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接触时间:2013 年 6 月 1 日,星期六


本篇譯文基於「德」 → 「英」 → 「中」 譯制。


資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 13.
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這篇接觸報告中,Billy 和 Ptaah 討論到有關那些被用作尋求科學進展而遭受虐待、折磨與殺害的戰犯。這些資訊尚未被世上有關的政府向大眾批露。

英版鏈接:「Futureofmankind. James Moore」

中版譯者:James Hsu
中版鏈接:「Pixnet. James Hsu」

Synopsis 提要
Billy and Ptaah discuss the abuse, torture and murder of prisoners of war for the purpose of pursuing scientific advancement. Knowledge still unreleased to the public by several governments of the world. They also discuss the evil intentions of the now arrested Ashtar Sheran group to implement an illusory alien invasion scenario the ultimate aim of which was to gain domination over the Earth.
這篇接觸報告中,Billy 和 Ptaah 討論到有關那些被用作尋求科學進展而遭受虐 待、折磨與殺害的戰犯。這些資訊尚未被世上有關的政府向大眾批露。 他們也討論到已被拘禁的阿斯塔.謝蘭集團的邪惡企圖,他們編造了虛幻的外星人入侵情節,而其最終目的是得到地球的統治權。

This is an excerpt of the contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.

Quetzal once said to me something privately with respect to prisoners, particularly Americans, but also others, who were moved to Czechoslovakia and then the Soviet Union, where they were forcibly and regularly abused in medical and drug experiments. And with nuclear bomb tests etc. they were, with terrible violence, brought together with animals into the direct danger zones of the explosions and in fact chained up. It is said that more than 10,000 people, especially American POWs have been put to death in that bestial way without the government of the USA having undertaken any steps against it or even having just intervened.
有一次格查爾向我私下談到有關戰時的俘虜(特別是美國但也有其他國家)被 移送到捷克斯洛伐克,然後到蘇聯,他們被定期強迫服用藥物以作實驗,甚至 還有用來作核爆的測試對象等等。他們與一些動物被強制帶到核爆的危險區內 並用鐵鍊控制行動。據說有超過 1 萬名的人,尤其是美國戰俘被用來這樣非人 道的對待以致死亡,然而美國政府並未提出任何抗議,甚至連介入調查的行動 都沒有。

That is correct. The government and the high military of the US knew that this was happening, that US-prisoners and other prisoners were brought to Czechoslovakia by plane and transported from there to the Soviet Union, where they were experimented upon medically, controlled with drugs, placed near nuclear weapons trials, cruelly tortured and effectively murdered. The U.S. soldiers and others were captured as prisoners of war in Vietnam and Korea and deported to Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union to die there by the inhuman experiments. If they were either critically hurt and irradiated, or turned insane, they were executed. In this way a lot of US-soldiers as well as other persons disappeared in Vietnam and Korea whose whereabouts never were publicly cleared up. Both the government of US and the US military kept silent about their knowledge, and this is still the case today. And this was of course also valid for the dictatorship of Soviet Union as it is also the case for today’s Russia. It is beyond doubt that the Soviet Union had the corresponding files, that Russia possesses them today, as well as the US of course. But it is questionable if these files will ever be publically known. But it is definitely so, that the US secret services were well aware of these tremendous criminal acts and did nothing to prevent them however, nor did the government. They have not let anything slip into the public domain, but have wrapped themselves in silence and kept quiet to the American people.
是的,美國政府與軍方高層知道這些正在發生的事,那些美國與其他國家的戰 俘被用飛機由捷克斯洛伐克帶到蘇聯,在那裡他們被拿來作醫療實驗,被藥物 控制,被送到核子武器實驗場,因此遭到殘酷的折磨與實質的謀殺。這些美國與其他國家的戰士是在越戰與韓戰中被俘,後來被運往捷克斯洛伐克與蘇聯作 非人道的實驗致死。如果他們沒有受到嚴重傷害與輻射感染或是精神錯亂,則 會被處決。有許多美國軍人以及其他人都是這樣在越南與韓國失蹤的,他們的 下落從未被公開(消除)過。美國政府與軍方迄今都對此保持沉默,而這種在 專制蘇聯時期的作法在今日的俄羅斯仍然在採行。相信俄羅斯目前還保有前蘇 聯時期的相關檔案,同樣美國方面一定也有,但是否會將之公諸大眾,尚值得 懷疑。然而肯定的是,美國秘密組織對這些滔天的罪行竟毫無作為,而政府部 門也是如此。他們不讓這些消息對外走露一點點風聲,而使得美國人民是完全 被蒙在鼓裡。

