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Contact Report 806第806次接觸報告





  • 這是一篇非正式但經授權的FIGU出版物。(註:限英譯版)
  • 這是一篇非完整內容的中譯本。
  • 本篇譯文基於「德」→「英」→「中」 譯製。





資料來源:Future Of Mankind





英版譯者:DeepL Translator, James Moore


校對改進:Joseph Darmanin, Catherine Mossman



中版譯者:DeepL Translator, James Hsu


分享網域:浩瀚宇宙之Billy Meier現象《第806次接觸報告》(痞客邦部落格)











八、目前在世界各地,在地球上的所有國家,多數國家的領導層、政府當局、公共機構、工程機構等領域, Plejaren只看到大量的年輕人,但在這些領域沒有多少具有足夠生活經驗和歷練的人混亂的想法、混亂的觀點和混亂的概念已經成為年輕地球人類的代名詞他們今天想要掌舵,為地球人類事務和未來帶來新的活力,但他們缺乏必要的歷練,具備這些歷練,才能賦予某種成功的保證


This is the entire contact report. It is an authorised but unofficial DeepL preliminary English translation and most probably contains errors. Please note that all errors and mistakes etc. will continuously be corrected, depending on the available time of the involved persons (as contracted with Billy/FIGU). Therefore, do not copy-paste and publish this version elsewhere, because any improvement and correction will occur HERE in this version!



Greetings Ptaah, good morning my friend. You are here early.



Greetings also. – Yes, if you have changed your rule of resting time, then I can very well follow it.



If that is possible for you, then good. I do not care whether you come early or late now.



Then everything is all right. – Yes, for my part, I have finished my duties which prevented me from coming here for some time. In fact, I have missed the conversations with you.



Unfortunately, that cannot be helped if one fulfils one’s obligations responsibly. This is unfortunately not the case when there is no knowledge of how an obligation is to be interpreted, handled and understood.



That is unfortunately the case with the Earth-humans.



Surely you Plejaren will be over that, no?



Unfortunately, that is not the way you think, because with our human beings everything is on the whole better in that respect than with the Earth-humans, but also with us there is no perfection in that respect. But I hear from your words that you wanted to say something, but which you …



… you also notice everything. It would be important what you found out regarding the progress of the Corona?

… 你也注意到了一切。關於冠狀病毒疫情的進展,你發現了什麼重要的事嗎?


There is not much to say about that, for our advice remains what I have told you and recommended since the outbreak of the plague, namely that you should all follow it. At the moment, a new mutation of the virus is growing, which is slowly spreading, but will only spread in the coming weeks in such a manner that new measures will be necessary again. That is all I want to explain for now, except that the new mutation may again be more aggressive than the milder form so far.



OK, that is enough. – You are right, I actually wanted to address something that concerns me, because yesterday a program was shown on television in which Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis and a reporter talked about neutrality. What Mr. Cassis let out and said about what neutrality is and what it allows knocks the brim off the hat. What he said and revealed was truly hair-raising, namely that he has no idea whatsoever what neutrality really is. With a cold mouth and a stupid expression on his face, he said that it was absolutely permitted and correct under Swiss law for the sanctions imposed by the EU (dictatorship) against Russia to be adopted and applied by Switzerland, that this was therefore legal. I find this more than just a hammer, and the fact that this lousy partisanship of the Federal Council and apparently also of those in power from the Council of States and the National Council is being exercised and represented, really knocks the ground out of Swiss neutrality. The whole thing contradicts what was decided in Vienna and Paris in 1815, that the absolute neutrality of Switzerland was recognised under international law, whereby this was also laid down in writing with the Treaty on the 20th of November 1815 after the recognition of the major European powers, with the wording that this guaranteed the perpetual neutrality of Switzerland, as well as the inviolability of Swiss territory.

好了,這就夠了。你說得對,我其實想談談我關心的事情,因為昨天電視上播放了一個節目,聯邦委員會(Federal Councillor)的伊尼亞齊奧.卡西斯(Ignazio Cassis;現任瑞士聯邦總統)和一個記者談到了「中立」(neutrality)。卡西斯先生對中立是什麼以及它允許什麼所發表的言論,讓人不寒而慄。他透露的內容確實令人毛骨悚然,那是因為他根本不知道中立到底是什麼。他冷言冷語,臉上帶著愚蠢的表情說,根據瑞士法律,歐盟(獨裁者)對俄羅斯實施的制裁被瑞士採納並實施,是絕對允許而正確的,因此這是合法的。我覺得這不僅僅是一把錘子,聯邦委員會以及顯然還有來自聯邦院(Council of States)和國民院(National Council)的當權者正在行使和代表的這種糟糕的黨派立場,真的打破了瑞士的中立地位。整件事與1815年在維也納和巴黎作出的決定相矛盾,那就是瑞士的絕對中立得到了國際法的承認,在歐洲主要大國承認之後,1815年11月20日的條約中也得到了書面的認定,其中的措辭是保證瑞士的永久中立以及瑞士領土的不可侵犯。

