第 556 次接觸報告

接触时间:2013 年 3 月 16 日,周六


本篇譯文基於「德」 → 「英」 → 「中」 譯制。


資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 13.
資訊提要:在這份報告中,擷取了 Billy 和 Ptaah 討論到曾經來過以及正在造訪地球的外星人的那些部分。

英版譯者:Lawrence Driscoll(美國)
— —來自Larry的電子郵件。
英版鏈接:「Futureofmankind. James Moore」

中版譯者:James Hsu
中版鏈接:「Pixnet. James Hsu」

Synopsis 提要
In this contact report extract Billy and Ptaah discuss the aliens that have visited and are visiting the Earth.
在這份報告中,擷取了 Billy 和 Ptaah 討論到曾經來過以及正在造訪地球的外星 人的那些部分。
This is an excerpt of the contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.

Now however I would like to turn the discussion once again to those UFO sightings and UFO photos, which militaries and police as well as also pilots substantiate and which indeed in the last few decades are hundreds. About these I mean those, which have nothing to do with all of those UFO nut-cases, who deceptively falsify images and films or even maintain, that they – in a mostly Christian esoteric and sectarian way – would have personal or telepathic contacts with extraterrestrials.
現在我想再討論一下有關一些 UFO 的目擊事件以及 UFO 的照片,這些都是經過軍方、警方以及飛行員的證實,而確實發生在過去數十年之中的數百件案例。 關於這些,我是說所有的這些與某些 UFO 狂熱分子是毫無關係的 —— 他們專門偽造圖片和影片,或甚至常以基督教秘教的方式,聲稱與外星人維持個人或 心靈感應的接觸。

Especially, I want yet to speak about the occurrences in regard to the appearances in Phoenix in the USA respectively the ‘Phoenix Lights’ in 1997, which last January, thus 2013, is said to have happened again. In 1997 these UFOs have been observed in Sonora, Nevada and Mexico, as well. Then there is also still the case of Rendlesham Forest in England at the beginning of the 1980s, as well as however also in 2006 the case of O’Hare/Chicago as well as the appearances in Anchorage/Alaska and the case of 1989 in Belgium with the prolonged wave of UFO sightings. Further sightings in world-wide form by pilots, militaries, police and private individuals run into the hundreds, whereby it is said, that approximately 800 or even more observations are seriously to be considered.
尤其是我還想談談在1997年出現在美國鳳凰城的「鳳凰城光點」 (Phoenix Lights) 現象,最近的一次是在 1 月份,就在今(2013)年據說又再次出現。而 1997 年 在墨西哥的索諾拉州(Sonora) 、內華達州(Nevada)以及墨西哥(Mexico) 境內都看到了這些不明飛行物。然後還有在 1980 年代初的英國藍道申森林事件 (Rendlesham Forest Incident);在 2006 年芝加哥歐海爾(O’Hare)的案例; 在阿拉斯加安克拉治(Anchorage)的案例,以及 1989 年的比利時不明飛行物 體事件(Belgian UFO wave) 。世界上還有上百件的目擊事件,是發生在飛行員、 軍方、警方和某些個人身上,據說大約有 800 件以上是被列入認真考慮的案件。

I know from you, that a number of these observed UFOs lead back to your beamships, but many hundred always still remain unknown. Thus I assume, that it with all of these unexplained UFO appearances it, probably on the one hand has to concern secret terrestrial-military flight machines etc, of various nations to which even also China belongs, like you told me last time. Additionally, you have once spoken of those from the Earth’s future, which are also to be considered. On the other hand it concerns at the same time however probably also about those three groups unknown to you, who have no information regarding you and therefore are also unable to attain information about you.
我從你這裡知道,有一些 UFO 是屬於你們的飛船(beamships),但仍然還有數 百件始終沒弄清楚。因此我假設,所有這些無法解釋的 UFO 現象,一方面可能是屬於地球上不同國家的人造秘密軍用飛行器,甚至還有屬於中國的 —— 這 是你上次告訴我的。此外,有一次你還說,也要考慮有些是來自地球的未來。 另一方面,你同時還提到有關那三個你們還不清楚的族群,他們沒有你們的資 訊,因此他們也是無法得到你們的訊息。