There is probably nothing more to say, and I cannot find any other words, except that it is probably very dangerous to spread this knowledge. 這已經沒甚麼好說的,而說出這些事可能有危險性。

You are certainly right about that, because as far as we know, the documents regarding that, in the USA and in Russia, are still under the strictest closure. And the fact that we are now talking openly about it, can be dangerous.
你說對了,因為到目前為止,這些相關文件無論在美國或是俄羅斯都是絕對機 密,所以我們現在的討論,可能會惹禍上身。

This can really be so, but now it is said, therefore we also should not hide it, even though this possibly brings danger. People should know what really happened.
真的會如此,但現在來說,就算可能帶來危險,我們也不應該隱瞞它們,世人 應該知道事情的真相。

Your words represent your convictions, that an open word alone is the right thing and that the truth should not be concealed. And from this point of view I would like to say some things that concern you and by …
你說的話正代表你的信念,公開談論是正確的事,而真相不該被隱瞞。由這個 觀點來看,我想說說有關你的一些事,以及…

A further question is the one I have to prepare and answer to for the catalogue of queries from Michael Horn, whereas Christian Frehner has translated the entire catalogue into English as follows: I have read the pamphlet of Wilbert B. Smith with the title “The New Science", and you have said that he was a contactee (contact person). Can you tell me, if he was a contact to the Plejaren, because in his writings he is telling about someone named Alan, and in accordance with your information, Alan is a liar. There is a pamphlet, that remained unfinished because of his death in 1962, but in the pamphlet he speaks about the 12 fabrics of the reality. Can the truth be revealed in it? (Hints from Christian Frehner: This question is embedded in the list of questions delivered by Semjase of the real contactees, see Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, block 6, page 264, sentence 238-248) Can you give a clear answer that I can use for answering the questions?
接下來的問題,是為了要回答 Michael Horn 的查詢表中的其中一個問題, Christian Frehner已將其翻譯成英文,問題是這樣:我曾看過一個由韋伯.史 密斯(這個人你曾說他是一位被接觸者)所寫的小冊子,標題是"新科學", 那麼你能否告訴我他是不是曾和 Plejaren 人接觸過。在他的冊子裡談到一個叫 阿倫的人,而你說阿倫是個騙子。因為韋伯.史密斯在 1962 年已經去世,所以 小冊子的內容並沒有完成,而他在裡面提到有關現實的 12 個結構物。你能透漏 一些這方面的實情嗎?

That is no problem, but is must be said it is rather voluminous both to get hold of and to explain: A certain Wilbert B. Smith was probably a contactee, but unfortunately one of the negative type. His contact was only once and absolutely insignificant and moreover only a hypnotic direct contact with the group of Ashtar Sheran whereby the whole thing, as already said, boiled down to something completely minor. Hypnotic direct contact we call those in which the hypnosis is not independently performed by equipment, but directly by humans, however the hypnotic energy transmission of thoughts over great distances takes place via strong broadcasting equipment. Smith was also, like many other contactees, at the time of the contact under hypnosis with a post hypnotic aspect, and he acted upon the instructions, but what he was doing was not deliberate and not with his own will, this was normal procedure in the Ashtar Sheran-group to be able to keep the contactees under full control. And this was the case for the numerous contactees abused by the Ashtar Sheran group. Such contacts with the earth people were quite common for the Ashtar Sheran group, whereby the group simply influenced earth people with impulses that turned the people into obedient tools facilitating the groups evil acts on the earth.
沒有問題,但如果要全盤解釋可能會是長篇大論。韋伯.史密斯確實可能是位 被接觸者,不過是屬於不好的那一型。他只有被接觸過一次,不算重要而且是 與阿斯塔.謝蘭集團透過催眠的方式所作的接觸,因此整件事情,如我所說歸 類成全然無足輕重。催眠式的接觸中,催眠並非完全由設備主導進行,而是受 人的直接控制,而要長距離傳輸催眠思想的能量需要由非常強大的傳播設備。 史密斯與其他被接觸的人一樣,位於催眠接觸的接收端,他按照指示行動,但 是他的所作所為並未深思熟慮,並且不是他自己的意念,這是阿斯塔.謝蘭集 團為了達到充份掌握這些被接觸者的一種正常程序(模式) 。經由這種方式,該 集團就可以藉由脈衝作用使得那些人成為順從他們的工具,好被利用在從事地 球上邪惡的行動。