… … …


Since time immemorial, neutrality has meant – and this was also the case when the decision on neutrality was taken in Vienna and Paris on the 20th of November 1815, which was also laid down in a treaty – that the State of Switzerland may not interfere in the affairs of other states under any circumstances, and also not in such a wise that machinations, such as sanctions imposed by a foreign state (as in the present case by the EU dictatorship), may be adopted and applied. If, however, this is done today by some incompetent elements of the Federal Council, the Council of States and the National Council, then they are not only violating neutrality, they are even trampling it underfoot and making a pig of it, both politically and privately. It really begs the question how it is possible that such persons, who have no clue what neutrality even means, are elected to any office of governance. In my opinion, this can only happen because that section of the electorate is as stupid and dumb as those persons they elect to governance.

自古以來,中立意味著  —— 1815年11月20日在維也納和巴黎作出中立決定時也是如此,這也是在一項條約中的規定  —— 瑞士國家在任何情況下都不得干涉其他國家的事務,也不得以這樣的方式採取行動,如外國實施的制裁(就如目前歐盟獨裁政權的情況)。然而,如果今天聯邦委員會、聯邦院和國民院中的一些無能之輩這樣做了,那麼他們不僅違反了中立原則,甚至在政治上和私底下把它踩在腳下,根本不把它當一回事。這不禁讓人懷疑,這種根本不知道中立是什麼意思的人怎麼可能被選入任何一個政府部門。在我看來,這只能是因為這部分選民和他們選出來的執政者一樣愚蠢。


You are speaking a sincere word that will not exactly bring joy to the fallible politicians and the voters. But for my part, I can only agree with your words because they say exactly how the situation is behaving.



Exactly, and what else can one say about it, because every word is denied by these people anyway and led ad absurdum, because those who are addressed by my words, in their delusion of grandeur and in their self-importance and conceit that they are the greatest, are not able to recognise and understand that they are actually only such ‘worthless’ nobodies in their position…


… … …


As far as Switzerland’s neutrality is concerned, young parliamentarians, politicians, etc. are appearing today who are striving for membership in the EU dictatorship and thus not only want to throw Switzerland’s neutrality into the mud, but also thoughtlessly want to dishonour their homeland and make it fair game for foreign powers. This is already because the EU is a true dictatorship that has enshrined the death penalty in its constitution, which would automatically sooner or later also be transferred to Switzerland, which has abolished this more than just reprehensible inhumanity by treaty, but would nevertheless disregard it and apply it again in our country through the EU dictatorship.


At the end of this last world war, together with Sfath, I heard many human beings in Germany exclaim: “Never again war." But what is being done in Germany today? All the cries of that time have gone unheard and have been forgotten, because today the younger people and those in power, mainly the Foreign Minister Baerbock and, in the EU dictatorship, von der Leyen – who did not experience the war – are crying out for weapons for Ukraine and are thus carelessly indirectly promoting the war and in this way making Germany a full perpetrator of the war. And this is done quite legally, and in such a way that those of the war supporters who are thereby making themselves guilty with regard to the delivery of weapons are promoting and prolonging the war in Ukraine and, moreover, are doing the same thing and howling about it as their ancestors did and thus conjured up the world war that was rampant across the Earth.

在上一次世界大戰結束時,我和Sfath一起聽到德國的許多人感歎:「永遠不要再有戰爭了」。但今天的德國正在做什麼呢?那個時代的所有呼聲都被忽視和遺忘了,因為今天的年輕當權者,主要是外交部長貝伯克(Baerbock)和歐盟獨裁者馮德萊恩(von der Leyen)  —— 他們沒有經歷過戰爭  —— 正在呼喊著為烏克蘭提供武器,從而不小心間接推動了戰爭,並以這種方式使德國成為戰爭的全然參與者。而這樣做卻是完全合法的,以這樣的方式,那些戰爭支持者正在推動和延長烏克蘭的戰爭,此外,他們正在做他們祖先做過的同樣的事情並為此大聲疾呼,從而引發了席捲全球的世界大戰。

