後果。

Any trauma to the head, even minor ones, can cause an epidural haematoma for a short or a long time, or even for life, which means that effusions of blood occur in the brain between the outer and middle cerebral membranes, even if it is only, for example, by bumping one’s head against something. In this case, a haemorrhage occurs between the hard cerebral membrane and the cranial bone as a result of a vessel rupture. The resulting haematoma can cause a clouding of consciousness or even hemiplegia within minutes to hours, such as, under some circumstances, also becoming a long-term or lifelong ailment, such as frequent or sporadic headaches, nausea, fits of dizziness or migraines, and so forth.

頭部的任何創傷,即使是輕微的創傷,都可能導致硬腦膜外血腫(epidural haematoma),時間可長可短,甚至終身不愈,這意味著大腦中的外腦膜和中腦膜之間發生滲血,即使只是,例如,用頭撞東西。在這種情況下,由於血管破裂,硬腦膜和顱骨之間發生出血。由此產生的血腫可在數分鐘至數小時內引起意識模糊甚至半身不遂,如在某些情況下還會成為一種長期或終身的疾病,如頻繁或零星的頭痛、噁心、發作性頭暈或偏頭痛等等。

If spinal subdural or epidural haematomas occur, damage usually appears in the thoracic or lumbar area, that is to say, fractures of the thoracic and lumbar spine, which is indeed rare, then these can also be consequences of a back trauma, and so forth, for example in the case of an increased bleeding tendency, which can also occur as a result of a lumbar puncture or after a puncture of the dural sac in the area of the lumbar vertebrae, in which case a cannula is inserted into the spinal canal at the level of the lumbar region and cerebrospinal fluid is collected. This, Eduard is briefly to be mentioned as being most important.

如果發生硬脊膜下(spinal subdural)或硬脊膜外(epidural)血腫,損害通常出現在胸椎或腰椎部位,也就是說,胸椎和腰椎的骨折,這的確很罕見,那麼這些也可能是背部創傷的後果等等,例如在出血傾向增加的情況下。腰椎穿刺或在腰椎區域的硬膜囊(dural sac)穿刺後,也可能出現這種情況,在這種情況下,將插管插入腰部高度的脊髓管(spinal canal),收集「腦脊液」(cerebrospinal fluid)。這一點,愛德華,要作為最重要的事先簡單提一下。


Thank you, but if you don’t mind, then I still have a question, namely, what is meant by multiple sclerosis, and also in what way is it connected with the brain and spinal cord, because that is just as unclear to me as is how I am supposed to explain a stroke to a person in simple terms, since I was being asked about that, too.

謝謝你,但如果你不介意的話,那麼我還有一個問題,即「多發性硬化症」(multiple sclerosis)是什麼意思,還有它是以什麼方式與大腦和脊髓相連的,因為這對我來說就像我應該如何用簡單的語言向一個人解釋中風一樣不清楚,因為我也被問到這個問題。


Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system and in this respect affects the brain and spinal cord. The disease results from a focal disintegration of the myelin sheaths, that is to say, the insulating cover of the axonal fibres, and this is because the disintegration of the myelin sheath means that there is no longer any nerve conduction. Depending on the localisation, this results in corresponding failures, in which case, depending on the age, and indeed at any period of life of the human being, also tumours may develop in the brain, and these can be both malignant and benign. And concerning what is still to be explained with regard to the cause of the occurrence of a stroke: such results from an acute circulatory disturbance of the blood supply forming in the brain, due to which the oxygen supply is suddenly interrupted, because the nerve cells in the affected brain area mortify and atrophy.