19. This corresponds to actuality, because all of the appearances of unknown flying objects mentioned by you – as well as hundreds of others – lead back only very rarely to we Plejaren and to those of our federation, who sometimes regarding the fact that they are seen, are those of the federation who are somewhat less careful than we.
這些都符合實際狀況,因為你以及其他數百人提到的那些所有出現過的不明 飛行物,只有極少數是屬於我們 Plejaren 和我們聯邦的。事實上,有關他們 所看到的某些飛行器,是屬於那些比我們疏於隱藏的聯邦所擁有。

20. As a rule everything leads back to the three alien groups to us as well as to secret terrestrial-military flight machines of various nations.
按照往常,一切都指向我們未知的三個外來族群以及地球上許多國家那些人 造的秘密軍用飛行器。

Then this is clear, and apparently, if I take notice of your words, then nothing has changed between you and the three alien groups?
那麼這樣就清楚了,很顯然,如果我注意到你的說法,那麼你們和那三個外來 族群之間的狀況都沒有什麼改變嗎?

21. That is actually so, and we will ourselves also not try to come into contact with the aliens, and in regard to them we also do not know from where they come, which also does not interest us which is why we also do not try to clarify their origin.
實際就是如此,我們自己並不會試圖接觸這些外來者,關於他們,我們不知 道是從哪裡來的,而他們也並不關心我們,這就是為什麼我們也不想弄清楚 他們的來歷。

22. Also everything indicates for us that – if we speak of their technology as a starting point – which compared to ours is relatively still very much underdeveloped -, and that also their consciousness development still leaves much to be desired.
此外對我們來說,一切都顯示 —— 如果我們以他們的科技來看 —— 與我 們相比,他們仍然是相對很不發達的,而他們在意識層面的發展也尚待努 力。

I can comprehend that. However, you once said years ago, that you have carried out clarifications and studies in detail and that since 1947 no more Earth foreigners have flown into terrestrial airspace. How is it then with the three foreign groups?
我可以理解這些。然而在幾年前你曾說過,你們已進行澄清並詳細研究過,自 1947 年以來沒有其他的外星人飛到地球領空來。那麼這三個外來族群又是怎麼 回事?

23. We have spoken about them already many times, and I have explained, that these groups who are aliens to us are not therein to be included, because we have known about them as aliens for a long time.
我們談過他們已經很多次了,我解釋過,這些我們不清楚的族群不包括在內, 因為長時間以來,我們已經知道他們是外來者。

24. Our clarifications applied to and apply to only new aliens after 1947, and so none since then have flown into terrestrial space. 我們的澄清只適用於 1947 年後那些新出現的外星人,所以說從那時起就沒 有這類的外星人飛入地球附近的領空中。

25. And so as we see the matter, is that the three unknown to us aliens belong to groups, who have not penetrated newly into the terrestrial area after 1947 所以就如我們對這件事的看法,這三個我們不清楚的族群,不屬於 1947 年 之後新進入地球領空的外星族群。

26. Hence it is possible, that they even come from the Earth itself or already long ago as Earth foreigners were here, before we undertook our new mission on the Earth.
因此,他們甚至可能是來自地球本身,或者很久以前 —— 在我們進行地球 上的新使命之前 —— 就已經是在這裡的外星人了。

27. Admittedly since that time we have registered activities again and again in the terrestrial airspace, and I mean up to the present time, but in connection to this we see the three alien groups to us, as those who are truthfully already here for a long time or even belong to the Earth, perhaps also in a future dimension.
從那時起,我們確實在地球上空一次又一次的紀錄相關活動。但 我的意思是, 到目前為止我們看到這三個外來族群,的確已經在這裡很長的時間,或甚至 可說是屬於地球 —— 也或許是存在於未來的維度之中。