All that is missing is that they also do the same as happened in Germany after the war, that the human beings who previously supported the war, for whom the post-war misery brought great hardship and misery, went completely crazy. Hunger alone drove many human beings to murder and manslaughter, which can now happen again because, through America’s fault, hunger is already beginning to gnaw at human beings in various countries. If the Americans had kept their hands off Ukraine instead of supporting Selensky in his delusion to join NATO and the EU dictatorship, he would have had to give in and the war would never have come about, which now means that the necessary food – mainly grain – cannot be exported from Russia and Ukraine. The accruing food crisis, which is already spreading in a truly alarming way in many countries of Earth, is the fault of the Americans and those states of the West which supply Selensky with weapons, enabling him to continue to rage and fight in the country, to predestine himself among the dumb and stupid who cling to him and do not see what is really going on with this man and what he intends to do and to exploit all those who fall in bondage to him and dance to his fiddle playing falsely without noticing how falsely his instrument plays.

還沒發生的是,他們也會像戰後在德國發生的那樣,以前支持戰爭的人,戰後的苦難給他們帶來了重大的艱難和悲苦,使得他們完全崩潰。僅僅是饑餓就足以把許多人逼到了預謀殺人和過失殺人的地步,現在這種情況可能再次發生,因為由於美國的過錯,饑餓已經開始啃噬著各國的人民。如果美國人不插手烏克蘭,不去支持澤連斯基(Selensky)加入北約和歐盟獨裁的妄想,他就不得不屈服,戰爭就不會發生,這意味著現在無法從俄羅斯和烏克蘭出口必需的食品  —— 主要是穀物。日益嚴重的糧食危機已經以令人震驚的方式在世界許多國家蔓延,這是美國人和西方國家的錯,他們向澤連斯基提供武器,使他能夠繼續在這個國家肆虐和戰鬥,以便將他自己在那些依附他的蠢貨中形塑成註定的人物,卻讓他們不明白這個人到底在做什麼,看不出他打算做什麼,並還利用所有那些被他束縛的人,隨著他的小提琴演奏假裝配合跳舞,卻沒有注意到他的樂器已經演奏得多麼離譜。

The still young human beings who are in government today, who have experienced nothing of this and know nothing of what really happened in the past, are now running their mouths, making themselves important and inciting war against Russia and Putin. Especially the young and not exactly clever Foreign Minister Baerbock and von der Leyen in the EU dictatorship are leading the big war-mongering word, to which all stupid and dumb people of all ages of the governments as well as of the people listen and do what these darned war-mongers are shouting.


Also almost all other of the young human beings – there are very few who do not belong to them – have no healthy life experience at all, but only a big mouth with which they act incitingly against Russia, ignorant of the truth, biased and very long decades after the last world war, which was fought under Hitler’s patronage. And just as long after the last world war was lost and ended, these young people were born and brought into the world, and today they are cultivating their self-importance, their delusions of grandeur and their loud-mouthed snouts in the governments, and they are calling out war-mongering against Russia and supplying weapons to Ukraine, so that the war will last even longer and cost more and more human lives and cause greater destruction and damage to nature and its fauna and flora. And that behind all this is the Ukrainian President Selensky as the true author, because he absolutely wants to have NATO in the country and also to sell it off to the EU dictatorship, but at the same time to expand his might in such a way that he can remain president for the rest of his life, is something about which all those who help him and supply him with weapons thoughtlessly do not give any thought, let alone a guilty conscience. And that America is behind it all, as well as its shadow government, with all its efforts to achieve world domination, which means that Russia can be made a complete pig and ultimately dominated by America, nobody wants to know anything about that, because the truth does not want to be heard, but is treated as a fake and a conspiracy theory. The young politicians who were born long and thus decades after the last world war and did not experience the hardship after the end of the war belong to the same category. And they all do not know how their parents or other human beings had to cope with their lives at the end of the war, and that the US might did nothing about it when the people in Germany were starving, as I myself have seen together with Sfath. It is true that many of the American people donated a lot to the suffering Germans, who had previously closed their eyes and senses to the NAZI massacres, but were now themselves in need and misery because they had to gnaw at the hunger cloth. This sprouted evil blossoms, as I myself saw in many places when I was with Sfath here and there in Germany, not even 10 years old. I saw human beings shouting at each other and fighting over blue parcels containing foodstuffs which, if I remember correctly, were labelled ‘DONATED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES’ or something similar. But many human beings were so desperate in their misery and need that they would stop at nothing, for many were also simply murdered and robbed. I saw others killing and even eating human beings, and one woman who killed several acquaintances literally slaughtered them and sold the human beings as horse meat to people she knew. I did not see this myself, but Sfath told me so, and I was also taken there by him when the woman who was caught and distributed to death and her actions then finished on a guillotine, which I witnessed from the ship and saw her beheaded. It was in the middle of a rectangular large courtyard enclosed by tall buildings, I remember that clearly. Admittedly, I had seen executions before, carried out with a large sword or with a broad-bladed execution axe, which with few exceptions was always done on a scaffold. In …

