第 567 次接觸報告

接触时间:2013 年 7 月 6 日,周六


本篇譯文基於「德」 → 「英」 → 「中」 譯制。


資料來源:FIGU/ ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier
報告卷屬:Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 13.
資訊提要:Billy和Ptaah討論自1844 年以來由Plejaren傳送到地球人類那些無意識的思想脈衝。

英版譯者:Dyson Devine
校對改進:Vivienne Legg和Vibka Wallder(FIGU Australia)
英版鏈接:「Futureofmankind. James Moore」
我們(Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg of http://www.gaiaguys.net)已經得到Billy Meier的淮許非官方地初步翻譯FIGU(www.figu.org)的資料,請註意我們的翻譯也許有錯誤。

中版譯者:James Hsu
中版鏈接:「Pixnet. James Hsu」

Synopsis 提要
Billy and Ptaah discuss the unconscious thought impulses sent by the Plejaren to Earth humans since 1844.
Billy和Ptaah討論自1844年以來由Plejaren傳送到地球人類那些無意識的思想 脈衝。

This is an official and authorised translation of a FIGU publication.

If you allow, in order to finally clarify so that no more misunderstandings arise, I would again like to speak about your directives and your impulse contacts withhuman beings of the Earth, as well as about the alleged contactees and the Ashtar Sheran group.
如果您允許,為了徹底澄清而不再有誤解,我想再和你談談你們與地球人類的 脈衝接觸,以及自稱為接觸者的人與阿斯塔.謝蘭集團方面的事情。

Of course, just ask.

Thank you, then good. According to your directives, you Plejaren werepermitted to penetrate only to a certain level in a human being’s consciousness, without being allowed to deeply research that which is purely private and personal. Thereby I speak in relation to those human beings of the Earth who you have put under the magnifying glass because they stated and spread it about that they had had contacts, and so forth, with some sort of extraterrestrials, or even with you Plejaren. But, in regard to the above, you were indeed only permitted to carry out superficial investigations, because you had this regulated quite clearly through your directives, to which you are always obliged in every case, and which, in the mentioned regard, you were also not permitted to break. Accordingly, from the beginning, you also could not penetrate into the deeper consciousness nor into the memory of those Earthlings who you previously designated as contact people. So you did not find the actual truth, being that the human beings of the Earth, who you designated as genuine contactees, were nothing more than those manipulated by the Ashtar Sheran group’s hypnotic suggestion and real vision, and so forth, who had no conscious and genuine memories of alleged personal contacts and experiences with extraterrestrials, rather only suggested false memories. But since you always had doubts about all the statements and claims of these human beings, for decades you sought the “Supreme Council’s“ permission to change your directives precisely in such a way as to be permitted to penetrate deeper into the consciousness and memory of those human beings of the Earth who claimed to beextraterrestrial contact persons, and so forth, in order to be able to fathom the actual truth. And then finally, when this permission was actually granted and the directives had been modified and expanded in this sense, you were permitted, and you could act accordingly and finally fathom the reality and bring the effective truth to light.
謝謝你,那好。根據你們的規定,你們 Plejaren 只允許滲透人類的意識到某個 程度,純粹的個人隱私部分是不許深入探究的。因此我就談談那些你們已經仔 細觀察過的地球人,因為那些人到處說他們曾與某種外星人甚至是與你們 Plejaren 有過接觸等等的話。但是基於上述限制,你們只允許對這些人進行一些 表面的調查,因為你們的規定很清楚,在任何情況下都不得違背。因此從一開 始,你們既不能滲透到那些原先被你們認定為被接觸者更深層的意識,也不能 深入他們的記憶中,所以你們沒有找到實際的真相。而那些你們認定為真正被接觸者的地球人類,都無非是那些受到阿斯塔.謝蘭等集團的催眠暗示與擬真 幻象之類方式所操縱的人,他們並沒有如自己所聲稱的與外星人親自接觸過的 真正記憶,而都只是暗示性的虛幻記憶。因為你們也始終對所有那些人的陳述 內容表示懷疑,所以幾十年來,你們尋求“最高委員會”的同意來調整你們的 規定,這樣一來,為了能尋求真相,就可以讓你們更深入地滲透到那些人的意 識和記憶裡。到最後,在這方面的規定獲得了修正並且你們也實際得到授權, 允許採取相應的行動,於是真相終於可以查個水落石出。