28. From this follows, that we also do not concern ourselves about them and also do not try to come into their range, because we do not want to bring about any conflicts with them.
因此,我們並沒有擔心他們,也沒有試圖走進他們的領域,因為我們不希望 與他們發生任何衝突。

29. Solely, this is forbidden to us already by our directives.

30. What it is however with all the observations in the USA, England and Belgium mentioned by you and also many others elsewhere, this we do not know, because already we no longer try for a long time to make clarifications of such occurrences.
然而所有你以及其它很多人提到在美國、英國和比利時出現的案例,這些我 們都不知道,因為我們已經有很長時間不再嘗試去澄清所發生的這種情況。

From your words I gather, that you therefore do not know, whether with the three groups alien to you concerns Earth foreigners, thus extraterrestrials or from the Earth’s future, or whether it concerns with the USA, Belgium and England etc. observed large unknown flying bodies perhaps secret terrestrial-military machines?
從我聽到你說的話,你因此並不知道這三個外來族群到底是否與地球有關,也 就是說並不知道這些外星人或來自地球未來的族群,他們是否與那些在美國、 比利時和英國等地觀察到的大量不明飛行物或者人造的秘密軍用飛行器有關?

31. This is correct such as you say, and we have also no interest to explain about them, because our tasks do not relate directly to such interests, but only and alone to your mission as well as to certain matters, which arise from terrestrial-climatic and planetary development as well as with population-, political and science- as well as technology development.
你所說的都對,而我們有也沒有興趣來解釋他們,因為我們的任務不直接涉 及這方面事務。我們只關切你的任務以及某些事項,諸如:地球的氣候、整 個行星的發展、人口問題以及政治與科學、技術的發展等方面。

32. With everything it concerns only clarification- and observation tasks, however not one iota more.
所有與之相關的事情,只能作此說明,而那些觀察的任務,無論如何是一點 都沒有。

33. An intervention into any terrestrial interests therefore, according to our directives, in no way whatsoever is permitted to us.
因此,攸關地球的任何事務 —— 根據我們的指令 —— 絕不允許直接介 入。

However you nevertheless have a technology hardly to be surpassed – at least as seen by we Earthlings – by which it would be possible, to make clarifications and examinations unnoticed, regarding those who you could examine closely. These even in connection to, from where they come, who they are and what their motives are, to function mysteriously in the terrestrial area without identifying themselves.
但你們仍然還是有一種科技幾乎不會被超越 —— 至少在我們地球人看來如 此 —— 經由這種科技,你們可以神不知鬼不覺的對那些可以仔細檢查的對象 去作澄清和查驗。甚至可以察知他們是從哪裡來、他們是誰以及他們的動機是 什麼,而且可以在他們沒有表明自己身分的地球領域內秘密的探查。

34. This is quite correct, but our directives forbid such actions, except if there would appear such unknown aircraft to our homeworlds.
這是沒錯,但我們的指令是禁止這種行動的,除非這種未知的飛行器出現到 我們家鄉世界來。

35. It would be permitted to us additionally also only then, if the aliens themselves approach us and would seek contact with us.
另外還有一個情況允許我們這樣做,那就是如果那些族群他們自己找上我們, 並尋求與我們接觸的時候。

36. However this is not only questionable, that they will do it, because as far as our directives permit, we are able to clarify, that the three alien groups to us up to now send out signals in no way whatsoever, which would indicate that they would know of our existence.
然而我們懷疑他們會這麼做,即使我們的指令允許我們可以作出澄清,因為 到目前為止,這三個外來族群所發出的信號,從來都沒有跡象顯示他們知道 我們的存在。

37. So then as we see everything, our presence is therefore not known to them, which certainly therein is based on the fact, that we always protect
ourselves against them from an open contact, as a result they can have no awareness of our presence in the terrestrial area, because we protect ourselves against them from any awareness.
那麼正如我們所看到的情況,我們的存在他們並不知道,這其中當然是根據 以下的事實,那就是我們總是善加保護自己,避免與他們有接觸的機會,因 此他們可能沒察覺到我們在地球領域的存在,因為我們會隱藏自己不被他們 發現。