另外,幾乎所有其他的年輕人  —— 很少年輕人不屬於這類  —— 根本沒有健康的生活經驗,而只有一張嘴砲,他們用這張嘴對俄羅斯採取煽動性的行動,對事實一無所知而有偏見。而就在上一次世界大戰(在希特勒的參戰下進行的戰爭)失敗和結束後漫長的幾十年後,這些年輕人來到了這個世界上,今天他們正在滋長他們的自負與雄心,他們在政府中叫囂對俄羅斯發動戰爭並向烏克蘭提供武器,這樣戰爭將持續更長時間,造成越來越多的人喪生,並對自然及其動植物造成更大的破壞和損傷。而這一切的背後,烏克蘭總統澤連斯基就是真正的始作俑者,因為他絕對想讓北約進入該國,也想把它賣給歐盟的獨裁政權,但同時又想以這樣的方式擴大他的權力,使他能夠在餘生繼續擔任總統,這是所有那些幫助他並輕率地向他提供武器的人都不會想到的事情,更不用說問心有愧了。美國及其影子政府是這一切的幕後黑手,全力以赴實現世界統治,這意味著俄羅斯可能成為一個徹頭徹尾的討厭鬼(pig),並最終由美國統治,沒有人想知道任何相關的事情,因為真相不想被聽到,而是被視為虛消息和陰謀論。那些年輕的從政人士,是在上一次世界大戰後很長一段時間,也就是幾十年後才出生的,也就是屬於沒有經歷過戰爭結束後艱困歲月的一群人而且他們都不知道他們的父母或其他人類在戰爭結束後是如何熬過來的,當德國的人民在挨餓時,美國原先沒有採取任何行動,正如我自己和Sfath一起看到的那樣。的確,後來許多美國人向受苦的德國人捐贈了很多物資,德國人以前對納粹大屠殺視而不見,但後來自己卻因為饑餓要啃食衣服而陷入貧困和痛苦之中。當我還不到10歲的時候,就和Sfath一起在德國各處旅行,我在許多地方看到了邪惡在萌芽待發。我看到人們互相喊叫,爭奪裝有食品的藍色包裹,如果我沒記錯的話,這些包裹上標有“美國人民捐贈”或類似的字樣。但許多人在痛苦和渴求中是如此絕望,以至於他們會不擇手段,因為許多人也就是被謀殺和搶劫。我看到過別人殺人甚至吃人,還有一個女人殺了幾個她熟識的人,實際上就是把他們宰了,把人當馬肉賣給她認識的人。我沒有親眼看到這些,但Sfath這樣告訴我,我也被他帶到了那裡,當時那個被抓到的女人被判了死刑,她的所作所為也在斷頭臺上結束了,我在飛船上目睹了這一幕,看到了她被斬首。那是在一個被高樓大廈包圍的長方形大院子中間,我記得很清楚。誠然,我以前也見過死刑,是用大刀或寬刃的行刑斧(execution axe)執行的,但除了少數例外,大多都是在絞刑架上執行的。在…


… I read that in my father’s annals, as well as many other things he made you see even in your boyhood, things I never witnessed or otherwise experienced during my entire lifetime. It is incomprehensible to me that you …

… 我在我父親的《大事記要》(annals)中讀到了這方面還有許多其他的事情,他甚至在你的童年時代就讓你看到了這些事情,我在整個一生中從未目睹或經歷過這些事情。讓我無法理解的是,你…


… you do not have to keep talking, because I also know what you are trying to say. Somehow I have digested everything, the executions and the tortures and everything else that I saw, experienced and learned as a little boy. But everything helped me to always be able to manage my life cleanly, despite very many attacks and injustices, to really become a human being, to learn many things and work to finally do what has become my life’s task. I guess that’s all there is to it.