However, so far, you also do not know that which actually was or still is the case in regard to the events relating to this, or other events, in relation to the four groups which are still unknown to you today, whereby you also do not want to clarify that because it is not in your interest. With regard to your interests and activities in association with the Earth and its humanity, you are also in no form interested in interfering in any terrestrial affairs. Your areas of observations and interest on the Earth are mainly scientifically related to the planet’s ongoing geological processes, such as the observation of volcanic activity, plate tectonics, earthquakes, the oceans and other waters, the glaciers and the Arctic and Antarctica, the Earth’s climate and the changing of fauna and flora. You are further interested in the development of the terrestrial sciences, economics, politics, medicine and technology, the history of humankind, factors of human health, the meteorological trend and the military clashes, and so forth. Thereby, your directives clearly and precisely forbid you, in any form, any kind of interference in any terrestrial concerns. Constituting an absolute exception in this regard, were the suggestive development impulses which you transmitted to the terrestrial researchers, scientists and engineers, and so forth, in the 19th and 20th centuries and also even during the first decade of the new century – that is to say, the 3rd Millennium – for the general development and for their progress, in order to render assistance to development and progress in every regard. But in order for you to be able to do that, it required a special clause in your directives which allows such suggestive/impulse-based assistance when a planetary humanity has reached a certain general stage of development. That is my recollection anyway, as you have explained it to me on various private occasions.
然而,到目前為止,有關這些(或其他)事件,你們還是不知道實際上曾經或 者目前依舊是與那四個你們仍不清楚的集團之間的關聯,而你們也不想釐清這些,因為對它不感興趣。談到關於你們對地球及人類的興趣和活動,你們也沒 有意願干涉地球上任何的事務。你們在地球上的觀察範圍和感興趣的領域主要 是與科學相關以及地球持續變化的地質過程方面,例如火山活動、板塊結構、 地震、海洋、冰川和南北極、全球氣候以及動植物變化的觀測。你們進而也對 地球上的科學、經濟、政治、醫學、人類歷史、人類健康、氣象趨勢及軍事衝 突等等的發展感到興趣。基本上,你們明確規定禁止以任何方式干涉地球上的 事務;不過這方面唯一的例外,就是在 19 和 20 世紀乃至於新世紀(也就是公 元 2000 年以後)的第一個十年的期間,你們經由暗示性的脈衝,傳輸給地球的 研究人員、科學家和工程師等人員有用的訊息,為了他們的發展和進步,在各 個方面提供了一些協助。但是,為了能夠促成地球人類發展到某種階段,需要 你們的一個特殊指令才能允許這樣的援助。無論如何,這是我所記得你在各種 私下場合解釋給我聽的事。

About which, however, with respect to certain things, you were obligated to silence.

Naturally, I know that, because you did not want any side to have been able to take countermeasures, such as the Ashtar Sheran group, as well as the four groups unknown to you, or any terrestrial organisations or powers. Indeed, it is for that reason that I also had to write down your information and publish it in the contact reports, so that no cover-ups or other measures could have been taken by those who would have been interested in seeing to it that the reality and truth could not come to light.
當然,我知道,因為你不希望任何一方,諸如阿斯塔.謝蘭集團以及那四個未 知的集團,或者地球上任何的組織或權力當局能夠採取相應的對策。事實上, 就是出於這個原因,我也不得不記錄下你這方面的訊息,並在接觸報告中公布, 所以那些本來不希望真相被披露出來的人,就無法掩飾或採取其他的措施了。

A premature uncovering of the facts would have brought much damage. But we always remained with the truth, consequently we invariably named the facts which were known to us, thus no untruth was named. Mind you, as you also knew, the fact is, we did harbour doubts and made a lengthy effort to get to the bottom of the actual reality and truth of the matter. However, you did not show great interest for it and throughout all the passing years you have no longer asked and therefore, you had no knowledge of that which we really endeavoured to do in regard to this matter.
過早揭露的事實會帶來許多傷害。但是我們始終保有事實真相,因此我們總是 指出我們已知的事實,不會提供不實的資訊。這裡要提醒你,你也知道,實際 的情形是:這件事我們雖心有疑慮但致力於長期的調查,以求得問題與事件的 實際真相。但是在多年後,你沒有對其表現出很大的興趣並不再提問,因此你 所不知道的是,關於這件事情我們真的很努力在做。