38. Thus, regarding our presence only assumption can be given by them – if at all.
因此,對於我們的存在,他們只能當作假設 —— 如果有這回事。

39. However this does not mean, contrarily that we from our side are not able to perceive them, because their activities are indeed such, that these also are apparently undisputed for Earth humans and again and again are able to be observed.
但是這並不是說,反過來我們這裡不能察覺到他們,因為他們的活動確實是 這樣疏於掩飾,這也是顯然毫無疑問會被地球人一次次的看到。

40. These are our certain discoveries, which our directives permit us to be able to gain clarifications.

41. This also means for us thus, that we ourselves already for considerable time in no way try to obtain more about the three alien groups to us, as a result we also have no knowledge about their time and time again occurring activities.
這也意味著我們已經有相當長的時間在沒有嘗試去獲取那三個外來族群更 多訊息,因此我們也不了解他們一次次所發生的活動。

Then it is also senseless, if I perhaps were to ask you once again, when it concerns a UFO which was observed? Anyway – as a realization – therefore it also would not be permitted to you, to help Earth if some foreign extraterrestrials came in power to the Earth and would display ambitions of conquest?
那麼這也是毫無意義的,我可否再問你一次,如果一個不明飛行物被觀察到? 不管怎麼說 —— 它成為了一項事實 —— 如果某些不認識的外星人攜帶武力 來到地球並露出征服的野心,那麼也不允許你們來幫助地球嗎?

42. That is absolutely correct, because since we no longer concern ourselves about these interests, no more are we are able to deliver information and explanations.
那絕對是如此,因為既然我們不再關注地球的事務,我們就不能提供更多的 資訊和說明。

43. Clarifications in the mentioned connection are for us not of interest and they also never were, but we endeavored ourselves to obtain always simply only about clarifications, which fell within our own interests and will fall in the future.
對於上述相關事項的澄清,我們不感興趣而也從來沒有,但我們致力使自己 只是得到屬於我們自己和將來事務的澄清。

44. What we have done further regarding, that which goes beyond our own interests, this we have carried out only, in order to be able to deliver certain data to you and the group members.
我們進一步要做的,這些我們已實現並且是超越我們自己的利益,只是為了 能將某些資料傳遞給你和小組成員。

45. We no longer do this for considerable time, as you know, because in no way whatsoever did it bring usefulness in any connection.
我們不再這樣做已經有相當長的時間了,你知道,因為在任何一次接觸中, 我們無論做任何事都沒有產生作用。

46. This also applies to many other things and also private interests of persons etc. which in their regard we no longer endeavor ourselves to obtain clarifications for them.
這也適用於許多其他事情和個人的事務等,在他們這方面我們不再致力於為 他們澄清。

47. And what you say regarding foreign extraterrestrial powers, then this would actually be the case, as you say; we permit ourselves in no way to interfere.
而你說的關於不認識的外星勢力來犯,那麼實際的情況,正如你所說的;我 們絕不允許自己干涉此事。

Actually a pity, that you no longer make clarifications and that you also no longer deliver explanations, but I can understand the whole matter, when I consider, in all of the years everything in this connection has brought no usefulness. Then therefore also there will be no more clarifications made regarding previous personalities? And with regard to your directives is indeed also everything clear.
真是遺憾,你們不再作出澄清與說明,但我能理解整個狀況。當我考慮到,在 多年來這些接觸的所有一切都沒有帶來效果。那麼因此有關前人所作也不再說 明?而按照你們的指令,一切確實也清楚了。

48. This follows from my explanation.

Clear. Than once again a question regarding the three alien groups: Do you assume perhaps, that these could turn out to be a danger for you?
明白了。那麼再問問關於那三個外來族群︰你們沒假設也許他們可能對你們構 成威脅嗎?

