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Gilgamesh belongs to a race of “shape changers" (Gestaltwandler, Morphogenese)(not hereditary biological morphology)[1] and he is able to change the form and size of his body within several months, which can be carried out arbitrarily during normal existence.
「Gilgamesh/吉尔伽美什」隶属于“shape changers/形体改变者”一族,他可以在几个月时间内改变自己身体的形状及大小,且这种改变能够在其存在期间任意进行。


He adjusted his body – internally and externally – to his Earth “surroundings".

Gilgamesh, whose original lifespan was 120,000 years (but is now reduced to about 50,000 years), will live here for the rest of his life.

He cannot go back to his people even if he had a beamship to fly to his native planet as it no longer exists since it was destroyed in a catastrophe.

All of it’s inhabitants have died.

It had previously existed 20 million light years away from Earth in an oval spiral galaxy known as M94, NGC 4736, discovered in the year 1781 by an astronomer named Méchain.[2]
这颗星球之前位于远离「Earth/地球」20,000,000光年远的一个“oval spiral galaxy/椭圆形的螺旋星系”之中,该“oval spiral galaxy/椭圆形的螺旋星系”被称之为[M94],NGC 4736,于1781年被一个名叫Méchain的天文学家发现。

This image shows the galaxy Messier 94, which lies in the small northern constellation of the Hunting Dogs, about 16 million light-years away. Within the bright ring around Messier 94 new stars are forming at a high rate and many young, bright stars are present within it – thanks to this, this feature is called a starburst ring. The cause of this peculiarly shaped star-forming region is likely a pressure wave going outwards from the galactic centre, compressing the gas and dust in the outer region. The compression of material means the gas starts to collapse into denser clouds. Inside these dense clouds, gravity pulls the gas and dust together until temperature and pressure are high enough for stars to be born.


Gilgamesh has previously turned down an offer from the Plejaren of transportation away from Earth.

He is probably currently working as a scientist on Earth where he has access to “heavy water" which he needs for sustainment of his material form.
他目前很可能是「Earth/地球」上的一位科学家,在他工作的地方他(应该)可以得到“heavy water/重水”,这是他维系其物质形式的必需品。

Gilgamesh’s people no longer exists because a sudden and unpredictable planetary catastrophe caused the whole race to become extinct within a few minutes.

There were no survivors because no human beings of this people also stayed outside of the planet.

Gilgamesh is, thus, the sole survivor, who has adapted his shape, however, to that of the earthly human and has morphogenetically transformed and found a new home in this world, which he no longer wants to leave.[3]



They and their homeworld were/was destroyed.

Gilgamesh is the only survivor.[4]



Can you drink Heavy Water?

informative video about the deuterium replacement
一个关于“deuterium replacement/氘替代物”的很有料的视频;

note that Gilgamesh went under a medical procedure which presumably has not been discovered yet by Earth scientists and it is not necessarily the same chemical formula being discussed here.

It increased his lifespan to thousands of years but he had to continue to drink heavy water.
这使得他的寿命延长到了数千年,但他不得不继续喝“heavy water/重水”。

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