… 你不必一直說下去,因為我也知道你想說什麼。不知何故,我已經消化了一切,處決和酷刑,以及我小時候看到、經歷和學到的所有事情。儘管後來對我有許多人身攻擊和不公不義的事,但一切都幫助我始終能夠清白地管理我的生活,能够真正成為一個人,學習許多東西並努力工作,以便最終完成我一生的任務。我想這就是全部了。


That is probably so, but the fact that you – and I do not want you to interrupt me – also learnt the most diverse work in your life and developed the skills that were necessary to build up the more than just dilapidated centre and to make a true paradise out of it, which is now world-famous, that is more than a human being can actually manage. Just what my father put you through, made you see and taught you, that is much more than a human being can cope with and still remain humble and …

也許是這樣,但事實是,你  —— 我不想讓你打斷我  —— 還在你的生活中學習了各種各樣的工作,並發展了必要的技能,把這個原先僅僅是個破舊房舍的「中心」建設起來,並把它變成一個真正的天堂,現在已經舉世聞名,這實際上是超過一個人的能力。僅僅是我父親讓你經歷的,讓你看到的和教你的,就遠遠超過了一個人能夠應付來的,而你卻仍然保持著謙遜和 …


… it is really enough, you have said more than was necessary. It really is enough, so let me talk about what we were talking about earlier. – So, it is really the case that many unreasonable and incompetent people in government live in their unreasonableness and their dumbness and dimwittedness and in the delusion that a powerful army is necessary for peace and for its preservation. This is precisely because enemies must be fought with armed force, as is currently the case in Ukraine, where Russia has invaded with war and Selensky wants to continue the war with all his might for his future plans until he has achieved his goal. But this can only happen through the dumbness and dimwittedness of the arms suppliers, who pointlessly throw around billions of dollars to arm their armies, as they have done since time immemorial. Armies and militaries that never bring peace, but only fear, hatred, revenge, retaliation, murder, deaths, destruction and annihilation, because the lazy excuse that the military is a guarantor of peacekeeping has been proven to the contrary for millennia. Military ensures that the threat of war constantly hangs over humanity like a sword of Damocles and never ensures peace. (Note: Damocles, according to legend, was a servant at the court of the king and tyrant Dionysus the 1st or 2nd of Syracuse in the 4th century BC. Damocles was so delighted with his king that he praised him in particular and called him the happiest human being in the world. The king then had an idea: he wanted to swap places with his courtier and give him the throne. To do this, he thought up a sadistic treat for his favourite and had him sit on his throne and taste all the delights of a princely table. However, before doing so, he had a sword attached to the ceiling above the throne, which only hung on a horse’s hair and threatened to fall down at any time). On the contrary, the military is constantly lurking in wait to strike somewhere, be it through the country’s own uprisings, preservation of power, acts of violence and crises, etc., or through foreign threats or military incursions and attacks, etc. This is the case in democracies, dictatorships, kingdoms, etc., as well as in so-called neutrality states, including Switzerland, where it is simply called ‘armed neutrality’ to deter or ward off a possible foreign enemy.

… 可以了,你已經說得夠多了。真的是夠了,那麼讓我來談談我們之前所談的事情。所以,確實是這樣,政府中有許多不講理和不稱職的人,活在他們的沒有理性、沉默與愚蠢之中,並幻想著一支強大的軍隊是維護和平和安全所必需的。這正是因為必須用武裝力量打擊敵人,就像目前烏克蘭的情況一樣,俄羅斯已經用戰爭入侵了烏克蘭,澤連斯基為了他的未來計畫,正竭盡全力繼續這場戰爭,直到他達到目的。但這只能通過軍火供應商的愚蠢和昏庸來實現,他們毫無意義地拋出數十億美元來武裝自己的軍隊,就像他們自古以來所做的那樣。軍隊和軍事行動永遠不會帶來和平,而只會帶來恐懼、仇恨、復仇、殺戮、死亡、破壞和毀滅,因為軍隊是維持和平的保障者這個怠惰的藉口,幾千年來已經被證明恰恰相反。軍隊確保了戰爭的威脅像達摩克利斯(Damocles)之劍一樣不斷懸在人類頭上,永遠無法確保和平。(註:據傳說,達摩克利斯是西元前4世紀錫拉庫薩(Syracuse)國王和暴君狄奧尼西奧斯(Dionysus)一世或二世宮廷中的僕臣。達摩克利斯非常喜歡他的國王,特別稱讚他,稱他是世界上最幸福的人。於是國王有了一個想法:他想和他的臣子交換位置,把王位讓給他。為了做到這一點,他為他的寵臣想出了一個虐待性的待遇,讓他坐在他的寶座上,品嘗王子餐桌上的所有美味。然而,在這樣做之前,他讓人在寶座上方的天花板上掛了一把劍,這把劍只掛在馬的毛髮上,隨時都有可能掉下來)。而軍隊一直是潛伏在某處,無論是因為國家自己的起義之舉、維護權力、解除暴力和危機行為等,或是由於外國威脅或軍事入侵和攻擊等,他們隨時等待出擊。這無論在民主國家、獨裁國家、君主王國等都是如此,包括瑞士在內的所謂中立國也是如此,在瑞士,為了威懾或抵禦可能的外國敵人,乾脆稱之為“武裝中立”(armed neutrality)。