49. We do not assume this, because according to our discoveries their technology is still extremely underdeveloped compared to ours, which is to be concluded from their flight maneuvers and from their total behavior.
我們不會這樣想,因為根據我們的發現,他們的科技相對於我們的來說,仍 然是不夠發達的,這可從他們的飛行表現與其綜合行為來判斷。

50. And what arises with the technology of their aircraft, this applies with certainty also to their possible weapon technology, consequently we would have a great and not to be surpassed advantage over them.

51. If they would be in possession of ray weapons, then would a use of these be the same in every case to our favor and to our great advantage, because we absorb all kinds of radiation and know how to use for our own energy production.
如果他們擁有雷射武器(ray weapons) ,那麼使用這些武器,在每種情況下 同樣對我們有利,我們會佔有很大的優勢,因為我們能吸收各種輻射並知道 如何轉化成我們自己的能量。

52. Radiations appearing to our protection shields and similar energies are absorbed and to our own energies adapted, accumulated and from them strengthened. 輻射與類似的能量衝擊到我們的保護罩(protection shields)上,會被我們 自己的能量調適並吸收、積累而因此強化。

I know this, because you have already earlier explained to me, that your protection- and weapon systems in your ships do not work the same, as those in science fiction movies – like Star Trek, etc. – on the Earth is shown, that the protection shields just become weaker by energy – and radiation bombardment etc., but that you absorb the on to your protection shield appearing energies and as a result the energetic all around cloaking shield of
your ships is strengthened. Thus it is such, that the more radiation energy etc. is fired onto your ships, the stronger their protection shields become.
我知道這些,因為你以前已經向我解釋過,你們飛船的防護和武器系統並不是 像那些科幻電影 —— 如《星際爭霸戰》 (Star Trek)等 —— 那樣,保護罩只 會被能量和輻射等的轟擊而變弱,而是將衝擊的能量吸收到你們的保護罩內, 最終反倒是強化了它的功能。因此有越多的輻射能量發射到你們飛船的保護罩 上,將使它越為強大。

53. That is correct.

54. However also if solid projectiles, respectively solid materials are shot at our protection shields, we are able to transfer their kinetic energy into an energy usefulness while the projectiles change and becomes useless.
而如果是實體導彈、固體彈藥射擊到我們的保護罩上,我們也能轉化它們的 動能成一種有用的能量而使那些導彈等變得無用。

55. If the projectiles contain explosives of any kind, then these will become neutralized and become a harmless mass.

And how is it, if it would concern asteroids, meteors and space rubbish or missiles with atomic warheads?

56. These also would be neutralized and present no danger for us.

So it should also be with we Earthlings, then much disaster would be avoided. When alone I think about, what everything is caused by Earthhumans with weapons, then this terrifies me. Many Earthlings have weapons of all kinds, who really should not be granted a permit for a weapon, because many weapon possessors are unstable and cracking up in their lack of self-control. This proves time and time again and more and more, like I have indeed revealed this in my predictions, and I mean in connection to the fact, that by unstable and cracking up humans more and more murders and mass murders occur in families, groups and schools, as well as however also more and more murders and mass-murders through foreigner- race and religious hate, as well as also through terrorism.
那麼如果我們地球人也能擁有,就可以避免掉大災難。每當我想到地球人類因 為武器所造成的一切後果時,都令我不寒而慄。許多擁有各式武器地球人,真 的不應該被允許配有,因為很多的武器擁有者是不穩定並缺乏自制力的。這一 次次證明且越來越多的跡象的確像我預言中所透露的這些現象,我的意思是這 關連到一項事實,也就是由那些心智不穩定而焦躁的人所造成的謀殺與大規模 殺戮,越來越多發生在家庭、團體和學校之中,而同樣也越來越多謀殺以及集 體殺戮是因不同種族和宗教的仇恨以及恐怖主義而起。

57. Weapons impart to an unstable-intemperate human crazed and confused thoughts and feelings of invulnerability, as well as also an unscrupulous willingness for violence and an unlimited power behavior.
將武器交在不穩定而無節制的人手上,他瘋狂混亂的想法和冷酷無情,以及 肆無忌憚的暴力與無法無天的武力行為。

58. As a result he is not in control of his thoughts-feelings-emotion-like stirrings, consequently he is in no way able to control himself and his actions.