Naturally. In my life, I have learnt to simply place all that, about which I have to be silent, far into the background of my memory, so that it is no longer within my grasp, simply in the form of a steered forgetting which dissolves again only if need be. But now I should like to mention something concerning your suggestive/impulse help. Through this help which you were allowed to provide in this regard to the terrestrial scientists, inventors, and researchers and developers, and so forth, on Earth and therefore with the terrestrial humanity, everything in all areas has actually indeed led to an incredibly fast rate of development and to a tremendous progress not seen for millennia. This would indeed not have been possible without your work, because normally this progressive development, as has taken place in tremendously rapid succession in the last 170 years, would have appeared only in the course of the 3rd Millennium. And these impulses, transmitted through apparatuses for suggestion, took place without the persons concerned being able to consciously perceive them. On the contrary, they assumed that their ideas, developments and inventions, and so forth, were always based on their very own cognitions and ideas. Unfortunately however, also very negative effects, things and events have occurred as a result of the impulses for development and progress transmitted by you, such as with regard to the negative use of the atomic power and the weapons technology and the electronics and chemistry, and so forth. Unfortunately, these Ausartungen* have come about through the irrationality of Earthlings who – as usual – always repurpose everything, and apply everything as Ausartungen for the exercise of power and purposes of destruction.
當然。在我的生命中,我已經學會了簡單地將所有一切我不得不保持沉默的事, 埋藏到我的記憶深處,因此它不再是在我的掌握之中,如果需要的話,只會再 度消逝而趨向遺忘。但現在我想提一下有關你們的暗示性脈衝所作出協助方面 的事項。你們被許可經由這種方式,提供地球的科學家、發明家和研究開發人 員等等的協助,因此在地球上的人類,在各個領域都以難以置信的速度快速發 展,達到千年來所未見的巨大進步。如果沒有你們的協助,這確實是不可能發 生的事,因為通常這種漸進式的發展,原本只會出現在第三個千禧年的進程, 卻在過去的170 年間產生了快速而巨大的成就。而這些經由設備傳送出的暗示 性脈衝訊息,讓這些接收的人在默默中有意識地領悟它們。不過,他們始終以 為這些主意、構思和發明等等,是他們自己的認知和想法。然而可惜的是,你 們傳送的脈衝訊息,原本是帶來發展和進步的,但還是發生了非常負面的影響, 諸如用於製造原子彈以及成為電子和化學武器的技術等等。不幸的是,這些 Ausartungen(德語;意思是墮落、退化的現象)已經發生,這是由於地球人類 總是非理性的誤用一切資源,將其作為力量的展現並以破壞為目的。

Everything that you have said is right; and unfortunately it is actually the case that the Earth human beings always tend to use everything for might, for harassment and for destruction, and so forth. Although, in every single case, we also sent all those – who received developmental and progress-conditional suggestive impulses from us – impulses which were aligned with a peaceful use of all new developments, but those in government and those in military power, and other powerful forces, worked against that. And unfortunately, the scientists, inventors and researchers and developers allowed themselves to be beguiled by them. Consequently, out of much of that which we put in place, for the benefit of Earth humanity, through unconscious, suggestive impulses for development and for progress, in those capable of research, science and development, ultimately only very much which brought death and destruction was created. And this occurred with the entirety of technology of all kinds – the physics, the chemistry, the medicine and all other sciences. In fact, without our suggestive/impulse-based assistance for development and progress, the cognitions obtained in the last 170 years by the Earth human beings, and developments made by them in all fields, would only have come about in the first centuries of the 3rd Millennium. Unfortunately, however, all researchers, scientists and developers, who were included in our suggestive impulses, were either corrupt, profit-greedy, naive or so weak in consciousness-of-self that they bowed to the demands of the mighty. However, it also must be said that various individuals were put under duress by the rulers, powerful ones and criminal elements, while others simply feared for their lives and, therefore, did the will of those of the government and military, and so forth.
你所說的一點都沒錯,真是可惜,實際的情況就是這樣,地球人類總是傾向將 一切資源用於展現自身的力量以及侵擾並破壞他人之類的用途。雖然在每一個 單獨的情況中,我們是向那些所有的接收者送出訊息 —— 他們接收我們依據 發展和進步狀況不同而發送的暗示性脈衝訊息 —— 這些是作為和平用途全新 發展的脈衝訊息,但那些政府當局和軍事單位以及其他那些有力的機構,卻將 其投入負面的用途。不幸的是,這些科學家、發明家、研究人員和開發人員有 意無意地被他們利用。於是,那些我們為了地球人類的利益,通過無意識的暗 示性脈衝訊息,傳送給那些有能力研究科學發展的人,最終卻多數只有帶來死 亡和破壞。而這種情況發生在所有各項科技 —— 包括物理、化學、醫療和其 他所有科學的領域。事實上,如果沒有我們提示性脈衝訊息的援助所促成的發 展和進步,在過去 170 年間由地球人類自行獲得的認知與在各個領域的發展, 將只會出現在第三個千禧年(公元 2000 年)的第一個世紀。但不幸的是,所有 的研究人員、科學家和開發商(那些接收我們的脈衝訊息的人) ,若不是自甘墮 落、貪圖利益、天真幼稚,就是自我意識薄弱而屈從在強大的勢力之下。然而 也必須這樣說,有些人是受到有權有勢的人以及那些犯罪分子的脅迫,而其他 的人只是擔心他們的生活,因此不得不順從政府和軍隊的意志或類似的勢力。