The military or the national army costs money, literally billions, which are senselessly ‘invested’ in the so-called ‘defence army’ and its arming of a country. Everything costs huge amounts of money, and in addition, the human beings or soldiers are trained to become soldiers or murderers, who then kill, destroy and annihilate legally and uninhibitedly, either victoriously or beaten down by the enemies. This happens in states that do not know neutrality, but also in states that are neutral, such as Switzerland, where there is simply talk of ‘armed neutrality’, which makes no difference whatsoever to the fact that every military is conceived and prepared to kill, murder, destroy and annihilate. This is supposedly in order to maintain peace between the various states or to achieve peace through combat operations – or to invade other countries out of hatred, revenge, retaliation, the desire to conquer a country, to gain resources or other base and money-greedy ambitions. Especially now in Germany, where billions of EUROs are being senselessly squandered and the army is to receive an extra 100 billion EUROs. But also in Switzerland the same thing is being done, because our good Finance Minister, Uèli Maurer, has to cope with it, whether he likes it or not, because the others simply outdo him. But that is what is done in all countries. One time, then, that.

武裝部隊或國家軍隊動則要花費數十億美元來維持,這些錢被毫無意義地“投資”於一個國家所謂的“國防軍”及其武裝上。一切都要花費巨額資金,此外,人員或士兵被訓練成殺人者,然後可以在戰場上合法而不受約束地殺人、破壞和消滅對方,他們若不是勝利,就是被敵人打倒。這種情況發生在不中立的國家,但也發生在中立的國家,如瑞士,那裡只是談論“武裝中立”,這與每支軍隊都被構思和準備用來殺人、破壞和消滅對方的事實沒有任何區別。這據說是為了維護各個國家之間的和平,或通過作戰行動實現和平  —— 或出於仇恨、報復、征服一個國家的欲望、獲得資源或其他基地以及貪財的野心而入侵其他國家。尤其是現在的德國,數十億歐元被毫無意義地揮霍,軍隊將獲得額外的1000億歐元。但在瑞士,同樣的事情也在發生,因為我們優秀的財政部長於利.毛雷爾(Uèli Maurer)不得不應付這種情況,不管他是否喜歡,因為其他人根本就超過了他。但這是所有國家都在做的事情。

Under the patronage of the Americans and NATO, which have spread out in Germany, German soldiers have taken action in various countries of the Earth, have murdered or died, thus trampling on what was proclaimed in Germany after the World War, namely ‘never again war’.


Selensky demands weapons from the world, and the dumb and dimwitted supply them, thereby promoting the war that Selensky, in his megalomania and fanaticism, wants. He fancies himself the greatest and equals everything that happened in the last world war. All the stupid and dumb ones who are in bondage to him do not realise that he is only concerned with his own might, murder and killing as with his self-delusion, his megalomania and hatred and with his desire for revenge, and that he is doing the same thing that happened in the last world war.



I have to speak to that in the way that you are stating comprehensively what we have also stated, so I am not stating personal views and judgements, but realities that are actually given. So I only state facts that correspond effectively to what actually corresponds to reality and its truth, as you emphasise again and again when you state facts. It is …

我必須以你全面陳述而我們也陳述過的方式來談這個問題,所以我不是在陳述個人觀點和判斷,而是陳述實際的現實。因此,我只陳述事實,這些事實際上符合現實及其真相,正如你在陳述事實時一再強調的那樣。就是 …


… excuse me if I interrupt you in this, but it is unfortunately necessary to say that, precisely that it corresponds to the established reality and its truth and therefore not to an opinion or conjecture, when something is said that is reality and that has actually been so established, seen and perceived.

… 請原諒我打斷你的話,但可惜有必要這樣說,正是因為它符合既有的現實和真相,當所說的東西是現實,而且實際上已經如此確定、看到並感知到時,那就不是意見或推測。


That is correct, but does that have to be said over and over again?