59. If such a human uses a weapon and sets it into function, then he is captivated by an adrenalin rush, whereby all control mechanisms in the
brain are left without power, and he only just automatically aggressively acts and in this way also unhesitatingly kills and possibly falls victim to a killing frenzy.
如果這種人使用武器並設定開啟,那麼他的腎上腺素會迅速飆升,導致他在 大腦中所有的控制機制都失去作用,這時他只會自動產生攻擊的行為而以這 種方式毫不猶豫地大開殺戒,並可能使受害者也墮入瘋狂的殺戮之中。

60. With this, the kind of weapon plays no roll, consequently it can therefore be a shooting-, stabbing or beating weapon, as well as also a suffocation- order strangling weapon, as well as also the bare hands, the arms, fists, the feet and knees as well as the head etc.
為此,這種武器不能派上用場,因此它可以是一種射擊、刺痛或毆打的武器, 同樣也是窒息絞殺的武器,以及是赤手空拳、手臂、拳頭、腳和膝蓋,以及 頭等等。


Once again back to the three alien groups: So you do not assume, that danger could be threatened to you by the Earth foreigners. But how might it be then, if danger could come from them for the Earth, respectively terrestrial humanity?
再回來說一下那三個外來族群︰所以你們不會假設那些外來者所具的危險性可 能會威脅到你們。但如果有可能呢?如果危險可能來自他們對地球(人類)的 影響呢?

61. For all of the last 200 years nothing has indicated, that such a danger could come from the Earth aliens, but we do not know their intentions and hence cannot say with certainty, whether still someday there could be the case that some Earth aliens plan evil.
由過去的 200 年來看,沒有這種危險會來自這些地球的外來者,但我們不知 道他們的意圖,因此不能確定是否某天仍可能有某些地球的外來者有不軌企 圖的情況。

Not exactly a comfort. So we can only hope, that the foreign bastards as such are peaceful like you Plejaren and those of your federation. If the Earth and terrestrial humanity would be threatened disaster by the Earth foreigners or those from the future, how would you yourselves then react?
這沒什麼幫助。所以我們只能期望這些外來混種會像你們 Plejaren 和你們的聯 邦這樣愛好和平。如果地球和地球人類將會受到那些地球或那些來自未來地球 的外來者的威脅,那麼你們自己將如何反應?

62. You know, that our directives would forbid an intervention, as I already mentioned.

I know, however also this is indeed just not exactly comforting. It is only to assume, that everything turns out peacefully, if someday official contacts come to take place with Earth aliens or those from the future, which in fact certain prophecies have announced already from time immemorial.
我知道,但這的確不怎麼愉快。那只是假設,但事實上某些預言早就已經表示 過,如果有一天與那些地球外來者或來自未來的外來者發生正式接觸,一切都 會和平進行。

63. What someday arises, this will prove with time.

Therefore it is very comforting, not to know, what actually will arise. However perhaps it is good for the humans of Earth. On the other hand however it has also proven, that predictions likewise are not paid heed to, as well as also prophecies, because the majority of terrestrial humanity is not concerned about them. This likewise has been proven since time immemorial in regard to all of the prophecies and their fulfilments as well as also all of yours and mine predictions, all which have completely been fulfilled and also still in the future will be fulfilled.
因此不知道實際上會發生什麼,倒也令人欣慰。無論如何,也許這樣對地球人 類有益。另一方面,而它也證明了預測同樣是不會被人注意,還有預言,因為 絕大部份的地球人類並不關心這些。這同樣證明了自遠古以來所有的預言都得 到應驗,並且你和我所有的預測也已完全得到應驗,而其他的在未來也將會實現。



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