The influenced came in big numbers, but non of them ever had any clue, what the actual reality of these contacts were and how they took place. Actually they also never had a real physical contact, but always only hypnotic-impulse-like, and because realistic visions belonged to all of that, a lot of the contactees that were abusively manipulated by the Ashtar Sheran group, were convinced that they had experienced a real or true contact with the extraterrestrial. They were not conscious about the fact that they never experienced any actual meetings with the extraterrestrials, and as a consequence they’ve also never flown in their ships, all of it was just pretended for them through hypnotic realistic visions. The contactees were misled through these hypnotic real vision illusions in such a manner that they took the imaginations planted in them for real and believed that they had made an actual contact to the extraterrestrials flying with them in their ships. They were unable to distinguish between the reality and the hypnotic illusions planted in them, and lived or still live in the implanted fantasy that their contacts have really taken place. A further fact was that the contactees were given hypnotic, suggestive, false data regarding the origin of the Ashtar Sheran group, and as a result practically all of these contactees were having different places of origin for the group in their memory.
這種方式已經影響了相當多的人,但他們對這種接觸的實際真相以及是如何發 生的,卻一點頭緒都沒有。事實上他們從來沒有發生過真正實體的接觸,而經 常只是如同催眠式的脈衝訊號。由於那種真實的景象,都是出自那種方式,使 得有些被接觸者被阿斯塔.謝蘭集團誤導操縱,堅信他們真的有與外星人接觸 的經驗。他們並未察覺其實他們根本沒有真正與外星人見面,也從未飛到他們 的太空船裡,所有的一切,都只是透過催眠傳輸給他們的似真假象。這些被接 觸者是被這種催眠式的似真幻象所誤導,以一種植入式的想像,使他們真的以 為自己到過外星人的太空船與他們一起飛行過。他們無發分辨真相與那些被催 眠植入的幻象,使他們仍然活在相信真的發生過那樣接觸過的幻象中。甚至還 有些被接觸者被催眠傳輸了有關阿斯塔.謝蘭集團起源的假資料,導致這些人 對該集團的起源認知,竟在記憶中有不同的地方。