I think that this is necessary, because it is important that the earthlings are told this again and again, so that they understand that something is not simply invented, assumed, assumed or talked about, but really corresponds to the effective direct perception and observation or ascertainment of what one has ascertained oneself. Therefore, it is necessary to point out that what one presents or says corresponds to reality and its truth, which one has seen, experienced, observed or perceived as reality. Unfortunately, there are only a few human beings on Earth who understand or want to understand this, such as human beings who think for themselves and do not simply believe what is thrown at them as supposedly true and effective ‘knowledge’ and as ‘fact’, etc. If I quote, for example, this letter written here in German, which is signed … … and … …:

我認為這是必要的,因為必須反復告訴地球人這個觀點,讓他們明白,有些事情不只是虛構、假設、臆斷或談談而已,而是真正出自實際直接的察覺和觀察,或是自己確定的東西。因此,有必要指出,一個人提出或說出與現實相符的真相,這是他所看到、經歷、觀察或察覺到的現實。遺憾的是,地球上只有少數人理解或想要理解這個觀點,例如那些獨立思考的人,他們不會只相信丟給他們的所謂真實有效的“知識”和“事實”等。舉例來說,以下如果我引用這封用德語寫的信,信件的署名是 … … 與 … …:

Dear Billy,
Excuse me, if we now also come to you with our request, but we hope that you understand us and our concerns, so we take the liberty of also writing to you. However, we have to give our letter to someone who will take it to the post office in Germany, because we cannot be sure that the letter will reach you from here. Our address is correct, our names too, because we do not want to be anonymous to you, Billy, but please do not write to us, because we cannot trust anyone, so we have to behave like the others who have already written to you and whose concerns you have raised and also published on the Internet. That gives us courage, and that is why we might also reach out to you. We have this to say:


Selensky is lying to the entire Ukrainian people with what he is constantly broadcasting on TV, because it is not what he is always lying about. Every day he has about 150 or sometimes more Ukrainian soldiers sacrificed and killed in the war, with the help of all those states that supply him with weapons. The war in Ukraine would have been over long ago if these weapons were not supplied to him by completely irresponsible state powers of foreign states, but the irresponsibility of the state powers of other states is great and they are as cowardly as Selensky himself. If he himself had to go to the front, where fighting is going on and he would have to join in, the war would have been over long ago, but he is too cowardly for that and would quickly wet his trousers. But he can stir up the people and the soldiers and have them shot and killed by the Russians, fuelled by the Americans and by Germany, especially by the war-mongering Foreign Minister Baerbock, as well as the German von der Leyen, who is the loudmouth in the EU. Germany, of all countries, is interfering in the Ukrainian affair and is agitating and supplying weapons to Selensky, because apparently it was not enough with the last world war, which was caused by Hitler, with the German people joining in and persecuting the Jews and murdering them in concentration camps and also elsewhere. And this Baerbock and this von der Leyen are doing the same with their bellicose incitement against Russia and Putin, and Selensky himself is like the character image of Hitler and is with his Nazi attitude no better than Hitler was.


We ourselves are not hostile to Russia, not even if there is now war in our country under the leadership of Putin, but in our opinion Russia was forced into this by Selensky and the Americans because they want NATO and the EU to be able to establish themselves in Ukraine. They are really the culprits in the war and they should be held accountable. We are Ukrainians and we also want this country to stay for us and not to be ruled by Russia, but we see the injustice that is being done against Russia and against Putin, and that is simply not correct. That is why we are writing to you, because we know from the internet that you are a human being of integrity and that you only ever say what is real, and that is why we are sending you this letter, for which we request that you publish it verbatim on the internet and also spread what is the truth as it really is.


We hope that you understand us, which we actually do not doubt, but unfortunately half the world does not, because many of the world’s state powers, as well as many human beings of the nations, prefer to believe a criminal like Selensky and the lying Americans rather than us. We, who are directly confronted with everything and know that everything is completely different and that the truth is that Selensky is a puppet of the Americans, who are behind everything and want to bring their Nato, which they created and also direct, into the country, are not believed.


Many greetings
… …, and … …

… … 與 … …


You should not keep this letter.



Neither do I, because of course I will destroy it as soon as I have copied it, because I have to copy the letter, because I think that the handwriting could be recognised by someone in Ukraine, which would not be good for the letter-writers. Besides, I want to tell you, since the 3 men with the Ukrainian car were here, we have been massively harassed. It is quite obvious that our telephones are being tapped, just as we have also had pedestrians since then, just as cars drive past here and quickly disappear again as soon as one of us looks in. It is also very strange that helicopters suddenly circle around the Centre so often and for so long, as well as private planes are used to take photos as they fly by. Very often wrong connections are made by telephone, as well as other strange things happening.