多發性硬化症是一種中樞神經系統的炎症性疾病,在這方面影響到大腦和脊髓。這種疾病是由於髓鞘(myelin sheath;即軸突纖維的絕緣層)的病灶性解體(focal disintegration)導致的,這是因為髓鞘的解體意味著不再有任何神經傳導。在這種情況下,根據年齡,甚至在人類生命的任何時期,大腦中也可能出現腫瘤,這些腫瘤既可能是惡性的也可能是良性的。關於中風發生的原因,還有待解釋:中風是由於大腦中形成的血液供應的急性循環系統障礙造成的,由於這種障礙,氧氣供應突然中斷,因為受影響的大腦區域的神經細胞壞死和萎縮了。


… but now the following is still pending, namely what we have already discussed early on, when the rampantly spreading corona disease broke out in January 2019, which was then first discovered in Wuhan in December and has since claimed well over 125 million infections and more than 2.5 million human lives to date; this at least according to officially announced figures, which, however, will continue to rise to 140 million infections by the middle of the year, while the official death toll will also reach 3 million in the same period. What will be, however, all in all in every respect, is not what we are here to talk about, as your father Sfath had said for a good reason. However, the fact that misinformation is constantly being spread or informative important things are being kept secret, as well as obvious dangers are not being recognised, which in principle should be recognised, as will, for example, be the case in 3 weeks, when the international transportation by ship between Europe and Asia collapses and unleashes a transport logjam, which is actually well known. Yet the keeping secret or not-recognising of facts brings about harm to the populations as well as to the world economy, such as the keeping secret or not-recognising that already since December 2020, children and young persons are becoming increasingly endangered and infected by the rampantly spreading corona disease, and that now the whole thing is starting to become rampant among young human beings. The only thing that is not clear to me is why nothing is being reported on this in the public bodies for the purpose of public information, whether the ‘clever’ virologists have not yet ascertained this, or whether they and the governments want to keep the whole thing secret.

… 但現在下面的事情還沒有著落,即我們很早就已經討論過的,2019 年 1 月爆發了冠狀病毒疫情,當時是 12 月在武漢首次發現的,此後至今已經有遠遠超過 1.25 億的感染者和超過 250 萬的人命;這至少是根據官方公佈的數字,然而到今年年中,感染者將繼續增加到 1.4 億,而同期官方死亡人數也將達到 300 萬。然而,在各方面的總數是多少,都不是我們在這裡要討論的,正如你的父親 Sfath 所說的,是有充分的理由。然而,眾所周知,錯誤的資訊不斷被傳播,或者訊息的重要性被掩蓋,以及明顯的危險沒有被認識到,而這些危險在原則上應該被認識到,例如,三週後,歐洲和亞洲之間的國際船舶運輸崩潰,並引發運輸阻塞的情況時,情況就會如此。然而,對事實的隱瞞或不承認會給民眾和世界經濟帶來傷害,例如,隱瞞或不承認 2020 12 月以來,兒童和年輕人受冠狀病毒所感染正變得越來越危險,現在整個事情開始在年輕人中蔓延。我唯一不清楚的是,為什麼在公共機構中沒有任何關於這個問題的報導,以達到公開資訊的目的,是“聰明的”病毒學家還沒有確定這一點,還是他們和政府想隱瞞整個事情。

[中譯者註:有關“歐洲和亞洲之間的國際船舶運輸崩潰”指的就是發生在 2021 年 3 月 23 日的“長榮貨輪擱淺蘇伊士運河”,時間就在這次接觸會面(2021 年 2 月 27 日)的三週後!]

So that would be the one thing, but then the following now arises, namely, that which relates to the inadequate vaccines that were dumped onto the vaccine market – in what I consider an extremely conscienceless action for mere monetary rip-off and profiteering – in a fast track action without being tested, and which have also so far cost many human lives and caused human beings suffering from long-term ailments. The whole matter concerning the vaccine procedure in terms of the necessary trials, which usually take 10 to 15 or even more years in order to develop a real and effective vaccine, has been hastened within a few months since the outbreak of the rampantly spreading disease and has been thrown onto the vaccine market untested. And that is why it has come to this – because those with low intelligentum and those responsible at the WHO and the governments have consented to it – that the vaccine corporations worldwide can legally misuse the whole of humanity over years to test their vaccines on thousands of millions of human beings, unmolested and free of charge and, in addition, to be paid exorbitantly for their half-baked vaccination products in order to enrich themselves unrightfully. Something that the USA had already executed by the command and consciencelessness of the US President Harry Truman through such equally conscienceless bomber pilots, when they criminally and mass-murderously destroyed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan with nuclear weapons tests, and thus murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings. And this is an indisputable fact which is now being repeated with the rampantly spreading disease, in that, as a result of governments’ decisions, many human beings are being legally misused by vaccination trials and are thus losing their lives.