But all these facts were unknown to us at the time we gave you the list of these contactees, because at that time we analysed only the memories of the affected persons. Those were however so profoundly hypnotic-suggestively manipulated, that we were deceived and we did not recognize the manipulation of the memory. We only figured out the real facts three weeks ago by applying for the first time the better technical tools currently available. Over the last years we have noticed various such kinds of contactee cases which seemed strange to us, which is why with the help of the new equipment and tools we analysed again the memory impulses of all living contactees and we managed to break through their hypnotic blockage. In this way we have now encountered the actual reality and truth. The analysis continued till yesterday, and that is why I can give you the results of our efforts and analysis today. But it should now be said, that the persons forcefully manipulated and contacted in the before mentioned way, were not left with their own conscious knowledge of the manipulation, but only with the post-hypnotic memory, that already shortly after the manipulation was so strong that it could no longer be undone. And this is without exception the case for all the many Earth people mentioned by us as contact persons, either individually or listed by name, they have all without exception been forcefully hypnotic-suggestively-real-visionarily manipulated by the Ashtar Sheran group. With all of them the impulses were however in each individual case, in such a way that the impulse receiver had and believed false visions through a corresponding influence, to have made contact, and that is why they also wrote memos, books and partly also stepped up in the public and told about this.
但是所有這些事在我們給你那些被接觸者的名單時,我們並不知道,因為那時 候我們只分析了那些受影響的人他們的記憶,而這些記憶被如此深刻地以催眠 暗示的方式操控過,以致連我們也被騙了,竟然沒有察覺出這種記憶的處理手 法。僅僅在三週之前,我們才第一次借助剛提供的較佳專門工具查出事實真相。 在去(2012)年之前,我們就已經注意到許多這類被接觸者的案例,同時也使 我們覺得奇怪,這也是我們為什麼會借助這些新的設備與工具,再次分析那些 所有在世的被接觸者的記憶脈衝資料,而終能破解他們的催眠封鎖訊息,這樣 我們目前才能得到實際的真相。分析的作業一直持續到昨天,所以今天我才能 將我們致力分析的結果提供給你。但是現在應該要說,那些被之前提到的方式 所強制操縱與接觸的人,他們並沒有在自己意識中留下被操縱的消息,只留下 在後期催眠的記憶,這在操作之後是如此之強所以不可能沒有做過。他們無一 例外,都是被阿斯塔.謝蘭集團所操作的「催眠式聯想之似真幻象」所掌控。 他們所有的人都是在個別情況下作的脈衝,透過一種對應的感應來作接觸,以 這種方式,脈衝的接收者會接受並相信假的景象。這也是他們為何會寫書立言, 部分人也會勇於面對大眾談論他們經驗的原因。

The reason for this was on the one hand, through this to obtain a worldwide disinformation in covering the existence and origin of a variety of extraterrestrials, and on the other hand it was also linked to a plan from the Ashtar Sheran group which outlined how they could become dominant residents and establish a new homeland for themselves. The plan was, that the group should come forward as saviors for the earthly population when anguish appeared caused by different “threatening" extraterrestrial intruders allegedly endangering the world. A large drama with air battles and fights in the earth orbit was planned, all in order to make it look realistic. And the consequence should then ultimately be that the Ashtar Sheran group would gain domination over the earth so to speak as extraterrestrial protection. And all this was aimed for by the hypnotic contacts to the human beings, and it should all be finalized when the formal contacts with the earthly governments were established. This might have succeeded, provoked through the impulse influence exerted on selected earth people, whereby finally also the leaders of all countries would have listened, which would then have acted in accordance with the instructions embedded in the impulses such that the plans could have been realized. Since these persons, who were a large number, failed and for us still unknown reasons why they did not fulfill their missions, the evil plan was never realized. All the contactees, that we also identified to you earlier by name, should therefore have functioned as forerunners, facilitating the realization of the plan of the Ashtar Sheran group. And because all these earthly human beings were manipulated in the already mentioned hypnotic-suggestive way by the extraterrestrials of the Ashtar Sheran group, that was still unknown to us at that time though, we called them actual contactees. That was probably wrong of us, because we allowed ourselves to be misled, which gave rise to a false assumption for both you and the earth people, the assumption was that these contact persons through the Ashtar Sheran group had made real physical or telepathic contact with some extraterrestrials.
這樣做有兩個原因,其一是由此達到向全世界散布假情報以掩飾不同外星人的 存在與來源,其二是銜接來自阿斯塔.謝蘭集團的計畫,其計畫宗旨是如何可 以成為本地的主宰而為他們自己建立一個新的家園。這個計畫就是:當一旦發 生外星人入侵威脅到地球人類安危時,該集團就會以拯救者的姿態前來。一個 更大的戲碼已經計畫好了,這一切都是為了讓情況看起來更逼真。其結果就是, 最後讓阿斯塔.謝蘭集團以防禦外星人為由得到地球的主宰權。而這些都要靠 那些經催眠方式接觸的人來行動,並且落實在與地球的政府單位建立正式的接 觸。若是經由脈衝來影響特定的人,因而最終能讓所有國家的領袖也聽從他們 的意見,然後依照脈衝植入的那些指示行動讓計畫得以實現,那麼情況就有可 能成功。由於這些人為數不少,但為什麼一直沒有成功執行他們的任務,原因 不明,所以那不懷善意的計劃還沒有實現過。所有這些被接觸者的名單我們都 已給你,而他們都將成為幫助實現阿斯塔.謝蘭集團計畫的行動先鋒。因為所 有這些地球人都被阿斯塔.謝蘭集團這些外星人用上述那種催眠式聯想的方式 所操控,在當時我們還不知道是這種情形,以為他們是真正的被接觸者。看來 我們弄錯了,以致對你以及地球人們都作了錯誤的假設,這個假設就是:這些透過阿斯塔.謝蘭集團所接觸的人,是真的有與某些外星人作過實體或心靈上 的接觸。