This is, of course, very unpleasant, and obviously it goes beyond what otherwise happens in terms of surveillance regarding the Centre, the FIGU visitors, the FIGU members and FIGU passive members who come to the Centre, and the FIGU members resident at the Centre. In this regard, I will arrange that … … …

這當然是非常不愉快的,而且顯然超出了對中心、FIGU訪客、來到中心的FIGU成員和FIGU被動成員以及住在中心的FIGU成員的監視範圍。在這方面,我將會安排 … … …


Although that will be … … …

雖然這將是 … … …


That is correct, but… … … … But let us return to what we were talking about before, which made us realise through the most precise clarifications that this man, Selensky, is not only addicted to megalomania and selfishness, as we have recognised and established through our very precise clarifications and analyses, but that he is also indulging in a work of lies which he wants to maintain with all his might and is endeavouring to make those in bondage to him who believe him and are not capable of thinking for themselves, of analysing and recognising the truth about him. His behaviour is geared towards being safe himself, but he is unhesitatingly and consciously intent on hunting down those to their death who believe and trust him, but do not realise that he is using them for his own purposes and letting them die. And unfortunately, there are state leaders all around in various states who have become in bondage to him and are incapable of thinking for themselves and thus of making their own decisions, but take his lies as real truth. And as a rule, these are persons who have no experience of life, are still relatively young and were born into the world long and thus decades after the last world war, consequently they have only absorbed everything that has happened in the past from hearsay, but do not know the truth because they have not experienced it themselves and thus have not learned it themselves. Everywhere, in all the states of the Earth, we Plejaren see only young persons in all state leaderships, in all authorities, in all public bodies, works and institutions, etc., but not persons with life experience and experience in those fields which are occupied by young Earth-humans. Confused ideas, confused views and confused conceptions have become the metier of the young Earth-humans who today – as you say in each case – want to lead the helm and bring a new dynamism into Earth-human affairs and into the future, and this without the necessary experience through which, within certain limits, a certain assurance of success could be given. The young dynamic, however, is not able to do this, for it lacks the necessity of deliberation as well as, as I have already said, the experience, and above all the necessary ability. In this respect, therefore, the mastery of the necessary skill is lacking to fulfil the field of activity in such a way that it is able to carry far into the future.

這是沒錯,但是 … … … 但讓我們回到之前的話題,這種情況讓我們運用最精確的辨識與分析設備認識到這個人澤連斯基確定他不僅沉溺於狂妄和自私,而且他還沉迷於說謊他想全力維持,並努力使那些相信他的人全都受制於他,而那些人沒有獨立思考、分析的能力而且沒有認清他的真面目。他的行為全是為自己的安全考量,但卻毫不猶豫而有意識地要追殺那些相信和信任他,但沒有意識到他是在為自己的目的而利用他們,讓他們去犧牲賣命。不幸的是,世界各地有許多國家領導人,他們已經被他唬住了,沒有能力獨立思考,因此無法做出自己的決定,卻把他的謊言當作真相。而且一般來說,這些人沒有足夠的生活經驗,還太年輕,多是在上一次世界大戰之後的很長一段時間才出生在這個世界上,因此,他們只是間接聽說或讀過了過去發生的歷史,但不知道確切的真相,因為他們沒有親身經歷過,因此沒有切膚之痛。目前在世界各地,在地球上的所有國家,多數國家的領導層、政府當局、公共機構、工程機構等領域,我們Plejaren只看到大量的年輕人,但在這些領域沒有多少具有足夠生活經驗和歷練的人混亂的想法、混亂的觀點和混亂的概念已經成為年輕地球人類的代名詞,正如你們在每一個例子中所說的,他們今天想要掌舵,為地球人類事務和未來帶來新的活力,但他們缺乏必要的歷練,具備這些歷練,在一定程度上,才能賦予某種成功的保證。然而,年輕的活力無法達到這一點,因為它缺乏必要的深思熟慮,以及正如我已經說過的,歷練,尤其是必要的條件。因此,在這方面,他們缺乏對必要技巧的掌握,以致無法以這樣的方式完成這一領域的活動,並使其能夠延續到未來


That is unfortunately the case and probably cannot be changed. But let us leave that and turn to other things. For example…



… unfortunately I am called and must go.

… 不巧的是,我被召喚了,現在必須離開。


Too bad, but if you have to go, then – – well, I had some stuff that was actually private.

太糟糕了,但如果你必須走,那麼… 好吧,我有些事情其實是私人的。


We can discuss that when I come back. But now I really have to go. Goodbye, Eduard, dear friend.



Well, take care, Ptaah. – Goodbye, my friend.



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