因此,這將是一件事,但現在出現了以下問題,即與被傾銷到疫苗市場的不合格疫苗有關的問題 —— 在我看來,這是一種極其不道德的行動,僅僅是為了掠奪金錢和牟取暴利 —— 在快速行動中沒有經過測試,而且到目前為止,這些疫苗還造成了許多人的死亡,使人們遭受長期的疾病。在必要的試驗方面,通常需要十到十五年甚至更長時間才能開發出真正有效的疫苗,但自疫情蔓延後的幾個月內,就將沒有經過測試的疫苗就被匆匆忙忙地扔進了疫苗市場。這就是為什麼會出現這種情況 —— 因為世衛組織以及各國政府的愚蠢負責人都同意這樣做 —— 全世界的疫苗公司可以合法地濫用整個人類多年的時間,在數十億人身上免費試驗他們的疫苗,不受干擾,此外,還可以為他們半生不熟的疫苗產品支付高昂的費用,以便不義地致富。美國已經在美國總統杜魯門的指揮下,通過這些同樣沒有良知的轟炸機飛行員執行了一些事情,他們用核武器試驗摧毀了日本的廣島和長崎市,從而殺害了數十萬無辜的人。而這是一個不爭的事實,現在正隨著疫情的猖獗蔓延而重演,即由於政府的決定,許多人被合法地濫用疫苗試驗,從而失去生命。


What you say is correct, because what is being performed worldwide regarding the vaccinations is an unparalleled large-scale and worldwide experiment, through which the miscellaneous vaccines are tested with regard to their correctness and efficacy, in order to, in a human-life-disdaining form, be able to develop an effective vaccine. Human beings are contemptuously and irresponsibly misused as test objects, while I explicitly make clear that no actual benefit for the prevention of the rampantly spreading corona disease is being considered in these tests, but only the results of the tests, which serve to find and produce an effective vaccine. The test vaccinations are intended to guarantee a benefit in finding an effectively efficient vaccine against the corona virus and its mutations, and for this a risk in connection with vaccination is taken in terms of life or death of all those millions of vaccinated ones. Only therethrough can the whole issue of vaccination make sense with regard to the rampantly spreading corona disease. And both the state leaders and huge masses of the populations are taken in by this and do not realise that they are being misused as test objects by the corporations that supply their vaccines and that they are possibly gambling with their lives. It is also a fact that, with regard to the test research, only certain age groups are considered with special attentiveness, namely younger ones, while older ones are not taken into account since they have lived their lives anyway, no longer work and thus do nothing for society and are a burden for it, consequently they should die quickly to make way for the younger generations who will use many pharmaceutical products for many years and line the pockets of the vaccine corporations with money.


The human beings who are vaccinated all assume that the vaccines that are approved and administered to them are actually effective, but they do not know how well they work, what they effect and whether they are effective at all, just as they do not know whether the vaccine they have been administered will protect them against an infection or whether they will fall prey to severe suffering or illness or die from it. In any case, every vaccination always has an effect, but only the course of the test will yield what this effect will eventually be. If untested vaccines are being approved, and all of them are currently untested, nobody knows anything specific about how they work effectively, how well they work, what they will or can achieve, but rather there are only sheer hypotheses or assumptions, yet no precise cognitions whatsoever. With all the testing procedures being carried out by all vaccine manufacturers worldwide – consciencelessly on the willing and simple-minded ones of Earth humanity, who fear the rampantly spreading disease – it is assumed that through all these misusing tests, effective vaccines will have been developed and will then be legally used the following year. My observations in this regard on the ‘gene-based vaccines’, as they are partly referred to, are absolutely warranted, as is my observation that the data now available to us on the effectiveness of all vaccine products used to date is extremely doubtful and feigns facts that do not correspond to reality but engage in window-dressing, as you are wont to describe such machinations. The fact, which we have checked, is that the risk of any vaccine currently in use is greater than the benefit, thus every human being who gets vaccinated now is part of a huge and worldwide experiment, the outcome and effective result of which cannot yet be understood and can only be recognised in the future, when the final effects become apparent.