This was naturally not the case, as we know today, which seemed strange to us at that time, because apart from the three unidentified groups we knew of no other. Thus we supposed that these contacts were connected with the three unidentified factions. Thus this misunderstanding led back to us, for which we are very sorry. And still to mention is that this form of forced manipulation-contact did not have anything to do with our impulse contacts which we maintained with Earth people for these were unconsciously received in such a way that they assumed that their progressive ideas were their own. In particular these impulse-contacts from our side took place with scientists for promoting sciences of medicine and technology of the people of Earth, which has in fact shown also by the very rapid developments in recent decades by many inventions and innovations, etc., as is demonstrated. Also our contacts were in such a way that the receivers of our impulse transmissions had no knowledge of the whole unconscious telepathic information-impulses. Through the Ashtar Sheran group, which ultimately found its end in the DAL Universe, as you know, disaster should have arisen on Earth, which would have happened, if their manipulative acts with the forced Earth contactees had succeeded. As for the name Alan, which was used by Wilbert B. Smith, this was just a fantastic invention, as were also all his statements. As for the name Alan, it was not meant that he was a liar, but that the name means “the liar". …
以我們目前所知道的情況,自然不是那麼回事,在當時我們感到奇怪,因為除 了那三個不明的集團外,我們知道沒有其他的。於是我們設想,這都是與三個 不明的集團所作的接觸。我們對這些所造成的誤解,感到非常的抱歉。這裡還 是要說明一下,他們這種強迫式接觸的模式,與我們向地球人所用的脈衝接觸 方式完全是兩回事,因為我們是以一種不自覺的接收方式,讓被接收訊息的人 以為他們那些好點子都是自己想出來的。而由我們這邊發送出的脈衝接觸,特 別是提供那些科學家們用以促進地球在醫學與科技的發展。這些成果,已經由 近幾十年來許多發明與發現飛快進展的事實得知。我們這種接觸的方式,也讓 這些接收我們脈衝傳輸的人,對整個不自覺的心靈感應方式資訊脈衝,完全沒 有察覺。如果阿斯塔.謝蘭集團(他們最終已在 DAL 宇宙走到最後的末路,這 你也已經知道)在地球所操縱的那些被接觸者成功了,那麼地球上應該已經大難臨頭。至於被韋伯.史密斯所用過的阿倫這個名子,就如同他所說的所有故 事,只是個異想天開的創作。而阿倫這個人並不是說他是個騙子,只是阿倫這 個名子的意思是"騙子"。

These are again new findings that allows many things to appear in a new light.

