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Hello, Mr. Eduard Albert Meier, sir.
您好,Eduard Albert Meier先生。

Thank you kindly for answering all of my previous questions, sir.

I don’t know how you have seen the things you have seen and not gone crazy or something, sir.

My current question, sir, has to do with the Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake that you said is something that cannot be prevented.
我现在的问题,先生,与您所说的「Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake/卡斯卡迪亚俯冲带地震」有关,如您之前所述,这将是无法避免的。

You said this Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake is going to be a 9.0 Earthquake and parts of the Pacific Northwest are going to be devastated by both the Earthquake and a subsequent Tsunami.
您说过…这场「Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake/卡斯卡迪亚俯冲带地震」将会是一场9.0级的「Earthquake/地震」,而且「Pacific Northwest/太平洋西北部」的部分地区…将会被「Earthquake/地震」(本身)以及随之而来的「Tsunami/海啸」摧毁。

My question is:

Will any of the Hawaiian Islands be adversely affected by this Earthquake and the subsequent Tsunami in the same way the Pacific Northwest will be affected?
「Hawaiian Islands/夏威夷群岛」中的任何岛屿,是否(也)会像「Pacific Northwest/太平洋西北部」将会面临的侵袭那样,在这场「Earthquake/地震」以及随之而来的「Tsunami/海啸」中,遭受到不利影响?

Thank you kindly, sir, and be well.



Of course the Hawaiian Islands will also be affected.
当然,「Hawaiian Islands/夏威夷群岛」(同样)也会遭受侵袭。

In the coming times more and more severe catastrophes will occur, and the Hawaiian Islands, just as other islands, will disappear into the sea.
在未来的日子里,将会有越来越严重的「Catastrophes/灾难」发生,「Hawaiian Islands/夏威夷群岛」,就像其它岛屿一样,将会消失在海洋之中。

Note by CF:
来自Christian Frehner的注释:

In this context it may probably be of interest to those persons who are really pondering about leaving an area where there is the greatest danger of being hit by a catastrophe.

Besides moving away from more or less active vulcanos or cities and villages that are located on the borders (vaults) of tectonic plates (e.g. ‘fire ring’ around the Pacific), people should move to land that is at least 70 meters above sea level.
除了远离那些…位于‘tectonic plates/地壳版块’(例如,’fire ring’ around the Pacific/环太平洋‘火环’)边缘(‘vaults/拱顶’)上的…或多或少活跃的火山、城市,还有村落之外,人们还应该迁移到…海拔至少在70米+的…陆地上。

Also avoid living at the shore of lakes or near river banks or on steep slopes, or beneath reservoirs.
另外,还要‘avoid/避免’居住在‘shore of lakes/湖滨区’,又或是‘near river banks/近岸区’,再或是‘steep slopes/陡坡区域’,还有‘beneath reservoirs/水库下游’。

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