接種疫苗的人都認為被批准並注射給他們的疫苗實際上是有效的,但他們不知道這些疫苗的效果如何,有什麼作用,以及是否有效,就像他們不知道他們被注射的疫苗是否能保護他們免受感染,或者他們是否會成為嚴重痛苦或疾病的犧牲品,或者因此而死亡。在任何情況下,每一種疫苗接種總是有效果的,但只有測試的過程才能得出這種效果最終會是什麼。如果未經測試的疫苗被批准,而且目前所有的疫苗都未經測試,那麼沒有人知道它們是如何有效工作的,它們的效果如何,它們會或能達到什麼目的,而是只有純粹的假設或假定,卻沒有任何精確的認知。隨著全球所有疫苗製造商正在進行的所有測試程式 —— 無意識地對地球人類中那些願意和頭腦簡單的人進行測試,他們害怕疾病的猖獗傳播 —— 人們認為通過所有這些濫用的測試,有效的疫苗將被開發出來,然後在第二年被合法使用。我在這方面對“基於基因的疫苗”的觀察是絕對有道理的,正如我觀察到的那樣,現在我們所獲得的關於迄今為止使用的所有疫苗產品的有效性的資料是極其令人懷疑的,是一個騙局,正如你所描述的這種陰謀。我們已經查證的事實是,目前使用的任何疫苗的風險都大於收益,因此,現在接種疫苗的每一個人都是一個重大的、世界性實驗的一部分,其結果和有效成果還無法理解,只有在未來,當最終效果變得明顯時才能認識到。

If we have a close look at the vaccine corporations, then there is not a single one that can assume and bear any liability as a manufacturer for its own vaccine product. Also with regard to emergency vaccinations, none of the vaccine manufacturers can guarantee an effectively beneficial effect, which means that if the worst comes to the worst, a vaccination can result in death, which is actually the case worldwide more often than is generally known, because it is kept secret and not admitted. Various national leaders, however, know this, which is why they are unsure about having themselves vaccinated, and this not for no reason. To say more about this would be superfluous talk.



That is actually enough for rationally-minded human beings. Lately, you have talked about the fact that many corona infections cannot be traced by using swabs, but could only be detected in the organs themselves. Organs, when infected with the corona virus, are a particularly nasty factor of infection, because therethrough, without any discernible infection, those infected with the rampantly spreading corona disease pass on the virus to their fellow human beings, without themselves, as well as the others, being aware that the disease is being spread, because everyone is unsuspectingly being lulled into a sense of security.


That is one thing, because you further said that vaccinations may also be contagious, if the needles are contaminated by infective aerosols in the vaccination room, and if these then get into the blood during the vaccination process.



That is probably correct, but this would be extremely rare, which however, will not change the fact that the rampantly spreading disease is still on the rise and this time indeed with the first wave of mutations, as I know from my father’s annals.



That is correct, but those with low intelligentum in government and among the virologists and so forth, still have not comprehended that it is not the 3rd wave of the original virus that is imminent, but that the 1st wave of a corona mutation is already in progress. This foolishness is equally evident among the earthlings in government and among about 30 per cent of the populations of the industrialised countries around the world, in which case these are even more densely of low intelligentum, which is why, unfortunately, as I have already said, the number of official deaths alone will soon exceed 3 million and the number of officially infected ones will soon pass 140 million.

這是真的,但那些在政府的愚蠢管理者和病毒學家等人的仍然沒有明白,不是原始病毒的第三波即將到來,而是第一波的冠狀病毒變異已經在進行中。這種愚昧在地球的政府中和全世界工業化國家約 30% 的人口中同樣明顯,在這種情況下,這些人的愚蠢程度更加密集,這就是為什麼,不幸的是,正如我已經說過的,僅官方死亡人數就將很快超過 300 萬,官方感染人數將很快超過 1.4 億。




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