History indeed shows all the evil things and things of Ausartung which have resulted from that. And the enormously rapid development in all forms of the technology, the physics, the chemistry and medicine as well as in all other sciences in the last 170 years falls really crassly from the bounds of all the Earth human speed of development and progress of the last 5,000 years. Even those of the lowest intelligence must appreciate that the degree of the normal development in all fields falls completely out of the limit and that the whole thing was really only possible through your development and progress help during the last 170 years from 1844 to today. Without this help, today in all areas, we Earthlings would still certainly be in a period of laborious beginnings, which knew no electronics, no atomic power nor good medicine, no far-reaching school education and no other values associated with that, and of a high degree as is the case today.
歷史確實顯示,所有邪惡和 Ausartung(德語;意思是墮落、退化)的事物都 起因於那些情況。而在過去 170 年間,各種的科技包括物理、化學和醫學,以 及所有其他科學的極速發展,從最近這 5,000 年來所有地球人類發展和進步的速 度來說,真是非比尋常。即使是最愚蠢的人都會察覺,在各個領域的正常發展 程度完全超出了極限,而從 1844 年到今天的過去 170 年間,整個過程只有經由 你們的幫助,這些發展和進步才可能成真。如果沒有這種幫助,今天在所有領 域,我們地球人類仍然肯定會處於一段艱苦的開端時期,沒有電子設備,沒有 原子彈的威力,也沒有好的醫療設施,甚至沒有如今日這樣高端研究的學校教 育,也不會產生與之相關的高等價值。

This is indeed so, as you say.

But how does it stand today with the whole matter of the suggestive impulses to the Earthlings?

We no longer carry that out on a large scale, rather only in a very limited form, indeed also only in a form to prevent certain very negative Ausartungen which stand threateningly in the future. Through that which the Earth human beings have achieved up to the present time, everything has developed in such a way that, with all the obtained knowledge and capability, they can now stride ahead very quickly ever further in all areas of development. Consequently, they require no further help from our side in this regard, but only impulses in order to prevent even worse things than those which already happened.
我們不再以大規模的方式從事,而只是以一個非常有限的形式,確實也只能用 這種方式,才能防止某些非常負面的退化現象所造成對未來的不利影響。經由 這種方式,地球的人類到現在已經達到了一切都能以所獲得的正確知識和能力 來發展了,他們現在可以在各個領域都大步前進。因此,在這方面沒有進一步 需要我們這邊的幫助,而脈衝訊息只有用來防止那些已經發生的事進一步惡化。

And if you provide such impulses to prevent worse things, then does that corresponds to your directives?
如果你們提供了這樣的脈衝來防止更糟糕的事情,那麼這是否有按你們的方向 發展?

This is indeed the case, yes. Thereby, however, we also only put impulses in place which must be processed and put into action by the Earth human being himself/herself, consequently, we therefore, in no way, directly interfere in the matter.
的確沒錯。不過我們也只是發送脈衝訊息,最終還是必須由地球人類自己付諸 行動,因此我們沒有辦法直接干預事件的發展。

Which perhaps can be seen in this form: as if I, for example, impart advice to someone, which he/she can then follow or disregard according to his/her own will.
也許它可以看成這種模式:我舉個例子,就像給某人建議,而他(她)會按自 己的意願決定要不要這麼做。

That is a good example. Our impulses, which we send to the Earth human beings, so that they do not succumb to further Ausartung in that which they do as a result of the acquired knowledge and skills, is no more than a form of good advice, which can be considered and obeyed or disregarded by every Earth human being at his/her own discretion and will.
這是個很好的比喻。我們發送到地球人類的的脈衝訊息,使他們不致於繼續墮 落,在這其中他們獲得所需要的知識和技能,就好比一項好的建議,它可以讓 每個地球人依照自己的意願去決定要怎麼做。

This is clear to understand, but how does it stand in relation to the lunacy of overpopulation, which ultimately brings about all the very terrible things, all the ruin, and all the destruction of nature, fauna and flora, of the planet itself, as well as of the climate and of all human achievements? Do you also provide impulses regarding this, to the human beings of the Earth, so that they voluntarily counteract this imbecility and insanity?
清楚瞭解了,但有關人口過剩的失控狀態要如何看待,它最終會帶來的所有非 常糟糕的事情,地球上自然界的動物和植物,以及氣候和所有人類的成就都會 遭到破壞?對此你們是否也提供了脈衝訊息,好讓地球的人類自發性的抵抗這 種愚蠢和瘋狂?

This is indeed the case, but the majority of Earth humanity is very stubborn, obstinate, self-centred and egoistic, which is the reason that the whole of the overpopulation and the arising catastrophic consequences are considered only very occasionally. …
確實有這麼做,但大多數地球人類還是非常的頑固、自大且自私,這也就是整 個"人口過剩與其所產生的災難性後果"這件事,只有偶爾被考慮到的原因。…



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