That is so, however we are not immune to errors and deceptions, this is also the case of the Ashtar Sheran group, who have done very evil acts and caused much harm in terms of alleged physical and telepathic contacts with various aliens of supposedly different places of origin. As we were now able to understand, their victims were tricked on hypnotic-visionary basis as well as alleged physical contacts, as well as alleged Christ-like religious form messages. This together with various other devious machinations, which released wrong assumptions and opinions in many Earth people, even with civil service and military personnel etc. Also to cause confusion around the world, actual sightings with different aircraft were organized, strange acts such as animal mutilations etc., were committed as was also done by Earth people who were impulse-hypnotically influenced by the Ashtar Sheran group. We learned about it however through Asket, because she told us that in the fighting in the DAL Universe four prisoners were taken from the Ashtar Sheran group before the armada was completely destroyed. One of the four prisoners was Ashtar Sheran’s first representative and armada commander. Recently, he has, as well as the three other prisoners, finally agreed to break the silence and to divulge the many evil machinations of the group, consequently we went to all of their hypnosis-contactees on the ground and could find the truth. These prisoners also mentioned the names of several already deceased false contactees, also including a Wilbert B. Smith, and others in various countries in Europe, Africa, Japan, America, Israel and South America, such as Brazil and Argentina, etc., but also Australia and Russia, etc.
是啊,無論如何,我們還是不免會犯錯與受騙。在阿斯塔.謝蘭集團的案例中, 他們已經幹過非常可惡的事,像是曾以與不同地方外星人作實體與心靈感應接 觸的名義,造成許多的傷害。依據我們目前的了解,他們的受害者是被催眠式 幻象(且被聲稱是實體的接觸甚至被稱作是像救世主)形式的訊息所欺騙。此 外還以其他的狡詐計謀,對許多地球人釋放錯誤的假想與觀點,對象甚至包含 公職單位與軍職人員等,造成全世界人的困惑。那些不同航空器實際的樣貌被 組合起來,還有像是動物截肢等怪異的行為,都是被阿斯塔.謝蘭集團所作催 眠式脈衝影響的人所幹出來的。可是我們從亞斯克那裡得知,在 DAL 宇宙的一 場戰鬥中,太空艦隊在完全被摧毀前,有四個阿斯塔.謝蘭集團中的人被俘虜, 其中一個是該集團第一代表(也是艦隊指揮官)。最近,他與其他三位囚犯達成 協議,決定打破沉默揭發該集團許多的邪惡陰謀,後來我們到他們所有在地上 的催眠被接觸者那裡才發現真相。這幾位囚犯還提到已過世的假被接觸者,其 中包含韋伯.史密斯以及其他地區與國家的人,他們分佈在歐洲、非洲、日本、 美國、以色列、南美洲的巴西與阿根廷,還有澳洲與俄羅斯等等。

Do these investigations make sense now?

That is so, yes, but our related investigations were very troublesome, because in terms of these contact events that span more than seven decades in the past, much had to be worked through, in which many other things were clarified. For this purpose, a global large-scale operation by us was necessary, which lasted more than seven months and was completed perceptively three weeks ago in the first part, and the rest two days ago.
有的,但我們相關的調查非常麻煩,因為這些被接觸者的事件,涵蓋過去的時 間有七十幾年以上,其間有許多工作要做,許多事要查明。因此,需要作全球 範圍的調查,如此要持續超過七個月的工作,而第一部分在三週前才完成,其 餘的一直到兩天前才告一段落。

You have never told me anything about it.

That’s true, but had I talked about this before we had obtained our results and this was certain, many questions would have come from you, which I wanted to avoid. In addition, it was necessary to exercise some caution, because there are those forces still unknown to us in your computer that could wreak mischief with your writings. It was feared that through this something would have been triggered, over which we had no control.
沒錯,但在我談論這些事之前,我們必須先得出個結果,而且是確定的結果才 行,否則會有許多問題會由你那邊提出來,我要先避免。此外,有個情況要提 出警告,因為有股我們還不清楚的力量是針對你的電腦而來,可能會危害你所 寫出的資料。我們擔心會有甚麼狀況因而發生,目前這件事還在我們的掌控之 外。

I can understand that, but now the question arises whether through all of the prisoners and your investigation itself, perhaps also cognitions in regard to your three unknown groups have surfaced, and if yes, what?
我了解,但目前有個問題就是:是否可以透過所有的囚犯以及你們的調查,可 能得知關於那三個我們還不清楚的集團,如果可以,那是甚麼?

This was also discussed with the prisoners, which by their statements it was absolutely clear that the Ashtar Sheran group was not affiliated with the three groups unknown to us.
這些有問過那些囚犯,它們表示阿斯塔.謝蘭集團絕對不是那三個不明集團的 成員。

And what about the earthly intelligence flying machines, do they still circulate around the world?

This is indeed so, and according to all that we can observe in this matter, it’s indicating an intense activity.



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